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1. Prove that a uniform scaling and a rotation form a commutative pair of operations but that in general scaling and rotation are not commutative operations. 2. Determine the a sequence of basic transformation that are equivalent to the x direction shearing matrix. 3. Write a procedure to compute the elements of the matrix for transforming object descriptions from on Cartesian coordinates system to another. The second coordinate system is to be define with an origin Po and a vector v that gives the direction for the positive Y axis of this system 4. Implement a routine to perform block transfers in a frame buffer using any specified Boolean operation or a replacement operation. 5. Set up a shearing procedure to display italic characters , given a vector font definition. That is, all character shapes in this font are defined with straight line segments, and italic characters are formed with shearing transformations. Determine an appropriate value fort he shear parameter by comparing italic and plain text in some available font. Define a simple vector font for input to your routine.

Prepared By N.Radha, AP, IT