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Awareness about blood donation among engineering students

Blood donation is a process by which a blood donor voluntarily has blood drawn for storage in a blood bank for subsequent use in a blood transfusion.  Human blood is an essential element of human life and there are no substitutes. ` Blood donation is a fundamental and requisite part of any National Health Service for optimum management of emergency conditions like severe trauma shock and resuscitation with the optimum stock of its different components.

The wrong myths about blood donation results in lack of availability of blood or timely availibality of blood It results in infective blood donation which leads to HIV, hepatitis C & B.

About 8 million blood units are collected from donors every year; but around 4 millions blood units are still required to be collected to meet the global demand and ensure sufficient and timely provision of blood
Hospitals predict that the need for blood will increase 5% each year. Approximately only 4% of the eligible population in India donates blood. 75% of donors donate only ONCE per year. If they donated just two times per year there would never be any shortages.

To access their knowledge and to ascertain their perception about blood donation .

Accidents and medical emergencies dont take holidayswe need blood every minute, every day of the year

Can an educational effort using audio visual aid administered to 400 engineering students (200 each of subharti and MIET engineering college ), result in change in their views and knowledge about blood donation, as evidenced from pre and post survey by means of a questionnaire.

cross sectional study

The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved oneor even you.


--- engineering student of MIET and Subharti university Mode of selection --- purposive sampling how many --- 400 ( 200 each of the engineering college) activities --- base line survey. --- educational intervention. --- post interventional survey. how to carry out --- pretesting of questionnaire and audio visual .

Volunteers teachers --- 5 --- 2

questionnaire --- 800

` `

We selected two colleges subharti and MIET. We will prepare a questionnaire including the important and relevant aspects related to blod donation . We will carry out the pre interventional survey by mean of questionnaire . Then on the same day just after that we will carry out our educational interventional program with help of power point presentation.

Then after giving a gap of about a week we will perform our post intervention survey with the help of same questionnaire. Then we will start our data analysis

Q1 . Have you heard of blood donation? a. yes b. no Q2 . Are you aware of blood donation? a. yes b. no Q3 . Have you ever donated blood? a. yes b. no

If No, a. not approached by anybody b. no opportunity c. ill health/ unfit d. Unwilling e. Fear f. No reasons/others specify?

Q4. do you think blood donation can cause a. weight gain b. wt loss c. no effect Q5. do you think blood donation can cause Infertility? a. yes b. no Q6. do you think blood donation can cause impotency? a. yes b. no Q7. do you think you cannot donate blood if you have seasonal allergy? a. yes b. no

Q8. do you think health deteriorates after donating blood? a. yes b. no Q9. do you think blood donation cause severe fatigue ? a. yes b. no Q10. do you think blood donation cause mild fever? a. yes b. no

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