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JAM Newsletter

July 2011

Jabulani Africa Ministries

Lisa, Tessa and I recently had the privilege of going to Zambia with three members of Pointman, which is a curriculum that focuses on character based leadership. This curriculum comes from Hume lake Christian camps in America and has been taught all over the world; In many countries it is taught to government ofcials. In JAM we have used much of this material in discipling the different communities we work in. The leadership principles in Pointman are based on Biblical principles, but we were recently given the go-ahead to revamp this curriculum so that it would be more relevant to young people in Africa. Lisa, Tessa and I joined this trip so that we could start implementing and testing some of the ideas/ changes to see how effective they are. We went to a village called Kabulamema where we worked with teenagers and children in the school and orphanage. While there, we stayed at an orphanage . There is so much need in the orphanage, it is heart breaking to see the children and conditions there. But the people that work in the orphanage are amazing. In the mornings we worked with the children in the primary school and in the afternoons we worked with the teens. Evenings we spent time with the young people in the orphanage. We were able to take the character traits of a leader from Pointman and combine it with camp activities that we use on our campsite in Cape Town. This worked really well and even though they struggled with English, they really understood these principles and they responded well in the debrieng. We saw many of these youth encounters Christ through these sessions. One evening we had a Bible study with the youth in the orphanage. Some of them struggled with English,

so one of the young guys that showed strong leadership qualities fetched his Bible that was in their local language. As he was reading I saw that one of the other young guys was crying. Afterward I pulled the guy aside. In broken English he explained to me, I love my God so much and my God often speaks to me. Hearing the Word of my God touched me so much that I cried. We had a really good conversation even though I could see that he could not able to fully express himself in the way he would have wanted to. I believe that God has some amazing things in store for this young guy. We saw God work in beautiful ways throughout our time in Zambia. We saw people serve so selessly. And we had a lot of fun too. I see hope for the people of Kabulamema through young leaders rising up through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. - Thinus

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Prince Albert (team 1)

We as JAM had an awesome privilege of accompanying Stellenberg Church on one of their winter outreaches to Prince Albert and Leeu-Gamka. We did kid's ministry and pre-teens in the morning, worked with the community in the afternoons, and youth events in the evenings. It was an awesome week of friendship building and getting to see God move. Humility was shown all around as our theme was "Live to Love" and "Alles Tot Eer Van God".We wanted the people of Prince Albert to experience the amazing love of Christ as God is Love and He calls us into a relationship with Him. Itwas a little weird being under different leadership, but it was good for us as a JAM team to be pushed out of our comfort zone.God is Good and there is nothing better than to work with people that have the same heart for Christ and to make his name known to all the earth. - Tessa & Sharon

itself. The theme of Merweville this year was 'rescue 911,' where we taught kids how Jesus is our rescuer and at the same time taught them the police number and the child help line number until they knew it by heart. In the mornings we put on a play and played soccer and games with the kids. The evening program consisted of a bible study with the teenagers and a kids program with small kids. Each night we had a different activity we did with the kids, like movie nights or coffee/hang out nights . The team itself had a really strong unity which made it so much easier to feel Gods presence. I could clearly see God moving, his presence was unmistakable and it was clear that God was leading us. The thing that probably touched me the most was the growth I've been blessed to see... I originallywent out to disciple the people of Merweville, but Jesus had different plans with me. He wanted me to work more with the people on my team and to focus on prayer and intercession. Amazing things happened... like people excepting Jesus into there life, God giving wisdom and prophetic words and visions. God was present in everything that was said or done which made it a great outreach. Thank you Jesus for this outreach because its only through you that all these amazing things happened. All glory goes to you God! - Charl

The Merweville outreach started off with 2 days of teaching for the team

This outreach that I went on was such a blessing for me just to see how God uses young people to work for his Kingdom. I was in Calitzdorp, my home town, with a group of Stellenberg people, where we were working with young leaders to build in their lives so that they may stand up in their own communities to make a change. One thing that stood out for me was the love the people had for our team and the love of Christ that was shining through us for the people. We had the privilege to visit an old age home where we sang and danced with the old people and listened to their stories and backgrounds. God also blessed us to be able to provide for sixty ve people that live in poverty and didnt really have a home. We got the privilege to give them each a hamper which included food and some basic toiletries. The Wednesday night we held a youth event and amazingly ve rasta men joined us. We shared the gospel with them and showed them the love and acceptance of Jesus. It was so amazing to see how they were listening and being apart of the whole youth event. I was just speechless to see how much God can do if we are just humble and obedient to his word. - Percy

Sir Lowrys
incredible blessing and generous food sponsorship from Stellenberg Church we were able to feed all of the kids awesome meals each day! The rst day of the program I got to spend time with the kids. I helped lead and teach the soekie songs to the kids... this was probably their favorite part of the whole program. But the rest of the week I helped plan and present a program for the teens/ youth within the community. Each day we did initiatives and team building activities with them. We tried to have fun and get them to open up, not only Two of the JAMmers in Sir Lowry's, with each other but with us as well. At Vaaitjie and Ricardo, decided they the end of the program each day we wanted to run a program for all the would ask them questions and try to kids during the 3 week school holiday. get them to talk amongst each other During the second week we were about the activities.. what worked, privileged enough to come help run what didn't, what they could have the program. Their heart for this done better, what they did well, how program was to reach out to the kids, each team worked together, etc. We youth, and also to be able to run a also challenged them with a piece of 'soup kitchen' for the kids/youth who scripture. On the last day of the participated each day. Because of an program we asked them what they had learned throughout the week... They started to tell us things they had learned about Jesus and were starting to discover about God. It was amazing to see the change in their attitudes and the hope and joy in their eyes as they talked to us and told us about how they experienced the week with God. We could hear in their voices that they truly desired to change and to know God more. There was a young boy that crawl into my heart that week. He said that he knows about God, but he doesn't know or understand why God loves him so much or why we love him. It broke my heart, but it was amazing to see and hear him searching out God... asking why... wanting to know and understand God and God's love more. God did amazing things in Sir Lowry's that week and I am so thankful I got to spend time with the youth investing in them and showing them God's amazing love and grace. - Wilfred

Planning our trip to Transkei made me very excited. I have never been there before but I knew I was going to love the place as well as the people. We went with Galatians on our heart. We knew on this trip we must be willing to die to self and live to love unconditionally. We were a very small group of 7 that went. We went to join our JAMMERS (Moses & Bongani) in Bambisana, Transkei. They lived in a very old mission house. It was a very desolated place that didnt have much. We brought tools and people along with who had the skill to help rebuild and renovate the mission base. This was our main focus for this 2 week outreach... to rebuild/renovate the mission house where our jammers live. They use the house to lead cell groups with the youth, give food to the hungry and also to do kids ministry. Lucia, Miggie and myself also had the opportunity to be part of the kids ministry and leading the youth. It was so amazing to see how our jammers have grown in God and how good they are doing in the mission eld of Bambisana. The last day of kids ministry was a highlight when more than 15 kids chose Jesus as their savior. Seeing the youth of Bambisana stepping out for the rst time and reaching out in their own community was also a highlight. Although it was a big challenge for them they did it and got the passion and understanding why outreach is so important, but it starts in your own community. The big boys were working very hard in and around the house while the girls were painting and cleaning and making food everyday. It was so amazing for me to see new people and especially kids everyday that wanted to help us with the house. Even if it was only to pick up rubbish, they did it with a big smile on their face. In 2 weeks we got so much done. We can now say the missions house has water (hot water, even), a working toilet and a ceiling. Praise God! We also went to visit the Bambisana hospital and there we got to pray for at least 5 women. We saw God heal in the physical but also in the spiritual and lives were restored. God was, and is, so amazing. He completely took over! God sent people to the mission house everyday and we had the opportunity to minister to them or even just love on them like God loves us. It was totally out of our planning, but God had this whole trip in His hands.Although a lot of this outreach was physical labor, there was so much happening in the spiritual. In this 2 weeks we kept prayer as our main focus everyday, because we knew if we dont spend enough time in prayer we would not know what God wanted to do in that place. There is still a lot of darkness there just as in the rest of the world, but we believe the Mission house of Bambisana is going to bring light to the darkness through Jesus Christ. We are so excited for what God is doing there. - Crystal

Prince Albert (team 2)

We started our outreach two weeks beforehand, with prayer everyday from four to ve o'clock and memorized Romans 8 and Haggai. This was supposed to be the smaller outreach, but God had other plans. Once again, He showed us that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We were a team of fty people, groups from different places including Vosburg, Kouebokke Veld, Prince Albert youth leaders, and Stellenberg/Jam. Our plan was to have more of a building/ hard working outreach, but you cannot put God in a box, or tell Him what to do. So, God took over and blew our minds! We had awesome ministry time, did lots and lots of Bible studies, house visits, praise and worship, and prayer days. God used ordinary young people to do the extra-ordinary. We got to see healing- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Break-throughs happened "Not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of God". One of the Ooms we worked with at his campsite has been praying to God for help for two years because his campsite was in ruins. And we got to be someones answer to prayers just by showing up and being obedient. One thing we know: God wanted to show us that it's all about Him and we should pray as if it all depends on us and LIVE as if it all depends on Him. To proclaim the thunder and the good even if we don't see it. "Want Jesus is mooi met ons" - Tessa & Sharon

I had the privilege of going to Mavhusa village for the rst time.While we were there we partnered up with Dave, Lifter, and Pastor Life, who stay there on base full time. While we were there, we did children's ministry, house visits, prayer marches, and spent some quality time with the "jammers" in Mavhusa. The children's ministry was such a joy to experience. Most of the kids don't know enough English to be able to communicate with us, so each day we had either Lifter or Pastor Life translating the program for us. We played games, acted out dramas, and did different crafts with the kids.It was such a blessing to see their smiles every day. They were so open to our love.We went through some of the story of David each day. (1Samuel 16-24)we shared with them that they are special to God, they can handle big problems with God's help, they should choose good friends and choose to be good friends, and that they can look to God to make the right decisions. i really believe God is doing a big thing in Mavhusa through those children. We continued to learn more about the culture and its people the more we spent time in the village. Some big things you can be praying for are: Abuse- this is a big issue and is going on in most homes and classrooms. Pray for protection over God's children and families facing these situations. "Traditional healers"- these people basically use black magic and witchcraft to "heal" people, "protect"

them, etc. It's a HUGE thing in this culture.Please be praying that a door will be opened for our permanent team there to be able to share the love of Christ with the major leaders in this. Jobs- making a living is difcult in this area, so most men go to JoBerg or other places to try to get a job. Pray for new ideas and inspirations for jobs so the men will be able to stay at home with their families. Families- because of the abuse and situation, many families are broken. There are very few families with a father present at all. Pray for healing in the Family. Prayer for our full time team- Dave, Lifter and Pastor Life, who have also been joined by Carina and Lucia.It's not easy. They're constantly faced with bold attacks from the devil. Please pray for the Lord's strength, courage, and joy over their lives. The jammersThere are a handful of youth being discipled by the full time team. They are consistently faced with the challenge of living in a community that constantly rejects the God they love and the values that they believe in.Pray strength, courage, and joy over them as well. And pray that they are able to "press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called [them] heavenward in Christ Jesus". (Phil 3:14) God is starting a transformation in the village of Mavhusa through these young people but they need your prayers! While we were in Limpopo we also visited a piece of land about twenty minutes away from Mavhusa called "zone 2". The people staying on this piece of surrounding countries. They are constantly rejected because of their culture. They are being moved out to a better piece of land where they will have access to medical aid and schooling for their children. Unfortunately, the new place is around 12 kilometers away and has a lot of bush to be cleared out before the people can even start building their houses on it.Please be praying for this situation as well- we hope to be able to help them move, but we're still working out a few bugs (like getting equipment and stuff to clear the bush). God is so powerful, so miraculous! I had such a great time in Mavhusa, and God taught me so much.I hope to have the privilege to go back there again... Mavhusa has denitely stolen a piece of my heart, and I will never forget this experience. - Bonni