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Kahikatea Homework


Term 3 Week 4
5Task 2. Reading

Act Now Shape your future!

Dear Parents,
We will be holding our camp meeting this week on Tuesday 23rd August at 7 pm in the library. There will be supervised childcare available in room 6 if needed. Thanks to all the adults who have been helping with gymnastics, these sessions run so much easier with your help.

Inquiry Topic: Stick It!

Key Idea technological Identified needs dictate technological practice. Lines of Inquiry What are our identified needs and how will we plan to meet these? Different materials require different ways of fastening. fastening. Strength of materials and fastenings should be considered. considered.

Task 1 Spelling 1. Learn your Spelling words for

Fridays spelling test. 2. This weeks spelling is on Spelling City. Rm 5 Rms 6, 7, 8 & 17 Try some of the games and activities.

Task 2 Reading Read a book of your choice for at least 10 -15 minutes EACH night!

Task 3 Basic facts Each night learn 2 basic facts that you got incorrect or didnt do so that your score

Tips for Quality Homework * Make a colourful heading for each section. * Use pencil for writing and coloured pencils for headings and illustrations. * Rule off neatly with a ruler after each section. * Try your hardest with spelling and neatness.

Task 4 The rugby world cup is on its way. How much do you know about the countries competing in the tournament? Complete the chart below. Choose a country and draw their flag. Country Colours of the flag Main language spoken Capital city Currency Romania France Namibia Namibia Fiji Scotland