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Lesson Plan

Textbook Unit 00 Lesson 0: Lesson Title Aims: Coverage: Activity: Involvement: Mastery: Write here the page numbers you will cover in the session. Write here the specific skills that will be developed and/or the activities SS will perform. Write here the type of activities that will make SS bond and feel involved in the lesson. Write here the language items that SS are expected to master.

Materials: Write here the list of materials you must remember to bring on the day of the lesson. Warm-up Describe the task that SS will perform in order to warm-up for the lesson Get SS to work in pairs or groups. Then, have them report the results of their task to the class. As SS describe the results of the task, write the samples of language on the board for later use (to introduce grammar or vocabulary) Conversation Model Step 1: Artwork Description Timing

Either have SS look at the artwork for some seconds, then close books and ask SS to recall the picture or have SS cover the text and work in pairs to describe the picture in detail. List the relevant points / details you will ask SS to focus on when they describe the artwork.

Step 2: Listen and Read Tell SS to listen to the dialogue as they read it. Tell them to focus on the following: o Describe what you will tell students to focus on the first time they read and listen to Sound Bites (generally the function)

Step 3: Listen again for comprehension Tell SS to listen to the dialogue again. Tell them to focus on the following: o Write here what comprehension questions you will ask SS the second time they listen to Sound Bites

Step 4: New Expressions Ask SS if there are any new expressions in Sound Bites (Write them on the board) Ask SS to work with a partner to predict the possible meaning of the unknown expressions (using contextual clues) List the expressions that SS might not understand and write possible techniques to explain them clearly.

The Top Notch Lesson Planner - Concept by Sandra Mazuelos Created by Ralph Grayson (Oct. 2007)

Setp 5: Rhythm and Intonation Practice Have SS listen to the dialogue again (with pauses) for rhythm and intonation practice. Write here any pronunciation points to focus on during rhythm and intonation practice.

Step 6: Rehearsal and Acting Out Ask SS to practice Sound Bites in pairs or groups. When they are finished, call on volunteers to act out the scenes. Write here any materials you will need in order to make acting out more lively.

Grammar (If included in the lesson) Step 1: Prepare for Grammar Discovery (Books Closed) Write here where you will poll ideas from in order to help SS discover form and use of language (Ex: From the warm-up or from a new task)

Step 2: Guiding Questions (Books Closed)

Write here the questions you will make to help raise awareness about relevant points of the structure.

Step 3: Grammar Box

Have SS silently look at the grammar box in the book. Go over the contents with the help of volunteers. Clarify any details that SS might have trouble with. Grammar Drill: Write here how you will drill the new form. Have SS go back to the Conversation Model and underline all the examples of the form.

Step 4: Reinforcement with Grammar Booster Have SS go to the grammar booster. Tell them they can refer to it in case they need help. Go over relevant exercises in the booster. SS first do the exercises in pairs or groups. Then, they share their answers with the class. Write here the exercises of the Grammar Booster that you will use for class work.

Step 5: Book Exercise Have SS go over grammar exercise in the book (After the grammar box). SS do it first in pairs or groups to then check the answers as a whole class. Step 6: Grammar Self-Check Use Grammar Self-Check (in the Teacher's Resource Disk) to verify that SS have grasped the grammar point. Vocabulary (If included) Pronunciation (If included) Have SS look at the new Play the audio program or

The Top Notch Lesson Planner - Concept by Sandra Mazuelos Created by Ralph Grayson (Oct. 2007)

expressions. T clarifies meaning of any unknown expressions. SS listen and repeat each expression. Drilling: Describe the drill you will use to practice the new expressions Optional (): o Vocabulary Cards o Optional: Cumulative Vocabulary Activities o Learning Strategies

read the script out loud. SS read and listen T models the pronunciation point. SS listen and repeat (Practice with emphasis in the pronunciation point) Additional Drilling o Describe the drill you will use for pronunciation practice (Ex: Minimal pairs, kinesthetic practice, etc.) Pronunciation Supplement ()

Listening Comprehension (If included)

Read the instructions to SS. Explain the activity proposed in the textbook. Play the audio program for SS to do the activity. Get SS to compare their answers in pairs or groups. Then ask them to share their responses with the class. Optional: For more challenging listening, do the following activity: o Describe the activity that SS will perform the second time they listen to the text (if you decide to do so)

Conversation Pair Work Present model - SS fill in blanks Check answers. Step 1: Have SS practice the dialogue with one of the options (the ones they used for blank filling before. T makes sure the dialogue is understood - Have SS act out this dialogue. Step 2: Present the options with which SS can substitute the drill. Ask SS to practice the same dialogue using all the fillers provided by the book. Have SS act out several of these dialogues. Step 3 (Transfer): Have SS use the same dialogue to talk about personal experiences, situations they have created, etc. Have SS practice intensively as many times as possible with as many partners as possible. Make sure the aims described at the beginning of the lesson are achieved Have SS act out their dialogues. o List here the prompts you will give SS to perform the dialogue and transfer the information (Ex. new situations, pictures, etc.) Optional: o Pair works cards for out of the book practice () o Learning strategies for speaking ()

Copy and Go Write here the Copy and Go exercises you will do in class. Note down any variations you will make to the instructions in the manual.

Homework Write here the workbook pages you need to assign for homework, or any

The Top Notch Lesson Planner - Concept by Sandra Mazuelos Created by Ralph Grayson (Oct. 2007)

other homework item you need to assign.

The Top Notch Lesson Planner - Concept by Sandra Mazuelos Created by Ralph Grayson (Oct. 2007)