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OpenLeaks-Founder accepts expulsion from CCC

Source: OpenLeaks-founder Daniel Domscheit-Berg accepts the expulsion from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). He explains this in an E-Mail towards dpa. But he will remain a member in the local Chaos Computer Club Berlin. Answering the question about the documents and access keys taken with him when leaving WikiLeaks Domscheit-Berg stated: The keys for this material and the material itself have been deleted. Domscheit-Berg was expelled from his membership at the club from the CCC leader board during the Chaos Communication Camp. The direct cause was the presentation of the Openleaks project at the summer meeting in Finowfurt. Domscheit-Berg should have been suggestive about the host of the Chaos Communication Camp or members of the CCC doing a kind of security test of Openleaks and its source protection, as its stated in the reasons for the expulsion. With that he exploited the good reputation of the association (CCC). But this matter might not be over yet despite the decision of Domscheit-Berg to accept the resolution of the board and his expulsion from at least the umbrella organization of the CCC. Its likely that jurists have to check if the expulsion from the CCC also means an expulsion from the local organization in Berlin. Regarding the since last Friday disputed and yesterday again asked question about what of the data formerly belonging to WikiLeaks was deleted and what is still existing Domscheit-Berg states now, that the key and the material was destroyed. This is justified by Domscheit-Berg with his responsibilities towards the sources. Linchpin of his decision is the way how WikiLeaks acts regarding the publishing of the US cables, Domscheit-Berg explained to heise online. Activists would contact him in hope of him still having influence on his former companion Julian Assange so the latter would not publish certain cables. I dont hand over data to people who more than once proved that they cant handle such data in a clean manner the activist explains. Such mistakes cant happen. It seems as if everybody follows an own agenda yet nobody cares about the sources. I wouldnt entrust such people with more material that could potentially harm people. Id rather be the scapegoat for everybody. (Detlef Borchers) / (vbr)