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Executive Summary:

The main purpose of this report is, review of the human resources techniques & systems adopted by the organization. Find out their weaknesses and give suggestions for improvements. Human Resource Management practices followed by the company were seen practically whether the company adopted them according to the international labor law standards or not. My Internship report contains all the information about my work experience in PTCL. As an Intern, I spent good time in learning. I learnt to deal with different situations and have experiences of the organizations working environment which affects an employee performance and attitude towards work and had good time in learning and performing duties as HR Intern. Confidence, on time decision making, consistency, hard work, team work, seeking success out of dark, innovation, creativity, organizational survival and customer handing techniques are the key learnings out of my internship and I would like to say that it will be one of my best skills that would remain with me and help me in the coming life.

I would like to highlight this that my experience with PTCL was very memorable and full of leanings where I found lot of positive changes in my attitude learning and behavior.

PTCL Internship Report HR


Even years into a new century, the telecom sector of world finds itself at crossroads after changing itself almost beyond recognition over the last 25 years. Privatization and competition are the order of the day, with a majority of countries having adopted these policies to advance their telecom sector. The results have been impressive; the industry has grown at unprecedented pace. There has been a phenomenal growth in Pakistan, especially in the cellular mobile communication and in the internet. With this advancement, more human

PTCL Internship Report HR


After having brief introduction from past end of PTCL now we move towards the current situation of the company .In this part focus will be on the Structure of organization Technical & operational Net work Services provided by PTCL Financial front of PTCL Competitors and subsidies Structure of organization An Organizational Structure clarify the roles of personnel of an Organization and to determine who has to do what task, which is responsible for what, objectives to be achieved, who is to report to whom and to remove the obstacles for performance caused by confusion and uncertainty of job assignment as well as to make easy decision- making and communication networks reflecting and supporting organization objectives. The head of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is called President . Then come the SEVPs (Senior Executive Vice Presidents), i.e. SEVP(Finance), SEVP (Operations), SEVP (Technical), and SEVP (Human Resource Management), SEVP (Marketing & Business

Development). Then there is a chain of Executive Vice- Internship Report Presidents (EVPs) like EVP (Finance Central), EVP (Marketing),EVP (HR Central), EVP (Accounts), EVP (Operation), EVP (Information Technology, Training & Research), and EVP (Revenue). All these are appointed at Pakistan Telecommunication Company, Headquarters at G-8/4, Islamabad. Apart from these EVP, there are also EVP (Operation), EVP (HR) etc who are heading the other regions of PTCL in major cities country wide. Then there are Chief Engineers and General Managers at H/Qs who report to their relevant EVP. Then there are Senior Managers, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Account Officers, Assistant Account Officers, Financial Analysts, Marketing Managers, Computer
PTCL Internship Report HR

Programmers, and IT Specialists etc. There are also Regional Heads (General Managers) to head PTCL Regions then come the Senior Managers (Operations), Senior Engineers (Operations), Engineers to look after the telecom system of Regions. There are also Senior Managers Finance, Account Officers and Accountants to Handle Regional account and billing matters. Manager HR & his staff are responsible to take care of Personnel affairs at Regional Level. In nongazetted staff there are Engineering Supervisors Operations /Switching /Power plant /Optical Fiber system/M.W Media, Account Assistants, Stenographers, Assistants, Key Punch Operators, Telecom Technicians, Upper Division Clerks, Lower Division Clerks, Line Men, Wire Men, Drivers, Exchange Cleaners, Naib Qasids and Peons etc. All the staff is recruited by the HR Department headed by SEVP HR. The HR experts are responsible for hiring & to further streamline its recruitment process.


The Head Office of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is situated in Sector G-8/4, Islamabad, which is headed by the President . Besides, it has Regional Headquarters like:

Islamabad Telecom Region,

Rawalpindi Telecom Region,

PTCL Internship Report HR

Hazara Telecom Region Abottabad,

Northern Telecom Region-I Peshawar,

Lahore Telecom Region (South),

Lahore Telecom Region (North),

Multan Telecom Region,

Faisalabad Telecom Region

Southern Telecom Region-I Hyderabad

Southern Telecom Region-II Karachi

Southern Telecom Region-V Sukkur

Western Telecom Region Quetta.









Telecommunications services to the customers in their respective areas. Apart from these, PTCL has an Optical Fibre Construction Region Lahore and Optic Fibre System Islamabad, each headed by a General Manager to install, operate and look after optic fibre systems/cables
PTCL Internship Report HR

PTCL Internship Report HR

HR Department in PTCL
PTCL Internship Report HR

The functional responsibility of this department includes core human recourse like Recruitment & Manpower Planning, Training and Development, Performance Management, Succession Panning ,Organizational Restructuring, Developing the HR Policies, building competitive market pay structure, Procurement etc. This department also indulges in administrative responsibilities including overall maintenance of the company, management of the Training Colleges and Institutes, providing medical services to the employees, employee relations etc.

Composition of HR Committee
Chairman Mr Abdul Aziz Al Sawaleh (Chief HRO Etisalat UAE)

Members Mr.Abdulrahim A. Al Nooryani Mr. Noor-ud-Din Baqai Mr.Fadi Al Ansari Mr. walid Irshad (president & CEO) Mr. Ismail Salih Taha (SEVP HR &A)

PTCL Internship Report HR

The Hierarchy of Human Resource Department











Functions of the HR committee

Review and recommend development and maintenance of long term HR Policies, an effective employee development programme, appropriate compensation and benefits plan and good governance model in line with statutory requirements and best practices. It ensures the Governance and HR policies and procedures are aligned with the strategic vision and core objectives of the Company. It provides Leadership and guidance for the organizational transformation needed in achieving its corporate objectives. The HR department has been further divided into the following functional areas
PTCL Internship Report HR

1. Recruitment and Selection a. Recruitment b. RHD 2. Manpower Planning 3. Employee Relation 4. Training & Career Development 5. Organization Design 6. Compensation

In PTCL there is a degree of reciprocal interdependence among the various departments because they are all required for the smooth and efficient operations of the Company. A few qualified officials run the Human Resource Department at PTCL. PTCL s HR objectives reflect its corporate values, i.e. SCOPE.


Supportive Competitive Open Professional Ethical

HR Initiatives

PTCL Internship Report HR

Traditionally, numerous geographically based Telecommunication Regions, led by engineers, were responsible for handling all the Company affairs, including Customer interface, facility provision, design and operation / maintenance of the Network, HR planning & Management, Finance, Employee Relations, and General Administration etc. The companywide restructuring with the objective of converting the regions into commercially run business units (profit centers), was initiated and is being done with the close coordination of concerned departments. Steering committees, for respective unit. have been formed with the ascendancy of cross functional SEVPs, along with senior members of the Advisory Team from Ethicality for carrying out the restructuring implementation. The initiative is aimed at highlighting Commercial performance as the zone s KPI and to align all engineering functions as its supporting functions. Each of the four business zones across the Company is divided into varied, independent, fully specialized functions of Access Network Engineering (Operations, Maintenance & Development), Commercial, HR & Admin and Finance, all of whom report to the head (EVP) of the Business zone. This mechanism shall invariably lead to define profit centers at each hierarchical level and help the field units work out their targets by making them more commercial focused, goal, oriented and accountable. Departments roles and responsibilities have been redefined to meet the future business challenges. Voluntary separation scheme (VSS) reached its final phase of implementation. The implementation plan has been finalized with Bearing point and the PTCL management. Comprehensive data cleansing exercise aiming at 100 % HR Data Verification has almost been completed. Besides this a communication
PTCL Internship Report HR

support plan has also been finalized. The VSS Software to support all these activities has also been developed and is being tested. A comprehensive local market Telecom Sector Compensation Survey was carried out to design a new Remuneration Scheme for all staff. The new remuneration scheme will be consistent with the Employees Retention policy for key talent. The retention policy is in final stage and will be implemented after Board s approval.

The objectives of the HR department at PTCL

It aims to be the preferred employer, (included in the top tiers along with other companies, which are recognized and preferred multinationals). y To have a competitive remuneration package (i.e. competitive salaries, benefits, perks etc ) y To provide excellent opportunities for the development of well defined career paths. y y y Development of effective manpower planning. To have an efficient information system. The company wants to attain an Achievement Culture , using the tools of Career Development, Communication, and Training and Development.

Recruitment Policy Whenever PTCL wants to recruit new employees; it sets up an assessment center. The following process is carried out:
PTCL Internship Report HR

y y

There is an Initial interview (competency based interviewing), Initiation to an assessment center (that assesses managerial competencies). Managers (potentates) are expected to show their worth technically and

managerially through day long activities created to simulate the environment he / she would actually be working in. The candidates undergo tests that are a sample of what activities they will be performing if they are actually selected.

After the assessment center training is complete, a second and final interview is held, and subsequent efforts are made to a customize the candidates with the culture at the workplace. This is done in an attempt to minimize turnover. It normally takes 3-4 months to recruit good graduates.

PTCL firmly believes that You cannot be the best if you do not have the best . It believes it has greatly reduced nepotism in the recruitment process, and they do not compromise on standards because they follow correct procedures and processes. Other parts of the recruitment process are: y Matching job-person specifications-judging and assessing functional and

managerial competencies.
Recruitment process in PTCL

External & Internal Candidates

1. Request for Hiring:

PTCL Internship Report HR

Requisition is received from the department via e-mail or through movement of file. It is followed with strong follow-up from the department head.

2. Check HR Budget and Position Existence in OD

In case of new hiring recruitment department checks for HR Budget and whether the position exists in OD department. In case of a replacement position is checked only in OD. If the position has not been approved in the budget then special approval is required from the SEVP HR or President.

3. Resume Sourcing and Job Advertisement:

If position exists in OD and HR Budget, the job is posted: -on internet portal (Bright spyre) - In leading newspapers Apart from this resumes are sourced through headhunters, from database, and through traditional sources like word-of-mouth etc.

For Internal employees: If the recruitment has to be done from internal sources only, the vacancy is advertised internally only through an e-mail generated by SM recruitment and sent to all employees also all GM s are instructed to post the vacancy announcement in all visible places. Resumes are accepted both as hard copies and as soft on recruitments email address (
PTCL Internship Report HR

4. Resume Collection and Short listing:

When the deadline is reached the cv s are collected and short listed based on the specifications provided by the department for a particular position.

5. Interviewing Candidates

A panel constituting of 2 or more people is nominated which includes an HR representative, and department representatives. Interviews are scheduled as per availability of the panel and candidates are informed telephonically. Interview evaluation is done on Interview Assessment Forms which are different for MT level, Management level and Senior Management level. During the interview process all the panel members fill up an interview assessment form about the candidate which further helps in selection process.

6. Approvals:

Upon final selection of candidates, cases are prepared which includes 1 copy of cv and assessment sheets of all the panel members. An approval sheet is attached and forwarded for approvals. The channel includes Senior Manager s approval, EVP HRA approval, approval from the SEVP of the respective department and SEVP HR&A s approval.

PTCL Internship Report HR

7. Determining Compensation Package:

The file reaches the compensation and benefits department from the SEVP HR & A department, the salary package and benefits are determined and sent to SEVP HR & A for approval.

8. Placing Offers:

Before an offer is placed, if required a reference check is conducted but it is not a usual practice.

External candidates: A verbal offer is placed on the telephone the candidate is asked to visit the headquarters for further formalities. Upon visit, the original offer letter and a copy are signed by the candidate

Internal candidates: Before an offer is placed to internal candidates, consent is obtained from their supervisor and GM regarding the move. This is done via e-mail or through file movement. Once consent is granted an offer if placed. Regular employees are given an offer letter whereas NTC employees are not given an offer letter. Regular, NCPG employees are asked for a resignation in case of a new offer. NTC are not required to resign from the current contract.

Reservations regarding the offer:

PTCL Internship Report HR

In case a candidate has reservations regarding the package he is asked to submit those in written via e-mail or letter addressed to the SM recruitment, these requests are forwarded to the Compensation and Benefits department. Incase of revision or no revision the candidate is informed. In other reservations like location etc department is consulted and candidate is informed about the final decision.

If an offer is declined the case is closed and department is informed.

9. Medical Referral:

Upon visit candidate is also issued a medical referral letter for a hospital on PTCL s panel. They are required to visit the hospital and conduct the tests mentioned on the referral on company s expense. Those tests are sent directly to GM Medical by the hospital and a medical report is sent directly to the recruitment department mentioning their medical fitness condition.

If a candidate is found unfit he is referred for a second opinion. He meets the GM medical in person and further tests are conducted. If still found unfit the case is closed. If a candidate is found fit he is informed and date of joining is confirmed.

10. Verification of Documents and RHD forms:

PTCL Internship Report HR

If found medically fit for job candidate is informed and he asked to submit his documents including educational and experience , they are tallied with the cv and copies are retained for record. A copy of CNIC and passport size photographs are also kept for record. He is referred to the Recruitment Helpdesk where he is provided with a set of forms for all the facilities and benefits being provided to him. His date of joining is confirmed from him. He is asked to provide the complete forms with the requisites on the date of his joining.

11.On Date of Joining:

On the date of joining the candidate is handed over his appointment letter and a joining report is received. He is again referred to RHD who take care of his work space and other facilities.

Regional Hiring:

The recruitment process initially is the same for hiring in the regions. Main differences in the process are in the following areas: y For hiring in regions strong liaison is done with HR&A departments in the region.
PTCL Internship Report HR

y In resume sourcing regions involvement is welcomed.

y HR representative for regional interviews is nominated by the recruitment department or EVP HRA. Interviews are conducted in regional offices.

y Once approvals are obtained, a verbal offer is placed by the recruitment team and the candidate is instructed to visit the regional office.

y The offer letter is sent via courier and e-mail to the region.

y Regional HR Manager send an accepted copy of the offer letter, medical fitness certificate , documents , copy of CNIC and 2 passport size photographs to the recruitment department. Plus a tentative date of joining as communicated by the candidate is also forwarded.

y 2 days before the date of joining the appointment letter is sent to the region. On the date of joining, the letter is signed by the employee and a joining report is also submitted. These are sent to the headquarters followed by the posting orders of the employee.


RHD is a one-window service point for all the initial needs of the new staff member and would provide the new employee with a Complete Starter Pack(ID
PTCL Internship Report HR

card, Medical Book, Laptop/desktop arrangements, Cell phones and other facilities according to entitlement) on the date of joining.


Once the candidate accepts the offer he/she would be given or sent, through courier, a medical referral requiring him/her to go for comprehensive medical tests and check up. A Prerequisites checklist detailing the requirements for joining and filling of the obligatory documents would also be sent.

Upon receiving the medical fitness certificate of the employee the recruitment department asks him/her to visit the office the next day at the mutually agreed time to fulfill the pre-joining requirements and to finalize the joining date. The employee is referred to the Recruitment Help Desk for any queries that he/she might have.

The recruitment department after meeting with the employee, receiving the academic and experience certificates and finalizing the joining details would refer him/her to the Recruitment Help Desk. The Recruitment Help Desk in charge would facilitate the employee in filling out the forms (Facilities for which the employee is entitled) and ensure that the employee submits all the required documents.

PTCL Internship Report HR

It is the responsibility of the Recruitment Help Desk in charge to submit the documents received and the forms filled to the respective departments for further processing. The forms received are sent to the following departments:

1. Recruitment (Personal File): Personal Information Form (Except for Management Trainees)

2.MIS: Employee MIS Form

3.Pay Roll: Employee Bank Account Form. The employee would be asked if he /she has an account in the required bank for the disbursement of salary. In case the employee already has an account in the same bank then he would be asked to provide the Account No. However, if the employee does not have an account in the required bank then he/she would be provided with the bank account form and issued a reference letter addressed to the manager of the bank. The employee would be required to open the account and inform the Recruitment Help Desk in charge about the Account No within 2 days.

4. Security & Coordination: PTCL ID Card Form

5. Staff Welfare Branch/Health Centre: Medical Card Form (Management Trainee/Other Employees)

PTCL Internship Report HR

The Staff Welfare Branch issues a medical book which is to be registered with the health centre chosen by the employee.

6. A/N Coordination/ Computer Region/Maintenance/HR&A: The Official Telephone Connection Form for the official home and office telephone, fax, cell phone (Set) and DSL connections.

7. Administration: The administration department would be informed about the joining date of the employee so the workstation and other arrangements can be made.

8. IT Helpdesk: Official E-mail ID form requesting the creation of official e-mail ID for the new hire with instructions to provide internet connectivity and install the necessary soft wares

9. Maintenance: Resource requisition form for Stationery and office supplies requirements given by the employee

10. IT: IT Equipments purchase request form obtained by the employee

11. Concerned Department: The joining date for informing the concerned departments for required action

PTCL Internship Report HR

The Recruitment Help Desk in charge follows up with all the concerned departments and have all the arrangements completed before the joining date of the employee. It is required that a lead time of minimum 30 days is given to the RHD for the timely and proper execution of responsibilities.

The RHD would also be responsible for the arrangements and coordination of the orientation programs for the new hires.

The new hires are required to report to the Recruitment Help Desk on the date of joining. A Joining Report is to be provided which is to be filled by the employee and verified by the reporting authority. The employee is to be asked to submit the report to the reporting officer and provide a copy to the recruitment department for further processing. The orientation manual is delivered to the employee on the date of joining.

Processes undertaken by RHD

RHD Bank Account Opening

PTCL Internship Report HR

y Bank Account form : Initially the candidate is provided with the Bank Account form and panel Banks List

y Bank Referral letter: The candidate selects the Bank and is given a Bank Referral letter being addressed to the Manager of the bank.

y Salary imbursement : After that the candidate open an account in the respective Bank and informs the RHD , which then sends the account details to the Manager Payroll for Salary imbursement

y Existing Account: Incase if the candidate already has an account in the Panel Banks on the panel, then he just has to provide the Account number.

Generating E-Mail ID

y After receiving the Joining Report from the candidate, a request is sent to the IT Administrator for the generation of E-Mail ID and Password.

Generating Employee Number

PTCL Internship Report HR

y Mgt Staff & Non-Mgt Staff: Joining Report, Personnel information & bank Account letter is received by RHD. or Non-Management staff request is forwarded to GM HR & A and for Management Staff to the OD Department.

y Employee Number: From their onwards candidates get their position Numbers and are entered in SAP and eventually get their Employee Number.

FSTC Installation

y First FSTC forms are given to the Employees and after getting them filled RHD verifies them ensures quality and sends it to the CE Operations.

y CE issues a Sanction Memo to Regional GM who sends request to the concerned exchange.

y The exchange sends technicians for the FSTC Installation

Employee ID Card

y Temporary card : Filled forms are submitted to the RHD with requisites , who verifies them and issues a Temporary Card to the Employee

y These filled forms are then sent to the Dir Security who prepares the ID Card and sends it to the RHD.
PTCL Internship Report HR

y RHD hands over the ID Card to the employee and Temporary Card is taken back and returned to the Security Department. Purchase and Issuance of IT Equipment:

y For the Issuance of IT Equipment a request is forwarded from RHD IT Department. IT department forwards the request to Procurement Department. After purchase the Procurement department sends the Equipment to the IT dept for Installation.

y The Installed equipment is sent to the RHD by the IT Dept, where it is handed over to Employee and receiving is obtained.

RHD, for smooth and efficient operations maintains a pool pf IT equipment; for this purpose the requisition for IT equipment is sent to IT and Procurement department 2 months in advance.


PTCL Internship Report HR

Panel members decided

Conducting of interview


HR Policy

Confirmation from Employees

Appointment Letter


RHD (Recruitment Help Desk)

Purpose of RHD
PTCL Internship Report HR

The recruitment help desk is a one window service point for the initial needs of the new staff members and provides them with y Office Space y Official Telephone y Official E-mail ID Official ID Card y Medical Card y Bank account y Stationary y Computer/ Notebooks (according to Designation)

On date of joining, this allows the employee to dive into his/her assignments right away without the worries of completing administrative requirements. y RHD is responsible for conducting Orientation programs y Feedback from the employees

y Escort to respective departments



EPI # and Salary disbursement

PTCL Internship Report HR

Fax, Stationary, Mobile card Office & Residential phone Mobile Phone Medical card Id Card Laptop/printer, internet connection E-mail ID Allocation of work space (Maintenance) Re-imbursements

Admin (Maintenance) CE (Operations) Deputy Chief engineer (PSP-II) GM (Medical Services) Director Security GM (I&O)/Procurement Lotus Administrator EVP (admin)/GM

Finance department


Recruitment Issues Medical referral

Recruitment Receives Medical Fitness from GM

Recruitment Calls the candidate and advise to visit next day with required documents

If Fit

If Unfit
Recruitment Daily send the intimation of all Visits scheduled to RHD

Sends regret letter

PTCL Internship Report HR

PTCL provides the following benefits to the employee as per the policies which are subjected to change from time to time as per management decision. Some major benefits are the following. 1. Medical Employees and their dependents are entitled to free medical facility as per the company policy. 2. Telephone Connection Employees shall be provided with official telephone connection at residence, DSL connection, Free Cell Phone set connection and credit amount according to their entitlements. 3. Leave Employees are entitled to annual leave 4. Leave: fare assistance: LFA shall be provided to the entitled employee4s as per company policy. 5. Gratuity: The employees shall receive gratuity for every completed year of the service on the expiry of the appointment. 6. Car Maintenance allowance: CMA shall be provided to the entitled employees. 7. Travel Allowance: PTCL provides travel allowance to the employees for official trips according to the entitlements.

PTCL Internship Report HR