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Fuzz Face Off


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Fuzzy Octavulator
$299 street KNOBS Fuzz, Volume, Tone, Loose/

Tight switch; Fuzz and Octave switches SOUNDS The fuzz sound is so smooth and sexy (with a consistently articulate midrange), that, at rst listen, it almost appears to be an overdrive effect. But as you play with the Octavulator, you notice that the abrasive, odd harmonics of classic fuzz are truly in evidence theyre simply tamed a bit to allow more note expression and attack. Kick in the octave, and the fuzz gets wonderfully bright and ragged, yet retains its air of sophisticated raunch. WHOS IT FOR? Audiophileoriented tone connoisseurs who desire that 60s psychedelic vibe, but cant abide too much of the buzzy, spitty artifacts that characterize many fuzz pedals. M I C H A E L M O L E N D A CONTACT


Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face

$339 retail/$199 street KNOBS Fuzz, Volume SOUNDS This isnt an extreme fuzz maker intent on mimicking a sitar

or a bumblebee. Instead, it offers ultra-fat fuzz that increases the harmonic activity of everything you play to juicy-thick proportions. It responds amazingly well to a guitars volume control and your picking attack, cleaning up beautifully for shimmering chords. Though slightly tweaked to excel with humbucker-equipped guitars as per Bonamassas request, I found it to be equally happening with single-coils. WHOS IT FOR? Players looking for a polite fuzz that doesnt spit, gate, or fart like other extreme boxes. Go here for a fuzzbox thatll keep your clarity and denition intact while imparting a nice midrange squawk, smooth low-end, and a sweet top end response. D A R R I N F O X CONTACT