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CTS Mock Test 01A

Before the Test: (1) Keep only the identity card, pencil, eraser and sharpener with you. DO NOT KEEP with you books, rulers, slide rules, drawing instruments, calculators, cellular phones, stop watches or any other devices or loose paper. (2) Use only HB pencil to fill in the Answer Sheet. (3) Ensure that your name and roll number have been entered in the space provided correctly. (4) Directions for answering the questions are given before each group of questions. Read these directions carefully and answer the questions by darkening the appropriate circles on the Answer Sheet. Each question has only one correct answer. (5) All questions carry one mark each. Questions. (6) Do your rough work only on the test booklet and NOT on the Answer Sheets. At the start of the Test: (1) As soon as the signal to start is given, open the test booklet. How to Answer: (1) This test contains two sections with 55 questions. You have 50 minutes to complete the test. (2) Candidates found violating the instructions will be disqualified. After the Test: (1) At the end of the test remain seated. The invigilator will collect the Answer Sheet from your seat. (2) You may retain this test booklet with you. | CTS Mock Test 01A


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SECTION I-ANALYTICAL 1) Whi h ri r s th u sti
r ?

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c Test 01A

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4) Which letter replaces the question mark ?






6) Which grid replaces the question mark?



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Directi s (Questions 9-10) in each of the following questions there are three statements. Which are followed by three or four conclusions? Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the gi en statements. 9) Statements: Conclusions: Some cups are pots. 1.Some bottles are tubes. All the pots are tubes. All the cups are bottles.

a)All three follow b)Only (1) follow 10) Statements: Some cars are jeeps. Conclusions: 1.Some cars are boxes. a)Only (1) and (2) b)Only (1) and (3)

2. Some pots are bottles. 3. Some tubes are cups. c)Only (2) follow All the boxes are jeeps. 2. No pen is jeep. c)Only (2) and (3) d)Only (3) follow All the pens are cars. 3. Some boxes are cars. d)None of three

www | CTS Mock Test 01A

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Directions (Questions 11-15)From the table given below, answer the following questions A school has four sections A, B, C, D of Class IX students. The results of half yearly and annual examinations are shown in the table given below. No. of Students Result Section A Students failed in both Exams Students failed in half-yearly but passed in Annual Exams Students passed in half-yearly but failed in Annual Exams Students passed in both Exams 28 14 Section B 23 12 Section C 17 8 Section D 27 13

6 64

17 55

9 46

15 76

11) If the number of students passing an examination be considered a criteria for comparision of difficulty level of two examinations, which of the following statements is true in this context? a) Half-yearly exams were more difficult b) Annual exams were more difficult c) Both exams had almost the same difficulty level d)The two exams cannot be compared for difficulty level 12) How many students were in class IX? a)336 b)189 c)335 d)430 13) Which section has the maximum pass percentage in at least one of the two examinations? a)A section b)B section c)C section d)D section 14) Which section has the maximum success rate in annual examination? a)A section b)B section c)C section d)D section 15) Which section has the minimum failure rate in half yearly examination? a)A section b)B section c)C section d)D section 16) If England is written as 1234526 and France is written as 785291. How is Greece coded? a)381171 b)381191 c)832252 d)835545 17) If Noida is written as 39658, how will India be written a)36568 b)63568 c)63569 d)65368 18) If Scotland is written as 12345678, Lone is written as 1435, Lots is written as 8124,Don is written 537 and Sun is written as 458, then what will be the code for c ? a)4 b)5 c)6 d)9 Directions (Questions 19-20) In a certain code language i) kemp lamp tems means speak the truth ii) bis tim nak means always seek knowledge iii) tim tems sik means knowledge is truth iv) lik bis zap means never seek violence 19) Which letter code stands for always? a)Tim b)Nak c)Bis d)tems 20) To find ANSWER to the above question which of the statement is not necessary? a)i b)ii c)iii d)iv | CTS Mock Test 01A

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Directions (Questions 21-23) following questions consists of two statements numbered I and II. Decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and give answer (a) If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer, while the data in the statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question (b) If the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer, while the data in the statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question (c) If the data either in statement I alone or in the statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question (d) If the data given in both statements I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question (e) If the data given in both statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question 21) The area of playground is 1600 sq.mts. What is its perimeter? I. It is perfect square play ground II. It costs Rs.3200 to put a fence around the play ground at the rate of Rs.20 per mt. 22) Madhan is taller than kamal and sarath is younger than aravind. Who among them is youngest? I. Sarath is younger than madhan II. Aravind is younger than kamal 23) Village K is towards which direction of village N? I. Village M is north of village of N and east of Village K II. Village D is to the west of village N and to the south of Village K. Directions (questions 24-27)In each of the following questions, a statement or group of statement followed by some conclusion. Without resolving anything yourself, choose the conclusion which logically follows from the given statement(s) 24) Statement: many creative persons become artist Conclusion: (a) A creative person will certainly become an artist (b) It is not possible to become an artist without creativity (c) A high level creativity is needed to become an Artist (d) some artists are creative person 25) Statement: All students in my class bright. Mani is not bright Conclusion: (a) mani must work hard (b) some students are not bright (c) mani is not a student of my class (d) data inadequate 26) Statement: All guilty politicians were arrested. Kishan and chander wrong among those arrested Conclusion: (a) all politicians are guilty (b) kishan and chander were guilty (c) all arrested peoples are politicians (d) kishan and chander were not politicians 27) Statement: Many business office were located in buildings with 2-8 floors. If a building has more than 3 floors, it has a lift Conclusion: (a) all floors may be reached by lift (b) seventh floor have lift (c) second floor do not have lift (d) only floors above third floor have lift Directions (questions 28-30)In each of the following questions, a statement or group of statement followed by some assumptions. Without resolving anything yourself, choose which of the assumption is implicit in the given statement(s). Give answer (a) if only assumption I is implicit (b) if only assumption I is implicit (c) if either assumption I or II is implicit (d) if neither assumption I or II is implicit (e) if both I and II are implicit 28) Statement: Detergents should be used to clean clothes Assumptions: I. Detergent form more lather II. detergents help to dislodge grease and dirt 29) Statement: Vitamin E tablets improve circulation, keep your complexion in a glowing condition Assumptions: I. People like a glowing complexion II. Complexion becomes dull in the absence of circulation 30) Statement: I cannot contact you on phone from karshik. Assumptions: I. telephone facility is not available at karshik II. Nowadays it is difficult to contact on phone. | CTS Mock Test 01A

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Directions (Questions 31-35) Read the passage and answer the following questions: According to Albert Einstein the non mathematician, is seized by a mysterious shuddering when he hears of 'four-dimensional' things, he is seized by a feeling, which is very similar to the thoughts awakened by the occult. And at the same time the statement that the world in which we live is a four-dimensional space - time continuum is quite a common place statement. This might lead to an argument regarding the use of the term ''commonplace'' by Einstein. Yet the difficulty lies more in the wording than the ideas. Einstein's concept of the universe as a four-dimensional spacetime continuum becomes plain and clear, when what he means by ''continuum'' becomes clear. A continuum is something that is continuous, A ruler, for example, is a one-dimensional space continuum. Most rulers are divided into inches and fractions, scaled down to one-sixteenth of an inch. Will it be possible to conceive a ruler, which is calibrated to a millionth or billionth of an inch. In theory there is no reason why the steps from point to point should not be even smaller. What distinguishes a continuum is the fact that the space between any two points can be sub-divided into an infinite number of smaller divisions. A railroad track is a one-dimensional space continuum and on it the engineer of a train can describe his position at any time by citing a single co-ordinate point - i.e., a station or a milestone. A sea captain, however, has to worry about two dimensions. The surface of the sea is a two-dimensional continuum and the co-ordinate points by which sailor fixes his positions in his two dimensional continuum are latitude and longitude. An airplane pilot guides his plane through a three - dimensional continuum, hence he has to consider not only latitude and longitude, but also his height above the ground. The continuum of an airplane pilot constitutes space as we perceive it. In other words, the space of our world is a three-dimensional continuum. Just indicating its position in space is not enough while describing any physical event, which involves motion. How positionchanges in time also needs to be mentioned. Thus to give an accurate picture of the operation of a New York - Chicago express, one must mention not only that it goes from New - York to Albany to Syracuse to Cleveland to Toledo to Chicago, but also the times at which it touches each of those points. This can be done either by means of a timetable or a visual chart. If the miles between New York and Chicago are plotted horizontally on a piece of ruled paper and the hours and minutes are plotted vertically, then a diagonal line properly drawn across the page illustrates the progress of the train in two - dimensional space time continuum. This type of graphic representation is familiar to most newspaper readers; a stock market chart, for example, pictures financial events in a two - dimensional dollar - time continuum. Similarly for the best picturization of the flight of an airplane from New York to Los Angeles a four - dimensional space - time continuum is essential. The latitude, longitude and altitude will only make sense to the traffic manager of the airline if the time co - ordinate is also mentioned. Therefore time is the fourth dimension. If a flight has to be looked at, perceived as a whole, it wouldn't work if it is broken down into a series of disconnected take - offs, climbs, glides, and landing, it needs to be looked at and perceived as a continuous four - dimensional space - time continuum curve. 31) In order to explain a difficult topic, the author use (a)Simply phrased definition's (b)An incessant metaphor (c)A plain writing style (d)Familiar images (e)A quotation from Einstein 32) The significant feature of a continuum, according to the passage, revolves around (a)The divisibility of the interval between any two points. (b)An ordinary ruler's caliber for marking (c)Its unending curve (d)Its lucid from providing comprehensibility to the non - scientists as well (e)Its variety of co - ordinates. 33) The purpose of this passage is to highlight the point that (a)Plots and sea captains have something in common (b)Stock market charts may be helpful to physicists (c)The fourth dimension is time. (d)Non - mathematician's are often afraid of the commonplace (e)There is a marked quality to distance 34) According to the passage, an airlines traffic manager depends upon all of the following EXCEPT (a)latitude (b)altitude (c)the time co ordinate (d)longitude (e)the continuous curve in co four | CTS Mock Test 01A

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35) The underlying tone of this selection is (a)persuasive (d)instructive

(b)deferential (e)gently condescending


Directions (Questions 36-40) Read the passage and answer the following questions: From the 197 million square miles, which make up the surface of the globe, 71 per cent is covered by the interconnecting bodies of marine water; the Pacific Ocean alone covers half the Earth and averages near 14,000 feet in depth. The portions which rise above sea level are the continents-Eurasia, Africa; North America, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. The submerged borders of thecontinental masses are the continental shelves, beyond which lie the deep-sea basins. The ocean are deepest not in the center but in some elongated furrows, or long narrow troughs, called deeps. These profound troughs have a peripheral arrangement, notably around the borders of the pacific and Indian oceans. The position of the deeps, like the highest mountains, are of recent origin, since otherwise they would have been filled with waste from the lands. This is further strengthened by the observation that the deeps are quite often, where world shaking earthquakes occur. To cite an example, the "tidal wave" that in April, 1946, caused widespread destruction along Pacific coasts resulted from a strong earthquake on the floor of the Aleutian Deep. The topography of the ocean floors is none too well known, since in great areas the available soundings are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. However, the floor of the Atlantic is becoming fairly well known as a result of special surveys since 1920. A broad, well-defined ridge-the Mid-Atlantic ridge-runs north and south between Africa and the two Americas and numerous other major irregularities diversify the Atlantic floor. Closely spaced soundings show that many parts of the oceanic floors are as rugged as mountainous regions of the continents. Use of the recently perfected method of submarine topography. During world war II great strides were m ade in mapping submarine surfaces, particularly in many parts of the vast Pacific basin. Most of the continents stand on an average of 2870 feet above sea level. North America averages 2300 feet; Europe averages only 1150 feet; and Asia, the highest of the larger continental subdivisions, averages 3200 feet. Mount Everest, which is the highest point in the globe, is 29,000 feet above the sea; and as the greatest known depth in the sea is over 35,000 feet, the maximum relief (that is, the difference in altitude between the lowest and highest points) exceeds 64,000 feet, or exceeds 12 miles. The continental masses and the deep-sea basins are relief features of the first order; the deeps, ridges, and volcanic cones that diversify the sea floor, as well as the plains, plateaus, and mountains of the continents, are relief features of the second order. The lands are unendingly subject to a complex of activities summarized in the term erosion, which first sculptures them in great detail and then tends to reduce them ultimately to sea level. The modeling of the landscape by weather, running water, and other agents is apparent to the keenly observant eye and causes thinking people to speculate on what must be the final result of the ceaseless wearing down of the lands. Much before there was any recognizable science as geology, Shakespeare wrote "the revolution of the times makes mountains level." 36) The peripheral furrows or deeps are found (a)only in the pacific and Indian oceans (b)near earthquakes (c)near the shore (d)in the center of the ocean (e)to be 14,000 feet in depth in the pacific. 37) The largest ocean is the (a)Atlantic (b)pacific (c)Aleutian deep (d)arctic (e)Indian. 38) We may conclude from this passage that earth quakes (a)Occur more frequently in newly formed land or sea formations (b)Are caused by the weight of the water (c)Cause erosion (d)Occur in the deeps (e)Will ultimately "make mountains level". 39) The highest mountains are (a)oldest (b)in excess of 12 miles (c)near the deeps (d)relief features of the first order (e)of recent origin. 40) The science of geology was started (a)By the Greeks (b)During world war II (c)April 1946 (d)After 1600 (e)In 1920 | CTS Mock Test 01A

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Directions Rearrange the following sentences in meaning full order 41) A. Continued exposure to particulates damage the lungs and increases individual changes on developing such conditions as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. B. with densities such as 100,000 per millilitre a single alveolus may receive 1,500 particulates per day C. the damage begins when the particulates are inhaled into the small air sacs of our lungs called alveoli. D. particulates are present everywhere, in some area they are as dense as 100,000 per millilitre of air. (a) ACBD (b) DCBA (c) DCDA (d) CBDA 42) A. She died before admission to the hospital B. when Mr. S ignored her, a slinging match ensued C. Mr.S struck her on the head with a stick D. Police have arrested Mr.S on the charge of murder (a) ABCD (b)BACD (c)BCDA (d)BCAD 43) A. This linking of politics and music is of course ancient and even Aristotle in his book Politics said, We may compare the best form of government to the most harmonious piece of music. B. Mixing metaphors, Mr. Clinton referred to the symphony so central to western music and said, It is time both nations heard the musical compositions of each other and understood each other better. C. The oligarchic and despotic to the more violent tunes; and the democratic to the soft and gentler airs. D. The US President was confident that if governments and people of the two democracies made a determined bid to understand each other s perspectives scripts, they could create new symphonies. E. Such attempts to secure symphony would be so much better than the individual bids for virtuoso improvisations and adherence to classical compositions. (a) BACDE (b) DCAEB (c) DECAB (d) BDEAC 44) A recent advertisement of Premier Instruments and Controls Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dashboard instruments, in a financial daily, summed it all up. A. The fact is that executives from companies, ranging from Daimler Benz to General Motors, have been scouring the Indian countryside looking for suppliers of cheap components for products made in their European and American plants. B. It obviously does not even have the time to make the investments required to set up a new plant. C. Today, most Indian automobile component manufactures cannot produce enough to meet demand both domestic and international. D. The company was soliciting spare capacities for the supply of intricate machines and sheet-metal components. 6. While some of them do find good deals, many have had to go back empty-handed. (a) ADCB (b) CBAD (c) DBCA (d) BACD 45) A. By the time he got to Linjeflug four years later, he had learned many lessons, in fact, he began his second stint as top dog by calling the entire company together in a hanger and asking for help, a far cry from his barking out commands just 48 months back. B. At SAS, he arrived at a time crisis. C. This book is chock-a-block full of intrusive stories and practical advice, describing Carton's activities at Vingresor (where he assumed his first presidency at age 32), Linjeflug, and SAS in particular. D. He began at Vingresor as an order giver, not a listener - neither to his people nor to his customers and made every mistake in the book. (a)BADC (b)BACD (c)CBAD (d)CDAB Directions (Questions 46- 50) Among the given set find the incorrect sentence 46) (a) Suresh told me about it (c) I want you to meet him 47) (a) It was bitter cold (c) The flower smell sweet (b) She told she wouldn t come (d) I suggest you (should) apply for post. (b) This novel is very interesting (d) I don t know anything | CTS Mock Test 01A

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48) (a) I have got no money (b) This hard won liberty was not to be lightly abandoned. (c) My friend said he never remembered having read a more enjoyable book (d) I am very glad to see you 49) (a) As it was a wet day, i wore my mackintosh (b) Hoping to hear from you, i remain yours sincerely (c) Going up the hill, we saw an old temple (d) Crossing the channel, a heavy strom arose 50) (a) Entering the room, the light was quite dazzling (b) Observing the house on fire, they sent for the engines (c) Bearing this in mind, we will find no particular difficulty (d) As i was his sole companion, he naturally addressed himself to me. Directions (Questions 51- 55) Among the given set find the correct sentence 51) (a) I cannot by no means allow you to do so (b) In his holidays he visited the battle field where Napoleon was defeated. (c) I could not help laughing at the joke. (d) He speaks as his father does 52) (a) An nurse maid, about 20 years is wanted for a baby (b) He ate the sweet greedy (c) It is nothing else not then pride (d) I don t know, nothing whatever of the matter 53) (a) He sailed for new York on Monday, arriving there on Saturday (b) Resting in whose shelter, the hours were beguiled with desultory talk (c) Born in surat, a part of his education was received in Mumbai (d) They work only when they have money. 54) (a) I shall not go without you do (b) He enjoys to swim (c)I never remember to have seen a more excited match (d) with a gun he killed a sparrow which was eating some crumbs 55) (a) you must clean room by itself (b) they have truck, that is them truck (c)I have a book, it is my book (d) we studied by ourselves for this lesson | CTS Mock Test 01A