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The Mind Box

The Mind Box Part I


Burt Goldman

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The Mind Box

The Mind Box

Part I

Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman


All techniques have been presented and used by students of Burt Goldmans international seminars for more than twenty years. They are simple, effective, and easy to understand; however no single technique works all the time for everyone. But if you use any of them and it works for you your life will change for the better. Get used to going to a technique for the problems in your life. The Mind Box techniques are designed to unravel virtually every problem in life.

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The Mind Box

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Burt Goldman

Occasionally you will find suggestions to go to the next track, or a reference to a particular track number. This Mind Box Workbook has been designed to use with the twenty one CDs that should be part of the Mind Box home seminar series. If you are simply reading this as a book, without the CDs please overlook the directions that refer to tracks or CDs.

The Mind Box


Meditation brings about a stress free mind that attracts the good things in life.Heres why thats important to you. Psychologists have listed hundreds of causes of stress, even to listing them in a hierarchy, on a variety of scales, usually listing the death of a spouse as the number one cause and hundreds if not thousands of other reasons for stress, all listed by number generally from 1, which indicates a mild stress, to 100, which indicates a stress so severe it could be life threatening. We are going to look at stress a bit differently. Stress, very simply, is caused by a change of the way things are. Any change in the status quo will create a situation that causes stress. However you cannot give a number in a hierarchy for an event as a persons attitude will determine how they react to the change. People react differently to change, and therefore to stress. If everyone always reacted the same way then there would be no point in trying to alleviate stress by changing an attitude, but they dont and so that allows us to modify, and in many cases, eliminate stress. Stress causes an uneasy mind. When your mind is restful, stress is impossible. Now the question will arise, how can I have a resting mind? Often, a metaphor can show the way. So let me tell you a story of an incident that would normally cause a great degree of stress in most people. It took place 25 years ago during a class I was presenting on stress and how to deal with it. Lunchtime came along and I, along with three people in the class went out together to go to a nearby restaurant. We were going to take my car as I had purchased a new one only the week before. As we approached the vehicle in the parking lot we all saw it at the same time; a big dent in the right front fender. Someone had slammed into the car while it was parked in the lot and had driven off without even leaving a note on the windshield. The three students with me looked at me and waited for the blowup. I must admit for a

Burt Goldman

moment I could feel irritation and my body tightening with anger. But I cut it off immediately with a simple technique I will teach you in a moment. Jumping into the car I said to the three Lets go. Theres a body and fender shop just down the street. You going to get it fixed right now? One of the students asked. Nope. I answered, What Im going to do is to get a price on what it costs to repair the dent, and whatever that price turns out to be, Im going to create something that Im not doing right now, and Im going to make three times the cost of the dent. We drove to a nearby shop and I was told that the cost of repairing the fender would be $450.00. I immediately tripled the figure and thought, $1,350; Ive got to earn with something new, $1,350.00. Now whenever I looked at the dent in my fender I didnt mentally start cursing the low life who dented it and ran off, no, not at all, now when I looked at the dent I thought, $1,350.00 Ive got to earn $1,350.00. I kept thinking of how I could make that amount of money. It had to be something that I was not doing at that time. I thought about it and thought about it and finally came up with the answer. I would create a brand new seminar for my friends and if they liked it I would send out a mailing to all the people who had been through my classes and I would set a goal of making $1,350.00 from it. And so I put the seminar together and did it for fifteen of my friends, didnt charge as I was checking out the new material. My friends loved it. I sent out a mailing after renting a meeting room and did the new seminar. I was surprised I made more on that seminar than the new car cost, and all because someone dented my fender. The technique that I used was a simple re-direction of energies, something I think of as the RD, or Re Direction. But first, I had to rest my mind. The title of the first CD track is resting the mind, now what does that mean? Stress requires an active mind. When you are stressed out, many things are flitting through your mind, expectations of things to come. There is always some catalyst to set the mind off. The catalyst is usually of a negative nature but not always. Winning the lottery, or getting a promotion are both positive things but they can precipitate a good deal of stress. Any change in the normal routine will do that. When you are involved in routine your mind is resting, you act by rote, just a mechanical repetition. That repetition can be with regards to an occupation, the routine of housework, or a simple taking a walk with your dog. Anything that you do over and over again you will find that you usually do that with a mind at rest. When I first saw that dented fender my mind flew off into all kinds of

The Mind Box

directions. Mentally cursing the person who did it while I looked around to see if there were any cars speeding away, there wasnt, and I knew immediately I had to redirect that negative mental activity at once. In came Bagha Yoga. I used it and felt immediately at ease. And now comes our technique to bring about the resting of the mind to forestall and eliminate stress. But first, let me tell you when I learned it. It was actually the first technique I ever learned. It was over fifty years ago. I must have used it a thousand times since. Ive never been disappointed in the effect. Let me take you back to 1951. I was at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine near Brentwood, California. To me it was, and is still, the most peaceful place on Earth. I spent a lot of my time there practicing Kriya Yoga and just meditating near the windmill. But I was disturbed that day. I dont recall why. My friend Cheslo picked up on my unease. How can you meditate when your mind is filled with butterflies? He asked. I just shrugged. Use the Bagha, he said. Whats that? I asked. Bagha Yoga. You know. Havent you been taught the Bagha? I shook my head. I had no idea what he was referring to. Let me help you brother, he said sitting on the bench next to me. What makes your comfortable? he asked. Sitting here, by the windmill, and meditating. Nothing makes me more comfortable than that. He smiled and nodded, Im sure that he felt the same. All the disciples were most comfortable at the Lake Shrine. Close your eyes and create a picture in your mind of this place. Sense that you are comfortable and in deep meditation but do not meditate, just imagine that you are meditating. I did so. Now hold the image of yourself meditating and comfortable and touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue. With my eyes and mouth closed I lifted my tongue and touched it to the roof of my mouth holding it there for a few seconds. I took a breath, sighed, opened my eyes and looked at Cheslo.


Burt Goldman

He smiled at said, Youve just been initiated into Bagha Yoga. What is it? I asked. Whenever you feel your mind is too cluttered, or whenever you feel too excited to meditate. Just touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and like magic, you will be comfortable. But Burton, when I was initiated I made a promise to initiate only brothers, and I must ask of you that you do the same. There are some things that should be known to very few outsiders, this gives us much of the strength of authority that we need. That was all right with me. At that time I was just about ready to cast off all worldly things and join the Ashram as a dedicated disciple, but fate, or kismet, or whatever force you believe in had other plans for me. I asked, Fine, I will keep the Bagha as my own personal force. Can I ever teach it to other people? Cheslo smiled, and when he did smile, which was almost constant, a dimple appeared in his right cheek that seemed to put an exclamation mark on what he was saying. Cheslo was a dedicated disciple and had been for a few years. In fifty years you may teach it to anyone. I laughed and agreed, fifty years. It was 1951, I was 24 years old. When youre that young fifty years seems like eons. Fifty years, why thats more than twice the years Ive already lived, I thought, and look at all Ive learned. Fifty years? He may as well have said a thousand. And then fifty years later, looking at that dent in my fender, I used Bagha Yoga and the anger dripped away from me in a moment. I was able to function. I was also able to turn a negative event into a successful outcome. I have used the Bagha method of instant meditation, and to cut stress off before it affects me many times over the years, but this time it came to me that I could now teach the technique to other people. The seminar I was presenting that day was the first time I spoke of the Bagha publicly. I have made it an important part of every class Ive taught since. Personally, whenever I wish to rest my mind I simply touch the roof of my mouth with my tongue and close my eyes and just like that Im calm and restful. I use the Bagha effect for many issues, if I ever feel the slightest bit of resentment, anger, jealousy, regret, guilt, or any negative feeling I simply touch the tip of my tongue to my palate and I am instantly at ease. In the meditation exercise on CD number one I will be programming the Bagha effect for you so that you will have it always with you. It may well change your life. It will certainly give you complete control over your attitude


The Mind Box

Mind Box - 1 The Bagha Touch the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue..
1. Touching the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue stimulates the thought processes and the mind to accept that something is about to take place, this is called the Bagha. The initial Bagha use is relaxation and comfort. When using the Bagha for other things it acts as a negative magnetic pole to attract, and a positive magnetic pole to repel. 2. Whenever you feel the need of the comfort you feel when meditating, simply touch the roof of your mouth and hold your tongue there for a few seconds and you will feel some of the comfort you feel when meditating. Whenever any of the negative emotions are closing in on you use the Bagha . 3. To re-direct your thoughts, use the Bagha and immediately think about the positive elements of the situation. 4. Use the Bagha whenever you feel the need to take your mind off a subject, or whenever you wish to concentrate on a subject.

toward things.

Stress is also caused by the fear that you will experience harm or loss. This fear is usually based on a real or an imagined threat to the routine of your life. In the most general sense, stress is created, and controlled by opinion. Your opinion of things is called attitude. Your opinion of yourself is called Ego. When dealing with stress and attempting to gain a life that is free of stress you must address the difference between attitude and ego. Is the stress caused by something outside yourself, say a war, the economy, a natural disaster, a person, an event or series of events, a perceived loss of some kind? That would be stress caused by attitude. Or is the stress that you are undergoing caused by a feeling of not being as worthy as you like, or a feeling of guilt, or self limitations.The Polarity Technique is a useful resource in either instance. If you were to take all your friends and put them in a hierarchy or ladder of success, who would be on the top rung; who would be on the bottom? And where on that scale would you


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 2 - The Polarity Technique Grading your attitude

1. Grade the thing that bothers you on a range of from one to ten. Mentally make it worse, until the degree gets higher. 2. Then make it better and grade it on a range of from one to ten.. 3. Continue to make the thing better, then worse, again and again while using the Bagha until the thing no longer bothers you.

be? Write that hierarchy on a sheet of paper. Take 3, or 4, or ten or twenty, however many friends you have and write their names on a sheet of paper. You might even want to include relatives and family members. This is your success scale, the way that you perceive success. When you finish that scale do another, with the same people, but this time do it with how you perceive happiness. Put the happiest one on the top of the ladder and the unhappiest at the bottom. Where are you on that scale? What is your attitude towards yourself with regards to the two scales of hierarchy? How do you feel about being where you are? Which is more important to you, the success hierarchy, or the happiness? Is age a factor? The scales will be far different for people in their twenties as apposed to those in their sixties. Thats a factor that few books on the subject bring out. Stress is different for someone in their twenties as it is for a sixty year old. Especially so when you consider the generality that there is stress deriving from attitude, and there is stress deriving from ego. Attitudes and egos change with aging. But they can be treated the same. Attitude stress is due entirely to the expectation of a negative outcome with regards to a person, event, or loss. Ego Stress is due entirely to the expectation of a negative outcome with regards to what you think of yourself in some area of your life, disappointment and frustration fall into this category. Once you understand the difference between the two, which comprise


The Mind Box

virtually every type of stress, you will also realize how easy it can be to control. But first, here is a great truth for you, an axiom. STRESS AND RELAXATION ARE THE SAME THING, they only differ by degree. Now you are going to take exception to that, as well you should; at least until I explain what I mean by that statement. Im going to now show you how by using one of the seven Great Principles of Hermes, Polarity. You can learn more about the seven principles on CD Number 17. Polarity states that all things have an opposite, and the opposites are the same, only differing by degree. Allow me to follow that thought through to see if it leads us to a solution to the secret of stress. First of all how would you find the opposite of stress? Thats the right question. You find the opposite by either reducing or enhancing. Well its obvious we do not want to enhance stress, so lets reduce it. Take stress and put it on an arbitrary scale. Say the stress on our scale is at the one hundred degree mark. Now make it less, less again and as you lessen the stress you of course become a little relaxed. Make the stress still less and you will be fully relaxed. Stress can easily be unlocked, so long as you use relaxation as your key. The secret of stress is to use relaxation as a weapon to defeat it. How do you get dark out of a room? You cant sweep it out, you cant wash it out, you cant talk it out; the way to get dark out is to let light in. You get stress out of your mind by letting relaxation in. The greatest form of relaxation is meditation; on that virtually all authorities agree. Stress is insidious. It comes at you from everywhere. Some would say this emotion goes back as far as the cave dwellers. Well we d ont have to have our metabolism speeded up by a shot of adrenaline to leap up a tree and away from danger, but the chemical is still produced by our bodies when perceiving any threats. Luckily though, the solution is easy to utilize. And once you know the technique, it will be with you, like all of our techniques, forever. Everyone knows the word meditation and most people have a picture in their minds of a person sitting quietly, hands in lap, with eyes closed, at peace with the world. Well thats a description of meditation, but there are other ways to reach that state when you have a desire to use meditation to modify and rid yourself of stress. Especially so if the stress is getting in the way of your productiveness and making you less effective at what you do. The way to look at meditation is as a concentration of attention.


Burt Goldman

Anytime your mind is at rest, and focused on a single objective, excluding all the trivia that normally besets your mind, you are in kind of a trance like state. On the first track of this CD you learned about the Bagha. Once you begin to use the technique of instant meditation you will find that stress will bother you less and less. Do remember however that one of the facets of meditation is intense concentration on one subject. Later on in this series you will learn to use the Bagha to propel you to the spiritual dimension. After many, many years of meditation I use a very simple method to get there. Preparation is essential. Yes you can use the Bagha while walking along an avenue and it will work, you can use it for a great many things. But the formal type of meditation that most people are familiar with is different. This is the way that I do it. In my home, I have a corner that I use strictly for meditation. If you can arrange such a thing in your home or office it will make the process much easier as a calming energy builds up when you practice in one area. Places absorb energy. Places where people gather to worship have a peaceful energy that can be felt. Places where people are restrained such as hospitals and prisons have a strong negative energy that can be felt. Thats why, if possible, I advice you to set aside an area for meditation. So, now you have decided you wish to formerly meditate. You want to be more productive, and more effective in what you do every day. Before you meditate, you must understand that you will be leaving behind all the trivial details of the day, all the mental images that bother you. When you sit down and make yourself comfortable you then direct your thoughts to one objective. This is the first concentration of thoughts. Many people will use a mantra to concentrate their attention. Indeed, when a person counts down, or see colors, or uses music they are fixing their attention on whatever method they are using. What we will use as a focus of attention is the mantra Aomm. It is said in a drawn out manner, and mentally. Aaooomm, Aaooomm. Aaooomm. Use the mantra Aaooomm by saying it mentally with each outgoing breath, or each exhale. Concentrate on the word, only the word. Do it slowly. Now, here is the secret to deepening your meditation. With eyes closed, you take a breath and as you exhale you mentally say the first Aauumm and project it to your right at about ear level. Take another breath and as you exhale you mentally say Aauuumm and you project it to your left at about ear level. Each time you take a breath and exhale, you mentally repeat the word Aauuumm and go from right to left again and again. You will find this takes you to the very pleasant state of meditation. During the second track of CD number one you had the Bagha set in


The Mind Box

Mind Box 3 - The Bagha Duo

1. For something you want of an immediate nature. A good seat at a restaurant, a parking space, youre late for a meeting and want to be there at the start. Anything you want to happen when it seems that only a miracle could make it happen. 2. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, think of the thing that you want to happen as already having happened. and direct your mind from the area of your right ear to your left ear, then your right, back and forth quickly, three times. You should find your attitude changing towards the event.

your inner conscious while you were meditating. To use the Bagha in any of a variety of ways outside of meditation, experiment with this. Say that you want something of an immediate nature. A good seat at a restaurant, or a parking place in a difficult situation, or youre late for a meeting and you want to get there on time, or for any of the ordinary things that normally come up in your mind. Use the Bagha in this manner. This is called, the Bagha Duo, or the BD technique. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, think of the thing that you want to happen as already having happened, and sense it first at your right ear, and then at your left. Do this a series of times, but not less than three times, right, left, right left, right left. You will find your attitude towards things changing as you get more and more successful in the use of the BD technique. You wish to be more productive. Think about how you can be more effective and more productive. Think about the end result of your being more productive. Then use the Bagha Duo. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and think about the job you wish to be more productive with as successfully completed. Bring that image to your right and then to your left as you just learned. Thats the quick and easy way to have a resource at your call anytime you wish, to adjust your attitude and to gain control over quick and easy meditation. On the fourth track of CD-1 you will find the Daisy Pond, a meditation exercise; you might well call it a guided fantasy; I created the Daisy Pond many years ago for people in distress, and also for children whose natural ability to fantasize would stand them in good stead. The Daisy Pond, with my


Burt Goldman

Mind Box Extra - The Daisy Pond

1. Go to your meditation zone and create in your mind a place of relaxation that would be ideal for you. Daydream it if you like. Immerse yourself in it. 2. The Mind Box place of relaxation is a quiet pond with a gigantic daisy growing out of the center. Friendly animals wander freely and are at peace with one another. Lush vegetation and colorful flowers abound. 3. When you float or swim in the daisy pond you find you can go below the surface and play with the friendly fish. The water can be breathed and you get a sense that this is the fountain of youth. Every breath stimulates and recharges your cells. 4. This is your creation. Whenever you wish to relax and get away from the cares of the world, go to your meditation zone and create your own personal Daisy Pond.

permission, has been translated into many languages and I have received much feed back over the years from parents who have used it to soothe their children, and also from people in hospital settings who use it to relieve themselves of stress. It is the only meditation I encourage people to copy and to give to their family and friends in need. Just be as a child when you listen to it and allow your great imagination to take you for a relaxing, comforting trip, far, far from any cares or stress you might have.


The Mind Box


Of all the diets and all the suggestions from books, clinics, dieticians, friends and all the rest of the sources that refer to controlling weight, the best diet advice could be the one that is just two words long. That advice is: Eat less. Period. How easy, how difficult. During a weight control clinic I was holding in San Francisco, Margaret Reed, a rather plump woman in the audience asked a most pertinent question when I said the best diet advice was simply to eat less. She asked, with a tear in her eye, How? There are so very many factors involved with weight control it is virtually impossible to know which ones to address. But that one, I did want to address. I did want to tell her how.

Many overweight people have developed a strong gustatory, (taste) sense. One of their problems is that they mentally taste the food when thinking about it and cannot refrain from filling the desire that sense creates in them. They motivate themselves to eat with the model of taste they construct, while thinking to themselves that they do not want to eat. They do exactly the wrong thing. Think for a moment, heres an overweight person, perhaps yourself, and you have a yen for a piece of chocolate cake. You can taste in your mind and pretty soon it becomes obsessive, you have to have a piece of chocolate cake. What do you do? All right then, here is the, how. Heres how, you eat less. You let the thought of the cake, or whatever you have a strong desire


Burt Goldman

for, come and then you mentally shout, STOP. You now have a thought stopping technique that is useful not only for weight control, but for many other things as well. Virtually everything that is a bother to you, that includes most of your problems, if your thinking about them is causing you any discomfort at all, you can block those thoughts. Just allow the thought to come, and mentally shout with all the mental force you can muster, STOP. The Thought Stopping technique works marvelously well. In the nineties I trained many hypno therapists both in the U.S. and in Europe. The technique, when used by a therapist requires the therapist to get the subject thinking about the thing that is bothering them and after a period of quiet, shouting out loud, STOP. This apparently confuses the brain and the thought leaves and if it comes back, it is greatly reduced in its strength. There is a reason that people overeat and the problem is not in their compulsive natures but rather in the way they represent the things they are thinking about. Everyone has at least five ways in which they represent the things that are being communicated to them by their outer senses. The representations vary by degree to the extent of the strength of a particular sense. You may be very strong with the inner sense of taste, but weak in the auditory area. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the strongest, you could be a 10 in taste, an 8 in tactile or feeling, a 7 with visual imagery, a 4 in the auditory, and a 2 in olfactory, (sense of smell.) That being the case you would probably have a problem with food. You would work with your hands, you would be a moderate day dreamer, you would prefer loud, simple music with a strong bass sound, and you would not understand why people rave about a particular fragrance. These are all mental representations they do however have an effect on things physical as all things must be represented mentally before they can be acted upon. Weve already talked about chocolate cake, what about other foods. OK, first of all determine what foods are causing what you consider to be your weight problem. Do this while you are at that relaxed state of mind and body, the meditation zone. Find a comfortable place, relax with eyes closed, and think about food. While concentrating on food in general, ask yourself, What foods are causing me a problem? You will find that you are getting an impression of one or several foods.


The Mind Box

One by one, you get a strong mental image of the problem food; and then mentally use the Power Shout by mentally shouting, STOP. Do this every time you think about a particular food that you can do without. Then there are quantities. You dont want to stop craving chocolate cake and then go ahead and eat four pounds of meat. So how do we deal with quantities? You mentally see a plate full of the food you would normally eat. State, mentally This food (name the food) is no longer going to cause any problems for me, and then mentally mark a big, red NO over the mental picture of half of what is on the plate. From there on, whenever you think of that food, immediately paint a mental NO over at least half of it. Lets look at what is taking place with this technique You are stimulated by a smell, a sight, a sound, a feeling or a taste. Thoughts begin to form, fueled by the now building energy. While the thoughts are forming, stop them with the fully formed thought of STOP. The energy buildup is halted overcome by the desire to offset the appetite for food. Soon the feeling of emptiness in the stomach is interpreted as something elsevigor, for example. When the feeling is interpreted in that manner, then an entirely different set of circumstances comes about. The feeling stimulates thoughts of activity, of doing things, of using the energy in a positive manner. When the feeling is interpreted as vigor and energy instead of weakness and hunger, there is a redirection of the action and the outcome is one of health, strength, and vitality. By interrupting the stimulus, your body breaks the cycle and appetite diminishes. Suddenly you find that your diet works, whatever that diet may be. I cannot recommend any diet personally since the authorities who are experts in the field have continually contradicted one another since time immemorial. Go to any bookstore or health-food store and browse through the diet book section. Whatever diet you wish will be found there, including numerous fasting diets which might be classified as non diets. What is your pleasure? You like rice? There is the rice diet. You like meat? There is the meat diet. Your like to drink lots of water? There is the water diet. You like vegetables? There is the vegetarians diet? You like eggs There is the egg diet. You like alcoholic beverages? There is the diet for drinkers. You like


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 4 - Thought Stopping

1. Whenever a thought comes to you and you want to stop it, allow it to come. Concentrate on the image in your mind. make it brighter and more colorful. 2. While concentrating on the mental image, shout mentally, with all the volume you can muster: STOP! 3. You can use thought stopping to block any negative thought you would like to rid yourself of. carbohydrates? There is the high carbohydrate diet, the low carbohydrate diet, the high protein, the low protein, the soup diet, and on and on and on an on. To rid yourself of weight you must start where the problem begins. With your mind. With your belief system. What do you believe is causing your weight problem? Do you feel that you must finish everything on the plate and that you must have dessert? Program yourself to leave something on your plate and that you do not have to eat dessert. You can have dessert but look at it as a food and not as a reward. Virtually every weight control practitioner will ultimately tell you to eat less. Thats the bottom line. But no one tells you how. Let me repeat how, once more. Use the Thought Stopping Technique featuring the Power Shout. To instill this program, listen to CD-2 where you will go to that relaxed state of mind, the meditation state, and see yourself with a full plate of food. Youll visualize yourself eating and enjoying about half of your dinner. See yourself pushing away the balance of the meal. Do this any number of times but no more than once a day. If guilt about the starving people of the world is a problem with you, see the restaurants serving smaller portions so that everyone leaves something on the plates. See yourself buying less at the market visualize this surplus backing up to the farmer. See the surplus being sent to the starving masses. No need to feel guilt about leaving something on the plate but rather the opposite.


The Mind Box

Dessert is also a food. When you eat a piece of cake or a sundae or pudding or whatever, see the food going into your system and bringing you vitality and energy. No need to reward yourself with dessert if you would like to celebrate something that happened for you. How about doing it by making someone else feel as good as you do? Celebrate by doing something nice for someone. But is desert a food? Do you believe that you are getting nourishment from the desert? Deserts are strictly mouth foods, and are really for the immature. Deserts give instant gratification. If you need instant gratification in any area of your life you are immature in that area. Infants are now people. Everything they want, they want now. As they mature they begin to want future things. The more they mature, the less they need gratification immediately. Whenever you think about yourself, visualize yourself the way you want to look, the way you want to be. Imagine yourself a year from now with a figure that you would be proud of. See yourself posing for magazine ad. Use all your senses. Hear your friends commenting on the new you, imagine how your body would feel, visualize yourself eating a proper meal, a small meal, and see yourself getting all the energy you need from the meal. See yourself from a positive viewpointthink of all the aspects of yourself that you are happy with. Imagine all the aspects of yourself that you will be happy with in a years time and build toward that goal. Believe it to be and it will be so. The Meditation Exercise on CD-2 will help in your quest for weight power. But for now, think about the foods you eat. During the Meditation Training exercise you will see how to program yourself to view just two categories of food. Food you want in your mouth, and food you want in your stomach. I call this concept Power Choices. Now, for the first time in your life you will understand how to choose the food that pleasures you, and the food that sustains you. Assuming you know the basics of nutrition I will say that foods like certain vegetables, certain grains and proteins such as meat and fish are good healthy foods that help to keep you going. You no doubt are aware that candy, cake, pancakes dripping with syrup and greasy gravies and fat filled products are not good healthy foods but rather illness attracting, weight producing foods as are all heavily sugared foodstuffs. Even the unsophisticated nutritionists are pretty much aware of the categories of foods that are good for you and those foods that serve you poorly.


Burt Goldman

So just consider all foods that you eat. Ask yourself this question: Is this food going to feel good in my mouth, or my stomach. Here is what Muriel Singer wrote after attending a weight control class I was presenting in Houston. It took me a while to understand the concept but when I did it changed my eating completely. I love cheesecake but I knew it was strictly a mouth food; I didnt particularly want it in my stomach. At first I programmed myself so that I would be satisfied with a half portion, and then a quarter portion. Now I can get along just fine with a taste but I dont even need that any more. I love soup and salads, both of them I look at as stomach foods even though I like them in my mouth as well. I am training my eight year old and she is taking to the mouth and stomach food business like a duck takes to water. Thanks. The idea of Stomach Rule as we call the concept is to build a desire in you to eat foods that you want in your stomach. It would be presumptuous of me to offer a course on nutrition in a CD that takes less than an hour to play but I can give you a few thoughts on the subject. I am speaking about needs. If you feel that you need the wrong kind of food remember the Power Shout. Use it whenever the mental image, or the sense of taste brings on a desire for a food you do not want in your stomach. Rule your stomach, instead of allowin your stomach to rule you.

Develop new needs; needs to reduce to what you consider your ideal weight and size. You will be satisfied with less food than you were formerly. A few bites and swallows of food will take away your desire to eat and you will only eat what you consider to be necessary to maintain good health. From this day forward you think about your health when eating and you will eat healthy foods. You will eat only the amount of food you consider necessary to maintain health. Health will be the issue not weight. You will consider before ever putting any food in your mouth whether it is food you need in your mouth, or food you need in your stomach. Health will be what you consider, not taste, not a full stomach, not crunch or sweetness. Health will be what you consider from now on. Before you eat anything at all consider how you will feel about having eaten that food one hour after you eat it. Eating for your mouth you will not feel all that good about having eaten it an hour after you have eaten it. Eating for your stomach you will feel good about having eaten it an hour after you have eaten it.


The Mind Box

Before you eat anything, imagine it is an hour later. Think about how you will feel about eating the food, and think about how you will feel about eating the quantity of food you will be eating. The Meditation Training exercise on CD-2 will program and set this concept so that you will have control over your weight. Play it as often as you think necessary.

Habits and addictions.

There are many definitions for addictions and habits, possibly the simplest and easiest to understand is that an addiction is something you are dependent upon, have a great interest in and devote a lot of time to. A habit is something you do over and over again often without realizing it. You can be addicted to a thing, a drug, a person, a philosophy, or any other thing that you depend on. Lets see if we can develop a technique that will help in your problem with a particular person, thing, or substance. Dependence to an addiction simply means that you have a great need for it. In other words there is a good relationship between you and the thing you are addicted to. With respect to a habit, the dependence is much weaker as there is not as great a need to do the thing again and again. Over the years, I have been involved with many different philosophies. Just a few as example are, yoga, hypnosis, huna, kabala, mind control, NLP, eye movement therapy, psychic healing, Pavlov, Hermetic philosophy, Feng Shui, parallel universes, and a dozen or so other concepts. Most of which I have been teaching others over the past decades. I have often been asked if there were not something in all that to help a person with an addiction to overcome that thing they were so dependent upon. The problem is that like all things there are varying degrees. Some people have addictive personalities and a single exposure to something that comforts them, hooks them so that they cannot escape. Other people exposed to the same thing can rid themselves of it with a shrug of the shoulders. No single thing seems to work for everyone. Most addictions and habits are started by a stimulus of some sort. It could be a stimulus coming from the outside, as example a picture of a slice of apple pie seen by a person addicted to food, or it could be the craving of the body for a particular experience or drug. Stimulus surrounds us constantly.


Burt Goldman

Some are affected by it some are not. For those affected by stimulus, a thought is created. Something in the imagination builds until an energy is formed. This energy allows the individual to take an action. The acronym for this set of syndrome is STEA. Stimulus, Thought, Energy, Action. Stimulus cannot be controlled, it is everywhere. The energy build up to facilitate the action is also difficult to control as this is the true cause of the addiction. What is left is thought. And therein lies the solution, also, the problem. When you can control thought, you control the energy and the action. The mind cannot hold on to two thoughts at the same time. Whenever stimulus triggers a thought, the trick is to change the polarity, or to put it in another manner, allow the stimulus to let you think of the opposite of the problem thought. The one technique that we will be using over and over again is the Bagha, the touching of the tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth. In many cases this tells the mind, get ready, we are going to do something. In this case, the doing something, is changing the energy of the thought for a different action. As example, I used to be a smoker. About a pack and a half a day. To my mind it was a nasty addiction that I wanted to rid myself of. There were many stimuli. When I was stressful, I reached for a cigarette. When I finished a meal, I reached for a cigarette. When I had a cup of coffee, I reached for a cigarette. When I had nothing to do, I reached for a cigarette. When I sat down to rest, I reached for a cigarette. It seemed that anything I did caused me to reach for a cigarette. I decided to quit. Thinking of all the methods I chose a technique that I used to get people to stop drinking. What I did was to think of the cigarette as a snake. I used the Bagha, went into a deep meditation and imagined packs of cigarettes as packs of small snakes. I saw myself pulling out a cigarette and lighting it and when I inhaled, a snake rode the smoke into my lungs. I did that for about twenty minutes setting the metaphor in my mind. Now the thought that was created by the stimulus was not of a cigarette with soothing smoke going into my lungs, but a snake riding the smoke into my lungs. I quit then and there and have not smoked since. I recall Vince Silveri, a person who had tried everything for his alcoholic problem but nothing seemed to work. He asked me how to change the stimulus as when he wanted a drink it became the most important thing in his life. He couldnt help himself, how could he change the energy of his thoughts, how could he think about something else? First thing we had to turn the problem, alcohol, into something else.


The Mind Box

Mind Box 5 - The Metaphor Technique

1. Turn the habit, or addiction into something else with a metaphor. You can use elephants, snakes, gorillas, rats, lizards, anything at all, its your choice. Pick the metaphor you want to represent your habit or addiction. Then touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. 2. Whenever you have any desire whatever for the habit or addition, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and shout: STOP! Metaphors are helpful in that they allow you to conceptualize without the stimulation of the actual difficulty. In this case I used a gorilla. Vince said he liked the effect that drinking had on him and he realized that it was bad for him but all that was some day, a day far in the future. Addictions are now things, actually all addicts are immature in that they need instant gratification. We had to turn the addiction into something he could imagine, something that was happening now, something that would turn his thoughts in another direction. Here is what I told him. Hidden within alcohol is a different kind of entity. Vince, what you do not see is that there is a twelve hundred pound gorilla. This gorilla has the ability to smile and confuse you all the while he waits until you are lulled into a state where he can pounce and tear you apart. This gorilla has the ability to make himself so small, so seemingly insignificant, that he can fit into a one ounce glass. But make no mistake, once the alcohol in that one ounce glass gets into your body the gorilla grows. He needs sustenance and so he demands that you feed him. Thats why you always want more. Its not you that wants it, but the gorilla and he insists you bring him more, he demands another ounce of alcohol, and then another. Alcohol is what he lives on; inside your body. You are powerless when confronted by this gorilla. Every time you drink, even to touch your tongue to any form of alcohol, the gorilla is invited in. You cannot avoid it. Touch alcohol to your tongue and the gorilla leaps into your body, and thats the only way he can get there. You have absolutely no ability to get him to leave. And when he has settled into your body, he needs more alcohol to sustain him. When you drink alcohol, to any degree, the gorilla takes over. You give him the power to command you. You do things the gorilla wants to do, not you. But without the power to countermand his needs, you are forced to follow along with his. You are powerless before this twelve hundred pound gorilla. The only


Burt Goldman

way to regain your own power is to realize he is too strong for you. Your power is in building a defense against him; that defense is easy, you know that the only way, the only way he can enter your body is through alcohol, that is his channel to you. And once his great power overcomes you, you become his obedient slave. If you are willing to be a slave then so be it, but if you realize that he is just too much for you then the answer is easy. You must be willing to take the power back. And the way to do that is to simply not take another drink of any type of alcohol. Why let a gorilla to manage your life? You can do a much better job without him. Start today, right now, make a decision. Never again allow that gorilla inside your body.

Before you can overcome a problem, you must admit a problem exists. The metaphorical gorilla is managing your life and you were unable to manage it. At this time, admit that you are powerless against the alcohol and what it introduces into your life. Think of one way, just one for now, one way that you are powerless over alcohol. Think of one way you were powerless over alcohol during the past year. Consider how your life is unmanageable. Consider how alcohol has made your life unmanageable. And most of all: Think about how your life will be if it were manageable. Take the power away from the gorilla and the rest of your life will be the best of your life. Use the metaphor technique. This technique will often work when all else has failed. However we do recognize that no technique will work for everyone. I like to call this technique a band aid. Not everyone needs brain surgery; most just need some sort of a process to help them along. Try it, if it works for you wonderful, if it doesnt, well youre no worse off than before. But it may well work. Do it. And ask yourself this question. What would my life be like if I did not have this habit, or addiction?


The Mind Box



A strong sense of self-esteem is generally due to feeling equal to other people, feeling that few people, if any, are better, or more comfortable with life than you are. Along with the feeling of equality, neither being better nor worse, higher nor lower than any other person comes the opinion of self that youre OK. When you feel neither better nor worse, higher or lower, then you feel equal to everyone. The one way we are indeed all equal is in what we are. How you see yourself and others. We obviously are not the same as other people. We are not the same as the opposite sex. We are not the same as a king, or a homeless person. We are however equal in that we all are human. Every person in the world is a human being and in that respect we are all equal. A human being is just that human as opposed to non-human. Every president, king, queen, emperor and empress is a human being. Every judge and homeless person is a human being. Every sanitation worker and millionaire, every pauper, every tailor and architect is a human being. Every attorney, artist, doctor, clerk is a human being. Every foundry worker, farmer and miner, every tramp and every captain of industry, every businessman and every housekeeper is a human being. You are a human being and therefore equal to every other human being on this earth. Every human has their own unique qualities that make them different. Not better, different. You have your qualities. Everyone has their own qualities. There are things that you can do that no other human being on earth can do. There are things that every other human being on earth can do that you cannot do. The things that you can do are unique unto you. You are unique. You are


Burt Goldman

equal to everyone else on this earth. You are a human being and therefore equal to every other human being on earth. You have unique qualities that make you different. They have their unique qualities that make them different. No human being is better than you are. They are only different from you. Imagine yourself at a gathering of people. A social gathering. There are all kinds of people at this social gathering. Theres a prince, a president, a famous actor, a singer, a musician. Theres a doctor, an architect. Theres a judge and a clerk, a secretary, a ditch digger, a plumber, a sanitation worker, a farmer, an unemployed carpenter and many others. You and they are all human beings. You and they are all equal as human beings. Youre not better than or worse than the prince or the judge. You are not better than or worse than the farmer or the ditch digger. They are human. You are human. You are all equal. Every one of these people can do things that you cannot do. You can do things that they cannot do. Youre all different. Think of the things that you can do that the prince cannot do. Think of the things that you can do that the judge cannot do. Think of the things that you can do that the coal miner cannot do. Think of the things the coal miner can do that you cannot do. These things do not make the coal miner lesser than or better than any other person at this social gathering. You are all unique and have your own quality. You are unique and have your own quality. Your mind is unique and has its quality. You are equal to every other person on this earth. During the meditation exercise on CD-3 you will imagine this gathering of people with different professions and occupations. Mix and speak with them mentally. You are all equal. Tell them about the things that you do. What you do. The things that you do that they cannot do. Speak about the positive nature of what you do. Mix with this group. Imagine that you are there. Whenever you think of your occupation, what you do, think of the positive aspects of what you do. Everything that everyone does in some way adds to the whole and is a contribution. Think of the ways that you contribute. Think of the things that you do that help humanity. Even a leaf that falls to nourish the earth below makes a contribution. You make a contribution. Let every man be as a brother. Every woman a sister. If you are not willing to go that far, see them as cousins. When you view all people as either sons or daughters, fathers or mothers, and brothers or sisters, your view of the world changes and you can truly love your neighbor. You can truly see the positive aspects of your


The Mind Box

neighbor. They are no better than you. You are no better than them. All are equal. All are different. Accept people for what they are. They are they. You are you. Sense the positive nature of everyone and the world will be a better brighter place for you for everyone has a positive nature. When you are involved with a negative individual, remember that they are negative because they feel an inequity in life. They do not feel equal. You know better. You know that all are equal. You know that things are different, but equal in that we are all human beings. But is that all there is to it? Just changing an attitude? Lets see. Your attitude is a way of thinking, the way that you think. Everything in life revolves around your attitude, when you change your attitude; you change you. Now the question becomes, do you want to change yourself? The answer to that would have to be yes, for why else would you be listening to a CD about raising your self esteem. It could be curiosity, I would agree, but even so, theres a glimmering in all of us for change. Positive change, good change, a change that were satisfied with. The kind of a change that, when you looked back on it with a decade from now perspective, you would nod your head and be happy that you took that road. The problem with all the positives that go with change is a polarity that exists. What if the change turns out to be wrong, what if its a negative change, a change for the worse? And that thought my friends is why change is such an ordeal. Does the word ordeal sound too harsh? A great contemporary philosopher, Eric Hoffer, wrote an entire book about, The Ordeal of Change. It is difficult to change. Change represents the unknown; and the unknown is fearful. When you deal with change, you also deal with fear. How much fear? Now were back to our old friend Attitude. The degree of fear is dependant upon your attitude. Ask the right question and you may get a helpful answer and the question is not how can I boost my self esteem and confidence, that will come about automatically when you tackle change, and to do that you have to have the right attitude. Now we come into the right question: How can I change my attitude? Aha. That is what the meditation exercises are all about; attitude change. When you reach the medative state and visualize the equality of all people you are setting a pattern. It is believed by many in the scientific community that the brain cannot differentiate between the real and the imagined. When the imagined is under your control, you can manipulate your thinking, and therefore your attitude. Kathy Pembrook is an executive in a large industrial company. She sits on the board of directors and was a student in a class I was doing on Self


Burt Goldman

Esteem and confidence. She agreed with everything she heard but still had a problem. Kathy told us that during board meetings she would sit quietly and even though she felt she was bright enough, and had creative ideas, she never spoke up, just sat and listened without contributing anything to the discussions. I asked her why and she said that everyone at the table was a giant and she felt intimidated. She agreed that all the directors were indeed human beings as were all the rest of the workers in the plant but still, the board meetings scared her, How, she asked, can I change my attitude. Its easy for you to say, but is there any kind of a technique I can use? Yes there was. A simple, almost childish technique, but one that worked very well. I call the method the Polarity Switch. Heres what I told Kathy to do the next time she attended a board meeting. Kathy, You see yourself as a little mouse when youre with the board. You said yourself that they are all giants, so what does that make you? After a moment, she smile, and nodded sheepishly, A mouse? Exactly. Here is what you do. Get to the meeting a few minutes early. Use the Bagha and as you meditate, visualize yourself as a giant. Create a mental image of the other executives of the board as small, diminished in size. Make them all tiny beings while you are the giant. Kathy later reported it worked so well she is using the Polarity Switch for many other things in her life. That basically was it. The Polarity Switch is simple reversing the roles that you have accepted that cause a loss of confidence. Do recall that the brain does not differentiate between the real and the imagined. When someone is intimidating you it is because you have accepted their dominance. When you sense yourself as the dominating figure, even within your own mind, your attitude changes and you are better equipped to deal with the person and/or situation. Heres the way to use the Polarity Switch for other things in your life. Say that there is a person who bothers you when you think about him, or her, and it is having an effect on your self esteem. Think about the person, get a good image of that person, then using the Bagha, with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, imagine the person first on the right side of you, and then the left side. Switch the person back and forth rapidly; this mixes up the person in your brain. Stop. Think of something that makes you feel good. Now back to the person who makes you feel bad. Mentally say, switch and change the image to the thing that makes you feel good. Thats it.


The Mind Box

Mind Box 6 - The Polarity Switch

1. Anytime anyone bothers, or intimidates you. Get an image of that person, set the Bagha, (touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth,) and then get a mental image of the person on the right side of you and then the left side and move the image back and forth rapidly. 2. Stop. Think about something that makes you feel good, say the word switch, and change the image to the thing that makes you feel good. 3. Move the image that makes you feel good back and forth, slowly.

Anytime someone intimidates you, switch the image of the person back and forth rapidly in your mind, from the area around your left ear to the area around your right ear, and mix the person up in your mind. Say switch and see yourself, briskly walking along the street with a smile on your face.

Generally speaking, when a person competes with other people they automatically set up a better/worse situation that affects self esteem. When you compete with someone else you will either win, or lose. You will either be better than, or not as good as. Not a shred of equality there. The answer is simple. Do not compete with anyone. But wouldnt that cause stagnation? Not if you compete with the only person it makes sense to compete with; yourself. Bobby Zuniga worked as a carpet installer for Coast Carpet Inc. a firm in Los Angeles California in the seventies. He was the slowest of the fifty or so carpet layers in the firm and was worried about his job. He heard about self competition and decided to use it to see if he could better himself and possibly keep his job. He worked on a project known as Barrington Plaza in West Los Angeles. Hundreds of apartment units and all of them basically the same. He went to the job that day to establish his base line. He plodded through the day as he normally did and took his usual nine hours to complete the apartment. Other carpet installers were doing the apartment in 6 and 7 hours but that didnt bother him that day, he was going to see what he could do and the base line was set, 9 hours. The next day in another apartment he set up a time objective hoping to beat his time of 9 hours. He did the apartment in 8 hours and 30 minutes.


Burt Goldman

The next day he figured out a way to spread the padding faster and cut another 30 minutes from his time. He started to move faster. He had a goal every day. He would cut the time down even more. A month went by and Bobby was practically flying through the apartment, one eye on his timer. Faster and faster he became until one day he discovered that he had just broken all the company records for Barrington. He completed an apartment in just 4 hours.

Beverly Sanders dreaded Saturdays. That was the day she did all her house work and she hated housework with a passion. She was unwilling to hire a housekeeper and kept a tidy house but the chores were overwhelming. She became depressed and moody. The weekend was supposed to be a restful period, instead it became something she grew more and more anxious about. After listening to and reading about our self competition techniques she decided to try it herself. Her normal routine was to change the bed linens, do the weeks washing, vacuum the floors, tidy up the kitchen, and shop for the weeks groceries. She hated the work so much that she procrastinated through every chore. She often found herself still doing housework at six in the evening when she should have been relaxing with a good book, or going out with a friend. But Saturday, March 1, she had a goal. She would set her base line. She went about her work as she usually did but there was no procrastinating this time. She needed to know what her base line was. She started the house work at nine in the morning and was finished at four. Seven hours with a thirty minute lunch break. That was her base line. She looked forward to the coming Saturday for the first time in years. Finally Saturday March 8, came along. She had breakfast and watched the news until 9:00 am. She started in the kitchen and worked her way through the house finishing everything by three oclock. Six hours with a thirty minute lunch break. Wow. The week seemed to drag as she waited for the next Saturday, finally it came around. She couldnt wait for nine oclock and started her chores at eight. Now she was flying through the house. Her entire attitude had changed. She whistled, and sang, and even danced as she whipped through the day. No lunch break needed that day as she finished all the work at twelve oclock on the dot. Double wow. Four hours. Beverlys attitude towards her Saturday housework changed


The Mind Box

Mind Box 7 - Self Competition

1. Think of a thing you wish to improve while doing. 2. Do the thing normally and note how well you do it and how much time it takes to do it. That is your base line. 3. The next time you do the thing look to improve how well you do it, or the time it takes to do it. A slight change in improvement or time is sufficient, that becomes your new base line. Do it again, etc. completely, not only was she finished by noon but she actually looked forward to it. She kept the competition going finally settling on three hours and fifteen minutes. That was the best she could do but the spark was still there. At eight oclock exactly, she would start flying through her chores now seeking to break her record by a minute or two, but the goal was always there. She had taken self competition to the edge, and she won. She began to use the concept in many other areas of her life. SELF COMPETITION. 1. Set up a base line. When you do just do the job as you normally do, neither slowing down, or speeding up. 2. The next time you do the job you have a goal to beat the time of your base line. 3. Continue to do the job with the idea of bettering your time each time you do the thing. Lori Johnson was a real estate broker in Glen Rock, New Jersey. She attended a class I did in nearby Ridgewood. Her problem was that she couldnt stand rejection. It turned out that for ever twenty calls she made, nineteen of them didnt buy. Nineteen rejections for every one she sold. It was getting so she was anxious about every call. She began to prejudge every person she called on thinking theyre not going to like the house, or the price, or the neighbors, or the neighborhood, or anything else of a negative nature that would pop into her mind. Her closure rate went down and she went through a period where she called on forty two people before one of them bought. Her boss sent her to a seminar I was holding at the Holiday Inn. She asked how she could change her attitude towards her job when she could count on virtually every client rejecting her offers? I asked, How many people do you call on before you make a sale. Well lately its all of them. My self esteem is in the pits. I havent


Burt Goldman

Mind Box Bonus

All the material in the mind boxes have been presented for many years throughout the world. The techniques have been tested many times and although they all work effectively, and quickly, (most are designed to have an immediate effect,) no single technique works one hundred percent of the time for everyone. Use the techniques and if any of them are questionable to you please do it again. If it doesnt work the first time it does not mean it doesnt work, it only means it didnt work that time.

made a sale for two months. Before I went into this slump it was about twenty. I dont know how I can compete with myself. I cant work any faster or smarter. No you cant, I replied, but you can change your attitude. Let me show you how to do that. You say you make about ten thousand dollars every time you sell a house and you call on twenty people average before you sell one. How about if I show you a way that you can make yourself five hundred dollars on every person you call on, whether they buy or not? Lori looked at me with a grimace on a screwed up face and wise cracked, Yes and next youll be telling me how to make caviar out of chicken eggs. No, I mean it. I will show you how to make five hundred dollars on every single call you make. Even if they show you the door after five minutes. She shrugged and said, All right, Ill bite. Show me. Well Lori, I dont have to show you, you already told me. Just listen for a moment. You call on twenty people and you make ten thousand dollars. Now you cant just call on the one who will buy as you dont know that yet. But as long as your average of twenty calls to one sale will hold up; and apparently it will, then you will be making your five hundred on every sale. Youre just looking at it the wrong way. Look at it this way. Twenty people called on means ten thousand dollars. Ten thousand divided by twenty, is five hundred, therefore you are making five hundred dollars on every sale, whether they buy, or not. You just have to adopt a different attitude. Lori Johnson was quiet for a few moments. You could almost see the gears meshing in her head as she thought about it. Finally the light went on.


The Mind Box

She smiled, and then laughed. She immediately saw the logic in what I had told her. Her attitude changed right there and then. I heard from Lori a few months later and she said she was a new person. It was all in the way of looking at it, which of course, most things are. She had a complete attitude change and looks forward to making calls now. After all, why not. Every time she makes a call, whether she spends five minutes or five hours with her client, she makes five hundred dollars.Often with a simple change in the way you look at things you can control your attitude, and when you control attitude, you also are in charge of your self esteem. How many areas of your life can you change with a simple change of attitude, or self competition? Think about it. You may surprise yourself.


Burt Goldman



How can I win and keep friends? This seems to be the question of this training but if you would ask that you would be asking the wrong question. Some people are just normally charismatic. Friends surround them and they always seem to have more than most others. Then there are those who seem to become invisible when with other people. Is it due to their behavior, the way they speak, body language, or something other than that? Three synonyms for charisma are charm, appeal, and magnetism. All components of personality. Allow me to address these issues. Charm and appeal could come from the way that a person looks, that is the first observation. A beautiful woman or a handsome man does initiate an initial reaction of interest at first glance. Many people are overwhelmed when confronted by great beauty. Many societies of the world encourage this with advertising, movies, magazine covers, and contests to stimulate interest and persuade the general public to associate beauty with whatever it is that they are offering. The general public however is never offered a chance to view or communicate with the real person. The image one sees on a screen, or a magazine, is just a shadow of reality. Shadows however, have no substance, and following one initiates no reward. The shadow only appears when there is illumination, the brightness of celebrity or personality. Remove the light, and view the person in the dimness of reality and you find the real, not the imagined. And so, once again, we come to the right question. How do I illuminate my image? With an illuminated image the shadow appears, and the shadow can be anything you wish it to be. It is under your control. Move an arm, the shadow follows suit. It has no will of its own. You are fully in


The Mind Box

command, but to command a shadow is to have a blocked reflection with no power to change, only to follow. But what if you could change the shadow into something you had more control over? Here is a bit of a tale that may help you to understand this business of gaining friends and influencing those people you want to win over to your point of view.

One moment my friend. Do not let my clown makeup deceive you. The face I show to the world represents your reality, not mine. My countenance reflects your beliefs, not mine. You think me sad? Watch, I paint the corners of my mouth downward. A stroke at the corner of the eye, a slash here, a line there; nothing could be simpler. And there you have it; mystery. The happy, the lonely, the deceived, the disturbed, the hiders and the seekers, the losers and the finders; all are here in the confines of my paint box. Here you will find the elation of success, the depression of defeat; the robust laugh of happiness as well as the cry of the weary. Life, as you know it, is a tale, only that; nothing more. Told by? Well some have a philosopher crying out their story. You? Well now, you are honored to have a clown. Let us begin the day. First allow me to draw a straight line from the left corner of the mouth to the right. No curves or triangles yet, no banana shaped oblongs or rectangular spots. We start in neutral. What would you have me paint now that we have started? A grimace? A smile? Youre the director, youre the artist. See, I hold the pencil so. How will it go; up or down? You hesitate. You cannot decide. Whats that? You want me to help you? But how can I help? I am just a dash of paint, a brush, a bit of fluff at your disposal. You are the life. The power is within you. But its of no use whatever if you dont use it. So, plant your feet, push the door, pull the rope, throw the switch, breathe, articulate; paint. Do it, now! I detect hesitation. Here, let me help; see, I pick up the brush, I dip it into the paint. I hold it to my face. Command me! Which way do I apply the material, in what direction does it go? Aha! You have made a decision. You want to take a positive view; to see the sparkle, the joy, the unfolding. Nothing could be simpler. Watch; a stroke here, a dot there, a line, a twinkle, and weve done it. Now then what was it that was of such concern? Where is your trouble?


Burt Goldman

Where is your problem? Where is the dilemma? It was a tale, only that; it signified nothing. The power was always, and only, within you. Me? Ill leave for awhile, but Ill be back. Paint box, brush, and all. How do you reach me? Easily. Just close your eyes, imagine Im there, and I will be. Who am I? But dont you know? Come with me, over here. This way. Ah there it is. Look, you can see me right there. Yes, thats right, directly ahead; over there; in the mirror.

Point being that everyone wears a mask. That story came out of an old friend of mine from my Yoga days. Those who understand the story can control the facade. Actors, politicians, salespeople, and successful people all recognize this. They control the public image they project, and the impression they make. How can you utilize this aspect of life to gain friends and influence people? Well I dont expect you to draw on your face like a clown, not physically, although it is a good metaphoric example. When I was undergoing yoga training in 1949 one of my instructors, Layton Shaw, was showing me a few techniques that reminded me of the Kahuna methods I had learned in Hawaii two years before. I mentioned this to him and he said that it was all interconnected and when I understood the metaphoric value of things it wouldnt matter what I called the process. This was brought forcefully to me many years later when I was mastering the art of Feng Shui. I asked if Brother Shaw could teach me to heal. I still recall clearly his next move. Placing his hand on my forehead he told me to close my eyes. I did so and he said, What do you see? I clearly imagined a cap on my head. It was a Beanie cap with a small propeller on top. A few days prior to this I had called Stan Freberg, an acquaintance who I hoped would help me in getting a childrens show I was producing The Chocolate Choo Choo, on KGFJ a local radio station in Hollywood. Stan was one of the voices of Beany on the Time for Beany show. I figured that was where the image of the cap on my head came from. I laughed when I told Brother Shaw what I visualized but he was quite serious. That is not a Beanie hat; it is a symbol of your healing power. What do you mean? I asked. Whenever you have a desire to heal anyone, mentally put on your Beanie cap, twirl the propeller, and hold your hands over the afflicted area.

Youre kidding, I said.

The Mind Box

But he wasnt. He was quite serious. We spoke of other things as we strolled around the lake and after a while I asked him, What was that about the Beanie cap? We had stopped our stroll and were sitting under one of the arbors across from the windmill chapel. Lets meditate for awhile. He said. We sat quietly for a time my thoughts uplifting me as I soared to the spiritual kingdom. After a while I heard Brother Shaw speaking. You see, the cap is a metaphor, a symbol that tells you that you are ready for whatever it is you are about to do. As the thought of healing and helping others was primary in your mind when the idea of the cap came to you that is your representation for healing. Whenever you wish to heal someone, anyone, mentally put on your beanie cap, twirl the propeller, and heal. How? I asked. It doesnt matter. Whatever you do, so long as you do something, you will heal. Trust me. But Brother Shaw, why do I need the cap? He smiled, You dont. But for now it will make it easier for you if you have a resource outside yourself. One day you will forget to put on the cap and heal anyway. After that, metaphoric resources will not be necessary. Can I use the cap for other things? Such as? I thought about things I wanted. At the time there was nothing I had a desire for. Meditation and following the precepts of my Spiritual guide was all I cared about. Even my radio show was secondary. Laurie Rogers and I had just made a twelve inch wax recording of The Chocolate Choo Choo and even that was unimportant to me. Had the show been accepted and heard my life would have surely changed, but did I want the change? It would surely take me from my brethren at the Self Realization Fellowship. I did have some friends from high school that I wanted to bring to SRF. They all thought I had gone around the bend and laughed at me whenever I mentioned meditation. Can I use it to influence my friends outside the group here? No, that symbol is to be used only for healing. But you can create another one for friendship and influence. Why dont you use the Bagha? How?


Burt Goldman

Its about time you figured some of these things out for yourself. But I will tell you as long as you asked. Before I became a dedicated disciple here at SRF I worked in a circus. I had no idea of Layton Shaws life prior to meeting him at the Lake Shrine. It seemed of no consequence. But a circus? That puzzled and amused me at the same time. Especially when he told me that he had been a clown. He was known as the clown with two faces. He was sad, and he was happy. He much preferred being Happy the Clown. Now that was too much of a coincidence. The Chocolate Choo Choo featured as characters, Aunt Laurie, played by my partner Laurie Rogers, Cracky the Parrot, Gung the Frog, and Happy the Clown, all played by me. I was also the voice of the Choo Choo. Remember please I was twenty at the time. When Layton told me he was a real clown, and he was Happy the Clown, it seemed as though the universe was trying to tell me something. What that was I had no idea. I noticed, Layton continued, that when I had on my sad face, with the corners of my mouth turned down, people responded with sympathy as well as laughter, but when I had my happy face on, with the corners of my mouth turned up, people responded to me in a totally different manner. I really liked the happy face response. At that time the most famous clown in the world was Emmett Kelly whose trademark was a sad face, a very sad face. Actually I copied him. He was my hero. Then one day when I painted on a happy face a child came up to me and held out his arms for a hug. No one had ever done that with my sad face. Suddenly I had leap of understanding. It was as though I had been touched by an angel instead of a child. I decided never to be sad again. One thing led to another and I wound up an acolyte following Swami Yogananda. I never looked back. The secret to friendship, my friend, is simple. Be friendly. But how does one be friendly? First of all by feeling at one with oneself. That we do with meditation. When we meditate we are truly one. One with ourselves, and one with our spiritual natures. Then to be friendly with others it remains only to dispense with our own egos, our opinions of ourselves and of others and discover the interests of the person we wish to befriend. And it is as simple as that. Boring, uninteresting people are that because they are uninterested in anyone outside of themselves and their self interests. Be interested. Discover what other people are interested in and join those interests if they are not in total conflict with your own. After all you would not want to be friends with a person of a murderous nature. Be friends with people who would share some of your own interests. You cannot befriend all, there is too much variety.


The Mind Box

Mind Box 8 - The Painted Smile

1. Start with the Bagha. 2. Mentally paint a smile on your lips. Like a clown would. 3. Do that whenever meeting someone. But keep in mind that all are seeking friendship. No single person is more that the whole. A grain of sand on a beach is unique it is true, but still it is part of the whole. But the grain of sand is not a pebble or a bush. Its nature is the beach, not the forest or the mountains. Seek your own kind and you will have more friends than can be imagined. I asked my friend how to locate my own kind. Let us say that you are meeting a person for the first time. Use the Bagha and inwardly paint a smile on your lips. Call this the Clown Technique. A clown can become anyone in an instant. All you need is an imaginary paintbrush and a bit of mental paint. Meeting a person you want to be friends with, mentally paint you face the way you wish to be; happy, friendly, helpful, likeable, whatever you wish to project. Your mental magnetism will manifest on the physical level and the person you wish to befriend will feel drawn to you. Try it. You will find it works very well. One time I had occasion to use the technique that stands out in my mind was with a good friend of mine, Hal Litberg. Hal was an encyclopedia salesman. I accompanied him on one of his calls after talking to him about a seminar I was presenting. He met this man at his place of business. We were outside by a loading dock. The man was giving orders to his workmen. He looked at Hal and told him he didnt have the time to talk to him to come back another day. Hal looked at me and shrugged. I touched the roof of my mouth with my tongue and imagined a wide grin on my face. I imagined my eyes sparkling like the stars. I imagined the man smiling at me. Actually I just stood there in front of the loading dock looking in another direction. But I was sending out positive forces, magnetic forces. The man came back to the dock and said to Hal, You still here? He looked at me and jumped down from the dock, put his arm around


Burt Goldman

my shoulders and walked with me to his office a short distance away. I asked him how he got into that business and he soon was treating me like a long lost son. Finally he turned to Hal and asked him the price of his encyclopedias. Later, Hal asked me what had happened, I told him and invited him to one of my classes, which he attended with his son Larry. But that is an entirely different story. The meditation exercise on the following track will help you to attain the level and quality of friends you wish to have.

Everyone wants to influence someone in their lives but few people want to be seen as manipulative, or controlling. Parents want to influence their children, children their friends, teachers their pupils, business people their clients, politicians their constituency, and on and on and on. Most people will drift to the level of society where they are comfortable in the pecking order hierarchy following the Alpha Male, or more correctly in todays society, the Alpha Person who they consider the authority figure. When an individual is represented as a mentor and accepted as such, and when that persons philosophy is one of choice in that the student may accept or reject the ideas and ideals put forth, then the influence turns into an opportunity of self. And that is the key. Put forth your ideas and if the person, or people wish to accept those ideas, fine, if to reject, well thats all right also. There are however a variety of forms of influence where the acceptance or rejection does not come into play. Take the influence of a parent over a five year old child. No one would want the youngster to have the choices available. One would hardly say to the child you dont like your cereal and would prefer a bar of chocolate for breakfast, well thats your choice. Nor would one say to an employer who sets down a procedure to do something, well I would prefer to do it my way not yours. To influence other people, to gain friends and people who are interested in you, they you must be interested in them, or be doing something that is of such great interest and will arouse so much curiosity that the other people will want to know more about you. But first, if you find yourself friendless and believe that to be a problem, then you must analyze the situation you find yourself in. Examine the situation at the medative state where you can concentrate on the problem. Is there a particular person you wish to attract? A group of people you wish to be friends with? Would you like to attract people and have a bit of influence over them? Or do you simply wish to be friendlier? I could go on and on with a variety of philosophies and unique methods


The Mind Box

Mind Box 9 - Act as If

1. Set the Bagha whenever you feel listless, tired or down, and act as if you are a person who has energy; its simple, easy, and effective. 2. When you act as if you are the person you choose, you set up a mental image that stimulates the cells in your body, when you are through acting as if, just act as if you were back to your old self again. This allows you better control over your attitude and actions.

that pundits have dreamed up. After all there have been many books written on the subject. Indeed one of the best selling books of all time was HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie. Since his modest work there have been hundreds of others writing along the same lines. Many seminars have been held world wide, generally by people who have a great many friends and who have no idea whatever why they do. I am about to reveal to you a great secret, the secret of winning friends and influencing others. I discovered this secret of friendships during the days I taught hypnotists the art of hypno therapy. Under hypnosis people could be anything I asked them to be, so long as it was not in conflict with their beliefs. I found I could turn a person into the Queen of France, and that was a process I used in virtually every seminar on hypnosis that I taught. I could also turn a person into a homeless recluse, and in a few seconds. But then again, any competent hypnotist could do the same thing. All that hypnosis is, is getting a person to act as if they are the person the hypnotic operator is instructing them to be. Under hypnosis you can be anything. It is simply a matter of suggesting to the person, who is wholly concentrative on the suggestion, to act as if they are the person suggested. And that is the secret of winning friends. Simply act as if you are the persons friend. And it will be so. This is the Act as If Technique. Now why should a hundred books be written about anything so simple? Well you may well ask why should so many tens of thousands of books be written about losing weight when everyone knows the answer is to simply eat less. Because people are asking the wrong question again. How do I lose weight? Wrong question. How do I eat less? That is the right question. Ask the right question

and you are more likely to get the correct answer.

Burt Goldman

Try this yourself. Take a person you know, someone you are not that friendly with, someone who is just an acquaintance. Tomorrow, call or meet the person in question and act as if you were great friends. But first, listen to the meditation exercise on the next track of this disk; that will help immensely. Long ago, when I first began to use these methods myself I discovered the real power was in acting out the problems and then the solutions with a what if attitude. And lo and behold, it worked. What if? Thats the secret. And when you combine that with the Bagha you get a virtual instant success. This training track of CD-4 is quite short because there is no point in going any further, the track containing the meditation on friendship will help to guide you in the right direction. After that, you will have to decide for yourself. How many friends do you want?


The Mind Box


Grief is the normal and natural reaction to something gone from ones life; mental suffering over real, or perceived loss. This would include loss of money, health, a relationship, or a person in ones life. Money can be regained, health can be restored, and severed relationships can be brought back, but when a person dies, there is no regaining, no restoration and no coming back. Lets examine one of the basic reasons some people feel a profound sense of that loss while others accept it, cry a bit, and then get on with their lives. To understand the attitudes of different people with regard to grief it is necessary to be aware of the complex of sin-guilt-punishment. A very basic definition of the trio of emotions that cause havoc in so many lives is that sin is a missing of the mark, guilt is a compulsion to repeat the act correctly, and punishment is a reminder. There are many marks, or goals, or ways to do things that are set by authority figures in our lives. Many shall and shall nots have been pounded into you from the time of infancy to your full maturity. Each of these commands, (set first by the parent, then by institutions, both religious and educational, then by professors, friends, the media, books, governments, peers, and employers,) when accepted by the individual becomes a mark, a goal, to do, or not to do. Generally, these things you are told to do, or not to do, are set to help you. Some are logical, (dont play with fire it will burn you) and some are illogical, (dont eat meat on Friday) but all of them, ostensibly are set to help you, (the faction setting it up believes.) When you miss the mark, when you do the thing you feel you shouldnt have done, or when you do not do the


Burt Goldman

thing you feel you should have done, a feeling of having done something wrong comes about. The depth of the feeling is dependent upon the degree of the sense you have about the event. There are people who feel more remorse over the killing of a rabbit then they would over that of a human being. When you miss the mark, nature has implanted within us an emotion to succeed that we call guilt. Guilt is simply a compulsion to repeat the act correctly and thereby alleviate the feeling of having done something wrong. Undo the wrong and you feel better about the thing. However there are many things that cannot be undone, what of them? When the implied wrong is not made right, the third member of the trio comes into play, punishment, and that is the segment that wreaks havoc in so many lives. Punishment generally comes in the form of limitationsI only deserve so much. I only deserve so much in the way of relationships, of friends, of income, of health, of freedom, of good things, and on and on. Limitations prevent us from utilizing the natural talents we have when those feelings of self sabotage are instigated by a sense of having done something wrong, and not correcting it. The limiting factors invariably come about after a loss of some kind. (More on this concept in CD #-8.) Death is the greatest loss of all, since it is perceived as irreversible. When a friend or a parent dies, all kinds of guilts come up. Whats lost can no longer be found. How now can you repeat the act correctly? How now can you say all the things you should have said, how now can you apologize for all the things you did and did not do, all the things you said and did not say. How now can you tell the departed you loved them? The heartache that comes about is seemingly insurmountable as one grieves not so much for the departed, but for the self that cannot eradicate the guilt. Grief comes about due in main to the obvious fact that the situation, whatever it may be, cannot be corrected by an action. Things can no longer be said, words can no longer be taken back. Or could they? Could there be a way to do the undoable? Lets see. Guilt is a mental feeling, an attitude, a point of view. Attitudes, when observed, can be changed. All one requires is a technique of the mind to diminish, or to destroy the feeling that the implied wrong must be set right. All things that have happened are memories only. They no longer exist except in the mind. The future has not happened therefore all thoughts of future occurrences are fantasies. Now is the only reality, and there is no now. Whatever is happening is already in the past. Now is a flow from memory to


The Mind Box

fantasy. Memories can be controlled; fantasies can be organized, influenced, and managed. Here is how its done. There is a concept, accepted by more than half of the community of physicists, that embraces the idea of an infinity of universes or dimensions. This is a basic premise of quantum physics and the belief has been around since the time of Albert Einstein. Still another basic quantum premise is that when an event is observed, it changes. We, as observers, have some control over events when the concept is understood and utilized. When observing at the mental level, you can change your fantasies at will. Grief, that unrelenting feeling of remorse and guilt can be diminished and dissolved simply by visiting the departed and doing, or saying the things that can no longer be said in this dimension. The quest in this case is for the departed. You visit another dimension via a Meditation Journey; a dimension where the departed is both active and involved with a counterpart of yourself. The meditation guides you to the spiritual dimension where you bid the departed a fond farewell, with a loving send off, and get a sense of the immediate recovery from grief. You may well ask if it works? Ive been doing it for more than twenty years, with hundreds of grief stricken people, and with hundreds of successes. Our method is not only for recovery from grief but a myriad of other things as well however here I will address only the relief of grief. Here are specific instructions for you to diminish the grief you feel, perhaps even eliminate it entirely. The way is simpler than you might imagine. It requires you to take a journey; an interior journey, a journey of the imagination, a journey of fantasy. But as grief resides in the imagination, you will find the solution there as well. I call this the Converse in Spirit Technique. This requires a short trip to the spiritual dimension via that great imagination of yours. The road is one that has always been there but perhaps hidden from view. Fling aside the curtain and there you will find the answer. First relax and allow yourself to go to the Meditation level of mind for deeper concentration. You concentrate on the person you are grieving for. At first you will note a memory, a mental image of the person that was, the person you knew.


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 10 - Converse in Spirit

1. Meditate. When you are relaxed and comfortable say mentally, I am going to count from one to three and at the count of three I will be in the spiritual dimension. Count from one to three and assume you are there. 2. Sense the person you wish to contact is in front of you and then have a mental conversation with the departed. When the picture is clear in your mind say, now the spiritual dimension and the image will change. You now sense the person as they are, not as they were. At that point hold your mental conversation with the person you had been grieving for and say the things you should have said, imagine doing the things you should have done, ask the persons forgiveness, and hear the person forgiving you. Then relax and come back to the present. Whenever you think about the person after that, imagine the person happy and satisfied with their new life in another dimension. Do not concern yourself with the question, Am I really at the Spiritual Dimension? How do I know this? Your mind does not differentiate between the real and the imagined. Only the logical, outer conscious you does that. And it is important in the general working of things. Deep seated beliefs are real for the individuals who have those beliefs in their mind. Seldom are these beliefs taken out into the light of day to be examined by the logical outer conscious. At the meditation state of consciousness whatever you project on the screen of your mind is. If you think you are at the spiritual dimension, you will be. During the following meditation exercise of CD-5 you may well ask yourself another question. After the completion of the Journey to the Spiritual Dimension meditation do you feel better? If you do, then you were there. Its as simple as that Overcoming Depression There are many different types of depression. From Clinical depression which has been considered to be a chemical imbalance in the transmitters of the brain to a general feeling of unease, of being depressed; of being blue, feeling sad for no reason, or having no motivation to do anything. Clinical depression is generally acknowledged to be more serious than normal


The Mind Box

depressed feelings. It is not the function of this series of CDs to provide medical advice and indeed, anyone who believes they are suffering from Clinical Depression should seek out a mental health provider. However, those who feel that something other than the seriousness of Clinical depression is behind their feelings of malaise could well benefit from what you learn here. You might well say that this is the aspirin for a slight headache, however, if the ache persists, see a doctor. But if the aspirin works, well then, youve solved the problem. I have found that most people need the aspirin. So lets just see. Many causes should be the bywords of depression for there are as many reasons for depression taking hold of a person as there are people involved with depression. The obvious causes are traumas in ones life. Experiences such as a divorce, death of a loved one, sudden loss of ego strength, are the obvious causes. There are also those who have a chemical imbalance that limit the chemical messengers of the brain that send and receive messages. If the supply of the chemicals that work in this area is low due to substance abuse, hormonal changes, medication, or trauma, then the nerve cells do not receive the proper, natural chemicals and cannot communicate. This has an effect on the attitude of the depressed person. Generally speaking a few of the symptoms are: Depressed or irritable mood, frequent thoughts of death, fatigue, loss of interest in activities, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of guilt, inability to sleep or sleeping too much, agitation or restlessness, and difficulty concentrating to name just a few. Every time a loss occurs there is an onset of a state of depression. It may be slight, but whenever you do not feel up to par you might say that there is a slight bit of depression. The type of depression I am speaking about is pretty much under the control of your attitude. Attitude can be controlled by a simple polarization process. First, a story about a man who was depressed because he had just lost his job. Now this is something that most people would simply take, look for another job, and forget about. But not Samuel E. Burns. Samuel was furious. He took the fact that he was let go to heart and drove home angry and vindictive. He imagined himself doing all kinds of negative things to the manager who let him go. Why do things always happen to him? He thought. His dinner was tasteless and he soon had indigestion. He tossed and turned that night thinking of the stupid person who had fired him. The next morning he could hardly get out of bed. The next day he replayed the incident over and over until it was all he could think of. He related the story to his friends. His family suffered and


Burt Goldman

by the end of the day depression set in. All he could think about was the unfair way he was treated. So, how do we change the attitude of Samuel E. Burns? And what does his losing his job have to do with the depression that you are feeling? There is a great principle; one of seven, called the principle of Correspondence. Better known by: As above, so below, as below, so above. In this case, when you have a technique that will work for something minor, you also have a technique that will work for a major occurrence. Here is what I would advise Samuel E. Burns. Determine to get a better job, that pays more, and concentrate on that instead of the fact that you lost your job. Change the direction of your thinking. Control your attitude. You will note that this is the same Re Direction technique you learned in CD #1 on dealing with stress. Well, it is the same thing. Stress will lead to depression. Actually they are the same thing, or rather on the same scale, differing only by degree. Another reason for the type of stress that leads to depression could be a feeling of helplessness; the feeling that you are unable to prevent a thing that you are fearful is going to happen. Researchers have developed a theory called learned helplessness; this happens after repeated stressful events and the feeling of helplessness is strengthened. Depression often leads to negative beliefs about ones ability to manage their lives. This is usually based on attitudes that see all the failures in the past while overlooking the successes. People do develop depression after a stressful even in their lives. When you increase stress you ultimately come to a point where the stress leaves and depression sets in. You want to cut it off prior to that point by changing your attitude. We call this RD or re direction. You re direct your energies so you are not thinking about the loss, but how to earn more. It isnt important whether or not you will earn the extra money, what is important is that you have re directed your thoughts before depression sets in. Whenever an event in your life causes anything that you suspect may lead to depression, and generally speaking that event will be a stressful one, re direct your energies by using the event to stimulate a creative change in your attitude. You can get help, and from a technique that has worked for countless others, for thousands of years. The method that is most effective in achieving this is through the meditation state, along with a mantra to offset the oncoming depression.


The Mind Box

Mind Box 11 -The Contentment Mantra

1. Meditate. When you feel you are relaxed and comfortable mentally chant auumm three times. 2. After chanting auumm three times, change the word auumm to content and chant the word slowly, drawing it out. Connnn tennnnt. 3. Continue chanting the word content for comfort and contentment. Basically, a mantra is a focus of attention. The universal mantra auuum, is used by hundreds of millions of meditators. But any word can work equally well, providing your intention is that the mantra has some sort of a positive consequence. When you are happy and content, you cannot be depressed. There is an old homily that says to get dark out of a room, let light in. When you are depressed, let in contentment and happiness. The right question here is: How do I bring about contentment and happiness when I am depressed. And here is the answer. The Contentment Mantra, still another Mind Box technique will be one that signifies contentment to you. Your mantra therefore, whenever you feel the slightest bit of depression will be the word content. Said in this manner. But before you say it you find a place where you will be alone and make yourself comfortable. Assume your most comfortable position, close your eyes, and say the word slowly as you exhale connnn tent. Something like that. I will help you with the following track where you will learn the exact way to say the new mantra. And from now on use the mantra every morning and evening. You will find the meditation state relaxing, and rewarding. Meditate while chanting your mantra for ten minutes and after that if you wish to stay in the remarkably restful state of meditation simply allow yourself to do so. Its as simple as that.


Burt Goldman


In ancient times few people could read, books were hand written and far beyond the means of the great majority of people. Until Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450 only the clergy and a few members of the royal families could read. In the 18th century most of the world was illiterate and not until the late 1800s was it fashionable to be able to read. Millions upon millions of people, illiterate; and yet, intelligent. How did they get all the information that was available without books? When people who lived during those times heard something, they remembered it. People had memories then. A story about Platos incredible memory is that he had a system. Possibly the first memory system reported historically. Plato had built up, with his imagination, a palace of one thousand rooms. Each room was numbered and was for a specific purpose. As example let us say that the first five rooms were for, food, war, family, politics, and friends. Further, lets say that Platos cook required four lambs, six gallons of wine, and a variety of vegetables for a social event he was having. Into the food room it would go to be retrieved when needed. When something political was being discussed he would retrieve pertinent information from the political room. Anything pertaining to warriors or war would be in the war room. This method was used by many people for millenniums. And it is still offered by many memory experts today. The concept couldnt be simpler. When you attach the thing you want to recall, thats what memory is reallyrecall, it becomes easier to find. The secret to a good memory is attachment. Attachment of the thing you wish to recall at a later date to something else. I met a person whose name was Bob Float many, many years ago. I only met him once but as it was during a memory course I implanted his name on my neuron memory bank by a simple visual image when we were


The Mind Box

introduced. As I shook his hand I created a mental image of him bobbing for apples that were floating in a large metal tub, the attachment was so strong I remember to this day although after the introduction I never spoke to him again. Another fellow I met about the same year was Moss Watanabe. I saw him on a field of moss in front of a large door. The door had a large knob. The biggest door knob in the world; and there was a bee on top of it. What a knob. And Moss Watanabes name stuck to me. If you believe you have a poor memory, you are wrong. No one has a poor memory. Everything you have ever seen, everything you have ever read, everything you have ever heard, everything you have ever tasted, smelled, touched, and experienced is there in your brain, stored, its believed, electromagnetically. Stored in a manner that no one quite understands. We do, however, know the information is there, for it can be brought out through various methods. It can be brought out through the art of hypnosis it can be brought out through shock, through electrical stimulation, the use of drugs can bring back memories, or associations will bring back past seemingly forgotten memories. The information is there. The problem with people who believe themselves to have a poor memory is one of recall. Of bringing the information from the deep recesses of the brain to the present where it can be utilized in some way. It is theorized by one school of scientific thought that the memory is stored as particles within the cells of the brain. These particles are called neurons. There are billions of neurons that accept information. Attaching each neuron to another is a fabric called a synapse. For each neuron there are two or more synapses. These synapses also hold information. When you multiply the billions of neurons by the billions of synapses, you have what amounts to virtually a limitless amount of information that may be stored. Picture, if you will, although this is not quite the way it works, a single neuron holding a single bit of information. The eyes see a couch the sight is transferred to the brain and is impressed on one of the neurons. If the eyes have read the word couch, then the letters c-o-u-c-h (couch) are impressed on one neuron. The time relationship has a great deal to do with recall, for the impression is strongest immediately after it takes place and weakens with the passing of time (although it is always there). Even more so than time, emotions at the time of the memory strengthen the neurons. Think back on things that are easily recalled and you will have had strong positive, or strong negative feelings about the thing you remember. Information can be brought forth easily or with difficulty depending upon the strength of the original impression. If, for example, you were to see a couch in a store window, a week or so later you may or may not recall what


Burt Goldman

the couch looked like. It is impressed on one neuron. To facilitate the recall of information you have only to impress that couch on many neurons. The more neurons you impress with information, the easier it is to recall that information. That basically is the concept of memory and also of creative thinking. Here is a proof of sorts as to the installation of material on a great many neurons. If I were to ask you to memorize this number, you would have a hard time of if you were to do it in the manner most people memorize things, by rote. 07200750741776130711076055651225. There are thirty two numbers to memorize and most people have a problem memorizing a phone number which has only seven. Here is how you impress a great number of neurons which makes it easy to recall the information. By turning the numbers into a story, it automatically is impressed on adjoining neurons and synapses. Look at the number and separate it by saying, The year is 07, 2007, and there are 50 states in the United States. But when the U.S. was formed, on July (the 7th month) 4 1776, there were only 13 states. There were no (0) 7-11 stores, there were no (0) 76 gas stations, there were no (0) 55 or 65 mile per hour speed limits, and a dozen eggs cost a quarter. Repeat the story a few times to yourself and you have not only memorized the thirty two digit number but you can now repeat it backwards just as easily as you can do it forwards. Neurons contain information. The more neurons you can impress with information, the easier it is for you to recall that information. The method of impressing information on neurons is twofold: (1) abstracting, taking some information and putting it on one neuron, such as hearing a name and repeating it over and over again, or reading a story and impressing the words on neurons or (2) placing that information on a great many neurons through the sense of visualization. That is done by sensing what you are seeing, what you are hearing, what you are reading, and turning it into a visualization. That visualization is impressed on numbers of neurons and so it becomes easy to recall the information. Whatever your age, whatever your schooling, utilize this method of thinking and you will find your belief system changes as your memory improves. Those people who believe they have a poor memory change their thinking about memory, realizing it isnt memory thats at fault, its the method they use to put the information into their mind. By turning information into visualization as much as you can, by impressing more neurons, you can more easily recall that information. And so the individual grows and so you become


The Mind Box

more aware. What is required is the desire to know, the desire to want the information. Primary in all of the things that we do in life is desire. You must actually want the thing to be. That is a prerequisite for everything that you attempt, everything that comes to be. Thoughts are things and do manifest into reality. The stimulator of those thoughts, the stimulus for the energy to begin those thoughts on their magnetic trip throughout the universe, is desire. How strong is your desire? The stronger the desire, the more likely the success of whatever it is you are programming for.

Now then, you might say, But I cant make an extra image up every time I hear something. And my response would be, Sure you can, especially if its a Power Image. Thats the key; once you understand the concept of the Power Image and start to use it, even on things in the past, your memory will improve. It has to. That is the entire premise of Memory Power, that associations are the strongest means to a powerful memory. If I asked you what were you doing on April 19th 2003 you couldnt tell me if your life depended on it. But what if I asked what you were doing on September 11, 2001. I bet you can tell me. And so can virtually every person on the planet. Why? Association. And even though they never heard of the term they were all using Power Images. The stronger the emotions during the association the stronger the memory and the easiest to recall. If you were to bring in an emotion while memorizing something or simply wanting to keep the material easy to recall associate the thing you wanted to memorize with something. Fantasy is fine. As a matter of fact, the more ridiculous the association, the easier it will be to recall. With that knowledge as your base, you will soon be ready to use the concept of Platos Information Rooms. Create segments for various memories. As example at present there may be a few things you want to be able to recall at some future time. Say that there are things you want at the hardware store. Imagine a room in your mind that says hardware and put in there the few things you want to purchase. Say its a hammer, a chisel, and a tape measure. Think about the Hardware room in your mind and imagine putting in a hammer, a chisel, and a tape measure. Later on you discover you are out of coffee, and you need butter and eggs. Imagine a food room, or kitchen room, and put coffee, butter and eggs there. Do this for a variety of things.


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 12 -Platos Room

The technique for remembering depends on the way you put the information in. When you want to remember something vizualize it. 1. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and create a mental image of the thing, person, or event you want to recall easily. 2. Associate the thing you wish to remember with something else. 3. Put the image in one of your mind boxes.

Now when you head for the hardware store you dont have to sift through a thousand memories to get to what you want to buy there. Just go to your hardware room and there it is, a hammer, a chisel, and a tape measure. Association. Remember that word and you will always have a better than average memory. A Power Image is seeing the thing you wish to remember in your mind. Consciously creating a mental picture. It was Christmas Day, 1776, and snow was gently falling in the forest along the Delaware River. General George Washington had under his command 2200 rag tailed troops who would rather have been back on their farms than where they were, shivering in the freezing afternoon cold. Hungry and tired, they waited patiently for the command none of them was anxious to hear. Into the rowboats, men. Lets cross the river and attack. On the other side of the Delaware about a thousand kilometers away, stood a row of cabins from which one could imagine the tantalizing smell of succulent roast meats, drifting across, carried by the crisp air. In the cabins were the well-fed Hessians, a German mercenary army hired by the British to fight the revolutionary colonists. These men were the enemy and must be conquered if the United States was to be born. The men grudgingly walked quietly to the waiting rowboats. Some of them had long since walked through their shoes and now had rags wrapped around their feet, in some cases soaked with red. Those were the feet that were cut and bleeding. Into the boats they went and then they quietly rowed across the river, oars wrapped with cloth to muffle the sound. Occasionally they had to push the ice aside. Once across and undetected they quietly gathered together and under Washingtons command attacked the Hessians, winning the day, as well as all


The Mind Box

the good food the Hessians had stored for their Christmas dinner. Now close your eyes and allow me to ask you something. You answer the question either aloud or in your mind. What day was it? What year was it? What was the weather like? Who was the General? How many men were under his command? How did the men get across the river? What was the name of the river? Who were they going to fight? Now lets use the magic of association to implant the material on more neurons to make it easier to recall Lets take this first sentence here: It was Christmas Day, 1776, and snow was falling in the forest along the Delaware River. Imagine that you are in a forest. You are standing in a forest. Pretend that you are in a forest. There are trees all around you. Sense it. Now its snowing, imagine youre standing in the snow and shivering. Its Christmas day. Put a big Christmas tree in the forest. Put a star on top of it. Theres snow falling. Feel the snow. \ 76 is the name of gasoline stations in the U.S. There are 76 gas stations all around. Picture 17 of them. There are 17 76 gas stations. The name of the river is the Delaware. Think about Del the bellman at the Washington hotel. They call him Del the Bell. And Del always wears a strange uniform. He is aware of this but wears it anyway. Delaware is the name of the river. George Washington stands straight as a pine tree. He is standing up in one of the rowboats. He wears a three sided hat. There are a lot of rowboats. They sing a song. Row, row, row, your boat across the Delaware. There are 2200 men in George Washingtons army. See an owl with huge round eyes like two zeros. The owl has a 22 on top of his head. The name of the enemy soldiers is the Hessians. They are the enemy so hiss. Turn the hiss into the word Hessian.


Burt Goldman

Lets see how you do this time. What day was it? What year was it? What was the weather like? Who was the General? How many men were under his command? How did the men get across the river? What was the name of the river? Who were they going to fight? If you couldnt answer the 9 questions then you werent paying attention. Memory is based on attention. If you constantly forget where you put your keys. The next time you put your keys somewhere pay attention to where the keys are. Take a few steps and look back at your keys, that will fix it in your mind. Parking your car in a mall parking lot. After leaving your car and walking a ways look back at the car and note where it is. When you get to where youre going look in the direction of the car. Youll never lose your car again. There are thousands of memory systems around, just google memory and youll see. Most are cumbersome, like the peg word system. Before you begin with the system you have to memorize a hundred unrelated words. If you could do that you wouldnt need the system in the first place. Here is the secret to memory. Pay attention. Be aware. And above all else, create mental images. How many planets are there, you probably know there are 9 accepted planets. Can you say what they are in the order they are in from the sun? The names of the 9 planets in the order from the sun are, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. During one of the childrens class I used to do I would promise the parents that their child would learn the names of the planets and the order in which they were in less than 3 minutes. And that they would remember it for all the rest of their lives. I do not recall even one child not being able to do it, after 3 minutes. All I would do is to get their attention. Remember, memory is based on attention and awareness. I got their attention by telling them a simple story. This created the associations so they would remember. This is the story.

59 Mind Box 13 - Power Images

The Mind Box

1. Associate the thing you want to remember with something else. If you want to remember a name like George Watanabe, think about George Washington, then a gigantic door with a big knob, what a knob; and the knob has a bee on top of it. 2. Make up a story about the thing, such as the 9 planets story below. When you create a story about the thing you wish to remember the mind stores the images onto powerful neurons.

There is a magic garden where the sun shines every day. It gets awfully hot and so there is a big thermometer filled with mercury. The sun heats the mercury which rises so you can tell how hot it is. Next to the thermometer filled with mercury is a statue of Venus. The famous statue with the broken off arms. Venus is very warm with the sun beating on her as she stand next to the thermometer filled with mercury and so she kicks the globe at her feet, its a globe of the earth. There are 4 little green men on the globe that Venus kicked, they fall off and get scared. They run to hide in a large Juniper tree in the middle of the garden. On top of the Juniper tree is a Satin sheet, a large satin sheet. It had rained the day before and the Satin sheet is still wet, water pours off it like rain. The rain falls on Neptune, the god of the sea, he doesnt like it, and so Neptune sees a dog, its Mickey Mouses dog Pluto. And Pluto runs off into the distance yelping his anger. First planet, Mercury, second, Venus, who kicks the globe of the third planet Earth, 4 green men from Mars fall off the fourth planet Mars, and run to the 5th planet Jupiter, represented by the Juniper tree. On top of the tree is the sixth planet Saturn represented by the satin sheet, the seventh planet Uranus represented by the rain water falling on Neptune, the eight planet, who kicks the dog who represents the ninth planet Pluto. Now think about the 9 planets. What is the first planet? The second, the third. Now go backwards. What is the ninth planet? The eighth? See how easy it is. Now go through all 9 planets in your mind, starting with the first planet Mercury. Pay attention, be aware, and memory improves.


Burt Goldman



I love you, says the man. I love you, says the woman. I love chocolate ice cream, says the child. I love horses, says the Westerner. Love God, says the Bible. Love one another. Love your father and mother. Love, love, hooray for love, says the song writer. I love my car, some say. I love apple pie, say others. What is this thing called love? Ask a hundred people to define the word love and receive a hundred definitions. Love, the most powerful force in the world, once understood, can be unleashed and becomes a powerful servant to do your bidding and reveals a glorious new world. A place where flowers smell sweet and grass is always green and the sky is always blue. Love, however, is not what most people think it to be. Occasionally we can define a word so that the understanding lies in the definition itself. Such a definition is a fundamental generality. When you find a fundamental generality, you can truly understand all aspects of the word, for awareness resides within the definition. All one must do is think about what the definition describes, reverse it, view it from various aspects, noting that it is a skeleton key to fit all manner of locks.


The Mind Box

Such a definition is the one for love: Love, is a positive viewpoint, Say that you had a scale that could measure love. At the one hundred degree end of the scale all things would be of a positive nature. Whatever you were involved with, whatever you heard, whatever you saw, you would only view the positives. Lets take a person. People enjoying something close to a perfect love can find no fault whatever in the recipient of that love, and the energy produced, like most energy, feeds upon and enhances itself. The object of the totally positive viewpoint receives benefits as well. Love begets love and the world looks rosier because everything is viewed from positive aspects. Its not possible to see something bad in a person or thing if you are looking only at the positive side. Food tastes good when you taste only the crunch and the sweetness, the tart flavor or the spice. The weather feels just right. Seeing only the positive, if its cold you feel joy in putting on a snug, warm coat if its hot you dress lightly and feel the warmth of the sun feeding you with goodness. If you look for positive aspects in other people, they will all look and sound good to you. Your job? If you see only the positive aspects of the time you spend there, you become more creative seeking ways to enjoy what you do. God is love. If you sense the Supreme Being as having the supremely positive viewpoint, you find great joy in knowing He sees you also as an object of His love. As far as your love for God is concerned, you could not possibly view God with anything but an absolute positive viewpoint: love. Love thy neighbor. The primary injunction becomes a mandate for a sane world. Viewing your neighbor through eyes for only the good, only the best, you see your neighbor as a friend. The whole world becomes a friend when all people see those points in others they would most desire in themselves. When all the worlds people finally see each others finer aspects, only then guard posts, fifteen-foot walls, border soldiers, and police become unnecessary. Where love rules, people see only the positive aspects in themselves and each other. When your attention is on the finer things of what people are, as opposed to the possible negative aspects of what they do, they change. People change because your viewpoint of them changes. It isnt necessary to separate individuals from what they do. People are their actions. What they do is what they are. If a person says he loves, but his actions contradict the statement, look to the action for a true picture of what he is.


Burt Goldman

All the worlds viewpoint is colored somewhat by the amount of negativity programmed from childhood on. The child begins with that perfect state of awareness: love. Everything and everyone is a joy. Used to having the human population dote and pet and exclaim with waves of love, the child, being the recipient of a virtual bombardment, reflects that viewpoint. Seeing a bug crawling on the woodwork, the child smiles in anticipation of viewing once again a new thing, a thing of wonder. Reaching the object of investigation focuses all attention on the insect. How fascinating the thing is! He touches it. It recoils to protect itself. It reacts. The child throws back his head and roars with delight. The viewpoint is a positive one. The viewpoint is that of love. As the child grows, programming begins. He hears from a parent, David, get away from that ugly bug. Its nasty. Kill it! Here comes the parent with a fly swatter and skultch - one dead insect. One bit of negativity bringing Davids viewpoint down a notch. If the perfect viewpoint were 100, perhaps David is now 99. For to him, bugs are no longer a source of wonder, but something to kill. And so it begins. Now David believes its fun to destroy insects, to be sure, but everyone has to start someplace, and qualification comes into Davids life. Thou shall not killexcept, of course, for bugs. Later qualifications: snakes, certain animals, even people under special conditions. And the positive viewpoint goes down another notch. By the time David is of school age, numerous rules and regulations of what to like and what to dislike have started to ingrain themselves within the belief system, and he believes that certain things are right and certain things are wrong. Enough negative thinking has come into the positive viewpoint to bring it down to perhaps 85 on our mythical scale. David is arriving in the real world. Then comes school and, all too often, an exhortation not to play with so and so because he or she is a whatever. And social, religious, or economic prejudice begins. And down goes Davids viewpoint once again. If David is lucky, by the time he becomes an adult some awareness of life will come, through reading or training or perhaps by the example of a respected authority, and with that awareness his viewpoint will suffer somewhat from that of his not quite-soaware peers. Few people know how much this positive viewpoint we call love affects their every experience.


The Mind Box

The daily chore of going to work is distasteful to many unfortunate peopleprimarily because of the manner in which they view their occupation or profession. Because they are so low on the scalelets say below the 50 pointthey view their work from a negative aspect, dislike, instead of a positive aspect, love. It thus becomes a thing to be avoided and yet must be done. Many people troop toward work like a bunch of automatons, waiting only for the moment when they can finally trudge home, looking forward to Fridaysome even wearing buttons proclaiming Thank God, its Friday. Such people hate the entire week. How much better they would be if they could look forward to Monday. How much better they would feel if they could view their work from a positive viewpoint. But, many would say, I do hate my work. That hate results from viewing the experience of work in only its negative aspects. Of course they dislike their work! If people see work from a positive viewpoint, through the eyes of love, attitude changes. Work, like all other things, cannot change because it is neither good nor bad. It is neither negative nor positive. It simply is. It seems to change only as our viewpoint of the situation changes and it is how we view the various aspects of work that causes it to be either negative or positive. Fire, as an example, is neither good nor bad. Fire simply is. If it is cooking your food it is good. If it is warming you it is good. But it is only your viewing it as good that makes it good. That same fire burning your finger or your home suddenly becomes, from your point of view, bad. But fire is neither. It simply is. Work becomes something else again when we view it through a positive viewpoint. To change a negative preoccupation about work, we simply change some of our thoughts. Instead of saying or thinking, I hate my job, change that to, I am going to be more creative on my job. I am going to be more creative in my occupation. I am going to be more creative in my profession. Tomorrow, you might say early in the morning on your way to work, I am going to be more creative. Simply that! And that alone will begin to change your viewpoint toward work from a negative viewpoint of dislike to the positive viewpoint of love. Soon you find yourself being inspired with all of the various aspects of creativity regarding your work. For through the statement I am going to


Burt Goldman

be more creative, you open a great many doors that have been blocked by the weight of hate. Soon you begin looking forward to your works knowing that each day will bring new concepts for you, new abilities, and new manners in which to become creative. You have opened the door. The key to opening that door is, of course, love. Love is a positive viewpoint.

Relationships are based on needs. The stronger the need that is filled, the more intense the relationship. When a person has a strong need and that need is filled, you have a good relationship, when a strong need is not filled, the relationship has problems. Everyone has needs, the problem is most people do not know of their own needs much less someone elses. The best way to discover a partners needs is through communication. But allow me to speak of the energy of a relationship. Every person, well every living thing but we are only concerned here with people, every person has a field of energy surrounding them. It is sometimes called the energy field, the aura, prana, the halo, the glow, and many other descriptions depending on the language of the country defining the words. I will call it what I believe it is, your energy field. These fields vibrate at an infinity of frequencies and just as though there are no identical fingerprints so there are no identical energy field vibrations. Picture a sound, a perfect sound that a violin is making. The vibrations of that violin go out into the air and meet with a tiny bone in your ear that vibrates in unison with the sound from the violin. Your brain interprets that vibration and converts it so that you hear the beautiful music. There was a meshing of energies. That is on the physical scaleto some degree the same thing happens on the mental scale. Just as everyones body sends out this energy so does the mind. That old axiom, as above so below, as below so above, comes into play. As it is on the physical, with regard to energies, so it is on the mental. Waves of anything are energy. A radio wave is energy flowing through the air, or a wire. TV sends out waves of energy. We know the brain sends out waves of energy as brain waves are measurable. The mind as well sends out an energy field. A mental aura. This field goes out and away from the body weakening with distance. There are many people; more than you would imagine, who believe the field


The Mind Box

continues all around the earth. This field touches every other field, but it is especially strong from the person to a distance of 18 feet, after which the field begins to weaken. However when the energy fields are identical, distance doesnt matter. One of my acquaintances, Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the moon sent mental messages to earth from the moon. More on that on the CD # 18, Connecting to your Psychic Self. When you are thinking of another person and the phone rings and there he or she is, thats an example of a meshing of energy fields. For a brief moment in time you were one with regards to the energy field. Distance is important, but not crucial when you are both on the same wave length. When you are close to another person you are involved with each others energy fields. Energy fields fluctuate constantly, what controls the field is your emotions. An emotion is any thought that has like or dislike attached to it. When you see or think about another person that person will be somewhere on a scale of either like or dislike, to some degree. If you like that person your emotion might be at say 122 on the scale. (Now thats purely arbitrary I have no idea what degrees might be on a scale like that) but say its 122 for examples sake. Another person you love; that person might be 356 on the scale. You love that person, youre more emotional about that person. A third person comes onto the scene, you dont like this person. Your scale flattens out and goes into minus 27. If we could quantify this energy production it would change constantly because in your home, or office, or place of business you change constantly. There are always things about, that you like or dislike. Look at whats in front of you, if you look around there will be things you like more than other things. Most things you see are simply neutral in your sight; those are the things you dont notice or pay attention to. Love is a positive emotion and the more love the higher on our scale you would be. Say that your love for the other person in the relationship is at the 475 degree mark on the scale. So you are vibrating at 475 and that energy is thrust out from you. No one, including you, can see it, but its there. Just as you and everyone else on earth are surrounded by radio waves, so you are surrounded by energy field waves. A radio transmitting on 1120 frequencies would not be heard unless a receiver was tuned to 1120. 1115 wont do it. Neither will 1125. It has to be set to 1120. If your energies at that moment are at 475 and you meet someone who is also at 475 what the Sicilians would call the Thunderbolt would strike, there would be a perfect blending of energy fields and the result is the highest and strongest kind of love. Hopefully you have been there; or will be one day. People often ask me if there is a way to tell when someone is in love.

Yes there is.

Burt Goldman

A perfect love; not many of them around but they are there; a perfect love would sprout a viewpoint towards other person that was absolutely positive. That means the couple could only see positives. Whatever the other person did, whatever the other looked like would be wonderful. Let me tell you a quick story that kind of exemplifies what I said. A couple gets married, the first night they are alone together they are involved with a perfect love, and they can only see the positives in one another. The young wife is brushing her teeth, she has on a raggedy bathrobe, the door is ajar, shes drooling as she brushes. The young groom looks at her and smiles, Gee. he thinks, she even looks good when shes drooling, and that bathrobe its a rag but she wears it like a queen. And she has the cutest walk, she kind of hops every other step. The perfect love. He can see only positives. Time goes by, and we hear him say, Honey would you close the bathroom door when you brush your teeth; I know you dont realize it but you drool. And I wish you would buy a new bathrobe, the one you have is embarrassing. He still loves her, but it isnt perfect any more, he sees more and more negatives. But on another level their energy fields are no longer in harmony, she may still be at 475 frequencies and he may have dropped to 435. Now the question becomes clear, how can I control the frequencies of my energy field? There is a way. When you can control your energy field you have opened a wide door to power. Heres how to do it. Think about a vegetable, oh say a carrot. No I didnt pluck that out of your mind, most people will think about a carrot when you ask them to think about a vegetable. So you are now thinking about a carrot. Tap, with your fingers, tap on your leg, either one. So you should be tapping now. Note the frequency of the taps and try to remember it. Tap a little more. Now switch your thought to horses racing on a track and notice your tapping. Its changed hasnt it, and youre probably tapping faster when you think of the horses running than when you think of the carrot. The Tapping Technique allows you to control emotions. What that tells you is that there is a sense of rhythm in every thing you think, with every mental image you create. Create a horrifying negative mental image and tap, then create a delightful positive image and tap and you will see your energy field change in a few seconds. Herein lays the control, the power. And a big secret of relationships.


The Mind Box

Mind Box 14 - The Tapping Technique

1. Personal rhythm changes with each emotion, each thought. Thought precipitates rhythm, rhythm stimulates thought. 2. Think about a thing you like and tap on the side of your thigh with a few fingers. Note the frequency of the tapping. 3. Think about a thing you do not like, and tap the frequency of the thing you like, and you will begin to like the thing you didnt like.

Love is a positive viewpoint. The more positives you see in a thing or person, the more love. To control the feeling of love simply view the object of the love in various aspects of activity through the eyes of your positive attitude. Whatever the person does, you see it in a positive manner. The power of your energy field will be directed to whatever direction you point it. Take a negative viewpoint towards someone and see everything they do with a negative attitude and you will have an immediate change towards that person. You will begin to dislike them. The degrees of the field begin in you mind, with your mental imagery. It has been said that the greatest sexual organ you have, is your brain. Actually its your mind, instigating chemical changes in the brain. This can be controlled by controlling the energy field. Now another experiment. Think of a person you dislike. Tap your fingers on your thigh to get the approximate rhythm. Now think about a person you like and tap your fingers on your thigh and you will find you are tapping a different tempo. This is the key to changing the degree of your energy field. Heres how it works. Now then, while continuing to tap the frequency, and thereby the energy of the person you like, think of the person you dislike, and note there will be a slight change in the dislike; it will have lessened a bit. The tapping shows you that you have different levels of electromagnetic energy emanating from your energy field. When you control the field, you control what the energy field represents. An easy way to prove to yourself that the field changes with your emotions is to think about your favorite food. With the favorite food in mind tap on your thigh while thinking about your favorite food. Note the frequency of the tapping, Now think about a food you hate and with that food in mind tap on your thigh while thinking about the food that you hate. Note the frequency


Burt Goldman

has changed. Use the Tapping Technique and control your likes and dislikes. The key to a perfect relationship is to set the degree of the frequency of the energy fields of both people to the same meshing level. The way to do this is to have the couple create an aura of the same mental image, with the same amount of energy going into the blending of the pair. If theyre both thinking about the same exact thing, (pre determined) their energy fields will mesh. Two people sit comfortably either on the floor or on two chairs, close to one another, but not touching. The two people go to their meditation level at the same time (all this will be on the next track where Ill guide you through it) and when they are calm and peaceful, they go to a mental place of relaxation that has been predetermined to be the same for both. Once meditating and at the place of relaxation, each individual visualizes themselves with the other person at that place of relaxation. They sit quietly picturing the other person alongside, each person thinks of the other and senses mentally, they are coming together, then merging one entire body each into the other so that now the two are one. They dance as an auric energy form spiraling up and moving joyously about the room like a perfect musical note. At this point still in the meditation zone, again through the magic of visualization, they separate, and then they both create an image of doing whatever the other person would enjoy. View this particular event facing the other person, deep into the zone, for one, five, ten, or twenty minutes. The time depends upon the people involved, their viewpoints, how deep within this realm they wish to be. After a strong visualization, a dynamic visualization, a power visualization, the couple open their eyes. The one who comes back to the outer level first gently speaks to the other person, saying, Im going to count from one to three. When I reach the count of three, you will open your eyes, be wide awake and involved with me. Then very slowly and very gently, count onetwo three. With both parties-just out of meditation, all energies entwined, it only remains to allow nature to follow its natural course. The experience will be long remembered. Use this technique only if you wish to truly enhance your relationship.


The Mind Box


Emotions drive brain waves and the stronger the emotion the higher the brain wave. In addition to that you learned that the higher the brain wave the less you are able to think in a clear, constructive, logical manner. We will now address the emotions themselves. But first the definition. What is an emotion? An emotion is any thought, that has like or dislike attached to it. When you are neutral about a person, and event, or a thing, there is no emotion and you have better control over the situation. Unfortunately the human psyche practically demands we show some sort of feeling towards everything we do. You either like it, or you dislike it, and by harboring these feelings emotions come into play. The true captains of their souls are those who have control over their emotions. Or, to state it more plainly, those who control their likes and dislikes. You learned about changing your attitude towards things you have strong emotions about but cannot avoid. Have a strong feeling of dislike to washing dishes? Dont wash dishes, sparkle up the kitchen. This may seem like trading a half dozen, for six, but it does allow you to control your emotions when you begin to see the power residing therein. To simply say switch your attitude may sound like an oversimplification of the problem but often the simplest explanation is the correct one. During the Meditation exercise in CD #9 you will be programmed with a pair of power glasses.


Burt Goldman

When you put on your Power Glasses, you automatically see the positive nature of the thing youre doing. To put on the Power Glasses you touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and say the words, Power Glasses on and imagine the glasses are in place. See the next chapter for more information on power glasses. Metaphors, or symbols, such as the power glasses example, can help to achieve success in controlling emotions. We use many Power Metaphors in our trainings as they are often the key to instant success in achieving what we want. Youll note that our Mind Box Home Seminar Kit is loaded with Power Metaphors. But what distinguishes a power metaphor from a simple metaphor. The Power, or Meditation Metaphor allows you to control the paradigm. Your paradigm is simply the example of a thing that you set for yourself. Your model of what you see is your paradigm. The paradigm of a forest, as seen through the eyes of a hunter would be different than those of a land developer, or a lumber merchant as example. All of our Meditation Metaphors give you the ability to utilize additional resources to effect, and to control change. When your emotions are under your control, you are then truly the master of your destiny, the captain of your soul. Now I would like to introduce you to another Power Metaphor to add to your mind box resources. I call this one, the Power Shield. This metaphor is designed to protect you from someone elses emotions. It has stood many people well over the years and I have received many positive testimonials and much feedback from people who have used it. I recall one woman, her name was Cynthia, had a rather messy divorce. Emotions ran high with both her and her ex husband. There was money involved, children, and other family members. She had come to the seminar because she heard we train people to meditate among other things. But unfortunately for Cynthia every time she attempted to reach the meditation state, thoughts of her ex husband would appear and she would be frustrated and stressful. She sat through the class half listening until we came to the emotional shield; the Power Shield. That perked her up. But let me back up a bit. I wanted to show the people attending that the shield, although a mental construction was a real thing. Emotions are also mental and so the shield, built on the physical level by the power of the mind, being on both levels was effective in blocking energies. Going over to Werner,

71 Mind Box 15 - Power Shield

The Mind Box

1. Start with the Bagha then imagine a psychic shield, or a wall of energy, between yourself and who or whatever you want protection from. 2. To put on the shield, touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and say, Shield protect and imagine the wall of energy between you and whatever mental energies you want protection from. 3. To remove the shield, simply say, Shield off. a gentleman in the front row, I whispered in his ear so that only he could hear me. I want you to build a wall, a mental wall, somewhere between the front of the room and the back of the room. Just imagine a solid wall of energy going from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Dont tell me where it is, but you make note of where it is. He did so. I took a wire hanger and bent it into an L shape so that it became a horizontal dowsing rod. Starting at the front of the room, my hand wrapped around the foot of the L with the tip pointed out and away from me, I slowly walked to the back of the room. When I reached a point about three quarters of the way back, the wire pulled to the right. I said to Werner, You built the wall right here. He smiled and nodded. I then told the class why I had whispered in his ear. Had I told him to build his mental wall so that everyone could hear there would invariably be someone there who would also build a wall and they would be all over the place. I told the class that these mental constructions were very often real things. They did not have enough energy to forestall anything physical, but they were definitely strong enough to block mental energies. An emotional charge from a person who is sending negative thoughts to you can be enough to cause you misery. Cynthias husband, she reported, was doing just that. She couldnt sleep, her appetite was gone, and she was fearful all the time. She just knew that her husband was at the bottom of her distress. Was it all in her own head? No way to tell, but now she had the means to block whatever energies were coming from her husband. I told her to build a wall, just like the one I had built, except her wall


Burt Goldman

was to stave off all negative energy that was directed towards her. She asked how is that done, and this is the technique for the Emotional Power Shield. You mentally sense a wall, a psychic shield if you will, between you and where you believe the person you are shielding yourself from is. If you do not know exactly where they are then surround yourself with the shield. Just imagine this shield surrounding your body. Thats all you have to do. Cynthia did me one better she reported later. She wasnt satisfied with the shield and so she built, with her mind of course, a wall that was mirrored on the side she believed her husband was at the time. Cynthia reported that she had a good nights sleep that evening for the first time since the problem with her husband began. She smiled and said she couldnt say the same for her husband. Ive used the Power Shield many times as have many people who have learned the technique and the reports from others who have used it are truly astounding. After it is programmed during the Meditation exercise on the following track you have only to touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and say the words, Power shield protect, and imagine the shield between you and the person you feel is directing negative energies towards you. There are places as well as people who have strong energy fields. Jails as example will always have a strong negative, disruptive field that is disturbing even when driving or walking past. Hospitals also have a disturbing energy due to the pain and fear of the people inside. Places of a spiritual nature such as temples, churches and mosques have a calming positive energy field. You can actually test this. If there is a police station in your neighborhood, and if there is a temple or church in your neighborhood, have a friend drive you by the both of them and have your eyes closed. You will know which one you are passing simply by the way you feel as you are driven past the structure. The power shield will protect you from the negative energies of places as well as that of people. This technique will give you power and control over the emotions of others and the energies of places and situations. During the track following the next meditation training track you will learn techniques for controlling your own emotions and why it is important to do so. How would you control your emotional state? Lets see. When you


The Mind Box

are emotional you have a strong sense of either like or dislike about a thing. So then if you are emotional you are displaying a high degree of either like or dislike. The more like, the more emotional you will be, the more dislike, the more emotional you will be. Knowing that we can focus in on the real culprit like and/or dislike. Now the question becomes, How would you control your likes and dislikes? Now that we are focusing on likes and dislikes you are getting closer to control of your emotions. Lets take a thing you like; oh say an article of clothing. There are clothes in your closet that you like more than other things there. Take your favorite sweater or jacket. You wouldnt exactly say that you are emotional about a jacket but if you like it more than other jackets in your wardrobe you are indeed emotional about it. Anger and fear may be subjects you associate with emotions but anything you demonstrate attachment or detachment to also bring about an emotion. When you learn to deal with an insignificant emotion, using the same process you can deal with a significant one. Say that you cant find your favorite jacket. Youre going out and want that one in particular; you look all over for it but you cant find it. You must have that jacket; you love it and have to have it. Where is it? You dont know. Now this is a rather insignificant thing but it does elicit an emotion. Virtually everything you are involved with brings out an emotional response with respect to feeling a degree or more of like or dislike. You can be emotional about anything. During CD number 2 in this set, Weight Power, you will find that the problems people have with food are emotional. Some foods are enjoyed so very much that the emotions run high and the person must satisfy the need they feel. This brings up still another factor, emotions bring forth needs. The more intense the emotion, the stronger the need. An emotion can be controlled by either diminishing or enhancing the like or dislike of the thing that is causing the emotion. Another method of controlling an emotion is to control the need. The missing jacket, without a need for it, becomes simply an article of clothing that cant be located for the moment. So you pick another one. But if there is a strong need for that jacket, say you got it for your birthday from a good friend and you are meeting that friend and want to wear the jacket. Then need does indeed come into play and emotions will run high. Needs and wants stem from attitude and so we come to the one thing that we can control and by doing so all emotions can be directed to wherever we wish them to be. Attitude control will automatically bring about the degree of emotion we want to bring about.


Burt Goldman

Control your attitude and you control your emotions. And now we come to it, a new way to control your attitude. Ive found the quickest, most effective way to control attitude is to first of all to defuse the attitude you want to change by neutralizing it. The way to do this is with the Power Shout, coupled with your Power Glasses. This practically guarantees an instant change of attitude. Lets take a hypothetical situation, or better yet, well use the missing jacket as an example. You are looking frantically for the jacket, its in your mind. You have created a mental image of it; its in all your thoughts. You can be assured of this as the same mind set would come about with anything you were that emotional about. Focus your thoughts on the missing jacket and mentally shout as loud as you can: Stop! That will put the thought into neutral. Then touch your tongue to your palate and mentally say Power Glasses on. Power Glasses are programmed in CD #9. Power glasses are programmed so that when you mentally put them on you will see the positive aspects of all things. With your Power Glasses on your attitude will shift and you will suddenly see a different jacket that will suit you just as much as the missing one. As soon as you feel the need for the new jacket, and with your Power Glasses on, do a Power Tensing by standing straight and quickly tensing your feet, calves, thighs and up the body to your head. Hold the tension for a few seconds and release it. (More on tensing in the next chapter.) You will find your attitude has changed and you no longer have a desire for the missing jacket. Of course the jacket is a metaphor for anything in your life that you are emotional about. To go through the process once again. Any time you are emotional about something and you do not want to be emotional about the person, thing, or event. Allow the thought to come into your mind, then shout, mentally, with all the mental volume you can muster, STOP! Immediately after mentally yelling stop, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and say Power Glasses on and imagine the Power Glasses on your head. With the Power Glasses on you will see the situation from its positive aspects. With the glasses in place tense up from feet to head and you will find the emotions changing to where you want them to be. And that is emotion control.


The Mind Box


All actions are preceded by an energy to create that action. The energy is built up by the thought of what the energy is to be used for. Example; anger begats fighting and so the energy of anger is strong, immediate, fierce and temporary. Whereas the energy built by the thought of making ones family member feel good is of an entirely different octave. The latter energy is mild, grows with time, is gentle and lasting. When you continually build a fierce energy that force sifts into other emotions and so a person angry at his boss can very well take that energy home with him and direct it at wife and children. The thought that creates the mental images that bring about the energy to perform the action is in itself created - by some stimulus. The hierarchy here is Stimulus, Thought, Energy, Action. No action can be taken without the energy to act. No energy can be formed without an intentional thought. And no thought is ever formed without the stimulus of some agency to fire off whatever that stimulus has been anchored to. I like to make difficult concepts clear and so I will clarify the subject as best I can so that you may use the concept to better your life if you so desire. Good heath and wellness are predicated basically on four things. 1. A healthy diet. 2. Moderate exercise.


Burt Goldman

3. A happy attitude. 4. A relaxed state of mind. Assuming that you are aware of what constitutes a healthy diet, we would carry on with a short walk, eventually a brisk walk. Working up to, if you are not comfortable walking already, an hour brisk walk, every day. A relaxed state of mind can be easily achieved by going to a meditation level, and working at least three goals per week, say one on Monday, one on Wednesday, and the last on Friday. You will be amazed at how relaxed you get when you are conceptualizing a goal. Take your time at it. Take a few minutes to get to your meditation level and spend another couple of minutes visualizing your goal. This will open your ESP channel and enhance a relaxed state of mind more so than anything else you can do. And last, and most important of all, a happy attitude. How to achieve a happy attitude when circumstance tell you otherwise. You seldom know whether the thing is good or bad except in retrospect. If you are going through hard times in some aspect of your life or other it could very well be a message that you are on the wrong road and should take another. Remember it is never the event that causes the emotional problems that cause ill health, it is your attitude towards the event. Change your attitude and change the event. My favorite attitude metaphor is the one about the dirty dishes. Almost everyone hates to wash dishes whereas everyone loves a sparkling clean kitchen. To change your attitude, dont wash dishes - sparkle up the kitchen. The dishes will be in the way of that and you will have to wash them, but you are not washing dishes, you are sparkling up the kitchen. To use the modern popular jargon, put a different spin on it. That simple change of attitude can help you keep in good health and be well. Dont study, learn. Dont curse the dark, let in the light. Attitudes direct your life more than relationships, more than money, more than sex, more than education, more than anything. When you direct your attention towards an event it is invariably your attitude that creates peace or havoc in your life. Many a healthy millionaire has done himself harm because of a wrong seeing attitude. If my methods do one thing to change a persons life it would be to


The Mind Box

change that persons attitude. One changes from a fearful, phobic, failure in many aspects of life to a person with faith in the future, courage in dealing with the minor and major events in life, and a realizer of the fact that failure does not exist except as a learning experience. You can fail a dozen times, you only have to succeed once. Not to take an action is to fail, for if the action is not taken you can certainly not succeed. Actions are more likely when your attitude towards the thing the action is directed is that of a positive nature. Action requires energy. But what exactly is energy. Lets see. The generally accepted scientific definition of energy is: The ability to do work. If something enables something to work, theres energy involved. The mind works, and so it is energized. But by what? Lets say that youre out of coffee and you have to go to the store to get some if you want coffee at home. The desire for a cup of coffee is the energizer to get you to go to the store. Desire therefore stimulates energy. Desire is what gets you out of bed, to work, to play. Some degree of desire is behind ever act, every action. Desire is a mental thing, and just as intangible as is the mind, and yet there it is, the instigator of work. How does the mind create desire? Does it simply appear? Or is there some stimulating factor that comes about? All of the things that have happened to you in the past are what make you the person you are. Your desires are the result of all those happenings. All that resides in your memory, and so we must add memory to the list, memory is energy, potential energy. What triggers memory? Lets see if we can uncover an answer. People who are coffee drinkers have a desire for a cup at different times. Some desire a cup when they get up in the morning, some when they sit down for a rest, some when they smoke a cigarette, some after a meal, some with a meal, but note that always, the coffee is attached to something else. Something that causes a desire for a cup of coffee. A stimulus. And so it is with all things, Stimulus creates desire and desire triggers the action. If we were to diagram this it would be, Stimulus, Desire, Energy, Action. Advertising is designed to create a strong stimulus that brings about a desire in you to purchase the product. The desire builds an energy that is satisfied by the action of purchasing the product. Desire is a thought, a mental construction. There can be no energy for an action without a thought preceding the energy.


Burt Goldman

THE ANSWER TO CREATING, ENHANCING, OR DEPLETING ENERGY LIES IN THE MIND. THOUGHT. You have no control over the stimulus you are confronted with daily, its all around you. In things, people, and events. Stimulus comes at you through the media, billboards, movies, friends, and virtually everywhere. You do not control it. But you do have control over your thoughts. Your thoughts can make you, or break you. Thoughts too are things. Every thing you see, was once a thought. A pencil, before it was a pencil was a drawing on a piece of paper. A battleship, an aircraft carrier, was once a drawing on a piece of paper. Drawn by engineers who were thinking of the configuration of the pencil or the battleship before it was manufactured. All things were once thoughts. Including you. Lets now see how to control the controllable and bring about energy at will. But first, does thought really control energy? Think about this, you get bad news, this weakens you so much that you may have to sit down. You get good news, this strengthens you so much you feel like dancing. But its really all in the mind. Your mind is the source of your energy. How using about a Power Mind Trick? Say that you have a sink full of dirty dishes and you hate washing them. You have no desire, and therefore no energy available to wash them. How would you change the stimulus of the dirty dishes to build desire? The answer is really very simple. You change your attitude. To make the change easy for you, I have developed a mental construction to help you to change your attitude. I call the technique, Power Glasses. What are Power Glasses? They are a mental construction to change the negative aspects in your life to that of a positive nature. When you put on your mental Power Glasses, you tell yourself to see the positive nature of the thing youre doing. To put on the Power Glasses you touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, the Bagha, and say the words, Power Glasses on and imagine the glasses are in place. Your imagination, along with the attitude that this will work, will make it work. With the Power Glasses on you will be able to adjust your attitude and enhance your energy as they will enable you to see the positive nature of what you will be doing. Lets get back to the dirty dishes in your sink. What is the end result of your washing the dishes? The end result is a sparkling clean kitchen of course. The way to change your attitude is not to think about a sink full of dirty dishes but rather the end result; a sparkling clean kitchen. With your


The Mind Box

Mind Box 16 - Majestic Sight

1. Start with the Bagha. Imagine a pair of special positive view spectacles are in place over your eyes. 2. Whenever you want to see things in a positive manner touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and say Glasses On and imagine your positive viewpoint glasses are in place. 3. With your positive viewpoint glasses on imagine that you see everything as a majestic looking sight.from its positive aspects only.

Power Glasses on you will see a sparkling clean kitchen not dirty dishes, the dishes will be in the way, but you wont be washing dishes, you will be sparkling up the kitchen. Dont wash the dishes; sparkle up the kitchen. A young lady came to my seminar with her father. She hated to study. I asked her why she did it if she hated it. She said she had to learn the material she was studying. I asked her if she liked to learn? She said she loved to learn. I said, well then, the next time you open your books, dont study, Learn. She looked at me and said But its the same thing. No its not. I replied, How can it be the same thing if you love one and hate the other? She learned the Majestic Sight technique and uses it all the time. My friend, it is not the same thing. Washing dishes and sparkling up the kitchen may get the same result, but they are not the same thing. Not if you love one, and hate the other. How many things in your life are there to be sparkled up? If you have a lack of energy, you can bet its because there are too many dirty dishes in your life. So start sparkling up the kitchens. On the following track is a meditation exercise featuring the Majestic Sight technique that has been designed to help you change your attitude towards things and double your energy.


Burt Goldman

You can see for yourself how effective the Majestic Sight Technique is by thinking about tomorrow morning when you get up. Whatever it is you have to do, if there is anything that you do not enjoy doing, ask yourself why you are doing it. The end result will be what you have a desire to do. Use your imagination. Put on your Power Glasses and concentrate on the end result. Sparkle up the kitchen. Carol Lacey, during a break in the seminar, told me how much she hated going to work. Carol is a kindergarten teacher and the 16 four and five year old children in her class were driving her crazy. She had so little energy she could barely get into her car to drive to work. She would get home eat something and go to bed. She was going to quit teaching; were there any suggestions for her? Put on your Power Glasses, I told her. Who are your favorite people? I asked, Historical, fantasy, movie, personal, famous, who do you like best? Here is a piece of paper, write down their names. After a while she had 22 names on her list. Now write down your students names, every one of them. She did. I said now put one of the personalities next to each of the students. She did. I looked at the list and noted the name Anna. Next to it was Marilyn Monroe. Another name was Alex, and next to it Brad Pitt. Consuela became Julie Roberts, and a particularly obnoxious young lady became Britney Spears. She had placed a personality that she liked, next to each of her students. After completing the list she looked at me quizzically. What now? she asked. Keep this list on your desk and tomorrow, put on your power glasses and see the child as an adult, growing up to be one of these personalities. Anna will still be Anna but you see her as a young Marilyn Monroe. Alex will still be Alex, but in your mind he is going to grow up to be Brad Pitt. And do the same with each of your students. Carol Lacey did that and her attitude changed completely. School became a game to her. She actually looked forward to her students. They hadnt changed. They still shouted, and cried and complained, but Carol had changed. She saw them in a different light and her energy soared. Then there are those who set impossible goals for themselves like having to be in two places at the same time knowing they wont make the second appointment. But they try and their adrenaline skyrockets creating a


The Mind Box

chemical surge of energy. Not the best thing to do as after the high comes a crashing low. Natural energy strengthens the immune system and sustains youthful vigor. All you have to do is to change your attitude. Put on your Power Glasses and sparkle up the kitchen. The meditation exercise following this track will help you to do exactly that. Play it whenever anything is bothering you to the degree that it is sapping your energy. And be sure to listen to both the training and the meditation following the next track. Youll learn Power Tension one of my power techniques designed to bring in energy in less than one minute without stirring from your position, its dynamite/ In 1920 Angelo Siciliano, a skinny young man got tired of being picked on and decided to do something about it. He couldnt afford the weight set he wanted and there were no body building sites at that time and so he spent many hours at the library until he came across a book about isometric contraction, an exercise in which you put tension on muscles without lifting heavier and heavier weights. An example of isometric contraction would be putting your two palms together and pushing one against the other. Then one critical day in his young life he found himself wandering through the zoo. Stopping at the cage of lions he watched as one of them lying on his side, listless and lethargic lazily stretched. The lions paw and leg lengthened until it couldnt go any further, there was a rippling of muscles under the hide of the beast and the paw was extended still further until it seemed as though it could go not a millimeter more. The muscles were obviously being tensed and released. The lion then pulled in his leg and stretched out his back paw and leg, muscles rippling merrily under the skin all the while, and then he stood up and roared, seemingly filled with energy. When he saw that Angelo Siciliano had a mind blowing thought. By creating tension between one muscle and another, the muscle would grow and be stronger. Angelo Siciliano changed his name. He changed it to Charles Atlas and put together a course in isometric contraction to build muscles and sold it through the mail. It was so successful that the Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension course is being sold even today, almost a hundred years later. The core of what Atlas was teaching would today be called Isometric Contractionexercises in which you put tension on muscles, by pitting one against the other. Machines and weights are not used. Instead, youre working with opposition from other muscles.


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 17 - Tension Power

1. Standing straight, tense your feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, neck, face and head. 2. Tense lightly and quickly. 3. After feeling more energy flow through your body, relax.

You might wonder what that has to with Motivation and Energy Power. Charles Atlass course worked wonders, but he completely overlooked an even larger benefit of isometrics. He overlooked it just as much as the man who couldnt find gold and left the area not realizing he was working in a diamond bearing field. What Charles Atlas overlooked was the fact that isometric contraction did indeed build muscles in a few short months, but that isometric contraction could also built energy; in a few short seconds. Thats what CD-9 is about. Not isometric contraction as we will not be working with one muscle opposing another. Were not looking to build muscles; were looking to build instant energy. When you work a muscle, you energize it. You extend it, then it contracts, and back and forth. A concert pianists fingers are loaded with energy, allowing the fingers to fly over the keys. If you could look into the muscular structure of the finger you would find the muscles extending and contracting so quickly they seemed to vibrate with energy, as indeed they would be doing. Any time you work a muscle you energize that muscle. Muscles do not exist in a vacuum; when you energize one the neighboring muscles are energized as well. Work your large muscles in turn and the entire body is energized. The technique you are about to learn is called Tension Power. When you walk or run there is a constant contracting and releasing of your leg muscles. In other words, the muscles are working. Work takes energy. Energy flows through the legs and then to the entire body during this process. Many years ago I asked myself the question: What if a person would contract and release muscular tension while he was sitting stilllike Charles Atlass lion? After a few trials, and feedback from others I tested the technique and presented Power Tension during seminars that I presented in the U.S. and Europe. Working the concept out over the years Ive simplified it so that anyone, young or old can use it with impunity. The idea of Power Tension is to ease into the technique and discover how much muscle tension it takes to


The Mind Box

produce a particular degree of energy. Lets say that the energy number of leaping out of your chair and dancing around is 100. Thats the energy of a thirteen year old child who cant stand still but jumps up and down while waiting for someone and always seems to be in motion. On the other end of the scale would be the energy level of a person who has just eaten a big meal and is sitting on a couch watching television. His energy level would be about a 15. Allow me to use the person on the couch as an example as to how the Tension Power technique is used. Lets give him a name and call him Oscar. Oscar just learned Tension Power and is bored sitting on the couch watching television but hes so listless he doesnt have the energy to get up; and so he decides to use the Tension Power Technique. He starts at his feet. First he tenses his feet feeling his toes curl in a bit as he does. He tenses for 3 seconds, even to counting 1, 2, 3 after the tensing. Then he tenses his calves for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his thighs for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his buttocks for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his stomach for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his lower back for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his upper back for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his chest for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his shoulders for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his upper arms for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his forearms and tightens his fist for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his neck for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his face for 3 seconds. Then he tenses his head for 3 seconds. Oscar now has enough energy to get up and do whatever chore he has. And that is the Tension Power technique. Quick and easy, effective and workable. You tense the muscles very gently the first time you use this technique, you will find that even with a slight tensing, your energy level will rise. After using the technique a few times you will discover the correct amount of muscle tensing to use to develop the energy you need. The meditation exercise on the next track will offer all this material to you while you are at your most receptive; in the meditation state. You can check the technique very easily right now. Tense your back, and then very slight tension in your chest, and note how you immediately are sitting or


Burt Goldman

standing straight as a pine tree. Tension Power can stand you in good stead as ready asset and resource all the rest of your life. Whenever you need motivation to a thing you desire to do. Before doing it, use Tension Power.


The Mind Box



To understand fears and phobias you must first understand the basic definition of fear. A fear is simply an expectation of something of a negative nature happening. A negative expectation; period. Anxiety is a real, or imaginary negative expectation. A phobia is an irrational expectation. Lets now see if we can make sense of all that. For the overcoming of fear rests first of all with an understanding of what it is. A rational fear is one in which there is fight or flight attached. Fear is natures response to danger. Your heart speeds up pumping blood and oxygen through your body. You breathe faster taking in more oxygen. Adrenaline flows into your bloodstream stimulating and strengthening you; it raises blood pressure, produces a rapid heartbeat, and acts as a neurotransmitter. After the fear leaves there is a general depletion of energy and lethargy sets in; the danger is over. An irrational fear is one in which there is no running, no protecting oneself involved. Fear of flying, fear of the dentist, fear of a loss, or any perceived negative outcome where there is no perception of getting away from the result. Rational fear you want to leave alone. Walking by a dark alley at night you want that adrenaline flow if danger comes at you. You want the energy to move out of the way. Walking through the woods and seeing a rattlesnake directly in front of you; you want that adrenaline flow to get you away in a hurry. Rational fear is natural and protective. Irrational fear, fear of the unknown and fears you cannot do anything


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 18 - Kahuna Boldness

1. Think of the worst case scenario with regards to your fear. 2. Think of the best case scenario with regards to your fear. 3. Visualize the two scenes in the palms of your hands, one in the palm of your left hand the other in the palm of your right hand. 4. Smash your hands together. 5. Use the Bagha and think of the best case scene. Fears gone.

about, that kind of fear is imaginary. Because the fear lies in the imagination we will use the imagination to get rid of the fear. Metaphor, or a thing that is used to represent another thing can be very useful in overcoming irrational fears, in this case we will use the Bagha in conjunction with Power Tension. This dynamic pair will be programmed while you are at the meditation level of mind during the next track of this CD, but first, an explanation. To overcome the irrational fear we are going to use a technique that was developed centuries ago, I was taught the technique by a good friend and Kahuna Master, Dr. Robert Stone..Bob wrote a number of books about Kahuna and was a professor at the University of Hawaii. To describe the Kahuna method of overcoming fear I will use as an example a common irrational fear, the fear of public speaking. Consider that a metaphor for any fear. First you think about the worse case scenario, that would be you speaking in front of a group and forgetting a word, or a line, or becoming suddenly hoarse, or developing a stutter, and the group laughing at you. You imagine this scene in the palm of your left hand. Second you think about the best case scenario, that would be you speaking easily and with great confidence. The group applauds you with a standing ovation, and you receive the prize for the best talk ever. You imagine this scene in the palm of your right hand. With the best case scenario set and in your mind, visualizing it in the palm of your right hand, you use the Bagha; you touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth for three seconds. Third, you smash your two hands together destroying the fear at both


The Mind Box

ends thus neutralizing it so that you have no expectation of failure. Fourth, thinking about speaking before a group, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and your fear is gone. This technique works very well. So to reiterate: Fear is a negative expectation. When you expect something of a negative nature to happen, thats fear. When you expect something bad to happen, that is fear. To overcome any fear you must change the negative expectation to a positive expectation. Change the expectation of the bad to an expectation of the good. Fear is a natural reaction when there is a fight or flight response that is necessary to survival or to protect oneself. Moderate fear makes you stronger, faster, sharpens your survival skills. When fight or flight is not necessary, then we have a fear that may get in the way of our quality of life. At this time consider one of your fears only one. You will deal with your fears one at a time. What is it that you are fearful of? Is fight or flight involved with this fear? If it is not, then the fear is an unnecessary one. Let us examine this fear. Think of the end result of the fear. What can happen that you are afraid of? What is the negative expectation? Examine the negative happening. You have just confronted your fear. You can see that the problem lies in your expectation of something negative happening. This is the foundation for any fear, a negative expectation. The problem resides in the mind so you change your viewpoint. You will change the negative expectation to a positive expectation and eventually free the mind of the fear. Now think about the opposite happening. Think about a positive end result to the same experience. Think about a possible good result to the experience that youve been fearful of. Examine the positive end result. Think about what precedes that end result, what leads up to that end result and then think only of a positive end result, only of a pleasant outcome. If you have to switch your viewpoint, do so. If you have to sparkle up the kitchen instead of doing up the dirty dishes with respect to your fear, do so. Sense the scene. Visualize it. Create a scene where you mentally see the good, the positive of the experience and see a positive end result. Have a positive expectation. Then use Kahuna Boldness, and the Bagha. From this time on whenever you think of the fear on the conscious level polarize it with Kahuna Boldness and bring into your mind the positive expectation. Sense the good. Think of the benefit. Develop a positive


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expectation with respect to the experience. Develop your desires. When positive things are strongly desired and the expectations are positive, fears will tend to melt away. Develop your appetite for experience. Develop your desires. The more fervent the desire, the more unrestrained will be your positive expectation. With a positive expectation a sense of fear, false fear, is much less likely. Fear is a negative expectation. Faith is a positive expectation. By changing the fear that a bad thing will occur to the faith that a good thing will happen, the negative diminishes and the fear tends to leave. Whenever you think of the thing, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and visualize the positive result of the experience. See the benefit. See the good happening.

To understand courage it is necessary to understand the emotion called fear. There are two types of fear. The first is genuine fear, natural fear felt because of a real threat. Fear is a necessary ingredient for survival in all animals. It allows one to respond to danger through a chemical jolt of adrenaline that stimulates the body into instant action. When you pass a dark alley late at night, the fear you feel that someone might jump out at you helps make you faster, more focused, and stronger. The fear helps you to get away from danger immediately. This is commonly known as the fight-flight syndrome. However, fear that was designed eons ago to prepare a person for a physical act in the forest is not necessarily appropriate in the workplace. An executive learns in a meeting that he or she may soon be fired. The thought of losing a job would create fear in most of us. A fear of change, and the unknown result of that change. But what kind of physical act or reaction is proper in this situation? What should be done in response to a nagging anxiety that could last for weeks before it is resolved? Obviously, there is nothing on the physical level that can appropriately be done. Yet the physical component of fear, a residue of our prehistoric past, still persists: adrenaline flows; circulation is redirected within the body, and so on. Prolonged fear (creating unremitting stress) can actually damage the body. Although the fear itself may be valid, the instinctive response it elicits is all too often out of proportion to the threat. It is impossible to program out that response, since it is one of our strongest instincts. We can only deal, on a practical level, with its longer-term effects. Before we get into that, however, lets take a look at the second category; illusory or imaginary fears. Though just as genuinely felt, illusory fears are based upon misperceptionsfalse commands emanating from a persons inner conscious. Many people spend their lives in a constant state of anxiety and have no


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idea where it originates. Others suffer from phobias greatly exaggerated, distorted responses to something perceived as a hazard. Illusory fears are the bane of their existence. Illusory fears often stem directly (and occasionally indirectly) from an inadequate self-image. The ego, or sense of self-esteem, may not be up to coping with the complex problems of modern living, and the natural reaction to this is stress caused by anxiety. If the self perceives itself as inadequate to cope, anxiety, always waiting in the wings, is all too ready to pounce and take over. An inadequate sense of self generally, if not always, stems from childhood programming by authority figures. Illusory fears are often based on misperceptions. Say you open your door one day to find a snarling dog ready to leap and bite. You back up so quickly that you trip over your own feet and fall down. But the dog doesnt jump. You take a second look and discover that the dog is a mop you had left on your front porch the night before. Because it was not what you expected to see (the usual clear porch), your mind did not recognize the mop but startled you into a self-protective mode just in case there was danger. Theres no danger from a bit of dark wet cotton, but a dog, yes; lets see a dog, says the imagination, just in case we need protection. And when you see the dog instead of a mop, all the defensive reactions of the body spring into place and back you go. The misperception was quickly cleared up. That was easy. Many misperceptions, however, are buried deep in the subconscious, and in most cases theyve been programmed by well-meaning parents or other authority figures. Beliefs, attitudes, and the ways we see things are our perceptive resources, some of which work to our advantage and some of which do not. What we as individuals accept as truth, (our perception of things,) belong to our overall belief system. Some of these belief systems can be quite resistant to change. No one ever remembers something that happened in its actuality, but only what happened as perceived by that individual. That perception is affected by mood, emotion, age, company, environment, and even the weather. The same experience that two people may undergo will later affect each in a totally different manner. Reprogramming illusory fears to convert them to positive expectations enhances ones awareness and self-esteem. As the self-esteem improves, one in turn becomes less and less prone to react to illusory fears. There are ways to deal with illusory fear. First, lets define the word. Fear is a negative expectation. When you are fearful, you are expecting something bad to happen. Once you are aware of this, it becomes easier to deal with the fear. You simply change the negative expectation to a positive expectation. It is not difficult to do this; however it does require practice.


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To eliminate a fear, polarize it: switch to a positive result of the thing you fear. Take, for instance, our example of the executive who is about to be fired. The first reaction might be to visualize the difficulties of a reduced income and the lessened prestige that would likely accompany the dismissal. But what are the positive aspects of losing the job? Our executive might think of a period beyond the immediate difficulties and start to see this as an opportunity to do what he or she really wants to dosay move to another area, switch fields, or explore any number of attractive possibilities not previously available. Another benefit of changing your viewpoint is that it helps you identify and develop your desires. When you hold a positive desire, the result is usually a positive expectation. And, as weve just seen, a positive expectationfaith serves to diminish a fear. You might initially think courage, not faith, is the opposite of fear. But consider that courage exists only where there is fear to overcome. Without fear there can be no courage; you would just act. To ask yourself why you are fearful leads nowhere because fear is an abstraction. Better to ask yourself what you expect of a negative nature to happen; then you begin to close in on a useful answer. An even more fruitful question would be: what would you be doing if you did not expect this negative thing to happen? Suddenly all kinds of positive answers come into view. Fear is imaginary just as faith is imaginaryand both being imaginary; they are subject to your mental control. You can control fear by changing it to faith. That is the technique that we use for eliminating fearto transmute, or change, the fear. In considering your debilitating fears, ask yourself the question, What would I be doing, and what would my life be like if I did not expect this bad thing to happen? Now you are transmuting, for your imagination brings into play all of the positive possibilities, and at last you have a weapon to fight the fear. Fear is a necessary part of the systems nature has installed in us. If we were to wipe out fear from a persons environment, we would be doing an injustice, for the trigger of fear is often necessary to remove you from harms way should danger arise. However, illusory fear, illogical fear, fear in which the fight-or-flight response is not required can only hamper ones growth. So identify your fear. Is it necessary? Is fighting indicated? Is running involved? If not, in all probability its a fear that you do not need. To deal with it, go to your meditation zone. Polarize the fear; visualize the positive expectations. What would you be doing if you did not have the fear? Go over this again and again. Symbolically smash or erase the negative


The Mind Box

image and do not concern yourself with it again. Whenever you consider the thing, visualize only the positive, beneficial results. If flying is your fear, visualize the positive aspects of the trip youre taking. Visualize yourself sitting comfortably on the plane. Picture a safe, smooth landing and the successful outcome of the trip. Imagine the things that you would be doing happily if you did not have this fear. To dominate your fear, you change the negative expectation to a positive expectation. You do this with your viewpoint, at a relaxed state of mind, through meditation. You do this with that part of your own mind that rules the world, your imagination. Fear is imaginary; courage is imaginary. The source of courage is in the imaginationyour image-making creative ability. Therein lies the ultimate wellspring and true source of courage. The Three Faces of Fear Ivan Pavlov, in 1904, discovered that the stimulus produced by the sight of food as well as the aroma of food, two separate representational systems the visual and the olfactorytraveled along different nerve pathways. They do however meet in a common path that stimulates the salivary glands to secrete mucus to help pre-digest the food. His conclusion was that the final pathway can also be activated by associated nerve tracts that are not directly connected with the response. It was a simple reflex. He called it a conditioned reflex. Pavlov discovered that by ringing a bell when a dog was involved with the smell and sight of food about to be eaten the sound of the bell meshed with the visual and olfactory along the same nerve pathways. The saliva flow persisted when the bell alone was sounded, even though there was no food in sight. The nerve pathway had been established. This is regarded to this day by psychologists and physiologists as a fundamental reason for both voluntary and involuntary behaviors. Fear is an involuntary behavior. A person who is fearful of flying, knows, on an intellectual level, that flying is safer than taking a bath, and much safer than driving, but fear has nothing to do with fact. Some event in the past had set the negative expectation whenever that event is forthcoming. The fear sits waiting along the nerve pathways of the brain. When a like event comes along, the pathways fire off and one of the three faces of fear comes about anxiety, fear, or panic. To eliminate the fear it simply requires another force to travel along the common nerve pathway that had been established by the fear. We have a simple method of accomplishing this. As fear is a state of the imagination you


Burt Goldman

Mind Box 19 - Mental Accupuncture 1. Imagine a situation where you are comfortable. 2. Pinch your left earlobe with the first two fingers of your right hand while humming auumm and holding the comfort image. 3. While doing that enhance the chi by imagining a small needle coming down from your forefinger piercing the lobe.. 4. Whenever you are uncomfortable in a situation use Mental Accupuncture by pinching your left earlobe with the first two fingers of your right hand and imagine a needle piercing the lobe.
must use the imagination to intervene. Here is the technique for Mental Accupuncture.and Chi. Build an image of yourself very comfortable. Keep that image and create either a sound or a touch that is not a usual sound or touch. Say that you pinch your left earlobe with the first two fingers of your right hand while humming the auumm chant. If you did all that while you were thinking about yourself being very comfortable, then the pinch, the hum, and the mental image of comfort are on the same nerve pathway. It will be set and ready to fire off whenever you require a state of comfort. The key is that you cannot be fearful and comfortable at the same time; you are either one or the other. To stimulate still another pathway for the Chi to come into play imagine a small needle flicking down and piercing your earlobe. That will set the Chi energies and the technique will be ready for use. When you are ready to use the technique think of the thing that causes you to fear. If its flying create an image in your mind of being on a plane. When the fear image is established, squeeze the lobe of your left ear with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand while humming auumm and mentally piercing the lobe. That will trigger the thought of comfort which will override the fear. Result: You no longer fear flying. That is behavior modification with regards to fear. I call this technique, Mental Accupuncture and Chi. You can use it not only for fear of flying but for any of the many illusory fears you may have. This technique can be extremely effective.


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Are there any benefits to negative thinking? Lets see. The essence of understanding negativity is in the awareness of this fact: Negative thinking is a protection against disappointment. If you know a person who is a negative thinker it is helpful to understand why. And if you yourself occasionally think negative thoughts perhaps the following meditation exercise to help others will be of help to you as well. When you can block negative thoughts with positive thinking you may well find the spice of life returning. The negative thinker doesnt expect anything that is beneficial and good to happen and is not disappointed when good things do not happen. Most negative thinkers develop early in life, but occasionally time chips away at the positive attitude of an adult, and those who are plagued by constant disappointment often turn to the protective cloak of negative thinking, thereby avoiding additional pain. As the negative thinker is never disappointed it would seem that negative thinking has positive results. However, there is a side effect to negative thinking. When one loses the excitement of positive expectations, life becomes dull and bland, a spice less existence. When people have nothing to look forward to, no goals and few desires, that dullness creates an apathy that brings with it the depressive state that so many in our modern society are afflicted with. And following closely behind depression is that state of mind that unfortunately afflicts many of the elderly, despair. Despair is a feeling that what is desired is impossible to attain. When despair comes into peoples lives, they care little for anything, feeling that


Burt Goldman

anything they want will be impossible to get. They learn to want nothing and life soon becomes no more than a waiting room for the grim reaper. Hopefully you are not bothered by this unfortunate affliction, but you may know someone who is. The easiest way to protect yourself against people like this is to avoid them, if you do not like something or some one, avoid it or them. Unfortunately its not that simple. What if the afflicted is a loved one, a close friend, a business associate, or an acquaintance you like? Let us see how a negative thinker is born, for an understanding of this type of person may help you decide to what degree you may wish to be involved. Betty W. was six years old and a more exuberant, positive, excited young lady would be hard to find. The world was bright and gay and filled with wonder. Every stroll down the street led her to new discoveries. For her, grass was always green, the sky was always blue. When she woke up in the morning, she could hardly wait to jump out of bed to see what new wonders the world held in store. One day her mother says, Betty, were going to the zoo this weekend, and Betty is joyful and animated as she tells her friends all about her impending visit to the zoo. Friday evening comes and her mother says to Betty, Im sorry, darling, I know I promised to take you to the zoo, but Daddy has to work this weekend, and we cant go. Betty is desolate. But with her youthful energy she bounces back and is her old self once again by Sunday. A few weeks go by and Bettys mother says to her joyfully, Honey, I know we disappointed you about the zoo but this time for sure were going for a picnic in the park on Sunday. And Betty jumps into the air with a great Hooray! and runs to tell her friends. Saturday comes and Bettys mother says, Im terribly sorry, Betty, but I forgot were going to Grandmas house and cant go on the picnic. Now Betty loves her grandmother dearly, but if she were to weigh going to grandmothers against a picnic in the park, Grandma would lose every time. Once again Betty is disappointed. It wont happen the second time, the fifth time, perhaps not even the twentieth time Betty is disappointed. But one day, when mother says something like, Betty, were going to the amusement park this weekend, Betty will say in reply, Aw, itll probably rain Mother, or Daddy will have to work, or maybe Ill get sick. And another negative thinker has been born. Betty learned that disappointment hurts. She does not want to be hurt anymore and so has figured out for herself that if she does not expect good things to happen, she will not be disappointed when they dont, and therefore

will not be hurt.

The Mind Box

Understanding that a negative person is a person who has had a great many disappointments in life brings you to a better awareness of why they think as they do. It takes a lot of programming and reinforcement through the years to produce a negative thinker. It is unlikely that you are going to turn one around with a few words. You can, however, put them on the road back to the positive mode by reversing the process. Negative thinkers are born through disappointment. The way to turn negative thinkers around is to make sure that you personally never disappoint them. First step is to change their attitude towards things. Many of our graduates who have loved ones in rest homes or other institutions for the aged have discovered that for the most part an aura of negativity hangs over the place like a cloud of fog, infecting everyone inside. Those who make the attempt to turn someone around face a formidable task formidable, but not impossible. The feedback that weve gotten from graduates of our program tells us that by reversing the method it took to turn their despondent loved ones into negative thinkers, they shortly will swing back to the positive mode--heres how to do it. Call your institutionalized or just plain lonely loved one on the telephone or write and set an exact time that you will be there to visit. Be there at that time. When leaving, make up a strange time for your return visit. Say something like, Dear, Im visiting a friend in the neighborhood next Tuesday and I have to leave there at twelve. Ill be here to see you on Tuesday at twelve-fifteen. Make sure that you both have the same time, and make doubly sure that youre there at precisely twelve-fifteen for you can bet that they will be staring at the hands of the clock from the moment twelve oclock comes along. It will take awhile, but one day your loved one will begin to come back to life. You know, you might hear, the food tastes a little better. Suddenly, appetites begin to return, not necessarily just for food but for experience, for change, for a grain of excitement. Its unlikely that a negative thinker will turn into a Pollyanna, but your goal should be to carry them as far from despair as possible. What of those people you feel are impossible to change? Or those people who are not loved ones but who you do not wish to avoid, for whatever reason. If you simply avoid a negative person, then of course youve rid yourself of the problem. Attitude Management is the answer. Using the same method of not disappointing them until they are secure with you, you may well find that their negativity is confined to those outside


Burt Goldman

the sphere of your relationship. Determine the relationship between yourself and the negative person. It may be that you have a subconscious need to torment yourself due to some recent or long-forgotten guilt. If not, change them, you have the technique. All people have problems that you are not aware of, problems that affect their viewpoint, attitudes, and expectations. You will be better equipped to help those people as well as yourself by using the visual images of the positive thinker and our dynamic mind box methods. And if you have children, please, do you best to never, ever disappoint them. Difficult at times but when you do disappoint, the next time make triple certain, you do the thing you promised to do. ATTITUDE MANAGEMENT One way of looking at things is through perception and the other is a matter of attitude. Positive thinking is simply that which is done with a positive attitude. Then there is the pragmatic, or realistic. Realistic has to do with perception. You observe something and then you choose the way you will feel about that thing. If you feel good about what you perceive that induces a positive attitude, if you feel bad about what you perceive then it brings about a negative attitude. One is a matter of perception; the other a matter of attitude. Perception is information that you receive through your senses. Attitude is how you feel about what you perceive. Many people believe that you cannot have one without the other. Thats a universal law. You observe and then you feel according to what you perceive. With respect to attitude, there are two types, theres positive and theres negative. Heres positive thinking in a nutshell. If while youre thinking it you feel good, its positive. If while youre thinking it you feel bad, its negative. Thats it. Hundreds of books are written about positive thinking, but thats it. If youre feeling good when youre thinking it its positive, if youre feeling bad, its negative. You can check your body as well. We hear so much about body language and what the body tells us. Just stop and think at any given moment, How am I feeling right now? If youre feeling good, you definitely know youre thinking positive thoughts, if youre feeling bad, you definitely know youre thinking negative thoughts. Can you think of something amusing and funny and have the feeling of fear; no. Feelings come because of thoughts. Everything was a thought first.


The Mind Box

You can control your thoughts. Something happens, you observe the event, and perception comes into play, and now comes choice. You choose what your attitude will be. Will it be positive, or negative. Let me illustrate with an actual event. Something that happened to me some time ago. The story I told on the first page of this workbook bears repeating as it sums up so many of the Mind Box trainings. It was during the lunch break that it happened. I was teaching a positive thinking class in Tarzana, California, not far from my home. I had just explained the difference between perception and attitude. It was an all day seminar. Four of the students in the class were going to accompany me to a nearby restaurant. We approached my car. It was brand new as I had purchased it two days before. When we approached the vehicle we all saw at the same time a very large dent in the right front fender. Someone had apparently backed into my car, smashed the fender and left without leaving a note or trying to locate me. The students looked at the dent, then at me and smiled. I just knew they were waiting for me to get mad, curse the person who crumpled the fender, or blow up in some way. How to positive think this one? Whats the positive attitude towards a smashed up fender in a brand new car? We all observed the same thing, a dented fender in a new car. That was what we perceived. Their attitude was something between amusement and curiosity. They were waiting to see how I would take it. The last story I had told before lunch was the one about the dirty dishes in the kitchen. Dont think about dirty dishes I had said, if you hate washing dirty dishes but love a sparkling clean kitchen, dont think about washing dirty dishes, think about sparkling up the kitchen. Reverse your attitude, thats positive thinking. The dishes will be in the way of the sparkle and will have to be washed, but youre not washing dishes, youre sparkling up the kitchen. I just knew those four students were all thinking, how could that apply to my crushed fender? Using Attitude Reverse, (youll find the technique in the Mind Box on the next page) I stared at the dent for a second and said, Lets get in the car. Theres a body and fender shop a few blocks down the street. One of the four said, Youre not going to get it repaired now are you? I had no intention of getting it repaired right then, we were, after all, in the middle of a seminar. No, but I want an estimate of what it will cost to fix it. Whatever it costs to fix, I am going to make three times that amount of money over and above what I would normally make in the next three months. We drove to a nearby shop and I was told that the cost of repairing the fender would be $450.00. I immediately tripled the figure and thought, $1,350;


Burt Goldman

Ive got to earn with something new, $1,350.00. Now whenever I looked at the dent in my fender I didnt mentally start cursing the low life who dented it and ran off, no, not at all, now when I looked at the dent I thought, $1,350.00 Ive got to earn $1,350.00. I kept thinking of how I could make that amount of money. It had to be something that I was not doing at that time. I thought about it and thought about it and finally came up with the answer. Instead of eating myself up, upsetting myself when I saw the fender, I used the Attitude Reverse Technique and creative thinking was stimulated. That story happens to be true. Ive told it many times over the years as it is a perfect example of how to polarize an event when you have positive thinking as a resource in your life. How many things that have happened to you to cause depression or any other negative feelings could you have turned around to make for a more satisfied state of mind?

Mind Box 20 - Attitude Reversal

1. During a negative event, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and mentally say, Attitude Reverse and switch your thoughts to the positive. 2. Immediately consider the good that can come out of the event. If there is a loss involved, think of things you can do to set up a gain.

Rory Graham is a salesman. What he sells is immaterial as the way that he turned his life around could apply to anyone, anywhere. He read about the positive thinking method I was teaching, that of reversing the attitude, using the dirty dishes, sparkling clean kitchen metaphor. He was going to quit and look for other work as he was rejected by his customers almost ninety percent of the time. Wow! Nine out of ten of his customers said no. That is enough to tread on anyones ego. He asked me how to change his attitude. It was really very simple. The negative thinker concentrates on the ninety percent that turned him down. The positive thinker concentrates on the ten percent that bought. He had to concentrate on the ten percent. But how? he asked. I taught him how to use Attitude Management as a resource. We determined that he was earning six thousand dollars a month. He usually saw


The Mind Box

Mind Box Bonus - Attitude Management

1. If you have to do a number of things for income and some of the things you have to do have a negative outcome, tally up all of the things and see how much income is derived from the successes and the failures combined. 2. Divide the amount of income by the total number of successes and failures. The amount you come up with is what you earn on every single one, whether it was a success or not.

fifty people in a month and according to Rory, forty of them were misses as he called them. The people he sold he called hits. The misses were causing him a lot of stress. At night he went over each miss and agonized over his failure to sell them. He even qualified people when he first spoke to them telling himself that one was a sure miss because they had a scuffed shoe, or were in need of a hair styling. He made negative excuses for everyone he saw. He was getting more and more negative about his job, and it was carrying over into his family life as well. Attitude Management in Rorys case was putting all his presentations together, that would be fifty, and dividing them by the total amount he made which was six thousand. Fifty into six thousand is one hundred and twenty. The positive thinking attitude was that he earned one hundred and twenty dollars for every presentation he made, whether they bought or not. It was like a light going off in his brain brightening his entire world. His former attitude, negative thinking, was that forty people a month rejected his product. His new positive thinking mode was that every time he spoke to a person about his product, whether they bought or not, he made a hundred and twenty dollars. Rory Graham changed. His whole demeanor changed. He was a new man. It showed not only with his work, it showed with his family and friends as well. His ego grew, he walked straighter, was happier, and actually looked forward to Monday when he started his week. Thats Attitude Management. There are always two ways to look at a thing. You can see the dark side, or the bright side. The negative or the positive. One makes you feel good the other makes you feel bad. Generally speaking, when youre feeling bad, out


Burt Goldman

of sorts, or ill, if you examine your thoughts, youll find they are negative thoughts. And of course the reverse is true as well. Examine your thoughts when youre feeling good and you will find they are positive thoughts. And therein lies the secret to positive thinking and feeling good. When your thoughts are of a positive nature you feel good. During the meditation track of CD-11 you will find guidance to good things. The Attitude Management meditation is designed to make you feel good. Play it when you feel down or unhappy about anything. If you happen to be going through a bad time remember those famous words of an unknown author, possibly the most encouraging four words ever spoken. This too shall pass.