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AN INTERVIEW WITH Engr. Maria Corazon Abejo A Term Paper ‘Submitted to Mr. Nicanor L. Guinto, Department of Languages, Literature and Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, Souther Luzon State University Lucban, Quezon by Cantos, Gino D. Deza, Jerrald Cristopher C. Granada, Darriz Lemuel A. Marqueses, Dan Ephrain J Oracion, Jonard M. Ranillo, El Jay G. BE- II GH College of Engineering September 7, 2011 There are many technical writers but we came up to a person here in SLSU to interview with and she is Maria Corazon Abejo, the chairperson of Industrial Engineering dept. She didn't accept us to interview personally, instead she only answered questions we want to ask and because of this, her answer is short, straight and simple. She also didn't want to take picture of her and give us some output of her writings instead she gave us a copy of her bio data and the title of her writings. Here are the answers of Engr. Corazon Abejo to our questions: *How long have you been a technical writer? -Since high school. ‘Is the college course you finished somehow related to writing? -l am a graduate of BS Industrial Engineering, What kinds of documents do you write? -In high school, | wrate for the school paper (news, features and literary) -In college, | do researches (feasibilty studies, case studies and research studies) ~At work (researches and instructional manuals/workbooks) *How do you write for them? What are the Preparations that you do? All the necessary data must be accruabie. -I have no other things to do except writing. “What are the difficulties you normally encounter in your job as a technical writer? -None so far, except sometimes when data are not available... *How do you counter those difficulties? -There are other means of getting data. “For you, what are the skills and attitudes that a technical writer should posses? Interest, willingness, and writing process plus reading skills, ~Read a lot, be resourceful, always be fair and be updated. “Can you relate an experience that made you prove that being a technical writer is rewarding work? ~Yes after | felt that writing technically is a big reason why | am successful right now. Follow up questions: “What is the most important thing you consider when writing? ~Most important thing to consider when writing is the reader user of your works, “What makes a person a good technical writer? -l write for the reader.