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1. The following are a few causes of infertility that may be treated with in vitro fertilization, except: A.

)Ovulation disorders B.)Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes C.) Gynecomastia (Excessive development of the breasts in males; usually the result of Hormonal imbalance or treatment with certain drugs) D.) Endometriosis (a condition where tissue that typically lines the uterus grows elsewhere on The ovaries or behind the uterus) 2. Which of the following are the alternative to In Vitro Fertilization? A.)Steroid hormones B.) Surgical repair of damaged uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes C.)Therapy for sperm motility problems D.) Fertility drugs 3. A womans first IVF failed and you have only 1 frozen embryo left do you think she may still have any chances of getting pregnant with 1 frozen embryo? A.) Yes it is possible to become pregnant with one frozen Embryo. The chances of conception taking place depend on your medical history, your fertility levels and on the doctors advice. B.) No, since there is only 1 frozen embryo left C.)Theres no chances at all, frozen embryo must not have be failed at first D.) Embryo must have a minimum of 2-3 embryos, in order a woman to get pregnant. Theres Only a less chance if its only one. 4. Could a mother acquire in-vitro fertilization to get pregnant after a tubal ligation? A.) No ,because tubal ligation may disrupt fertilization B.) Probably not, since the tubes are being join together, you can no longer have embryos for the IVF C.) --Yes could be. It is the only way you would get pregnant after a tubal ligation if it is done properly D.) Procedures may be fatal to the mother if doing so, and pregnancy could not be effective in this.

5. Can a woman become pregnant after having tubes removed? A.) No, she may need medical assistance ,if that would happen B.) -- Yes...she can go through InVitro Fertilization C.) No ,when tube is remove, theres no any way that she could get pregnant D.) It is unachievable since tubes are already been remove, ovulation and fertilization which often develops to pregnancy cant occur 6. What hormone is used in IVF treatment? A.)LSH B.)PTH C.)FSH D.)Steroid hormones