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LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24


August 27, 2005
At 1130 hours, TURLET met with MANNNG at his residence at Wilderness North
Ranch on Ernst Road. TURLET talked to MANNNG about his business. MANNNG
stated that he wanted hunters to come to his ranch and work his horses. MANNNG
stated that he would take hunters the first day to show them the trail and then they
would be on their own.
MANNNG stated that he spoke to the licensing/permit person in Victoria to check for a
transport license. Yvonne FOXALL told him that for what he plans on doing, he doesn't
need one. TURLET told MANNNG that when he rides with hunters, to make sure that
they do not have guns with them. TURLET told MANNNG that there are 2 guides in
the area.
TURLET and MANNNG talked about CORE. TURLET told MANNNG that she would
be interested in attending his CORE lessons.
September 21, 2009
COORS file 200905040 started.
October 1, 2009
Senior nvestigator Aaron KLBACK queried MANNNG through the Department of
Fisheries and Oceans Radio Room.
October 14, 2009
Senior nvestigator Aaron KLBACK queried MANNNG through the Department of
Fisheries and Oceans Radio Room.
October 15, 2009
Operation Plan reviewed by Manager Barry FARYNUK.
At 1409 hours, KLBACK and Michael deLARONDE discussed the file and specific
roles. deLARONDE was assigned the role as File Coordinator.
deLARONDE began subject research and committed to establish subject reports for
each subject.
October 27, 2009
At 0956 hours, deLARONDE emailed Task #1 Report to Bob VANDERFORD
requesting Open Source Searches for all subjects listed in the Operational Plan.
November 3, 2009
At 0952 hours, VANDERFORD requested an extension for completion. VANDERFORD
was sick at home and could not access information.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

November 9, 2009
At 0915 hours, deLARONDE and KLBACK discussed setting up a different COORS file
for each Examiner. They also thought it would be useful to establish a timeline of
FARYNUK granted verbal approval to the draft addendum provided by KLBACK.
November 11, 2009
KLBACK completed Draft Addendum to Ops Plan.
November 20, 2009
At 1211 hours, KLBACK advised deLARONDE via email that he had completed the
Addendum to the Operational Plan.
February 4, 2010
VANDERFORD emailed subject profiles to deLARONDE. Profile of MANNNG added in
Suspect folder.
March 17, 2010
At 1230 hours, KLBACK met with NEARY and tasked him with the following objectives:
O Contact MANNNG
O Make arrangements to challenge the CORE and PAL exam
O Tell him he has limited experience with hunting and firearms

At 1242 hours, NEARY called MANNNG. NEARY told him that he was calling about
his ad in the bargain finder regarding the hunting license. MANNNG asked where he
was calling from. NEARY replied that his buddy gave him the page with his number and
he was travelling from the Okanagan to Prince George the following week for work.
MANNNG told NEARY that he runs a Test Preparation Program that "pretty much
guarantees success. MANNNG does about 3 hours preparation that goes over firearm
handling, safety, etc and then the test is written. MANNNG does the program from
Tuesday to Saturday morning at his residence. NEARY asked about just writing the
test. MANNNG replied that he doesn't do that anymore as too many people were
failing. MANNNG stated that he had been an examiner for 12 years.

NEARY asked MANNNG about the firearm course. MANNNG said that he can do the
same program and send NEARY to an examiner to do the test. NEARY confirmed with
MANNNG that he was not a firearms examiner.

NEARY stated that he was planning on going hunting soon and would just have to
borrow a gun from a buddy. MANNNG told him that he could do that, but that he would
have to use his buddy's registered firearm and be within an arm's length of him as he
would be responsible. NEARY asked about the cost of the CORE program. MANNNG
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

replied that is was $125 for the CORE program plus $10 each for the 2 tests, and $20
for the manual. MANNNG stated that one could buy the manual in town for $25 plus

NEARY said that he would have to check and see if he could spare 3 hours the
following week. MANNNG stated that depending on how much NEARY knew, it could
take less than 3 hour and that he could start at 0830 hours, if required. NEARY said
that he would have to check what time he had to be in Prince George and that he would
get back to him. MANNNG asked which day the next week he was thinking about and
NEARY replied Tuesday. MANNNG did not ask how much experience NEARY had
with hunting or firearms.

March 18, 2010
At 1330 hours, NEARY spoke to KLBACK. NEARY agreed to call MANNNG and
make arrangements for himself and another male for next Tuesday morning.
At 1346 hours, NEARY called MANNNG and asked if he could come see him Tuesday
morning. MANNNG asked if NEARY was the guy from Kelowna and NEARY said the
Okanagan. NEARY stated that he would probably bring a guy that was working with
him along as well. MANNNG provided directions to his residence and they agreed to
meet around 0900 hours.
March 30, 2010
At 1625 hours, KLBACK, NEARY and BEETLESTONE held a briefing regarding Robert
MANNNG at the Sandman Hotel in Quesnel. The objectives were to attend the
MANNNG residence, take the instruction and challenge the PAL and CORE exams.
NEARY and BEETLESTONE were to purposely fail the written and practical exams by
providing incorrect answers and leaving some blank. NEARY was to leave 11
questions blank and BEETLESTONE was to leave 9 blank. They were to ask him for
the answers and tell him they are inexperienced in hunting. Provide MANNNG the
opportunity to allow them to write the exam without the training. Check the firearms to
make sure they are decommissioned during the practical exam. Only point the firearms
at other operator and not at MANNNG.
March 22, 2010
At 1002 hours, NEARY called MANNNG. An unknown female told NEARY that he was
in town and would be back in about an hour. NEARY said it was Sean and that he had
to cancel his CORE appointment for the next day, but that he would be up the following
week if that would work. The female asked for his number and said that she would
have MANNNG call him.
At 1053 hours, MANNNG returned NEARY's call and stated that he had received a
message from his wife. NEARY confirmed that he would not be able to make it the next
day, but that he was planning on coming up the following Wednesday, March 31
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

NEARY told MANNNG that he would call him next Monday to confirm and tell him how
many people would be coming.
March 30, 2010
At 1630, NEARY met with KLBACK and discussed calling MANNNG to confirm the
address and time for the exam the following day.
At 1649, NEARY called MANNNG, but there was no answer.
At 16450, NEARY and KLBACK discussed the objectives for the following day:
O Take the course, write the test and do the practical.
O Purposely fail all exams.
O Provide incorrect answers and leave some blank.
O Ask questions about exams and see if MANNNG will provide answers.
O Give MANNNG the opportunity to allow them to write the test without the
O Ensure firearms are decommissioned for practical and point them only at each
other. Make sure finger is on trigger.
At 1816, NEARY called MANNNG and left a message with an unknown make stating
that it was Sean and that he would be there at 0900 hours the next morning.
March 31, 2010
At 0850 hours, NEARY and BEETLESTONE left the hotel for the MANNNG residence.
At 0905 hours, NEARY called KLBACK stating that they were at the Wilderness North
Ranch, just after the 5 km mark. NEARY stated he would call at 1100 hours if he did
not hear from KLBACK.
At 0905 hours, NEARY and BEETLESTONE arrived at MANNNG's residence located
about 5 km west of Quesnel on Ernst Road. There was no house number, but there
was a sign over the driveway reading Wilderness North Ranch. t was a log road with a
green roof. The officers were met in the driveway by a male about 50 years in age with
grey hair and mustache, about 5'9 in height and 215 pounds. The male was smoking
and had on a black long sleeve shirt, black sweatpants and a ring on the left hand,
wedding band finger. There were horses, farm buildings and vehicles in the yard.
The male shook their hands and introduced himself as "Bob. He invited NEARY and
BEETLESTONE into his house which was messy. MANNNG stated it was under
construction. The officers sat at the kitchen table, with MANNNG sitting between them.
BEETLESTONE could see at least 5 rifles in the joists and others around the living
room with no trigger locks. There was general conversation about NEARY and
BEETLESTONE's travel to Quesnel as MANNNG cleared the laptop off of the table.
MANNNG brought out two CORE education forms and had NEARY and
BEETLESTONE fill them out. MANNNG took the forms and stated he needed $185
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

each to cover his fees. NEARY paid MANNNG $370 (2X$100, 3X$50, 1X$20).
MANNNG took a look at the $100 bills and stated there were fake bills going around
Quesnel and he wanted to make sure these were real. MANNNG stated he would run
NEARY and BEETLESTONE through the course as fast as possible. MANNNG stated
he would send the paperwork in and NEARY and BEETLESTONE would get their
licenses in the mail in 2-3 weeks. MANNNG asked the officers if they had their PAL's
and they replied that they didn't. MANNNG told the officers that he could send them to
a guy who would pass them. MANNNG proceeded to talk about another PAL instructor
who will fail guys that do something wrong and that NEARY and BEETLESTONE don't
want to go see him.
MANNNG took out a CORE binder and dumped out a bag of "dummy ammo on the
table. MANNNG stated he would tell the officers how not to fail the firearms test.
MANNNG began going over the CORE binder. He discussed types of firearms, various
calibers and bullet types. MANNNG kept saying everything is basic and straight
forward. The officers clearly indicated to MANNNG that they had little experience with
rifles and hunting. BEETLESTONE asked MANNNG why 30-06 casing is pronounced
30 ought 6 versus 30-30 casing which is pronounced 30-30. MANNNG explained that
is just the way it is and everyone says ought 6, which means 30-06.
MANNNG went and got a 30-06 rifle, Husqvarna bolt action. BEETLESTONE did not
hear MANNNG open a gun safe or remove a trigger lock. MANNNG showed the
officers how the rifle worked and how the safety worked. MANNNG stated to pass the
firearms exam, you have to endure the rifle was safe not loaded, control the muzzle
and to not put the finger on the trigger. MANNNG showed the officers how to load and
unload the rifle with the dummy ammo. BEETLESTONE asked MANNNG if he can
hunt with the 30-06 and he replied that he does, meaning it is a functional firearm.
MANNNG then went and got a pump action 12 gauge Winchester shotgun. MANNNG
talked about the shotgun and showed BEETLESTONE where the stamp was located
and loaded and unloaded the shotgun. MANNNG then grabbed a Browning lever
action 30-06 that MANNNG stated was his favorite rifle. MANNNG didn't bring the clip
as it was loaded. When MANNNG was previously discussing rifles, he mentioned if
you live in a rural place you are allowed to keep a rifle by the back door for predator
control, but you can't do this in the city as guns must be locked and secure.
MANNNG talked about hunting and how he uses these firearms to hunt. None of the
firearms were scoped. MANNNG talked about the law and how you can drive around
with firearms in a gun rack in rural areas, but not in the city. MANNNG's phone rang
and he left the room for a few minutes.
MANNNG returned and continued to discuss hunting. MANNNG stated that
experience and practice is the best way to learn because if a bear comes at you, you
need to be ready as they are fast. MANNNG stated that he hunts a lot with his horses
and that he had exclusive rights to private property about 5-6 kms west of his house,
which is approximately 200 acres with a cabin. MANNNG stated that he likes open
sights and doesn't use a scope on his rifle because it adds to the difficulty in acquiring a
target at close distance.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At 0945, KLBACK received a call from NEARY in role. NEARY discussed the need for
NEARY and BEETLESTONE to be in Prince George by noon. NEARY stated that he
would be there until 1030 to 1100 hours. The call had a poor connection. NEARY
would call when he leaves the residence.
MANNNG heard the discussion and said that it was about 1.5 hours to drive to Prince
George and stated he would have the officers out by 1100 hours. MANNNG could see
the officers were anxious, so stated he could have them out by 1030 hours.
MANNNG questioned how the officers heard about him. NEARY responded that it was
through a buddy and MANNNG stated that he probably said MANNNG was slack.
MANNNG pulled out the hunting synopsis and stated he had an advertisement in it.
MANNNG showed the officers a colour insert and a black and white in region 5.
MANNNG stated he guides and took a German out last year on the private property
and has guided others too. NEARY mentioned he hasn't hunted since he was a kid and
BEETLESTONE said the he had never hunted, but had gone out with some friends
MANNNG went through the synopsis from the beginning. MANNNG referred to the
RAPP line. He discussed some of the definitions, such as the definition of a tine and
the difference between a four point mule deer and a four point white tailed deer.
MANNNG had several things highlighted in the synopsis.
MANNNG talked about gear and how optics are very important. For example,
Swarovski binoculars which cost $2500 are much better than Canadian Tire ones.
MANNNG went through the Region 8 table talking about season dates, management
units and bag limits. MANNNG always had a story to go along with his instruction,
such as cut your hunting tag as soon as possible before touching the animal because if
you have blood on your tag and a Conservation Officer checks you, you will get fined.
MANNNG stated his guiding rates were $175 per day for moose, deer and bear.
MANNNG has stated he has guided rich Americans in the past who have all good gear.
MANNNG brought out the CORE binder again, stating that he would go over the exam.
BEETLESTONE said that he was nervous. MANNNG told him not to be and that it is
an exam developed for a ten year old. He stated that it is "mickey mouse and that he
has been teaching it for 12 years and no one fails.
MANNNG flipped through the pages and BEETLESTONE could see exam questions.
MANNNG stated that the officers wouldn't need to write the exam and he was going to
get them on the road to Prince George. MANNNG got the CORE forms that the
officers filled out previously and filled out both the written and practical exam sections,
signed and dated the forms and passed both of the officers. NEARY and
BEETLESTONE both signed and dated the bottom of the forms. MANNNG also had
the officers sign another form. BEETLESTONE did not read it, but it had fees on it and
it was a single sheet, not a carbon copy form. MANNNG did not give the officers a
copy of this form. MANNNG gave the officers the yellow copy of the CORE form.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

NEARY and BEETLESTONE talked about a possible guided hunt. MANNNG seemed
to like this idea but did not push it and advised the officers to check out his website.
MANNNG wrote down a PAL instructor's name on NEARY's CORE form and pushed
the officers to call him to get their PAL's as he was no 'stickler' for passing guys.
MANNNG told the officers that they could buy a CORE manual from him for $20 versus
$25 in town. MANNNG called the manual the bible.
MANNNG mentioned his neighbor who horseback rides with him and is a RCMP
At 1035 hours, the officers left MANNNG's residence.
uIy 1, 2010
At 1220 hours, FORSDCK placed a call to 250-991-0140 and asked for Bob. A male
on the phone stated that he was Bob. FORSDCK then introduced himself as Doug.
FORSDCK stated that he received the number from BEETLESTONE and NEARY.
FORSDCK stated that he was looking for the same thing as they got for CORE.
MANNNG stated that he runs a test prep program. He stated that the program helps
you to pass. MANNNG stated that it is actually a guarantee pass program. He
indicated that fees are $130 for the course, $30 for grad fee, $10 for each exam.
MANNNG stated he was out of town from Sunday to Sunday, and could not do it that
coming week. MANNNG stated that he was running a program that Saturday and it
would take three hours. He stated that if FORSDCK wanted it done, he should do so
quickly as MANNNG is a guide outfitter and gets busy for the fall. MANNNG stated
that FORSDCK can call him at his home number and if he was not there one of his kids
would take a message.
uIy 2, 2010
NEARY received the CORE completion certificate for BEETLESTONE on July 2, 2010.
uIy 13, 2010
At 0900 hours, NEARY checked his phone messages and had received a message
from MANNNG stating the MANNNG had received a copy of BEETLESTONE's CORE
and wandered what he should do with it.
At 0914 hours, NEARY called MANNNG and confirmed that he had received
BEETLESTONE's CORE completion certificate. NEARY asked MANNNG if he had
heard from the guys he was working with. MANNNG replied that he had and that he
was away the previous week and that they were going to arrange another time. NEARY
told MANNNG that once he got a hold of BEETLESTONE he would call him about a
hunt in the fall. MANNNG said he had set up some game cameras and was getting lots
of shots. MANNNG told NEARY to call him and they would set something up.

8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

uIy 31, 2010
At 1250 hours, FORSDCK called 250-991-0140 and left a message for MANNNG
indicating that he wanted to talk to him about his hunting and gun course.
August 1, 2010
At 1250 hours, FORSDCK called 250-991-0140 and spoke with an unknown female.
FORSDCK asked to speak with MANNNG and the female stated that he was gone to
get water, but would be back in 1 hour. FORSDCK informed the female he wanted to
talk to MANNNG about his hunting course.

At 1547 hours, FORSDCK received a call from MANNNG. FORSDCK enquired as to
availability for Aug 6
at 11 am. MANNNG stated that he could only do it at 9am.
FORSDCK stated that he did not know if that would work, but he would get back to him.
FORSDCK stated that there would be two of them taking the course. MANNNG stated
that FORSDCK could bring as many people as he wanted. FORSDCK stated that he
would get back to MANNNG.
At 1615 hours, FORSDCK called 250-991-0140 and spoke to MANNNG. FORSDCK
stated he spoke with his buddy and they would be ok for 9am on Friday. FORSDCK
asked for directions to where the course would be. MANNNG stated that it would occur
at his residence. He provided the following directions:
Travel through Quesnel
Turn to the West and go over the Fraser River
Go a couple of miles and pass schools on the left
Turn right on Marsh Road
Go up a couple of hills, and through a couple of hair pin corners
After 1.5 km, hit a junction
Travel straight through the junction on Ernst Rd.
Travel for 5 km until you hit the end of the fields
After the 5 km mark, his driveway is on the right
There is a sign that indicates Wilderness North Ranch
f you hit the cattle guard you have gone too far.
FORSDCK then indicated that he wanted both the hunter course and the gun course.
MANNNG stated that he could only do the CORE course. He stated that he could
teach the other course, but could not give the exam. MANNNG stated there is another
guy in the area that can do the testing for the gun course. FORSDCK enquired about
what the cost of the entire thing was for the hunter stuff. The male stated that the
firearms training is $130, there are two tests, which are $10 each, and there is a $30
admin fee. The male stated that he would help FORSDCK pass.

FORSDCK stated that he and a buddy would be there around 9am on Friday.

8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

August 6, 2010
At 0700 hours, FORSDCK and TATARYN departed Prince George enroute to Quesnel,
driving grey Ford Fusion 4 door rental car.
At 0707 hours, FORSDCK called TURLET to discuss objectives of the day:
O Attend residence and attempt to obtain a CORE certificate
O Do not initiate discussion related to hunting
O f guiding is offered by MANNNG, then obtain details
O Ensure that written exam is failed by leaving questions blank, asking questions
to instructor and ensuring that several questions are answered incorrectly.
O f doing the practical, ensure the firearms are decommissioned and safe and try
to fail by pointing the firearm at the other officer and putting finger on trigger.
At 0900 hours, FORSDCK and TATARYN attended a rural residence approximately 10
kms southwest of Quesnel. As the officers approached the residence, they were
approached by a male with grey curly hair and mustache, short sleeved Jean button up
shirt, blue jean pants, black belt with buckle, and black croc style shoes. Male stated he
was MANNNG and FORSDCK identified himself.
MANNNG invited the officers into his residence through an addition to his home.
MANNNG directed the officers to sit at the kitchen table
on opposite sides of the large island type table and MANNNG stood between on the
south side of the table. MANNNG left kitchen the area and then returned with a black,
lap top style carrying case containing binders and paper documents
At 0915 hours, MANNNG stated that he should get some money first. FORSDCK
asked how much and MANNNG stated it was $185 each. FORSDCK mentioned to
TATARYN that he previously owed TATARYN money and would pay for the fees.
FORSDCK asked how much for two and he stated $370. FORSDCK then counted out
$380 in $20 bills and gave MANNNG the money. FORSDCK asked MANNNG to
count the money, which he did. The amount was confirmed to be $380. FORSDCK
stated that would be good enough.

TURLET placed a call to FORSDCK's cell. Discussion occurred in the presence of
MANNNG. FORSDCK told TURLET that they would meet them in Williams Lake and
stated that it was the wives after ending the conversation.

MANNNG then provided the officers with a CORE registration form and asked that
each of them fill it out. The officers filled out the form and TATARYN asked MANNNG
if there were different requirements with non-resident
addresses as TATARYN was from Alberta. MANNNG suggested that there were
higher fees associated to non-residence hunters. FORSDCK told TATARYN that if
TATARYN was interested he could just use FORSDCK's lower main land address.
MANNNG stated that the change could be made to the form. TATARYN declined and
continued with the Alberta address on the forms.

8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

MANNNG then produced a manual from the bag and opening it in front of him on the
table. MANNNG stated that he would first go though some firearms stuff. MANNNG
covered the areas of firearm parts, safety, etc. MANNNG also had a selection of shell
casings on the table, and he explained details of some of them.
MANNNG stated that he also teaches PAL courses for non-restricted firearms. He
stated he has a friend on the Barkerville highway that does the actual exam. TATARYN
indicated that it was something that he may consider.
MANNNG then placed a blanket on the table and produced a bolt action 30-06 which
he stated was a Husquavarna. MANNNG showed the actions and safety switch of the
rifle and how to check if it was loaded or unloaded. TATARYN recalls no mention of
pointing a firearm or safe shooting topic coverage. He then also produced a 12 gauge
shotgun. Description, handling and use of the shotgun was continued by MANNNG
through his demonstrations. Neither the rifle nor the shotgun were given to TATARYN
or FORSDCK for handling or practice.

At 0945 hours, TURLET called FORSDCK's cell. FORSDCK had a short conversation
with TURLET and then indicated to MANNNG that his wife was in Williams Lake and
was in a hurry.

At 1000 hours, MANNNG opened the hunting regulations and went through the
beginning section as well as some material in Region 5. MANNNG stated that he had
an ad in the regulations for his business which he pointed out to FORSDCK and
TATARYN. He also stated that he had a color ad, which he attempted to located, but
could not.
At 1015 hours, MANNNG opened his manual and went through the test, question by
question, providing the officers with the answers. MANNNG stated that the
examination needed to be passed but that it was just a formality. The questions ranged
from firearms information, to species identification and outdoor safety. No exam
questions were asked from TATARYN or FORSDCK.
At 1030 hours, MANNNG indicated it was time to do the exam. He provided the
officers with an exam and question sheet. MANNNG then left the room and received
several telephone calls. One call was related to him booking an instructional timing for
At 1045 hours, FORSDCK completed his exam and indicated to MANNNG that it was
done. MANNNG obtained the exam and walked to another area of the kitchen. Within
a couple of minutes MANNNG stated that FORSDCK did not make it. MANNNG
stated that FORSDCK had 47 correct. FORSDCK asked if he could see the exam and
MANNNG handed FORSDCK the exam and marking sheet. MANNNG stated that
FORSDCK already paid an extra $10 so that would be good for the re-exam fee.
MANNNG stated that normally you have to wait 24 hours to re-write, but he would just
put it through and show as a re-write. MANNNG then asked FORSDCK to sign a
spare form, which he did. The form appeared to be a document which indicated
instruction had been provided in several areas. MANNNG then provided FORSDCK
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

with his yellow copy of the CORE registration form, which indicated that two exams had
been carried out, one on Aug 6 and the other on Aug 7, 2010. As well the form
indicated that a practical exam was taken with a pass identified.
At 1100 hours, TATARYN indicated to MANNNG that he was also done his exam.
MANNNG marked the exam and stated that TATARYN also did not make it.
FORSDCK then asked if he at least beat TATARYN. MANNNG then stated that
actually TATARYN got 48 right and FORSDCK got 47 right. MANNNG then stated he
would do the same thing for him as he did for FORSDCK, and show a pass for the re-
write test.
FORSDCK then noted two brochures on the table beside MANNNG. FORSDCK
asked MANNNG if those were brochures. MANNNG stated they were and indicated
that if the officers were interested he offered guided hunting trips. MANNNG stated
that NEARY was going to book something. FORSDCK asked MANNNG what the trip
cost and he stated $1050/week. MANNNG stated that the trips include a horse trip to a
lake that is very private and is an area of about 800 acres. MANNNG stated the area
was a great place to get a big deer. FORSDCK stated that he does not know anything
about horses. MANNNG stated that is not a problem, as he would be there the entire
time. He stated that he stops along the way to the lake at a bunch of cameras he has
up along the way to capture pictures of all the wildlife so you know where the deer are.
FORSDCK asked what else was on top of the $1050. MANNNG stated that all you
have to bring is food, drink and bullets. MANNNG stated that he requires a 50%
deposit. FORSDCK wrote some of the details on the back of the brochure in the
presence of MANNNG. FORSDCK stated that he may call back to book a hunt.
At 1105 hours, TATARYN signed his form and provided MANNNG with $20 for the re-
exam fee. MANNNG stated that he did not have change. The form indicated the fail
mark of 48 on August 6th and pass mark of 75 on August 7th. The form also indicated a
practical portion was taken and passed by TATARYN and was indicated with a circle
around PASS by BOB with the number of 27. TATARYN asked MANNNG about the
second form which he had signed and asked if he needed a copy to get the hunting
licenses he needed to hunt in BC. MANNNG stated that that was for his records and
all TATARYN needed was the forms he had. MANNNG mentioned that the government
would be mailing the required documents to TATARYN and that they would be all he
needed to obtain the CORE for hunting in BC.

MANNNG brought up the PAL course again. He stated that he charges $75 for the
course and his buddy charges $25 for the exam. He stated that his buddy is the guy to
take the exam from, as some of the other guys are pretty sticky about any little mistake.
The officers shook hands with MANNNG and left the site.
TATARYN provided FORSDCK with TATARYN's CORE registration.
FORSDCK logged three exhibits (TATARYN CORE registration, FORSDCK CORE
registration, Wilderness North Ranch Outfitter Brochure) in at the Vanderhoof COS
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

August 16, 2010
At 1304 hours, NEARY spoke to KLBACK about MANNNG and they decided to book
three spots for a hunt on October 1, 2010. They needed to ask MANNNG about the
following things:
O cost
O what they would need to bring
O what experience does MANNNG have and how long has he been guiding
O how long the trip was
O what was provided
O would he be doing the guiding
O where would they be going
O confirm they would be hunting mule deer and/or bear.
August 18, 2010
At 1312 hours, NEARY called MANNNG at 250-991-0140 and there was no answer or
answering machine response.
August 19, 2010
At 1123 hours, NEARY called 250-991-0140 and confirmed that he was speaking with
MANNNG. NEARY said that it was NEARY calling from the Okanagan and asked how
MANNNG was doing. They had general conversation about the forest fires in the area.
NEARY mentioned that MANNNG had met some of his buddies. MANNNG mentioned
that he had some guys drop in to do the "program.
NEARY stated the reason he was calling was to take MANNNG up on his offer for a
guided hunt. MANNNG said no problem and asked how many there would be to which
NEARY replied 3 guys. NEARY said they were looking at going early in October.
MANNNG advised that he usually goes Saturday to Saturday and would have to check
these dates.
MANNNG talked about the cabin that he had on 800 acres of private land and that it
was very nice. MANNNG described it and said that NEARY could check his website for
pictures at NEARY said that he would take a look.
NEARY asked about the price. MANNNG advised him that it was $1050 per person,
per horse, per week. NEARY asked about cooking and MANNNG replied that they had
to bring their own food and do their own cooking. MANNNG said it would be too
expensive to bring a cook in.
MANNNG and NEARY talked about hunting and MANNNG suggested that each get a
white tail and mule deer tag and a bear tag, if they wanted to. NEARY asked if
MANNNG would be with them the whole time. MANNNG replied that he would be so
he could look after the horses. MANNNG mentioned that he has some trail cameras
set up so he can see where the game is. MANNNG talked about checking out the
website again to see the property and asked NEARY for his email address so he could
confirm the dates that NEARY suggested. MANNNG stated that he requires a 50%
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

deposit along with a waiver and contract signed. MANNNG told NEARY that he would
hear from him soon regarding the dates. Call ended at 1132 hours.
August 23, 2010
At 0930 hours, NEARY opened an email message from MANNNG regarding availability
for a hunting trip. MANNNG advised that October 2, 2010 was no good, but that he
could take them out on October 9, 2010. MANNNG attached a 'Hunting Reservation
Form' and a 'What to bring list' to his email. NEARY sent MANNNG an email message
telling him to book them for the week of October 9, 2010 and they would send in the
paperwork later.
August 25, 2010
At 0824 hours, NEARY gave 'Ben DUNSCOMBE' CORE completion certificate to
KLBACK at Kamloops office.
August 30, 2010
At 1133 hours, NEARY sent MANNNG an email message advising NEARY would send
a cheque and the forms off to MANNNG this week.
September 8, 2010
At 1880 hours, NEARY called 250-991-0140 and spoke with an unknown male and
asked for Bob. NEARY was advised that MANNNG wasn't in. NEARY asked when he
would be around and was advised that MANNNG was on his way back from Calgary
and would be back that night. The unknown male asked if he could take a message
and NEARY replied that he had already done so and would contact him the next day.
September 9, 2010
At 1027 hours, NEARY received a call from MANNNG. MANNNG said that here was a
message to call NEARY as NEARY wanted to change the dates of the hunt from
October 9, 2010 to October 16, 2010. NEARY replied that was correct as they needed
to change to accommodate one of the guys. MANNNG said that he had some other
guys booked for the week of October 16
, but that they changed their dates for NEARY.
MANNNG said this doesn't usually happen, but that the other guys were old retired
guys who had no problem changing the weeks. NEARY said that he would get the
forms and a deposit off to him that week. MANNNG said that he trusted them, but they
should get the stuff in. MANNNG said that there are some changes to the form and
asked if NEARY could send the cheque to MANNNG's home address at 1996 Ernst
Road, Quesnel, BC, V2J 6H6. MANNNG said that he used to use a post box but it was
no faster than delivery. MANNNG stated that the cheque could be made out to "Bob
Manning as it is easier for his bookkeeper. NEARY said thanks and that he would get
the package off to MANNNG in a day or so. Call completed at 1029 hours.

8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

September 13th, 2010

KLBACK sent MANNNG Hunter Registration Forms for NEARY, BEETLESTONE and
himself along with a cheque for $1,575.00 which was a deposit for the hunting trip.

September 21st, 2010

The cheque cleared KLBACK's covert account.

October 5, 2010
NEARY called MANNNG to confirm what tags they needed and what they should bring.
There was no answer, so NEARY left a message that he was just touching base and
asked that MANNNG call him back.
October 10, 2010
At 0922 hours, NEARY called MANNNG and asked about the schedule. MANNNG
basically confirmed what was on his 'What to bring' sheet: arrive at MANNNG's ranch
at 2 pm on Saturday, stay at the cabin Saturday night, get horses on Sunday and hunt,
bring food, etcetera. MANNNG confirmed that there were 3 of them.
At 1030 hours, NEARY advised KLBACK to check the barbeque, cell phones and other
October 12, 2010
At 0836 hours, NEARY placed a call to 250-991-0140 and left a message for MANNNG
to call him back regarding cell phone coverage, barbecue and if he could bring the truck
to the cabin.
At 1055 hours, MANNNG returned NEARY's call. NEARY asked if MANNNG had a
barbecue and he replied no. NEARY asked if MANNNG had mattresses and he replied
yes. NEARY asked about cell phones and MANNNG said a guy last week was talking
out on the front deck all week without any problem. MANNNG advised that they could
have the truck at the cabin. NEARY told MANNNG that his elderly mother was in the
hospital in Vancouver and that he would need to call home from time to time.
NEARY told MANNNG that they should be at MANNNG's place around 3 pm on
Saturday as they would be driving from Penticton. NEARY told MANNNG that he
would call him on the way to let him know when they would be arriving.
October 16, 2010
At 0900 hours, CULLEN, BEETLESTONE and KLBACK performed a recon of
MANNNG's residence.
At 1300 hours, NEARY called MANNNG and left a message that they would be at
MANNNG's place around 2:30 or 3:00 pm.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At 1350 hours, NEARY, BEETLESTONE, KLBACK and CULLEN met at the Sandman
Hotel Quesnel to discuss the objectives:
1. Meet MANNNG and provide him with the opportunity to transport them for the
purpose of a hunt
2. Provide MANNNG with the opportunity to guide the undercover operators for big
3. Obtain information on MANNNG's past and present guiding activity.
4. Obtain information on MANNNG's past and present CORE instruction.
5. Undercover operators will not harvest game unless required to do so to maintain
credibility or gather evidence of guiding.

At 1508 hours, NEARY, BEETLESTONE and KLBACK arrived at the MANNNG
residence on Ernst Road. MANNNG was outside near the tack shop. MANNNG's
physical description at the time is as follows:
O 5'8 6'
O 200 -220 lbs
O Long grey, curly hair
O Long moustache
O Black cowboy hat
O Blue jeans
O Laced up cowboy boots
O Jean shirt

NEARY made introductions. MANNNG told NEARY where to park. MANNNG was
loading wood into his rusty Red/White Chevrolet pickup truck. BEETLESTONE
observed 2 firearms in the truck. A few minutes later, MANNNG gave them the run
down on what would happen through the week.
At approximately 1525 hours, they left MANNNG's residence. NEARY,
BEETLESTONE and KLBACK followed MANNNG in MANNNG's older Red/White
Chevrolet pickup truck (no BC plates observed). MANNNG told officers to have a
firearm ready as they can hunt from the roads on the way to the cabin, an approximate
11 km trip. The officers and MANNNG proceeded up the Deserters Creek road.
At 1534 hours, the officers were at 338 Deserters Creek Junction sign. They followed
MANNNG up a spur road to the cabin. MANNNG stopped at cable gate about 500
yards from the cabin and showed KLBACK how to lock and unlock it. MANNNG
showed KLBACK the location of spare key.
AT 1555, the officers arrived at the cabin. They observed 2-4 moose in the swamp
directly in front of the cabin. MANNNG showed up around the cabin to show them how
to use various things, including the generator and wood stove. KLBACK observed
several photos of MANNNG with dead wildlife and others on horses. There were pages
from the hunting synopsis in plastic covers hanging on the walls. n the cabin were two
bed rooms. One said "Guides Only and the other said "Hunters Only. On one end
table by the sofa was a "guest book.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

MANNNG discussed plans for the following day and advised the officers that they could
probably hunt on their own in the morning and then they would go to his place in the
afternoon and go over the horses. BEETLESTONE could smell alcohol on MANNNG's
NEARY asked MANNNG how long he had been guiding and MANNNG replied that it
had been 8 years that he has been guiding out of this cabin, Echo Lake Cabin. The
owner is someone named Bruce and MANNNG used to run his cows and that is how
he got permission to hunt the property. MANNNG talked about the German hunters he
had at his place. MANNNG said that they were older guys and went out on the horses.
MANNNG often referred to himself as the 'guide' and how he 'guided' clients.
MANNNG said there were two things a guide can't guarantee: the weather and game.
He stated that two weeks previously, he had two guys in but the weather was so bad
that they didn't kill anything. He talked about how windy it was and pointed across the
lake to Camelback mountain where he took the hunters and said the wind was blowing
like a hurricane.
MANNNG talked about hunting with horses and how if they saw game to jump off the
horses and he would grab the horses. f someone was able then to shoot the deer and
worry about tags later and the officers could use his tag. MANNNG told them to make
sure they were clear of horses and people before they shot. MANNNG told a story
about a client resting his barrel on his partner's shoulder.
The group jokingly talked about shooting the moose in the swamp. KLBACK looked at
the moose in the pond through his scope. MANNNG stated it would make a great shot
and was about 350 yards. BEETLESTONE then looked at the moose with KLBACK's
rifle and told MANNNG he should use his tag and shoot the moose. MANNNG said
"it's tempting, tempting. BEETLESTONE asked manning if he had a place to hide the
moose. MANNNG said he did.
On the main coffee table was a photo album book of Wilderness North Ranch. t
contained photographs, testimonies, hunting regulations and stories. BEETLSTONE
flipped through the book and saw a photo with a male and two deer hanging behind
him. MANNNG stated that this was his son who shot 2 deer in one day.
BEETLESTONE asked if he could do that, to which MANNNG replied no.
MANNNG confirmed that he was available at any time for the officers. MANNNG
agreed that the officers would hunt by themselves in the morning and hunt on
horseback in the afternoon. MANNNG stated they could bring beer if they wanted as
he was okay with that.
At 1845 hours, MANNNG left for the evening.
October 17, 2010
At 08:30 hours, KLBACK called cover to advise that they were going to drive around for
the morning and meet MANNNG at noon at his ranch. The officers discussed scenario
to shoot grouse, remove the wings and see if MANNNG advises the officers of the
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

current requirement to leave a wing attached. During the drive, the officers shot three
grouse and removed all the feathers and wings.
At 1200 hours, the officers went to the MANNNG residence. MANNNG had four
horses saddled and tied to a hitching post. MANNNG explained how to ride the horses
and use the equipment. MANNNG put each one of them on a horse and directed them
to get familiar in the paddock. MANNNG again stated to shoot a buck and they would
worry about the tags later.
BEETLESTONE could smell alcohol on MANNNG's breath. MANNNG was drinking
from a blue cup, which BEETLESTONE smelled while MANNNG was getting his horse
ready. t smelled of alcohol and there was a 2 litre bottle of cooler in the tack shop.
MANNNG mentioned how some hunters like to wait for the big buck and never end up
getting anything. MANNNG told the officers to make sure they "knock down the first
one. MANNNG told the officers that if they saw a deer, get off of the horse and he
would hold their horse. MANNNG told the officers to put bullets in their rifles, but not in
the chamber.
KLBACK showed MANNNG the grouse they had shot in the morning. MANNNG did
not comment on the fact that the grouse had no wings or the requirements.
At 1424 hours, the officers got their firearms and the group left the ranch for an
afternoon horseback hunt. KLBACK spot checked cover. MANNNG led the group up
Ernst rd and onto a system of trails. NEARY led for a few minutes as MANNNG's
horse was acting up. MANNNG directed NEARY where to go. After a short time
MANNNG dropped his hat and dismounted. MANNNG continued on foot leading his
horse. MANNNG stopped at openings and appeared to be searching for wildlife. The
group continued on until MANNNG told the officers to stop and tie up their horses.
At approximately 1530 hours, they tied up the horses and walked towards a field.
MANNNG told the officers they should now put a bullet in the chamber of their rifle.
MANNNG gave KLBACK and BEETLESTONE instruction on what to do in the field sit
and wait for deer. He described where the deer come from and where they should sit.
MANNNG told them to shoot the first bunch of deer that they see as there are lots of
tags and nothing goes to waste around there. KLBACK and BEETLESTONE walked
approximately 100 yards and sat on the edge of the field. MANNNG advised that he
and NEARY would go further and sit and wait.
At 1548 hours, MANNNG dropped NEARY off at a ravine and told him that the game
would come through the ravine. MANNNG told NEARY just to sit still and not make
any moves and that he would be back after dark.
At 1604 hours, KLBACK contacted cover. BEETLESTONE walked up to a small ridge
in the field and returned. BEETLESTONE advised KLBACK that there was a house on
the other side of the ridge and another building to their left on the other side of the trees.
KLBACK walked up to the ridge and confirmed a residence and a barn are adjacent to
the field. MANNNG had not made any mention of this previously.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At 1700 hours, NEARY phoned KLBACK on his cell and they agreed that where
KLBACK was hunting was not safe as there was a house nearby. There were cattle
and farm equipment in the field and they could see Ernst Road. The officers decided to
shoot off a shot to determine if MANNNG would assist the UCOs in locating a shot
deer. KLBACK instructed BEETLESTONE to shoot two rounds into a tree to account
for the bullets. KLBACK and BEETLESTONE then walked over to confirm that the
shots were in the tree and wait for MANNNG and NEARY
At 1710 hours, NEARY heard 2 rifle shorts and left his position to look for MANNNG.
NEARY observed MANNNG under a pine tree. NEARY and MANNNG walked
together to the field where they observed KLBACK coming out of the bush. They
asked KLBACK what happened and he replied that both he and BEETLESTONE
missed a buck. MANNNG and BEETLESTONE went into the bush to look for blood or
a sign of a kill. MANNNG told BEETLESTONE that he has missed lots of times.
KLBACK and NEARY stayed in the field.
They all walked back towards the horses. When they reached the horses, MANNNG
instructed the officers unload their rifles. They mounted and rode about a half an hour
to MANNNG's house.
At 1800 hours, the officers loaded the truck and went back to the cabin. MANNNG
arrived 15 minutes later. There was general conversation about hunting over dinner.
KLBACK asked about the mallard ducks on the swamp and BEETLESTONE asked if
they could shoot ducks. MANNNG replied yes and stated that he had a shotgun the
officers could use. MANNNG did not indicate that the UCOs would need a federal
Migratory Game bird licence.
They talks about hunting over the next few days. MANNNG referred to himself as a
guide and told numerous stories. The officers called him their guide and he did not
correct them.
At 2100 hours, NEARY, BEETLESTONE and KLBACK went to bed. MANNNG slept
outside in the game shed and took his rifle with him.
October 18, 2010
At 0600 hours, MANNNG came into the cabin, started the wood stove and made
coffee. The officers eventually got up and MANNNG talked about a registered nurse
who was out hunting with him a couple of weeks before.
At 0730 hours, MANNNG directed the officers to go "road hunting on their own and to
go to his residence at noon and they would go horse hunting. MANNNG told them that
if they happened to shoot something that appeared wounded, they should wait an hour
or so and go find it after it bedded down. He told them to drive up the 1400 Road to the
large cut block and to hide there. He told them to spread out and go slow as deer will
hide anywhere. MANNNG said he saw deer there twice in the previous week. The
officers did not go hunting that morning.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At approximately 1200 hours, the officers drove to the MANNNG residence and he was
in the tack room with a fire going outside. The horses were saddled. They mounted
and departed, turning right off of Ernst road. They rode down an old road near a fence
line, on the other side of which was a large field. No game was observed. At one point,
MANNNG got off of his horse and glassed into the field. KLBACK observed several no
trespassing signs on the route in.
A short time later, they dismounted and MANNNG told the officers to walk along a
fence line. MANNNG advised them to split up and to wait and watch for game and that
he would stay back with the horses. He told them to hunt a piece of thick timber and to
do a push and spook deer towards each other. The officers walked for 5 minutes and
then went into the bush and waited.
After about an hour, NEARY and KLBACK walked back to where MANNNG was, by a
fire. BEETLESTONE arrived 15 minutes later. There was general discussion about no
game being seen. They mounted the horses and headed back down the same road
and crossed Ernst road back to the area they were in the previous day.
At 1445 hours, they were riding down the trail and NEARY was directly behind
MANNNG. At one point, MANNNG jumped off of his horse and pointed into the bush.
NEARY jumped off and MANNNG grabbed his horse. MANNNG approached
KLBACK and KLBACK asked MANNNG "What do do?. MANNNG directed
KLBACK to get his gun and load it and that he had seen a buck and a doe deer.
MANNNG pointed to where he had seen the deer
NEARY and KLBACK got their rifles and walked up the trail. They saw a doe and it left.
MANNNG took BEETLESTONE's horse and told him to wait a minute before going into
the bush. NEARY and KLBACK went into the bush and returned about 10-15 minutes
The officers and MANNNG rode on and saw a doe near the trail and watched it for 2-3
minutes as it wouldn't leave. They rode back towards MANNNG's house.
Back at MANNNG's residence, MANNNG directed the officers to go for a drive up
Kennedy Road, which was off Ernst Road. MANNNG told them to drive the end of the
road and hunt and to not worry about any of the signs. He said there was a sign there
that read end of public road but to ignore it, drive past it and hunt to the right.
MANNNG did not advise them to stay away from private land.
The officers departed MANNNG's residence and headed towards town. They passed
Kennedy Road and observed a white tailed buck in a field adjacent to Ernst road.
NEARY called MANNNG and told him they were watching a buck on some private land
and asked if they could shoot it. NEARY told MANNNG that they we on their way to
town to get fuel. MANNNG said that they shouldn't shoot it.
At 1620 hours, the officers met with CULLEN at soccer field west Quesnel. Take down
was discussed.
Subject to be at cabin Wednesday morning.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

Take down immediately following meet with NEARY at Deserter Rd. and
Subject's truck has firearms in it, will need to be closely watched. They may
need to be voluntarily surrendered for officer safety.
Arrest; charter and caution by CO MCNTYRE/BARTOS unlicensed guiding,
Establish identity, residence, FTAs
Seize exhibits as directed by KLBACK notably cheque issued to MANNNG

NEARY, BEETLESTONE and KLBACK pulled into Kennedy Road on the way back to
the cabin to get the lay of the land in case MANNNG asked. The officers saw the sign
that read end of public road.
At 1815 hours, the officers arrived at the cabin. MANNNG was there. They discussed
the day's hunt. The officers talked about the property off of Kennedy Road.
BEETLESTONE asked if they could hunt on those fields and MANNNG replied that
they could but that they would have to get it into the truck quickly and leave.
At 2000 hours, the officers retired for the night. MANNNG spent the night in the shed.
October 19, 2010
At 0600 hours, MANNNG came into the cabin and started the wood stove and coffee.
They discussed going for a drive that day, had breakfast and cleaned up.
At 0700 hours, the officers and MANNNG departed the cabin along the 1400 road in
NEARY's truck. NEARY drove and MANNNG was in the front passenger seat.
BEETLESTONE was in the rear driver's seat and KLBACK was in the rear passenger's
MANNNG instructed the officers to keep their rifles in the truck. As they were driving
down the 1400 road, NEARY pointed to his rifle and asked what deal was with the
ammo and whether he should put bullets in his gun. MANNNG said "not suppose to
but don't worry about it. When they stopped later on, NEARY loaded his magazine (not
in chamber).
They drove by several cut blocks and MANNNG directed NEARY to slow down, pull
over, etcetera. When MANNNG asked NEARY to stop MANNNG would scan the
logging clear cut for wildlife with his binoculars. Then he would tell NEARY to continue
At one point they observed a large cow moose in a field, but there was no discussion
about shooting it. MANNNG talked about printing up his own tags when the officers
talked about not having a moose tag. They turned on to the 'c' road at approximately
the 27-28 km marker.
At 0855 hours, they stopped at the top end of a large, recent cutblock. MANNNG
directed the officers to split up and walk to the cut blocks. They did so.
At 0952 hours, BEETLESTONE heard 3 shots and walked back to the truck. He
observed MANNNG walking to the truck and then drive down to pick him up.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

MANNNG stated that he had a run in with a large black bear and he had to fire warning
shots to scare it off as it was between him and the truck. NEARY and KLBACK, who
were together, also heard the shots and started walking back to the truck. NEARY and
KLBACK saw the truck coming towards them. MANNNG was driving the vehicle and
BEETLESTONE was a passenger.
At 1020 hours, NEARY and KLBACK met the truck and MANNNG said that he saw a
black bear that was getting too close so he fired shots to scare him. The officers and
MANNNG drove back the way they had come. On the way, MANNNG observed black
bear tracks in the ditch and asked if they had bear tags. KLBACK replied that he did
and MANNNG asked him if he wanted a bear, to which KLBACK replied yes.
At 1136 hours, they were driving down a road not far from the cabin and NEARY
observed a small mule deer buck about 80-100 metres in front of the truck. NEARY
slowed down a bit and MANNNG, who was very excited, yelled "stop, stop, get out.
NEARY slowly pulled over to the side of the road and MANNNG kept telling NEARY to
stop. NEARY stopped and got out with his rifle. NEARY's gun was unloaded and he
did not shoot. MANNNG jumped out of the truck and opened KLBACKs door for him.
KLBACK asked MANNNG "what do do?. MANNNG directed him stating shoot,
shoot it. KLBACK assessed the shot to be safe and fired a shot at the deer and missed
it. BEETLESTONE got out of the truck on the same side as NEARY and was the last
one out of the truck. BEETLESTONE took a shot and hit the deer, which went into the
ditch. KLBACK unloaded his gun and put it back in the vehicle. MANNNG,
BEETLESTONE and KLBACK walked up the road and NEARY drove the truck.
BEETLESTONE had spined the deer which still had front legs and had movement.
MANNNG asked BEETLESTONE if he wanted to finish it off and BEETLESTONE
shrugged. MANNNG shot the deer again in the neck. When NEARY drove up, the
deer was still alive and MANNNG was poking the deer with the end of his rifle.
MANNNG poked at the open eye of the deer several times to see the response. After
1-2 minutes of poking, KLBACK asked if they couldn't just shoot it.
A moment later, MANNNG directed that someone get the 0.22 caliber and shoot the
deer. BEETLESTONE got the 0.22 and MANNNG told him to shoot it in the head,
between the eye and the ear and away from the antler. BEETLESTONE shot the deer
in the head and it expired. NEARY took a picture of the deer, MANNNG and
BEETLESTONE. They pulled the deer into the truck as it was only 5-7 metres from the
At 1200 hours, they departed the kill site towards the cabin. On the drive back to the
cabin, KLBACK said that he didn't even have his license with him. There was no
response from MANNNG. MANNNG instructed NEARY to drive slowly through the cut
blocks in case they saw something else.
At 1220 hours, they arrived at the cabin and got several beer to celebrate. MANNNG
directed them to hang the animal and took them step by step through the gutting to
skinning, which he did. There was discussion about hunting more deer.
BEETLESTONE said that he didn't cut his tag yet. MANNNG told him not to worry
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

about it and if MANNNG had to cut his own tag, that he would. NEARY went inside to
prepare lunch while the others continued to gut and skin the deer.
At some point, they joked about how BEETLESTONE shot a huge buck on the run at
300 yards. MANNNG laughed and referred to himself as their guide who had to finish
the deer off.
At 1500 hours, there was discussion about them going hunting again. The officers
departed the cabin and drive around. They left MANNNG at the cabin cutting wood.
At 1740 hours, the officers arrived back at the cabin and MANNNG was present.
NEARY made dinner and told MANNNG about his sick mother and that they had to
leave the next day. There was general discussion about hunting.
MANNNG took two photos of the officers in the cabin and stated that it was for his
website. MANNNG went outside for a cigarette and KLBACK deleted a total of five
photographs from MANNNG's digital camera. Two were of the officers in the cabin, one
was of BEETLESTONE standing on the road with a rifle. The other two were of
BEETLESTONE and MANNNG posing with the mule deer buck shot that day. This was
done to protect the identity of the officers.
At 2100 hours, the officers and MANNNG retired for the evening.
October 20, 2010
At 0600 hours, MANNNG started the wood stove and made coffee.
At 0615 hours, NEARY got up, had breakfast and talked to MANNNG about leaving
that day. MANNNG advised that they could come back in November for a week which
would be free.
At 0700, MCNTYRE, BARTOS and CULLEN met to discuss the operation.
At 0712 hours, NEARY left to make a phone call and drove to the junction of Ernst Road
and Deserter Creek where he met CULLEN, MCNTYRE and BARTOS.
BEETLESTONE asked about the best time for moose LEH. MANNNG stated that he
was not concerned about guys shooting the odd moose around the cabin without a
LEH. He said that if they did shoot a moose, they couldn't take the antlers until the
following year and the antlers could weather, and the Conservation Officers would know
when the moose had been shot. He said that the meat could be hidden in the truck and
as long as you don't parade antlers down the highway, the Conservation Officers likely
won't stop you.
MANNNG told BEETLESTONE and KLBACK that if they were successful at getting a
moose LEH for the next year they could book anytime as they could cancel their tags for
the date which the LEH was valid. He said that there were lots of ways to cheat.
BEETLESTONE said they needed to learn those and MANNNG laughed. He stated
that he doesn't teach those in CORE, only in the advanced second practicum.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

KLBACK asked MANNNG about getting him to print off a moose tag on his computer.
MANNNG stated to get out his check book. KLBACK agreed and MANNNG stated
that he was kidding.
MANNNG told BEETLESTONE to cut his tag because he didn't want to get in trouble.
MANNNG said it was not likely to get stopped by a Conservation Officer on a weekday.
BEETLESTONE told MANNNG that his license was in the truck.
MANNNG told KLBACK and BEETLESTONE that if they shot a moose out of season
he would look after the meat and they would have to return at a later date once the
horns were aged. MANNNG added that the Conservation Officers can't tell how old the
moose is. MANNNG further stated that the officers should wear suits and if they were
stopped in a road check they would not look like hunters and would get the moose
through. KLBACK and BEETLESTONE gathered up their equipment. MANNNG
asked KLBACK about payment. KLBACK took out his cheque book. KLBACK asked
how much. MANNNG calculated the amount out loud and stated that it was $525.00.
KLBACK made out cheque #030 to Bob MANNNG for $525.00. Under the Memo field
KLBACK wrote "hunting guide. KLBACK showed it to MANNNG and asked if that
was correct. MANNNG said it was. KLBACK took some equipment outside and
MANNNG came out. MANNNG asked if KLBACK was paying for everyone or just
himself. KLBACK replied that he was paying for everyone. MANNNG stated that he
had given the amount for just him. KLBACK returned inside and MANNNG told
KLBACK that the amount owed was $1575.00. KLBACK made out cheque #031 for
that amount and again put hunting guide in the memo area. KLBACK again asked if
that was correct. MANNNG said it was but KLBACK had missed some numbers on
the bottom when he removed it from the book. KLBACK made out cheque #032 for
$1575.00 and again put hunting guide in the memo area. KLBACK again asked if that
was correct. MANNNG said it was and thanked KLBACK.
At 0738 hours, NEARY briefed CULLEN, MCNTYRE and BARTOS on the operation,
including security, interview, etcetera.
At 0805 hours, NEARY drove back to the cabin followed by the uniformed Conservation
Officers, MCNTYRE and BARTOS. NEARY went in the cabin and KLBACK,
BEETLESTONE and MANNNG were inside. When NEARY came into the cabin,
MANNNG was by the fire. NEARY told the group that he needed his license as he got
checked by the Conservation Officers while he sat on the side of the road on the phone.
NEARY said that he had camo gear and a rifle in the front seat.
MANNNG whispered to BEETLESTONE to cut his tag. BEETLESTONE told him that
he couldn't as it was in the truck. NEARY went outside to get his license and MANNNG
and KLBACK followed. MCNTYRE asked for all licenses and then asked MANNNG
for his guiding license. MANNNG stated that he didn't have one. NEARY said that
MANNNG had told the officers that he was their guide. MANNNG said that lots of
people think that. He stated that he is an outfitter and has permission from MOE, but
had no documentation. MANNNG went back inside with the Conservation Officers.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At 0819, MCNTYRE provided MANNNG the warning and the Charter of Rights.
MCNTYRE asked if he would like a lawyer to which he replied no. MCNTYRE asked
MANNNG if he understood and he replied yes.
At 0835 hours, MCNTYRE came outside to talk to KLBACK. KLBACK told
MCNTYRE about the direction MANNNG provided to hunt and the services that he
provided. KLBACK stated that they hunted on Sunday and Monday on horses and that
there were shots fired, but they did not harvest an animal. MCNTYRE and KLBACK
talked about NEARY going inside to tell MANNNG who he was.
At 0905 hours, NEARY followed MCNTYRE inside the cabin where MANNNG and
BARTOS were seated at the table. NEARY told MANNNG that NEARY,
BEETLESTONE and KLBACK were Conservation Officers. NEARY explained that
they were investigating illegal guiding as a result of complaints and his offer to guide
them during the CORE purchase. NEARY told MANNNG that they were also
investigating the illegal issuance of CORE. MANNNG said that they had written the
tests and NEARY replied they hadn't. NEARY told MANNNG that MCNTYRE would
talk more about this with him.
At 0907 hours, NEARY, BEETLESTONE and KLBACK departed the cabin and left for
the hotel in Quesnel.
At 0912, MCNTYRE began to interview MANNNG. MANNNG told MCNTYRE that
Bruce ERNST and Danny KUZAK gave MANNNG permission to hunt at the end of the
fields, at least 1000 yards away from the houses. When MCNTYRE asked for his
Driver's License, MANNNG replied that he left his wallet at home, but his Driver's
License number is 1537064. MANNNG has lived at his residence since July 2000. He
has a wife and 4 children. His 2 children that live at home are 17 and 19 years of age.
His occupation is outfitting, wrangling and CORE nstruction.
MANNNG stated that he started CORE instruction in 1998. He was certified in January
1998 by the CORE manager at the time, Robert PADDEN. He attracts clients by putting
ads in the Bargain Hunter in Quesnel, on websites and the free classifieds in Prince
George. He has provided 100 or more CORE certificates. MANNNG charges $135 for
CORE instruction, $10 for exam fees and $30 for a graduation administration fee.
MANNNG confirmed that he provided a CORE certificate to NEARY and
BEETLESTONE in the spring, around June, but it could have been earlier. MANNNG
stated that he provided them a CORE test preparation program and taught them
firearms handling (4-5 categories). MANNNG stated that he also gave them a practical
firearms test. MANNNG stated that he did administer an exam to NEARY and
BEETLESTONE and also gave them a practical exam. MANNNG stated that he puts
everyone through the same process and gives everyone a one day class in preparation
for the exam. MANNNG operates his business out of his home. MANNNG stated that
he has a low percentage of failures with his program and will retest if fail.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

When MCNTYRE asked MANNNG if he provided correct answers to NEARY and
BEETLESTONE and issued CORE certificates to them when they had not passed the
exam, MANNNG replied that he did not provide the answers.
MANNNG stated that he does not guide, but was a former guide. MANNNG stated
that to book a hunt, he charges $175 per day for the cabin and horse or $1050 per
week. MANNNG stated that he does not normally receive tips. MANNNG stated that
the deposit for 3 guys for a week was $1575 and the remaining balance was $1575.
MANNNG reaffirmed that he was not a licensed guide, but had been an assistant and
that he was no "wimp outfitter. He worked on Michael MUELLER's territory at Charlotte
Lake in the Chilcotin and in the McClintchy Creek Lake area for a year.
MANNNG stated that he did not offer anyone a guided trip, but offered them just a trip.
MANNNG stated that he doesn't remember two men from August. He stated that the
call from NEARY that was possibly on August 19, 2010 was related to him coming on
the trip. MANNNG sent him a 'what to bring' list and a waiver for the horses.
MANNNG stated again that he did not offer to guide anybody on a hunt. MANNNG
stated the charge for the trip was $1050 per week per person from Saturday to
Saturday. MANNNG said that he did not tell them to get any type of license and just
told him that white tailed and mule deer were up there.
MANNNG said that NEARY was interested and booked a hunt. They talked a couple of
times and MANNNG sent him the list and waiver by email a few weeks previously.
MCNTYRE asked why the 'what to bring' list included no Conservation Officers.
MANNNG said that was a joke.
MANNNG stated that he possibly received a reply to his email, but that he was not
sure. MANNNG said that he only talked to NEARY and that he booked with NEARY.
MANNNG stated that Wilderness North Ranch Outfitters is a registered business. The
bank account is in MANNNG's name and he does not have a business account.
MANNNG stated that a hunter that booked a hunt last year will be there the following
Saturday. MANNNG stated that everyone packs out their own meat. This year he has
taken 12 people on trips.
MANNNG said that he did not tell BEETLESTONE to cut his tag and did not tell him
that he wouldn't get checked by a Conservation Officer.
MANNNG's description at the time is as follows:
O Grey curly hair
O Moustache
O Blue eyes
O Light blue colored shirt
O Jeans
O Green Crocs
At 1023 hours, MCNTYRE left the cabin having seized the deer, hunting booklet and
cheque #032 in the amount of $1575.00. MCNTYRE provided receipts to MANNNG.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At 1106 hours, MCNTYRE arrived in Quesnel.
At 1200 hours, MCNTYRE contacted the Red Bluff Band to give away the deer for
sustenance. She arranged to meet at the band office at 1300 hours.
At 1224 hours, MCNTYRE dropped BARTOS off at the warehouse.
At 1245 hours, MCNTYRE took the evidence exhibits to the office exhibit room.
At 1300 hours, MCNTYRE met with BURNS and gave the deer to the Red Bluff Band.
At 1330 hours, MCNTYRE downloaded the digital camera and recorder. Burnt
statement onto CD and entered into exhibit.

anuary 21, 2001
At 1505 hours, BARTOS interviewed John Kirk GESE of Prince George. GESE stated
the following:
O He was ntroduced to Bob MANNNG when he booked trail ride service
advertised in the hunting synopsis under Wilderness North Ranch near Quesnel;
O He went sometime in October 2008 with his father, Dieter GESE, and they had
no success in harvesting wildlife;
O Dieter who was in his early 70's wanted to do a horse back hunt, but did not
know how he would handle it as his last horse trip was 25 years ago;
O MANNNG was present during the trail ride, and had a rifle for protection due to
numerous black bear and grizzly in area;
O n the mornings John and Dieter hunted local cut blocks without MANNNG;
O n the afternoon MANNNG took both on trail ride;
O MANNNG did not refer to himself as guide;
O MANNNG received approximately 100 dollars per day per person during a 6
night stay;
O MANNNG was providing outfitting for trail rides and lodging;
O MANNNG did not instruct nor point hunters into areas for higher hunter success;
O Dieter used MANNNGs' service the following year when they shot a deer on the
last day;
O Dieter is in Arizona taking possession of new home and has no phone number at
this point;
O MANNNG seemed to have "been around the block and has in the past worked
in the Cranbrook area;
O MANNNG did not try to offer services as a guide and no extra services were
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

O Advised Dieter is a pretty honest guy and also understand guided hunts can be
O Currently works at PG airport and has worked as an Auxiliary for 8 years, and
Corrections for 8 years.
The interview concluded at 1520 hours.

February 5, 2011
TURLET took a recorded statement from Tara WELTZ regarding her CORE exam she
took with Bob MANNNG. n the statement, WELTZ stated in part that:
O She found out about MANNNG through Frank's Supermarket;
O She was phoning around to see how she could get her CORE and her PAL
and they gave her two names, Bob MANNNG and Bob MONK;
O She phoned Bob MANNNG because the other fellow wasn't around;
O MANNNG was able to get her in pretty much right away, it was on a Saturday
in the spring;
O She wasn't familiar with what to do. She has never owned a gun and never
O She wanted to be prepared because she knows nothing, she had no
knowledge of the hunting regulations nor about firearms;
O There were two others with her and they just sat around his kitchen table;
O MANNNG said it was going to take a couple hours. He basically just went
through the book and he talked a lot about gun safety;
O When she did the test she remember thinking, "why is he telling me about this
bird or whatever you know why do need to know this;
O She thinks he just basically went through the questions such as: what
seasons and what zones, where to find the zones in the hunting guidebooks,
the type of ammunition, rifles;
O MANNNG showed them he had rifles there and he showed them proper
handling. He was really diligent on the proper handling and proper safety and
he really pounded that through;
O So the exam was fine because he basically said everything that was on it. "if
you were listening to him talking and you retained it then you got it and 'm a
note taker so took a lot of notes;
O MANNNG spoke to them and it actually went two hours over what he had
originally told them;
O MANNNG told them they would be out by noon but it took until 2:00;
O MANNNG gave her the result and from there went to write the PAL exam at a
different location;
O She passed both exams;
O There were no questions asked during the exam and MANNNG did not help
anyone during the exam;
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

O She did not read the CORE book before nor the synopsis;
O When she called MANNNG, He did say to her that you write the exam right
after and then you go over to write your PAL so he said it would be fresh
basically but he didn't guarantee a pass;
O MANNNG talked a lot about his hunting, about partners not using proper
safety. He talked about hunting on his land. He talked about people killing
animals like cougars and stuff when they shouldn't;
O MANNNG talked about guiding because actually there was a woman in the
course her son was taking the test and her husband was a guide and they
talked a little bit about it but she does not remember specifics;
O She remembers it was a little too easy to get it; she would have liked a more
comprehensive course. She would have liked to have felt a little bit more
O She doesn't feel like she could go out right now and hunt;
O Her personal thought is that he made it too easy. She would have liked a
more comprehensive course especially for the amount of money that she paid,
about $180.

February 12, 2011

At approximately 1515 hours, TURLET attended to the residence of Jessica GRAY.
GRAY stated in part that:
O She took the CORE exam with Bob MANNNG on November 27, 2010;
O She was alone with another child, a ten year old who was accompanied by his
O She had some experience hunting before, she use to go out with her dad;
O MANNNG did not help during the exam;
O The exam was like "a pop quiz
O t was all common sense, she did not feel like MANNNG was giving the answers
to the test;
O Both she and the kid did the firearm practical;
O During the practical MANNNG was asking questions and you had to answer
O Teaching wise MANNNG was okay;
O She learned the majority through hunting;
O She passed with a 72% mark.

At approximately 1530 hours TURLET left GRAY's residence.

At approximately 1540 hours, TURLET attended to the residence of Sergio FERRERA.
At the door, Mrs. FERRERA stated that Sergio was her son. TURLET explained that
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

she wanted to talk to Sergio regarding his experience writing the CORE exam. During
the conversation Sergio stated in part that:
O MANNNG went over everything they had to do;
O t was a three hour course and then the test;
O He taught them about the animals, showed them how to load a gun, talk about
O He went through the CORE book and the hunting synopsis;
O Sergio's father stated that Sergio has gone hunting with him a few times;
O He read the book prior to go to the course and did not find the regulations hard;
O He did the exam by himself and MANNNG did not help him;
O He did asked a question during the exam about the prone position and
MANNNG explained to him what prone was;
O He also did the practical firearm exam. MANNNG gave him a gun and he had to
find the bullet to match the gun. He had to load the gun and unload it;
O MANNNG showed him first and then he had to do it for the exam later;
O He pass his test, he had 62% on his CORE and 25% on the firearm practical.

Mr. FERRERA told TURLET that he asked MANNNG about his activities, he was
curious about his property and how much MANNNG owns. MANNNG told him that he
did not guide but he takes people out, because he supplies horses. FERRERA was not
interested in taking a trip with him. MANNNG was telling story about taking people out.
At approximately 1600 hours, TURLET left the FERRERA's residence.
At approximately 1610 hours, TURLET attended to the residence of Hayley NOVAK.
NOVAK stated in part that:
O She took the CORE course with Bob MANNNG at his house;
O She was the only student there;
O She did the practical firearm;
O She had some experience hunting prior by accompanying her family hunting, but
never hunted or killed anything;
O She spent 3 to 4 hours with MANNNG;
O MANNNG went through the CORE manual, basically the information that was on
the test;
O MANNNG went through the gun safety;
O MANNNG showed her what to do and she had to demonstrate the use of firearm
and then did the practical exam;
O She had to do several exercises during the test, like finding the right ammunition
that goes with the gun, loading it properly, going over the fence;
O MANNNG did not help with that;
O She asked a couple of questions that MANNNG explained because she said she
did not go through it.

8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

At approximately 1620 TURLET left the NOVAK's residence.
At approximately 1635 hours, TURLET attended the residence of Tracey WHALEN.
WHALEN stated in part that:
O She started the course at 0900 and did not finished until 5 pm;
O There was her, her mother in-law and a friend;
O They went through the CORE book, did gun exercise and then did the exam at
the end;
O Her husband hunts and she goes with him all the time;
O She has been going since 18 years old;
O She only had difficulties with the birds;
O She passed the exam;
O He did not help anybody;
O Everybody passed.

At approximately 1650 hours, TURLET left WHALEN's residence.

March 19, 2011
At approximately 1000 hours, TURLET received a call from Bob MONK, a CORE
examiner in Quesnel, British Columbia, who stated that Jim HALL, a Firearm Examiner,
was looking to talk to TURLET. MONK gave TURLET HALL's phone number and
stated that:
O A woman by the last name of CARMEN was meeting with HALL to take her
firearm course at 1400 hours that afternoon;
O CARMEN had previously taken the CORE with Bob MANNNG;
O CARMEN received a letter from MANNNG containing a survey that
MANNNG sent to all of his students.

At approximately 1330 hours, TURLET phoned Jim HALL at his residence. After
introducing herself, HALL stated that Beverly CARMEN was going to be at his
residence to take her PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) for firearms at 1400
hours and that he would like TURLET to come and speak with her. HALL also stated
that CARMEN was not happy about the services she received from MANNNG and
would like to talk to TURLET as well.

At approximately 1445 hours, TURLET attended to HALL's residence and met with
HALL and Beverly CARMEN. During the meeting, CARMEN stated in part that:
O She took the CORE with Bob MANNNG on January 22;
O She was really unprepared after taken that course;
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

O She paid $185 for herself and her son-in-law. She was there to do her exam
and her son-in-law was there just for some training for his PAL;
O All together, they were there for a maximum three hours with interruptions;
O She doesn't know anything about ducks, about the different types of games.
She was thinking that if she goes out there, trying to hunt a deer, she would
not know the difference between a fawn or a spike or any of those things;
O She would not know a duck from another;
O She went to MANNNG's house to do the CORE;
O What MANNNG did first was to look at the manual, and then MANNNG
showed her a few different guns;
O MANNNG showed her the guns quite quickly, she can't say that she knows
the guns or anything about them;
O She only touched one gun and that was for the purpose of showing her to
never put her finger in the trigger, that was the main purpose;
O And the other thing was to never accept a firearm from somebody, because
you can't assume it's not loaded;
O These are the two safety issues she got out of the whole course;
O She felt like it was very, very rushed through;
O She does not feel like anything was thoroughly covered;
O She learnt more by doing her own homework than anything MANNNG tough
at all;
O She got lots of scary stories that would make you cautious, but not that
helpful if you don't know what really happened;
O The only way she did prepare was that she thoroughly read her book herself
and went on line and did a whole bunch of practice staff herself, questions
online. That was afterwards;
O She doesn't know for sure what exam she did, she did her exam for her
hunting licence;
O The other thing she was a little bit upset about was that, yes she answered
the questions; MANNNG sat there in front of her and marked her exam and
said okay, you answered enough right to pass the exam and that was it, that
was the end of her session being there;
O So she did not know what she might have got wrong, what she got right,
there was no reviewed of the exam;
O There was no discussion about it, just that she got enough right and that was
O She told MANNNG she would like to know how many she got right or wrong
and he said that doesn't matter you got enough to pass;
O MANNNG did not mark the exam in front of her, he just told her she had
enough to make it and gave her a piece of paper and off she went;
O MANNNG did not mark the whole exam;
O MANNNG only marked enough to give her what she needs, she does not
know if she got the rest right or wrong;
O About the firearm practical, the test and the training were all one session,
"keep your finger off the trigger and off the trigger guard;
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

O She would have to say that if she did not already know to keep the gun
pointed in a safe direction at all times then she would not have been
prepared for that ever;

During the meeting, Jim HALL asked CARMEN several questions:
O Did MANNNG ask her to load or unload firearms? CARMEN answered: No
O Did MANNNG ask her to take a firearm and show him the different holding
positions such the ready position or the carry position or the trail carry?
CARMEN answered: No, but that was asked without a gun. For instance
what are the ways of shooting, so you can do the prone position, you can do
the standing position, you can do the sitting position;
O Did she have to demonstrate any of those with a firearm? CARMEN
answered: No
O Did she have to demonstrate crossing a fence? CARMEN answered: That
was something she studied herself, there was no mention of that, that she
could recall;
O Did MANNNG walk her up with a firearm and asked her to show him how to
cross a fence? CARMEN answered: No
O Did MANNNG asked her to find a 30-06 rifle and then to find a 30-06 shell
and match it? CARMEN answered: No, MANNNG did that, he did not give
her the opportunity to practice that.

TURLET explained to CARMEN that MANNNG is not doing anything wrong about what
he does, but what he should do is tell people that they come in to challenge the exam
with a couple of hours to review things. MANNNG is not offering training like the CORE
training, because the course should be 12 to 16 hours. TURLET explained that what
happened to her was that she spent a couple of hours reviewing the CORE book and
practicing some firearm exercises. Then she wrote an exam.
MANNNG should have had a list of questions to ask her for her practical firearm test.
TURLET asked CARMEN if that happened. CARMEN replied no.
TURLET asked if it felt like an exam to her and she replied no. TURLET checked the
copy from MANNNG CORE exam and observed that CARMEN passed the written test
with a mark of 61 and the firearm practical with a mark of 24 and asked how she would
have a mark of 24 without doing the exam?
TURLET asked CARMEN how she felt about the CORE written test and if she was
confident about her answers. CARMEN answered that she did feel very confident with
her answers because she did study a lot by herself prior, but he did not know that. "He
did not know that was not just this woman my age not knowing darn about guns and
wanting one. She told MANNNG that last time she touch a gun was when she was
twelve on the farm.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

HALL stated that the reason he was concerned was that he was giving her, her PAL test
for long arms and there was an insecurity of the firearm controlling her rather than her
controlling the firearm. She was totally safe but she did not feel comfortable loading or
unloading the firearm. HALL added that it raised a big flag on what kind of course she
took in CORE because between CORE and long arm PAL, there is very little difference.
HALL explained that CARMEN came in and challenged her PAL for long arms and she
passed, but just passed on the handling of it, but she passed and now was doing her
restricted firearms course.
TURLET explained to CARMEN that unless she obtains the exam itself, there was no
way to prove if she passed the written test for her CORE or not.
CARMEN explained that the written part of her PAL was no problem because
everything was in the book, but she felt quite terrified with the guns, not feeling
completely safe and knowledgeable about the safety part of the gun.
TURLET asked HALL if the CORE firearm practical was about the same as the PAL and
he said yes there are pretty close. Detective Sergeant TURLET then stated that there
are quite a few questions for the test and that CARMEN should have known that she
was doing a practical exam with MANNNG. CARMEN asked how could she do it with
one rifle and that was the only one she touched. So to be shown this a pump action,
this is a hinge action, to never have seen these guns before, how would have she
known that.
TURLET asked HALL that even if CARMEN knew that, how MANNNG could test
somebody with only one gun. HALL answered, "You can't; the minimum requirement is
three guns
CARMEN explained that MANNNG had several guns that he showed her, but only one
gun she looked at and she does not remember loading or unloading anything. t was
only emphasized the ACT and PROVE. She felt that she needed to put the ACT and
PROVE into practical and that probably where she was short here (PAL) and barely
made it.
MANNNG told CARMEN that he usually sends people from here and they go down to
Mr. LEER and that they would have no problem go through it, that the only two things to
remember is don't put your hand on the trigger and don't let him give you the gun,
because he will fail you. LEER has been away off and on so she did not contact him.
CARMEN also told TURLET that she received a letter from MANNNG and that she did
not know if it was a government letter or not. TURLET looked at the letter and observed
a Canadian flag on the top left corner beside Bob MANNNG's name. CARMEN was
wondering what was MANNNG? s he part of a government agency? TURLET
explained that all MANNNG did was to put a flag beside his name because he is CORE
examiner and that he is licenced by the Wildlife Federation as a CORE examiner.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

HALL asked TURLET what MANNNG meant in his letter to the student by saying "on
my own accord. TURLET believed that he was just stating that the students are doing
their own tests.
CARMEN also mentioned that MANNNG gave her a couple of names of instructors not
to go to, Robert MONK and she does not remember the other one.
TURLET told CARMEN that she would like to speak with Kevin her son-in-law if that
was possible. CARMEN stated that he was in Vancouver and that she will check with
him see if he wants to get involved. CARMEN also stated that Kevin did not stay for the
entire session he had to leave early.
At approximately 1545 hours, TURLET left HALL's residence.

March 30, 2011
At 1411 hours, deLARONDE telephoned the BCWF and spoke with WNDER.
WNDER transferred deLARONDE call to Rod WEBE. WEBE was advised that the
Conservation Officer Service was conducting an investigation into the actions of a
couple of CORE Examiners and would require documents verifying the subjects of the
investigation were authorized to conduct CORE examinations. WEBE requested that
deLARONDE send him an email with the request so that the BCWF could retrieve the
requested information.
At 1544 hours, deLARONDE emailed Rod WEBE, requesting CORE information on
specific examiners, including MANNNG.

ApriI 4, 2011
At 1643 hours, Corporal CHN drove up to the vehicle of Michael LEBRUN on the 500
road near Quesnel. He observed the barrel of a 0.22 out the window. CHN secured
the driver, LEBRUN, his passenger and the firearm.
LEBRUN stated that he was hunting rabbits and was told by Frank's supermarket that
he did not require a license to do so. He could produce a hunter card. He stated that
he was using the scope on the 0.22 to view rabbits and was not intending to shoot them
from his vehicle. His passenger had a set of binoculars. LEBRUN's vehicle was not
loaded and he was cooperative.
CHN contacted MCNTYRE and advised her of the situation. He served LEBRUN with
a ticket for contravening Section 11(1)(a) of the Wildlife Act hunting without a license.
MCNTYRE asked where LEBRUN obtained his certification. LEBRUN told CHN it was
Bob MANNNG. MCNTYRE asked CHN to obtain contact information and tell
LEBRUN that the Conservation Officer Service would be contacting him.
8C!LC1 CCnCC8uL 8CC8LSS 8LC81 Slu 2009/24

ApriI 7, 2011
At 1310 hours, deLARONDE attend at the office of the BCWF located at 3060 Norland
Avenue, Burnaby, BC. WNDER met deLARONDE at a customer service counter and
provided a number of documents relating to the email sent by deLARONDE previously.
MERRLL provided her personal information and stated she is employed by the BCWF
as a part time CORE nterim employee.
At 1325 hours, Rod WEBE, President of the BCWF, provided in a digitally recorded
statement, that:
O the BCWF is the designated agency responsible to deliver CORE to the public
O any person can instruct the CORE course and only certified examiners may
conduct examinations
O the BCWF relies on CORE Examiners to administer CORE exams, examiners
verify pass or fail of the exam
O upon successful completion of the CORE exam the BCWF issues a certificate
signed off by the BCWF certifying the successful completion of the CORE exam
O with a certificate of successful completion a person may be issued a BC Resident
Hunter Number
O there is a fee for taking the exam and another administrative fee for processing
the exam
O examiners are also expected to uphold the reputation of the BCWF.
At 1400 hours, deLARONDE departed the BCWF office.

une 2, 2011
At 0645 hours, LEBRUN called MCNTYRE and told her the following:
O He just got from camp and was headed back to camp that day.
O His error in hunting was his own fault.
O He took his CORE exam years ago when he was young.
O A guy at Frank's Store told him that he didn't need a licence.
O The guy misunderstood and thought LEBRUN was asking for tags.
O He was only going rabbit hunting and all the errors were his own.
O The guy who taught him CORE did not steer him wrong.

September 13, 2011
At 0932 hours, KLBACK received an email from Celina TAYLOR that the file will be in
court in Quesnel on October 4, 2011 for a Fix Date to be set.