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John Adams Fun loving family

Mary Drake held her breath as she listened to her parents fuck. "Deeper! Oh, Paul! Fuck my pussy deeper with your big cock!" Sheree Drake encouraged her husband. "Fuck, woman! I'm fucking as deep as my cock will go, now!" Paul Drake groaned. He felt the sharp pain of his wife's sharp nails raking his back. Mary had to hold her hand over her mouth to keep from giggling as she stood in the hall and listened to the exciting fucking noises her folks made. The eighteen-year-old daughter knew that her parents were not aware that she was listening. They thought that she was still out at a party. Mary wished that her parents had left more light on in their bedroom so that she could watch them fuck. But then again, if they had on another light they might see her outside their door. "Ooooo, lover!" Sheree squealed as she shoved her pussy up at her strong husband. She

flung her head from side to side as she bucked up at him. Her long blonde hair whipped against the pillows as she thrashed. "Fuck!" Paul grunted when her pussy squeezed his thick cock cacti time he pumped her pussy. Paul looked down at his wife's big-titted body and groaned again as he watched the expressions on her beautiful face. She was a gorgeous woman, and looked several years younger than her thirtyeight years. People had trouble believing she had a eighteen-year-old daughter. As the fucking man thought of his pretty daughter, his cock throbbed and his balls churned with cum. He was getting turned on as he looked down at his wife and remembered how much she had looked like Mary when she was a teenager. "Baby," Paul whispered as he plowed his wife's cunt and pretended that he was fucking Mary's tight young twat. Mary was the perfect image of her mother. The sexy big-titted girl had the same face, hair, and figure. The horny father was having trouble keeping his hands off his hot-assed little girl. "Screw my cunt, Paul!" Sheree screamed. She

wrapped her long, tanned legs around his back. Sheree couldn't help but compare her husband with their nineteen-year-old son, Mike. Mike was built much like his handsome father, with a tall muscular body. Sheree felt her nipples burn as she thought of her son. She thought about the past week when she had stared at the boy as he swam in their big pool. She had been unable to take her eyes off his firm young body. "Fuck me, darling!" the sweaty wife moaned, thinking of her son as she took her husband's cock. "Fuck!" Mary whispered to herself as she looked around the edge of the door and saw the dim shape of her father's ass as he drove into her mother's cunt. "I never knew my folks were so horny." The pretty girl was glad that she had decided to leave the party early to come home. She was also glad that her brother had stayed at the party. If she could just stay quiet, no one would ever know she had listened to her parents fuck each other. "Ummmm, fucker! Screw me harder! Make me come with your cock!" Mary heard her mother say. "Fucking whore!" Mary heard her father groan as he sank his cock into her mother's cunt.

Mary couldn't take it any longer. Her cunt demanded that she pay it attention. The heat and wetness in her tight little fuck-hole was unbearable. "Oooooooo!" she moaned softly after she had pushed her shorts down and slipped her hand inside her panties to find her pussy. "Fuck!" the horny girl hissed as she slipped a small finger into her cunt. She was wearing only the shorts, panties, and a small top that barely covered her big tits. She wore this type of knit top often because it exposed her belly and got her a lot of horny looks from the boys. "Fuck her, Daddy!" Mary whispered as she listened to the smacking of her father's flesh against her mother's. She pushed her panties down to her knees with her shorts so she could get to her clit and cunt easier. "My pussy is sooo hot!" the hot girl moaned. She pulled her finger up until she came into contact with her stiff, burning clit. She rubbed her clit and listened again to her parents fucking. "Fuck my cunt, Paul! Fact it harder! I'm going to come, lover!" Sheree Drake shouted. She began to moan and cry out with pleasure.

"Tate it all, baby! I'm coming!" Paul Drake groaned as a flood of thick cum flowed from his cock and filled his hot-sued wife's pussy. "Oooo, Mommy! Oooo, Daddy!" Mary cried as softly as she could without them hearing her. "Fuck each other good! I'm going to come with you both!" "Deeper, Paul! Make me come again!" Sheree screamed. She struggled to get at least one more blast out before her fucking man collapsed on top of her. "I'm so close again, my big fucker!" "I'm trying, honey!" Paul groaned. He used his bit of strength to make her explode another time. "There! I'm there again," Since shouted. She groaned when she felt her steaming cunt boil over with wild sensations. "I'm coming again!" Mary whispered. She leaned against the wall outside her parents' bedroom and shuddered violently as she rubbed her clit to her great pleasure. "Baby" Sheree moaned as she came from her fantastic sexual high. She cuddled Paul's body on top of hers and squeezed his shrinking cock with her wet cunt. He gave her a few last gentle pumps as

he sucked on one of her stiff nipples. Mary finally straightened up and adjusted her clothes. She was afraid that one or both of her parents might come out of the bedroom to go to the kitchen. She didn't want to be caught after watching and listening to them fuck. "You sure are one hot piece of pussy, honey," Mary heard her father say to her mother. The young girl smiled to herself as she walked down the hall toward the back door of the house. She was still horny even after masturbating and she knew where she could find a big cock to feed her hungry cunt. Mary eased the back door open and let it close very softly behind bet. She had to force back a giggle of excitement as she left the house. The hot girl walked past the garage and went around toward the back of her large home. The Miami night was very warm, but she shivered. Her shivering was from excitement, not from being cold. A big smile stayed on her face as she took a shortcut between her house and a neighbor's to get to the party as soon as possible. "Mary?" Joan Wilson said when she saw the

big-titted blonde walk in. "I'm so glad you came back. No one could understand why you left so early." "Well, I'm back, anyway," Mary answered as she looked around the living room and saw that almost all of the kids were still at Joan's house. "Where is Billy?" Joan laughed and handed the beer she had been drinking to Mary. Mary took a large gulp of the beer before giving it back to Joan. "You got the hots for Billy, Mary?" Joan laughed. Mary knew that Joan was drunk. She didn't care if the other girl knew that she was looking for Billy. All she cared about was getting the boy's big cock in her hungry little cunt. "Mind your own business, Joan," Mary grinned. "Me you going to tell me where Billy is or not?" "Okay, Mary. Relax. Billy's in the bathroom. He'll be out in a minute. Why don't you have a beer and listen to some records while you wait?" Mary went into the kitchen and got a can of beer from the refrigerator. She hadn't eaten much during the day, and she knew it wouldn't take much to get her drunk.

The horny girl walked back into the living room and stood next to the stereo as she looked around at the activity of the party. Mary was glad that Joan's parents were out of town and that no adults were around to supervise the party. That meant that the five bedrooms of the house were available for lots of fucking and sucking. As soon as Billy came out of the bedroom, Mary intended to take him into one of those bedrooms to get the hard cock she so desperately needed. Several of the boys and girls at the party had paired off and were kissing and touching each other. Mary watched a boy push his hand up under a girl's blouse. "Ummm, Johnny!" the girl squealed. She responded by shoving her tongue into the boy's mouth. The boy then lifted the girl's blouse up over her large tits. Mary stared at the girl's big jugs for a moment as the boy squeezed them. All this did was make Mary even more desperate to fuck Billy. She looked down the hall and frowned. She wished the boy would come out of the bathroom. Finally, she saw Billy come out. She didn't wait

for him to get back to the living room. Instead, she met him in the hall and grabbed his hand. "Hey, Mary!" Billy said when she suddenly began to pull him toward the nearest bedroom. "What's up?" "I hope your cock is, Billy!" Mary smiled as she yanked the startled boy into a bedroom. She wasted no time in closing the door and undressing. "Fuck, Mary!" Billy growled as he began to take off his clothes. "I was hoping you would want to do this earlier, but you left. What happened to make you so horny all of a sudden?" Mary was naked by the time she answered Billy. "Never mind why I'm horny, lover. Just fuck me with that big cock before I have to go out to the party again and find another boy who can take care of my pussy!" Billy stared at her fantastic tits and cunt for a minute before he finished undressing. He stumbled out of his pants and shoes, and walked to the bed where Mary had already stretched out. "Fuck me, Billy! Don't bother to spend any time kissing me or sucking on my titties. I want your cock

in my cunt in a hurry!" Billy shuddered with heat as be crawled upon the bed to join the wild girl. He got between her legs and moaned when she grabbed his cock. "Now! Fuck meeee!" Mary screamed. She dug her nails into his back as she pulled him down into her sweaty flesh. "Motherfucker!" Mary cried out when she felt his long, thick prick split her cunt. Her cunt was crammed with the hard meat she craved. "Deeper!" the crazed girl pleaded as she hugged his boy to her hot tits. "Unnnhhhh!" Billy groaned when her legs clamped around his back and his cock was forced even further into her demanding cunt. "Oooo, Billy! It's so good, darling! My pussy needs it so much! My cunt is so hot! I'm on fire for your big cock! My tits ache! My pussy feels so gooood!" "Shit, Mary!" Billy groaned. He tried to rise up to plunge back into her twat. It wasn't easy for him to move on top of her. Her arms and legs had him so entwined that he was barely able to fuck into her. "Fuck me harder, Billy!"

"I can't, Mary! I can't even move! Give me a break if you expect me to fuck you!" Mary unwrapped her long legs and spread them wide for him. "You've got all the room you need now, Billy! Fuck me fast and hard, lover! Give me all of that long cock in my hot pussy!" Billy lifted his ass up and drove down into her as hard as he could. His balls slapped her upturned ass as he pushed every inch of his thick cock into her wet snatch. "Yesss! I love it deep like that. I feel like such a whore when I'm fucked deep!" "You're squeezing the shit out of my dick, Mary!" Billy moaned. He winced when his sensitive balls were crushed against her asscheeks. "You bet I am, fucker! I'm going to squeeze your cock off with my tight pussy, and I'm going to suck all the cum out of your big balls!" Billy wasn't able to hold it much longer. It was just impossible to do so. The hot-assed, big-titted girl under him was too hot, and her tight wet pussy was too fucking good for him to keep from coming sooner than he had wanted.

"Fucking cunt!" he groaned. He slammed into her and remained there as his first shot of jizz boiled out of his nuts. "I'm going to fill your pussy up with cum, you hot little slut!" This was all that Mary needed to spark her cunt to a blast. "Give it to me! I'm going to come with you, Billy! My cunt is coming! Fill my cunt up with your hot cum! Drown me with cum! I'm coming! Oh, God! Here it comes again! I can't believe it, Billy! I'm coming again! And again! Oh, God! Again!" Mary thought of her mother and father as she came repeatedly. She wished that her father's big dick was in her cunt as she came. "Again!" she moaned a final time as a long blast finished the job on her pussy. She continued to squeeze the boy's deflating cock with her pussy, and she enjoyed the tremors that died away as she came back down. "You've never been that hot when we've fucked before, Mary," Billy spoke as he rose up and fell next to the big-titted girl. Mary reached over to lightly stroke his wet, limp prick as she answered. "Are you complaining, Billy?"

"Fuck no," he gasped as he felt his cock start to grow again. He had thought that he would be unable to get it up so soon, but only a few strokes by Mary made his cock ache once more. Mary smiled as she watched his prick grow. She felt the heat rise again in her cunt. "I want to suck it now," she giggled as she leaned over his crotch. "You've got the best mouth, Mary!" Billy gasped as his dick disappeared into her mouth. "I've never had my cock sucked as good as you do it!" "Ummmmmm!" she moaned in answer, and then began to concentrate on her cocksucking. Mary loved to suck cocks. She had sucked Billy's thick prick many times, as well as the cocks of several other boys in her school. As much as she loved sucking the boys' cocks, there was one cock that she would have traded them all for her father's. "Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned as she felt Billy's dick expand, signaling that it was almost ready to fill her mouth with thick cum. "Suck! Suck! Suck! Suck me off, Mary! I'm

coming in your mouth!" Billy gasped. He pushed her head down on his dick as he shot. "More! More cum!" Mary groaned as she tasted his jizz. As she swallowed the hot liquid, she wondered how her daddy's cum was going to taste.

Sheree Drake sipped her second cup of coffee and fidgeted with her fork as she stared at the cold eggs on her breakfast plate. "Damn!" the bored wife grunted as she put the morning paper aside and drummed her fingers on the table. She sighed and pushed her chair back. The blonde, big-titted woman stood and walked over to the kitchen window. She looked down at the sink and frowned as she stared at the pile of dirty dishes. "Fuck 'em!" she said to herself as she decided to let the dishes remain where they were. One thing she didn't intend to do was wash the dishes. Sheree was feeling horny as she looked out of the window at the back yard. She was bored, and that made her even the more horny. The lovely wife and mother looked out at the large pool that dominated the yard. She thought about going for a swim, but that didn't excite her. She could at least sit by the pool and get some sun. That did interest her a little. After mixing herself a

drink she went to her bedroom and selected a bikini to wear. She smiled at herself as she put the tiny pieces of cloth on her great body. The bikini bottoms barely fit over her ass, and tiny wisps of her pussy-hairs were visible around the edges of the bottoms. "Hmmmmmmm," she hummed with pride as she pulled the bikini top over her huge jugs. The top didn't begin to cover all of her big boobs, and that was okay with the horny woman. She loved to show off her beautiful body, even if no one but her was going to see it by the pool. Sheree took her drink and a towel and went out to the pool. "Ahhhhhh," she breathed when she felt the soothing heat of the sun on her flesh. She loved the sun, and was very happy when Paul's company had moved them to Miami. She hated the cold and snow of their former home in Pittsburgh. The gorgeous woman stretched out on a lawn chair and sipped her drink. She smiled and thought about the good life that belonged to her. Sheree was a little bored, but she wasn't an unhappy woman. She had a terrific family, a beautiful

home, and she hadn't needed to work for years. Paul's salary made her having a job unnecessary. The pretty woman thought about her handsome family. She was proud of her attractive husband, her son and her lovely daughter. Whenever the four of them we fit out together, they received a lot of admiring stares. As exciting as her husband was in bed, Sheree needed other cocks to feed her demanding cunt. It had been months since she had fucked another man other than her husband, and she was about ready for a strange cock. Sheree shifted in the chair as she felt the growing itch in her pussy. The thought of fucking another man was getting her hot. The heat from the sun, combined with the heat from inside her body, was making her yearn for cocks. "Christ!" she moaned as she could bear the heat no longer. She got up and went to the pool. She thought that a dip in the cool water would do her some good. As she dove into the pool, Sheree felt the water cool her body on the outside, but the heat inside her refused to be cooled.

She swam a few times across the pool and then clung to the edge. Her cunt burned and itched still. Looking around, Sheree was convinced that no one could observe her. High fences ran along each side of the yard and none of the neighbors could look in on her. A canal ran at the back of the yard but few boats passed at this time of the day. "Looks like you'll have to take care of yourself, Sheree, old girl," she smiled and pushed the bottoms of her bikini down. "Ooooooo" she cooed as she let the bottoms float free and felt the rush of the water against her naked pussy. She put her hand to her cunt and slipped a finger into the hot hole. "Ahhhhhh, baby!" she hissed at her imaginary lover. "Fuck my cunt!" At this point, Sheree was supporting her body with one hand on the edge of the pool. She found it difficult to work on her pussy the way she wanted to this way, so she moved over to the shallow end of the pool. "Yesss! That's much better!" she said to herself as she sat down on the bottom of the pool so that her head was out of the water. Now, she had both hands

free to finger-fuck herself. After taking the top of the bikini off, she used one hand to squeeze her hot tits and her other hand to play with her cunt. "Eat me, lover! Suck my clit! Stick that big dick in my pussy!" She leaned back until only her head was out of the water. Her hands worked her body to a wild state of pleasure. She couldn't remember being so hot in a long time. At first, Sheree thought of a strange man she would pick up and fuck. She put him together in her mind and wondered what his cock would feel like in her pussy, and what his hands would feel like on her aching jugs. "Fuck me!" she groaned. She felt the sun beating down on her face, and her thoughts soon turned to her son. "Oh, Mike! If you only knew how much Mommy wants to suck and fuck your young cock. If you only knew, baby!" She thrashed about in the water as she grew hotter and hotter from the sexy thoughts of her boy.

She wanted him so bad! She ached to taste his hard cock in her hungry mouth, and she yearned to feel the thickness of his prick in her hot pussy. It took a few minutes of this thinking to send the burning mother over the top. "My boy!" she squealed when a bolt of fire struck her body. The water splashed against the sides of the pool as she rubbed her clit hard and came. "Mike! Fuck Mommy! Mommy needs your wonderful cock, my darling! I'm coming with your cock in my pussy, baby! I'm coming with your cock in my mouth!" The water of the pool was disturbed further as the blasting mother came three more times before her cunt had finally been satisfied. She slumped down to the bottom of the pool until only her nose projected above the water. She had to force herself to lift her head up before she went all the way under. Sheree moved back a few feet so that she could rest her back against the end of the pool. She hummed a tune and splashed the water with her feet as she smiled. She felt a lot better. "Mom!"

Sheree jerked her head up and opened her eyes as she looked toward the house. She didn't see Mike, but she had heard his voice. "Mom?" Mike called as he opened the door and stepped onto the patio. He didn't see her at first. "I'm in the pool, darling!" Sheree called and waved an arm above the water. "Why are you home so early? You're not sick, are you?" Mike couldn't tell at first that his mother wore no bikini, since her body was submerged. He walked toward the edge of the pool and said, "Nope. I had to do an errand for Coach Morris and he told me to come on home when I was finished. I sure didn't mind" Mike's voice trailed off in surprise when he reached the edge of the pool and looked down at his naked mother. The stiff points of her naked nipples and the thick patch of hair around her pussy were easily visible to him. "Yes, Mike?" Sheree smiled up at her son as if there was nothing different than usual happening. She felt a strong ache in her cunt as she studied her son's surprised face. Her eyes dropped down to

stare at the bulge of his cock in his jeans. "Mom! You're naked!" Mike was finally able to gasp. Sheree laughed and said, "I would think that was obvious, darling. Surely you don't think there is anything wrong with a woman swimming naked in her own pool, do you? And anyway, what's wrong with a son seeing his mother without any clothes on. You've seen me like this before many times, haven't you?" Mike gulped and said, "Yes but that was when I was a little kid and I didn't know" Sheree pushed her body out of the water until her huge, firm jugs were exposed. She almost groaned as the stiff nipples burned. "You mean before you knew about sex, baby?" The hot and horny mother was having trouble keeping her voice under control. She was so close to fucking her son, and yet she enjoyed teasing him. She didn't want to rush it, for she wanted that moment to be something she would treasure for the rest of her life. Mike shuffled his feet nervously and said, "Yeah, I guess so"

"I know what you mean, baby. Mommy understands just what her boy means. Now, why don't you take off your jeans and shirt and come in the pool with me. Wouldn't it be nice to take a little swim with Mommy?" "Uh you mean without any clothes on?" "Of course, honey. Mommy shouldn't expect her baby to wear a suit when she isn't wearing one, should she?" Sheree smiled up at her handsome son. She couldn't wait to see his naked body. Mike stared down at his mother's beautiful body and found that his original nervousness was quickly disappearing. Her big tits were like two strong magnets pulling on his mind. He was being drawn to her. "That's my baby," Sheree said. She smiled when he began to take off his shoes. "Hurry, baby!" Sheree moaned softly as his shirt came off and then his jeans. When he was dressed only in a pair of briefs, Sheree gulped and squeezed her thighs together, and she stared at the large bulge under his shorts. Mike pushed the shorts over his hips and down

his muscular legs. "My darling!" Sheree moaned as she saw her son's cock for the first time in years. "It's so big! I think it must be as big as your fathers." Mike smiled proudly as his mother admired his young cock. He felt the long, thick dick jerk, and when he looked down, he saw that it had grown almost to its full size. "Come on in, baby!" Sheree grinned, her eyes never leaving his cock. Mike moved down the pool to deeper water and dove in. Sheree moaned and squeezed her tits as she watched her son's body slide under the water. She waited until he surfaced and began to swim toward her. There was no longer any desire in her to pretend with Mike. She didn't want him in the pool to swim. She wanted him in the pool to fuck! "Come to me, baby," the horny mother whispered when Mike was a few feet away from her. Mike swam forward until he was above his mother's naked body. "I need you so much, Mike!" Sheree groaned. She reached up to wrap her arms around his neck.

"Mmmmm!" the whorish mother moaned when she shoved her tongue into Mike's mouth. She puled him down until her wet, slippery jugs were mashed against his chest. "Mom!" Mike moaned into his mother's mouth. Then he moaned again when he felt the heat of her big tits on his trembling body. "My baby!" Sheree gasped. She reached down to get to his submerged cock. "Fuck, Mom!" Mike gasped against her mouth. He bucked up in the water as she began to stroke his cock. "Me we going to do it here?" Sheree smiled at her son and said, "Yesssss, baby! Mommy wants her little baby to fuck her in the pool. I can't wait to do it anywhere else, Mike! I've waited too long for it as it is! Fuck me right here, lover! Stick your big prick in my pussy and fuck it!" "Mmmmmm!" Mike groaned as he guided his cock to her cunt. "Shove down, Mike! Shove that cock into my pussy, baby!" Sheree screamed. She opened her legs wide and let them float free in the water. Paul had fucked her a couple of times in the pool, but that didn't compare to getting it deep and hard from her

son as she was driven to the bottom with each hard thrust. Mike found it easier than he had expected to fuck in the pool. The water made his body lighter and he soon was able to fuck his mother's receptive cunt without any trouble. The fucking boy looked down at his mother's big tits and felt his nuts contract when he saw the fantastic sight beneath him. Her huge jugs bounced up and down and seemed to warm the water with their heat. His mother's lovely face was twisted into a grimace of lust. "Have have you ever wanted to fuck me before, my baby?" Sheree gasped as she spread her legs wider and dug her nails into Mike's back. Her cunt climbed his cock each time he lifted up to fuck down again. "Yesssss, Mom!" the straining boy groaned and gasped as her cunt tightened on his cock. "Well you are now, baby! And we are going to fuck all we want to from now on. My little boy is going to get all the pussy he wants from his Mommy! Mommy is going to keep all the hot cum drained from her boy's wonderful cock. I'm going to suck your

cum out and swallow it for you, and I'm going to fuck your cum out and let you fill up my cunt!" "Mom! Oh shit, Mom! I'm gonna squirt my cum in your cunt, Mom!" Mike suddenly groaned and plunged down hard into his mother's gripping fuckhole. "It feels so fucking good to be in you, Mom!" "I'll come with you, baby! Mommy is going to come with you!" Mother and son came together. Mike's cum was sucked out of his cock by his mother's hungry cunt. Sheree's pussy was driven to a climax by the force of her son's pounding prick. "More! I want to come again, baby!" Sheree shouted. Then she came again. "Take it, Mom! Take my cum!" Mike yelled as his last gob of cum flooded her hole. "My baby! My baby!" Sheree moaned when the wild sensations began to fade. She clutched at Mike's back and settled into the water as she enjoyed the sweet aftermath of her explosion. "Up, Mike," Sheree said after they had rested a few minutes. "Fucking in the pool is nice, but I want to go into the house so I can get at your cock."

They didn't bother to dress, but went on into the house. Their bodies dripped water as they walked into the kitchen. "Hold it right there, darling," Sheree smiled when her son had closed the door. "I want to suck you here! I want to get down on my knees and suck my boy's big cock until he shoots his cum in my mouth!" She got down on her knees and grabbed his limp prick with her trembling hand. "Oh God! I love this big, beautiful cock, Mike!" "Oh, Mom!" Mike groaned. He reached down to touch his mother's wet hair. "I've wanted to suck it for such a long time, my darling. You don't know how many nights I've thought about getting your cock in my mouth!" "Suck me, Mom! I can't stand it any longer! Oh fuck! Come on, Mom! Suck me! Please, suck me!" Mike shoved his cock against her lovely face as he desperately attempted to force her to eat him. "Take it easy, baby," Sheree smiled as he cupped his balls with one hand and slowly stroked his dick with her other hand. "Em going to suck you soon. I just want to look at your cock a little and

watch it grow. It's such a pretty dick, darling." Sheree savored that moment. She ran her tongue around her lips and stared at her son's growing cock. The purple head of his dick was perfectly formed and was swelling rapidly with excitement. "It's so long and thick, darling," Sheree whimpered. She lifted his dick up so she could look at the underside. "I love the way it looks, and I'm going to love the way it tastes in my mouth!" "Mmmmmmmm!" the slutish mother groaned when she popped the tip of his prick into her hungry mouth. "It tastes soo goood!" "Eat it, Mom!" Mike growled. He threw back his head as he thrilled to the rust feel of his mother's expert mouth on his young dick. "My baby! My cock!" the cocksucking mother hummed around her boy's prick. She pushed forward and took a few more inches of his hard meat. Mike's cock grew to its full size in the sucking mother's mouth. Sheree moaned and felt her clit and cunt respond to her sucking of Mike's dick. Her hand squeezed his balls so hard that he cried out in pain, but she didn't let up. She had lost all control, and

began to make him fuck her face with his delicious cock. Mike humped into his mother's sucking mouth. He leaned back and watched the thick length of his dick slide past her beautiful lips. Each time he pulled back, his cock pulled her lips back. He moaned as she tightened her lips on his shaft. Sheree knew that the passion was too intense for it to continue for long. The fires in her body swept over her and ignited flames in her cunt. She reached down to first fuck her pussy with her finger, and then her clit as she sought relief. "I want you to fuck my mouth hard now, Mike!" Sheree said after she had pulled her mouth away from his cock long enough to look up at him and speak. "Yes, Mom," Mike whispered. "I want you to forget that I'm your mother for a minute. Pretend that I'm just a hot cocksucking whore you are fucking hard in the mouth. I want you to fuck my mouth hard and fast until you shoot your cum out of your beautiful cock!" Mike drove his cock all the way into his mother's waiting mouth.

"Unnnnhhhhh!" she moaned when the head of his long dick slammed into her throat. Mike had never had his cock in a woman's throat before. He had never even had it in a young girl's throat. His wild mother was the first woman to suck and fuck him, and it was completely different from the inexperienced girls he had fucked in the back seats of cars. "Arrrggghhhh!" Sheree groaned with masochistic pleasure as her son raped her mouth and throat. She was happy beyond any happiness she had known. She was taking her little boy's cock in her mouth and throat. She was giving him all the pleasure she had dreamed of giving him. Her body was tingling with hot sensations her nipples burned; her clit stung; her pussy gushed juices; her asshole ached; sweat ran down her body. "Ahhhhh! Mom!" Mike shouted when his cock erupted. "Mmmmmmmm!" the sucking mother moaned as she swallowed each squirt of wonderful cum her son's cock gave her. The hot woman came with her son.

"Ooooooo! Eeeeee! Mmmmmmm!" were the wild sounds that she made around Mike's stuffing cock. She rubbed her clit until her cunt had blasted four times before she was through coming. Even after this, she sucked on her son's empty cock until it began to soften in her mouth. "Come with me, darling," the happy but still horny mother said as she released his dick and stood on her trembling legs. She took her son's hand and led him to her bedroom. "We still have a few hours left before the rest of the family gets home," she said as she looked over her shoulder at her obedient son.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Mary moaned around Jimmy's thick cock as she pushed down to take more of the hard flesh. "You you suck so good, Mary!" the boy said as he looked down at the pretty girl's face. Her mouth was open wide as it strained to take in all of his dick. Mary was pleased by the boy's compliment. She wanted to have a reputation as being the best cocksucker in her school. She tickled his balls as she took more of his cock. Mary was glad that Jimmy had asked her out. She went out most of the time with Billy, but she also enjoyed dating other boys. She knew that Billy wasn't too pleased with her dating Jimmy, but she didn't care. She had wondered for months how it would be to eat Jimmy's dick, and now she was finding out. The boy's big cock was delicious! The small space in the back seat of Jimmy's car wasn't the greatest place to fuck and suck, but Mary wasn't complaining. She was horny enough all the

time to take cocks wherever she was lucky enough to get them. "Suck it, Mary!" Jimmy said as he rose up off the seat to shove more of his dick into her hungry little mouth. He had also wondered what it would be like to be sucked by the big-titted blonde girl. He had watched her hot little ass for months, and he couldn't count the times he had jerked off thinking about fucking the sexy girl. Mary tightened her lips around the boy's hard dick. She was hungry for cum. Her mouth worked wildly to make the boy squirt his load of jizz. "Give it to me!" she gasped. "Come on, Jimmy! I want your cum!" That was all he needed to hear. His balls churned with cum, and the first shot of the hot stuff raced through his prick to blast her mouth. "It's squirting, Mary!" he shouted. He pounded the back of the seat with his fists as the strong sensations drove him mad with pleasure. "Ohhhhh!" the sucking girl groaned. She sucked out and swallowed the scalding cum. "My pussy is so hot, Jimmy!" Mary hissed when

she had finished sucking his cock. "It's still hard enough to fit in my cunt, Jimmy! Lean back so I can sit on your cock! Hurry!" Jimmy scooted down so that he was as flat on the seat as possible. Mary's heavy tits jiggled as she climbed over the boy and reached down to guide his cock to her dripping snatch. The lubricated cock slid into her hole without any trouble as she lowered her cunt. "Big hot fucker!" the young girl squealed. She let her pussy devour the boy's still-hard shaft. "It feels so great inside me, Jimmy! I want you to fuck up at my cunt while I fuck down!" Jimmy humped up and drove his cock into her gushing fuck-hole. "Oooooooo yessssss" Mary rasped as the boy reached up to grasp her jugs and pull and squeeze them roughly. "Play with my boobs! Squeeze my tits while I ride your dick!" "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she shouted as she slammed down to stuff her cunt with hard cock. She enjoyed the sounds of her sweaty flesh making contact with his. Her body was jolted with burning sensations each time Jimmy's cock filled her.

"I love it, Jimmy! I love it!" She increased the pace of her fucking as she felt her explosion nearing. "Soon! Oh God! I feel it coming, baby! I feel my pussy about to come!" "Me, too! Again, Mary!" Jimmy yelled and grabbed her hips to help her rise up and slain down. "Fuck meeeee!" she shouted as she felt both his hot shots of cum and her own wonderful explosion of sensations. "I'm coming! I'm coming, Jimmy!" She fucked him until his cock was too soft to remain in her cunt. Only when the limp dick slipped from her wet hole did she fall off the boy. The boy and girl dressed and prepared to go to their homes. While Jimmy drove her home, Mary sat close to him and rubbed his crotch. By the time they reached her house. Jimmy's cock was hard again. As Jimmy pulled the car into her drive Mary unzipped his jeans. "Here, Mary?" Jimmy asked as he looked at the front of the girl's house. "Oh, it's okay, Jimmy. My folks are probably asleep and won't even know we're here. I just want to

suck you off before I go in." If Jimmy was thinking of protesting, he quickly changed his mind when the eager girl yanked his dick out in the open and slipped her lips over the head of the swollen shaft. He closed his eyes and forgot about being so close to the girl's home. "I can't get enough of your cock, baby!" Mary hissed as she sucked in most of the hot dick. Mary was so involved in her sucking that she didn't hear the tapping on the window of the car. Jimmy also didn't hear the noise at first. "Huh?" Mary panted when she finally heard the noise and quickly lifted her head away from Jimmy's cock. "Mike!" she gasped when she saw her brother's face pressed against the side window of the car. "Hi, folks!" Mike grinned. "How you doing, Jimmy? Looks like my sister is giving you a real nice cocksucking!" Mary was angry. She could see her brother's grinning face clearly in the moonlight. "What do you think you're doing, Mike? What business have you got sneaking around out here like that!"

"Sneaking? It's only my house, Mary. Don't you think you could find a better place to suck cocks?" With that, Mike turned and went into the house. "I'm sorry about that, Jimmy. I guess I forgot that my stupid brother would be coming home from his date soon. We can finish now that he's gone." Jimmy shook his head and stuffed his cock back into his jeans. "That's okay, Mary," he said, zipping his jeans back up. "Some other time. Your brother got me out of the mood for tonight." "That bastard!" the mad girl said as she kissed him and got out of the car. "I'll fix him good!" When Mary walked through the front door, she saw that the light in the kitchen was on. As she walked into the kitchen she saw that Mike was sitting at the table. "Did you finish sucking Mike's cock that fast, little sister?" Mike grinned, then returned sipped on his glass of soda. "That was a dirty trick, Mike!" she growled as she took a can of soda out of the refrigerator. "How would you like it if I scared you like that while you were going down on some girl?" "I guess I'd be pissed, Mary," Mike said, but he

smiled at his sister. "I apologize. Okay?" Mary could tell by his smile that he was sincere. She reluctantly smiled and said, "It's okay, Mike, but don't do it again. You might get a reputation for doing that sort of thing. Next thing you know you'll be arrested for looking into people's bedroom windows." She started to giggle and Mike joined her. "I have to admit that it was kinda exciting to watch you sucking his cock, Mary," she said as she sat down next to him at the table. Mary felt a small itch between the wet lips of her cunt as she listened to her brother. "So why didn't you just stand there and watch without saying anything, Mike? You could have watched the whole show and nobody would have seen you." Mike shrugged and said, "I guess I figured it was wrong to watch my sister sucking off another guy, and I guess I was well" Mary smiled and touched her brother's leg under the table. "You were a little jealous, Mike?" Mike's cock twitched inside his jeans as he responded to his sister's, warm touch.

"Uh yeah I guess that was it. I guess I didn't like seeing my little sister sucking a guy's cock." Mary moved her knee over until it touched Mike's leg. "You don't have to be so protective, Mike. I'm only a year younger than you and I'm not a little girl any longer or hadn't you noticed?" Mary deliberately pushed her shoulders beck so that her big tits pointed out even more than usual. She wore a thin white blouse, and the stiff nipples of her jugs were clearly visible. Mary let her brother stare at her large boobs for a long minute before she spoke spin. The heat in her cunt was rapidly growing as she wondered what it would be like to fuck her brother. She stroked his leg lightly and wondered if he had also thought of fucking her. Her cunt was wet and hot from fucking and sucking Jimmy. Why not feed her hungry pussy with her brother's prick? Mike blinked and wet his lips with his tongue as he stared at his sister's lush body. He squirmed in the chair as her baud moved higher on his thigh. Her fingers were only a few inches from his hardening cock! "Yeah! I sure noticed that you're growing up,

Mary," he whispered, his voice choked with desire. Mary smiled as she looked into her brother's eyes. She found her answer there. Mike wanted her as much as she wanted him. "Am I grown up enough to fuck, brother?" she grinned. She moved her hand up until her fingers touched the bulge of his aching dick. "Unh!" Mike grunted when he felt the hot touch on his crotch. "Fuck, Mary! What if Mom or Dad comes out and sees what you're doing?" Mary laughed and squeezed his cock again. "I'm not doing anything yet, brother. Don't worry about Mom and Dad too much. You know how well they sleep. Why should they even think that their son and daughter are fucking, anyway?" "I I didn't say yet that I was going to fuck you Mary," Mike whispered weakly, but he made no effort to remove her hand. "Oh yes, you are, lover," Mary smiled and moved off the chair. She knelt on the floor next to his chair, and with a horny smile on her pretty face, she reached for his zipper and yanked it down. "Christ, Mary! Are you crazy? What if they walk

into the kitchen?" He asked the questions, but he still didn't try to stop her. "Stop worrying, Mike!" she frowned. She reached inside his jeans to take his cock out. "Oooooo!" she moaned excitedly when her hand first made contact with her brother's cock. It was fantastic to touch bet brother's cock for the very first time! It was so much different than touching the cock of just another boy in school. "Mary" Mike moaned when his sister took his aching dick out. "Oh, Mike! It's so big!" Mary rasped. "Suck me, Mary!" Mike moaned, completely giving in and forgetting the danger of being discovered by his parents. He no longer cared. "Yes, dear brother," Mary whispered. "Motherfucker! Cocksucker!" Mike groaned louder than he had intended to when his pretty sister dipped her head and sucked in the tip of his swelling cock. "My brother's cock! My brother's big dick!" Mary moaned. For a moment it was hard for her to believe that she really had Mike's dick in her mouth. But that was

only for a moment. The thickness and hardness of the boy's cock soon made her realize that it was so. She ran her tongue around the length of the hot flesh as she pulled her hungry mouth down for more. Mike opened his eyes and glanced at the kitchen door as he once again thought of his parents. Soon, he stopped looking at the door. Instead, he concentrated on the terrific sensations his sister's sucking was causing in his cock and nuts. "Ummmmmm," Mary hummed around the stuffing cock as she took most of it into her mouth. As Mary sucked, Mike struggled to unbuckle his belt and get his jeans completely open. He wanted Mary to be able to get his balls. "Ooooooo, yesssss, brother! Let me kiss and suck on those big balls!" Mary released his cock and slavishly sucked and kissed his nuts, when his jeans were out of the way. She smelled the strong scent of his sweaty crotch. "Awwwww!" Mike groaned when the eager girl sucked one of his sensitive balls into her mouth. He shoved his jeans over his knees and leaned back to

enjoy her wonderful sucking of his dick. Mary ate his balls for a while and then resumed her frantic sucking of his big cock. She thought about her father as she sucked Mike's cock, and her cunt responded by flashing with sparks of hot desire. Was her father's cock a lot like Mike's dick? The sweet pleasure of eating her brother and the wicked thoughts of her Daddy drove the desperate girl crazy with need! She raced her wet, clinging mouth along the hard length of her brother's expanding cock. She wanted to hurry and suck out Mike's turn so that she could, take him into her bedroom where they both could undress and fuck and suck with complete freedom. "Yummmmmmmm!" the horny sister groaned as she sucked her brother's jerking cock. "God!" Mike growled when he felt his nuts flash with the intense heat that meant that he would soon be flooding his sister's hot mouth with his thick cum. He shoved his cock deeper into her mouth. Mary sensed that he was about to come. "Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned. Her mouth tightened on her brother's cock and she swept her tiny tongue rapidly around his throbbing cockhead. "Give it to

me, Mike!" Mike gave it all to his crazed sister. "Awwwwwwww! Eat it out, Mary! Eat all of it out for me! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it out!" he gasped. He tried to keep his voice down, but it was difficult to do so with the wild sensations that were burning through his dick. "More, Mike!" Mary hissed as she swallowed each shot of cum. "Yeah, Mary!" Mike groaned as she sucked the last of his jizz from his shaft and then began to lick away the remains from his cockhead. "Lick it clean for me, baby. Lick my cock clean." Mary had erased every trace of his cum from the tip of his prick with her hungry tongue before she raised her head and smiled at her satisfied brother. "Follow me, big brother," the horny sister whispered as she walked toward her bedroom. Mike pulled his jeans up so that he could walk, and followed Mary down the hall. He walked behind her into her room and closed the door. "It's pussy time, big brother," the hot-assed sister grinned. She unbuttoned her blouse and

showed him her fantastic jugs. "Shit!" Mike gasped when he saw the huge, perfect tits. "I knew they were big ones, Mary, but I didn't know they were so pretty." "You can get out of your clothes while I get out of mine, Mike," Mary said as she took off her jeans. "Fuck, Mary! You're really something else!" Mike gasped when he saw almost all of his sister's big-titted hot-assed young body. She now wore only a pair of panties on her hot body. Mary smiled and hesitated for a moment before she took the panties off. "Oh, Mike," she moaned. "You've seen almost this much of my body before lots of times when we're in the pool and I have my bikini on." Mike shook his head and grinned. "Yeah, but that was a lot different. I never knew then that I was going to fuck you, Mary." "Well, you know it now, brother. When I get through with that big cock, you're going to think your little sister is the hottest piece of ass you ever fucked!" Mike laughed and finished undressing. "We'll see about that, Mary. Did I ever tell you that I fucked

Cathy Lawrence?" Mike had said it teasingly, and it had the desired result. Mary was mad about that. Cathy Lawrence had a reputation as one of the hottest sins if not the hottest in the entire school. It was Mary's ambition to take that reputation any from the other girl. "You just wait, my big brother, until I get my pussy around your rod. Then you'll forget that you ever fucked Cathy Lawrence. She's a beginner compared to me." Mary flung her panties aside and stood before her naked brother. "Mmmmm" she moaned as she stared at his jutting cock. His long, thick cock had not softened since she had sucked it, and it was more than ready to fit into Mary's tight cunt. "I think it's my turn to be eaten now, brother," the smiling sister said. She spread her feet apart and stood waiting for him to get down on his knees and lick her pussy. Mike did as his wild sister said. He knelt in front of her and held her hips. He wasted no time in sticking his mouth to her delicious cunt. His tongue

shot between the throbbing ups of the wet fuckhole. "Oooo, big brother!" Mary said in a harsh whisper. She grabbed his ears and forced his lips tighter to her snatch. "Gunnnnnhhhhh!" Mike groaned as his mouth was filled with hot juices from her cunt. Mary rubbed her cunt around until his entire face glistened with a coating of her juices. "Lick it, big brother!" she hissed, her lovely face twisted by an expression of animal desire. She briefly thought of her father and pictured him kneeling in front of her with his mouth on her pussy. The thought made her grab the back of her brother's head and press his mouth to her greedy snatch. "Eat it! Eat this hot pussy!" the boiling girl gasped. The pressure soon became too much for Mary. She wanted her brother to eat her cunt until she came, but she wanted even more for him to fuck her deep with his long, hard prick. "Enough, lover!" she gasped as she shoved his head back. She got onto her bed and spread her long legs for him to see.

"Fuck me, Mike! Screw my pussy, big brother. Give me that big cock!" Mike licked her juices away from his lips and joined his sister on her bed. "Don't make me wait, big brother?" the turned on sister pleaded. She reached for his swaying cock as soon as it was close enough. "Ahhhhh!" Mike said when her slim fingers closed around his quivering dick. He let her pull him down onto her body until his prick was just above the wet opening of her cunt. "In me, brother! I want it in me!" Mike grimaced as his sensitive cock drove down into Mary's scalding, tight pussy. His cock felt like it was being crushed by her tiny hole. His balls were mashed roughly against the hot cheeks of her ass. "Oooooooo my sweet brother! My big brother is fucking my cunt!" Mary gasped. She wrapped her arms around his back and clawed his muscles with her nails, until he grunted with pain. "I want more! More of your cock, Mike!" Mary begged as she pushed her ass off the bed so that

her pussy climbed his cock. "I'll give you more, Mary!" Mike plunged harder into her cunt. "That's the way, brother!" She hunched her shoulder and moved them from side to side so that her stiff nipples brushed his muscular chest. The sparks this caused raced down to join the sparks that his cock made in her pussy. "It stings, Mike!" she groaned when she felt the many sensations. "It hurts but I love it! I love how you fuck me, big brother!" Mike soon felt his cum churning in his heavy balls as her pussy sucked hard on his cock, each time he shoved into her. He began to gasp and groan as each deep thrust threatened to make his balls boil over. "Ooooooo, brother!" Mary responded when she felt that he was about to come. "Let's come together, Mike!" She helped by thrashing wildly under him and shoving her pussy up to engulf all of his straining cock. As the first blast of Mike's cum hit her cunt, Mary exploded. "Brother! Fuck meeeeee! Give me cum! I want

my brother's cum in my pussy!" "Arrrggghhhh! Unnhhhhh!" Mike groaned. "Eeeeeeeeg! I'm coming!" Mary screamed so loudly that she was certain her parents must have heard. "We'll have to fuck a lot from now on, big brother," Mary whispered as she came down. She held him against her big-titted body and nibbled his ear. The brother and sister listened for a long moment to hear if they had disturbed their parents. When they were sure that their folks were still asleep, they held each other and fell asleep, themselves.

Sheree dove into the pool and laughed as she came back up to the surface. She was happy as she swam several laps of the pool. The big-titted woman pulled herself from the pool and relaxed on a chair as she lightly rubbed her body with a large towel. She flung her hair back and closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun. Sheree had just finished rubbing her clit and coming as she thought about fucking Mike. It had been several days since she had first fucked her handsome son, and she was getting impatient to fuck with him again. The masturbating had helped ease some of the pressure, but not all of it. She still couldn't wait until the next opportunity to fuck and suck her boy. The horny mother took the top of her bikini off and let the sun reach her tits. She smiled as she thought that her huge boobs were hot enough without the sun adding to the heat. Sheree thought ahead the next few days and

wondered when she would have a chance to get Mike alone for more fucking. If things continued the way they had, she was going to have to ask her son to skip school one day so that they would have a few hours alone in the house. She smiled when she remembered that the weekend was coming up, and that might give her the chance she so desperately needed with him. Paul was supposed to go somewhere during the day Saturday, and Mary had plans to go shopping and to the movies with friends. Sheree leaned back in the chair and relaxed after she had worked it all out. She felt her cunt twitch as she assured herself that she would have the day alone in the house with Mike on Saturday. The heat was too demanding in her hungry cunt again. She tugged the rest of her bikini off and spread her legs until her feet were resting on the patio. "Mike!" she groaned as her finger popped into her wet cunt. She shoved her finger in as far as it would go and began to fuck her snatch rapidly as she dreamed of taking her son's prick deep and hard.

"Fuck me, baby!" she gasped as it took a very short time to get her cunt to the edge of her second explosion of the young day. "Deeper, Mike!" she groaned as a first jolt hit her clit. "Now, baby! Fuck Mommy! I'm coming!" Sheree pinched one of her nipples as she came, and continued to push her finger into her pussy long after the strong blasts of pleasure had ceased. When she did pull her finger out, she licked away the delicious juices before she stood and dove back into the pool to wash the glistening sweat from her hot-assed body. "I guess it's time for you to stop thinking about fucking and play the role of the responsible housewife, Sheree, old girl," she chuckled to herself. She remembered that she had to do the grocery shopping before dinner. The naked woman went back into the house and selected a pair of tight shorts. She chose a knit top that allowed her stomach to be seen. The sexy woman opened the drawer where she kept bras and panties, and then hesitated before she took anything out.

"Fuck it!" she said and slammed the door. "After all, it is Miami. A woman shouldn't cover her body all up with a lot of silly things in this climate." She put the top over her tits. The skimpy top didn't do a very good job of covering her huge jugs, and this pleased the horny woman. She would give the boys at the supermarket a real good show. They would be talking about her long after she bought her groceries and left the store. The snug shorts showed the bottom parts of her lush asscheeks, and this too made Sheree smile. She could just imagine the reactions of the boys who worked in the store when they watched her walk down the aisles. She would have to make sure she did an extra good job of swinging her hips so that her ass moved in the right manner. Dressed as she wanted to be, Sheree slipped on a pair of sandals and picked up her purse. She looked at her image in the mirror and smiled at the delicious way her white shorts contrasted with her tanned flesh. She sang a happy song to herself as she went to the car. As she drove to the store, Sheree felt her cunt getting wetter. She grinned, looking forward to

seeing the young boys who worked in the store. Several boys were on a special program wherein they worked in the store on week and went to school the next week. She wondered which boys would be at the store that week. When the wild woman drove into the store's parking lot, she smiled and wondered if she was getting a special taste for young cocks. Had fucking and sucking her son's young stiff prick primed her pussy for boy-cocks? She wasn't sure, but she did know that she could hardly wait to get out of the car and into the store where the boys were. "Good morning, Mrs. Drake," Bert Torrance said as he waved to her as she walked into the store. "Hello, Bert!" Sheree smiled as she selected a shopping cart. Sheree could feel the store manager's eyes on her ass as she walked past him, pushing the cart down the produce aisle. Bert wasn't a bad-looking man, and under different circumstances she would have considered fucking him. But at the moment, she was too interested in fucking young boys.

Sheree grinned when she saw a handsome young boy putting apples into one of the produce bins. She deliberately moved the cart close to him, and then turned around to lean over a bin of lettuce. She smiled as she wondered what the boy's reaction would be when he turned and saw her hot ass? She smiled again when the boy turned around and saw her. She quickly acted like she was pondering which head of lettuce to pick. She heard a clump and looked around to see an apple rolling across the floor. The stunned boy had dropped the apple when he saw her. Sheree smiled sweetly at the boy and picked up a head of lettuce. She selected other fruits and vegetables, delaying her selections as she enjoyed the reactions she was getting from the fumbling boy. He was unable to keep his mind and eyes on his work, and he dropped several items before she reached the weighing scales. "Would you weigh these things for me, darling?" the smiling woman said, giving the nervous boy a sexy smile. "Sure," the boy said, his eyes moving back and forth from the scales to her huge tits.

"Thank you, sweetheart," Sheree smiled, then she pushed her cart into the meat aisle. She knew that the boy was staring after her. Her cunt was getting wetter by the minute. Looking down, she tried to see if her juices had soaked through her shorts. They hadn't, yet, but it wouldn't be long before they did. She didn't care if her shorts did get wet in the front. It would be exciting to watch people's reactions when they looked down and saw that. Sheree grew hotter and wetter as she pushed the car through each section of the store and gathered her groceries. She smiled at several of the boys as they stocked the shelves and gawked at her. Almost reluctantly, she finally went to the cashier and checked her groceries out. While Sheree's things were being bagged, she stared at the boy who was doing it for her. She felt her nipples ache as she watched the boy's muscles rippling as he picked up items and bagged them. She smiled at the boy each time he looked up. It was obvious he was having trouble keeping his eyes off her fantastic body. After she paid the bill, Sheree waited as the boy

finished bagging her stuff. He loaded the bags into the shopping car, and she led the way out to her car, letting her hips sway smoothly from side to side so that the boy would see plenty of her hot ass. "This is it, honey," the big-titted woman said when they reached her car. She had a habit of parking her car in the back parking lot of the large store, and she was glad now that she did this. No other cars were near hers, and this gave her a wicked idea. She was hardly able to contain herself as she opened her trunk and stood back to watch the boy load the bag of groceries. Sheree almost groaned when the boy leaned over to place a bag in the trunk. His tight jeans showed how strong and muscular his body was. The muscles of his back and shoulders strained under his T-shirt. "Thanks, honey," the horny woman said after the boy closed the trunk. She gave him a dollar. "Would you mind doing one small favor for me before you go?" "Sure," the boy said, eager to please the gorgeous woman. Sheree opened the door of the car and pulled

the seat forward. "The seat belt in the back seems to be stuck under the seat or something. Do you think you could pull it free for me?" "Yeah," the boy grinned. He leaned into the back of the car and examined the stuck belt. Sheree grinned as she watched the boy tug at the stubborn belt. It had been stuck like that for a month. She had given up trying to free it and had intended to mention it to Paul, but now she was glad she hadn't. It provided her with a good reason to get the boy into the car. "Wow! This thing is really jammed!" the grunting boy said. He tried to lift the seat up, but it was difficult from his position outside the car. "Let me see," Sheree said as she looked over his shoulder. "I think it would be easier if you got into the car and pulled at one side of the seat while I pull at the other, honey." The boy did as Sheree suggested. Instead of staying outside the car, Sheree got in with him. Her feet were on the floor of the car, and it was cramped as she tried not to fall into the seat, but she managed

to keep her balance. The boy was sweating as he waited for the pretty big-titted woman to give him further instructions. He trembled when Sheree deliberately bumped her hip against his. "Let's pull together, darling," Sheree said, her voice clouded with desire. She knew that she would have to make her move soon. Together, they pulled the seat out enough for the boy to reach under and free the belt. "Oh, thank you," Sheree smiled. "I'm so glad you did that for me." That was the moment Sheree chose to make her move. She tumbled forward and a little toward, the boy. In the cramped space, it wasn't difficult for her to knock the boy's body down into the seat. She fell against him, her big jugs crushed against his shoulder. "Oh, my goodness!" the hot-assed woman squealed as she made a mock attempt to get up off the boy. She fell back against him and let her hand grasp his thigh, very close to his cock. "I'm sorry, honey. It's so cramped in here. I hope I didn't hurt you."

"Nope," the boy said, his face breaking out in sweat as he trembled against the horny woman's body. "Well, anyway, I didn't thank you properly for helping me," Sheree said, and she leaned over to kiss him and drive her tongue into his mouth. Sheree didn't care that they were in such a public place. She had lost all desire to wait to seduce the boy any longer. The thought that he might resist never entered her mind as she pressed her big tits against his chest and devoured his mouth with hers. "Sweet boy!" she hissed when she pulled back enough to breathe. "Let's fuck, baby! Let's undress right now and fuck our brains out!" She didn't wait for the boy to start taking his clothes off, but yanked and tugged the tight top off her big, aching jugs. "Out here?" the startled boy gasped as he raised his head and looked around. He couldn't decide whether to look out the window to see if other people were around, or to stare at Sheree's beautiful tits. "Why not, baby?" Sheree laughed. She squirmed around in the seat as she struggled to get

her shorts down her hot legs. "No one is going to park a car near us, and no one will see us once we get down in the seat." The boy gulped and gawked at the naked woman's great body. He licked his lips as he stared at her heavy tits. The nipples of the big boobs were stiff with excitement. When his eyes were lowered to her pussy, he saw that the hairs around her wet cunt were covered with juices. "I'll help you, sugar," Sheree grinned. She reached for his jeans and had his belt unbuckled before he could do anything about it. The stunned boy was surprised by the boldness of the pretty, hot-assed older woman, but he wasn't stupid he wasn't about to pass up a fuck like she could obviously give him. He lifted his ass off the seat of the car to help her pull his jeans down. "Oooooooooo!" Sheree groaned when his big cock popped into sight. "Take your shirt off while I suck on that beauty, baby!" The hungry woman worked his jeans the rest of the way down his legs and pulled them away. She left his shoes and socks on, and reached for his jerking dick with her greedy mouth.

"Fuck, lady!" the boy groaned as he tossed his shirt aside and felt the woman's scalding mouth wrap around his big cock. "I want it hard!" Sheree hissed. She sucked strongly on his prick as she pushed his thighs further apart so she could reach his nuts with her hand. "Ummmmmm, baby! I love the way your big balls feel in my hand. I'll bet they're all full of delicious cum for me. Are they, baby? Are your balls full of cum?" "Yessssssss! Oh shit, lady! Yesssss!" the boy said. He arched his body off the seat as he strained to shove more of his cock into her mouth. "Ummmmmm!" Sheree moaned. She ate his cock up until she had taken all of it. She gripped his balls and kneaded them roughly, trying to squeeze the thick cum from the heavy nuts. "God, lady!" the boy growled as her teeth scraped the head of his dick each time she moved her mouth up to plunge down again. Sheree was excited more than usual by the danger of sucking the boy in the public place. She thought for a moment of what she would do if they were discovered, and then those thoughts were

overwhelmed by the great joy she was experiencing as she slavishly ate the boy's wonderful prick. "Oh, honey!" she gasped after she had reluctantly pulled her head up and let his hard dick slip out of her hot mouth. "It's fuck time, baby!" She arranged the boy's legs on the seat and made him stretch out more. Without hesitation, she climbed over him and grabbed his dick. The excited woman paused for a moment as she looked through the windows of the car. She grinned when she realized that she could be seen now, if anyone looked closely enough. This thought made her moan with joy and quickly drop her cunt down to eat up the boy's jutting cock. "Ahhhh! Nowwwwwwww! I'm fucking it! I'm fucking it!" she screamed as her pussy sucked up all of his long dick and her body was jarred by the force of her rough slam down on the boy's body. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me back! Fuck me back!" The boy tried to obey the wriggling woman, but she didn't really give him much chance to. Her hot assed body did all the work, and the boy had to only watch her ride his hard cock.

"Reach up and squeeze my titties, you little bastard!" Sheree groaned. He had trouble getting a good hold on her bouncing jugs at first. The big boobs were bouncing wildly, and each time he attempted to grab them they slipped away from his hands. Sheree finally helped him by leaning forward so that her tits hung down in his face. "Squeeze them now and suck my nipples!" "Mmmmmmm!" the happy boy moaned when he sucked one of her stiff nipples into his mouth. "Yessssss! Good boy! Good boy!" Sheree cooed with delight and tightened her cunt on his dick each time she fucked down. "Big cock! Big cock!" the fucking big-titted woman squealed. She thrilled to the sounds of her squishy pussy as it plunged down around his cock. "More, baby! Fuck me more!" she shouted, and she looked around the parking lot again. She saw a few people coming out of the store, but none of them looked her way. This was almost disappointing for the fucking woman. She laughed as she thought the expressions they would have had on their faces if they had seen what she was doing to the boy.

"Baby!" she gasped suddenly. The thought of being discovered had done it to her. The flame in her cunt flared up to consume her entire mind and body. "I'm coming! You little horny bastard! I'm coming!" Sheree felt the boy's hands tighten on her tits, and she heard him shout something. She also felt his cum blasting into her cunt. She came intensely several times as she watched the people in the parking lot. After coming, Sheree moved down the boy's body and let his cock slip from her cunt. She smiled and licked away her own juices and his cum from the glistening prick. It had been a very interesting shopping trip for the big-titted wife and mother.

Mary was glad that it was Saturday. She was happy that another week of school had ended and she was also glad that summer vacation would be corning soon. The horny big-titted teenager smiled as she sat at the edge of the pool and contemplated how she would spend her summer. Her first thought was of all the boys she would fuck, and all the places where she would fuck the boys. The bikini-clad girl dipped her toes in the warm water and swished her feet back and forth. She looked up at the early morning sun and wondered how much of her summer she would spend at the beach. She knew that she would find a lot of boys there. "Mary!" her mother called from the back door of the house. Mary turned around to see what her mother wanted. "I thought you were going shopping with some of your friends, darling." Mary shrugged and said, "No, Mom. I really

don't feel like spending my day with a bunch of silly girls. I think I'll just hang around the house and swim a lot in the pool." "Oh well, okay, dear," Mary's mother said, and she went back into the house. Mary wondered why her mother had looked so disappointed. The girl decided that her mother was probably worried that she was spending too much time with boys and not enough with girls. The relaxed girl jumped into the pool and swam for a few minutes before, she heard her father calling her name. She looked up and waved to him. "I'm going out now, Mary, I'll see you later. Can I get you something special while I'm out? Would you like some chocolate ice cream or something?" Paul Drake smiled down at his big-titted daughter as he knelt by the edge of the pool. He felt a stirring in his balls and cock as he stared at the way the top of her wet bikini clung to her big boobs. "Thanks, Dad. I'll take some ice cream," Mary grinned. "Okay, baby. I'll see you later," her father said as he turned to go. "Daddy!" Mary called before he reached the

back of the house. "Where are you going?" "It's a secret, honey." That was all Mary needed to hear. Secrets drove her crazy until she found out what they were. "What's the big secret, Daddy?" she cooed as she stepped from the pool and picked up her towel. She walked over to him and pouted as she tried to him to tell her what the secret was. "Oh, no you don't, little girl," Paul laughed. He started to walk into the house. "You won't pull that one me again. If you think that you can wrap me around your little finger this time, you're wrong." "Oh, Daddy!" she said, and she hugged him. Her wet body pressed tightly against his. Paul groaned softly as he felt the heat of her tits and hip as she clung to him. He wanted to push her away, but he couldn't do it. "Please, tell me what the secret is, Daddy. Please, tell me. I won't tell Mommy I promise. Please, tell me, Daddy." "I can't sugar," Paul said as he felt his cock twitch and begin to grow. "It's a surprise." He knew immediately that he had made another mistake in telling her that it was a surprise. If there

was anything that excited Mary more than secrets, it was surprises. "Ooooooo, Daddy! I just love surprises. Take me with you, Daddy! Please! I won't tell Mike or Mommy. I have to go with you, Daddy! I just have to. I won't let you go unless you say you'll take me with you!" Paul knew he was trapped. He knew his daughter well enough to know that she meant what she said. He shrugged and decided to take her. He was rather anxious to see her reaction when she saw what the surprise was, anyway. "Okay, but nothing is to be said about this until I give the go-ahead," he said as sternly as he could. "Whooppeee!" Mary shrieked. "Wait for me in the car, Daddy. I'll get dressed and be out in a flash!" Paul smiled as he watched his daughter dash into the house. He shook his head. It looked like he would never be able to deny her anything. "What was all the squealing about?" Sheree asked him as he walked into the kitchen. "She wanted to go with me this afternoon, and I finally agreed to let her go." "Good," Sheree smiled broadly. "It will be good

for Mary to spend sometime with her father." What Paul didn't know was that his wife was thinking about something else, and that was the reason for her big smile. Sheree was pleased that she would have the afternoon alone with Mike, after all. With her husband and daughter out of the house, she would have ample opportunity to fuck and suck her son's big cock. When Paul left the house, Sheree couldn't help smile to herself and squeeze her thighs together as she thought of having her son's wonderful cock in her mouth again. Her hungry pussy could hardly wait to wrap itself around the boy's long, thick prick. When the horny mother heard the front door slain again, she knew that Mary, too, had left the house. Just to be sure, Sheree went to the front window and looked out. She saw the car driving away with her husband daughter in it. The horny woman walked down the ball to Mike's room. "Where are we going, Daddy?" Mary asked as she moved closer to her father on the seat. Paul found it difficult to keep his eyes on the road as his sexy little girl moved so close to him that

her tit was pressed against his arm. He squirmed a little in the seat as he felt the warmth of her lush thigh against his leg. "I can't tell you now, sugar. Can't you wait until we get there?" "Well" the girl said. "I'll try, but it won't be easy, Daddy. You know how much trouble I have, keeping my big mouth shut." Paul drove a good distance before Mary had to ask him again. "We're driving toward the beach, aren't we, Daddy?" "Yes, honey, but I'm still not going to tell you exactly where we're going." Mary held her mouth shut until they were at the beach and her father began to drive along a row of beach houses. Then she suddenly knew what the secret was. "Daddy!" she squealed and grabbed her father's thigh in her excitement. "I know what it is, now. You're going to rent a house at the beach for the summer!" Paul grinned and pulled into the driveway of a house that was almost at the end of the street. "You're too small for me, my cute little girl. You're

right, and here we are." "Oh, Daddy! I love it and I love you! This is just what I was hoping you would do this time." The excited girl threw her arms around her father's neck and kissed him hard. Paul returned her kiss and thought that his cock would burst with excitement. By the time his daughter pulled away from him, he was panting. "Come on, Daddy!" Mary said, jumping out of the car. "Do you have the keys?" "Sure, honey. The agent let me have them for the day. Now, I haven't decided that this is the house we're going to take yet." "I love it already, Daddy," Mary smiled, and she waited impatiently for him to open the front door. "It's perfect!" Mary shouted when they walked into the front part of the house. "I love it, Daddy! Take it for us, please!" "Let's look at the rest of it first," Paul said as he walked into one of the bedrooms. It didn't take Paul long to decide. He was pleased with the place, and Mary was extremely happy with it. "This is fantastic, Daddy!" the happy girl said as

they looked out the back door. They were only a few yards from the beach. "I'm glad you like it, honey," Paul said. He put his arm around her shoulders. "Let's lock up and drop by the agent's office so I can sign the papers." "Let's don't leave yet, Daddy. I want to look at my bedroom again." Paul followed his daughter into her bedroom. He was glad that the house was well furnished. Mary sat on her bed and bounced up and down. "Come on and sit next tome on the bed, Daddy. It's real comfortable," she said as she smiled at her father. Paul stared at the way his daughter's big tits moved as she bounced. She wore a pair of shorts and a blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned pretty far down, and Paul thought that her tits were going to jump out of the front of the blouse if she bounced any more. He sat down next to her, very aware of the heat that came from her body. His cock moved inside his slacks, and he shifted his ass on the bed as he started to sweat. "You're such a wonderful Daddy!" Mary said,

and she hugged him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him again. This time she didn't release him. Paul moaned as his daughter's fat jugs were mashed against his chest. He pulled her to him. "Daddy Daddy" the horny girl breathed as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. "Mmmmmmm! Oh, my Daddy!" she gasped when his tongue met hers. "My little girl. I've wanted you for so long, baby," Paul whispered as he nibbled on her lips and tongue-fucked her sweet mouth. "I want you, too, Daddy!" Mary rasped. She pulled away from him and got off the bed. She knelt on the floor in front of him and reached for his belt. "I have to suck your cock, Daddy! I have to get it out so I can see what it looks like. I have to get it in my mouth!" "Yes, sweetheart!" Paul gasped. The excited man lifted himself up so his daughter could pull his slacks and shorts down. "Oooooo, Daddy!" Mary squealed with delight when she saw his cock. "It's beautiful. I can't believe

I'm really going to get to finally suck it for you! Do you want me to do it for you, Daddy? Would you like for your little girl to eat your dick?" "Yesssss, daughter! Daddy wants his little girl to eat his cock. I want you to suck it for me, baby! Daddy needs your mouth on his click!" "I want it so much! I want to kiss it for you and lick it for you, Daddy. I want to get it so big and hard for you that it hurts!" Mary stared at her daddy's huge dick for a moment before she kissed it. The long cock was very thick, and was mapped by purple veins. The fat head was swollen with the blood of her father's excitement. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his big prick. "Ahhhhhh!" Paul groaned. He looked down and almost fainted when he saw his lovely daughter's lips around his cock. Never had he seen such an exciting sight! He found it incredible that all this was actually happening to him. How could it be that he was finally going to fuck his young daughter's wet mouth? "Daddy!" Mary groaned as the need in her became too great. She opened her lips and took

part of her father's cock into her mouth. "Ummmmm!" she hummed as the hard meat burned the inside of her mouth. Never had cock tasted so good to the hot-assed girl! Nothing could compare to the sensation she was then experiencing! She growled with lust and cupped his big nuts in her hand. "Play with my balls like that, baby!" Paul gasped, and he grabbed the back of her head. "I love your dick, Daddy! It tastes so much beta than any boy's cock!" Paul knew then for sure that his little girl had been fucked by other boys, and that she had sucked their cocks for them. Strangely, this didn't seem to bother him at that moment. He wondered about this and then shrugged as he realized it would be absurd for him to object to her sucking and fucking, since he was enjoying it from her, himself. He leaned back a little on the bed and felt her mouth go down further on his cock. "Mmmmmm!" Mary moaned as she ate her daddy's cock with a desperate hunger. She ran her little mouth up the length of the huge prick, and then shoved her head down to get all of the shaft in again.

"Your cock is so yummy, Daddy!" she smiled as she raised her head for a moment. "Tell me, baby! Daddy wants to know how much his little girl loves his cock. Daddy wants to hear his daughter tell him about it. It turns me on, baby. Tell me how much you love sucking my cock, honey!" "Yessssss, Daddy! I'll tell you. I love the way your big cock tastes in my mouth, I'm going to eat your dick from now on, whenever you want me to, Daddy. I'll be your cocksucker any time you want me to, Daddy. I've never tasted a cock as delicious as yours tastes, Daddy. I can't get enough of it. I can't ever have enough of your cock, Daddy! Mmmmm! Oh, Daddy! I love the way it tastes!" His daughter's wild words drove Paul mad with desire. He stroked her long golden hair as he watched the beautiful sight of his thick cock fucking into and out of her small mouth. The strong sucking and his little girl's whorish words were too much for the groaning father. He shoved her head down until his cock popped into her throat. "Eat it out, bitch! Baby! My sweet girl! Suck your daddy's stuff out! I'm coming in your mouth, baby!

Daddy is coming in your mouth!" "Arrrggghhhh!" Mary growled around the huge dick that stuffed her throat. She contracted the muscles in her narrow throat and squeezed his balls. Her nails dug into the heavy nuts. "Gunnnnhhhh!" Mary cried, and she swallowed her daddy's cum for the first time. Paul continued to saw his dick into his daughter's mouth, even after his cum was emptied down her throat. He smiled as he enjoyed watching the way Mary still sucked on his empty cock. "Was it good for you, Daddy?" Mary gasped when he finally pushed her head back and his softening cock plopped from her greedy mouth. "It was wonderful, honey," Paul smiled as she teased his nuts. He reached down to slip his hand inside her blouse. "Oh, fuck, Daddy!" the horny daughter gasped as his hand grabbed her hot tit. "I have to get this thing off so I can let you suck and touch my titties." She stood and quickly pulled the blouse off her hot-titted body. In her haste, she ripped one of the buttons off, but she didn't care.

"Are they as big and pretty as you thought they would be, Daddy?" the pinning girl said after the blouse and her bra were tossed aside. She proudly displayed her huge jugs and waited for her daddy's approval. "Bigger, baby," Paul smiled up at his lovely little girl. "And they are prettier than I ever imagined! Why, they're almost as big" "Almost as big as Mommy's?" Mary grinned as she finished the sentence for her father. "Yeah, I guess that was what I meant," Paul said, the smile fading from his face. "You're not worried about Mommy, are you, Daddy? I mean, you're not feeling guilty about me sucking your cock, are you?" Paul stared at his daughter's beautiful tits. At that moment, it was difficult for him to feel anything but lust for the big-titted, hot-assed girl. Mary didn't want to take a chance that her daddy would get a case of the guilt's and back out. Her pussy cried out too desperately for his cock for her to take a chance that her father would change his mind. "I'll make you forget about Mom," Mary smiled,

and she quickly took her shorts and panties off. "Does my pussy make you forget about Mom, Daddy?" the hot girl grinned. She moved closer to her father until her cunt was only a few inches from his face. She looked down at him and whispered softly, "Does my pretty cunt make you forget about Mom, Daddy? Do you think Mom's cunt could be as tight as mine?" "Oh, Mary" Paul groaned. He reached out to grab the girl's hot hips. He couldn't resist any longer. All thoughts of his wife were blocked out of his mind as he stared at his daughter's cunt. Paul felt his cock harden again as he opened his mouth and ran his tongue around his lips. He had never seen a pussy as pretty as his daughter's. A patch of curly golden hairs surrounded the wet hole, and he could smell the sweet scent of her pussy juices. "Eat it if you want, Daddy. It's okay if you want to suck my clit and stick your tongue in my cunt. Go on and do it, Daddy!" He glanced up at his daughter's lovely face and smiled at her as she smiled down at him. He stuck his tongue out.

"Daddeeee!" Mary squealed when her father's tongue made contact with her aching clit. "Use your tongue on my clit, Daddy!" Paul teased her clit with his tongue as he pulled her closer to his face. He reached around her body and spread the firm cheeks of her ass. "Eeeeee, Daddy! What are you doing?" Mary cried out when she felt his fingers probing the sweaty crack of her hot ass. She felt a sharp sensation of fire race from her tiny asshole all the way up to her sensitive nipples. "Oh, Daddy! My asshole! Yes, Daddy! Stick your finger into my ass!" "Mmmmmmm," Paul moaned as he felt the tight little hole close around his finger. He was gentle at first, but that didn't please his horny daughter. "Don't tease it, Daddy! Hurry up and just shove your finger in my ass!" Paul did as his daughter asked. "Gunnnnhhh!" the stuffed girl groaned with a mixture of pain and joy. "Suck my clit now, Daddy! Suck my clit while you fuck my ass with your finger! I want it that way, Daddy!" Paul sucked in her stiff clit and was no longer gentle as he raped her asshole with his finger.

"Suck it! Suck it!" Mary shouted. She drummed her fists on her father's shoulders as she felt the intense pleasure of his sucking. It wouldn't take long for him to make her come. Paul felt a desire to eat his daughter to a powerful come that was stronger than any desire he had ever known. He sucked her clit in and rammed his finger deeper into her tiny asshole. "Daddy!" Mary gasped as she felt her asshole grip his finger tighter and her clit start to burn with an intense fire. "I'm going to come now, Daddy! Your mouth is going to make me come!" "Come for me, baby!" Paul shouted into her cunt as he sucked her clit. "Daddy! Daddy! I'm coming! I'm coming, daddy!" She shivered and shuddered as her nails dug into his shirt. She gripped the muscles of his shoulders until he groaned from the pain. Her tits bounced wildly around and ached as she came and came and came. "Daddy that was so good" the dazed girl whispered as she fell forward. She was exhausted

and could no longer stand. Paul guided her naked body down to the bed. He leaned over her to suck on her hot tits for a few minutes before he reluctantly took his mouth away from the big jugs so that he could finish undressing. "I love your body, Daddy," Mary cooed as she opened her eyes and saw her naked father standing above her. She swung around so that she was on her back on the bed. "I love your body, too, Mary," Paul said, and he climbed onto the bed. "Fuck me, Daddy!" Mary hissed. "Yesssss, sweet little girl," Paul groaned as she grabbed his dick and pulled him down between her hot legs. "Daddeeee!" the ecstatic girl screamed with joy when her father drove into her pussy. "Mary! My pretty little Mary!" Paul groaned as her tight cunt enveloped his cock for the first time. "I can't believe I'm really inside your pussy, honey. It's just so hard for me to believe." Mary clawed her father's strong back and threw her long legs up in the air as she said, "You are inside me, and I love it, Daddy! I've never felt a cock

as big and hard as your cock in my pussy, paddy! It's splitting my cunt wide open. It's filling me up better than any boy's cock ever did, Daddy! Fuck meeee!" "Hot bitch!" her father gasped as her cunt milked his dick. He couldn't believe that his young daughter was such a good fuck. She seemed to know exactly how to fuck back on his big cock. Her pussy squeezed him just the right way each time he plunged his cock in. Her legs wrapped around his back and pulled him down each time he lifted up. "Fuck this pussy! Fuck this pussy, Daddy!" Mary squealed. She humped back at her father. She climbed his huge dick and felt sensations in her clit, cunt, asshole, and her bouncing tits. She pulled on her father's back so that his chest came down to mash her aching boobs. "Suck my titties while you fuck my hot pussy, my big Daddy!" "Baby!" Paul moaned, and he lowered his mouth to eat her delicious jugs. "Daddy! Oh, Daddy! I can't stand much more of his fantastic fucking! I've got to come soon, Daddy! My pussy has got to explode soon!" "Come, Mary! I want to make my little girl come

better than she has ever come before!" "Daddy! So close, Daddy!" "Come, honey! Daddy is going to come with his little girl! I'm going to give you my cum!" "This is it, Daddy! I'm there! I'm there, Daddy! I'm coming! Im there!" "I am toooo!" The father and daughter thrashed wildly on the bed as they came together. Paul finished coming first, and still pumped his empty cock into his daughter's cunt as she came many mote times before being drained of strength. "Can we stay a little longer, Daddy?" Mary asked after they had rested for a while. "We have the whole afternoon together, baby," Paul answered. "I'm so glad, Daddy!" Mary said as she squeezed his cock with her hungry pussy.

"Ummmmmm!" Sheree moaned around Mike's hard cock. "Suck it, Mom!" Mike growled as he pushed his cock into his mother's receptive mouth. Sheree was on her back on Mike's bed. Her son was sitting over her tits, and he was fucking his cock into her face. "Mmmmmm," the happy mother moaned when her son's cockhead bumped against the opening of her throat. She reached under his ass to play with his heavy nuts as he sawed into her mouth. "You suck cock so good, Mom!" Mike gasped as he let his mother take most of his cock before he pulled back to fuck her mouth again. She was pleased that her son thought she was a good cocksucker. She was excited about having the afternoon alone with him. With any luck, her husband and daughter would be gone for several more hours. She moaned again as she thought of all the times she could drain Mike's cock while they were gone.

"Fuck fuck my mouth and give me your cum, Mike," she pleaded. Mike didn't have to be told. His balls were already burning, and it wouldn't be long before he flooded a heavy load of cum into her mouth. "Soon, Mom, it's gonna cum out real soon," the gasping boy said. "Ahhhhh" Sheree hissed as she felt his cock expand and prepare to fill her mouth. She reached down and found her clit as the first shot of her son's cum boiled out from his dick. "Mmmmmmm! Uhhhhhhh!" she groaned as she swallowed his jizz. She gulped the delicious cum as her finger rubbed her clit and she came. "Suck me, Mom! Eat meeeee!" Mike gasped. He shoved his cock into her mouth until his hairy balls were crushed against her chin. "Oh, my sweet baby," Sheree smiled and licked the last traces of his cum away from her lips after he had slumped to the side and pulled his drained prick from her mouth. "I know I'll never get tired of eating your dick." "And I'll never get tired of giving it to you, Mom," Mike grinned. He reached over and gently played

with his hot mother's huge jugs. "I only hope the woman I marry with has a set of tits as big as yours are, Mom." Sheree laughed and kissed his hand. "Let's hope she has a lot more than big tits, honey. A wife will have to give you a lot more than a mouthful of tit. She will have to know how to please you in many ways." "Like how?" Mike asked. "Well, darling I guess in the ways that I please you with my mouth, hands, and pussy." "You sure do that good, Mom," the happy boy said as he leaned over her to suck on her nipples. "I just wish the girls at school knew as much about it as you know. They don't know how to suck cock good." Sheree found that she was somewhat jealous when Mike spoke of girls. She knew that it was a common thing for a young boy to have girlfriends especially a boy as handsome as Mike but she wasn't sure she could handle the thought of her son fucking girls. "Have you fucked any girls recently, honey?" she asked, holding her breath. "Sure, Mom. I fucked a girl last week."

"Oh" Sheree said. She frowned and then chided herself for being jealous. She certainly couldn't expect her boy to give up fucking his girlfriends, now that he was fucking her. "Don't worry, Mom," Mike smiled. He kissed her. He had sensed her mood. "I may fuck some girls, but you'll be my best girl from now on." "That's sweet of you to say, darling," Sheree said as she pulled him down to her. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and squirmed her ass around on the bed as her hot cunt demanded cock. "It's fuck time, baby!" the horny mother gasped when she released him and pulled him back on top of her body. "I want you to fuck me deep!" Mike let his mother position his dick before he plunged into her squeezing pussy. "Shit, Mom! You have the hottest pussy!" "It's so hot it's going to burn your big dick off, baby!" Sheree laughed. She wrapped her long legs around her son's back. "My wet, tight snatch is going to make your cock smoke!" "Fuck back, Mom! Fuck back on my dick!" Mike gasped, and he lifted his ass. "I'm fucking back!" Sheree shoved her ass up

off the bed and climbed her son's thick cock. She clawed wildly at his strong back and made him plunge deeper into her demanding cunt. "Deep! Deeper!" Mike rose up and slammed down again. "Unnnnhhhh!" he said when his balls slapped painfully against her hot ass. "So tight in you, Mom!" "Your cock is so big, baby!" she cried out and felt the warmth of her pussy juices as they overflowed her hole and ran down the crack of her ass. "Your cock is so big it's splitting my cunt open!" The sounds of grunting, groaning, and sweaty flesh smacking against sweaty flesh were loud in the bedroom as the mother fucked her son. "Deeper, Mike! I'm about to come and I want your cock deep in me when I do!" "Okay, Mom!" he gasped. He came up higher than ever to shove deeper into her cunt. He grunted as his breath was almost knocked out of his chest by the powerful, deep plunge. "Is that deep enough?" "Yessss, baby! Mommy feels your cock so deep in her hole! Mommy loves the feeling! Mommy wants it all in her hungry pussy!" "Take it, Mom!" Mike shouted when his dick

started to shoot. "It's coming out of my balls, Mom! My cum is coming out!" "Sweet motherfucker!" Sheree screamed as the blast of her son's cum ignited her explosion. "I'm there with you, honey! Mommy is coming!" "Come good, Mom!" "I am, baby!" "Fuck my cock, Mom!" "Screw my pussy, Mike!" The mother and son shouted back and forth at each other as they came. Sheree gave her son a fantastic fucking to empty his balls. Mike gave his mother strokes as deep as she had ever had. "My handsome lover," Sheree cooed with joy as she squeezed the last drops from Mike's prick. "Will I ever get enough of your fucking?" Mike laughed and pumped his prick into her cunt a few more strokes as he enjoyed the final sensations in his empty cock. "I hope not, Mom." They kissed and talked for a few minutes before Sheree felt her stomach growl with hunger. "Hey! I haven't had breakfast yet, baby. Would you like to eat a sandwich with me?" "Only if I get to eat your pussy for dessert," Mike

grinned. Mother and son held hands as they walked to the kitchen. Neither of them had considered putting on any clothes, and they didn't even worry that Mary or Paul might come home at any time. "Eat up, honey," Sheree smiled after she had made two sandwiches and placed them on the kitchen table. She poured a soda for each of them and sat down to eat. "Ummmm. Fucking sure makes me hungry, Mom," Mike smiled as he ate the sandwich and stared at his mother's naked tits. "And eating makes me horny," Sheree laughed. She gave his cock a squeeze. "That thing is getting hard again, honey. We'll have to finish up these sandwiches and get back to the bedroom so I can take care of that beauty." "Sounds good to me, Mom," Mike said as he ate a little faster. "What are you going to do tonight, baby," Sheree asked. Mike shrugged and said, "I'm not sure. Maybe I'll go riding around with some of the guys." "Which guys, darling?"

"Oh maybe Sammy and, uh, Skip and I don't know who else." Sheree's clit itched when Mike mentioned Sammy. "Sammy is that handsome black-haired boy you brought over to the house to swim a few weeks ago, isn't he?" the hot mother asked. She remembered staring at the large bulge in Sammy's swimming trunks. "Well I don't know how handsome he is, but that's the guy you're talking about." Sheree laughed and said, "Don't be jealous, honey. It's okay if your mother notices that your friends are cute. I've got eyes, you know." Mike grinned and said, "You should have heard what Sammy said about you, Mom." Sheree felt her nipples burn. "What did he say about me, honey?" She reached over again to touch Mike's cock. "Unnnhhh," Mike groaned and put his sandwich down as his mother's fingers closed around his prick. "Well, darling? What did your friend have to say about your mother?"

"Oh, that you're so sexy and what a big set of tits you have and how they wonder how I can keep from fucking you. Things like that." "Did Sammy say he would like to fuck me, honey?" the hot-assed mother asked. She tightened her grip on Mike's cock as the talk made her sweat and quiver with desire. "Sure. I can't blame him. You're a lot sexier than any of the girls at school. I guess every guy at school who has seen you would like to stick his dick into your pussy. At least, all of them I've spoken to have said so." "Let's go back into the bedroom, baby," Sheree said, her voice strained by desire. She wanted to let her son fuck her as she thought about fucking all of his friends. She had to smile as she led her son to the bedroom. It made her body ache with need as she imagined the reputation she would get at Mike's school if she started fucking the boys there. She was oozing juices from her cunt by the time she got Mike back on the bed. "Fuck my cunt from behind, honey," she said as she got on her knees on the bed and reached back

under her body to grab his dick. "Ummmmm!" she groaned when his hard cock sliced into her cunt. She smiled with joy when she heard and felt his big balls slap against her ass. "Do you really think Sammy wants to fuck me, Mike?" the horny mother gasped as she looked back between her hanging tits to watch his cock pump her cunt. She reached back with one hand to touch his balls as he fucked her. "Sure sure, Mom," Mike grunted as her cunt ate his aching cock. "Oh baby" Sheree mowed as she humped back on his prick. She pictured herself being fucked by Mike while she ate Sammy's cock. She could almost feel the other boy's hard cock in her mouth. She also thought about taking on a few boys at one time. She would sit on one cock, suck on another cock, and stroke the cocks of two other boys in her hands. The thought made her shove back faster to fuck Mike's dick. "Would you like to watch Sammy fuck me, Mike?" the horny woman gasped. Mike was surprised by the question, but instead of being jealous, he was excited by the idea. He

couldn't explain it, but his balls ached and his dick throbbed as he pictured Sammy fucking his mother's pussy. "Yes yesss, Mom!" Mike groaned, and he grabbed her sweaty hips. "Ooooo, honey! Mommy wants to fuck and suck your friend while you watch. She wants to suck Sammy's cum out of his cock while you fuck her cunt." "Yes, Mom!" Mike growled, the idea getting him even more excited. "Would you ask Sammy if he wants to fuck me, Mike?" Sheree hissed. "But I already told you he does, Mom," Mike gasped. He split her cunt again with his prick. Sheree was a little impatient as she said, "I know Sammy wants to, Mike, but would you ask him if he will fuck me and when?" "What if he says no, Mom?" "We'll get another boy or lots of boys to fuck me, baby. I wouldn't worry too much about that and I doubt that Sammy will say no. If you can convince him that I'm serious about it, he'll agree to fuck me. Now, will you ask him or do I have to?"

Sheree squeezed his balls tighter as she waited for him to answer. "Okay, Mom I'll ask him about it." "Good, baby," Sheree gasped as another hot wave of sensations swept through her body. "Where where would we do it, Mom? Would we be able to do it in the house?" Mike asked. "Yes," Sheree smiled. She had quickly decided when the best time would be to get the two boys together for a fuck. "On Tuesday, Mary is spending the night with one of her girlfriends, and Daddy has to spend the night out of town on business." "And you want me to get Sammy to come over then?" Mike asked as he grunted with each thrust into her tight, wet cunt. "Yes, honey. Just be sure that Sammy knows to come over on Tuesday afternoon. It would be even better if he told his folks that he was going to spend the night with you. That would give us the entire evening to fuck and suck. Does that sound okay to you, Mike?" "Sure, Mom," the humping boy said with a big smile. He liked the idea better all the time. He once again felt his balls tense as he imagined Sammy's

cock in his mother's hot pussy. "Now that that's settled, baby," the big-titted mother groaned as she shoved her ass back to suck his cock into her cunt, "let's concentrate on our fucking. We'll have plenty of time to work on Sammy, Tuesday." "Sure thing, Mom," Mike groaned. He drove so deep into his mother's open pussy that he shuddered from the impact of his nuts against her ass. "Ahhhh, baby! Ooooo, honey! Mommy can feel those big balls slapping against her hot ass. Mommy loves the way they feel. I'll bet they're all full of hot stuff for my cunt! Are they, sugar? Are your big balls full of thick cum for Mommy?" "Yes, Mom!" "Give it to me then, baby! Mommy wants to be filled up with her son's cum!" "Here it comes, Mom!" Mike yelled, and he blasted her boiling fuck-hole. "Im coming with you, honey!" Sheree screamed as she rocketed to fantastic heights. "Mommy feels that hot stuff in her pussy!

Nowwwww! Nowwwww! Now, Sammy! Now, my wonderful son!" The blast was especially strong as Sheree pictured herself sucking Mike's cock and fucking Sammy's dick. "More! More cocks! More cum!" the wild mother said as she fell onto the bed and licked her lips. She imagined she was licking away the last of Sammy's hot cum from her mouth.

Sheree rubbed her clit and moaned as she wondered what time Mike and his friend would arrive at her home. She shuddered with desire as she licked her lips and wished that a young boy's cock was in her mouth. The naked, gasping woman spread her legs wider on the bed and bucked her ass up as she fingered her pussy and hoped that Mike and Sammy would come soon. "Hurry, boys!" she hissed as she rubbed and squeezed her jugs. Sheree had given Mike the okay to skip school for the afternoon on the condition that he bring his friend, Sammy, over for some hot fucking and sucking. "Come on, boys!" Sheree moaned as she thrashed around on the bed. She was looking forward to fucking her son's young friend. They would have the house atone for a few hours before Mary came home, and the hot assed mother intended to show Sammy what fucking

a woman was all about "Sammy! In my mouth!" Sheree groaned. She wondered which boy she would suck first, which boy she would fuck first. The excitement and anticipation were far too much for Sheree. She had wanted to save her energy until her son and his friend were there, but it was no use. The thought of what they were going to do to her body drove her wild to the point of having to find some relief, even before they arrived to give her their cocks. "In my ass, Mike! In my cunt, Sammy! In my mouth, Mike! Make me come with your cocks! Fuck this big-titted slut with your big dicks I want both of your pricks in me, I want you both to fill every hole in my body! I want you to cover my body with your cum!" Rubbing her clit and talking wildly to herself made the squirming mother blast. "Boys! Make me come! Make me come! I'm there! I'm fucking coming!" If Sheree had been worried that masturbating would drain her body of some desire, she needn't have. It wasn't long after she had come that she was

glancing at the clock again. "Where are they?" she groaned, frustrated that she had to wait for the boys. She squeezed her big tits again and squirmed her ass against the bed. If the boys didn't walk through the door soon, she would have to rub her clit again. The horny woman got up and went to the kitchen to mix herself an early drink. She needed something to help her calm down. It was a little early for her to drink, but she considered the situation special. She didn't bother to put on any clothes as she went to the kitchen. She meant business when it came to fucking. If Mike hadn't told Sammy why he was invited home, then Sheree would let the boy know in a hurry. She smiled as she told herself that the boy would have no objections to fucking her, even if it came as a complete surprise to him. Sheree finished her drink and pulled her thighs together as the heat of her pussy became greater. She remembered the looks that Sammy had given her, one day when he was at the pool with Mike. She had worn her tiny red bikini that day, and her huge tits had threatened to spill out of the top. Sammy had stumbled into the pool once, he was so busy staring

at her body. Sheree was about to make herself a second drink when she heard the front door opening. She smiled and put down the glass. "Mom?" Mike called out after the door had closed. "In the kitchen, honey!" the horny mother shouted. She swallowed as she prepared herself to meet Sammy again. She wasn't sure how she should stand. Should she sit down or what? She laughed softly to herself and decided that it wouldn't matter. Mike walked into the kitchen alone. Sheree frowned and started to ask her son why Sammy didn't come when Mike smiled and nodded his head toward the living room. "Come on in, Sammy!" Mike shouted. "I want you to see that I wasn't kidding you." Sammy finally walked into the kitchen. "Hello, Sammy," Sheree smiled when she saw the stunned look on the boy's handsome face. She groaned softly as her clit itched and her nipples stiffened. It was one of the most exciting moments she could remember. She tried to imagine how Sammy must feel it certainly wasn't every day that

a boy walked into his friend's kitchen and found his friend's naked mother there! "So you see that Mike was telling the truth now, don't you, Sammy?" she whispered. Sammy wasn't able to answer. Mike had told him, and yet he hadn't believed the boy. Now, standing there, he still wasn't sure he believed what he was seeing. He stared at Mrs. Drake's huge jugs, as he felt his cock began to grow in his jeans. Sheree smiled and walked over to Sammy. "Why, Sammy," she whispered as she let her hand drop down to lightly brush the front of the boy's tight jeans. "You look so surprised. Didn't Mike tell you why you were coming here? Didn't he tell you that I wanted to fuck you, honey?" Sammy groaned as her hand touched his crotch. He still couldn't find the words to speak. He could only stare at those big, hot tits. Mike answered for him, "I told him, Mom, but he just wouldn't believe me. He figured I was going to play a joke on him or something." Sheree laughed and said, "No, Sammy, we're not about to play any joke on you, baby. I just want to

give you pleasure. I asked Mike to bring you here so I could show you how a real, mature woman fucks and sucks. I'm sure you'll enjoy it far more with me than you do with those silly young girls. Don't you agree, Mike?" Mike moved closer to his mother. He reached out and squeezed one of her big jugs. "You bet, Mom! Sammy, just wait until my Mom sucks your cock. You might think that some of the girls in school suck good cock, but you've never had your dick eaten until Mom eats it." Sherry groaned from her son's squeezing and said, "Thank you, Mike. What a nice compliment." Mike stepped back and said, "Watch this, Sammy. I want you to see how good she eats dicks." He unsnapped his jeans and slid them down his legs. "Okay, Mom?" he smiled when his big, hard cock was sticking out in front of his body. He took the long cock in his hand and slowly stroked it. "Yes, Mike!" Sheree hissed. She took her hand away from Sammy's jeans. "I want to show Sammy what he is about to get, baby!" "Come on and get on your knees so you can

suck it good, Mom," Mike grinned. Sammy gawked at the beautiful woman when she knelt in front of her son. He felt his balls ache when he saw the way her huge, firm tits bounced as she fell to her knees on the hard kitchen floor. He remembered the way he had ached to fuck the gorgeous alder woman when he had seen her that day by her pool. "Watch, Sammy," Sheree grinned as she took Mike's big dick in her hand. She didn't have to tell that to Sammy. He could do nothing else but stand and watch the wild mother prepare to eat her son's cock. "Oooooo, Sammy!" Sheree moaned. "Mike's cock is so big and hard! I'll bet that your cock is just as big and firm as my little boy's dick is. Is it, Sammy? Is your prick big and hard for me, Sammy?" She stared up at the boy and waited for his answer. While she waited, she stroked Mike's cock faster. Sammy finally found his breath. He nodded at first, then said, "Yeah." "Good, darling. As soon as I eat my son's dick a little, I'll start to work on yours."

With that, Sheree concentrated on sucking Mike's ready cock. "Yummmm!" the happy woman moaned as she let Mike fuck her face. "It's delicious, Sammy. I'm letting Mike fuck my mouth just like I'm going to let you fuck it. Would that please you, baby?" "Sure" Sammy tried to sound at ease, but failed at the attempt. The truth was, he was about to cream in his jeans. Never had he felt so excited! Sheree felt Sammy's burning eyes on her as she ate Mike. First, she let Mike pump her mouth a few strokes, and then she took control and devoured his cock with her lips and wild tongue. "So so fucking good, Mom!" Mike gasped. He looked over at his friend and had to smile when he saw the rapt expression on Sammy's face. At that moment Mike looked down at his eating mother and was very proud of her. How many boys could say they had a mother like his? Sheree was enjoying eating her son's big cock, but she was eager to get her mouth on Sammy's dick. "Your turn, Sammy," the hot-assed woman smiled as she let Mike's cock ease out of her mouth.

She turned to stare at the other boy. "Take off your clothes, darling. Mrs. Drake is going to show you what she does to big hard cocks when she gets them in her mouth!" Sammy had been waiting for the big-titted woman to tell him just that. The horny boy fumbled with his clothes and got out of them as quickly as he could. "It is big, baby!" Sheree said with a delighted grin on her horny face. "I think it is almost exactly the same size as Mike's." Sheree felt hot juices flow down her thighs as she motioned for Sammy to come closer so she could suck him. She reached down to rub her clit a little as she prepared to eat Sammy's hard jutting prick. "Look at how big and swollen Sammy's cock is, Mike. Just look at that fat tip and look how heavy his balls are! I bet Sammy's balls are full of cum. Are they, Sammy? Are your big nuts full of cum for Mrs. Drake?" The trembling boy looked down at the horny woman and answered, "Yes they are. They're full

of cum for you, Mrs. Drake." "Good, honey. I'm glad your balls are full of hot cum. I just love to suck the hot cum out of balls and I know your cum is going to be delicious!" Sheree reached out and gently closed her fingers around Sammy's throbbing cock. "Ahhhhhhh" the boy hissed when she held his hard cock. "Ummmmmmm, baby!" Sheree moaned when the heat of his shaft raced through her fingers down to her clit. "I'm going to love sucking this beauty." The horny woman opened her mouth and put the tip of Sammy's cock in. "Oh, shit!" Sammy gasped when her wet, hot mouth sucked the first part of his prick in. "Big hard cock! Such a big hard cock!" Sheree said as she let him shove more meat into her eager mouth. "I love this big hard cock!" Knowing that her son was watching made eating the other boy's cock that much more exciting for Sheree. She felt an intense heat grab her body as she took more and more of Sammy's prick into her mouth. The smooth, hard flesh of his cock burned the inside of her mouth as she desperately sought to

show him that she was the best cocksucker in the entire world! "Mmmmmmmm!" she groaned. She slapped his hairy nuts as she ate him. The full length of his dick was now stuffed into her hungry mouth. She had even opened her throat and allowed the gasping boy to shove the head of his fat dick into the narrow channel. "God!" Sammy growled. He grimaced when his cock was squeezed tightly by her throat. Mike was taking off the rest of his clothes as he watched his mother deep-throat Sammy. The proud son laughed and said to his friend, "She's got your dick in her throat, hasn't she, Sammy? You're gonna love the way she squeezes your cock with her tight throat, buddy." "Fuck, Mike!" Sammy moaned as he stared down at the beautiful woman. He couldn't see any of his cock. His big balls were crushed against the woman's lovely chin. "She's gonna squeeze my dick off, Mike!" "Yessss!" Sheree moaned around the stuffing cock. She wanted to squeeze the hot, hard cock off! She wanted to make the boy cry out with wild pain

and pleasure as she ate him better than he had ever been eaten before and better than any mouth would ever eat him again. She wanted the young boy to remember her cocksucking as the best cocksucking of his life. Sheree sensed that Sammy was about to blast. She hadn't expected him to last long. Her muscles contracted around the head of his dick and she twisted her head around to increase the friction on his hard shaft. "Shit, Mrs. Drake! You're gonna make me come in your throat!" Sammy shouted and grabbed the beautiful woman's head as he rose up on his toes and shot her throat full of thick, hot jizz. "Wunnnhhhhh! Gunnnhhhhh!" were the only sounds the whorish mother and wife was able to make around the gushing prick. "Munnnhhh!" In her mind, Sheree pleaded, "Give me cum! Give me that cum, Sammy! I have to have your cum! I need cum to live! I need cum in my body to survive!" "Yum yum yum" the wild woman moaned. She giggled to herself as she sucked all the jizz from Sammy's cock. She let him pull out so that she could lick away the last of the cum from the tip of the empty

prick. "That was wonderful, Sammy!" "Wow, Mrs. Drake!" Sammy groaned while he watched her cleaning his cock with her tongue and lips. "That was really something." Sheree pulled her mouth away from his cock and said, "Thank you, Sammy. Fm glad you enjoyed it. Now, I want you to fuck my pussy while I suck Mike off. How does that sound to you, darling?" She held her tits and rubbed and squeezed them while she stared up at the naked boy. "Fantastic!" Sammy grinned. He stared down at the kneeling woman's dripping pussy. His balls twitched when he saw that juices were running down her thighs. Never had he believed that such a wild, whorish woman could exist. Many times he had dreamed of such a whore, and thought of one while he jerked off. But he figured it would only be something in his thoughts and dreams. The big-titted, hot-assed slut in front of him was the real thing! "My knees are getting a little tender from this hard floor, darlings," Sheree smiled as she stood up. Her big jugs bounced as she did so. "We'll go into

the bedroom and use the bed for the rest of our fucking and sucking. Come, boys. It's time to really have an orgy." When she was in the bedroom, Sheree got onto the big bed and positioned her horny body on her hands and knees. She smiled at the two boys and said, "Mike, baby, you can sit with your legs spread out in front of me so I can reach your cock with my mouth. Sammy, you can fuck me from behind while I eat my son's cock." "Sure thing, Mrs. Drake," Sammy grinned. He got onto the bed and reached out to touch the naked woman's big hot tits. "Yesssssss, Sammy! That's so delicious, baby! Lean over me while you fuck me from behind and squeeze my big tits hard! I love it like that!" Sammy grabbed his dick and had no trouble stuffing it into the woman's wet cunt. Her tight pussy seemed to draw his cock in without him even having to fuck forward. His dick slammed into her pussy until his heavy nuts bounced against her sweaty asscheeks. "That's sooo deeeeep, Sammy!" Sheree squealed. "Now reach under and squeeze my tits

like I told you. Squeeze them hard while you fuck my pussy! Don't worry about hurting them, darling! That's the way I like it!" "Yesssssss!" she shouted when he rammed her cunt from behind again and leaned over her back so that he could grab her swaying tits. He squeezed them until she cried out with pain. But she loved it! "Mom!" Mike gasped as he sat on his ass and leaned back against the headboard. His big, hard cock was just under her face. "Come on and suck my cock, Mom! Suck my cock while Sammy fucks you!" "Oooooooo, Mike! Yesssssss, sugar! Mommy is going to eat that big prick!" "Ummmmmmm!" she moaned when she captured his cock with her lips. Mike shoved up from the bed and fucked his long dick into his mother's hungry mouth. He looked over her body and smiled at Sammy as the other boy fucked. "Didn't I tell you her cunt was hot and tight as hell, Sammy?" Mike grinned. "It it sure is, Mike!" Sammy groaned. Hs felt

his cock throb each time he fucked into the woman's squeezing, hungry pussy. "Fuck meeeee!" Sheree squealed around Mike's hot cock. She was thrilled to hear the two boys talk about how good her cunt felt. She was delighted to know that Mike was proud of the way she fucked and sucked. "Eat it, Mom!" Mike groaned and watched his thick cock move into and out of his mother's wet mouth. She went wild with desire as she devoured his aching cock. "Take it, Mrs. Drake!" Sammy moaned as her pussy ate his cock. "Fuck back, Mrs. Drake! Your pussy feels so fucking good!" "More!" she gasped as her body was racked with a series of thrills each time Sammy fucked deeply into her cunt. The two young boys sandwiched the big-titted woman between them and gave her everything she asked for. It took a very few minutes for Mike's and Sammy's cocks to begin shooting jizz. "Unnnnnhhhhh!" Sheree moaned when she felt the expansions of both cocks. "Mom! I'm coming!" Mike shouted.

"I'm coming, Mrs. Drake!" Sammy groaned, and he grabbed her tits hard. "Munnnhhhhh!" Sheree growled. She came with the two boys. She squeezed Sammy's prick dry with her pussy and sucked out Mike's cum with her mouth. "Delicious, boys," the happy woman moaned as she completed her intense blast and let Mike's cock be withdrawn from her mouth. She gave Sammy's dick a final squeeze with her pussy before she turned around. "Shit!" Sammy said as she went down on him to lick his cock off. "She really goes wild for cock, doesn't she, Mike?" "That's right, Sammy," Sheree grinned up at the boy. "I go wild for cock. I'm a hot cocksucking whore and before this day is over, you'll know just how wild I can get!" She dipped her head again to suck in his growing cock.

"Is it gonna squirt in my mouth soon, Daddy?" Mary asked. "Yes, baby! Daddy is going to give his little girl all his cum soon!" Paul gasped. He looked down to watch his pretty daughter eat his cock. He lifted his head up off the bed a little so he could see her eat him. Mary tickled her father's big balls and plunged her greedy mouth downs for more of his cock. The wild daughter was on her bed, on her knees as she sucked his cock. She had been happy to hear that her mother and brother were out of the house for a while. Any chance to be alone with her father was welcomed by the horny girl. "Mmmmm!" she moaned. She swished her little tongue along the length of his hard cock as she sucked up and down. "Eat it, you big-titted little tramp!" Paul groaned. He reached down to cup and knead her tits as he watched her ravish his aching cock. "Ummmmmm, Daddy!" Mary moaned. "Your

cock tastes so good! Are you about to give me your cum, Daddy? I want it so much! Please, Daddy! Give me your cum! Shoot my mouth full of cum." "Okay okay, baby!" Paul gasped. "Stop talking and keep sucking my cock. You'll get your cum, honey! Daddy is going to give it to you!" "Mmmmmm." Mary moaned as she clasped her lips tightly around the hard shaft. She intended to draw the hot liquid from his balls. "Mary!" Paul gasped suddenly! "My sweet baby! Suck it out! Nowwwwww! Cocksucking little tramp! Daddy is giving you his cum!" "More!" Mary gasped and reached between her hot thighs to play with her pussy. "Unnnhhh!" "Suck it! Eat it! Swallow it!" the blasting man said as his jizz splattered his daughter's wonderful mouth. "It's here, Mary!" "Awwwwww! Eeeeee!" the sucking daughter groaned as she came, herself. "That's it, sugar," Paul grinned as she took her mouth away from his drained prick and licked his balls. "Lick the sweat off my nuts, honey." "Yes, Daddy," Mary whispered. "Shit, Daddy! I love the way your balls taste and smell!"

The eager girl had found that the strong smell of her father's hairy balls really turned her on. She loved to lick and suck the big nuts. "You little bitch!" Paul groaned as she sucked in one of his sensitive balls. Even after coming so soon, he felt the cum start to churn in his balls again. He laughed and thought how lucky he was to have such a hot, talented little daughter. "I want to lick your ass good, Daddy!" Mary grinned. She pushed his legs apart further, so she could get her eager little tongue into the crack of his hairy, sweaty ass. She moaned and ran her tongue deep into the crack. "Bitch!" Paul gasped when the tip of her tongue probed his asshole. "Won't anything stop you? Is there anything that turns you off?" "No, Daddy!" Mary giggled as she licked his pungent asshole. "I'll do anything for you! I'll suck your balls and lick out your asshole! I don't care what it is. I'll do it!" Paul stood as much of the wild girl's tongue as he could before he pushed her away. "You little cunt!" he hissed. He pushed her over onto her back and fell on her big-titted body.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" she squealed, and she grabbed for his cock. Paul let her put his dick to the wet opening of her tight pussy. He plunged down into the burning hole with all of his strength. "Daddeeeee!" she screamed. Her arms pulled him down to her. Her legs wrapped around his back. "Screw my pussy hard!" she shouted. "I am, cunt!" Paul snarled, and he slammed down into her so hard that his teeth were jarred together. He had a desire to punish his daughter's cunt. He wanted to find out just how much she could take. Paul didn't realize that he would never be able to make the horny girl cry out for mercy. She would be able to take anything he could give her. "Fuck it, Daddy!" she laughed. She dug her sharp nails into his back. "Take it, bitch!" he shouted as his face was pressed into her big tits. "I'm coming, Daddy!" Mary suddenly gasped. Her father's brutal fucking had driven her to a fantastic orgasm. The straining father was right behind his

blasting daughter. "Fuck, cunt! My balls arc burning off! Take this load of cum, bitch!" he gasped, gushing cum into her greedy pussy. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Mary chanted over and over as she soared to one blast, and then experienced another, and yet another. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" Paul groaned, his ass rising again and again to drive his cock deep into her exploding little pussy. "My Daddy" the smiling girl whispered in his ear after she had settled down. She ran her hands over his back and ass and trembled while he licked her nipples. "I love you so much, Daddy." He rolled away from her sweaty flesh and let his breathing return to normal before he said, "We'd better get ourselves together, honey." "I guess you're right, Daddy," she sighed, getting up to put on her panties and shorts. Mary and her father picked up their clothes and dressed. Paul kissed his daughter and went back to his room. He had timed it perfectly. As soon as he stepped inside his room, the front door opened and

Mike walked in. Mary heard the door and she looked out of her bedroom. "Hi, Mike," she smiled when she saw her brother coming down the ball. "Hi, Mary," Mike said. "I'm glad you're home. Do you remember what you said about me getting some of the guys together for you?" Mary's heart almost stood still. Her clit itched wildly. "Do you mean to gangbang me?" she whispered. "Yes," her brother grinned as he reached out to touch the front of his sister's blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he pinched her nipple through the thin material. "Unnhhhhh!" Mary moaned as a spark ran from her nipple down to her cunt. "When, Mike?" "Right now!" "Oh God, Mike," she groaned, and she grabbed his arm in desperation. "You aren't kidding me, are you? Please, don't kid me about this!" He laughed and said, "No, I'm serious. The guys are out in the car waiting."

"How many?" "Seven." She almost came, just thinking about it! "Seven? Oh God! That means that with you there will be eight!" Mike grinned at his delighted sister. He could just see her taking on all the boys. "Are you ready, Mary?" "Am I ready!" she laughed. "Arc you kidding? Seven cocks and you think I'm not ready?" "Eight cocks, baby. Don't forget your big brother now." "How could I forget you?" She reached down to rub the front of his jeans. "Unnhhhhh! Enough of that for now, Mary. Are you ready to leave right now?" "Let's go," she said, and then she remembered to tell her father. "Dad! I'm going out with Mike and some friends!" she shouted. "Have a nice time, honey!" her father answered. Mary went outside with Mike, and her pussy burned with hunger when she saw all the boys. "Hey, Mary!" several of the boys shouted. Two

of them got out of the car and held the door open for her. "I'll sit in the back with you guys," the horny girl grinned when she saw that four boys were jammed into the back of the car. "Come on and sit on my lap, Mary!" one of the boys said, and he pulled her into the back. "No, Mary! Sit on my lap!" another boy said. He tried to pull her dyer to him. The giggling girl was happy to be the center of so much attention. She let herself be pulled back and forth among the boys as the car drove away. "Where are we going, guys?" she asked as she was finally settled in the lap of one of the boys. Mike was in the front seat. He turned around and said, "There's a road not far from here that's a good place to park. Not many cars go by there at night." Mary was a little disappointed. She had hoped that they would be able to go to one of the boy's homes so that she would have plenty of room to take on more than one boy at a time. "Isn't it going to be cramped in the car?" she said as she pictured herself attempting to fuck that

way. "Don't worry, Mary. It's plenty warm out tonight and we have a blanket in the trunk. There's a bunch of trees along the road where we can spread the blanket," Mike answered her. Mary liked the idea of getting gangbanged in the woods. She relaxed and allowed one of the boys to begin playing with her tit. "Damn, Mary!" the boy said as he felt her firm jug through her blouse. "It sure is big! Can I take it out and suck on your nipple?" "Sure! Why wait until we get to the place? We might as well start now, bays." "You said it, Mary!" the boy grinned and unbuttoned her blouse. He was helped by the other boys. Soon, her big tits were naked. "Holy shit!" one of the boys gasped. "I've never seen such pretty tits. Look how big they are. Look at how stiff and pointed her nipples are, guys." Mary squirmed in the seat as the boys stared at her tits and talked about them. The boy driving almost lost control of the car as he turned around to look.

"Hurry, boys!" Mary groaned impatiently. "Stop just talking about my titties and play with them! Suck them and touch them!" "Yesssss!" she moaned when a hand squeezed one of the hot boobs. "Oh, yeah!" she gasped when another hand cupped the other aching tit. Each boy in the back seat struggled to take his turn squeezing her tits. "Eat 'em, boys! Eat my jugs!" Mary pleaded. A young mouth clamped over each of her firm nipples until she cried out with agony and pleasure. "Sweet motherfuckers! Fuck! Suck! Whore!" Mary gasped and babbled insanely as she felt fire race over her flesh. She grabbed the back of both boys' heads and held them against her hat tits. "Someone help me get my shorts off" she pleaded. She lifted her hot ass off the seat as hands grabbed at her shorts to pull them down her legs. She soon felt cool air hit her naked pussy. "Shit, guys! Look at that cunt!" a boy whistled as he stared down at her wet snatch. "Stick a finger in it!" Mary begged. A finger was jammed into her cunt. "Another finger, boys!" Mary cried out. "All of

you suck my tits and play with my pussy!" By the time the car reached the place the boys had planned to fuck Mary, the naked girl was as hot as she could possibly be. She no longer cared about leaving the car. She would have been happy to remain in the car and let the boys suck her tits and finger-fuck her cunt. The boys had different ideas. "Pull the car off the road into that bunch of trees," Mike instructed the driver. "Don't worry, the ground is firm there and you won't get stuck." Mary heard the car stop and she felt the movements of the car as boys got out and pulled her out with them. She was carried away from the car and into a dense thicket, of trees and shrubs. She heard the trunk door of the car slam as a boy took out a blanket. "Get her on this!" Mike said as a boy spread the blanket on an even spot on the ground. "Hurry!" Mary gasped when she was placed on the rough blanket. She looked up and saw that the circle of boys was taking their clothes off. A ring of stiff, jerking cocks soon surrounded the naked girl. "Come on, guys!" she pleaded. She squirmed

her hot ass into the blanket. The ground under her was hard and rough, but she didn't care. In her desperate horny state of mind, she would have taken the boys on a bed of nails. "Who wants it first? Who wants my pussy first?" The boys were undecided as they stared down at the wild girl. Each of them wanted to stick his cock into the girl first, but none of them would decide who should be the first to fuck her. "Since she's my sister, I'll take charge," Mike said as he stepped forward. "Benny will be first and I'll choose the next guy after Benny finishes fucking Mary." Benny had no objections to that. He fell on his knees between Mary's long, spread legs. "Fuck it, Benny!" Mary begged. She reached out to grab the boy's long, hard dick. "Fuck." Benny groaned when his cock was placed at the hot, wet entrance to her cunt. He drove hard into the wet hole. "Fucker!" Mary screamed with delight. She brought her feet up so that they were flat on the blanket, and she lifted bet hot ass up to encircle her pussy around on his driving cock.

"Deeper!" she pleaded. "Isn't it just as tight and hot as I said it was, Benny?" Mike asked as he stood over the fucking couple and watched. "Yesssss!" Benny groaned as her cunt sucked in his cock. "Fuck this tight hot cunt, man!" Mary groaned. She climbed his cock again and again. Mary looked over Benny's shoulder at the circle of boys who were watching her fuck. She smiled at them when she saw that each was stroking his dick. A sudden urge to make Benny come so that she could take on another boy and still another came over the big-titted girl. "Give me some hot stuff, Benny!" she pleaded, wrapping her legs around his back. "I want your cum, baby! Mary wants your cum!" Benny was about to shoot his jizz, anyway. He gasped and stiffened as a huge load of cum flooded the humping girl's tight cunt. "Yesssssss!" Mary groaned, and she came with him. Her cunt milked all of his cum out of his cock. "Whore! Cunt!" Benny gasped as he emptied

his balls of cum. "Yes! That's what I am!" Mary laughed. She continued to fuck his dick after he had finished coming. She gave him no time to rest, but shoved him away from her sweaty flesh. "Give me another one, Mike! I need another cock!" Mike directed another boy to fuck the horny girl. "Okay, its your turn. Give it to her good and hard. She'll take all you can give her." "That's the truth, Hal!" Mary giggled as she reached up to draw the boy down. "More! Deeper!" she groaned when he sank his long dick into her pussy. It took only a few strokes for the excited boy to shoot his load. "God!" he groaned as her cunt squeezed his dick dry. "Fuck! You bastard!" Mary cried out. "I didn't come yet, Hal! Make me come, bastard!" She fucked up at him wildly as she sought to come again before he fell exhausted against her horny body. When Mike saw that the boy came too soon, he grabbed another boy by the arm. "Get on her as soon as Hal pulls out! Don't wait a second!"

At first, Mary moaned with disappointment when Hal pulled out of her before she came, but she smiled when she looked up and saw that Mike was pushing another boy down to take Hal's place. "Fuck my pussy!" she shouted as she guided his stiff prick to her cunt. "Eeeee!" she squealed when her cunt was once more stuffed. The boys crowded around to watch the hotassed girl fuck. They were amazed that she was so horny. The moon was out, and they could clearly see her face and body as she strained to fuck the jizz out of the boy's cock. Mary was so hot from Hal's fucking that she came after about four deep strokes of the other boy's cock. "Motherfucker! Bastard!" she shouted. Her long legs waved in the air over the boy's back while she blasted, and then exploded again! "Fuck! I'm coming!" the boy gasped just as she was coming down. The feel of his squirting cum in her cunt was all that was needed to make Mary boil over again. "Again! Oh, God! I'm coming again! Fuck meeeee!"

The boy made her blast a few more times before his dick began to soften and be pulled out of her pussy. "Next!" she gasped, shoving a finger into her pussy while she waited for another hard cock. "Next big cock! Next big cock!" Mike motioned for the next boy. "Fuck it! Fuck iiiit! Screw my cunt! Screw my snatch!" she screamed as she fucked back at the gasping and humping boy. The boy was soon drained of his cum, but not before Mary had exploded a few times, herself. "Next! Give me another cock, Mike! Give me another hard cock!" The scene was repeated over and over. Finally, only Mike had not fucked the girl. His big dick ached in his hand as he stroked it and looked down at his sweaty, naked sister. A trail of cum ran from her pussy along her thighs, where the other boys had pulled out. Mary looked up and saw her brother. She smiled and held out her arms. "Take it, slut!" Mike groaned as his dick was absorbed by her burning pussy.

"I am, Mike! I am taking your cock in my pussy! Is it good, Mike? Is your sister's cunt good? Do you like the way your sister fucks your friends?" "Yesssssss, you little whore!" Mike moaned. He bit one of her tits. "You sure know how to fuck cocks, Mary! The guys are gonna want a lot of your hot pussy!" "And I'll give it to them, Mike! I'll give them as much of my pussy as they want. I want to be gangbanged again, Mike! I want to feel all those big cocks in my cunt again, and in my mouth hands and ass!" Mike fucked his hot-assed sister to another blast, and he came with her. "Make me come, Mike! I'm coming!" "Me toooo, bitch! Me tooo!" Mary held her brother's exhausted body against hers for a minute after they had both finished coming. She looked up at the group of boys and saw that several of their cocks had grown hard again. "Now I get to take on more than one dick at a time," she grinned, urging Mike to get up off her. When he did she gave the instructions regarding

what she wanted the boys to do. "You," she said to a boy with a hard cock in his hand. She didn't remember his name, but that didn't matter to her she didn't need to know his name to want to fuck and suck his big prick. "Get down on the blanket on your back so I can ride your cock." The boy obeyed without hesitation. "You," Mary smiled at another boy, "get in front of me so I can eat your dick." The boy stood in front of her, his feet on each side of the other boy's head. "You," she said to a third boy, "when I start riding his cock, I want you to get behind me and stick your big dick in my ass!" The boy nodded and watched as Mary got on top of the other boy and slid her cunt over his cock. "Fucking good!" she groaned as she moved up and down the hard dick. She then reached out for the other boy's cock in front of her and stroked it as she looked back over her shoulder. "Come on! Get down here and put your cock in my tight ass!" She concentrated on fucking the cock in her pussy and sucking the cock in front of her. Her ass

burned as she waited to feel the pain and pleasure of the third boy's cock in it. "Unnnnhhhhhhh!" she groaned around the cock in her mouth when she felt the third boy spread her hot asscheeks apart so he could find her tiny shithole. "Gunnnnhhhhh! Fuck my ass!" "Arrrrggghhh! Munnhhhh! Wunnhhhh!" the cockstuffed teenaged girl groaned when the boy suddenly shoved the head of his thick cock into the opening of her tiny asshole. The searing pain pushed aside the pleasure for a long moment as her body adjusted to the brutal invasion of her tight ass. This pain lasted for a very short time. The wild thrill of taking three cocks into her body and being watched by a group of boys as she did it drove away all pain. Pleasure unlike any she had known replaced the pain. "Deeper in my asssss!" she groaned as she held the other cock in her hand for a moment so she could speak. The boy behind her held her hips and rammed his dick into her squeezing ass until his balls were crushed against her hot asscheeks. He pulled back and fucked her ass again and again.

"Unnnhhhh!" Mary moaned as she slammed her hips down to engulf the cock in her pussy. She shoved her head forward to suck in the cock in her mouth. She pushed back to take the thick prick in her ass. "Shit, Mike!" one of the watching boys gasped as he gawked at the show the girl was putting on. "Your sister sure knows how to suck and fuck!" "She sure does!" Mike smiled proudly as he stroked his cock and hoped that the boy who was fucking Mary's ass would come soon. Mike wanted a shot at his sister's tight asshole. He soon got his chance. The ass-fucking boy shouted and blasted his cum into Mary's tight asshole. "Fill up my ass! Fill up my ass! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Mary groaned. She exploded as her three holes were pumped roughly by the hard cocks. Mike waited until the boy had finished coming and then pulled him away from Mary. Just as Mike shoved his cock into her ass, she came again. "Unnnhhhhh! Gunnhhhhhh!" Mary moaned as she blasted and the cock in her mouth started to squirt a thick load of hot cum.

"Munnnnhhhhhhhh!" she moaned when the cock in her cunt began to erupt. She bucked up, down, forward and back on the three cocks. Explosion after fantastic explosion hit her big-titted body. The cock in her mouth was pulled out. She looked over her shoulder to see who had replaced the first cock in her ass. "Mike!" she squealed with delight. "Fuck my ass, Mike! I want your cum in my ass!" Mike continued to pump her ass as another boy scooted under her to fuck her pussy. Mike hardly missed a deep stroke while the empty cock in Mary's pussy was replaced by another hard one. Another big dick stuffed Mary's mouth. Once again, the hot girl had three fresh cocks in her greedy body. "Fuck me, cocks!" she groaned, and she found a wonderful response from the three boys as they worked together to give her pleasure. Mike had to blast as her tight ass squeezed the cum from his cock. "Sis!" he growled, driving roughly into her gripping ass. "Take it! Take it! Take it!"

"I'm coming!" Mary answered, and she exploded in unison with her brother. Mike finally fell away from her and smiled as another boy replaced him. He watched while his sister worked on three cocks at a time, until she had taken every boy in every part of her big-titted, hot assed, hot-mouthed body. Mary eventually saw that the boys had given her all they could. She allowed herself to be picked up and taken back to the car, where she was helped to dress again. When the other boys dropped Mike and her off at the house, she was a happy girl.

Mike and Mary were laughing when they opened the front door and walked into the house. "Let's get a beer from the kitchen, Mary," Mike said. "Mom and Dad must be asleep at this hour, and they won't know we took any." "Sure," Mary agreed. She was thirsty from all the fucking and sucking with Mike and the other guys. The brother and sister sat drinking the beer at the kitchen table when they heard the moans coming from their parents' room. "Did you hear that, Mike?" Mary whispered. "Sure did," Mike answered. "Sounds like they're fucking, Mike," Mary grinned, leaning over the table. "Sure does," Mike smiled. He wondered if they were fucking, or if his Mom was eating his dad's cock. "Deeper, Paul!" they heard their mother cry out. Mary giggled softly. "Well no doubt about it now, Mike, Dad must be really giving it to Mom."

"Yeah," Mike whispered. "Sounds like he sure know how to make Mom like it." Mary smiled and without realizing what she was saying, said, "Daddy knows how to make any woman like it." Mike stared at his sister, and he knew why she had said what she had said. "You've been fucking, Dad, haven't you, Mary?" At first Mary was going to deny it, but she decided it was silly to do so. If she had been fucking her brother, then what was so shocking about fucking her father. "Yes, Mike," she said simply. She thought that Mike looked mad, but then his face broke out into a broad smile. He even started to laugh softly as he grinned at his pretty sister. "What's so funny?" Mary frowned. Mike finally controlled himself and said, "It's just funny that I'm fucking you you're fucking Dad and I'm fucking Mom." "You're what?" Mary said, her mouth dropping open. "I'm fucking Mom," Mike smiled, enjoying the stunned look on his sister's face.

Mary let her mind absorb her brother's words for a long moment before she spoke. "I guess that about takes care of it then, Mike. If you're fucking Mom and I'm fucking Daddy then that about makes us a complete fucking-family!" "Just about," Mike smiled. "Except that Mom doesn't know I'm fucking you and that you're fucking Dad, and that uh and that" He paused a moment as he tried to remember who didn't know about who was fucking who. Mary giggled. "You know, Mike. Things would be a lot better if every member of the family knew what was going on." Mike looked in the direction of the bedroom where his folks were fucking. "You mean if you and me went on into their bedroom and told them both the truth?" Mary put down her beer and stood. She smiled down at her brother and took off her clothes. When she was naked, she said, "Why not, Mike? What can they say. How can Mom be mad at Dad for fucking me, when she's screwing you. And how can Dad be mad at Mom for screwing you, when he's sticking his dick into my pussy?"

Mike thought that one over for only a moment before he reached up to squeeze one of his sister's hot tits. He pinched her stiff nipple and said, "And how can they be mad at us for fucking each other right, Mary?" "Exactly, big brother," Mary grinned, her body hot from his touch. Mary let him play with her tits for a moment before saying, "Well, Mike? What do you say? Are you ready to take off your clothes and go with me into their room? We don't have much to lose." "Sure, Mary," Mike said. He stood and stripped away his clothes. Mary took his hand and they walked down the hall to their parents' bedroom. The door to the room was slightly open. Mary held back a giggle and paused next to the door to listen. "God," Sheree groaned. "Fuck it harder, my beautiful lover!" Mary looked at Mike, and they both put their hands over their mouths to keep from laughing. It was exciting to do what they were doing and also fun.

"Harder, Paul! Fuck my cunt harder!" The brother and sister heard their mother shout. "Ready, Mike?" Mary whispered. She reached down to feel his cock. "Yes, you're ready," she grinned when his hard cock jerked in her hand. She gritted her teeth as a wave of heat swept through her drooling pussy. Mary pushed the door open slowly. "Look at that!" Mike whispered when he saw his parents. "Mmmmmmm" Mary moaned quietly. The two adults were on their bed. They were too involved to know that the door had opened all the way and that their children were in the room. Sheree was on her hands and knees. Paul was fucking her from behind. "Fuck! Take it, woman!" Paul gasped and held her hips while he pounded her pussy. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. Even in the poor light, the two teenagers could see the grimace of pleasure on his face. "I'll take it and beg for more, fucker!" Sheree said, her big, hot ass pushing back for more cock in

her pussy. Mary looked at Mike. He nodded. Mary reached next to her to switch on the light. "What the" Paul said, his eyes opening and his head snapping around to look at the door. "Who turned on the" Sheree started to say when she twisted her head and saw Mike and Mary. Her mouth dropped open and the look of passion on her lovely face turned to a look of shock. "Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!" Mary grinned. There was a long moment of silence in the bedroom as Paul and Sheree gawked at their naked son and daughter and tried to find the will to speak. Sheree was the first to speak. She remained in her position, with Paul's throbbing cock deep in her cunt. "What do you kids think you're doing in here? And you're not dressed! Mary! Mike! What in the world are you two up to?" Mike and Mary walked over to stand next to the bed. "Relax, Mom," Mary smiled. She winked at her father. "I know that you've been fucking Mike and Mike knows that Daddy has been fucking me."

"What?" Sheree said. She looked back over her shoulder at Paul. Her eyes were angry after hearing the news that he had been fucking their daughter. She tried to calm herself down and think, but it wasn't easy. She did know that it would be ridiculous for her to start screaming at Paul, when she had also been fucking Mike. She stared at her two naked kids and swallowed to put some moisture back into her throat so she could speak. "Does does that mean that you and Mike have" Mary grinned and reached down to stroke Mike's hard cock. "Yes, Mom. Mike and I have been fucking each other for a long time! So you see it's okay. It's okay for the whole family to know what is going on." "I guess you're right, honey!" Sheree smiled at her naked daughter and admired the girl's lush, bigtitted body. "We may as well stop sneaking around, and do our fucking and sucking as a family from now on!" "Hey! Wait just a minute!" Paul said. "I have a thing or two to say about this!" "Oh, shut your mouth and just fuck me, Paul!"

Sheree said. "Not a single member of this family can say that the others have done anything wrong. We've got a good thing going here so why don't we stop talking about it, and start doing what we really want to!" "Mom's right, Daddy," Mary grinned. She got up onto the bed behind her father and reached between his thighs to grab his hanging balls. "Hush and fuck Mommy while I play with your balls." "Unnhhh!" Paul groaned despite himself. He couldn't help shoving into his wife's gripping cunt when his daughter squeezed his nuts. "Mike," Mary smiled at her brother. "You can get on the bed in front of Mom and she can suck your cock while Daddy fucks her." "Yessss, Mike!" Sheree hissed, her cunt moving back to absorb Paul's fat dick. "Mommy wants to eat that beautiful cock!" Mike scrambled onto the bed and sat down in front of his hot-assed mother. "Mmmmmmmm!" Sheree groaned around her son's hard meat when she sucked in his big cock. "Mom! Your mouth feels so good!" Mike groaned. He looked across his mother's sleek back

and watched his father's face as the man grimaced. "Mommy's pussy feels good, doesn't it, Daddy?" Mary grinned as she squeezed his balls tighter. "Yes, honey" Paul moaned, not thinking about the right or wrong of what was happening. He had completely accepted the situation and intended to enjoy both his wife's and his daughter's cunts. Mary was proud of her family. She leaned over to watch Mike being sucked by her mother. She tickled and teased her daddy's heavy nuts. She used her other hand to play with her own cunt while she watched the other three. "Fuck!" Paul gasped and slammed harder into Sheree's wet cunt. "Christ! Mary! My cock is coming! My cum is coming out of my balls!" "Ahhhhhh!" Sheree groaned, and she shoved her head down until her nose was crushed into Mike's crotch and her mouth was stuffed with his cock. "Mommy!" Mary shouted as she leaned over to watch her mother's big jugs sway wildly. "Take Daddy's hot cum, Mommy! Fuck it!"

The horny daughter forgot about her own pleasure for the moment. She didn't rub her clit or finger-fuck her cunt. She simply watched the other three members of her family fuck and suck. "Eat my cock and take my stuff, Mom!" Mike shouted when his cum boiled into his mother's mouth. "Give it to meeeee!" Sheree begged, sucking out the sweet jizz. "Come, Mommy!" Mary encouraged her mother. She reached around to squeeze one of her mother's big tits. Sheree felt Mary's hand. Knowing that alt three of the other members of the family were giving her pleasure drove the woman wild. "Eeeeeee! Gunnhhhh! Arrrgghhhh!" she babbled when the wave of fire burned through her body. She thrashed between her son and husband and came many times before slumping down into the soft bed. Mary watched her mother finish coming. She watched as Mike and Paul finally withdrew their drained cocks from the mouth and cunt of her mother.

Only then did the horny girl remember the need in her own pussy. "Eat my cunt, Daddy!" she moaned when she had moved over her father's body. She squatted above his face and lowered her dripping pussy. Paul shoved his tongue into Mary's sweet cunt. "Daddeeeee!" she squealed. "Stick that big tongue in my cunt! Tongue-fuck my pussy! Eat my hole! Suck my clit!" Sheree sat up when she heard her daughter screaming. The hot mother smiled when she saw the pleasure Paul was giving their daughter. "Oh, Mommy!" Mary gasped when she felt her mother's hands. "Yessssssss, Mommy!" She shuddered all over when her mother squeezed her big tits. "She has such big, firm tits, Paul!" Sheree rasped as she squeezed the girl's hot boobs. She pinched the firm nipples and cupped the heavy jugs. Paul looked up and saw his wife playing with their daughter's tits. He groaned and shoved his tongue deeper into Mary's snatch. "Tongue-fuck me, Daddy! Tongue-fuck my cunt!" Mary screamed.

"Eat her out good, Paul!" Sheree hissed. She felt a love then for her daughter unlike the love she'd had for the girl before that time. The proud mother was closer to her daughter than she had been before, and she wanted Mary to get as much pleasure as possible from life. It mattered not that that pleasure came from Paul's mouth. "Mommy!" Mary gasped. "It's here, Mommy! My pussy is so fucking hot, Mommy!" "Enjoy it, baby! I want my little girl to enjoy her come!" Sheree laughed and felt tears run down her cheeks. The tears were caused by joy, not sadness. Sheree continued to squeeze Mary's tits while the girl came and came. She held the trembling girl in her arms when the explosions had finally ceased, and kissed her face with loving tenderness. "Hey, you two!" Paul laughed after he had given Mary and Sheree time to hold each other. "Does either of you have any idea of what to do with this?" He pointed at his hard cock. Sheree laughed and winked at Mary. "Don't you think it's only fair that you suck his cock since he ate your cunt, darling?" "Yes, Mom," Mary giggled leaning over her

daddy to engulf his long, thick cock in her young mouth. "Mmmmmmmmm! It's delicious, Mom!" Sheree watched her daughter eat her husband, and then climbed over Paul's face. "Eat my pussy like you ate Mary's cunt, Paul!" Paul pushed his tongue up into his wife's gushing pussy. Her thick, hot juices ran down his tongue and into his hungry mouth. "Beautiful, lover!" Sheree groaned. She looked back at her daughter. "Suck his cock good, Mary! Daddy loves to have his big cock sucked!" "It's good, Mommy!" Mary gasped as she lifted her little mouth up until the tip of Paul's cock almost slipped out. "Daddy has such a wonderful cock, Mommy. You must love eating it all the time!" Sheree moaned when Paul's lips sucked on her firm clit. "Yesssss, Mary! Mommy loves to eat Daddy's big dick. I love to suck out his hot stuff!" Mike was feeling a little left out. He crawled over behind his sister and grabbed her hips. His hard cock was soon pumping her tight cunt. "Her pussy is so hot, Mom!" Mike groaned and leaned over Mary to reach under her body and

squeeze her heavy tits roughly. "Fuck it deep, Mike!" Sheree smiled. She shuddered as Paul sucked harder on her aching clit. Mike drove into Mary's hungry cunt. Sheree mashed her wet cunt into Paul's mouth and gasped with pleasure. Mary pushed back to get Mike's huge dick, and sucked on her daddy's stiff cock. Sheree came first. "Eat meeee! Suck my clit! I want to explode all over! Fuck her pussy, Mike! Eat his big cock, Mary!" The insane woman blasted four times before she lifted her satisfied cunt away from her husband's face. She stood on trembling legs and watched Mike, Mary, and Paul come one by one. "She's squeezing my cum out, Mom!" Mike shouted. He slammed into Mary's pussy and held his cock there while his balls blasted. "Can you feel his cum in your cunt, Mary?" Sheree asked. "Ummmmmmm!" Mary moaned in answer. She also was on the edge of a powerful eruption. "Sucking little bitch!" Paul shouted. He grabbed the back of his daughter's head and shot hot jizz into

her hungry mouth. "Give it to the little slut, Paul!" Sheree laughed. "She's a natural cocksucker, darling. She's going to be as good a cocksucker as I am, Paul!" Mary suddenly went wild. She ravished her daddy's shooting dick, and bucked back to eat Mike's blasting cock with her pussy. "Mommmmm!" she groaned around her daddy's shaft. "Unnnn! Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" "My beautiful little girl! We have such a beautiful little girl, Paul!" Sheree said while she watched her daughter come repeatedly. The family talked for a while afterwards, and Sheree and Mary went into the kitchen to make a snack for everybody. "Ummmmm," Mary said as she washed down her sandwich with some soda. "Fucking and sucking sure makes me hungry?" "And eating makes me ready to fuck and suck again!" Sheree laughed. "Sounds mighty good to me!" Paul said as he reached over to squeeze his wife's hot tits. "I'll take a little of that," Mike grinned. He too, played with Sheree's big jugs.

"And I would like to try some of this," Mary smiled. She grabbed her father's dick and started stroking it. "Wow! It sure doesn't take much to get it hard, Daddy!" The fucking family spent a few minutes laughing and getting each other hot. After plenty of this, they were ready to fuck again. "I would like to get my cock in that tight little ass, Mary," Paul grinned. He reached around Mary's body to grab her hot ass. "Ooooo, Daddy! That sounds delicious!" Mary said and squeezed his hard dick again. Sheree liked the idea not only for her hot-assed daughter, but for herself as well. "Would you like to screw me in the ass, Mike?" she asked her son, taking his cock in her hand. "Can I, Mom?" Mike groaned, his balls aching as he thought of being inside his mother's tight asshole. He felt hot all over just thinking about it. "Certainly, darling. We'll do it right now!" Sheree got onto her hands and knees and waved her big ass at her boy. "Here on the floor so we'll have plenty of room, Mike! Stick that big dick in my ass, baby! Mommy wants to be fucked in the ass

by her son!" Mike shoved his cock deep into his mother's tight ass. "Arrrggghhh!" she cried out with the initial pain and then pushed her ass back to take more of Mike's hard cock. "Me now, Daddy!" Mary pleaded. She took the same position on the floor as her mother. Paul rammed his huge dick into his daughter's hot ass. "It's so fucking deep!" Mary groaned, the pain driving her mad at first, before it changed to a strange type of pleasure. The father fucked his daughter's ass hard and deep. The son fucked his mother's ass fast and deep. Both fucking couples grunted and groaned with a wild pleasure. Pain was soon ignored by Sheree and Mary. The two big cocks in their stuffed assholes made them forget everything else but the joy they were feeling. "I'm coming! Fill my ass up with cum, Mike!" Sheree screamed. "You got it all, Mom!" Mike answered, and gave

her a full load of hot jizz. "Shit, girl! My cum is shooting!" Paul shouted. His cock was plunged completely into her asshole. "Daddy! Fuck my ass! I'm coming with you!" Mary screamed. The bedroom was filled with the sounds of the wild family. They experienced a wonderful explosion! After a long rest Paul smiled and said, "I can't think of what to do next." "We'll think of something for you, won't we, Mary?" Sheree grinned. "We sure will, Mom," Mary laughed as her mouth drew in her father's cock.