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Kinematics- Speed, Velocity, Acceleration

Practice Set (Physics)

Science and Technology IV
Subject Facilitator: Mr. Jayson G. Chavez

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1. While on vacation, Lisa traveled a total distance of 440 miles. Her trip took 8 hours. What was her
average speed?
2. What is the speed of a sailboat that is traveling 100 meters in 120 seconds?
3. If a cyclist in the Tour de France traveled southwest a distance of 12,250 meters in one hour, what would
the velocity of the cyclist be?
4. Calculate the speed of a dog running through a field if he is covering 23.7 meters in 54 seconds.
5. If a cross country runner covers a distance of 347 meters in 134 seconds what is her speed?
6. What is the speed of a baseball that travels 49 meters in 2.4 seconds?
7. What is the speed of a horse in meters per second that runs a distance of 1.2 miles in 2.4 minutes?
8. Calculate the velocity of a car that travels 556 kilometers northeast in 3.4 hours. Leave your answer in
kilometers per hour.
9. If the distance covered by a jogger is 2,541meters through the park and the time it took to cover that
distance was 43.6 minutes, what was the speed of the jogger?
10. Which object has a greater velocity, a ball rolling down a 3.4 meter hill in six seconds or a fish
swimming upstream and covering 5.4 meters in 0.4 minutes?
11. If Seneca decides to walk across town to a store that is .95 kilometers away and she has only 25 minutes
to get there, what speed does she need to maintain to arrive on time?
12. If a projectile flies north 387 meters in 5.8 seconds, what is its velocity?
13. Calculate the velocity of a mountain climber if that climber is moving northeast at a pace of 1.6 km in
1.4 hours?
14. As a shuttle bus comes to a normal stop, it slows from 9.00m/s to 0.00m/s in 5.00s. Find the average
acceleration of the bus.
15. During a race, a sprinter increases from 5.0 m/s to 7.5 m/s over a period of 1.25s. What is the sprinter’s
average acceleration during this period?
16. A baby sitter pushing a stroller starts from rest and accelerates at a rate of 0.500m/s2. What is the
velocity of the stroller after it has traveled for 4.75 minutes?
17. A bicyclist accelerates at 0.89m\s2 during a 5.0s interval. What is the change in the speed of the bicyclist
and the bicycle?
18. A freight train traveling with a speed of 18.0m/s begins braking as it approaches a train yard. The train’s
acceleration while braking is -0.33m/s2. What is the train’s speed after 23 seconds?
19. A skater travels at a constant velocity of 4.5m/s westward, then speeds up with a steady acceleration of
2.3m/s2. Calculate the skater’s speed after accelerating for 5.0s.
20. Marisa’s car accelerates at an average rate of 2.6m/s2. Calculate how long it takes her car to accelerate
from 24.6m/s to 26.8m/s.
21. If a rocket undergoes a constant total acceleration of 6.25m/s2, so that its speed increases from rest to
about 750m/s, how long will it take for the rocket to reach 750m/s.
22. A dog runs with an initial speed of 1.5m/s on a waxed floor. It slides to a stop with an acceleration of
-0.35m/s2. How long does it take for the dog to come to a stop?
23. A hockey puck sliding on a frozen lake comes to rest after traveling 175m.
If it's initial velocity is 1.0m/s, what is its acceleration if that acceleration is assumed constant?
24. Drew is celebrating a successful football season by traveling to the Grand Canyon. He stands at the rim
and yells down to the bottom and hears his yell echo back from the canyon floor 5.2 seconds later. He
knows that the speed of sound in air is 340 m/s. How deep is the canyon at this location?
25. A rocket starts from rest and travels a distance of 1500 meters in 2 seconds. What is the acceleration of
the rocket?
26. A bike coasts down a hill with a uniform velocity of 8 ft/sec2. How far will the bike travel in 10
27. A rock falls from a bridge 200 ft above the water. At what speed does it hit the water?
28. How long is the rock in the air in problem #27?
29. A person jumps out of an airplane and falls for 12 seconds. How fast is the person moving at the end of
this time?
30. How far has the person fallen in problem #29?