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Padamla Godhara Pipe Line Project GSPL/TS/110/001

Gujarat State Petronet Ltd SECTION – VIII (FP) Rev 1


Amount of Performance Guarantee (15% of the Contract Price valid till Operational acceptance by
the Owner and thereafter 15% of the Contract Price valid till 60
(sixty) days beyond Defect Liability Period )
Liquidated Damage:
(a) For Delay LD @ 0.75 % of the Contract price for each week or part thereof
and @1.5% of the contract price per week thereafter delay in
achieving Commissioning (Operational Acceptance)
(c) Maximum LD
LD will be capped at 10% of the Contract price
Period of defect liability 24 months from the date of Commissioning of the proposed
Effective Date Date of Letter of Acceptance / Date of FOA
Bid Validity Period Four months from date of bid opening
Time for Completion As per SCC Clause 1.0 & 6.0

(Seal and Signature of the