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Fashion Rule

I knew that competition for fashion was extremely stern. If you have no intelligence on fashion, you would do something so far by
*mass pressure.

We’ll be able to go through such a thing because we love ourselves. But it’s necessary to learn a common sense as like as
businessman style. ECT {electro-convulsive therapy} or injection or drag was used against secluded people who have no common
sense on fashion in 1999. Long after this time, races, women, thought, society were involving into at axis of fashion.

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Classificatio Breac When did

n h you make
Point a breach?
Shopping, 1 <Read>Before you buy the clothing, read these rules, your and other lessons.
Shopping 0 <Read>You had better buy the clothes after you refer to the mass media, shops, observing the town.
for clothe
1 <Read>Before you buy clothing, watch yourself in mirror about your generation, age, race, countenance,
attitude, character, shape, hair style.
0 <Read>Know “Fashion is the short life” and “Clothing is high price”.
0 <Read>Do it yourself. Don’t be dependent on others and your old sister. <Lesson>My suit is childish
because it’s too tight. My shoes are monotonous and childish.

Shopping, 1 <Read>Before you go to shoe store, read these rules.

Shopping 1 <Read>Confirm whether there is too much space of the ahead and above shoes by bending your shoes or
for Shoes not.
1 <Read>Know that it doesn’t suit to your race. <Lesson>My foot print, head.

<Read>What you should take care of, before you buy the clothes.

/Secluded people who are not able to buy the original dress at the shop in
middle of urban and imitate dress at the fashion site.
/Race. She had more ugly face though you had expected that she had been a
beauty according to her beautiful dress.
/Foreign clothes
/Foreign people
/Famous person
/Student <Lesson>Tie of suit.
/youth <Lesson>Youth become of tight dress.
/middle age
/old person
<Read>Don’t get associated with these.

Shoes like sandal.

School bag <Lesson>Because of the combination colors of dress and shoulder
/large number <Lesson>Zippers and pockets of Jacket
<Read>Know the greatest common divisor.
/unfashionable, fashionable

/trend, elegant, casual.

/holiday or ordinary days
/place, business town,
<Read>Know common sense
/arrange of my hair.

/size of shoulder and back

/morning or night
Cap, sun glasses at night.