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When you've been doing it this long, you should be getting

top marks, right? In operation since 1877, A H Marks &
Company manufactures fine chemicals, performance
chemicals, and agrochemicals for use throughout the UK.
Its fine and performance chemicals include lithographic Fiscal Year End: August
chemicals, phenol derivatives (for pharmaceuticals), and Revenue (2004): 101.00 M
chlorinated products (used in perfumes and Address: Wyke Ln. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Robin Lee
pharmaceuticals). A H Marks' agrochemicals are primarily Bradford, West Yorkshire BD12 16.40% • Managing Director: Ian J.
phenoxy, propionic, and acetic herbicides sold under the 9EJ, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 338 McClelland
brand names OPTICA, AGROXONE, and MATON. A H Phone: +44-1274-691-234 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Business Development
A H Marks and Marks maintains a single manufacturing site in West Fax: +44-1274-691-176 (-3.40%) Manager: Brian Balmforth
Company Limited Yorkshire.

AgraQuest sweats the small stuff. The company's

proprietary database of more than 20,000 microorganisms
is the base for its line of pest control and plant disease-
fighting products. AgraQuest's products fight plant pests
and diseases with naturally occurring microorganisms that
offer environmental advantages over synthetic chemical
pesticides and genetically modified crops. The company's • Chairman: John M.
initial product offering, Serenade, is a biofungicide that is Pasquesi
approved for use on crops such as grapes, apples, pears, Address: 1530 Drew Ave. Fiscal Year End: • CEO and COO: Michael J.
and tomatoes. AgraQuest has about 20 other natural pest Davis, CA 95616-1272 December (Mike) Miille
management products in the pipeline. The company is Phone: 530-750-0150 Revenue (2005): 5.20 M • President and Director:
owned by private investment funds, management, and Fax: 530-750-0153 Employees (2005): 70 Pamela G. (Pam) Marrone
AgraQuest, Inc. King Ranch.

It's no bull that Agrium is a top producer and marketer of

fertilizers in North America. A leader in the production of
nitrogen, the company operates plants in Canada, the US, Fiscal Year End:
and Argentina that produce mostly nitrogen (though also December
potash and phosphate) products. The plants have the Revenue (2005): 3294.00
capacity to produce more than 8 million tons of the M • Chairman: Frank W. Proto
nutrients per year. In addition to supplying wholesalers, Address: 13131 Lake Fraser Dr. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President , CEO, and
Agrium operates more than 200 fertilizer retail outlets in SE 16.10% Director: Michael M. (Mike)
the US in 21 states and more than 30 retail farm centers in Calgary, Alberta T2J 7E8, Canada Employees (2004): 4,617 Wilson
South America. The company also owns 50% of Profertil, a Phone: 403-225-7000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP, Finance and CFO:
joint venture with Spain's Repsol YPF that runs Argentina's Fax: 403-225-7609 (-1.10%) Bruce G. Waterman
Agrium Inc. largest nitrogen plant. Yes
Agrium U.S., the Denver-based subsidiary of the Canadian
company Agrium, is a manufacturer and distributor of
fertilizers. The company produces and distributes four
major crop nutrients: nitrogen, phospate, potash, and
sulfate fertilizers for the wholesale market. Agirum U.S. Address: 4582 S. Ulster St., Ste. Fiscal Year End:
operates a network of more than 200 retail farm centers in 1700 December • President and CEO:
the US, one of the largest independent retailers of Denver, CO 80237-2636 Revenue (2005): 2147.50 Michael M. (Mike) Wilson
fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals in North America. The US Phone: 303-804-4400 M • Director, US Sales: Jay
provides Agrium with more than two-thirds of its sales. Fax: 303-804-4482 Employees (2005): 2,500 Muse
Agrium U.S. Inc. Agrium began orginally as Cominco during the 1930s.

American Soil Technologies works to make sure your

farmland isn't dirt poor. The company manufactures
agricultural chemicals that help retain water in soil, the
direct benefit of which is manifold. In addition to minimizing
the frequency of irrigation, the chemicals also decrease Fiscal Year End:
the likelihood of erosion and reduce other environmental December
damage. Its Agriblend product is used by agricultural Revenue (2005): 0.60 M
clients and its Nutrimoist product is used for residential Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Louie Visco
and recreational applications. American Soil has been Address: 12224 Montague St. 7.70% • President, CEO, CFO, and
mired in debt, but things are looking up as the company Pacoima, CA 91331 Employees (2005): 10 Director: Carl P. Ranno
has reached a debt conversion agreement with its largest Phone: 818-899-4686 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Marketing: Johnny
American Soil creditor. The company is majority-controlled by Chairman Fax: 818-899-4670 0.00% Dickinson
Technologies, Inc. Louie Visco. Yes

American Vanguard Corporation (AMVAC) bugs bugs,

roots out weeds, and helps people get personal care. The
company makes specialty chemicals designed to protect
the health of animals, crops, and people. Products made
by its AMVAC Chemical subsidiary include pesticides,
plant-growth regulators, herbicides, and soil fumigants. Its Fiscal Year End:
GemChem subsidiary distributes the company's chemicals December • President, CEO, and
nationally to the cosmetic, nutritional, and pharmaceutical Revenue (2005): 189.80 M Director: Eric G. Wintemute
industries. American Vanguard also has marketing Revenue Growth (1 yr): • SVP, CFO, Secretary, and
subsidiaries in the UK, Switzerland, and Mexico. UAP Address: 4695 MacArthur Ct. 25.80% Treasurer: James A. Barry
Holding, Helena Chemical, and Agriliance each account Newport Beach, CA 92660 Employees (2005): 300 • SVP and Director, Sales,
for more than 10% of sales. Co-chairmen Herbert Kraft Phone: 949-260-1200 Employee Growth (1 yr): AMVAC: Christopher (Chris)
American Vanguard and Glenn Wintemute together own 28% of American Fax: 949-260-1201 31.00% Hildreth
Corporation Vanguard. Yes
Got potash? If not, the Arab Potash Company (APC) would
be glad to fix you up. The company mines the Dead Sea
for potassium chloride, one of several potassium-based Fiscal Year End:
compounds commonly known as potash. The substance is December
used primarily for fertilizer, but also has industrial Revenue (2004): 260.50 M
applications, for example in the manufacture of glass and Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Issa Ayyoub
ceramic. Canadian industry bigwig Potash Corp. bought Address: P.O. Box 1470 19.80% • General Manager: Brent
more than a quarter of the company in October 2003 and Amman 11118, Jordan Employees (2004): 2,232 Heimann
installed some of its own executives in APC management Phone: +962-6-567-4376 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Deputy General
Arab Potash Company roles. Jordan Investment Corp. also owns more than a Fax: +962-6-567-4416 (-3.20%) Manager: Dave Stuart
Limited quarter of APC.
90% of Asia Pacific Potash Corp. (APPC, the Thai
government owns 10%), which explores for potash --
various potassium salts -- in northern Thailand near the
city of Udon Thani. It controls two deposits (Udon South
and Udon North) that contain an estimated 1.4 billion
metric tons of potash, which is used in fertilizer. The
company will supply Far Eastern markets, where demand Address: Ste. 2002, Fl. 20, Fiscal Year End: • President and CEO: John
is strong but few regional sources exist. The Ziff family, Abdulrahim Place, 990 Rama IV December Bovard
through Olympus Capital Holdings Asia, owns about 53% Rd., Silom, Ban Revenue (2004): 0.00 M • CFO and Corporate
of the company; Canadian Crew Development Corp. owns Bangkok 10500, Thailand Employees (2004): 45 Secretary: Robert Scott
7%. The company has agreed to a takeover bid from Thai Phone: +66-2-636-1600 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Operations: Matthew
Asia Pacific Resources group SRMT Holdings, a unit of Italian-Thai Development Fax: +66-2-636-1599 2.30% Blackwell
Ltd. Public Co. Yes
BASF Canada is a veritable one-stop chemical shop. The
company, a subsidiary of chemical giant BASF's North
American unit, has four primary divisions that make nearly
every basic chemical under the sun. Its agricultural
products and nutrition unit makes pest and plant control
products, animal nutrition products, and ingredients for
cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. The company's • President: Robin C.
performance products unit produces coatings and Address: 345 Carlingview Dr. Rotenberg
pigments, as well as chemicals for paper, textiles, and Toronto, Ontario M9W 6N9, • Director, Finance and
automobiles. Through its plastics unit, BASF Canada also Canada Logistics: James McEwen
is a major producer of polyurethanes and styrenics. The Phone: 416-675-3611 • Manager, Communications:
company's smallest unit, chemicals, makes Fax: 416-674-2588 Martine Despatie
BASF Canada petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, and intermediates.
If people turn to Bayer for what ails them, why can't plants?
Bayer CropScience, a part of German chemicals giant the
Bayer Group, is a leading producer of agricultural
chemicals. The company's Crop Protection unit makes • Chairman, Management
fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. Bayer Board: Friedrich Berschauer
CropScience also has two other divisions, Environmental Fiscal Year End: • Member, Management
Science and BioScience, that focus on non-crop chemicals December Board, Head of Portfolio
(such as consumer lawn care products) and genetically Address: Alfred-Nobel-Str. 50 Revenue (2004): 8110.30 Management, and: Rüdiger
modified seeds, respectively. The company was formed D-40789 Monheim am Rhein, M Scheitza
when Bayer Crop Protection acquired Aventis-Schering Germany Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Member, Manangement
joint venture Aventis CropScience; the combined company Phone: +49-21-73-38-0 12.10% Board and Head of Business
ranks as the #2 in crop protection firm worldwide, behind Fax: +49-21-73-38-3593 Employees (2004): 19,000 Planning and: Dirk Suwelack
Bayer CropScience AG Syngenta.

If you're in need of fertilizer you can make a run for the

Border. Border Chemical Company has three product
lines: fertilizer, liquid alum, and sulphuric acid. The US Fiscal Year End:
accounts for about 25% of sales. Border Chemical's December
shares have been unlisted since 2000, but its shares are Revenue (2004): 17.60 M
traded through brokers or individuals. The company is Address: 2147 Portage Ave. Revenue Growth (1 yr):
putting up half of its shares in an offering, which will allow it Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0L4, 6.90%
to be privatized. John McFadzean and president and CEO Canada Employees (2004): 60
Patricia Smerchanski currently control the company. Phone: 204-837-1383 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Border Chemical Patricia Smerchanski is daughter of the company's Fax: 204-832-7244 100.00% • President and Director:
Company Limited founder. Patricia B. Smerchanski

Bunge Limited is everywhere on the food chain. The

company is the leading global soybean processor, a Fiscal Year End:
leading South American fertilizer maker and provider, and, December
through subsidiary Bunge North America, a major US food Revenue (2005): 24275.00 • Chairman and CEO:
processor. Its joint venture with DuPont (Solae) makes M Alberto Weisser
specialty food ingredients. The acquisition of Cereol in Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CFO: William M. (Bill) Wells
2003 made Bunge the world's largest oilseed producer. (-3.50%)
Founded in 1818 as a grain trading company in Address: 2 Church St. Employees (2005): 23,495 • Managing Director, New
Amsterdam, Bunge was held mostly by families descended Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda Employee Growth (1 yr): Business Development:
from founder Johann Bunge until it went public in 2001. Its Phone: 001 4412951422 (-4.60%) Andrew J. (Drew) Burke
Bunge Limited products are available in more than 90 countries. Yes
Central Garden & Pet is happy to help with both pets and
pests. The company is a leading US manufacturer and
distributor of lawn, garden, and pet supplies, providing its
products to pet supplies retailers, home improvement Fiscal Year End:
centers, nurseries, and mass merchandisers from September
approximately 30 manufacturing plants and 30 distribution Revenue (2005): 1380.60
centers located throughout the US; it also has sales offices M • Chairman: William E.
in the UK. Central Garden & Pet's proprietary brand lines Address: 1340 Treat Blvd., Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): Brown
include AMDRO fire ant bait, Four Paws animal products, 600 9.00% • President, CEO, and
Kaytee bird seed, Nylabone dog chews, Norcal pottery, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 Employees (2004): 4,400 Director: Glenn W. Novotny
Pennington grass seed and bird seed products, and TFH Phone: 925-948-4000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, CFO, and Secretary:
Central Garden & Pet pet books. Chairman William Brown controls Fax: 925-287-0601 10.00% Stuart W. Booth
Company approximately 45% of the company's voting rights. Yes

Though CF Industries wants to give you some DAP, it's not

handing out praise. The company is an interregional
agricultural firm that manufactures and markets
nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers (including
diammonium phosphate, or DAP). It operates a network of Fiscal Year End: • Chairman, President, and
manufacturing and distribution facilities, primarily in the December CEO: Stephen R. Wilson
Midwest, through which it offers products worldwide. The Address: 1 Salem Lake Dr. Revenue (2005): 1908.40 • SVP and CFO: Ernest
company changed its structure from a cooperative to a Long Grove, IL 60047 M (Ernie) Thomas
holding company when it began to trade publicly in 2005. It Phone: 847-438-9500 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • SVP, Operations: David J.
CF Industries Holdings, had been owned by eight regional agricultural co-ops, Fax: 847-438-0211 15.60% Pruett
Inc. including Land O'Lakes, GROWMARK, and CHS. Yes
Glassy Wing Sharp Shooters and Citrus Thrips beware!
Cleary wants turf to be tip top at tee-time. Cleary Chemical
Corporation makes fungicides, insecticides, nutrients, and • President: Margaret A.
colorants used by golf courses, nurseries, and Address: 178 Ridge Rd. Cleary
greenhouses. The company also keeps the roaches Dayton, NJ 08810 • Treasurer and Controller:
running with the Roach Terminal, a chemical trap used to Phone: 732-329-8399 Dave Misiura
Cleary Chemical control the pests. It also owns and maintains a golf course, Fax: 732-274-0894 • VP: Barbara Cleary Harris
Corporation Tara Greens.
Dow AgroSciences, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, doesn't
want its customers to be bugged. The subsidiary makes
insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides for agricultural Fiscal Year End:
applications, as well as for residential pest control. It also December
develops genetically modified (GM) seeds under the Revenue (2005): 3364.00
Mycogen and Phytogen names. Dow AgroSciences splits M Key People
its operations into five product lines: plant gentics and Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
biotechnology (in addition to seeds the unit has developed Address: 9330 Zionsville Rd. (-0.10%) Jerome A. Peribere
food products like Natreon canola oil), weed management, Indianapolis, IN 46268 Employees (2005): 5,500 • VP, Finance: Rogelio Lara
disease management, pest management, and urban pest Phone: 317-337-3000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Leader, Global Public
management. It has operations in more than 50 countries Fax: 317-337-4096 0.00% Affairs: Robyn Heine
Dow AgroSciences LLC around the world.
DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition is into seed, weed, and
feed. Among the larger of DuPont's six business units,
DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition contains a number of units,
subsidiaries, and joint ventures devoted to plant growth • Group VP, DuPont
and protection. The division encompasses DuPont Crop Agriculture & Nutrition: J.
Protection (herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides), joint Fiscal Year End: Erik Fyrwald
venture (with Bunge) Solae (soy-based ingredients), and December • CEO, Solae: Tony L. Arnold
Qualicon (microbial testing). Most of the division's sales Address: DuPont Bldg., 1007 Revenue (2004): 6247.00
occur in the first half of the calendar year. The company Market St. M • VP, Strategic Planning and
has joint ventures based in the UK, Mexico, and Russia. Wilmington, DE 19898 Revenue Growth (1 yr): New Business Development:
DuPont Agriculture & The unit also includes Pioneer Hi-Bred, a producer of Phone: 302-774-1000 14.20% Jane D. Brooks
Nutrition genetically modified seeds.

Pests, diseases, or chemicals in the Garden of Eden? I

think not. Eden Bioscience's crop protection products help
crops protect themselves. The company's Harp-N-Tek
Messenger products utilize naturally occurring proteins Fiscal Year End: • President, CEO, and
called harpins that trigger a plant's natural defense system December Director: Rhett R. Atkins
against pests and disease while activating growth Revenue (2005): 3.80 M • VP, Finance, CFO, and
processes such as photosynthesis and nutrient intake. The Address: 11816 North Creek Revenue Growth (1 yr): Secretary: Bradley S. (Brad)
products can be used on a variety of crops including citrus, Pkwy. N. 280.00% Powell
cotton, tomato, wheat, and roses. Messenger has been Bothell, WA 98011-8201 Employees (2005): 25 • Manager, Business
marketed to farmers, but Eden is branching out into the Phone: 425-806-7300 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development, Southern
Eden Bioscience home and garden market. The company's products are Fax: 425-806-7400 (-10.70%) Europe: Felix Martinez
Corporation sold in the US and in Spain. Yes
Bet Coronado never thought to look in Arkansas. LSB
Industries did, though, and found its own El Dorado there.
El Dorado Chemical is part of the chemical manufacturing
division of LSB. It makes agricultural products and
industrial chemicals, including nitrogen-based fertilizers,
nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and industrial-grade ammonium
nitrate for the mining industry. The company operates a Address: 4500 North West Ave.
manufacturing facility in El Dorado, Arkansas and has El Dorado, AR 71730
marketing and distribution operations in the south-central Phone: 870-863-1400
El Dorado Chemical US. It ships products to wholesale customers by truck or Fax: 870-863-1426
Company railcar; it also serves retail customers. • President: Paul Rydlund

Ask a horiculturist who can, and the answer just may be,
"Florikan." The company, founded as Florikan E.S.A.
(Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture) Corporation,
provides professional horticultural products that range
from biological pest control products and soil amendments
to greenhouse coverings and nursery containers. It is also
a distributor of Nutricote controlled release fertilizers and
products made by ITML Horticultural Products Inc. Address: 1523 Edgar Place • President and CEO: Ed
(Canada). Florikan serves the southeastern US from its Sarasota, FL 34240 Rosenthal
offices in Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. Ed and Betty Phone: 941-377-8666 • COO: Doug Cabe
Florikan E.S.A. Rosenthal, respectively serving as the company's Fax: 941-377-3633 • CFO: Betty Rosenthal
Corporation president and CEO and its CFO, founded Florikan in 1982.

Global Bio-chem Technology believes in the power of the

corn kernel. The company manufactures corn-refined and
corn-based bio-chemical products, including crude corn oil,
corn starch, corn germ cake, corn gluten meal, corn
sweeteners, modified starch, and amino acids. Global Bio-
chem is the largest producer of lysine (100,000 metric tons Address: Admiralty Centre, Tower • Co-chairman: Xiaoming Liu
annually) -- a widely used amino acid -- as well as the 1, Unit 1104, 18 Harcourt Rd. • Co-chairman: Zhouwen Xu
largest corn refiner and leading corn sweetener Hong Kong • Executive Director,
Global Bio-chem manufacturer in China. Its products are primarily used in Phone: +852-2838-8155 Management, Finance, and
Technology Group food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, Fax: +852-2838-8433 Accounting: Zhanpeng Kong
Company Limited textiles, and paper.
Kind of like cops for crops, Helena Chemical's mission is to
protect and serve. The agricultural products division of
Japanese business group Marubeni's US trading arm, the
company's product line is divided into two units: Crop
Protection and Crop Production. It also produces
agricultural chemicals, seeds, and fertilizers. Helena Address: 225 Schilling Blvd., Ste.
Chemical has four manufacturing sites -- in Arkansas, 300 • President: Mike McCarty
California, Georgia, and Iowa -- and sales, marketing, and Collierville, TN 38017-6937 Fiscal Year End: March • CFO: Troy D. Traxler Jr.
distribution locations throughout the US. Ancillary product Phone: 901-761-0050 Revenue (2005): 817.10 M • VP, Sales and Marketing:
Helena Chemical lines and services include forestry, aquatic, and vegetation Fax: 901-761-5754 Employees (2005): 2,900 Charles Adams
Company management.

A small branch on a big tree, Helena Chemical Company

Western Business Unit is the western US division of the
agricultural products unit of the US arm of a large
Japanese trading concern. The company manufactures
fertilizers and pesticides and provides agricultural services • VP: Steve Alexander
and supplies. The unit maintains locations in eight western Address: 7576 N. Ingram Ave., • Financial and
US states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, North Ste. 101 Administrative Manager:
Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington. The Fresno, CA 93711 Robert Pate
Helena Chemical Western Business Unit manufactures fertilizers for Phone: 559-261-9030 • Program Administrator:
Company Western suppliers and also provides formulation services for private Fax: 559-261-9250 Jackie Cornell
Business Unit label products. Fiscal Year End:
Revenue (2004): 5584.20 • Chairman, Supervisory
HELM is in control of its own ship. A manufacturer and M Board: Ulf Gänger
distributor of chemicals, the company's products include Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman, Executive
fertilizers, insecticides, additives, pharmaceuticals, animal Address: Nordkanalstrasse 28 134.10% Board: Dieter Schnabel
and human nutrients, and plastics. Based in Germany -- D-20097 Hamburg, Germany Employees (2004): 1,186 • Member, Executive Board;
with more than 60% of its sales coming from Europe -- Phone: +49-40-2375-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Head of Finance, Controlling,
HELM HELM has operations in 32 countries in Africa, Asia, Fax: +49-40-2375-1845 7.70% and L: Rainer Detering
Aktiengesellschaft Europe, and North America.
Humatech turns organic matter into food for plants and
animals. Humatech claims that its line of organic, humate-
based fertilizers, feed additives, and plant nutrients are
safer for the environment and channel nutrients to the Fiscal Year End: April • Chairman, President, and
plants more efficiently. The company markets its products Revenue (2004): 0.30 M CEO: David G. Williams
to commercial growers, independent garden consumers, Address: 1959 S. Val Vista Dr., Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CFO, Secretary, and
and animal feeders throughout the US; it also has a 20% Ste. 130 14.50% Director: John D. (J. D.)
stake in its UK distributor, Humatech, Ltd. Chairman and Mesa, AZ 85204 Employees (2004): 6 Rottweiler
CEO David Williams and his family, though its ownership Phone: 480-813-8484 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Director, National Retail
of Willow Capital, controls 31% of Humatech, and fellow Fax: 480-813-8485 (-33.30%) Sales: Terry Williams
Humatech, Inc. officer and director J. D. Rottweiler owns 15%. Yes
Indo Gulf Fertilizers wants farmers to embrace its strong
man. The company produces and sells urea, a nitrogenous
fertilizer, under the Birla Shaktiman brand (Shakti means
strength in Sanskrit). Its manufacturing plant, located in
India's agriculturally intensive Indo-Gangetic plain,
produces about 900,000 tons of urea per year. Indo Gulf
Fertilizers provides a number of free services to farmers
including agricultural education and training, crop Address: Jagdishpur Industrial • Chairman: Kumar M. Birla
demonstrations, soil testing, soil fertility maps, micro- Area • Managing Director: Rakesh
watershed development, fruit tree planting, and programs Dist Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh 227 Jain
to better village health and sanitation. Indo Gulf also 817, India • Executive President: S. N.
Indo Gulf Fertilisers sponsors Shaktiman Farmers Clubs. Indo Gulf is a Phone: +91-5361-270-032 Jajoo
Limited subsidiary of Aditya Birla.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Silver (recycled) from X-rays and photowaste turns plants
green all in a row. Itronics operates its two business
segments through subsidiaries. Itronics Metallurgical
recycles photochemicals and turns the results into its
GOLD'n GRO animal repellent and liquid fertilizer. GOLD'n
GRO products are sold primarily in the western US. Address: 6490 S. McCarran Blvd., Fiscal Year End: • President, Treasurer, and
Another subsidiary, Whitney & Whitney, provides mineral Bldg. C, Ste. 23 December Director; President, Itronics
planning and technical services (mineral economics, Reno, NV 89509 Revenue (2005): 1.40 M Meta: John W. Whitney
geologic studies, and project management services) to the Phone: 775-689-7696 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Controller: Michael C.
mining industry. President John Whitney owns 17% of the Fax: 775-689-7691 (-20.90%) Horsley
Itronics Inc. company. Yes

Salt has preserved K+S (for Kali und Salz) for more than a
century. Founded in 1889 to mine salt, K+S gets more
than 40% of its sales from potash, which is extracted from
salt and used in fertilizers. The company also produces Fiscal Year End:
salt used for industrial purposes (such as making glass), December • Chairman, Supervisory
as well as for deicing roads and cooking. K+S is Revenue (2004): 3521.20 Board: Gerhard R. Wolf
Germany's top salt producer and supplies about 12% of M • Chairman, Board of
the world's potash. In addition, the company runs facilities Revenue Growth (1 yr): Executive Directors: Ralf
that recycle waste materials and provide underground Address: Bertha-von-Suttner-Str. 7 22.60% Bethke
waste disposal services. K+S has acquired COMPO (sport 34131 Kassel, Germany Employees (2004): 10,988 • Member of the Board of
lawn and special crop fertilizers) from BASF AG and is Phone: +49-561-9301-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Executive Directors: Norbert
handling the marketing of BASF's nitrogen fertilizer Fax: +49-561-9301-2160 3.40% Steiner
K+S Aktiengesellschaft (fertiva). BASF owns about 10% of K+S.
GrowHow. The Finnish industrial chemical company spun
off its agrochemical unit to shareholders. GrowHow's own Fiscal Year End:
know-how lies in its various product lines for crop December
cultivation and animal nutrition: fertilizers (nitrogen-, Revenue (2004): 1576.00
phosphate-, and potassium-based), phosphates (for M
animal feed, feed acidifiers, and phosphoric acid), and Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Ossi Virolainen
industrial chemicals (primarily by-products and Address: Mechelininkatu 1a 11.10% • President and CEO: Heikki
intermediates left over from the company's fertilizer 00181 Helsinki, Finland Employees (2004): 2,901 Sirviö
manufacturing processes). GrowHow has production Phone: +358-10-215-111 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CFO and Deputy CEO: Kaj
facilities in seven countries. The Finnish government owns Fax: +358-10-215-2126 (-9.00%) Friman
Kemira GrowHow Oyj about 30% of the company.
Landec Ag's products provide something of a wake-up call
for crop seeds. The subsidiary of Landec Corporation
produces temperature-activated seed coatings that allow
for earlier planting. The coatings, marketed under the • President and CEO:
brand name Intellicoat, protect seeds planted in cold Thomas F. (Tom) Crowley
weather and control germination time, thereby increasing • CFO, CIO, and VP of
crop yields and extending the time period during which Human Resources: Mike
farmers can plant seeds. The coatings are applied to corn Address: 306 N. Main St. Godlove
and soybean seeds. It also sells seed corn through its Monticello, IN 47960-2133 Fiscal Year End: May • VP, Marketing and New
subsidiary Fielder's Choice (and has acquired seed corn Phone: 574-583-2741 Revenue (2005): 23.00 M Business Development: Bill
producer Heartland Hybrids). Landec Ag sells directly to Fax: 574-583-2947 Employees (2005): 70 Gass
Landec Ag, Inc. 15,000 farmers in more than 40 states.

When LESCO sees a golf course or a lawn, it sees green.

The company sells fertilizer, grass seed, and turf-
protection products used on golf courses and lawns in the
US, primarily under the LESCO name, but also under
brands such as NOVEX (a longer-acting turf fertilizer). Fiscal Year End:
Major customers include landscapers, municipalities, and December
country clubs. Consumable goods (fertilizer, grass seed, Revenue (2005): 575.70 M • President and CEO: Jeffrey
herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides) account for most Address: 1301 E. 9th St., Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): L. Rutherford
of LESCO's sales, but the company also sells hard goods 1300 2.60% • VP, CFO, and Treasurer:
such as rotary mowers, spreaders, and sprayers. Lesco Cleveland, OH 44114-1849 Employees (2004): 1,341 Michael A. Weisbarth
sells its products through more than 270 service centers, a Phone: 216-706-9250 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Real Estate and Store
fleet of roughly 70 tractor-trailer-based stores, and through Fax: 216-706-5240 2.90% Planning: Michael L. Poole
LESCO, Inc. sales representatives. Yes
Makhteshim-Agan Industries (MAI) manufactures generic
forms of crop protection chemicals. Its products include
herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Its first proprietray
crop protection product was Rimon, which is not toxic for
humans. Formed by the 1998 Koor Industries' acquisition
of two separate public companies, the agrochemicals
company has operations worldwide. Koor has been selling
part of its shares in the company and plans to reduce its
voting capital to 34%. To help it expand its distribution for Address: 1 Azrieli Centre • Chairman: Danny Biran
crop protection chemicals, MAI has agreed to buy a 49% Tel Aviv 67012, Israel • President and CEO:
stake in Dutch chemicals company Mabeno. Through Phone: +972-3-694-7977 Shlomo Yanai
Makhteshim-Agan subsidiaries MAI is also involved in food and Fax: +972-3-609-5012 • VP and CFO: Eli Assraf
Industries Ltd. nutraceuticals.

Corn the size of a Trident missile? Not quite, but Monsanto

is all about bioengineered crops. Monsanto helps farmers
grow more crops by applying biotechnology, genomics,
and molecular breeding technology to herbicides and
seeds. Its flagship product, Roundup, is the world's #1 Fiscal Year End: August
herbicide. Monsanto also produces genetically altered Revenue (2005): 6294.00 • Chairman, President, and
seeds (cotton, corn, soybean, and canola) that tolerate M CEO: Hugh Grant
Roundup and resist bugs; it estimates that more than 70% Revenue Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Terrell K.
of the world's insect- and herbicide-resistant crops bears Address: 800 N. Lindbergh Blvd. 15.30% (Terry) Crews
its stamp. It also produces Asgrow, Hartz, and DEKALB St. Louis, MO 63167 Employees (2004): 12,600 • EVP, International
seeds. In this decade Monsanto has been re-making itself Phone: 314-694-1000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Commercial: Brett D.
as a seed and biotech company, as opposed to one Fax: 314-694-8394 (-4.50%) Begemann
Monsanto Company focused on agricultural chemicals. Yes
Nu-Gro Canada (formerly The Nu-Gro Corporation) is
engaged in making and distributing packaged consumer
lawn and garden prdoucts. It makes high-quality fertilizers,
pet care products, and pest-control and horticultural
products for consumer and commercial use. The • President and CEO: John
company's consumer brands include Green Earth, D. Hill
Pickseed, Plant-Prod, Spectrum, and Vigoro. It also makes Address: 10 Craig St. • CFO: Kelly Clinton
IB Nitrogen, Nitroform, Nutralene, and Orgaiform for the Brantford, Ontario N3R 7J1, • VP, Operations and
professional and golf industries. In 2004 the company was Canada General Manager,
acquired by United Industries, which was subsequently Phone: 519-757-0077 Professional Products:
acquired by Spectrum Brands (formerly Rayovac Fax: 519-757-0080 Sheldon O. Witte
Nu-Gro Canada Corp. Corporation).
Even if you've got an old farm, Nufarm would like to help
you kill some weeds. Nufarm's Crop Protection division
manufactures herbicides and pesticides, and its Industrial,
Fine, and Performance Chemicals unit makes chlor-
alkalies, surfactants, and coatings for pharmaceutical, Fiscal Year End: July
automotive, and consumer companies. In 2002 Nufarm Revenue (2004): 1106.50
took control of the Australian and New Zealand marketing M
rights to Monsanto's Roundup brand of herbicides, and in Address: 103-105 Pipe Rd. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Kerry Hoggard
2004 it bought some of BASF's herbicide product lines, Laverton North, Victoria 3026, 16.20% • Managing Director, CEO,
adding strength to Nufarm's European business. The Australia Employees (2004): 2,613 and Board Member: Doug
company has been divesting noncore operations, including Phone: +61-3-9282-1000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Rathbone
US-based Nufarm Specialty Products, to focus on its core Fax: +61-3-9282-1001 1.80% • CFO: Kevin Martin
Nufarm Limited crop protection business.
Nufarm UK, a subsidiary of Australia-based crop protection
manufacturer Nufarm Limited, specializes in producing
herbicides. In addition to a broad array of phenoxyacetic
and phenoxy propionic herbicides, Nufarm UK makes Fiscal Year End: July
other crop protection and related agricultural chemicals, Address: Crabtree Manorway Revenue (2004): 314.50 M • Country Manager: Graham
including fungicides, pesticides, adjuvant oils, and growth North Revenue Growth (1 yr): K. Dickinson
regulators. Products include Lentipur, an herbicide used Belvedere, Kent DA17 6BQ, 15.60% • Marketing Manager:
on certain varieties of winter wheat, winter barley, triticale, England Employees (2004): 940 Jonathan (Jon) Staton
and durum wheat grasses, and Nu-shot, an herbicide that Phone: +44-208-319-7222 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Technical Manager: Tudor
controls common nettle, ragwort, brambles, and other Fax: +44-208-319-7200 (-7.80%) Dawkins
Nufarm UK Limited difficult weeds in grasslands.
OCI Chemical primarily produces soda ash from its mining
and manufacturing operations in Wyoming and Alabama.
The company also makes sodium percarbonate, widely
used in detergents and personal care products.
Established as Stauffer Chemical in 1962, the company
mines primarily in the Green River Basin of southwestern • President and CEO:
Wyoming to recover the trona from which its soda ash is Address: 2 Corporate Dr. Fiscal Year End: Christopher T. Fraser
produced. OCI Chemical became a subsidiary of South Shelton, CT 06484 December • CFO: Paul Francese
Korea-based DC Chemical Co and was subsequently Phone: 203-225-3100 Revenue (2005): 75.70 M • National Sales Manager:
OCI Chemical renamed in 1996 when DC Chemical acquired Rhone- Fax: 203-225-3198 Employees (2005): 506 Kevin Golankiewicz
Corporation Poulenc's US soda ash operations.
One of the largest nitrogen producers worldwide, PCS
Nitrogen is a unit of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.
PCS Nitrogen produces its parent company's nitrogen
fertilizers and feed ingredients from four manufacturing
facilities in the US and one in Trinidad. However, the
company has indefinitely shut down its plant at Memphis. It
produces ammonia, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate,
and nitrogen solutions. The parent company acquires its Address: 122 1st Ave. South, Ste.
ammonia at market rates through PCS Nitrogen. In 500 Fiscal Year End:
addition to marketing its products to fertilizer customers, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K December
PCS Nitrogen also serves such industries as 7G3, Canada Revenue (2005): 424.10 M
pharmaceuticals and plastics. Natural gas is the primary Phone: 306-933-8500 Employees (2005): 1,350
PCS Nitrogen, Inc. raw material of its products. • EVP: James F. (Jim) Dietz
Plants, cows, and chickens have got to eat too, you know.
The products of PCS Phosphate Company are used as
ingredients for fertilizers (both liquid and solid), livestock
and poultry feed, and industrial applications. Its operations
form part of the phosphate business line of global
agrochemical giant PotashCorp. The company also mines • Chairman: William J. (Bill)
phosphates and potash. PCS Phosphate has eight Address: 122 1st Ave. South, Ste. Doyle
manufacturing facilities in the US Southeast and Midwest 500 Fiscal Year End: • President and Director:
and in Brazil. The unit is also a member company of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K December Thomas J. (Tom) Regan Jr.
Phosphate Chemicals Export Association Inc. 7G3, Canada Revenue (2005): 373.30 M • VP Technical Services:
PCS Phosphate (PhosChem), which was established to promote US Phone: 306-933-8500 Employees (2005): 1,600 Clark H. Huff
Company, Inc. Exports of phosphates.
Andre the Giant), Phibro Animal Health has changed its
name to better reflect its core business. Rather than
spinning spooky discs or being large, the former Philipp
Brothers Chemicals manufactures specialty chemicals for
agricultural and industrial uses. Its largest segment by far,
Animal Health and Nutrition, produces feed additives, Fiscal Year End: June
including trace minerals, vitamins, and antibiotics. Its Revenue (2005): 364.30 M
antibacterials protect against salmonellosis and fowl Address: 65 Challenger Rd., 3rd Revenue Growth (1 yr):
cholera. Phibro's Industrial Chemicals unit produces Fl. 1.70% • Chairman and President:
pigments, as well as minerals such as iron and RidgeField Park, NJ 07660 Employees (2005): 992 Jack C. Bendheim
manganese, which are used as colorants and in brick, Phone: 201-329-7300 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CEO: Gerald K. Carlson
Phibro Animal Health masonry, and glass. Chairman Jack Bendheim owns the Fax: 201-329-7399 (-5.60%) • CFO: Richard G. Johnson
Corporation company.
and swine. The company, a subsidiary of Phibro Animal
Health (formerly called Philipp Brothers Chemicals),
refines trace minerals such as cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, • President: Marvin S.
manganese, molybdenum, and zinc, as well as additives to Sussman
be used as premixes for animal feed. Its CHROMAX • VP, Finance and
(chromium tripicolinate) is a nutritional supplement fed to Address: 1 Prince Plaza Fiscal Year End: Administration: Clayton
over 3 million sows every day. Prince Agri also makes feed Quincy, IL 62306 December Lamkin
flavoring additives such as the raspberry-flavored Phone: 217-222-8854 Revenue (2005): 23.20 M • VP, Operations: Greg
Prince Agri Products, PIGORTEK for piglets. The company was founded in Fax: 217-222-5098 Employees (2005): 91 McLean
Inc. 1980.
agricultural products. It also is the largest importer of
fertilizer products in China. Sinochem Corporation, one of
the biggest state-owned corporations in China, controls
about three quarters of the company. Sinochem Hong
Kong acquired the Sinochem fertilizer business in 2005;
previously it was managed Sinochem's property
investments and investment holdings. Sinochem Hong
Kong was founded in 1994, in order to trade on the Hong Address: 1 Harbour Road Fiscal Year End: March
Kong stock exchange. PotashCorp acquired a 10% stake Wanchai, Hong Kong Revenue (2005): 1.30 M
in the company in 2005 and raised its holdings to 20% Phone: +852-2850-7689 Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Sinochem Hong Kong early the next year; the total investment is about $225 Fax: +852-2850-7229 (-90.00%) • CEO and Director: Du Ke
Holdings Limited million. Ping
Spur Ventures is involved in phosphate mining and
phosphate fertilizer manufacturing in a joint venture with
Yichang Phosphorous Chemicals Co. in China. The
Canadian company, which holds a majority interest in the
venture, plans to produce up to 1 million tons annually of
NPK fertilizer (a compound containing nitrogen,
phosphorous, and potassium) in China's central province Address: 1055 Dunsmuir St., Four Fiscal Year End:
of Hubei. Spur Ventures has completed construction of a Bentall Centre, Ste. 2684 December
phosphoric acid plant in Yichang, which has the capacity to Vancouver, British Columbia V7X Revenue (2004): 4.00 M • Chairman: Steven G.
produce 60,000 tons of phosphoric acid per year. The 1L3, Canada Employees (2004): 136 (Steve) Dean
product will be used to supply the joint venture's fertilizer Phone: 604-689-5564 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CEO: Robert J. Rennie
plant, which has the capacity to produce 100,000 tons per Fax: 604-609-9836 1842.90% • President: Y.B. Ian He
Spur Ventures Inc. year of NPK fertilizer. Yes
Syngenta helps to feed the world. The company is neck
and neck with Bayer CropScienceto be recognized as the
world's largest agrochemical company (each well ahead of
Monsanto and DuPont). The company produces crop Fiscal Year End:
protection products (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides), December
field crop seeds (soybeans), vegetable seeds (corn, Revenue (2005): 8104.00
beans, tomatoes), and flowers. Syngenta and Myriad M
Genetics have mapped the rice genome, which could Revenue Growth (1 yr):
make rice crops more resistant to disease and lead to the Address: Schwarzwaldallee 215 11.50%
genetic mapping of other cereals like wheat and corn. 4058 Basel, Switzerland Employees (2004): 19,500 • Chairman: J. Martin Taylor
Drug giants Novartis and AstraZeneca created Syngenta Phone: +41-61-323-11-11 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CEO: Michael P. Pragnell
when they joined their seeds and agrochemical Fax: +41-61-323-12-12 (-9.10%) • CFO: Domenico Scala
Syngenta AG businesses as an independent company in 2000. Yes
Plagues of locusts, weevils, or any other kind of crop-
destroying bugs are no match for Syngenta Crop
Protection. The subsidiary of Syngenta AG, manufactures
more than 130 products (herbicides, fungicides,
insecticides, and seed treatments) used by farmers and
pest control operators to control insects, crop diseases, • President: Valdemar
and weeds. The company operates manufacturing and Address: 410 Swing Rd. Fiscal Year End: Fischer
development facilities in the US. Its agrochemical products Greensboro, NC 27409 December • COO: John C. Atkin
are used to protect all manner of crops from corn and Phone: 336-632-6000 Revenue (2005): 186.10 M • VP, Finance: Braydon
Syngenta Crop soybeans to cotton and peanuts. Syngenta's brands Fax: 336-632-7353 Employees (2005): 1,456 Winch
Protection, Inc. include Callisto, Omega, Actara, Helix, and SecureChoice.
There's a lot of dirt out there on Terra Nitrogen, which
produces nitrogen fertilizer products. The company
operates a plant in Oklahoma that produces ammonia and
urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution. Farmers use the • Chairman, President, and
company's products to improve crop yield and quality of Fiscal Year End: CEO: Michael L. (Mike)
crops. Terra Nitrogen sells its products wholesale to December Bennett
dealers, distributors, and national farm retail chain outlets, Address: Terra Centre, 600 4th St. Revenue (2005): 454.80 M • SVP, CFO, and Director:
primarily in the central and southern Plains and Corn Belt Sioux City, IA 51102-6000 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Francis G. (Frank) Meyer
regions of the US. Agrochemical company Terra Industries Phone: 712-277-1340 8.50% • Manager, Communications:
Terra Nitrogen is Terra Nitrogen's general partner and owns 75% of its Fax: 712-233-3648 Employees (2005): 0 Kim Mathers
Company, L.P. shares. Yes
Turns out that not all dirt is created equal. Tetra
Micronutrients produces mineral additives that make bad
dirt better. Its zinc and manganese micronutrients are
completely water-soluble, which is important in actually Address: 230 Spring Hill Dr., Ste. • President: Michael Deiker
getting the micronutrients to the plants where they improve 310 • Director, Sales and
plant nutrition and the health of animals that eat the plants. The Woodlands, TX 77386 Marketing: Kipp Smallwood
The company is based in Texas, has its manufacturing Phone: 281-419-9430 Revenue (2005): 376.50 M • Manager, Administration:
facility in Nebraska, and its sales force is spread Fax: 281-292-9562 Employees (2005): 1,200 Peggy Rivas
Tetra Micronutrients throughout the US and into Mexico and Canada.
Lots of little pieces have joined together to form The
Mosaic Company's big picture. The company was pieced
together from the merger of IMC Global and Cargill's
former crop nutrition unit in late 2004, creating one of the
world's largest makers of phosphate and potash crop • Chairman: Robert L.
nutrients. Mosaic combined IMC's largely domestic Lumpkins
business with the global reach provided by Cargill's Address: 3033 Campus Dr., Ste. • President, CEO, and
businesses; in fact, Mosaic does more than two-thirds of E490 Director: Fredric W. (Fritz)
its business outside the US. Cargill owns two-thirds of Plymouth, MN 55441 Fiscal Year End: May Corrigan
Mosaic, marking the first public ownership of any part of Phone: 763-577-2700 Revenue (2005): 4396.70 • EVP and CFO: Lawrence
Cargill, the largest private company in the US. Fax: 763-559-2860 M W. (Larry) Stranghoener
The Mosaic Company Yes
(SMG, formerly The Scotts Company), the world's largest
maker and marketer of horticultural and turf products. Its
garden and indoor plant care items include grass seeds,
fertilizers, herbicides, potting soils, and related tools. Fiscal Year End:
Brand names include Ortho, Miracle-Gro, Hyponex, and September
Turf Builder. Scotts markets Monsanto's Roundup Revenue (2005): 2369.30
herbicide products for the consumer market and has a M • President and COO: Robert
lawn and shrub care service. It owns upscale garden Revenue Growth (1 yr): F. Bernstock
retailer Smith & Hawken. Siblings James Hagedorn Address: 14111 Scottslawn Rd. 16.30% • EVP and CFO: Christopher
(chairman and CEO) and Katherine Littlefield (a director) Marysville, OH 43041 Employees (2004): 4,985 L. (Chris) Nagel
own a third of SMG. Hagedorn and Littlefield are the Phone: 937-644-0011 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Chairman and CEO: James
The Scotts Miracle-Gro children of Horace Hagedorn, the creator of Miracle-Gro Fax: 937-644-7614 24.50% (Jim) Hagedorn
Company plant food. Yes
Better gardening through chemicals. Trans-Resources,
Inc. (TRI) makes specialty plant nutrients as well as
industrial and organic chemicals for businesses worldwide.
Through Haifa Chemicals, TRI is the world's largest
producer of potassium nitrate, a specialized growth
nutrient for produce and tobacco; it controls about half of
the world market for potassium nitrate. Haifa Chemicals
also produces other fertilizers and food additives. The • Chairman and CEO: Arie
unit's products are marketed under the Multi-K and Address: 200 W. 57th St. Genger
Multicote brands. Other TRI subsidiaries make water- New York, NY 10019 • President and COO:
soluble and liquid-starter fertilizers, insecticides, Phone: 212-515-4100 William Dowd
herbicides, horticulture supplies, and irrigation equipment. Fax: 212-515-4111 • Controller: Caron Peters
Trans-Resources, Inc. Chairman Arie Genger and family own the company.
healthy plants, UAP Holding minds the crops. Through its
United Agri Products subsidiary, the company distributes
crop production supplies, including seeds, fertilizers, and
pest and weed killers, to regional dealers and growers
throughout the US and Canada. Its suppliers include Fiscal Year End: February
BASF, Dow AgroSciences, and Monsanto; it also markets Revenue (2005): 2506.70 • President, CEO, and
its own manufactured products under brands including M Director: L. Kenneth (Kenny)
ACA, Salvo, Savage, Shotgun, and Dyna-Gro. The Revenue Growth (1 yr): Cordell
company provides crop and inventory management, Address: 7251 W. 4th St. 1000.40% • EVP, Products Company:
biotechnology advising, and custom blending services. Greeley, CO 80634 Employees (2005): 3,440 Kevin Howard
UAP Holding became a publicly traded entity in 2004; Phone: 970-356-4400 Employee Growth (1 yr): • President, Distribution:
investment firm Apollo Management owns a 34% stake in Fax: 970-347-1560 (-5.00%) Bryan S. Wilson
UAP Holding Corp. the company. Yes
Yara International tries to make the world green -- and, in
the process, make a little green of its own. The
manufacturer of fertilizers and industrial gases is among
the world's largest plant nutrient companies and ammonia Fiscal Year End:
producers and marketers, selling more than 20 million December
metric tons of fertilizer per year. It is also a top supplier of Revenue (2004): 5456.60
CO2 and nitrogen chemicals to industrial markets and of M
nitrates to the explosives industry. Environmental Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Øivind Lund
operations include manufacturing products to improve the Address: Bygdøy allé 2 (-4.50%) • President and CEO:
taste of drinking water and reduce nitric oxide pollution. N-0202 Oslo, Norway Employees (2004): 7,067 Thorleif Enger
Formerly known as Hydro Agri, the company was spun off Phone: +47-24-15-70-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and COO: Daniel
in early 2004 by Norwegian alumnium maker Norsk Hydro. Fax: +47-24-15-72-67 (-6.20%) Clauw
Yara International ASA Yara markets its products worldwide.
Yara America's theme is Man against Nature as it strives
to develop environmentally friendly applications for its
fertilizers. Yara America is the North American subsidiary
of Norwegian fertilizer company Yara International. The
company produces both nitrogenous and phosphatic
fertilizers to the agricultural and horticultural industry from
Yara's network of about nearly 50 terminals in the US and • President: Jack Gale
Canada. Yara also produces nearly a quarter of the world's Address: 100 N. Tampa, Ste. 3200 • VP, Finance and
total market share of ammonia. Yara's North American unit Tampa, FL 33602 Administration: Leesa Burns
was formerly called Hydro Agri North America before its Phone: 813-222-5700 • Marketing Manager: Peter
Yara North America, parent company was spun off from industrial giant Norsk Fax: 813-875-5735 Valesares
Inc. Hydro ASA in early 2004.
Company Name Description Contact Info Financial Highlights Key People Public
The many-armed Aditya Birla rivals even Shiva's many
incarnations. With nearly 70 manufacturing units, service
operations, and subsidiaries the Indian conglomerate • Chairman: Kumar M.
produces fabrics, industrial gases, aluminum and copper, Birla
cement, palm oil, branded apparel, carbon black, chemicals, • Director, Human
fertilizers, sponge iron, and insulators. Aditya Birla is the #1 Resources and CTO:
producer of rayon fiber in the world as well as Asia's largest Santrupt Misra
aluminum producer. Its subsidiaries also provide business, Address: S.K. Ahire Marg, Worli • Director, Corporate
financial, and IT services. This rising sun (Aditya is the Mumbai 400 025, India Strategy and Business
Aditya Birla Sanskrit word for sun) has come a long way from its roots in Phone: +91-5652-5000 Development,: Bharat K.
Management the tiny Rajasthani village of Pilani, where Seth Shiva Fax: +91-5652-5750 Singh
Corporation Ltd Narayan Birla started trading cotton in 1857.
Its Alcan-do attitude has helped make Alcan one of the
world's largest aluminum producers, behind the US's Alcoa.
The company controls 13% of the world's aluminum Fiscal Year End: December
production capacity. It mines bauxite (aluminum ore) and Revenue (2005): 20320.00 • Chairman: L. Yves Fortier
makes and recycles aluminum sheet, foil, wire and cable, and M
extrusions (doors, windows, auto parts). Alcan also generates Address: 1188 Sherbrooke St. West Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
hydroelectric power and makes aluminum-related specialty Montreal, Quebec H3A 3G2, (-18.30%) Director: Richard B. (Dick)
chemicals and packaging products. This decade has proved Canada Employees (2005): 65,000 Evans
busy for Alcan. It bought Algroup in 2000, Pechiney in 2003, Phone: 514-848-8000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Michael
and spun off its aluminum rolled products unit into a public Fax: 514-848-8115 (-21.20%) Hanley
Alcan Inc. company called Novelis in early 2005. Yes
makes for the automotive and other industries. The company
makes rolling mill and extrusion products, composite
materials, components, and aluminum systems. An indirect
subsidiary of US-based Alcan Inc., it is known for its
lightweight automotive structures, offiering an array of
components for crash systems and body structures. The
Volkswagen Beetle was one of the first autos to use its • Managing Director/Site
products. The company's aluminum crossmembers on front Address: Alusingen-Platz 1 Manager: Peter Hutsch
bumpers are designed to give way upon impact to prevent G-78224 Singen, Germany • Managing Director/Labor
further damage to the body structure. Alcan Singen also Phone: +49-7731-80-0 Director: Thomas Sigi
makes aluminum modules designed to reduce the weight of Fax: +49-7731-80-2222 • CFO: Joachim Blatter
Alcan Singen GmbH the front section.
You'll never have reason to pay a bunch of guys in white
coveralls to climb around your house with an electric paint
sprayer. That's the pitch over at Alcoa Home Exteriors. The
company, a subsidiary of global aluminum giant Alcoa,
manufactures aluminum trim, siding, injection-molded • President and CEO: Gary
shutters, and accessories for the light construction and Acinapura
residential industries. Alcoa Home Exteriors also makes rain Address: 1590 Omega Dr. • VP, Finance: Antonio
removal and ventilation systems. Its brand names include Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Pugas
Mastic (siding sold under the lines Cedar Discovery, QUEST, Phone: 412-249-6000 • VP, Operations: Greg
Alcoa Home and Brentwood) and Alcoa-branded siding (lines including Fax: 412-249-6059 Boatright
Exteriors, Inc. Grand Sierra, Liberty Elite, and Board & Batten).
Alcoa is one of the world's top producers of alumina
(aluminum's principal ingredient, processed from bauxite) and
aluminum. Its vertically integrated operations include bauxite
mining, alumina refining, and aluminum smelting; primary
products include alumina and its chemicals, automotive Fiscal Year End: December
components, and sheet aluminum for beverage cans. The Revenue (2005): 26159.00 • Chairman and CEO:
company's non-aluminum products include consumer M Alain J. P. Belda
products, fiber-optic cables, food service and flexible Revenue Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Joseph C.
packaging products, and plastic closures. Major markets 11.40% (Joe) Muscari
include the aerospace, automotive, construction, and Address: 390 Park Ave. Employees (2004): 119,000 • EVP, Corporate
packaging industries. Alcoa has gained presence in China's New York, NY 10022-4608 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development: Barbara S.
aluminum market by forming a strategic alliance with Phone: 412-553-4545 (-0.80%) Jeremiah
Alcoa Inc. Aluminum Corporation of China (Chalco). Yes
Alexandra Extrusion makes precision aluminum extruded
products such as custom front panels and heat sinks. The
company's services include assembly, CNC (computerized • President: Tom Schabel
numerical control) machining, finishing, stretch forming, and • VP Sales and Marketing:
welding. Alexandria Extrusion markets its products to Address: 401 County Rd. 22 NW Brian Bloedorn
companies in a variety of industries, such as electronics, Alexandria, MN 56308 Fiscal Year End: December • VP Administration and
medical equipment, power tools, telecommunications, and Phone: 320-763-6537 Revenue (2005): 43.50 M Treasurer: Tim Froemming
Alexandria transportation. President Tom Schabel owns the company, Fax: 320-763-9250 Employees (2005): 310
Extrusion Company which was founded in 1966.
to zinc. The company smelts aluminum and refines zinc to
produce a variety of alloys; it also provides metal analysis
services. The company's main customers are in the Address: 2059 S. Canal St.
appliance, automotive, electronics, housewares, and toy Chicago, IL 60616-1515 Fiscal Year End: July
industries. Allied Metal operates from facilities in Chicago and Phone: 312-225-2800 Revenue (2005): 28.40 M
Allied Metal in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The company was founded in Fax: 312-225-1161 Employees (2005): 120 • VP, Sales: Michael
Company 1953. Gilford
industry. Formed and operating through a spinoff of WMC
Resources' 40% stake in Alcoa's subsidiary, Alcoa World
Alumina and Chemicals (AWAC), the company manufactures
bauxite, alumina, alumina-based chemicals, and aluminum.
AWAC is considered the largest producer of alumina (a
refined product of bauxite ore used in making aluminum) and Address: IBM Tower, 60 City Rd., Fiscal Year End: December
a major producer of alumina-based chemicals. The alumina Level 12 Revenue (2005): 2.90 M • Chairman: Donald M.
produced by AWAC is sold mainly to Alcoa's smelting Southbank, Victoria 3006, Australia Employees (2004): 7,500 Morley
facilities. Overseas customers in Canada, Europe, the Middle Phone: +61-3-8699-2600 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CEO and Director: John
East, South Africa, and the US purchase the rest of the Fax: +61-3-8699-2699 (-6.30%) Marlay
Alumina Limited alumina. • CFO: Ken A. Dean
"aluminating"): Aluminium of Greece mines bauxite and
produces hydrated and calcined alumina, as well as
aluminum created through electrolysis. The company's
finished aluminum is marketed to automobile manufacturers Fiscal Year End: December
and manufacturers of building materials and packaging. Revenue (2004): 487.40 M
Aluminium of Greece's Delphes & Distomon subsidiary Revenue Growth (1 yr):
operates underground mines to extract bauxite used by its Address: 1, Sekeri St. 22.60% • Chairman: Jason Stratos
Aluminium of parent for aluminum production. In March 2005 Alcan sold its 106 71 Athens, Greece Employees (2004): 1,166 • Managing Director:
Greece Industrial 60%-plus interest in Aluminium of Greece to Mytilineos Phone: +30-210-36-93-000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Jacques Gani
and Commercial Holdings. Alcan had gained that interest through its 2004 Fax: +30-210-36-93-615 (-12.70%) • CFO: John Dimou
S.A. acquisition of Pechiney.
Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (Chalco) has
masterminded its way into mixing alumina and aluminum.
Chalco is the only maker of alumina -- which is refined from Fiscal Year End: December
bauxite and a key material in producing aluminum -- in China. Revenue (2005): 4598.00 M • Chairman and CEO: Xiao
The company produces over 6 million tons of alumina Address: No. 12B Fuxing Rd., Revenue Growth (1 yr): Yaqing
products (including alumina, alumina hydrate and alumina Haidian District 17.80% • President and Director:
chemicals), which makes it the second-largest maker of Beijing 100814, China Employees (2004): 68,620 Xiong Weiping
Aluminum alumina in the world. Chalco also produces just under 8 Phone: +86-10-6397-1767 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, CFO, and Director:
Corporation of million tons of primary aluminum annually. Chinalco, a state- Fax: +86-10-6397-1690 1.80% Chen Jihua
China Limited owned enterprise, owns more than 40% of the company. Yes
Through its Logan Aluminum unit, ARCO Aluminum
manufactures aluminum sheet, which is used mainly by the Key People
beverage and automotive industries. Logan Alumnium's • President and Business
offerings include automotive sheet, building products, Address: 9960 Corporate Campus Unit Leader: Patrick Franc
distributor sheet, food can stock, and rigid container sheet. Dr. Ste. 3000 • VP Operations: David
Logan Aluminum is a joint venture of ARCO Aluminum and Louisville, KY 40223-4048 Fiscal Year End: December Brown
Novelis, a spinoff of Alcan. ARCO Aluminum is owned by oil Phone: 502-566-5700 Revenue (2005): 600.00 M • VP Finance: David
ARCO Aluminum, giant BP, which acquired the company as part of its purchase Fax: 502-566-5740 Employees (2005): 32 Sourwine
Inc. of Atlantic Richfield Company (known as ARCO) in 2000.
What is scrap to some is a precious metal to Audubon Metals.
The company recycles shredded automobiles and smelts the • President and General
aluminum for use by diecasters throughout the Midwest. Once Manager: Jim Butkus
it receives the shredded automobile, Audubon Metals Address: 3055 Ohio Dr. • Treasurer: Keith
processes, dries, melts, alloys, and delivers the new Henderson, KY 42420-4394 Fiscal Year End: December Schultheis
aluminum alloy castings to the customer. By-products such as Phone: 270-830-6622 Revenue (2005): 38.00 M • VP, Sales: Marty
Audubon Metals, brass and copper are also recovered from the automobile Fax: 270-830-9987 Employees (2005): 160 Wohadlo
LLC scrap. The company first began operating in 1996.
Behr Aluminum, formerly known as Behr Metals, wrestles with
aluminum everyday. The company, a subsidiary of Joseph
Behr and Sons, uses recycled aluminum to produce ingots
and other products for companies such as General Motors. Address: 1100 Seminary St.
Joseph Behr and Sons also operates a trucking company, a Rockford, IL 61104
construction firm, a scrap iron and steel supplier, and a Phone: 815-987-2750 Fiscal Year End: December
specialty metals processor. The company was founded in Fax: 815-987-9876 Revenue (2005): 7.80 M • President: Frank
Behr Aluminum, Inc. 1906 by Russian immigrant Joseph Behr. Employees (2005): 66 Weissert
CAP Aluminium Systems fabricates and installs aluminum
and terracotta cladding to architectural support systems. The
company also provides services such as curtain walling, roof Fiscal Year End: December
glazing, and rain screen cladding. CAP Aluminium Systems Address: Systems House, Spon Revenue (2004): 41.40 M • Managing Director: Tim
has assisted in projects such as the Broadway Plaza Lane Revenue Growth (1 yr): Robinson
(Birmingham), Evelina Children's Hospital (London), The New West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 4.90% • Commercial Director:
Pentland Centre (Finchley), and the University of Surrey 6AA, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 177 Graham Kendrick
(Guildford). Founded in 1983, the company is Kawneer's Phone: +44-1215-251-000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Director: Gerry
CAP Aluminium largest dealer of Pilkington Planar structural glazing and Fax: +44-1215-255-010 1.10% Morley
Systems Ltd. Wright Style steel fire rated glazing systems.
When the aluminum century rolls around, this company will
be ready. Century Aluminum makes primary molten and ingot
aluminum at facilities in Hawesville, Kentucky; Ravenswood,
West Virginia; and Grundartangi, Iceland. (The Iceland facility
is operated by subsidiary Nordural.) Century Aluminum also Fiscal Year End: December
owns a 49.67% stake in an aluminum production facility in Revenue (2005): 1132.40 M • President, CEO, and
Mount Holly, South Carolina. Together, aluminum producer Address: 2511 Garden Rd., Bldg. A, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Director: Logan W. Kruger
Pechiney (part of Alcan) and wire and cable maker Southwire Ste. 200 6.80% • EVP and COO: E. Jack
account for a little more than half of Century Aluminum's Monterey, CA 93940 Employees (2004): 1,420 Gates
sales. Former parent Glencore International, a major Phone: 831-642-9300 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Michael
Century Aluminum customer as well as a supplier to Century Aluminum, still has Fax: 831-642-9399 (-2.10%) A. Bless
Company about a 30% stake in the company. Yes
room table than a shiny stack of aluminum ingots from
Columbia Falls Aluminum. Their primary ingots (sheet and t-
bar are also available) are the hostess' choice when
entertaining. Columbia Falls Aluminum, a subsidiary of Address: 2000 Alluminum Dr. • VP and General
Glencore International AG, manufactures primary aluminum Columbia Falls, MT 59912 Manager: Steve Knight
Columbia Falls at its reduction plant in Montana. The company, like all US Phone: 406-892-8400 • Financial Controller: Rob
Aluminum aluminum producers, is being challenged by increases in Fax: 406-892-8201 Vixie
Company, LLC energy costs.
company just doesn't have as much bounce in its step. The
company has sold its hose and compound rubber
manufacturing interests in order to concentrate on aluminum
rolled products (foils and metal plastic yarns), consumer
products (food packaging and cleaning products), and cords
and cables (bare copper, enameled, and insulated). Comital
Saiag has about 20 production facilities in Italy and
elsewhere. In 2003 Saiag was taken over by the Italian • Chairman: Cornelio
company Cortiplast, which is controlled by the family of Address: Strada Brandizzo, 130 Valetto
Comital Saiag's chairman Cornelio Valetto, and the next year 10088 Volpiano, Torino, Italy • Managing Director:
Comital Saiag Saiag and its subsidiary Comital merged to form, what else, Phone: +39-011-982-2111 Maurizio Piglione
S.p.A. Comital Saiag.
Cymat has made foam-forming a business. The company
designs, develops, and manufactures 3D aluminum foam
castings which are primarily used to make automobiles lighter Fiscal Year End: April Key People
and safer. The company's primary product is SmartMetal, a Revenue (2004): 0.20 M • Chairman: Terence J.
stabilized aluminum foam (SAF). The aluminum foam is Address: 6320-2 Danville Rd. Revenue Growth (1 yr): Smith
molded by sending gas through molten aluminum that can be Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2L7, 44.80% • President, CEO, and
formed into flat sheets and other shapes. Cymat's biggest Canada Employees (2004): 31 Director: Paul A. Tichauer
partners include Georg Fischer and Brembo. The company Phone: 905-696-9900 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CFO and Secretary:
Cymat Corp. was first formed in the 1990's to produce aluminum packaging Fax: 905-696-9300 (-26.20%) Richard P. Rogers
for the pharmaceuticals and telecommunications industries.
When it comes to aluminum, Empire Resources is especially
resourceful. The company distributes semifinished aluminum
products, including sheet, foil, wire, cast products, and
aluminum powder and paste. Products are sold primarily to Fiscal Year End: December
manufacturers of appliances, automobiles, packaging, and Revenue (2005): 358.50 M • Non-Executive
housing materials. Empire Resources provides a variety of Revenue Growth (1 yr): Chairman: William Spier
related services, including sourcing of aluminum products, Address: 1 Parker Plaza 68.60% • President, CEO, and
storage and delivery, and handling foreign exchange Fort Lee, NJ 07024 Employees (2004): 30 Director: Nathan Kahn
transactions. Company president and CEO Nathan Kahn and Phone: 201-944-2200 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, CFO, and Director:
Empire Resources, CFO Sandra Kahn, who are husband and wife, own 54% of Fax: 201-944-2226 0.00% Sandra R. Kahn
Inc. Empire Resources. Yes
Exco Technologies manufactures die-casting and aluminum
extrusion products and services to the automotive industry.
The company's casting and extrusion technology unit Fiscal Year End: September
manufactures die casting machines, high precision tooling for Revenue (2005): 183.90 M • Chairman: Helmut
small die casting and plastic injection molding machines, and Address: 130 Spy Ct., 2nd Fl. Revenue Growth (1 yr): Hofmann
single cell die ovens. Its automotive solutions unit (through its Markham, Ontario L3R 5H6, Canada 8.10% • President and CEO:
Neocon and Polytech divisions) makes such items as door Employees (2005): 1,950 Brian A. Robbins
pockets, restrain systems, and slide-out tables, primarily for Phone: 905-477-3065 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP: Bonnie M.
Exco Technologies passenger cars and light trucks. Exco operates more than a Fax: 905-477-2449 0.00% Cartwright
Limited dozen facilities in Canada, Mexico, Morocco, and the US.
Hindalco thinks copper, and aluminum, is nifty. The company
is India's largest aluminum producer and operates the
country's largest copper smelting and refining plant, located in
Gujarat. Hindalco also owns the Mount Gordon and Nifty
copper mines in Australia. The company's aluminum products • Chairman: Kumar M.
include wire rods, ingots, billets, aluminum alloy wheels, Birla
aluminum packaging and foils (blister, cigarette, lidding, light Address: Century Bhavan, 3rd Fl., • Managing Director: Debu
gauge, and foil laminates). Its copper products include cast Dr. Annie Besant Rd., Worli Bhattacharya
copper rods for power and communication cables, strips for Mumbai 400 025, India • Group Executive
power and distribution transformers, magnet wire, and copper Phone: +91-22-5662-6666 President and CFO: R. K.
Hindalco Industries cathodes. Hindalco is a subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Fax: +91-22-2436-2516 Kasliwal
Limited Aditya Birla. It was founded in 1958.
Hydro Aluminium's products can be turned into everything
from soda cans to car bodies. The company forms Norsk
Hydro's aluminum business and accounts for than half of the Fiscal Year End: December
Norwegian industrial corporation's annual sales. Hydro Revenue (2004): 13162.10
Aluminium ranks among the world's top three aluminum M
producers with Alcan and Alcoa. Norsk Hydro acquired Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Germany's VAW aluminium in 2002, and the combined Address: 27.70% • EVP and Head of
businesses possess strength in the automotive, packaging, N-0240 Oslo, Norway Employees (2004): 25,967 Aluminum: Torstein Dale
construction, and printing industries. While based in Europe, Phone: +47-22-53-8100 Employee Growth (1 yr): (Dale) Sjøtveit
Hydro Aluminium Hydro Aluminium conducts business worldwide and is Fax: +47-22-53-7930 (-2.80%) • CFO: Peik Norenberg
AS particularly strong in North America and Asia.
Jupiter Aluminum aims to shine in the galaxy of aluminum
producers. The company manufactures aluminum coil that is
primarily used to make building and construction products
such as drip edge, gutters and downspouts, screen frames,
trim and soffits, and vents and louvers. The company's coil
products also are used by manufacturers of cookware,
irrigation equipment, license plates, and sign blanks. Jupiter
Aluminum provides both mill-finish and painted coils. The
company makes its products from recycled aluminum. It Address: 1745 E 165th St.
purchases scrap such as aluminum wire and cable, painted Hammond, IN 46320 Fiscal Year End: June
aluminum, used beverage cans, and segregated aluminum Phone: 219-932-3322 Revenue (2005): 100.00 M
Jupiter Aluminum alloy clippings and solids. Jupiter Aluminum was founded in Fax: 219-933-2728 Employees (2005): 200
Corporation 1992. • CEO: Dietrich Gross
has slimmed down considerably and now operates 11
fabricated products manufacturing plants in the US and
Canada and one minority-owned aluminum smelting facility in
the UK. Following on a 2002 filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection, the company has sold its bauxite and alumina Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: George T.
mining businesses and closed up shop in its commodities Revenue (2004): 942.40 M Haymaker Jr.
marketing unit. The company's main customers are in the Address: 27422 Portola Pkwy., Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
aerospace, industrial, and transportation markets. MAXXAM 350 (-31.00%) Director: Jack A. Hockema
has a 62% stake in the company. The bankruptcy filing came Foothill Ranch, CA 92610-2831 Employees (2004): 2,260
as a result of the economic slowdown of the first part of the Phone: 949-614-1740 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP and Controller: Daniel
Kaiser Aluminum decade, weakened aluminum prices, and mounting asbestos Fax: 949-614-1930 (-49.80%) D. Maddox
Corporation litigation. Yes
Those folks who like to crush beer cans against their
foreheads owe a lot to Logan Aluminum. Formed in 1985,
Logan manufactures aluminum sheet that is used primarily by
the beverage industry. A joint-venture of ARCO Aluminum
and Novelis Logan Aluminum consists of one production
facility that also manufactures products for makers of building Address: 6920 Lewisburg Rd.
products and rigid containers as well as for the automotive Russellville, KY 42276-9309 Fiscal Year End: December
industry. Its technology includes ingot casting, hot and cold Phone: 270-755-6000 Revenue (2005): 118.20 M
Logan Aluminum, rolling, and finishing. It had been partly owned by Alcan until Fax: 270-755-6617 Employees (2005): 930
Inc. the early 2005 spin-off of Novelis. • President: Mike Harris
Aluminum and plastics products maker Loxcreen does its part
to keep the outside out and the inside in. The company
specializes in custom aluminum and vinyl extrusions; it also
produces and supplies a full line of screen doors, storm Address: 1630 Old Dunbar Rd. • President: John W.
doors, windows, roofing products (flashing and edging), and West Columbia, SC 29171 Fiscal Year End: December Parrish Jr.
ventilation products (foundation vents, ridge vents, and soffit Phone: 803-822-8200 Revenue (2005): 124.60 M • CFO: Charles C. Rone
Loxcreen Company vents). Loxcreen also offers floor trim and weather stripping. Fax: 803-822-8547 Employees (2005): 711 Jr.
Inc. The company was founded in 1947.
With a reputation for taking it to the max, corporate raider
Charles Hurwitz operates MAXXAM, an eclectic mix of
businesses ranging from aluminum and timber products to
real estate and horse racing. MAXXAM's top revenue source
is Kaiser Aluminum, which has been in Chapter 11
bankruptcy since 2002. MAXXAM's timber subsidiary, Pacific Fiscal Year End: December
Lumber, owns about 205,000 acres of old-growth redwood Revenue (2005): 406.40 M
and Douglas fir timberlands in Humboldt County, California. Address: 1330 Post Oak Blvd., Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr):
MAXXAM's real estate interests include commercial and 2000 16.90% • Chairman and CEO:
residential properties in Arizona, California, Texas, and Houston, TX 77056 Employees (2004): 1,775 Charles E. Hurwitz
Puerto Rico. The company also owns the Sam Houston Race Phone: 713-975-7600 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: John H.
Park, a horseracing track near Houston. Chairman and CEO Fax: 713-267-3701 0.30% Karnes
MAXXAM Inc. Charles Hurwitz controls 77% of MAXXAM. Yes
gratitude to the Metal Container Corporation (MCC). The
subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch's packaging segment makes • Chairman, President, and
cans and lids for Anheuser-Busch Companies and also CEO: Joseph P. Sellinger
supplies the US soft-drink container market. MCC makes • EVP and COO: Ranjive
more than 25 billion cans and 28 billion lids annually and (Tony) Bhalla
supplies nearly 65% of Anheuser-Busch's cans and three- • VP and CFO; Anheuser-
quarters of its lids. The company operates eight can and three Address: 3636 S. Geyer Rd. Busch Packaging Group,
lid manufacturing facilities in California, Colorado, Florida, St. Louis, MO 63127-1237 Inc. and Metal C: Gary A.
Metal Container Georgia, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Phone: 314-957-9500 Bybee
Corporation Wisconsin.
Nippon Light Metal Company (NLM) is heavily into aluminum.
The company's operations span the process from turning
bauxite ore into alumina, to smelting aluminum, to fabricating
finished aluminum products. It makes aluminum ingot,
aluminum sheets and extrusions, chemicals (aluminum Fiscal Year End: March
hydroxide, caustic soda, fluorine), fabricated products, and Address: NYK Tennoz Building, 2- Revenue (2004): 5037.80 M
building materials. Fabricated products (bridges, fuel tanks, 20, Higashi-Shinagawa, 2-chome, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
ladders) make up about 40% of NLM's sales; building Shinagaw 17.50%
materials (scaffolds, fences and railings, soundproof walls) Tokyo 140-6828, Japan Employees (2004): 12,598
contribute about a third of sales. Founded in 1939, the Phone: +81-3-5461-9333 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Nippon Light Metal company has aluminum processing facilities throughout Asia Fax: +81-3-5461-9344 2.20% • President, CEO, and
Company, Ltd. and in North America. Director: Shigesato Sato
Noranda Aluminum, a unit of Canada-based mining giant
Falconbridge (formerly known as Noranda), manufactures
aluminum extrusion billets, aluminum redrawn rods, high-
strength aluminum alloys, and other primary aluminum Address: 801 Crescent Centre Dr • President, Primary
products. Noranda Aluminum was founded in 1968, and the Franklin, TN 37067-6224 Fiscal Year End: December Products: Keith Gregston
company's first plant began operations the next year. A Phone: 615-771-5700 Revenue (2005): 1068.90 M • Technical Manager:
Noranda Aluminum, separate Falconbridge unit, Norandal USA, operates Fax: 615-771-5701 Employees (2005): 4,300 David (Dave) Hart
Inc. aluminum rolling mills.
Norandal USA is responsible for keeping leftovers fresh. The
company operates four aluminum rolling mills where it makes
household foil, converter foil, fin stock, and transformer
windings for the consumer packaging, power distribution,
refrigeration, and automotive industries. Its plants are located Address: 801 Crescent Centre Dr.,
in Franklin and Huntingdon, Tennessee; Salisbury, North Ste. 600
Carolina; and Newport, Arkansas and cumulatively produce Franklin, TN 37067 Fiscal Year End: December • President: Scott Croft
more than 200,000 metric tons annually. Norandal USA is a Phone: 615-778-2000 Revenue (2005): 468.80 M • VP and Controller: Ed
subsidiary of Falconbridge, formerly known as Noranda prior Fax: 615-778-8843 Employees (2005): 820 Darnell
Norandal USA, Inc to its 2005 merger with the former Falconbridge Limited.
Nordural, also known as Nordic Aluminum, operates the
Nordural primary aluminum reduction facility located in
Grundartangi, Iceland. The primary aluminum metal
manufacturer has a production capacity of about 90,000
metric tons per year, but Nordural is currently expanding the • Managing Director:
facility, which will increase production to more than 220,000 Fiscal Year End: December Richard A Starkweather
metric tons by late 2006. In 2004 US-based aluminum Address: Grundartanga Revenue (2004): 150.00 M • CFO, Public Relations,
producer Century Aluminum acquired the company from 301 Akranes, Iceland Revenue Growth (1 yr): and Administration:
investment firm Columbia Ventures Corporation. Columbia Phone: +354-430-1000 48.50% Ragnar Guðmundsson
Nordural ehf. Ventures built the Nordural aluminum smelting facility in 1998.
Drilling for oil and gas in the waters off of New Foundland and
manufacturing aluminum in Argentina, Norsk Hydro Americas
has just about all of the western hemisphere covered through • President: Odd S.
its varied operations. A subsidiary of Norwegian metals and Gullberg
energy giant Norsk Hydro, the unit is active in its parent's two Address: 15995 N. Barkers Landing • VP, Treasury: Randy
primary industries: aluminum production and oil and energy Rd. Haynes
exploration. Norsk Hydro is the world's third largest aluminum Houston, TX 77079-2467 Fiscal Year End: December • VP, Corporate
producer, and North America makes up a significant part of Phone: 281-504-1100 Revenue (2005): 817.10 M Communications: Anne
Norsk Hydro that business. This American unit accounts for more than Fax: 281-504-1101 Employees (2005): 2,900 Ekern
Americas, Inc. 10% of its parent's total sales.
Northwest Aluminum Specialties produces aluminum billet in
a variety of alloys. The company's log-shaped cast billet
products, which range in diameter from 2.4 inches to 11
inches, can be used by customers in hot extrusion and hot or Address: 3313 W. 2nd St. • President: Brett Wilcox
cold impact extrusion and as hot or cold forging stock. End The Dalles, OR 97058 • CFO: William Reid
Northwest products made from the company's billet include air bag Phone: 541-296-6161 • VP, Marketing and Sales:
Aluminum canisters, automotive wheels and wheel covers, bicycle Fax: 541-298-0888 Daniel Gnall
Specialties, Inc. frames, and missile housings.
Nothing can foil Novelis because it has the art of rolling
aluminum in the can . . . the aluminum can, that is. Novelis, a
spinoff of Alcan, manufactures aluminum rolled semi-finished
products primarily used by the construction and industrial, foil
products, transportation, and beverage and food can
industries. The rolled aluminum is made with a variety of alloy Address: 3399 Peachtree Rd. NE, Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: J. E. Newall
mixtures in a range of hardnesses, thicknesses, and widths, Lenox Bldg., Ste. 1500 Revenue (2004): 7755.00 M • CEO and Director: Brian
with various coatings and finishes designed specifically for its Atlanta, GA 30329 Revenue Growth (1 yr): W. Sturgell
end-use segments. Customers include Agfa-Gevaert, Phone: 404-814-4200 24.70% • COO: Martha Finn-
Anheuser-Busch Companies, DaimlerChrysler , General Fax: 404-814-4219 Employees (2004): 13,500 Brooks
Novelis Inc. Motors, Rexam PLC, and Visteon Corporation. Yes
The Ohio Valley Aluminum Company (OVACO) makes
aluminum billets for the aluminum extrusions industry. (A billet
is pushed or drawn through a die to create an extruded, or
shaped, product, such as a frame or rail.) The company
operates from facilities in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio that Address: 1100 Brooks Industrial Rd. • Chairman: Jeffrey L
can produce some 450 million pounds of billets annually. Shelbyville, KY 40065 Fiscal Year End: February Mackin
Ohio Valley OVACO cuts billets according to customer specifications; it Phone: 502-633-2783 Revenue (2005): 250.00 M • President: Don Carey
Aluminum can produce billets ranging in length from 18 inches to 216 Fax: 502-633-0589 Employees (2005): 500 • VP Sales: Ed Wiegand
Company, LLC inches. The company was founded in 1955.
aluminum ore (bauxite) and manufactures aluminum ingot,
billet (pressed bars), sheet, foil, and other products for the
fabrication, extrusion, and conversion markets. The company • EVP and CFO: Jack Teitz
maintains facilities in Louisiana and Ohio. Ormet emerged
from bankruptcy in 2005; the company had hoped to resolve • VP, General Manager
labor disputes before exiting bankruptcy but was unable to do Address: 1233 Main St., Ste. 4000 Operations: Gary Mallett
so. It has hired a financial adviser to evaluate strategic Wheeling, WV 26003 • VP, General Manager
alternatives, and it has exited the milled products business to Phone: 304-234-3900 Sales and Marketing:
concentrate on primary aluminum production. Ormet was Fax: 304-234-3929 Thomas V. Stephens
Ormet Corporation founded in 1954.
aluminum production and wood products manufacturing.
Scepter plants process aluminum dross and scrap into ingots,
molten aluminum, and other products. The company also
trades aluminum and collects cans for recycling. Scepter
Hardwoods produces drawer stock and components and Address: 1485 Scepter Ln. • President: Garney Scott
related products. Scepter companies operate from facilities in Waverly, TN 37185-3290 Fiscal Year End: December Jr.
the US (Indiana, New York, Tennessee, and Texas) and Phone: 931-535-3565 Revenue (2005): 54.70 M • VP, Operations: Garney
Canada (Quebec). Company president Garney Scott founded Fax: 931-535-3342 Employees (2005): 200 Scott III
Scepter, Inc. Scepter in 1986.
Sherwin Alumina, one of the largest alumina refineries in
North America, extracts aluminum oxide, called alumina, from
bauxite ore. Formerly owned by Reynolds Metals, the
company was sold in 2000 to a private investment entity, BPU
Reynolds, made up of Sherwin Alumina executives Peter Address: 4633 Hwy. 361 • CEO: Peter Bailey
Bailey, Lewis Patterson, and Mark Uzelac. In 2004, China Gregory, TX 78359 Fiscal Year End: December • President: Lewis
Minmetals Nonferrous Metals bought a 51% stake in Sherwin Phone: 361-777-2350 Revenue (2005): 386.10 M Patterson III
Sherwin Alumina Alumina; the BPU team owns the rest and continues to run Fax: 361-777-2218 Employees (2005): 742 • CFO: Mark Uzelac
Company the company.
Superior Essex (formerly Superior TeleCom) is pushing its
superior products -- communications wire and cable and
magnet wire. The company, one of the US's leading makers
of copper wire, has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection, and changed its name. Superior Essex's products
can be found in transformers, generators, and electrical
controls. The company's Essex Group makes magnet wires,
while Superior Essex Communications makes both copper Fiscal Year End: December
and fiber optic wire and cable. Sprint and regional Bell Address: 150 Interstate N. Pkwy. Revenue (2005): 1795.00 M • CEO and Director:
(telephone) operating companies, together, account for 57% Atlanta, GA 30339 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Stephen M. Carter
of the communications segment's sales. In 2004 Superior Phone: 770-657-6000 26.00% • CFO and Treasurer:
Essex acquired the North American telecommunications Fax: 770-303-8807 Employees (2005): 4,100 David S. Aldridge
Superior Essex Inc. cable division of Belden. Yes
Tower Extrusions produces extruded aluminum products. The • Partner: William M.
company's facilities include five extrusion presses that range McClelland
in size from 6 inches to 12 inches, a cast house, and an Address: 1003 State Hwy 79 S. • VP, Finance and
anodizing plant that can handle material as long as 38 feet. Olney, TX 76374-0218 Fiscal Year End: December Treasurer: Jay Stewart
Tower Extrusions was founded in March 1977 with the Phone: 940-564-5681 Revenue (2005): 36.00 M • Sales Manager: Stan
Tower Extrusions purchase of the former Republic Aluminum facility in Olney, Fax: 940-564-5033 Employees (2005): 165 Guess
Ltd. Texas.
Wabash Alloys uses aluminum scrap to produce aluminum
casting alloys and molten aluminum. The company's products
are used by customers in the die casting, sand casting, and Address: 4525 W. Old 24 • President: Bruce A.
steel producing industries. Wabash Alloys maintains eight Wabash, IN 46992-0466 Warshauer
facilities, located in the US, Canada, and Mexico, that Phone: 260-563-7461 • VP Sales: Joseph Adamo
Wabash Alloys collectively produce more than 1.6 billion pounds of aluminum Fax: 260-563-5997
L.L.C. alloy annually. The company was founded in 1958.
The company is a leading maker of aluminum can sheet, Chairman: David F.
which is used to produce packaging for beverages and food. D'Addario
The aluminum can sheet made by Wise Alloys is transformed • Wise Metals Group
into more than 16 billion beverage cans per year. Along with President and COO:
aluminum can sheet, Wise Alloys makes wide aluminum Address: 4805 2nd St. Randall R. Powers
sheet, which is used in architectural applications and to make Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 • SVP Sales: Don
roofs for truck trailers. Wise Alloys is part of Wise Metals Phone: 256-386-6000 Farrington
Wise Alloys LLC Group.
Through subsidiary Wise Alloys, Wise Metals Group makes
aluminum can stock for companies in the beverage and food
packaging industries worldwide. Wise Alloys uses recycled
aluminum to produce its can stock, and sister company Wise • Chairman and CEO:
Recycling is one of the largest collectors of aluminum Address: 857 Elkridge Landing Rd., David F. D'Addario
beverage containers in the US. Wise Metals Group subsidiary Ste. 600 • President and COO:
Listerhill Total Maintenance Center provides maintenance Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 Fiscal Year End: December Randall R. Powers
and repair services for manufacturing facilities. Chairman and Phone: 410-636-6500 Revenue (2005): 766.90 M • EVP and CFO: Danny
Wise Metals Group CEO David D'Addario owns a controlling stake in Wise Metals Fax: 410-636-0856 Employees (2005): 1,196 Mendelson
LLC Group.
Name Description Contact Info Financial Highlights Key People Public
Abengoa Bioenergy hasn't quit its home on the plains, but it has
changed its name from High Plains Corporation since being acquired
by Spanish engineering firm Abengoa in 2002. Among the largest
US producers of ethanol, Abengoa Bioenergy owns three plants in • President and CEO:
the US and another three in Europe. The company's primary product Javier Salgado Leirado
is fuel-grade ethanol, which, when blended with gasoline, raises Address: 1400 Elbridge Payne • CFO: Ignacio García
oxygen levels and reduces exhaust emissions of pollutants such as Rd., Ste. 212 • Industrial Organization
carbon monoxide. As part of a search for new revenue streams, Chesterfield, MO 63017 and New Projects
Abengoa Abengoa Bioenergy launched a research and development Phone: 636-728-0508 Corporate Director: José
Bioenergy subsidiary that works in partnership with universities and other Fax: 636-728-1148 Carlos Saz
Corp. companies to develop improved processing technology for ethanol.
to make textiles. The company gets more than half of its sales from
producing acetic acid and its derivatives, key ingredients in the
making of PET bottles, inks, paints, pharmaceuticals, and textile Address: 750 World Trade • Chairman and CEO:
fibers. Acetic acid also is a key ingredient in producing Acetex's Centre, 999 Canada Place Brooke N. Wade
other major product line, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), used in Vancouver, British Columbia • President, COO, and
polyester fibers, as well as other products. It also owns Canadian V6C 3E1, Canada Director: Kenneth E. Vidalin
plastics and film company AT Plastics. Specialty chemicals Phone: 604-688-9600
Acetex manufacturer Celanese acquired Acetex for just under $500 million Fax: 604-688-9620 • CFO: Lori Bondar
Corporation in 2005.
Acuity Specialty Products Group can help you make a clean sweep.
The company is a business segment of Acuity Brands and
manufactures and markets consumer chemical products. Its
subsidiary companies include manufacturers Enforcer (fertilizer, pest
control, and drain cleaners); Selig (environmentally friendly hand • President: James H. (Jim)
cleaners and degreasers and equipment used to clean aerospace Heagle
and automotive parts); and Zep (automotive and janitorial supplies • EVP, I&I Sales: Ross
such as hand cleaners, degreasers, and floor polish). Acuity Address: 4401 Northside Pkwy., Fiscal Year End: August Harding
Acuity Specialty Products also makes a line of car wash products with the Ste. 700 Revenue (2005): 535.00 M • VP, Information
Specialty Armor All brand name sold to car wash sales professional. The Atlanta, GA 30327 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Technology: Katheryn
Products company has had an agreement with Clorox, which owns the Armor Phone: 404-352-1680 2.20% Simpson
Group, Inc. All brand, since 2001.

• President: Peter R. Buenz

This AA actually encourages chemical dependence. Advanced
Aromatics (AA) produces 200 million pounds of chemical products Address: 5501 W. Baker Rd. • CFO: Harlan Faircloth
per year. Products include tetrahydronaphthalene, high purity grades Baytown, TX 77520 • Manager, Sales and
of naphthalene, aromatics, oxygenated solvents, and octane fuel Phone: 281-424-4505 Marketing: Michael L.
Advanced components. AA's chemicals end up in a variety of products Fax: 281-424-3532 Williams
Aromatics, L.P. including everything from fertilizer and dyes to textiles and gasoline.
Performance enhancers aren't just the products advertised on late
night TV and in the back of men's magazines. Afton Chemical
(formerly Ethyl Petroleum Additives) manufactures additives that • President: C. S. Warren
improve the effectiveness of fuels and lubricants. The company was Huang
formed in mid-2004 from the additives division of NewMarket, which • SVP, Global Accounts
had been called Ethyl before switching to a holding company and Strategy: Alexander
structure and dividing its business into two operating subsidiaries: Address: 500 Spring St. McLean
Afton Afton and Ethyl. Afton divides its own products into fuel additives Richmond, VA 23219 • VP, Sales and Marketing,
Chemical (which improve the refining process and boost the performance of Phone: 804-788-5800 North America: Robert A.
Corporation gasoline and other fuels) and lubricant additives (which improve the Fax: 804-788-5184 (Rob) Shama
performance, functionality, and durability of oils).
• Chairman; Chairman and
AgriTec Systems takes agricultural waste products and turns them CEO, enviroTech: C. W.
into usable specialty chemicals. The company's AgriTec, Inc. Wellen
subsidiary is developing ways of converting rice hull ash (RHA) and • President, CEO, and
other biomass materials into silicas, silicates, activated carbon, and Director: Douglas K.
related products, which are used in food processing, air and water Address: 100 E. NASA Rd. One, Stephens
purification, semiconductor fabrication, and industrial manufacturing. Ste. 209 • CFO, Secretary,
It is seeking global commercialization for its patented processes. Webster, TX 77598 Treasurer, and Director;
Subsidiary enviroLife markets fine-celled foam (made from Phone: 281-338-2966 President, enviroLi: Greg
AgriTec converted biomass materials) for horticulture and agriculture Fax: 281-338-2966 R. Wellen
Systems, Inc. applications.
Break out the Tums, because things have just gotten a lot gassier • President and CEO:
over at Air Liquide America. The American distribution arm of gas Pierre DuFour
distributor Air Liquide, the company has grown a lot bigger with its • VP, Business
parent's 2004 acquisition of Messer Griesheim's North American Address: 2700 Post Oak Blvd., Development: Johnnye J.
business. Air Liquide America supplies industrial gases (oxygen, Ste. 1800 Wozniak
nitrogen, CO2, argon, etc.) to companies in the automotive, Houston, TX 77056 • Corporate
chemicals, food and beverage, and healthcare industries. Phone: 713-624-8000 Fiscal Year End: December Communications: Diane
Air Liquide Depending on its customer's needs, Air Liquide America can ship its Fax: 713-624-8085 Revenue (2004): 2182.40 M Labelle
America L.P. product in cylinders, by pipelines, or have it manufactured on site.
A lot like Jumpin' Jack Flash, business at Air Products and
Chemicals is a gas gas gas. The company provides gases such as
argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen to manufacturers, health care
facilities, and other industries. Not all is light and airy, however. It Fiscal Year End: September • Chairman, President, and
also produces chemicals, including catalysts, surfactants, and Revenue (2005): 8143.50 M CEO: John P. Jones III
intermediates used to make polyurethane, amines, and emulsions Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Group VP, Development
derived from vinyl acetate monomer (VAM). Air Products also makes Address: 7201 Hamilton Blvd. 9.90% and Technology: Arthur T.
Air Products gas containers and equipment that separates air, purifies hydrogen, Allentown, PA 18195-1501 Employees (2004): 19,900 Katsaros
and and liquefies gas. The company distributes industrial gases by Phone: 610-481-4911 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP and CFO: Paul E.
Chemicals, building on-site plants (a strategy nearly as old as the company Fax: 610-481-5900 7.60% Huck
Inc. itself) or by truck for companies with less extensive needs. Yes
Air Products Healthcare supplies the air you breathe when you're in
need of home health care services. Part of the Gases and
Equipment segment of the giant industrial gas company Air Products
and Chemicals, the division is comprised of a number of different
regional businesses that supply medical gases for the home health Address: 101 W. Elm St., Ste. • COO: David B. Hunter
care market. Formed in 1999 Air Products Healthcare operates in 210 • Chief Development
the Northeast and Southeast regions of the US along with Chicago. Conshohocken, PA 19428 Officer: William J McGinnis
Air Products The company maintains 78 branches and its subsidiary companies Phone: 484-530-0880 • SVP, Sales and
Healthcare include American Homecare Supply, Nightingale Medical, Rx Fax: 484-530-0888 Marketing: Tom Gaffney
Pharmacy Services, and Vanguard Home Medical Equipment.
Air Products Polymers, a joint venture of global VAE (vinyl acetate-
ethylene) emulsion technology companies Air Products and
Chemicals and Wacker-Chemie GmBH, makes and distributes latex
polymers. Air Products Polymers makes an array of emulsions used
in adhesives, building products, coatings, paper, textiles, and ink and
graphic arts. Its adhesive brands include the Airflex, Flexbond, and • President: Wayne M.
Vinac emulsions. The company also makes materials for nonwoven Address: 7201 Hamilton Blvd. Mitchell
binders used in disposable wipes, towels, and diaper cover stock. Its Allentown, PA 18195-1501 • Senior Communications
products are based on the vinyl acetate monomer (VAM). Air Phone: 610-481-6799 Revenue (2005): 598.60 M Specialist: Arthur (Art)
Air Products Products Polymers sells its products worldwide. It is a major supplier Fax: 610-481-4381 Employees (2005): 3,700 George
Polymers, L.P. to the pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) market for labels.
thank you very much. Air Water Inc. supplies industrial gases to the Fiscal Year End: March
iron and steel, electronics, chemical, and medical sectors. Revenue (2004): 2510.40 M • Chairman and CEO:
Additionally, the company makes fine chemicals (pharmaceutical Address: 1-20-16 Higashi- Revenue Growth (1 yr): Hiroshi Aoki
and agricultural intermediates) and has a foods unit, Snow Brand Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku 27.20% • Vice Chairman and COO:
Foods, that markets ham and deli items. Air Water also makes Osaka 542-0083, Japan Employees (2004): 5,566 Masahiro Toyoda
consumer bathroom products and commercial food-freezing Phone: +81-6-6252-5411 Employee Growth (1 yr): • President and COO:
systems. Air Water was formed in 2000 when Daido Hoxan merged Fax: +81-6-6252-3965 1.60% Yoshisuke Misaka
Air Water Inc. with Kyodo Oxygen.
Airgas Canada is trying to make Canadians breathe easier. The
company distributes industrial gases and mechanical supplies from
eight locations in western Canada. The company's focus is on Address: Bay 133, 3016 10th
distributing specialty gases to the respiratory home care market, Ave. NE
though Airgas Canada's products also include welding gases and Calgary, Alberta T2A 6A3,
supplies. Part of the growing US industrial gas distributor Airgas, the Canada
company maintains four locations in Alberta, two in Saskatchewan, Phone: 403-272-6605
Airgas Canada, and another two in British Columbia. Among the company's suppliers Fax: 403-248-0701
Inc. are welding equipment manufacturers Hobart Brothers and ESAB. • President: Wendy Swift
Whether you're playing the slots in Reno or lobbying the Governator
in Sacramento, Airgas Northern California and Nevada (NCN) can
fulfill all of your industrial gas needs. The company is one of many
regional divisions that make up Airgas' industrial gas distribution
business. The company distributes a variety of industrial, medical, Address: 6790 Florin Perkins • President: James (Jim)
and fuel gases; dry ice; tools; as well as safety equipment. Airgas Rd., Ste. 300 McCarthy
Airgas NCN maintains 36 locations (20 in the Northern California Valley, 12 Sacramento, CA 95828-1812 Fiscal Year End: March • CFO: Lynn Oates
Northern in the Bay Area, and four in Nevada) from which its customers can Phone: 916-379-1000 Revenue (2005): 96.00 M • VP, Operations: James
California and purchase their products. It also offers direct distribution to Fax: 916-376-8536 Employees (2005): 485 (Jim) Gindt
Nevada, Inc. manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and other job sites.
Welders, anesthesiologists, and chemical engineers throughout the
southeastern US turn to Airgas South to help them with their gas
problems. Headquartered outside of Atlanta, the company operates
industrial gas distributor Airgas' business in a five-state region
(Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee) that has
more than 60 branch locations. Its principal products and services • President: Jay Sullivan
are packaged and small bulk gases, gas cylinder and welding Address: 821-D Livingston Ct. • VP, Operations: Don
equipment rental, and process chemicals and hard goods. Airgas' Marietta, GA 30067 Goldschmidt
customer base includes industrial manufacturers, medical Phone: 770-792-2123 • VP, Marketing: Kent
Airgas South, institutions, food products makers, and petrochemical facilities. Fax: 770-792-5950 Carter
manufacturer, Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals manufactures and
supplies products such as chlorine, iron and aluminum salts,
dimethylether, hydrochloric acid, and sodium-related chemicals to
the glass, detergent, and paper making industries. In addition to its
product line, the company offers transport and water treatment • General Manager: H.C.J.
services. Base Chemicals' claim to product fame is its production of (René) Scheffers
chlorine through the electrolysis of brine. It owns and operates plants Address: Stationsplein 4 • Controller: Jan Sigger
and facilities in Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands and is 3800 AE Amersfoort, The • Manager,
Akzo Nobel divided into two business units: sBU Chlor-Alkali (chlorine and Netherlands Communications: Paul van
Base caustic lye production) and sBU Ecosystems (chemical-related Phone: +31-33-467-6767 der Boor
Chemicals products).
Akzo Nobel is the world's largest paint maker, but it can do more
than paint a picture. The company is among the world's largest • Chairman, Supervisory
chemical manufacturers and also is a major salt producer. Akzo Fiscal Year End: December Board: Jonkheer Aarnout
Nobel is organized along three business lines. The company's Revenue (2005): 15386.00 Loudon
coatings group makes paints, automotive finishes, and decorative M • Chairman, Board of
coatings. Its chemical unit produces pulp and paper chemicals, Address: Velperweg 76 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Management and CEO: G.
functional chemicals (including flame retardants and crop nutrients), 6800 SB Arnhem, The (-10.50%) J. (Hans) Wijers
surfactants, polymers, and catalysts. A third unit, pharmaceuticals, Netherlands Employees (2004): 60,350 • Member, Board of
produces contraceptives, fertility treatments, antidepressants, Phone: +31-26-366-4433 Employee Growth (1 yr): Management and CFO:
Akzo Nobel antipsychotics, over-the-counter drugs, and veterinary medicines. Fax: +31-26-366-3250 (-9.10%) Rob Frohn
N.V. Akzo has announced plans to split off its pharmaceuticals division. Yes
Welcome to the noble enterprise of surface chemistry. A worldwide
leader in the production of surfactants, fatty acids, microspheres,
and other wetting agents, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry's products
are used in everything from asphalt, lubricants, and household • General Manager: Frank
products to detergents, biocides, and additives for paint. The Sherman
company's products and services essentially thicken, absorb, • Controller, Information
regulate, or counterbalance the properties of liquid. Brand names Address: Management, and E-
include Bermocoll paint thickeners and Expancel microspheres SE 444 85 Stenungsund, business: Gijsberth de
(reduces weight in paper and paint). A business segment of Sweden Ruiter
Akzo Nobel worldwide painting and chemicals manufacturer Akzo Nobel, the Phone: +46-30-38-50-00 • Media Contact: Johnny
Surface company owns and operates almost 20 production plants spanning Fax: +46-30-38-45-58 Ericsson
Chemistry across ten countries.
Albion Chemicals Group first took wing in 2001, emerging from the
nest of Hays Chemicals through a management-led buyout. The
company is among the leading independent distributors of builk and Address: Albion House, Rawdon • Managing Director: Steve
packaged chemicals in the UK. In addition to its distribution Park, Green Lane, Yeadon Holland
businesses, Albion manufactures chlor-alkali chemicals at two of its Leeds LS19 7XX, United • Commercial Director:
plants. The company has a network of 14 depots across the UK and Kingdom Steve Heathcote
Albion Ireland to supply businesses in the region. Albion joined Solvadis, Phone: +44-113-387-9200 • Business Development
Chemicals Dovechem, and US distributing consortium CHEMCENTRAL to form Fax: +44-113-250-0113 Director: Jonathan Birrell
Group Plc a global chemical distributing group called Chemworld Alliance.
Mexican conglomerate Alfa is a big player in five different business
groups. Alpek, a global petrochemical concern with a special
emphasis on synthetic fibers (Akra Polyester, Nylon de México,
Fielmex, Indelpro, Petrotemex) accounts for about 35% of sales. Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman and CEO:
Other operations include refrigerated-foods business Sigma Address: Avenida Gómez Morín Revenue (2004): 5254.10 M Dionisio Garza Medina
Alimentos (Yoplait), Versax (Nemak automotive parts, Terza rugs), 1111 Sur, Colonia Carrizalejo Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CFO: Alfonso González
and Onexa, which explores telecom opportunities through its Alestra 66254 San Pedro Garza García, 26.20% Migoya
subsidiary. Alfa has alliances with more than 20 companies (such as Nuevo León, Mexico Employees (2004): 42,069 • Vice President,
AT&T and DuPont) around the world. It sold its Total HOME chain to Phone: +52-81-8748-1207 Employee Growth (1 yr): Information Technology:
Alfa, S.A. de hardware giant The Home Depot to concentrate on industrial Fax: +52-81-8748-2551 11.00% Oscar Treviño
C.V. businesses. Yes
Perhaps it wasn't such a fantastic finish, but when Alcoa was done
with its chemicals division it presented it to the world as Almatis.
Formerly known as Alcoa World Chemicals, Almatis was formed in Fiscal Year End: December
early 2004 when the global aluminum giant sold its chemicals unit to Revenue (2004): 450.00 M
private equity firms Rhône Capital and Teacher's Merchant Bank. Revenue Growth (1 yr):
The new company manufacture's alumina-based products are used Address: Olof-Palme-Strasse 37 25.00% • Chairman: Hervé de
to make abrasives and polishers, paper coatings, flame retardants, 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Employees (2004): 900 Carmoy
plastics and polymers, and refractories. Its Adsorbents and Catalysts Phone: +49-69-957-341-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CEO: D. Oscar Groomes
division supplies activated alumina and offers toll processing Fax: +49-69-957-341-13 12.50% • COO: David Dabney
Almatis GmbH services to the industry.
You know all those pretty greens and blues you see in the drinks
cooler at the Kwik E Mart? Americhem's responsible for that. The
Ohio-based additives and dispersions company makes the stuff that
makes the color for PET bottles used by soda and beer makers.
Americhem's color and additives masterbatches also are used by
the automotive, construction, and fibers industries. It has nine Address: 225 Broadway East • President and CEO:
manufacturing sites, including one in the UK and one in China, and Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 Richard C. (Rick) Juve
sales offices in China, Korea, Mexico, and Luxembourg. Americhem Phone: 330-929-4213 • COO: Rick Matthew
Americhem, acquired a manufacturing facility in Georgia in late 2005, and it Fax: 330-929-4144 • CFO: John Berner
Inc. completed the construction of its plant in China in early 2006.
Ampacet helps manufacturers of plastic products show their true
hues with its custom color and additive concentrates. Using
polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, and polyester
resins, Ampacet makes compounds and concentrates that enable
plastics manufacturers to produce consistent colors and chemical • President and CEO:
characteristics for their extruded and molded products. The Robert A. DeFalco
company's additives are used in food and industrial packaging, pipe • SVP, Finance: Joel
and conduit, wire and cable, and other plastic products. Founded in Address: 660 White Plains Rd. Slutsky
1937, Ampacet is one of the largest color compound and Tarrytown, NY 10591-5130 • SVP, Technical and
concentrate makers in North America and is expanding into the Phone: 914-631-6600 Strategic Procurement:
Ampacet world market. Norman Alexander, chairman and CEO of Sequa Fax: 914-631-7197 Victor J. Mimeault
Corporation Corporation, owns the firm.
company exports raw chemical materials to more than 300 clients
throughout Latin America. It distributes ingredients for use by the
paints, inks, concrete and masonry additives, adhesives, • President and CEO:
pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care product industries. Fernando Espinoza
The house paint industry accounts for most of the Hispanic-owned Address: 10850 NW 30th St. • Accounting Supervisor:
Andes company's sales. Suppliers include Degussa, Akzo Nobel, Miami, FL 33172 Fiscal Year End: December Silvia Perez
Chemical Millennium Chemicals, and Rohm and Haas. Andes Chemical was Phone: 305-591-5601 Revenue (2005): 31.70 M • VP, Operations: Julie
Corporation founded in 1986 by Cuban-born president and CEO Fernando Fax: 305-591-5607 Employees (2005): 20 Peterson
If you want to avoid severe fire damage, you better get Ansul-ated. A
division of TYCO Fire and Security Services Ansul manufactures fire • President: Mark
protection products for commercial, industrial, and marine VanDover
applications. With manufacturing locations in Germany, Japan, • VP, Finance: Dennis
Mexico, and the US, Ansul has a global sales reach for its range of Address: 1 Stanton St. Moraros
products. In addition to a full line of fire extinguishers and Marinette, WI 54143-2542 • VP, Sales - The
extinguishing agents, the company also offers a series of training Phone: 715-735-7411 Americas: William J. (Bill)
Ansul seminars on the hazards found in the chemical and petroleum Fax: 715-732-3469 Smith
Incorporated industries. The US government is a major customer for Ansul.
integrated mining, production, and distribution group for titanium
dioxide (TiO2), the world's most popular whitening pigment, the
company was founded to market its product in Russia and other
former Soviet republics. Aricom owns nearly 75% of Olekminsky • Chairman: Sir Malcolm
Rudnik, a Russian titanium ore mining company, and 100% of Address: 10-11 Grosvenor Field
Chemelt, which trades and distributes TiO2. Aricom is still in the Place • CEO: Thomas (Tom)
planning stages and is considering two options: forming a joint London SW1X 7HH, United Swithenbank
venture with Ukraine's top TiO2 maker, GAK Titan, or building a Kingdom Fiscal Year End: December • Finance Director and
facility close to its mining property in the Russia's Amur Region. Phone: +44-20-7201-8939 Revenue (2004): 6.20 M Company Secretary: Peter
Aricom plc Aricom controls the titanium-related operations of Peter Hambro Fax: +44-20-7201-8938 Employees (2004): 29 Howes
Arizona Chemical is always pining for more business. The company
is among the world's largest fractionators (separators) of crude tall
oil (from the Swedish word talloja, or pine oil). It manufactures such
pine tree-based chemicals as fatty acids, rosin esters, and terpenes. Fiscal Year End: December • General Manager: Gerald
These chemicals are used to manufacture a wide variety of Revenue (2005): 692.00 M C. Marterer
products, including adhesives, household cleaners, hydraulic fluids, Address: 4600 Touchton Rd. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Director, Finance: Charles
inks, paints, personal care products, and plastics. Arizona Chemical East, Ste. 500 3.00% Nelson
has seven plants in the US and seven in Europe. The company was Jacksonville, FL 32246 Employees (2005): 1,600 • Director, Development
Arizona formed in 1930 by paper products maker International Paper (IP) Phone: 904-928-8700 Employee Growth (1 yr): and Planning: Manuel
Chemical and American Cyanamid and now is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fax: 904-928-8779 0.00% Canales
Company the former. Tall oil is a by-product of paper making.
Arkema's into vinyl, but not in a weird way. The North American
branch of TOTAL's basic chemicals unit manufactures many vinyl
products like PVC, chlorochemicals, and assorted vinyl compounds. Fiscal Year End: December
Its other two business segments are Industrial Chemicals (acrylics, Revenue (2004): 1600.00 M
hydrogen peroxide, and fluorochemicals) and Performance Products Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
(additives, agrochemicals, organic peroxides, and technical 6.70% George Cornelius
polymers). Arkema operates about 20 manufacturing facilities in Address: 2000 Market St. Employees (2004): 2,600 • SVP and CFO: Patricia
North America. The company was created in 2004 when TOTAL Philadelphia, PA 19103-3222 Employee Growth (1 yr): McCarthy
broke up its former chemicals subsidiary, ATOFINA, into two units: Phone: 215-419-7000 (-3.70%) • CIO: Mike Keough
Arkema Inc. Arkema and TOTAL Petrochemicals.
come primarily from producing chemicals including caustic soda
(used in soap and paper). It produces other such chemicals as • Chairman and CEO:
chlorine, additives for resins and polymers, and mixtures for liquid Masahiro Iwashita
crystal displays. Founded in 1917, the company expanded into Address: 3-14, Nihonbashi- • President, COO, and
margarine in 1929 and now also makes shortening, mayonnaise, Muromachi 2-chome, Furukawa Director: Hiroyuki Nakajima
and raw food materials, among other food items. Part of the Bldg., Chuo-ku Fiscal Year End: March
Furukawa Group, Asahi Denka has plants in France, Germany, Tokyo 103-8311, Japan Revenue (2004): 1338.20 M • Executive Managing
Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the US. The Phone: +81-3-5255-9002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Officer, Sales and Director:
Asahi Denka company's Amfine Chemicals subsidiary in the US produces plastics Fax: +81-3-3277-1965 16.00% Masao Gochou
Co., Ltd. additives.
Asahi Kasei has the right chemistry for Japanese markets, so right in
fact that it is Japan's #2 chemical company (behind Mitsubishi
Chemical). The diversified company operates in seven segments. Its Fiscal Year End: March
chemicals (basic chemicals, plastics, fertilizers) and construction Revenue (2004): 11866.00 • Chairman: Nobuo
materials (concrete panels, residential construction, and artificial fish M Yamaguchi
reefs) groups together account for substantially more than half of Address: 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and Director:
Asahi Kasei's sales. The company's fibers unit, once Japan's largest Chiyoda-ku 19.10% Shiro Hiruta
rayon maker, stopped rayon production in 2001 but still makes Tokyo 100-8440, Japan Employees (2004): 25,011 • Director and Primary
Asahi Kasei nylon. Asahi Kasei also makes items ranging from artificial fish reefs Phone: +81-3-3507-2060 Employee Growth (1 yr): Executive Officer: Ichiro
Corporation to electronic materials and medical products. Almost all of its sales Fax: +81-3-3507-2495 (-2.80%) Itoh
are in Japan. Yes
When you need the hard stuff brought to your door Ashland
Distribution's the one to call. The division of specialty chemicals
company Ashland distributes chemicals, plastics, and composites
(thermoset resins and associated products) in North America and
thermoplastic materials in Europe. Ashland Distribution serves Fiscal Year End: September • President: Frank L.
coatings, adhesives, and inks makers; plastics compounders; the Address: 5200 Blazer Pkwy. Revenue (2005): 3810.00 M (Hank) Waters
aerospace and electronics industries; and metalworking lubricant Dublin, OH 43017 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • VP, Corporate Accounts:
Ashland and chemical manufacturing businesses. It maintains about 70 Phone: 614-790-3333 19.10% Thomas P. (Tom) Semans
Distribution locations throughout North America as well as another 25 overseas.
• Chairman, President, and
CEO: Reginald Baxter
Like any good Midwestern son, ASHTA Chemicals is proud of where • VP, Finance and
it's from, going so far as to take the name of its hometown, Address: 3509 Middle Rd. Administration, and CFO:
Ashtabula, Ohio. ASHTA manufactures and markets chlorine, Ashtabula, OH 44005-0858 Fiscal Year End: December Bill Brodnick
potassium hydroxide, and other basic chemicals. The company, Phone: 440-997-5221 Revenue (2005): 70.70 M • VP, Operations: Richard
ASHTA formed in 1992, has six production sites, 19 liquid distribution Fax: 440-992-0151 Employees (2005): 100 Jackson
Chemicals Inc. terminals, and five warehouses in the US and Canada.
The name has nothing to do with George Jetson's dog or Houston's
baseball club, but Astro Chemical can rocket any manner of
chemicals to your home base. Founded in 1970 by Leo Diamond
and William Cunningham, the business is still run by the Diamond
and Cunningham families. Astro Chemicals works with companies
both great (ADM, Celanese, and Shell) and small (Penn Specialty
Chemicals and Reagent Chemical) and ships hundreds of chemicals • Chairman and CEO:
including acids, amines, chlor-alkalies, ethers, glycols, inorganics, Address: 64-94 Shaw's Ln. William P. Cunningham Sr.
organics, oils, phosphates, silicates, and surfactants. The company Springfield, MA 01102 • President: Christopher J.
serves clients in the chemical processing, personal care product, Phone: 413-781-7240 Diamond
Astro pulp and paper, and glass and refractory markets in the northeastern Fax: 413-781-7246 • Treasurer: Jeff Diamond
Chemicals Inc. US.
Atlantic Methanol Production Company must like to think
proverbially, because "Waste not, want not" seems to be its motto.
The company tries not to waste the natural gas that is a byproduct of Fiscal Year End: December
parent company Samedan Oil's production process. Atlantic Revenue (2004): 244.00 M
Methanol was founded in 1997 as a vehicle to make use of the Address: 12600 Northborough Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President: Paul Moschell
nearly 100 million cubic feet of natural gas being expent each day off Dr., Ste. 150 31.50% • VP, Commercial
Atlantic the coast of Equitorial Guinea. It began production four years later. Houston, TX 77067 Employees (2004): 149 Operations: Roger Dickson
Methanol Samedan (a subsidiary of Noble Energy) and Marathon Oil own 45% Phone: 281-872-8324 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Manager, Business
Production each, with the state-controlled Guinea Equatorial Oil & Gas owning Fax: 281-872-1084 0.00% Analyses: Wim Wilson
Company LLC the remaining 10%.
Austin Chemical does just fine, even without the bionic capabilities of
Steve or the accessibility to the live music of the Capital of Texas.
The company supplies excipients, intermediates, APIs (active
pharmaceutical ingredients), and specialty chemicals to the • President and CEO:
pharmaceutical, nutritional, and agrochemical industries. It also Patrick J. Corboy
provides development, packaging, marketing, and logistical services. • Director,
The company supplies more than 400 products from some 110 Address: 1565 Barclay Blvd. Communications: Jack
manufacturers including Akzo Nobel, Cargill, Ferro, and PPG Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Fiscal Year End: December Euske
Austin Industries. In addition to its Chicago-area headquarters, Austin Phone: 847-520-9600 Revenue (2005): 8.10 M • Director, Operations:
Chemical Chemical maintains operations in New Jersey and Arizona, as well Fax: 847-520-9160 Employees (2005): 43 Joseph J. Chivini
Company, Inc. as in China and India.
marketer of ethanol, a grain alcohol mainly used as a fuel additive in
gasoline to reduce vehicle emissions and enhance engine
performance. Through its production facilities in Illinois and
Nebraska and through purchase and resale operations and
marketing alliances with other producers, the company distributes Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Bobby L.
approximately 530 million gallons of ethanol annually. Major Address: 1300 S. 2nd St. Revenue (2005): 935.50 M Latham
Aventine customers include BP Products North America, ConocoPhillips, Pekin, IL 61555 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
Renewable Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch/Shell, Marathon Oil and Valero Phone: 309-347-9200 8.90% Director: Ronald H. Miller
Energy Marketing and Supply Company. In 2006 the company filed to Fax: 309-346-0742 Employees (2005): 292 • CFO: Ajay Sabherwal
Holdings, Inc. become publicly traded.
Big Man On Campus? If you're looking within the special gases
industry you could do worse than settling on BOC Process Gas
Solutions (PGS), the largest division within the BOC Group. The unit
operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and supplies BOC's • Chairman and CEO: John
industrial gases to the company's large-scale customers, primarily L. Malchine
chemical and oil companies, the food and beverage industry, and • President, General
the metals and glass sectors. PGS supplies its largest customers by Address: 820 W. 17th St. Manager, and Director:
pipeline or even on-site plants and ships its gases in smaller sizes Monroe, WI 53566 Fiscal Year End: December Gary L. Kramer
by truck in liquid form. The division maintains a presence for its Phone: 608-329-3900 Revenue (2005): 97.70 M • CFO: James (Jim)
Badger State tonnage (pipeline-supplied) customers in the UK and US, as well as Fax: 608-329-3866 Employees (2005): 37 Leitzinger
Ethanol, LLC Australia, South Africa, and Asia.
Need a few tons of plastic? Bamberger Polymers distributes plastic
resins for molders, extruders, compounders, and manufacturers that
use plastics to make everything from automotive components to
garbage bags. Bamberger distributes branded prime, generic prime,
and wide spec resins (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET products, • Chairman and CEO: Fred
and specialty resins) and distributes its own lines of polyethylene, Address: 2 Jericho Plaza Garcia
polypropylene, and polystyrene (Bapolene and Bapolan brands). Jericho, NY 11753-1658 • President and COO:
Bamberger delivers more than 750 million pounds of bulk and Phone: 516-622-3600 Lawrence Ubertini
Bamberger packaged resins annually via subsidiaries throughout North America Fax: 516-622-3610 • EVP: Steven Goldberg
Polymers, Inc. and Europe.
Barton Solvents packages, stores, and delivers solvents and other
chemical products for customers in eight Midwest states. Products Address: 1920 NE Broadway • Chairman and CEO: Leon
include aromatics, alcohols, ketones, polyglycols, resins, greases, Des Moines, IA 50301 Fiscal Year End: December Casten
detergents, corrosion inhibitors, and surfactants. Barton has Phone: 515-265-7998 Revenue (2005): 81.00 M • President: David Casten
Barton locations in Iowa, Kansas, and Wisconsin. The company was Fax: 515-265-0259 Employees (2005): 147 • COO: Doug Casten
Solvents, Inc. founded as a naphtha delivery service by Bud Barton in 1938.
If it's a plastic world, then you can probably blame Basell for it. The
company is the world's largest producer of polypropylene and
Europe's largest producer of polyethylene, the key ingredients that Fiscal Year End: December
go into plastics of all kinds. Used in a variety of products, Revenue (2004): 9138.80 M
polypropylene (PP) is a highly versatile polymer, and polyethylene is Address: Hoeksteen 66 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
the most-used polymer. Basell also produces advanced polyolefins 2130 AP Hoofddorp, The 8.70% Volker Trautz
and licenses its polymer technology. The company was formed in Netherlands Employees (2004): 6,655 • CFO: Alan Bigman
2000 from the combination of the polyolefin businesses of Royal Phone: +31-20-44-68-644 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Chief Information Officer:
Dutch/Shell Group and BASF. Those two companies sold Basell in Fax: +31-20-44-68-649 (-0.70%) David Sides
Basell B.V. 2005 to private investment firm Access Industries.
If you're a North American chemical company, BASF might strike
you as a four-letter word. BASF Corporation -- the North American
subsidiary of the world's largest chemicals company, BASF AG --
makes nearly every chemical under the sun. The company has six Fiscal Year End: December
business segments: chemicals (basic, intermediate, and Revenue (2004): 11160.20
performance), plastics (thermoplastics, foams, and urethanes), M
coatings (automotive and coil coatings), fine chemicals (vitamins, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman and CEO:
feed supplements, and raw materials for pharmaceuticals), Address: 100 Campus Dr. 24.10% Klaus Peter Löbbe
agricultural chemicals (herbicides, insecticides), and BASF Plant Florham Park, NJ 07932 Employees (2004): 11,002 • EVP: Hans-Ulrich Engel
Science (biotechnology). The company is BASF AG's NAFTA region Phone: 973-245-6000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Fried-
BASF representative and is responsible for nearly a quarter of its parent's Fax: 973-245-6714 (-13.10%) Walter Muenstermann
Corporation total sales.
Empire may be too strong a word, but BASF AG sure does have its
operations spread far and wide. The world's largest chemical
company maintains operations in the UK and Ireland through its Fiscal Year End: December
BASF plc subsidiary to market plastics, agricultural chemicals, Address: Earl Road, Cheadle Revenue (2004): 676.50 M • Chairman: Walter Seufert
pigments and dispersions, fibers, and pharmaceutical intermediates; Hulme Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director:
the largest segment is plastics and fibers. Manufacturing facilities Cheadle, Greater Manchester 16.20% Torben Berlin Jensen
are located in Northumberland, Teesside, Merseyside, Deeside, SK8 6QG, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 567 • Manager, Corporate
Derbyshire, and Sussex. Among the subsidiary companies Phone: +44-161-485-6222 Employee Growth (1 yr): Communications: Chris
underneath BASF plc are BASF IT Services Ltd., Cheadle Colour & Fax: +44-161-486-0891 (-17.70%) Wilson
BASF plc Chemicals, Elastogran, and Frank Wright Limited.
to do business. The world's largest chemicals company has teamed
with Sinopec to form BASF-YPC Company. The company, which
shipped its first product to a customer in January 2005,
manufactures a complete product line of basic and petrochemicals,
with ethylene and propylene as BASF-YPC's primary products. • Chairman: Dai Houliang • Chairman: Dai Houliang
Additionally its roster includes ethylene glycol, benzene, toluene, low • President: Bernd • President: Bernd
density polyethylene (LDPE), acrylic acid, and acrylic esters. In mid- Address: Luhe District Blumenberg Blumenberg
2005 the company's world-scale manufacturing complex in Nanjing Nanjing, Jiangsu 210048, China • VP and General Manager, • VP and General Manager,
BASF-YPC came online. This fully integrated site consists of a steam cracker, Phone: +86-25-5777-0888 Finance, Accounting, EDP, Finance, Accounting, EDP,
Company which makes the ethylene and propylene, and nine downstream Fax: +86-25-5777-0999 and Materi: Li Chengfeng and Materi: Li Chengfeng
Limited plants.
No, it's not the Canadian branch of Blue Oyster Club's fan club.
Rather, it's the Canadian subsidiary of the British industrial gas
manufacturing giant BOC Group. The company manufactures and
distributes industrial gases and welding products for industrial (for
everything from the auto to pulp and paper industries), scientific (all
manner of lab gases), medical (nitrous oxide for anesthetics and Address: 5975 Falbourne St.,
helium that cools the magnets in MRI machines), and hospitality Unit 2 • VP and General Manager: • VP and General Manager:
industry (nitrogen and CO2 for carbonated drinks, helium for Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3W6, Tom Winter Tom Winter
balloons) uses. It also operates through BOC Edwards supplying Canada • Operations and Technical • Operations and Technical
BOC Canada products and services to semiconductor makers as well as chemical Phone: 905-501-1700 Director: Doug Bonnar Director: Doug Bonnar
Limited and pharmaceutical companies.
Big Man On Campus? If you're looking within the special gases
industry you could do worse than settling on BOC Process Gas
Solutions (PGS), the largest division within the BOC Group. The unit
operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and supplies BOC's
industrial gases to the company's large-scale customers, primarily
chemical and oil companies, the food and beverage industry, and Address: The Priestley Centre,
the metals and glass sectors. PGS supplies its largest customers by 10 Priestley Rd.
pipeline or even on-site plants and ships its gases in smaller sizes Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XY, • CEO: John Bevan • CEO: John Bevan
by truck in liquid form. The division maintains a presence for its United Kingdom • Information Management • Information Management
BOC Process tonnage (pipeline-supplied) customers in the UK and US, as well as Phone: +44-1483-579-857 Director: Graham Wyatt Director: Graham Wyatt
Gas Solutions Australia, South Africa, and Asia.
When chemical companies all around the world need to move some
product, they call on Brenntag. The company is Europe's largest Fiscal Year End: December
chemical distributor (ahead of Univar) and among the top three in Revenue (2004): 6274.40 M • Chairman and CEO:
the US (along with the likes of Ashland and CHEMCENTRAL); it also Address: Stinnes-Platz 1 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Klaus Engel
ranks as the top distributor in Latin America. Brenntag had been a 45472 Mülheim an der Ruhr, 16.20% • CFO: Jürgen Buchsteiner
subsidiary of European logistics giant Stinnes until Bain Capital Germany Employees (2004): 8,798 • VP, Corporate
Brenntag stepped in and bought the company in 2004. From its 300 locations Phone: +49-208-7828-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Communications: Hubertus
Holding GmbH Brenntag offers lab services (blending, compounding, preparation), Fax: +49-208-7828-698 (-1.10%) Spethmann
& Co. KG storage, and then full logistics activities.
Brenntag Mid-South doesn't make many chemicals of its own, but it
hooks up people who do with people who need them. The company
distributes industrial and specialty chemicals from 26 locations in
states from Missouri in the Midwest to Florida in the South. Brenntag • President: Joel R. Hopper
Mid-South has about 200 delivery vehicles, from local trucks to long-
distance tractor trailers. Additionally Brenntag provides services like Address: 1405 Hwy. 136 West • VP, Operations: Kenneth
blending, repackaging, and technical and safety assistance. It serves Henderson, KY 42420-9662 Fiscal Year End: December W. (Ken) Jones
the aluminum, automotive, food, mining, pharmaceutical, and water Phone: 270-830-1200 Revenue (2005): 32.00 M • VP, Sales: Michael (Mike)
Brenntag Mid- treatment industries, among others. The company is a part of Fax: 270-826-1486 Employees (2005): 186 Staley
South, Inc. Brenntag North America, which is owned by Bain Capital.
If you live in the US and need a chemical fix, Brenntag North
America can set you up. One of the largest chemical distributors in
North America, the company offers hundreds of industrial and
specialty chemicals -- from acetic acid to zinc oxide -- and provides • President and CEO:
custom blending, just-in-time delivery, and custom packaging of Stephen R. (Steve) Clark
chemicals in dry, liquid, or gaseous states. Customers include Address: 5083 Pottsville Pike Fiscal Year End: December • SVP and CFO: H. Edward
manufacturers in such industries as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Reading, PA 19605 Revenue (2004): 1800.00 M Boyadjian
Brenntag paints, electronics, pulp and paper, cosmetics, food and beverages, Phone: 610-926-6100 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • VP, Operations: David
North America, textiles, and water treatment. Bain Capital acquired Brenntag -- and Fax: 610-926-0420 6.60% Garner
Inc. thus Brenntag North America -- in 2004 from Stinnes.
Brown Chemical mixes chemicals of various shades. The family-
owned company specializes in distributing chemicals such as • President and COO: Doug
amines, food grade chemicals, latex additives, organics, Brown
phosphates, and sodiums for applications in textile, industrial, • VP, Finance and
institutional, and specialty markets. Brown Chemical sells more than Address: 302 W. Oakland Ave. Operations; Director,
1,500 products from 35 chemical manufacturers, and it offers Oakland, NJ 07436-1309 Fiscal Year End: December Purchasing: Dave Lyle
Brown contract packaging, custom blending, and product research services. Phone: 201-337-0900 Revenue (2005): 7.70 M • VP, Sales and Marketing:
Chemical Co., The company operates two facilities in northern New Jersey, where it Fax: 201-337-9026 Employees (2005): 35 Patrick Brown
Inc. serves more than 1,000 customers over a 200 mile radius.

Caffaro is really chemically dependent, and the industry's given it the

shakes of late. Caffaro, a subsidiary of the diversified Italian
company Snia S.p.A., makes base, fine, and specialty chemicals.
Some of the company's products include organic additives,
detergents, biocides, water treatment products, textile and paper Address: Via Friuli, 55
production chemicals. Like the rest of the industry, it's been hit hard 20031 Cesano Maderno, Milano, • Chairman: Mario Chiti
lately by high raw-material costs coupled with lower demand for its Italy • Managing Director:
products. In addition to selling Caffaro's agrochemical business, Phone: +39-0362-514-1 Umberto Rosa
Snia has also sold Caffaro's 50% interest in a hydroelectricity plant Fax: +39-0362-514-889 (454) • CFO: L. Bonalanze
Caffaro S.p.A. and shuttered two manufacturing facilities.
cleaners, and cosmetics. The distribution company's chemicals are
also used in inks, adhesives, personal care products,
pharmaceuticals, and vitamin products. Product categories include
antimicrobials, silicones, solvents, urethanes, surfactants, • President: Ted Burke
humectants, preservatives, and specialty resins. The company's • VP, Operations: Tom
suppliers include Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical, Rhodia, and Address: 200 Industrial Ave. O'Donnell
Stepan. Callahan transports products from four warehouses in the Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-1388 • VP, Finance and
Callahan northeastern US and in Puerto Rico; it also offers packaging and Phone: 201-440-9000 Administration: Greg
Chemical blending services. The family-owned company was formed in 1958 Fax: 201-440-5441 Shetler
Company by James Callahan Sr.
Canada all you have to do is remember the three C's: Canada
Colors and Chemicals. The firm is Canada's largest chemical
distributor (ahead of Quadra Chemicals) and has 85 years in the
business, eight warehouses, and a distribution network that spans
the country. A wholesale distributor of industrial and specialty
chemicals and resins, Canada Colors and Chemicals serves the Address: 80 Scarsdale Rd. • Chairman and CEO: Guy
plastics, paints, water treatment, and food ingredients industries. It Don Mills, Ontario M3B2R7, S. Carr-Harris
manufactures sulfuric acid and oleum through its Sulco Chemicals Canada • Business Development
Canada Colors subsidiary. Canada Colors and Chemicals, founded by R. R. Carr- Phone: 416-449-7750 Specialist, Chemical
and Chemicals Harris in 1920, is a member of chemical distribution association Fax: 416-449-4269 Distribution: Sam Joshi
Limited Omni-Chem.
it. The company is the world's largest potash exporter, bringing
Canadian potash to countries throughout the world. Canpotex was
created in 1972 and distributes the products of its major Address: 111 2nd Ave. South, • President and CEO:
shareowners, Canadian crop nutrient companies Agrium, Potash Ste. 400 Steven Dechka
Corp., and The Mosaic Company 's Canadian unit (Mosaic Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K • VP, Finance and CFO:
ULC). It sells about 8 million metric tons of potash per year, primarily 1K6, Canada Dwayne N. Dahl
to countries in Asia, Latin America, and Oceania. Canpotex Phone: 306-931-2200 • VP Operations: Scott
Canpotex maintains an office in Singapore to direct its international marketing Fax: 306-653-5505 Rudderham
Limited activities.
Canada's good for more than just sketch comedy and hockey. It also
makes quite a lot of specialty chemicals. Celanese Canada is the Fiscal Year End: September
Canadian subsidiary of specialty chemicals maker Celanese. The Revenue (2004): 194.70 M
company makes basic chemicals, acetate products, polymers, Address: PO Box 99, Stn. Main Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, Site Director,
polypropylene films, and food ingredients. Its manufacturing plant is Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2H7, (-25.80%) Edmonton: Andy Day
located in Edmonton, Alberta, which, like many of Celanese's Canada Employees (2004): 400 • Coordinator,
facilities, underwent some restructuring in 2004. The company Phone: 780-471-0511 Employee Growth (1 yr): Communications: Bob
Celanese shuttered its formaldehyde production that year and announced it Fax: 780-471-0144 0.00% Leman
Canada Inc. would do the same with its line of acetate products by 2007.
Celanese Corporation was created in late 2004 and owns just over
95% of Celanese AG after a series of 2004 transactions led by the
Blackstone Group. The company is the ultimate parent of all of the
Celanese companies. Its primary operations include the • EVP and CFO: John J.
manufacture of building block chemicals like acetic acid and vinyl Gallagher III
acetate monomers (VAM). With Canadian acetyls maker Acetex as a Fiscal Year End: December • CEO and Director: Chinh
subsidiary, it's the world's largest acetyls manufacturer. Those Address: 1601 W. LBJ Fwy. Revenue (2005): 6070.00 M E. Chu
chemicals are used in everything from paints and inks to agricultural Dallas, TX 75234-6034 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
products and chewing gum. Nearly two-thirds of the company's sales Phone: 972-443-4000 58.70% Director: David N.
Celanese come from the US and Germany. After a public offering in 2005 Fax: 972-443-8555 Employees (2004): 9,100 Weidman
Corporation Blackstone still owns 62% of the company. Yes
Who hasn't run out of hydrazine right in the middle of something?
Well, Charkit Chemical not only distributes hydrazine and hydrazine
derivatives (for oxidation and corrosion inhibitors), but also imaging Address: 9 Old Kings Hwy. • President and CEO:
chemicals including emulsion and photo processing formulas, and South Charles A. Hinnant
toluene derivatives like benzyl alcohol and benzyl chloride (for Darien, CT 06820-1725 • CFO: Fred Wirth
Charkit industrial and personal care products). It serves customers in the Phone: 203-655-3400 • COO and Director, Legal
Chemical imaging, food, cosmetic, metal and water treatment, and Fax: 203-655-8643 Affairs: Bryant Hinnant
Corporation pharmaceutical industries from 11 US locations.
CHEMCENTRAL is in the center of a chemically dependent world.
The company is one of the top chemical distributors in North
America. It carries products made by BASF, Dow Chemical, DuPont, • President and CEO: John
and others. Key customers for CHEMCENTRAL's more than 8,000 R. Yanney
chemical products include companies that manufacture adhesives, • VP and CFO: John G.
caulks, and sealants; cleaning agents; cosmetics and personal care Address: 7050 W. 71st St. LaBahn
products; inks and paint coatings; and plastic and rubber Bedford Park, IL 60499 • SVP and Director, Sales
compounds. Once know as William J. Hough Company of Chicago, Phone: 708-594-7000 and Marketing: Phillip A.
CHEMCENTRA CHEMCENTRAL was established in 1926 by entrepreneurs Halbert Fax: 708-594-6382 Scafido
L Corporation Sampson and William Hough.
Don't put "this" lime in your gin and tonic. Chemical Lime, as its
name would suggest, provides lime and lime-based products
(including quicklimes and hydrated limes) for use in steel making,
ore processing, industrial manufacturing, and construction. The
company's products also serve environmental purposes such as
wastewater treatment and softening drinking water, as well as • President and CEO:
roadbed stabilization. Chemical Lime provides lime slurry (hot liquid Address: 3700 Hulen St. David M. Reilly
lime) to its customers from its PORTA BATCH concentrated Fort Worth, TX 76107 • CFO: Steve Barnish
production units. Chemical Lime's quarries and plants are primarily Phone: 817-732-8164 • Manager, Marketing:
Chemical Lime located in the southern and western US. Lhoist Group of Belgium Fax: 817-732-8564 David C. (Dave) Hoffman
Company owns Chemical Lime, which was founded in 1966.
Chevron Oronite Company's additives subtract the bad elements
from oil and fuel. Oronite additives disperse deposits, control
corrosion, and execute oxidation, thereby reducing wear and friction
in fuel-burning engines. The company is a subsidiary of Chevron
and affiliated with its chemical joint venture, CP Chem. Its products
are divided into components and chemicals (detergents, Address: 1301 McKinney St. • President: Ronald (Ron)
dispersants, polybutene), oronite fuel additives (gasoline, diesel, and Houston, TX 77010 Kiskis
Chevron aftermarket additives), lubricating oil additives (hydraulic, engine, Phone: 713-754-5300 • Marketing Manager:
Oronite industrial, and marine oils), and viscosity index improvers (under the Fax: 713-754-5523 Susan Boyle
Company LLC brand name PARATONE).
A coin toss determined which company's name would go first when
Chevron and Phillips Petroleum (now ConocoPhillips) formed a new
50-50 joint venture, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company (CPChem),
in 2000. Among the largest US petrochemical firms, CPChem Fiscal Year End: December
produces ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene -- Revenue (2004): 9558.00 M • President and CEO:
sometimes used as building blocks for the company's other products Address: 10001 6 Pines Dr. Revenue Growth (1 yr): Raymond I. (Ray) Wilcox
such as pipe. CPChem also produces aromatics such as benzene The Woodlands, TX 77380-1498 36.20% • SVP, CFO, and
Chevron and styrene, specialty chemicals such as acetylene black (a form of Employees (2004): 5,300 Controller: Greg G.
Phillips carbon black), and drilling and mining chemicals. The company has Phone: 832-813-4100 Employee Growth (1 yr): Maxwell
Chemical formed several petrochemicals joint ventures in the Middle East. Fax: 800-231-3890 (-2.80%) • CIO: Larry R. Frazier
Company LLC Most of CPChem's operations are located in the US.
The pragmatically named China National Chemicals Import & Export
(known as Sinochem) deals in chemicals, primarily in the petroleum • President and CEO: Liu
industry, but also in rubber, plastics, and fertilizer. Founded in 1950, Deshu
the state-owned company is China's largest trading company and its Address: Sinochem Tower, A2 • CFO: Chen Guogang
China National first multinational conglomerate. It operates through more than 100 Fuxingmenwai Dajie • VP Strategic Planning,
Chemicals subsidiaries in China and abroad in concerns ranging from Beijing 100045, China Information Technology,
Import & petroleum trading to real estate. One of only a handful Chinese Phone: +86-10-8807-8888 and Administr: Luo
Export companies ranked in "FORTUNE" magazine's Global 500, Sinochem Fax: +86-10-8807-8890 Dongjiang
Corporation has diversified into technology, finance, and information businesses.
From painting to printing, Clariant GmbH makes it brighter. The
company makes pigments for paints, lacquers, plastics, and other
specialty applications. The company also makes printing inks for ink • Managing Director:
jet and laser printing, additives to improve heat resistance, and Herbert Link
aluminum paints. Other Clariant GmbH divisions make surfactants, • Member, Management
polymers, pharmaceutical and agricultural fine chemicals, and Board: Alexander Klak
distribute color and additive concentrates. Clariant GmbH sells to the Address: Am Unisys-Park 1 • Member, Management
automotive, electronics, consumer goods, medical, packaging, and 65843 Sulzbach, Germany Board, Finance and
textiles markets. The company, which also has research and Phone: +49-6-196-757-60 Administration: Henri
development operations, is part of specialty chemical giant Clariant Fax: +49-6-196-757-88-56 Schlömer
Clariant GmbH International.
to counteract global warming. The company is starting to
commercialize its chemical fuel additives and other products for
reducing diesel engine emissions and improving fuel economy.
These include its platinum fuel catalysts, which are marketed in Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
Europe and the US under the Platinum Plus brand. Clean Diesel Revenue (2004): 0.70 M Director: Bernhard Steiner
Technologies also manufactures and licenses nitrogen oxide (NOx) Address: 300 Atlantic St., Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • SVP, Administration,
reduction systems (under the brand name ARIS 2000) and chemical 702 27.30% CFO, and Treasurer: David
fuel additives to help control diesel engine emissions. The company Stamford, CT 06901 Employees (2004): 13 W. Whitwell
Clean Diesel has a licensing deal with Mitsui to use the ARIS technology in Phone: 203-327-7050 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Sales and Marketing:
Technologies, stationary engines in Japan. Former parent Fuel-Tech N.V. owns Fax: 203-323-0461 30.00% R. Glen Reid
Inc. 11% of the company. Yes
Cognis Corporation is the North American presence of the German
chemical manufacturer Cognis Deutschland. Cognis Corp. focuses
on three product lines: care chemicals, coating technology, and • President: Paul S. Allen
oleochemicals. The company also has a patent law department. Address: 5051 Estecreek Dr. • Chief Administrative
Cognis Corp. accounts for about a quarter of its parent's total sales. Cincinnati, OH 45232-1446 Officer: Greg Pflum
An investment group bought Cognis from Henkel in 2001 and took it Phone: 513-482-3000 • Communications
Cognis private; management has plans to go public on its own in the coming Fax: 513-482-5503 Manager: Kathy Bollmer
Corporation years.
petrochemical manufacturers. The company's products include
acids, alcohols, amines, chlor-alkali, chlorinated solvents, fatty
chemicals, glycol ethers, lubricants, and resins from suppliers • President and CEO:
including BASF, Cargill, and Dow Corning. It offers safety training, Donna F. Cole
custom blending, warehousing, logistics, and custom packaging Address: 8915 Gaylord St. • Manager, Sales and
services from its locations throughout the US; the company also has Houston, TX 77024-2903 Fiscal Year End: December Marketing: Dave Luther
Cole Chemical import and export operations. Cole Chemical is a minority- and Phone: 713-465-2653 Revenue (2005): 23.00 M • Manager, Business
& Distributing woman-owned business; it was formed by CEO Donna Fujimoto Fax: 713-461-3462 Employees (2005): 12 Development: Hilda Rader
Inc. Cole in 1980.
Composites One (C1) helps composites fabricators compose their
products. The company distributes a variety of fiberglass and
composite materials, such as additives, adhesives, gel coats, Address: 723 W. Algonquin Rd. • CEO: Steve Dehmlow
pigments, putties, polyester, and vinyl ester resins. A joint venture of Arlington Heights, IL 60005 Fiscal Year End: December • President and COO: Leon
GLS and Cook Composites and Polymers, C1 maintains more than Phone: 847-437-0200 Revenue (2005): 120.00 M Garoufalis
Composites 30 distribution centers and serves 7,000 customers throughout the Fax: 847-437-0664 Employees (2005): 600 • CFO: Jim Sieber
One LLC US and in Canada.
Give Texas billionaire Harold Simmons a 10-yard penalty, because
the company he founded, Contran, is a holding company. Through
subsidiaries and affiliations, Valhi, Inc. (a publicly traded company
about 90% controlled by Contran) conducts diversified operations in • Chairman: Harold C.
chemicals (NL Industries and Kronos Worldwide), metals (Titanium Simmons
Metals Corporation), waste management (Waste Control Address: Three Lincoln Centre, • President and Director:
Specialties), computer support systems, and precision ball bearing 5430 LBJ Fwy., Ste. 1700 Steven L. Watson
slides and locking systems (CompX International). Contran also has Dallas, TX 75240 • VP and Controller:
a controlling interest in Keystone Consolidated Industries, a maker of Phone: 972-233-1700 Gregory M. (Greg) Swalwell
Contran fencing and wire products. Trusts benefiting Simmons' family (with Fax: 972-448-1444
Corporation Simmons as the sole trustee) own pretty much all of Contran.
entire class. Formed in 2000 by the combination of Hercules'
Copenhagen Pectin/Food Gums unit and the Kelco unit of
Monsanto, CP Kelco's products include carrageenan, gellan gum,
xanthan gum, and microparticulated whey protein. The company, a Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
subsidiary of J. M. Huber, makes additives used to give food, Revenue (2004): 481.00 M Thomas B. (Tom) Lamb
industrial, personal care, and pharmaceutical products (everything Address: 123 N. Wacker Dr., Revenue Growth (1 yr): • SVP, Technology: Akiva
from jam and ketchup to paint and cosmetics) the desired texture, Ste. 2000 6.90% T. Gross
viscosity, and stability. Until 2004 Lehman Brothers and Hercules Chicago, IL 60606 Employees (2004): 2,200 • VP, Operations and
had owned 71% and 29% of Kelco, respectively. Huber bought out Phone: 312-554-7800 Employee Growth (1 yr): Business Management:
Hercules in a deal that closed early in 2004 and acquired Lehman's Fax: 312-554-7810 37.50% Robert Bruce Dructor
CP Kelco in the Fall.
halls with performance additives. Through its CPH Solutions and
RTD Hallstar subsidiaries, the company makes polymer and
personal care product additives used to improve the quality of • Chairman: George A.
rubber, plastics, adhesives, coatings, cosmetics, skin care items, Address: 311 S. Wacker Dr., Vincent
and industrial products. It operates two US manufacturing facilities Ste. 4700 • President and COO: John
and distributes products to customers in the US and abroad. The Chicago, IL 60606 J. Paro
company's brands include Paraplex, Plasthall, Hallcote, Quikote, Phone: 312-554-7400 • VP and CFO: Thomas
CPH Holding Suprmix, Maglite, and Marinco. CPH Holding is owned by members Fax: 312-554-7499 (Tom) Seum
Corp. of its executive staff.
Doing the dirty work that helps to keep skies blue is what's at issue
for CRI Asia Pacific. The company, a unit of the US-based CRI • President: Robert Trout
Catalyst (which itself is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch/Shell Group of • Business Manager,
Companies), distributes flue gas treatment catalysts and the related Address: 298 Tiong Bahru Rd., Environmental Catalysts
technology to chemical, environmental emission control, and 07-03/04/05 Central Plaza and Systems: Harry Tang
petrochemical companies. Chief among the company's products are 168730 Singapore • Business Director, EO &
catalysts used to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dioxin removal Phone: +65-6276-3631 KataLeuna Catalyst: King
CRI Asia (pollutants created as a byproduct of incinerating solid and liquid Fax: +65-6276-7456 Way Ma
Pacific hazardous waste materials).
• President; President,
Chemically speaking, CRI Catalyst (CRICC) is known for its chain CRI/Criterion Catalyst:
reactions. The company, a part of Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Robert Trout
Companies' Catalyst Technology unit, manages catalyst • Business Manager: John
development centers, research laboratories, support groups, and Address: 16825 Northchase Dr., Walker
manufacturing plants. Along with its CRI Asia Pacific subsidiary the Ste. 1110 • Business Director,
company provides flue gas treatment catalysts used to reduce Houston, TX 77060 Technology and
harmful emissions produced at chemical and petrochemical facilities. Phone: 281-874-2490 Development: Alan Del
CRI Catalyst CRICC provides services such as silver management and silver Fax: 281-874-2499 Paggio
Co. recovery for the production of ethylene oxide.
chemically challenged. The company acts as the European
distributor for its parent, CRI Catalyst (which is a subsidiary of Royal Fiscal Year End: December • President: Robert Trout
Dutch/Shell Group of Companies). Through its subsidiary, Criterion Address: 1650 Parkway, The Revenue (2004): 133.80 M • Business Manager,
Catalysts & Technologies, CRI/Criterion Catalyst provides Solent Business Park Revenue Growth (1 yr): Environmental Catalysts
hydroprocessing chemicals used by petrochemical companies. Whiteley Fareham, Hampshire (-6.30%) and Systems: Onno
Along with ABB Lummus Global and Catalytic Distribution PO15 7AH, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 48 Maaskant
CRI/Criterion Technologies (CD Tech), it has developed a new, economically Phone: +44-1489-881-881 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Business Director, EO
Catalyst viable process to create low sulfur diesel and low sulfur gasoline with Fax: +44-1489-881-882 4.30% Catalyst: James McAteer
Company Ltd reduced emissions.
D.H. Litter scatters specialty chemical products across the Northeast • President: Michael
and Mid-Atlantic. The distribution company sells to customers in the Address: 565 Taxter Rd., Ste. Granito
plastics, adhesives, paint and coatings, printing ink, paper, textile, 610 • Sales Manager: David
pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food industries. It also provides Elmsford, NY 10523 Fiscal Year End: December Penichter
product research and technical training to its customers. D.H. Litter Phone: 914-592-1077 Revenue (2005): 46.00 M • Business Manager:
D.H. Litter represents product manufacturers such as Alcoa, Bayer, and Fax: 914-592-1499 Employees (2005): 30 Charlie Snyder
Company, Inc. Degussa. The company was founded in 1921.
A miracle on the prairie? A subsidiary of Basin Electric Power
Cooperative, Dakota Gasification does not turn water into wine, but it
does the next best thing, it turns coal into natural gas. The Great
Plains Synfuels Plant harnesses the abundant lignite resources
underlying the North Dakota prairie. Through a complex gasification • Chairman: Don Applegate
process the company transforms more than 6 million tons of coal
into more than 54 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas annually, Address: 1600 E. Interstate Ave. • President and CEO:
which is then used to supply homes and businesses across the Bismarck, ND 58501-0561 Fiscal Year End: December Ronald R. (Ron) Harper
Dakota Eastern US. In addition to natural gas, the company's Synfuels plant Phone: 701-221-4411 Revenue (2005): 233.70 M • VP and COO: Alan C. (Al)
Gasification produces carbon dioxide, fertilizers, solvents, phenol, and other Fax: 701-221-4450 Employees (2005): 658 Lukes
Company chemicals.
of chemicals. DC Chemical (DCC) makes basic chemicals (soda
ash, acetic acid, etc.), fine chemicals (ingredients for rubber and Fiscal Year End: December
glyphosate), and petrochemicals (carbon black, benzene, and Revenue (2004): 1909.70 M
xylene). DC Chemical maintains nine manufacturing plants in South Address: Oriental Chemical Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Korea and subsidiary offices throughout Asia as well as in Belgium, Bldg., 50 Sogong-dong, Jung-gu 27.20% • Chairman, Representative
Turkey, and the US. The company was formed in 1959 -- then Seoul, South Korea Employees (2004): 1,768 Director: Soo Young Lee
known as Oriental Chemical Industries (OCI) -- and changed its Phone: +82-2-727-9500 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Honorary Chairman: Hoi
DC Chemical name following the 2001 merger of OCI and Korea Steel Fax: +82-2-757-4111 (-4.10%) Rim Lee
Co., Ltd. Petrochemical.
Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha's name is as complicated as
some of the chemicals it manufactures. The company operates four
business segments: petrochemicals, specialized chemical products, Fiscal Year End: March
cement and construction materials, and pharmaceuticals and other Address: Nihonbashi Mitsui Revenue (2004): 2377.10 M
operations. It makes products such as fertilizers, synthetic rubber, Tower, 1-1,Nihonbashi- Revenue Growth (1 yr):
cement additives for construction and cement production, polyvinyl Muromachi 2-chome, Chuo- 16.80%
Denki Kagaku chloride (PVC) and vinyl acetate resins used to produce synthetic Tokyo 103-8338, Japan Employees (2004): 5,618
Kogyo rubber and plastics, and semiconductor-related electronic materials Phone: +81-3-3507-5055 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Kabushiki (including styrene resins used in semiconductor chips). Founded in Fax: +81-3-3507-5059 (-1.00%) • President and Director:
Kaisha 1915, Denki Kagaku Kogyo has subsidiaries worldwide. Toshio Hiruma
DNT doesn't provide TNT, but it does supply a variety of other
volatile substances. The company, which does business as E.W.
Kaufmann, distributes specialty chemicals and equipment
throughout the northeastern US from warehouses in Massachusetts,
Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. E.W. Kaufmann began as
a sales representative organization in 1956; the employee-owned Address: 1320 Industrial Hwy. • President: Brian Gilbert
company now distributes chemicals from some 30 different Southampton, PA 18966 • Controller: Robin Connor
manufacturers. Its suppliers include BASF, Huntsman, and Phone: 215-364-0240 • Director, Marketing: Jim
DNT Reichhold. Subsidiary E.W. Kaufmann Services provides storage Fax: 215-364-4397 Goldsmith
Corporation and transportation
Dorsett & Jackson tanks and maintenance
distributes raw materialsand installation
in the western services.
US. The
company provides specialty chemicals such as amines, food
additives, pigments, plasticizers, polyglycols, resins, surfactants, and
thickening agents. It serves customers in the paints and coatings,
adhesives and sealants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and plastics
and rubber industries. Dorsett & Jackson's suppliers include Alcoa, • Chairman: Paul E. Grubs
Degussa, and Hexion. The company serves California, Nevada, and Address: 3800 Noakes St. • President and CEO:
Arizona from locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Los Angeles, CA 90023 Fiscal Year End: December Donald F. (Don) Witteman
company was formed in 1954 by Bob Dorsett and Hartley Jackson Phone: 323-268-1815 Revenue (2005): 37.90 M • EVP and COO: Romer E.
Dorsett & and is owned by executives Paul Grubs, Donald Witteman, and Fax: 323-268-9082 Employees (2005): 29 Johnson
Jackson, Inc. Romer Johnson.

Durr Marketing Associates' forte is raw materials for the specialty

chemical market. The company distributes catalysts, inorganic • President: David R. Durr
chemicals, pigments, lubricants, rust/corrosion/stain inhibitors, Address: 1300 Lower Rodi Rd. • VP, Operations: Debra
plasticizers, resins, and thickening agents. Its customers include Turtle Creek, PA 15145 Ladley
Durr Marketing companies in the adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, Phone: 412-829-2300 • VP, Sales: Keith
Associates, plastics and rubber, and electronics industries. Durr Marketing's Fax: 412-829-7680 Standbridge
Inc. suppliers include Interplastic, PPG Industries, and Huntsman.
It takes Mother Nature millions of years to brew a barrel of oil, but
DynaMotive Energy Systems wants to accelerate the process with its
BioOil product. Clean-burning BioOil, made from forest and
agricultural wastes, can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels in Address: 1700 W. 75th Avenue, • Chairman: Richard Chen
diesel engines, gas turbines, and boilers. BioOil, which is being Suite 105 Fiscal Year End: December Hsing Lin
tested by engine manufacturers in preparation for a commercial Vancouver, British Columbia Revenue (2004): 0.00 M • President, CEO, and
DynaMotive rollout, also can be used as raw material for fertilizer and specialty V6P 6G2, Canada Employees (2004): 24 Director: R. Andrew
Energy chemicals. DynaMotive Energy Systems sold its DynaPower unit in Phone: 604-267-6000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Kingston
Systems 2002. It has offices in Massachusetts and London, and sells to Fax: 604-267-6005 33.30% • CFO: Brian Richardson
Corporation customers in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the US. Yes
E. I. du Pont de Nemours (DuPont) is focusing on chemicals and
profits. The #3 US chemical maker (behind Dow and ExxonMobil
Chemicals) has undergone a restructuring that consolidated eight Fiscal Year End: December
business units into five. These segments produce coatings Revenue (2005): 26639.00 • Chairman and CEO:
(automotive finishes and coatings), crop protection chemicals and M Charles O. (Chad) Holliday
genetically modified seeds, electronic materials (LCDs, sensors, and Revenue Growth (1 yr): Jr.
fluorochemicals), polymers and resins for packaging and other uses, Address: 1007 Market St. (-2.60%) • EVP and COO: Richard
and safety and security materials and chemicals. The company has Wilmington, DE 19898 Employees (2005): 60,000 R. Goodmanson
E. I. du Pont de slimmed down, exiting the pharmaceutical business and fibers Phone: 302-774-1000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP and CFO: Gary M.
Nemours and industry (INVISTA -- including Lycra and Stainmaster), and is Fax: 302-999-4399 0.00% Pfeiffer
Company focusing more and more on biotechnology and safety and protection. Yes
E. T. Horn wants chemical makers to phone home... the company's
home office, that is. The company distributes chemical ingredients in
the western US. Customers include manufacturers of coatings, • CEO: Gene Alley
lubricants, elastomers and composites, building materials, food, and • President: Patrick
personal care products. E. T. Horn maintains warehouses in Address: 16141 Heron Ave. Marantette
California, Oregon, and Utah and serves customers in 11 western La Mirada, CA 90638 • VP, Finance and
US states. Its suppliers include Aqualon, Cabot, and Degussa. The Phone: 714-523-8050 Revenue (2005): 26.10 M Administration: Julie
E. T. Horn employee-owned company was founded by E. T. "Jack" Horn in the Fax: 714-670-6851 Employees (2005): 100 Wubbena
Company 1960s.
Eaglebrook hopes to make rivers flow cleaner. The company
manufactures a wide range of iron and aluminum coagulants for the Address: 4801 Southwick Dr., • Chairman: Alfred M.
wastewater and potable water industries. The company has offices Ste. 200 Tenny
in the US and Canada and has been acquired by Kemiron Matteson, IL 60443 Fiscal Year End: December • President: Bill Wowchuk
Companies, making it one of North America's largest suppliers of Phone: 708-747-5038 Revenue (2005): 41.40 M • Marketing Manager:
Eaglebrook, inorganic coagulants. Kemiron Companies is the US subsidiary of Fax: 708-747-3278 Employees (2005): 200 Steve Tenny
Inc. Finnish chemical company Kemira Oyj.
Eastman Chemical can recall its past through photos -- it was once
part of film giant Eastman Kodak. The company has developed into
a major producer of chemicals, fibers, and plastics. Its Polyesters • Chairman and CEO: J.
business group is responsible for Eastman's polymers and specialty Fiscal Year End: December Brian Ferguson
plastics manufacturing operations. While the Chemicals & Fibers Revenue (2005): 7059.00 M • President; Head of
business group is comprised of the company's performance Revenue Growth (1 yr): Chemicals and Fibers
chemicals and intermediates; fibers; and coatings, adhesives, Address: 200 S. Wilcox Dr. 7.30% Business Group: James P.
specialty polymers, and inks units. Eastman's products go into such Kingsport, TN 37660 Employees (2005): 12,000 Rogers
Eastman items as food and medical packaging, films, and toothbrushes. Phone: 423-229-2000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP and CFO: Richard A.
Chemical Eastman is the #1 maker of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a Fax: 423-229-2145 0.00% (Rich) Lorraine
Company plastic used to make packaging for soft drinks, food, and water. Yes
thanks to Ecolab Limited. The UK subsidiary of American specialty
chemicals company Ecolab Inc, it has bought the UK businesses of
pest elimination company Terminix and Adams Healthcare, a maker Address: David Murray John
of hospital hygiene products, since late 2002. The acquisitions have Bldg.
greatly increased the scope of the company's business in Great Swindon SN1 1NH, United • Regional VP: Ronald J.
Britain, which previously had been concentrated in the food and Kingdom Lindsay Pringle
beverage industry as a provider of cleaning and disinfecting systems Phone: +44-1793-51-12-21 • Finance Director: Stephan
and services. Ecolab Limited operates from two locations in Fax: +44-1793-61-85-52 W. Weber
Ecolab Limited England.
Eka Chemicals is able to eke out a fine living by providing chemicals
to, primarily, the paper and pulp industry. A division of Dutch
chemicals colossus Akzo Nobel, Eka reorganized in 2003. It now has Fiscal Year End: December • President: Jan Svärd
two divisions: Pulp and Paper -- which itself is divided along Revenue (2004): 1336.70 M • Head of Control and
geographic lines -- and Specialty Products. Eka's bleaching Revenue Growth (1 yr): Information Technology:
chemicals provide more than half of the company's total sales. The Address: Lilla Bommen 1 18.90% Gijsberth de Ruiter
remaining portions of the Pulp and Paper unit provide everything 445 80 Bohus, Sweden Employees (2004): 3,070 • Head of Business
from monitoring units for chem labs to coating additives. The Phone: +46-31-58-70-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development, BU-project:
Eka Chemicals Specialty Products division manufactures tall oils and other products Fax: +46-31-58-72-12 6.50% Ulf Liljestrand
AB for the glue, paint, and rubber industries.
If it's chemicals for the North American pulp and paper industry you
seek-a, then head right on over to Eka. The American arm of Eka
Chemicals (a subsidiary of Akzo Nobel), the company is located
throughout the US, with nine manufacturing plants. In addition to Address: 1775 W. Oak
bleaching and water treatment chemicals, Eka Chemicals USA Commons Ct.
markets specialty products like adhesive resins and colloidal silica, Marietta, GA 30062
which is used as a sealant by the electronics industry. Eka Phone: 770-578-0858 • President: Mario Houde
announced in late 2003 that it would restructure its North American Fax: 770-578-1359 • VP, Operations: Roger
Eka Chemicals business; it closed down one plant and ramped up production at two Harcrow
Inc. others.
Elementis Specialties focuses on the elements of specialty
chemicals. The company manufactures additives that improve the
various properties of products made by the coatings, building
products, and cosmetics industries. A division of Elementis plc, it
manufactures rheological additives (that impact thinning and • Managing Director: Neil
thickening and affect flow). The company also manufactures a line of Carr
pigment dispersions and a variety of other specialty additives and Address: 329 Wyckoffs Mill Rd. • VP, Operations: Martin
polymers. In 2004 Elementis bought Sasol's Servo unit and began Hightstown, NJ 08520 Fiscal Year End: December Neil
Elementis integrating it within the Specialties' portfolio. Although its parent is Phone: 609-443-2500 Revenue (2005): 86.90 M • VP, Finance: Zahir
Specialties, based in the UK, Elementis Specialties makes its home in New Fax: 609-443-2422 Employees (2005): 572 Ibrahim
Inc. Jersey and has operations worldwide.
EMCO Chemical Distributors has developed a special chemistry with
its Midwest manufacturing customers. With a fleet of nearly 60
tankers, trailers, trucks, and vans, EMCO distributes chemicals that
include acids, alcohols, aldehydes, surfactants, amines, solvents,
and other industrial and specialty chemicals. The company's custom
packaging facility provides contract blending and packaging services Address: 2100 Commonwealth • President and CEO:
and concentrates on filling orders for hazardous chemicals. Its waste Ave. Edward Polen
EMCO services division has an agreement to supply processed non- North Chicago, IL 60064 Fiscal Year End: December • VP and General Manager:
Chemical hazardous waste to American Ref-Fuel's New York waste-to-energy Phone: 847-689-2200 Revenue (2005): 120.00 M Randall Polen
Distributors, facility; the unit also provides hazardous waste disposal. President, Fax: 847-689-8470 Employees (2005): 230 • Controller: David Sigafus
Inc. CEO, and owner Edward Polen founded EMCO in 1971.
pharmaceutical giant Merck KGaA (not to be confused with
American pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. -- they're separate and
unrelated and have been since 1917). EMD Chemicals specializes • President and CEO:
in producing pigments for automotive, packaging, plastics, and Douglas S. Brown
printing applications. The company is the result of the January 2003 Address: 480 S. Democrat Rd. • CFO: Kathie Lamb
combination of four Merck KGaA divisions: EM Science, EM Gibbstown, NJ 08027 • VP and General Manager,
Industries, EMD Pharmaceuticals, and EMD Biosciences. EMD Phone: 856-423-6300 Analytics and Reagents:
EMD Chemicals also makes raw ingredients for cosmetics through its Fax: 856-423-4389 Bill Molnar
Chemicals Inc. subsidiary Rona.
Someone's got to build the building blocks too, you know? Equistar
Chemicals, a subsidiary of Lyondell Chemical, does just that.
Equistar's primary product is ethylene, which is the world's most-
used petrochemical and the basis for any number of other Fiscal Year End: December
chemicals, plastics, and synthetics. Among the company's other Revenue (2004): 9316.00 M
products are propylene, butadiene, polyethylene, polypropylene, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, benzene, and toluene. Polyethylene Address: 1221 McKinney St., 42.30% • CEO: Dan F. Smith
is used in plastic bags and bottles; polypropylene is used in plastic Ste. 700 Employees (2004): 3,155 • COO: Morris Gelb
caps, rigid packaging, automotive components, and carpet. The Houston, TX 77010 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP and CFO: T. Kevin
Equistar company was jointly owned by Lyondell and Millennium Chemicals Phone: 713-652-7300 (-0.30%) DeNicola
Chemicals, LP until the former bought the latter in 2004.
Executive: Antonio Zabalza
Ercros is made up of five divisions: basic chemicals (caustic soda Martí
and ethyl acetate), agrochemicals and animal feed (dicalcium Fiscal Year End: December • General Manager,
phosphate, industrial salt, and rock salt), emulsions (polymers in Revenue (2004): 288.70 M Corporative and Business
suspension), and pharmaceuticals (erythromycin and Address: Avenida Diagonal 595, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Development: José L.
phosphomycin), and International. The company was formed in 1989 Plant 5 7.50% Muñiz Álvarez
by the merger of Spain's two largest private chemical companies: 08014 Barcelona, Spain Employees (2004): 972 • Director,
S.A. Cros and Unión Explosivos Río Tinto. Cepa, another Phone: +34-934-393-009 Employee Growth (1 yr): Communications: Teresa
predecessor of Ercros, was the first company to produce penicillin in Fax: +34-934-308-073 (-2.20%) Conesa Fábregues
Ercros, S.A. Spain. Ercros acquired Uralita's Aragonesas unit in 2005.
Ethyl hears you knocking and it hopes you let its products in. The
company is a subsidiary of NewMarket (formerly Ethyl), which was
restructured in June 2004 as a holding company for Ethyl and sister
company Afton Chemical. The new Ethyl markets its gasoline
performance additives and diesel cetane improver (which increases
ignition quality in diesel fuel) throughout North America. It also
makes and markets anti-knock additive tetraethyl lead (TEL), mostly Address: 330 S. 4th St.
through a partnership with Octel, which sells TEL in places that still Richmond, VA 23219
use leaded gasoline. TEL once was a primary product line for Ethyl Phone: 804-788-5600
Ethyl but has seen diminishing returns since the U.S. Clean Air Act and Fax: 804-788-5688 • President: Russell L.
Corporation others like it were put in place. Gottwald Jr.
No surprise that a subsidiary of the world's #1 oil company, Exxon
Mobil, is among the world's top chemical companies. ExxonMobil
Chemical ranks #1 or #2 in making many petrochemicals, including
benzene and toluene, as well as polyolefins such as polypropylene
(PP) and high-density and linear low-density polyethylene (HDPE • President: Michael J.
and LLDPE, respectively). The company also is a major producer of Fiscal Year End: December (Mike) Dolan
olefins (such as ethylene and propylene, used to make polyolefins), Address: 13501 Katy Fwy. Revenue (2004): 27781.00 • VP, Global Operations:
aromatics, and specialty chemicals. ExxonMobil uses its polyolefins Houston, TX 77079-1398 M Bruce G. Macklin
ExxonMobil to make films for packaging and labeling and also licenses some of Phone: 281-870-6000 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • VP, Marketing: Frank S.
Chemical its process technology. It has operations in the Americas, Africa, Fax: 281-870-6661 37.60% Panebianco
Company Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia/Pacific region.
Accidents are why pencils have erasers and why FinishMaster sells
tons of paint. The company is a top US distributor of automotive
paints, coatings, and accessories, which it sells mainly to customers • President, COO, and
in the collision repair industry. FinishMaster distributes a wide variety Director: John A. Lacy
of brand name products from such producers as BASF, DuPont, 3M, Address: 54 Monument Circle, Fiscal Year End: December • SVP, Business
and PPG (its top suppliers). It also makes and markets refinishing Ste. 800 Revenue (2004): 386.40 M Development: Charles
accessories under the PrivateBrand label. The firm's distribution Indianapolis, IN 46204-2942 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (Chuck) VanSlaars
network serves its customers from about 170 sales outlets in 28 Phone: 317-237-3678 11.40% • SVP, Finance, and CFO:
FinishMaster, states. Chairman and CEO Andre Lacy controls 76% of FinishMaster Fax: 317-237-2150 Employees (2004): 1,550 Robert R. (Bob) Millard
Inc. through holding company LDI, Ltd. Yes
Floridienne, originally named for its mining activities in Florida, now • Chairman: Philippe
focuses on inorganic chemistry, food, and the life sciences. The Bodson
holding company's agro-food division specializes in French seafood, • Managing Director and
snails, and truffles, as well as international food products. The Address: Chaussée de Tervuren Board Member: Jean-Marie
company's chemical unit focuses in making zinc, lead, nickel, 198F Delwart
cadmium, and bismouth salts. In addition, Floridienne develops 1410 Waterloo, Belgium • Group Financial and
enterprises in the biotechnological, food-processing, and chemical Phone: +32-2-353-00-28 Central Services Manager:
Floridienne industries through its life sciences division. Beluflo S.A. owns about Fax: +32-2-353-05-81 Gaëtan Waucquez
s.a. 26% in the company.
E may = mc2, but FMC = chemicals. Once in areas as diverse as oil
field equipment and food machinery, FMC Corporation now focuses
on industrial, specialty, and agricultural chemicals. The company's Fiscal Year End: December
industrial chemicals include soda ash (it's one of the largest Revenue (2005): 2150.20 M • Chairman, President, and
producers), hydrogen peroxide, and phosphorus chemicals. The rest Revenue Growth (1 yr): CEO: William G. (Bill)
of its sales come from agricultural products (insecticides and 4.80% Walter
herbicides) and specialty chemicals (food and pharmaceutical Address: 1735 Market St. Employees (2004): 5,100 • SVP and CFO: W. Kim
FMC additives). FMC and partner Solutia sold Astaris (now called ICL Philadelphia, PA 19103 Employee Growth (1 yr): Foster
CORPORATIO Performance Products LP), its phosphorus compounds joint venture, Phone: 214-299-6000 (-3.80%) • CIO: Michael F. Giesler
N to Israel Chemicals Limited in late 2005. Yes
Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, and sometimes a
company's name says exactly what that company is. FMC Wyoming
Corporation is pretty much as it sounds, a division of the FMC
Corporation that is based in Green River, Wyoming. FMC Wyoming
mines and manufactures sodium carbonate and soda ash for pulp
and paper companies; its products also go into the making of Address: Westvaco Rd. • Manufacturing Director:
livestock feed and other parts of the agricultural industry. Its caustic Green River, WY 82935 Fiscal Year End: December Jim Pearce
soda and soda ash also are used to make glass and in the Phone: 307-875-2580 Revenue (2005): 368.00 M • IT Manager: Richard
FMC Wyoming manufacture of chemicals. FMC Wyoming accounts for the majority Fax: 307-872-2308 Employees (2005): 875 (Dick) Bardwell
Corporation of its parent company's alkali chemicals segment.
Lubricants, the US operating unit of Germany-based Fuchs Petrolub,
one of the world's top independent manufacturers of specialty
lubricants and greases. Its products, including heavy-duty greases,
hydraulic fluids, industrial grease and maintenance lubricants, and
metal working fluids, are used by customers in the food processing,
industrial equipment, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical • Chairman and CEO: L.
industries. Fuchs Lubricants also provides chemical process Address: 17050 Lathrop Ave. Frank Kleinman
management services, including process control, optimization, Harvey, IL 60426 • President: David Hughey
usage reduction, and waste minimization services. Its Brooks Steel Phone: 708-333-8900 • VP Finance: Pamela
Fuchs Division offers expertise on lubricants to the North American steel Fax: 708-333-9180 (Pam) Watson
Lubricants Co. industry.
one of the world's leading independent manufacturers of automotive
and industrial lubricants. Its products include engine and gear oils, • Chairman, Supervisory
metalworking fluids, metal forming lubricants, corrosion Board: Jürgen F. Strube
preventatives, quenching oils, biodegradable lubricants, and Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman of the
greases. The company also provides polishing pastes and tools as Revenue (2004): 1495.40 M Executive Board: Stefan R.
well as anti-freeze, mining products, and vaselines. FUCHS Revenue Growth (1 yr): Fuchs
PETROLUB operates through more than 50 production facilities and Address: Friesenheimer Str. 17 14.50% • Vice Chairman of the
FUCHS about 70 subsidiaries worldwide. It operates in the US through 68169 Mannheim, Germany Employees (2004): 4,155 Executive Board and
PETROLUB Fuchs Lubricants and in the UK through FUCHS LUBRITECH, which Phone: +49-621-3802-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Financial Director:
AKTIENGESEL makes specialty lubricants for the food and beverage industries in Fax: +49-621-3802-190 (-1.50%) Alexander Selent
G.S. Robins flits from manufacturer to manufacturer dropping raw
materials as it goes. Founded in 1923, the company is a family-
owned business that distributes chemicals such as acids, adhesives
and sealants, dyes, esters, flavors and fragrances, food additives,
and intermediates for the food, cleaning product, coatings, metal Address: 126 Chouteau Ave.
treatment, and water treatment industries. Its suppliers include Akzo St. Louis, MO 63102-2490 Fiscal Year End: December • President: G. Stephen
Nobel, DuPont, Georgia Gulf, and Hercules. G.S. Robins also offers Phone: 314-621-5155 Revenue (2005): 51.50 M (Steve) Robins
G.S. Robins storage, custom blending, bulk handling, contract packaging, and Fax: 314-621-1216 Employees (2005): 90 • CFO: Bob Branson
and Company product research services.
Gallade Chemical gallantly delivers chemicals far and wide. The
company is a family-owned business that distributes chemicals such
as acids, alcohols, chlor-alkali, polyglycols, solvents, thickening
agents, and reagents to companies in industrial manufacturing,
microelectronics, research and analysis, and specialty chemical Address: 1230 E. St. Gertrude
industries. It also supplies laboratory, safety, and industrial products Place
such as beakers, protective clothing, and testing kits. Gallade Santa Ana, CA 92707
Chemical's suppliers include Sigma-Aldrich, 3M, EMD Chemicals, Phone: 714-546-9901
Gallade and Mallinckrodt. Founded in 1964, the company delivers products Fax: 714-546-2501 • President and CEO:
Chemical, Inc. throughout the US from its four locations in California. Richard A. (Rick) Gallade
Gantrade gallivants about the globe trading chemical commodities.
The company is a petrochemicals firm and producer of vinyl acetate
monomer (VAM), as well as carbon black and ethylene and
propylene derivatives. The company has marketing and storage Address: 210 Summit Ave., Ste.
operations in the US and throughout Europe. The Parekh family 1 • President: Mahendra
owns Gantrade and has interests in various other chemical Montvale, NJ 07645 Parekh
companies through a venture with Citicorp Venture Capital. The Phone: 201-573-1955 Revenue (2005): 4.60 M • CFO: Mark Cerepak
Gantrade venture controlled synthetic rubber manufacturer Ameripol Synpol, Fax: 201-573-8617 Employees (2005): 22 • VP, Sales: Jai Moorthy
Corporation which liquidated under bankruptcy protection in 2003.
Gaylord Chemical Corporation manufactures just three products:
dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfoxide, and dimethyl sulfone. But those
three chemicals go into a number of end products, including the
production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, inks,
and solvents, as well as in semiconductor manufacturing. The • Chairman and CEO:
company is a subsidiary -- for now -- of Temple-Inland's corrugated Address: 106 Galeria Blvd. Louie Zeillmann
packaging unit, as a result of that company's 2002 purchase of the Slidell, LA 70459-1209 Fiscal Year End: December • President and COO: Paul
Gaylord former Gaylord Container Company. Temple-Inland plans to sell off Phone: 985-649-5464 Revenue (2005): 3.60 M Dennis
Chemical the Gaylord Chemical as soon as the company concludes some Fax: 985-649-0068 Employees (2005): 44 • CFO: Jim LeBlanc
Corporation litigation.
General Chemical Industrial Products makes soda and another
product that is rich in calcium, but don't be tempted to take drink.
The company's products are soda ash (a raw ingredient in glass,
soap, textiles, and detergent) and calcium chloride (which can be
used to melt ice from roads and also to bind together the dust, dirt, • Chairman: Eugene I.
and rock that make up an unpaved road). The firm, formerly called (Gene) Davis
General General Chemical Group, entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Address: 120 Eagle Rock Ave. • President, CEO, and
Chemical in December 2003. It emerged in April of the following year as East Hanover, NJ 07936 Director: DeLyle W.
Industrial General Chemical Industrial Products. Subsidiary General Chemical Phone: 973-599-5500 Bloomquist
Products Inc. Canada filed for bankruptcy protection in 2005. Yes
Flipping a coin to find a chemical distributor might bring up George
S. Coyne Chemical. The company distributes industrial chemicals
(for pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics), consumer products (pool
chemicals, de-icing chemicals, solar salt), and metal finishing and • President and CEO:
plating chemicals, primarily in the Eastern US. Coyne Chemical also Address: 3015 State Rd. Thomas H. (Tom) Coyne
George S. provides related valued-added services, such as warehousing, Croydon, PA 19021-6697 Fiscal Year End: December • VP, Finance and
Coyne custom blending and packaging, and environmental consulting. The Phone: 215-785-3000 Revenue (2005): 27.10 M Operations: Donald C.
Chemical Co., company was formed in 1868 by George S. Coyne and is operated Fax: 215-785-1585 Employees (2005): 124 (Don) Helwig
Inc. by the founder's descendants.
From one corner of the US all the way to the other, Georgia-Pacific
Resins manufactures adhesives resins and wood chemicals for its
corporate parent, paper and building products giant Georgia-Pacific. Fiscal Year End: December • President: Richard G.
The wholly owned subsidiary functions as the chemical division of Revenue (2004): 588.00 M (Rick) Urschel
the parent, manufacturing adhesives, thermoset resins, and wood Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Senior Manager,
and paper chemicals; it also manufactures formaldehyde. Georgia- Address: 55 Park Place, 16th Fl. 19.00% Accounting: Randy Brackett
Pacific maintains 17 manufacturing facilities in the US and another Atlanta, GA 30303 Employees (2004): 1,300
Georgia- four in South America. It ranks, along with Hexion Specialty Phone: 404-652-4000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Manager, IT: Roger
Pacific Resins, Chemicals, as the world's largest thermoset and forest product Fax: 404-747-2682 0.00% Watson
Inc. resins makers.
Global Nuclear Fuel-Japan Co. (GNF-J) is part of a joint venture
formed by General Electric, Toshiba, and Hitachi in 2001. General
Electric has the controlling 51% stake in the venture, and Toshiba
and Hitachi split the remaining share. The company develops,
manufactures, and sells nuclear fuel in Japan. Formerly Japan Address: 2-3-1, Uchikawa
Nuclear Fuel Co., GNF-J evolved from a joint venture formed Yokosuka, Kanagawa 239-0836,
between Toshiba and Hitachi as early as 1967 to introduce to Japan Japan
Global Nuclear a boiling water reactor (BWR) developed by GE. The nuclear fuel Phone: +81-46-833-2323
Fuel - Japan company is affiliated with US-based Global Nuclear Fuel Americas Fax: +81-46-835-2326 • President and CEO:
Co., Ltd. and GE Nuclear Energy. Hiroshi Machiba
Gulf Coast Chemical serves Florida chemical consumers. The
company supplies industrial chemical compounding components • Chairman: Frederick
and equipment. It distributes products from 30 different Walter
manufacturers, including colorants, adhesives, resins, preservatives, Address: 101 Wayne Place • President and CEO: Daryl
filaments, and metal and plastic containers. The firm's suppliers Tampa, FL 33619 Fiscal Year End: December Allen
Gulf Coast include 3M, Degussa, and Ferro. Gulf Coast Chemical also provides Phone: 813-623-5471 Revenue (2005): 3.80 M • Manager, Operations:
Chemical warehousing services. The company was founded in 1957 and Fax: 813-620-0462 Employees (2005): 21 Brian McCullough
Corp. delivers by train and truck.
Although H&R WASAG has exploded in growth by acquiring
explosive companies, the specialty chemicals company remains
most profitable in manufacturing chemical and pharmaceutical raw • Chairman, Supervisory
materials and plastics. With its 2005 acquisition of Westspreng, the Board: Bernd Günther
group has become a leading explosives company in Germany. In • Chairman; Head of
2004 it acquired the specialty products business of BP and agreed to Plastics Division: Horst
acquire two Australian chemical plants from Exxon Mobil. Formerly Address: Neuenkirchener Hollstein
Wasag-Chemie, the company added H&R to its name for major Strasse 8 • VP Sales, Chemical and
shareholder Hansen & Rosenthal and dropped "chemie." The group 48499 Salzbergen, Germany Pharmaceutical Raw
H&R WASAG is involved in such operations as precision-molded parts (Gaudlitz), Phone: +49-5976-945-300 Materials Division: Niels H.
Aktiengesellsc industrial explosives (WASAG-Chemie), gunpowder (WANO), and Fax: +49-5976-945-308 Hansen
haft blasting machines (ZEB).
H. M. Royal is distinguished in its ability to distribute chemicals
throughout the US. The company's products include compound
ingredients, fillers and reinforcements, fire retardants and smoke
suppressants, plasticizers, polymers, and performance additives. It • President: Joseph E.
serves customers including manufacturers, compounders, and (Joe) Royal
formulators in the plastic, rubber, protective coating, adhesive, and Address: 689 Pennington Ave. • Director, Finance: Daniel
sealant industries. H. M. Royal's suppliers include Albemarle, Trenton, NJ 08618 Fiscal Year End: December G. Myers
DuPont, and Rohm and Haas. The company operates distribution Phone: 609-396-9176 Revenue (2005): 18.30 M • Director, Operations:
H. M. Royal, facilities in New Jersey and California and provides warehousing Fax: 609-396-3185 Employees (2005): 39 Terry Smith
Inc. services across the US through affiliates.
All that glitters may not be gold, but Haber makes the shiny stuff that
really is gold a little easier to get. The company's Haber Gold
Process is used to extract gold much the same way as cyanide, but • Chairman and CEO:
without the toxic side effects. It licenses its technology to gold Norman Haber
exploration companies. Haber's other operations include the Address: 58 Medford St. • President and COO:
development of electromolecular propulsion (EMP), an Arlington, MA 02474 Albert B. Conti
electrochemical process used to evaluate and identify biological Phone: 781-643-2727 • EVP, CFO, and Director:
stains. In 2005 the company, along with its joint venture partner Gold Fax: 781-643-6164 Peter R. (Pete) D'Angelo
Haber, Inc. City, acquired a gold exploration concession in Ghana. Yes
Harcros Chemicals is poised for organic growth. The company
distributes its own line of organic specialty chemicals, as well as
thousands of other chemical products from other manufacturers
(including BASF, DuPont, and Elementis). Harcros distributes • President and CEO: Kevin
through nearly 30 facilities found throughout the US. The company's Mirner
organics division manufactures antifoams, emulsifiers, phosphate • VP, Finance and
esters, and surfactants for nearly every major industry, including Address: 5200 Speaker Rd. Administration: John F.
aerospace, furniture, metal working, personal care, rubber, water Kansas City, KS 66106 Felix
treatment, and more. Formerly a division of British chemicals maker Phone: 913-321-3131 • VP, Sales and Marketing:
Harcros Elementis, Harcros was taken private in 2001 through a Fax: 913-621-7718 Susan Locke
Chemicals Inc management-led buyout assisted by GE Capital.
Hatco Corporation lost its Grace more than a quarter century ago but
still does alright. The lubricant and ester manufacturer was formerly
a part of W. R. Grace & Co. but has been privately held since 1978.
In addition to making synthetic lubricants and lubricant-grade esters
for aviation, automotive, refrigeration, and industrial applications, Address: 1020 King George
Hatco manufactures specialty plasticizers, dielectric fluids, personal Post Rd. • Chairman and CEO: Alex
care product esters, and other specialty chemicals. The company Fords, NJ 08863 Kaufman
also provides research and development and custom manufacturing Phone: 732-738-1000 • CFO: Joseph (Joe) Rall
Hatco services. Hatco is a subsidiary of chemical company Kaufman Fax: 732-738-9385 • SVP: Avron (Av) Magram
Corporation Holdings; Kaufman also owns lubricant maker Anderol.
Haviland Enterprises distribute chemicals such as acids, alcohols,
amines, chelating agents, lubricants, solvents, and surfactants. The
company also provides contract blending and packaging, research
and development, technical service, compliance training, and supply
chain management services. It primarily serves customers in the Address: 421 Ann St. • CEO: Tom Simmons
midwestern US. Associated companies include Haviland Contoured Grand Rapids, MI 49504-2075 Fiscal Year End: December • President: E. Bernard
Haviland Plastics, which makes spiral-wound plastic hose, and Haviland Phone: 616-361-6691 Revenue (2005): 54.80 M Haviland
Enterprises Consumer Products, which blends and packages swimming pool Fax: 616-361-9772 Employees (2005): 145 • CFO: Terry Schoen
Inc. chemicals for private-label customers.
Chemical distributor HELM U.S. (a subsidiary of Germany-based
HELM Aktiengesellschaft ) distributes specialty and industrial
chemicals from chemical producers to industrial customers in the
Americas. Founded in 1976, the company specializes in distributing
raw materials for producers of thermoset resins and coatings.
Typical products include both liquid (acetone, acrylates, methanol, Address: 1110 Centennial Ave.
propylenes, xylenes) and solid (borax, fumaric acid, melamine, Piscataway, NJ 08854-4169 • President and CEO:
titanium dioxide) chemicals. The company also offers logistics Phone: 732-981-1116 Andreas Weimann
HELM U.S. services such as chemical tanker chartering, documentation, and Fax: 732-981-0528 • CFO: Bill Van Fossen
Corporation import and export regulatory assistance.
Like flour, sugar, and eggs are to bakers, so are building block
chemicals like ethylene, propylene, and butadiene for chemicals
makers. Huntsman Base Chemicals manufactures base commodity
chemicals (including ethylene and propylene) for clients in the
petrochemicals and plastics industries. The company makes up
nearly a third of the business of Huntsman Corporation. Much of its
product (especially the ethylene and propylene) is used by the Address: 10003 Woodloch Fiscal Year End: December
parent company's Polyurethanes and Performance Products Forest Dr. Revenue (2004): 3859.00 M
Huntsman segments. Outside customers include INVISTA and Goodyear, The Woodlands, TX 77380 Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Base which uses Huntsman's butadiene to make fibers for carpet and Phone: 281-719-6000 79.30%
Chemicals rubber for tires, respectively. • President: Kevin J. Ninow
Not that it can't keep a secret, but Huntsman International is no
longer private about its business. It is among the world's largest
makers of basic chemicals and petrochemicals like ethylene and
propylene. Huntsman also produces surfactants (used in cleaning Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Jon M.
and personal care products) and specialty chemicals like Revenue (2004): 6503.40 M Huntsman Sr.
polyurethanes, propylene oxides, and propylene glycol. Huntsman Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
also is among the largest makers of titanium dioxide, the most Address: 500 Huntsman Way 24.00% Director: Peter R.
commonly used white pigment, with 15% of the world market. Salt Lake City, UT 84108 Employees (2004): 5,700 Huntsman
Huntsman Huntsman International operates the business of Huntsman Phone: 801-584-5700 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: J. Kimo
International Corporation, which was created in 2004 to take the Huntsman Fax: 801-584-5781 (-9.50%) Esplin
LLC family's business public, which occurred the following year.
ICC Chemical Corporation has a quick cure for manufacturers'
chemical dependencies. The company acts as the international
trading arm of parent ICC Industries, which manufactures chemicals,
plastics, and pharmaceuticals. ICC Chemical markets products such
as petrochemicals; plastic resins and raw materials; organic, • Chairman: John J. Farber
inorganic, and specialty chemicals; performance products; and Address: 460 Park Ave. • President and CEO:
pharmaceutical and food ingredients. It has bulk storage and New York, NY 10022 William Brunger
warehouse locations throughout the US, as well as a fleet of trucks, Phone: 212-521-1700 • Executive Vice President:
ICC Chemical railcars, and isocontainers. ICC Chemical has offices in Africa, Asia, Fax: 212-521-1970 Naveen Chandra
Corporation Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.
ICC Industries supplies the dealers who supply the public with drugs.
ICC makes the raw materials that pharmaceutical companies use to
manufacture drugs and trades many basic and specialty chemicals
around the world. An international maker and marketer of chemicals,
plastics, and pharmaceutical products, ICC also trades and
distributes nutritional supplements and food ingredients. Its main
subsidiary, ICC Chemical, maintains trading and marketing offices in Address: 460 Park Ave. • Chairman: John J. Farber
the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. ICC New York, NY 10022 • President: John Oram
Industries owns a majority of Pharmaceutical Formulations, a Phone: 212-521-1700 • VP and CFO: Blaise
ICC Industries manufacturer and distributor of generic over-the-counter drugs. The Fax: 212-521-1970 Sarcone
Inc. Farber family, including chairman John Farber, owns ICC.
Producing about a third of the world's supply of bromine, ICL
Industrial Products can make nearly 250,000 tons of bromine a year.
The company (also called ICL-IP and formerly known as the Dead
Sea Bromine Group) also manufactures magnesia and chlorine from
Dead Sea brines. The bromine compounds are used in flame • President and CEO:
retardants, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Other sectors Yosef Shahar
targeted by the company include the oil drilling, plastics and • VP, Finance: David Shear
polymers processing, water treatment, and photography markets. Address: 14 Kreutzer St. Fiscal Year End: December
ICL-IP, one of the four operating segments of Israel Chemicals (also Beer Sheva 84101, Israel Revenue (2004): 706.50 M • VP Business
ICL Industrial known as the ICL Group), markets its products worldwide through Phone: +972-8-629-7222 Employees (2004): 1,400 Development: Haim Kosen
Products business partners and a sales network.
ICL Performance Products LP is phosphorific! The North American
unit of Israel Chemicals Limited's performance products segment • President and CEO:
produces phosphorus chemicals, phosphoric acid, and phosphate Richard V. (Dick) Kennedy
salts. The chemicals are used in foods, cleaners, water treatment, Address: 622 Emerson Rd., Ste. Jr.
flat panel televisions, oral care products, paints and coatings, and 500 • VP and CFO: Paul M.
pharmaceuticals. ICL Performance Products was formed in 2000 as St. Louis, MO 63141-1160 Fiscal Year End: December Schlessman
ICL a joint venture of FMC and Solutia. ICL, wanting to expand its Phone: 314-983-7500 Revenue (2004): 350.00 M • VP, Operations: James J.
Performance operations in North America, bought the company, formerly called Fax: 314-983-7638 Employees (2004): 570 Kaiman
Products LP Astaris, for $255 million in late 2005.
Hoping to perfectly meet the needs of its customers, Ideal Chemical
& Supply distributes industrial and specialty chemicals to wholesale,
retail, and manufacturing companies. The company's products Address: 4025 Air Park St. • President: Sam Block Jr.
include acids, alcohols, chlorinated solvents, esters, fatty chemicals, Memphis, TN 38118 Fiscal Year End: September • CFO: Donna Brockman
Ideal Chemical glycol ethers, and hydrogen peroxide. It serves customers across Phone: 901-363-7720 Revenue (2005): 38.00 M • VP, Operations: Kelly L.
& Supply the southeast through its fleet of tankers, trailers, and trucks. The Fax: 901-366-0864 Employees (2005): 105 McCabe
Company company also offers custom blending and packaging services.
focus is on the production of industrial minerals and pigments. A
giant in natural clay production, Imerys is the world's #1 producer of
kaolin, a white clay used in the production of paints, plastics, Fiscal Year End: December
adhesives, porcelain, paper, rubber, and textiles. Imerys structures Address: Tour Maine Revenue (2004): 4030.50 M
its operations in four divisions: Specialty Minerals (kaolin, calcium Montparnasse - 33, avenue du Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Aimery
carbonate); Pigments for Paper (production and commercialization Maine 13.10% Langlois-Meurinne
of kaolin and precipitated calcium carbonate); Refractories and 75755 Paris Cedex 15, France Employees (2004): 14,088 • CEO: Gérard Buffière
Abrasives (raw materials for ceramics); and Building Materials (clay Phone: +33-1-45-38-43-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP, Finance and
roof tiles and bricks). Investment firm Pargesa Holding controls 35% Fax: +33-1-45-38-74-78 2.10% Strategy: Jérôme Pecresse
Imerys of Imerys.
Empire may not be such a popular word any longer, but Imperial
Chemical Industries (ICI) is still among the chemical royalty. Its • Chairman: Peter B.
specialty products group consists of National Starch and Chemical Fiscal Year End: December Ellwood
(industrial adhesives, starch), Quest (fragrance and flavors), and Revenue (2005): 9998.00 M • CEO: John D. G. McAdam
Uniqema (natural and synthetic lubricants and personal care Address: 20 Manchester Sq. Revenue Growth (1 yr):
products). Its paint offerings include the Alba, Dulux, and Glidden London W1U 3AN, United (-6.90%) • EVP, Mergers &
brands. ICI's regional and industrial chemicals segment (subsidiaries Kingdom Employees (2004): 33,300 Acquisitions, General
Imperial in Argentina, India, and Pakistan) makes explosives, soda ash, Phone: +44-20-7009-5000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Counsel, and Company Se:
Chemical sulfur-related products, and fibers. The company announced in early Fax: +44-20-7009-5001 (-4.90%) Andy Ransom
Industries PLC 2006 its intention to sell Uniqema. Yes
Independent Chemical Corporation distributes chemicals such as
chelating agents, hydrogen peroxide, inorganics, and surfactants
and offers custom blending and contract packaging for the textiles,
pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. It carries products Address: 79-51 Cooper Ave.
from over 70 major chemical manufacturers, including ASHTA, Glendale, NY 11385 Fiscal Year End: February
Independent Degussa, Dow Chemical, Rhodia, Shin-Etsu, and U.S. Borax. Phone: 718-894-0700 Revenue (2005): 27.50 M
Chemical Independent Chemical is a family-owned and -operated company Fax: 718-894-9224 Employees (2005): 40 • President: Stanley
Corporation and was founded in 1948 by Benjamin Spielman. Spielman
alkali it produces ends up in products such as detergents, diapers,
nylon seat belts, PVC pipes, and pharmaceuticals. A major chlor-
alkali producer in Europe, it is also a top sulfur chemicals
manufacturer and a major player in electrochemical technology. It
manufactures caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, bulk liquid chlorine, Address: Runcorn Site, South • CEO: Thomas P. (Tom)
and sulfuric acid, among other products. It is one of the major Parade Crotty
producers of chlorinated paraffin. Ineos Chlor shares common Runcorn, Halton WA7 4JE, • Operations Director:
ownership with the Ineos group of companies, but is a separate United Kingdom Fiscal Year End: March Anthony (Tony) Traynor
entity. It was formed in 2001 when Ineos bought an 85% stake in Phone: +44-1928-516-512 Revenue (2004): 1010.40 M • Business Director: Chris
Ineos Chlor ICI's chlor-alkali businesses; Ineos purchased the remaining 15% in Fax: +44-1928-515-253 Employees (2004): 2,200 Tane
Limited 2004.
Ineos Fluor manufactures hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) for a range of
uses, from refrigerators to air conditioners to household insulation.
The company, which is a member of the Ineos Group of chemical
companies, also makes hydrofluoroalkanes (HKAs), which are used Fiscal Year End: December
as propellants in medicinal inhalers, and fluoronated feedstocks, Revenue (2004): 198.00 M
which are used as the building blocks for specialist polymers, Address: The Heath Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Andrew C.
pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals. Ineos Fluor's manufacturing Runcorn, Halton WA7 4QX, 9.10% (Andy) Currie
facilities are located in the UK and in Louisiana in the US; there's United Kingdom Employees (2004): 256 • CEO: David (Dave) Price
also one in Japan that is operated by Teijin. The company was Phone: +44-1928-515-525 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Director: Roger
Ineos Fluor established in 1989 after the mandatory phasing out of chemicals Fax: +44-1928-513-890 (-5.20%) Bell
Limited such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
businesses. Product lines include silicas and zeolites, ethylene
oxide-based specialty and intermediate chemicals, fluorochemicals
used as refrigerants and propellants, and phenol and acetate
products. Ineos Chlor, a maker of chlor-alkali chemicals, shares Fiscal Year End: March
controlling ownership but is technically separate from the group. Address: Hawkslease, Chapel Revenue (2004): 4632.30 M
Ineos Group has acquired BASF's US and Canadian polystyrene Lane Revenue Growth (1 yr):
business and the amino resins business of US-based Cytec Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 45.80% • Chairman and CEO:
Industries. In 2005 it acquired petrochemicals group Innovene from 7FF, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 2,430 James A. (Jim) Ratcliffe
BP for $9 billion. Ineos Group was formed in 1998 after a Phone: +44-23-8028-7067 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Director: John
Ineos Group management buyout led by chairman and CEO Jim Ratcliffe, who Fax: +44-23-8028-7054 (-0.50%) Reece
Limited controls the group.
Killing bugs, sterilizing medical instruments, and keeping your car
warm -- the products made at Ineos Oxide help with all of that. A
member of the Ineos Group of companies, Ineos Oxide makes,
primarily, ethylene oxide (EO) and ethylene glycol (EG). The first can Fiscal Year End: December
be used to manufacture sterilants and pesticides, while ethylene Address: Hawkslease House, Revenue (2004): 805.60 M
glycol is a chief component of antifreeze and de-icing fluids and is Chapel Lane Revenue Growth (1 yr):
used to produce polyester, PET resin, and coatings. Ineos Oxide is Lyndhurst, Hampshire SO43 28.30%
among the world's leading manufacturers of EO, EG, and their 7FG, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 546
derivatives, along with chemical manufacturers BASF, BP, and Dow. Phone: +44-23-8028-7067 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Ineos Oxide It works through third-party agreements with companies like Fax: +44-23-8028-7054 1.90% • Chairman: Antoine
Ltd. Crompton, Dow, and BASF. Verrijckt
Ineos Phenol produces phenol and acetone, two basic chemicals
used in the manufacture of products ranging from aspirin to home
appliances. A member of the Ineos Group of companies, Ineos
Phenol is the world's largest phenol producer, ahead of the likes of Fiscal Year End: December
Sunoco, Shell, and Dow. Acetone is a by-product of the process that Revenue (2004): 3159.70 M
manufactures phenol, the oxidation of cumene. Ineos Phenol is also Revenue Growth (1 yr):
the largest consumer of cumene. The company maintains two Address: Dechenstrasse 3 63.20% • CEO: Alberto Spera
manufacturing facilities in Europe (in Antwerp, Belgium, and 45966 Gladbeck, Germany Employees (2004): 637 • VP, Operations: Otto
Ineos Phenol Gladbeck, Germany) and one in the US (in Mobile, Alabama). Ineos Phone: +49-2043-958-302 Employee Growth (1 yr): Schnurr
GmbH & Co. Phenol also acquired a cumene plant in Texas from Chevron Phillips Fax: +49-2043-958-947 (-2.00%) • CFO: Graeme Leask
KG Chemical in 2005.
Add the additives product line of ExxonMobil Chemical Company to
that of Shell Chemicals and you'll get, if not infinity, at least Infineum.
The joint venture was formed in 1999 and makes petroleum
additives for fuel and lubricants. Infineum divides its products along Address: Milton Hill Business & • President and CEO: Tony
five distinct lines: driveline additives (for transmission fluids and axle Technology Centre Gaskell
lubrication), engine oil additives (for everything from lawnmowers to Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX13 • VP, Finance: Iain
heavy-duty diesel engines), fuel additives (including refinery 6BB, United Kingdom Richardson
Infineum additives and those designed to improve fuel performance), Phone: +44-1235-54-9500 • VP, Technology: Shaun
International industrial products (compressor, metalworking, and hydraulic fluids), Fax: +44-1235-54-9523 Kennedy
Limited and marine additives (for fuel and oil).
Interchem is a leading international supplier of fine chemicals,
pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical bulk actives, and
other compounds. The company's customers include pharmaceutical
developers and other manufacturers. In addition to matching
chemical manufacturers with drugmakers, Interchem verifies that the Address: 120 Rte. 17 North • CEO: Joseph M. Pizza
chemicals it distributes meet the US Food and Drug Administration's Paramus, NJ 07653-1579 • VP, Marketing: Theresa
ever-changing regulations. It also offers new product research and Phone: 201-261-7333 Kelly
Interchem development, innovative packaging, and multimedia and marketing Fax: 201-261-7339 • VP, Sales: David Hanson
Corporation services. Interchem was founded in 1981.
Interstate Chemical Company delivers the goods. Founded in 1968,
the company has developed from a small regional chemical
distributor to a firm with operations in the northeastern, midwestern,
and western US. It operates warehouse and terminal facilities with a
total storage capacity of about 17 million gallons, as well as a fleet of
company-owned tractor-trailers (over 200 trucks, trailers, and • Chairman and President:
tankers). Services include barge terminaling, custom chemical Address: 2797 Freedland Rd. Albert R. Puntureri
blending, food and pharmaceutical packaging, and liquid packaging. Hermitage, PA 16148-0600 • CFO: Paul Cirillo
Interstate Interstate Chemical also provides intermediate bulk containers to its Phone: 724-981-3771 Revenue (2005): 67.00 M • Director, Marketing and
Chemical customers. President and chairman Albert Puntureri controls Fax: 724-981-3675 Employees (2005): 335 Communications: Bill Merz
Company, Inc. Interstate Chemical.
Corn can give you meal, muffins, bread, fritters, tortillas, and
succotash. So why not fuel, too? Iroquois Bio-Energy is building a Address: 6317 E. 181st Ave. • President: Michael J.
dry-mill ethanol production plant in Indiana for the manufacture of Hebron, IN 46341-9302 Aylesworth
Iroquois Bio- ethanol as a fuel. The company will also sell distillers grains and Phone: 219-996-4925 • Assistant VP and COO:
Energy carbon dioxide, both of which are byproducts of the ethanol Fax: 219-996-4925 Keith A. Gibson
Company, LLC manufacturing process.
The Dead Sea has given life to Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL). That
body of water is rich in bromine, potash, salt, and magnesium,
minerals that ICL turns into fertilizers and other products. Bromine
commonly is used in flame retardants, and potash is a common Fiscal Year End: December
fertilizer. The company accounts for about 35% of the world's Revenue (2004): 2715.00 M
bromine production and about 11% of the world's potash. ICL Address: Millenium Tower, 23 Revenue Growth (1 yr):
produces magnesium alloys -- used in auto parts -- through a joint Aranha St. 19.60% • Chairman: Yossi Rosen
venture with Volkswagen. Although most of the company's chemicals Tel-Aviv 61070, Israel Employees (2004): 8,546 • President and CEO: Akiva
Israel are produced in Israel (from the Dead Sea), it sells mainly outside of Phone: +972-3-6844-401 Employee Growth (1 yr): Mozes
Chemicals its home country (90% of sales). Investment firm Israel Corporation, Fax: +972-3-6844-428 1.10% • CFO: Avi Doitchman
Limited controlled by The Ofer Group, owns about 52% of the company.
ITOCHU Chemicals America Inc. (ICAI) doesn't make any
chemicals, but it sure can get them to your door when you need
them. The company, a subsidiary of ITOCHU International, • President: Hiroaki (Bob)
distributes a variety of chemical products, from specialty chemicals Address: 360 Hamilton Ave., 6th Yamashita
like adhesives and acids to plastic resins and ion exchange filters. Fl. • SVP and Controller: Alex
ICAI serves chemical manufacturers, the pulp and paper, paints and White Plains, NY 10601 Fiscal Year End: March Tabaco
ITOCHU coatings, and food and beverage industries. The company changed Phone: 914-333-7800 Revenue (2004): 237.00 M • SVP, Sales and
Chemicals its name from ITOCHU Specialty Chemicals at the beginning of 2005 Fax: 914-333-7848 Employees (2004): 50 Marketing: Norihito Sasaki
America Inc. and is among the top 10 chemical distributors in the US.
Iwatani International is all about gas and energy. The company's
largest business unit, energy and general household products, Fiscal Year End: March
supplies liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to both businesses and Revenue (2004): 5223.40 M
consumers, as well as related household products. The company Address: 21-8, Nishi-Shimbashi Revenue Growth (1 yr):
also is a major supplier of industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, 3-chome, Minato-ku 14.70%
argon, and carbon dioxide to electronics, steel, chemical, and paper Tokyo 105-8458, Japan Employees (2004): 6,598
Iwatani manufacturers, among others. Iwatani's other business activities Phone: +81-3-5405-5741 Employee Growth (1 yr):
International include producing materials used in semiconductor manufacturing, Fax: +81-3-5405-5737 (-1.80%) • President and Director:
Corporation stainless steel processing, homebuilding, and pig breeding. Akiji Makino
As great as toothpaste, paint, and tires are, J.M. Huber claims to
make them even better. Hard to believe, we know. Founded in 1890
by Joseph M. Huber (and still owned by his heirs), the company
makes specialty additives and minerals used to thicken and improve
the cleaning properties of toothpaste, the brightness and gloss of
paper, the strength and durability of rubber, and the flame retardant • Chairman, President, and
properties of wire and cable. The diverse company also makes Address: 333 Thornall St. CEO: Peter T. Francis
oriented strand board (a plywood substitute), explores for and Edison, NJ 08837-2220 • Director, Corporate
produces oil and gas, and provides technical and financial services. Phone: 732-549-8600 Communications: Robert
J.M. Huber Huber has acquired hydrocolloids (thickeners for gums) maker CP Fax: 732-549-7256 (Bob) Currie
Corporation Kelco from Lehman Brothers and Hercules.
Jacob Stern & Sons, which primarily operates through its Acme-
Hardesty division, is a global oleochemicals marketer. Acme-
Hardesty distributes an array of oil- and fat-based chemicals, as well
as flavor and fragrance ingredients and industrial chemical products.
Its customers include manufacturers of adhesives, coatings, • President: Philip Berstein
lubricants, soaps, food, pharmaceuticals, and personal care Address: 1464 E. Valley Rd. • VP Finance: Marven
products. Most of Acme-Hardesty's oleochemicals are imported from Santa Barbara, CA 93108 Pierson
Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Jacob Stern & Sons was Phone: 805-565-1411 • VP Sales and Marketing:
Jacob Stern & founded in 1857 by Jacob Stern; the family-owned company Fax: 805-565-1415 Jerome Weisberg
Sons, Inc. continues to be managed by the founder's descendants.
From a garage bathtub in rural New York, John Wiley Jones
launched what has become a leading repackager of chlorine and
other chemicals used for water purification. JCI Jones Chemicals, • President and CEO:
formerly Jones Chemicals, also makes and distributes caustic soda, Address: 1515 Ringling Blvd., Jeffrey W. Jones
sodium bisulfite, and sodium hypochlorite. The company delivers its Ste. 900 • EVP, Finance and CFO:
chemicals to water-treatment plants and sells its chlorine to private- Sarasota, FL 34236 Fiscal Year End: March Angela L. Marvin
JCI Jones label companies for repackaging and resale as household bleach. Phone: 941-330-1537 Revenue (2005): 100.00 M • SVP, Purchasing and
Chemicals, Founded in 1930, JCI has remained a family-owned business; Fax: 941-330-9657 Employees (2005): 250 Sales: James Chappel
Inc. current CEO Jeffrey Jones is the founder's grandson.
Jilin Chemical Industrial Company Limited (JCIC) could write the
book for Chemistry 101. As one of China's leading producers of
basic chemicals and chemical raw materials, the company has four Fiscal Year End: December
principal product groups: petroleum products, petrochemicals and Revenue (2004): 3848.40 M • Deputy Chairman: Xu
organic chemicals, synthetic rubber and chemical fertilizers, and Address: No. 9 Longtan Rd., Revenue Growth (1 yr): Fengli
inorganics. The largest units are petroleum and petrochemical Longtan District 54.20% • General Manager and
Jilin Chemical products, such as gasoline and ethylene. After much wrangling and Jilin 132021, China Employees (2004): 20,445 Director: Shi Jianxun
Industrial restructuring involving state-owned corporations and agencies, Phone: +86-432-390-3912 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Deputy General Manager
Company PetroChina (itself a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Fax: +86-432-302-8126 (-6.10%) and Director: Zhang Xingfu
Limited Corporation) now controls two-thirds of Jilin Chemical.
JLM Industries knows how to perform. Most of the company's sales
come from distributing performance chemicals, olefins, and specialty
plastics. JLM also produces and sells phenol and acetone for use in
making adhesives, coatings, plastics, and solvents. Phenol is used
to make resins that go into bonding agents and wood adhesives;
acetone is an intermediate for acrylic sheeting and other products. Address: 8675 Hidden River • Chairman, President, and
JLM also sells propylene (used in plastic film and molded parts) and Pkwy. CEO: John L. Macdonald
inorganic and specialty chemicals. The company has about 1,000 Tampa, FL 33637 • CFO: Michael J. Molina
clients worldwide, including Celanese, DuPont, Eli Lilly, 3M, and Phone: 813-632-3300 • VP, Operations: Scott
JLM Shell Chemicals. Founder and CEO John Macdonald and an Fax: 813-632-3301 MacDonald
Industries, Inc. investor group have taken JLM private.
Johnson Matthey Inc. holds the precious metals, catalysts, coatings,
and pharmaceutical businesses in the US. Pharm-Eco Laboratories
(renamed Pharma Services in 2005) provides contract research and Address: 435 Devon Park Dr.,
development for the pharmaceutical industry. The West Deptford Ste. 600
subsidiary in New Jersey manufactures active pharmaceutical Wayne, PA 19087 Fiscal Year End: March
ingredients in the US. Its New York precious metals office sells Phone: 610-971-3000 Revenue (2005): 470.70 M
Johnson platinum sheet, tube, and wire to jewelers. Johnson Matthey Fuel Fax: 610-971-3022 Employees (2005): 1,650 • CEO, Johnson Matthey
Matthey Inc. Cells is also based in the US. Plc: Neil A. P. Carson
to 1817, is an established world leader in the refining and distributing
of gold, silver, and platinum group metals (about 65% of sales). It is • Chairman: Sir John
the sole marketing agent for Anglo Platinum, the world's largest Fiscal Year End: March Michael Middlecolt Banham
platinum producer. Johnson Matthey's next largest unit, the Revenue (2005): 8714.30 M
Catalysts division, produces environmental catalysts for vehicles, Address: 2-4 Cockspur St., Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chief Executive and
fuel cells, and process catalysts. The company's Colours and Trafalgar Sq. 6.20% Director: Neil A. P. Carson
Johnson Coatings business focuses on supplying decorative materials for London SW1Y 5BQ, England Employees (2005): 7,354 • Executive Director, Group
Matthey Public ceramics. Its Pharmaceutical Materials division makes active Phone: +44-20-7269-8400 Employee Growth (1 yr): Corporate Development,
Limited ingredients, such as codeine, sold to pharmaceuticals Fax: +44-20-7269-8433 (-2.30%) Colors and: D. W. Morgan
Company manufacturers. Yes
K.A. Steel Chemicals has grown organically and inorganically --
literally and figuratively. The company's specialty is the distribution of
bulk inorganic commodity chemicals. It is the largest US distributor of
caustic sodas (used in making soap, rayon, and paper, among other
applications) and is a major producer and distributor of sodium • President: Robert (Bob)
hypochlorite (used to bleach pulp and in water purification). K.A. Steel
Steel also distributes hydrochloric acid (used to clean metals and as Address: 15185 Main St. • CFO: Bernie Ludwig
a chemical intermediate). The company has more than 20 plants Lemont, IL 60439 • EVP, Operations and
and terminals in the US. Kenneth A. Steel Sr. founded K.A. Steel in Phone: 630-257-3900 Administration: Brad
K.A. Steel 1953 and second-generation Steel family members Robert and Ken Fax: 630-257-5096 Davidson
Chemicals Inc. Jr. own the company.
Kaneka Corporation is part of the solution, but contributes maybe a Fiscal Year End: March • Chairman: Masatoshi
little to the problem as well. The diversified company's products Revenue (2005): 4072.50 M Takeda
include anti-hypertensive intermediates, but also margarine and Address: 3-2-4, Nakanoshima, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President: Masami Onishi
shortening. Its largest segment makes basic chemicals, resins, and Kita-ku 7.50% • Executive Director;
plastics (caustic soda, PVC, and sealants), while Kaneka's other big Osaka 530-8288, Japan Employees (2005): 6,649 General Manager, Finance
business line makes food products and pharmaceutical Phone: +81-6-6226-5050 Employee Growth (1 yr): and Accounting: Setsuo
Kaneka intermediates. The company's third unit manufactures magnet wire, Fax: +81-6-6226-5037 0.80% Shimazaki
Corporation optical films, and synthetic fibers.
KIC Chemicals distributes food, pharmaceutical, industrial, and
personal care products. A short list of distributed offerings includes
castor oil and castor seed derivatives, fatty acids, soap and cosmetic
ingredients, flavor and fragrance ingredients, glycerin and vegetable Address: 84 Business Park Dr. • President: Edward Kort
oils, industrial chemicals, and plasticizers. KIC also provides custom Armonk, NY 10504 • Controller: Dierdre
KIC packaging and labeling services. The company was established in Phone: 914-273-6555 O'Keefe
Chemicals, 1985. KIC Chemicals is owned by Edward Kort, the company's Fax: 914-273-6760 • VP: Eric Kort
Inc. president.
It doesn't turn things to gold with a single touch, it doesn't have a
dream, and it has nothing at all to do with burgers. But this King --
King Industries -- is master of its own domain. A manufacturer of
additives for coatings and lubricants, King Industries has a • President and CEO:
distribution network that spans the globe and maintains sales Address: Science Rd. Richard S. King
operations in the Netherlands. The company serves customers in Norwalk, CT 06852 • CFO: Robert DiPani
the industrial manufacturing, metalworking, rust prevention, and Phone: 203-866-5551 • EVP, Operations: F. Abi
King paint industries. Founded in 1932, King Industries is still controlled Fax: 203-866-1268 Karam
Industries, Inc. by the family of founder Robert J. King.
Chemical manufacturers in the southeastern US never mind getting
a lump of Kohl at Christmas or any other time of year. Kohl
Marketing moves products for companies like Degussa, Johnson
Polymer, and Akzo Nobel; the chemical distributor's wingspan • President: Bob Niccol
stretches from eastern Pennsylvania down to Florida and west to Address: 1103 Bombay Ln. • VP, Logistics and
Tennessee and Mississippi. It distributes raw chemical materials to Roswell, GA 30076 Finance: Paul Englert
makers of paints, plastics, textiles, adhesives, graphic arts, and Phone: 770-753-4979 • Manager, Marketing and
Kohl building materials. Kohl Marketing has distribution centers in North Fax: 770-753-4980 Production: Bill Stobierski
Marketing, Inc. Carolina, Florida, and at its home base in Roswell, Georgia.
Korea Kumho Petrochemical manufactures synthetic rubbers and
resins, rubber chemicals, and electronic components for the
semiconductor industry. Its products are found in everything from
tires and shoes to office supplies and building materials. The
company also builds heat and power plants that supply steam and
electricity. Founded in 1970, Korea Kumho operates through several Address: 15/16F, Kumho-Asiana • Vice Chairman and CEO:
domestic offices and plants and international locations in Frankfurt, Bldg., 57, Shinmunno 1-ga, Park Chan-Koo
Germany; Shanghai, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; Los Angeles, US; Jongno-gu • President and CEO: Kim
Shenzhen, China; and Guangzhou, China. It is the holding company Seoul, South Korea Heung-Gee
Korea Kumho for the Kumho Asiana Group, (land and sea transportation, Phone: +82-2-6303-0114 • President and CEO: Kim
Petrochemical construction, tire manufacturing, and financial services, among Fax: +82-2-6303-3179 Wan-Jae
Co., Ltd. others).
Forget the outer planets, the earth has its own gaseous giant in the
form of L'Air Liquide (Air Liquide). The world's largest industrial gas
supplier, Air Liquide has more than 130 subsidiaries in 65 countries. Fiscal Year End: December
It specializes in industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, Revenue (2004): 12789.10
acetylene, and helium) used in welding, heat treatment, plastic M • Chairman, Supervisory
production, and other processes; the company also sells medical Revenue Growth (1 yr): Board: Alain Joly
gases (oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide). Its markets range from Address: 75, Quai d'Orsay 21.40% • Chairman, Management
aerospace and food processing to steel and oil refining. Air Liquide 75007 Paris, France Employees (2004): 35,900 Board: Benoît Potier
took advantage of the break-up Messer Griesheim in 2004, buying a Phone: +33-1-40-62-55-55 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Finance and
L'Air Liquide large portion of that company's operations -- in Germany, the UK, Fax: +33-1-40-62-54-65 12.50% Administration: John Glen
S.A. and the US -- for more than $3 billion. Yes
LG Chem got there first. Founded in 1947, it was Korea's first
chemical company. The chemical division of the LG Group, the
company produces a variety of products, including cosmetics, Fiscal Year End: December
personal care products, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and Address: LG Twin Tower, East Revenue (2004): 6804.50 M • President, CEO, and
specialty chemicals. It's divided into three segments. The Chemicals Tower, 20 Yoido-dong, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Director: No Ki-Ho
and Polymers unit makes PVC, acrylates, and engineering plastics; Youngdungpo-gu 43.30% • President and CTO: Yeo
its Industrial Materials division manufactures window frames, flooring Seoul 150-721, South Korea Employees (2004): 9,816 Jong-Kee
materials, and other construction-industry products; and the Phone: +82-2-3773-5114 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Cho Han-
company's Information and Electronic Materials segment produces Fax: +82-2-3773-7813 (-1.80%) Young
LG Chem, Ltd. rechargeable batteries and display materials.
Much of Linde's business is lighter than air. The company is divided • Chairman, Supervisory
into two units: Gas and Engineering and Material Handling. A leading Board: Manfred Schneider
producer of industrial and medical gases, Linde also has an Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman of the
engineering unit that builds process plants for companies in the Revenue (2004): 12850.20 Executive Board,
petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and gas manufacturing industries. M President, and CEO:
But don't call Linde a lightweight. Its material handling division is one Address: Abraham-Lincoln- Revenue Growth (1 yr): Wolfgang H. Reitzle
of the world's top makers of forklifts and also manufactures Strasse 21 13.90% • Member of the Executive
warehouse equipment, transmission systems, and hydraulic control 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany Employees (2004): 41,383 Board, Accounts,
Linde devices. The company also made refrigeration equipment and Phone: +49-611-770-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Controlling, Financ: Peter
Aktiengesellsc cooling systems for retail food stores, but sold that business to Fax: +49-611-770-269 (-11.30%) Diesch
haft Carrier for $400 million in a deal that closed in September 2004. Yes
From poisoning garden pests to exfoliating dry skin, Lonza Inc puts
itself in the middle of things. As the US operations of its parent
company, Lonza Inc accounts for about a third of the Lonza Group's
$1 billion in annual sales. While Lonza doesn't actually make Address: 90 Boroline Rd.
consumer products, the company provides chemical ingredients and Allendale, NJ 07401 Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
intermediates for the personal care, water treatment, and plastics Phone: 201-316-9200 Revenue (2005): 337.20 M Stephan Kutzer
industries, from its five locations (four manufacturing and one R&D) Fax: 201-785-9989 Employees (2005): 527 • CFO: Vincent L. DiVito
Lonza Inc throughout the US.
Quick as a cat, Lynx Chemical has joined the performance-
chemicals fray. The company was founded in mid-2003 by veterans
of Eastman Chemical and the former Vulcan Chemicals (now part of • President and CEO:
Occidental Chemical). Lynx got its start by purchasing two plants in James A. (Jim) Lewis
Georgia from Vulcan after the company had sold most of its Address: 2000 Riveredge • COO: Daniel (Danny)
performance-chemicals business line earlier that year; Lynx later Pkwy., Ste. 750 McCaul
acquired a third facility. The company isn't interested in competing Atlanta, GA 30328 • VP, Research and
with the big boys -- it is content to work in its small-market niche, Phone: 678-990-5020 Development: John
Lynx Chemical making and marketing batches as small as less than a million Fax: 678-990-5021 Newlove
Group pounds (quantities that are just not profitable for larger companies).
additives to oil and gas companies in more than 70 countries
worldwide. Its fluids cool and lubricate drill bits, remove rock
cuttings, and maintain the stability of the wellbore. Through M-I's • President and CEO:
Swaco division, the company provides pressure control, rig Loren K. Carroll
instrumentation, and drilling waste management products and Address: 5950 North Course Dr. Fiscal Year End: December • SVP and CFO: Chris
services. It is also a worldwide producer of barite and bentonite used Houston, TX 77072 Revenue (2004): 2231.90 M Rivers
by the oil and gas and industrial markets. M-I Swaco is a joint Phone: 713-739-0222 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • SVP, M-I Production
venture of Smith International (60%) and Schlumberger Limited Fax: 713-308-9626 19.60% Chemicals: John Kelly
M-I L.L.C. (40%).
The world isn't black and white for Magruder Color. The company
manufactures organic pigments for the ink, plastics, and paint
industries. It produces flushed and dry color dispersions, acrylic
chips, alkyd resins, ink vehicles, and specialty colors and varnishes.
Magruder, founded in 1927, primarily serves graphic arts customers.
The firm markets its pigments throughout the Americas, Asia, and • Chairman: Allan
Europe. The company has sold subsidiary Radiant Color, a maker of Address: 1029 Newark Ave. Weissglass
fluorescent pigments. The Weissglass family bought Magruder Color Elizabeth, NJ 07208 Fiscal Year End: December • President: Abdul Saleh
Magruder from founder Robert Magruder in 1962 (upon his retirement) and has Phone: 973-242-1300 Revenue (2005): 70.20 M • VP, Sales and Marketing:
Color expanded it over the decades through organic growth and Fax: 973-242-4087 Employees (2005): 350 Evan Weissglass
Company, Inc. acquisitions.
Malaco International distributes chemicals and petroleum products.
Chemicals used by oil refineries account for much of the company's
business; Chevron has been a major customer. Other chemical
products handled by Malaco include caustic soda, glycerine, and
surfactants, which are used by manufacturers in a variety of
industries. Most of Malaco's customers are on the West Coast or the Address: 1990 N. California
Gulf Coast of the US. The company distributes gasoline and diesel Blvd., Ste. 608
fuel primarily to government entities in California. Malaco doesn't Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Malaco maintain storage facilities, and transportation is handled by Phone: 925-280-8710 • President: Peter Llama
International contractors. The family of company president and CEO Peter Llama Fax: 925-280-4580 • VP: Elizabeth (Liz) Llama
Inc. owns Malaco, which was founded in 1977.
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties works the dynamics of
dolomite and magnesium. A subsidiary of Martin Marietta Materials,
the company manufactures and sells dolomitic lime and magnesia-
based chemicals to customers in the industrial, agricultural, and
environmental sectors. Magnesia Specialties' dolomitic lime products Address: 195 Chesapeake Park
are primarily sold to customers in the steel industry. The firm's Plaza, Ste. 200 • Chairman: Philip J. (Phil)
Martin Marietta chemicals segment includes products used for animal feed, flame Baltimore, MD 21220 Sipling
Magnesia retardant, wastewater treatment, and paper production purposes. Phone: 410-780-5500 • President: Daniel G.
Specialties, The company has manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, Michigan, Fax: 410-780-5777 (Dan) Shephard
LLC Ohio, and Tennessee.
Materia manufactures catalysts and provides process technologies
to companies in the agrochemical, fine chemical, materials, and Address: 60 N. San Gabriel • President, CEO, CTO,
pharmaceutical industries. The company's catalyst technology aids Blvd. and Director: Michael A.
in the production of small, medium, and large molecules. Originally Pasadena, CA 91107 (Mike) Giardello
known as Advanced Sports Materials, Materia was founded in 1997 Phone: 626-584-8400 Revenue (2005): 5.00 M • Director, Finance: Ron
to commercialize metathesis polymer technology created at the Fax: 626-584-1984 Employees (2005): 35 Chang
Materia Inc. California Institute of Technology.
resins, solvents, surfactants, and thickening agents to companies in
the adhesives and sealants, automotive, glass and refractory, paints
and coatings, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, and soaps and • President and CEO: Scot
detergents industries. The company maintains facilities in Cleveland; Address: 14450 King Rd. Westerbeek
Detroit; and Louisville, Kentucky. Customers include Cabot and Riverview, MI 48192-7939 Fiscal Year End: December • VP, Sales: Maynard
other major chemical manufacturers. The family of company Phone: 734-479-4500 Revenue (2005): 23.30 M Pittenger
Matteson- president Scot Westerbeek owns Matteson-Ridolfi, which was Fax: 734-479-1630 Employees (2005): 16 • Controller: Bill Riggs
Ridolfi, Inc. founded in 1932.
Mays Chemical doesn't make its clients say "Mother, may I?" before
shipping them desired products. The company distributes chemicals
and raw materials to customers in the automotive, cosmetics,
electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paint, and pulp and
paper industries. Mays Chemical's product lines include acids,
alcohols, chlor-alkali products, chlorinated solvents, flavors and
fragrances, food additives, glycol ethers, and inorganic chemicals. • President: William G.
The company also offers chemical management services, cleaning Address: 5611 E. 71st St. Mays
and sanitation systems, formulated chemical products, and Indianapolis, IN 46220 • CFO and Controller: Eric
outsourcing services. Mays has customers in 14 countries in the Phone: 317-842-8722 Gillespie
Mays Chemical Americas, Europe, and Asia. The firm is owned by president William Fax: 317-842-4604 • COO: Bill West
Company, Inc. Mays.
Merichem will give you chemicals and send you on your merry way.
The company produces phenol and cresylic acids at its plant in
Houston, Texas. It produces naphthenic acids (used in paint driers
and wood preservatives) at its plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. • Chairman and CEO:
Merichem also owns Gas Technology Products (GTP), which Kenneth F. Currie
produces sulfur removal systems. Merichem was founded in 1945. • EVP: John M. (Johnny)
The company is divided into two subsidiaries: Merisol USA handles Address: 5455 Old Spanish Trail Walbrick
all the phenolic products, and Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Houston, TX 77023 • VP, Finance, and
Services provides caustic management, sulfur removal, naphthenic Phone: 713-428-5000 Treasurer: Bruce D.
Merichem acids, and other products and services to the refinery and coal Fax: 713-688-2626 Upshaw
Company processing industries.
Messer Group (formerly Messer Griesheim) has rid itself of some of
that gassy feeling. The company, a major producer of industrial
gases, has sold about 70% of its gas holdings to industry giant Air
Liquide for about $3.3 billion. It still operates in 32 countries but has Fiscal Year End: December
shifted its focus from Western Europe and the US to Central and Revenue (2004): 710.60 M • CEO: Stefan Messer
Eastern Europe and China. In addition to supplying gases such as Address: Limespark, Otto- Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CFO: Hans-Gerd
oxygen, nitrogen, and helium, Messer builds gas plants for Volger-Straße 3c (-62.20%) Wienands
customers. Goldman Sachs and Allianz each owned a third of the D-65843 Sulzbach, Germany Employees (2004): 3,762 • Director, Corporate
company (along with the founding Messer family) but have sold their Phone: +49-6196-7760-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Communications: Diana
Messer Group stakes back to the Messer family, who financed that purchase with Fax: +49-6196-7760-501 (-47.30%) Buss
GmbH the Air Liquide deal.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) is Japan's largest chemical
company. Heading a list of subsidiaries and affiliates longer than a
complex chemical formula, MCC is a major player in petrochemicals, Fiscal Year End: March • Chairman: Kanji Shono
specialty chemicals, carbon, and pharmaceuticals. Roughly a third of Revenue (2004): 18225.20 • President, CEO, and
its sales come from petrochemicals such as ethylene, vinyl chloride, M Board Member: Ryuichi
and raw materials for synthetic fibers. The company's functional Address: 33-8, Shiba 5-chome, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Tomizawa
materials segment produces plastics and films. The company also Minato-ku 15.70% • Deputy CEO; Supervising
makes chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing and data storage Tokyo 108-0014, Japan Employees (2004): 33,496 Special Mission, Internal
Mitsubishi products such as CDS and DVDs. MCC owns almost 60% of Phone: +81-3-6414-3730 Employee Growth (1 yr): Audit; Boa: Masaoki
Chemical Mitsubishi Pharma, which makes plasma derivatives, allergy Fax: +81-3-6414-3745 (-11.00%) Funada
Corporation medications, and cardiovascular pharmaceuticals.
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings was created in 2005 as a holding
company for Mitsubishi Chemical and Mitsubishi Pharma, which both
became wholly owned subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
after its establishment. As the largest chemical company in Japan,
Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) produces a wide variety of
petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and the like. Other products
include plastics and films, data storage devices such as CDs and Address: 33-8 Shiba 5-chome,
DVDs, as well as chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing. Minato-ku • Representative Director,
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Pharma (MPC) makes pharmaceutical products for Tokyo 108-0014, Japan Member of the Board, and
Chemical central nervous system, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal Phone: +81-3-6414-3730 President: Ryuichi
Holdings disorders, in addition to OTC and anti-inflammatory drugs. MCC Fax: +81-3-6414-3745 Tomizawa
Corporation holds almost 60% of MPC.
chemicals? We know what Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) would
say. The company makes chemicals through four major units. Its
Natural Gas Chemicals unit is primarily engaged in producing
methanol, formaldehyde, and ammonia. Its Aromatics Chemicals Fiscal Year End: March
unit produces xylenes, nylon, and plasticizers. The company's Revenue (2004): 3225.20 M • Chairman: Akira Ohira
Specialty Chemicals unit makes hydrogen peroxide and plastic Address: Mitsubishi Bldg., 2-5-2 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President: Hideki Odaka
resins. Through its Information & Advanced Materials unit, MGC also Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku 23.80% • Senior Managing
is involved in producing materials such as plastics and circuit boards Tokyo 100-8324, Japan Employees (2004): 2,363 Executive Officer and
Mitsubishi Gas for electronics manufacturers. The company was formed in 1971 Phone: +81-3-3283-5000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Executive Assistant to:
Chemical when Japan Gas Chemical merged with Mitsubishi Edogawa Fax: +81-3-3287-0833 (-5.00%) Hiromi Nakamura
Company, Inc. Chemical.
As can be gleaned from its name, Mitsui Chemicals America is the
American home base of the Tokyo-based Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Address: 800 Westchester Ave., • President: Kensaku
With headquarters in Purchase, New York, the company makes Ste. N607 Maruyama
adhesive resins, electronic materials, specialty polymers, and Purchase, NY 10573 Fiscal Year End: March • Director, Finance: Koji Ito
Mitsui engineering plastics. Mitsui Chemicals America has locations and Phone: 914-253-0777 Revenue (2005): 492.50 M • Corporate Marketing
Chemicals affiliates throughout the US, including in California, Michigan, Ohio, Fax: 914-253-0790 Employees (2005): 700 Manager: Jennifer Giuliano
America, Inc. and Tennessee.
Mitsui Chemicals stays chemically balanced as one of Japan's
largest producers of petrochemicals and its leading producer of Fiscal Year End: March • Chairman: Hiroyuki
phenols (building blocks for plastics). The company produces Revenue (2004): 10313.40 Nakanishi
petrochemicals for use in the manufacture of such items as synthetic Address: Shiodome City Centre, M • President: Kenji Fujiyoshi
rubber and pigments. Applications of phenols include 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director,
pharmaceuticals, ink, and adhesives. Mitsui Chemicals' other Minato-ku 17.40% Corporate
chemical products include fiber intermediates used in polyester, Tokyo 105-7117, Japan Employees (2004): 12,348 Communications, Legal
Mitsui industrial chemicals used in paper, polymers used in pipes and films, Phone: +81-3-6253-2100 Employee Growth (1 yr): and Admin: Ritsuo
Chemicals, and specialty resins used in adhesives. The company also makes Fax: +81-3-6253-4245 (-2.50%) Yamamoto
Inc. polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and agrochemicals.
Depending on the situation, Morre-Tec Industries can bring home
the bacon or fry it up in the pan. (If, by bacon, you mean bromine-
and chlorine-based chemicals.) Not only does the New Jersey
company distribute chemicals through its partnerships with ICL • President: Leonard (Len)
Industrial Products and others, but Morre-Tec also manufactures its Glass
own line of specialty chemicals. Through affiliated companies Address: 1 Gary Rd. • Controller: Steve
(including Blenco Industries, JEDCO Adhesives, and Repackaging Union, NJ 07083-5527 Wigodsky
MORRE-TEC Services Corporation), Morre-Tec also manufactures adhesives and Phone: 908-688-9009 • Sales Director: Alan
INDUSTRIES, solvents and imports chemicals for the food and cosmetics Fax: 908-688-9005 Wirsul
INC. industries. The company was formed in 1987.
now a major Japanese trader, developer, and manufacturer of
chemical products. Although chemicals, plastics, and related Fiscal Year End: March • Chairman: Hideo Nagase
production machinery account for much of its sales, Nagase also Revenue (2004): 5048.20 M • President, CEO, and
produces and distributes electronics, medical supplies, and health Revenue Growth (1 yr): Director: Hiroshi Nagase
care and beauty products. Nagase maintains a worldwide network of Address: 1-1-17, Shinmachi, 20.10% • Managing Executive
sales and distribution branches in Asia, Europe, and North America. Nishi-ku Employees (2004): 2,884 Officer, Plastics, Life
The company operates through subsidiaries and alliances with Osaka 550-8668, Japan Employee Growth (1 yr): Sciences, Fine Ch: Yoshizo
Nagase & Co., companies such as Eastman Chemical Company and Union Phone: +81-6-6535-2114 3.40% Shibata
Ltd. Carbide.
Founded in 1935 to produce carbide, Nippon Carbide has grown
with the times. The company still makes basic chemicals, but it now
also makes films, synthetic resins, and electronic materials. Nippon Fiscal Year End: March
Carbide's films segment is its largest and makes wrapping film and Revenue (2004): 449.40 M
reflective films for street signs. The company's resins unit makes Address: 2-11-19 Kohnan, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and Director:
melamine resins (for tableware), resins used in glue, and heat- Minato-ku 5.80% Tokushiro Hosoda
Nippon resistant resins (used in pipes). Its electronic materials segment Tokyo 108-8466, Japan Employees (2004): 2,791 • Director, General Affairs,
Carbide makes ceramic wiring boards and specialty resins. The chemical Phone: +81-3-5462-8200 Employee Growth (1 yr): Legal, General Accounting,
Industries Co., segment still makes carbide derivatives and basic and fine chemical Fax: +81-3-5462-8244 3.70% and Bu: Yukio Yokoyama
Inc. products ranging from pharmaceuticals to pesticides.
Industrial has grown organically. The company has five chemical
plants in Japan. Two plants in Fukushima produce barium
compounds and lithium chemicals used in electronics and organic
and inorganic phosphorus compounds. The other three plants
produce silicate compounds, phosphorus compounds, and chromic Address: 9-11-1, Kameido,
acid compounds (used to finish metals). Nippon Chemical Industrial Koto-ku Fiscal Year End: March • Chairman: Jun-ichi
Nippon has ventures with Dowa Mining (Barium Chemicals), Fuji Chemical Tokyo 136-8515, Japan Revenue (2004): 442.40 M Tanahashi
Chemical (Keiyo Chemical), and Asahi Denka (Kanto Sodium Silicates Glass), Phone: +81-3-3636-8111 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
Industrial Co., among others. Affiliate JCI USA Inc. handles sales of industrial Fax: +81-3-3636-6817 25.80% Director: Gen-ichi Satoh
Ltd. chemicals in the US.
Feeling parched? Then don't drink the products made by Nippon
Soda Co. (NISSO) -- it's caustic. NISSO manufactures basic
chemicals, including caustic soda and chlorine used for industrial Fiscal Year End: March
purposes. The company also produces specialty and performance Revenue (2004): 1280.40 M
chemicals such as dyes and poultry and pig feed additives; Address: 2-1, 2-Chome, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
agrochemicals such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides; and Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku 12.70%
pharmaceuticals. NISSO's non-chemical operations include Tokyo 100-8165, Japan Employees (2004): 1,564
warehousing, transportation services, construction, and non-ferrous Phone: +81-3-3245-6054 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Nippon Soda metals operations. The company sells its products primarily in Japan Fax: +81-3-3245-6238 (-2.90%) • President and Director:
Co., Ltd. but also in other parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. Katsunobu Inoue
Since its founding in 1887 as Japan's first chemical fertilizer Fiscal Year End: March
manufacturer, Nissan Chemical Industries has grown to include a Revenue (2004): 1475.90 M
wide range of industrial and specialty chemicals, electronic Address: 3-7-1, Kanda Nishiki- Revenue Growth (1 yr):
materials, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Nissan Chemical cho, Chiyoda-ku 16.50% • President: Nobuichiro
Industries' basic chemical products include melamine, ammonia Tokyo 101-0054, Japan Employees (2004): 1,505 Fujimoto
Nissan derivatives, silica products and electronic coatings, and acids. Its Phone: +81-3-3296-8320 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director:
Chemical smallest chemical segment, pharmaceuticals, includes anti- Fax: +81-3-3296-8210 (-6.50%) Suketoshi Tsukamoto
Industries, Ltd. hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-lowering drugs.
If you should find yourself in the market for exploding pastries, NOF
might be your one-stop bakery. The company is a major processor
of oilseeds, from which it produces oleochemicals (common in
personal care items such as detergents and shampoos) and food Fiscal Year End: March
staples such as margarine, shortening, and processed oils. It also Address: Yebisu Garden Place Revenue (2004): 1301.40 M
produces explosives used in construction and in military and space Tower, 20-3, Ebisu 4-chome, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
applications. In addition, NOF produces materials for electronics and Shibuya-ku 14.40% • Executive Chairman:
petroleum-based chemicals such as surfactants, polymers, and Tokyo 150-6019, Japan Employees (2004): 3,599 Masayasu Uno
paints for ships and automobiles. The company was founded in Phone: +81-3-5424-6600 Employee Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
NOF 1937 by a merger of four firms involved in the manufacture of oil and Fax: +81-3-5424-6800 (-4.30%) Youhei Nakajima
Corporation fats, edible oils, coatings, and soap.
The members of the Northern Growers Cooperative have had
enough of cooperation and have decided to get down to business.
Northern Growers, LLC provides corn to Northern Lights Ethanol (a
joint venture with Broin Companies). The company grew out of the
cooperative and is comprised of corn producers in South Dakota. Address: 48416 144th St. • CEO, CFO, and Manager:
Northern Lights operates an ethanol plant near Big Stone City, South Big Stone City, SD 57216 Robert Narem
Dakota that produces 40 million gallons annually. It receives Phone: 605-862-7902 • President and Manager:
Northern incentive payments on both the state and federal levels to produce Fax: 605-862-7904 Steve Street
Growers, LLC ethanol as an alternative fuel product.
It doesn't have a screaming, bearded man hawking its products on
TV commercials, but OxyChem does all right nonetheless.
Occidental Chemical, the chemicals business of Occidental
Petroleum, is manufactures basic chemicals, vinyls, petrochemicals,
and specialty chemicals. It is the top US maker of chlorine and
caustic soda (used in bleach, plastics, and pulp and paper) and the Fiscal Year End: December • President: B. (Chuck)
top producer of potassium hydroxide or caustic potash (used in Address: 5005 LBJ Fwy. Revenue (2004): 3675.00 M Anderson
fertilizers). Through its 76% stake in OxyVinyls, it's the leading North Dallas, TX 75244-6152 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Director, Communications
Occidental American maker of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), used to make Phone: 972-404-3800 15.60% and Web Development: Bill
Chemical PVC resins. It bought the chemicals unit of Vulcan Materials for $360 Fax: 972-404-3669 Employees (2004): 2,974 Dykes
Corporation million in a deal that closed in mid-2005.
Brash new company Braskem has become the top money maker for
holding group Odebrecht. Braskem, a leading thermoplastic resin
producer in Latin America, was formed in 2002 when Odebrecht
merged its chemical business with that of Copene and Mariana.
Braskem makes plastics and acrylics, synthetic fibers, chemical • Chairman: Emílio
compounds, pipes and tubes, and gasoline and solvents, among Address: Av. Luis Viana, 2841, Odebrecht
other products. Flagship company Construtora Norberto Odebrecht Paralela., Edifício Odebrecht • President and CEO:
leads Odebrecht's engineering, heavy construction, and specialized 41827-900 Salvador, Bahia, Fiscal Year End: December Pedro Augusto Ribeiro
technology operations, such as its electromechanical structures and Brazil Revenue (2004): 8184.20 M Novis
offshore drilling services. Formed in 1944, Odebrecht is focusing on Phone: +55-71-2105-1111 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Director, Finance: Alvaro
two areas: engineering and construction and chemicals and Fax: +55-71-230-0701 59.80% Novis
Odebrecht S.A. petrochemicals.
Sure, there may be chlorine in your water, but it's also in the pipes,
the soap, and your clothes too. Olin Chlor Alkali manufactures
chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydrosulfite, and
other chemicals. Chlor alkali chemicals are the basis for a vast array Fiscal Year End: December
of pharmaceutical products, plastics, household cleaners, and Revenue (2004): 448.00 M
clothing as well. Olin ranks as the #4 chlor alkali chemical maker in Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President: John L.
the US, after the likes of Dow and PPG. While many chlor alkali Address: 490 Stuart Rd. NE 12.00% McIntosh
makers consume their own products as raw materials for other Cleveland, TN 37312 Employees (2004): 1,000 • Marketing Manager,
downstream products, Olin sells most of its own chlorine chemicals Phone: 423-336-4850 Employee Growth (1 yr): Chlorine and Caustic Soda:
Olin Chlor to third parties. The company accounts for about a quarter of Olin Fax: 423-336-4830 0.00% Tom Rice
Alkali Products Corporation's sales.
Chemicals maker Orgasynth proves organic and synthetic chemicals
don't have to be mutually exclusive. The company specializes in the
synthesis of organic molecular chemicals. Fine chemicals account
for a little more than one-third of its sales; specialty chemicals Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman and Managing
(flavorings, fragrances, dyes, and agrochemicals) make up the Revenue (2004): 132.50 M Director: Emmanuel Alves
balance. Orgasynth sells its products to primarily European clients in Address: 211 Boulevard Vincent Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Deputy Managing
a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, Auriol 4.50% Director: Carole Alves
cosmetics, food, and animal nutrition. Chairman and CEO 75013 Paris, France Employees (2004): 538 Abdelli
Emmanuel Alves, a former executive of Rhône-Poulenc (now Phone: +33-1-56-61-72-80 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Manager:
Sanofi-Aventis after successive mergers), and his family control Fax: +33-1-56-61-72-99 10.90% Richard Michalak
Orgasynth S.A. nearly 85% of Orgasynth.
Orica USA (formerly Energetic Solutions) belongs to a big, loud
family. The company makes explosives and is part of Australian
chemicals and explosives behemoth Orica Limited (formerly ICI
Australia). The company is a leading supplier of commercial
explosives and detonating systems to the mining, quarrying, and
construction markets. In addition to providing blasting products, the
company provides blast management services and technology. In Address: 33101 E. Quincy Ave. • President: Donald O.
2005 the company entered a long-term contract with Terra Watkins, CO 80137 (Don) Brinker
Mississippi, a unit of Terra Industries, in which Orica will be supplied Phone: 303-268-5000 • VP Marketing: Brian
with industrial-grade ammonium nitrate and nitrate solution. Orica Fax: 303-268-5250 Wallace
Orica USA Inc. UA traces its history to 1912.
Blue skies, puffy white clouds, maybe even a pretty little rainbow --
ORYXE Energy wants you to be able to see these things clearly. The
company develops fuel additives that make engines run cleaner,
thereby reducing the resulting pollution. Among the products ORYXE Chairman and CEO:
offers are additives for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels. Its OR-LED Walter L. Schindler
diesel fuel additive has been approved by the state of Texas for • Vice Chairman and CTO:
sale, and the company has begun marketing the product in that Address: 6 Thomas Frederick L. (Fred) Jordan
state. OR-LED is used to help reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides Irvine, CA 92618-2512 • President and Chief
ORYXE Energy as well as carbon monoxide, allowing engines to meet tougher Phone: 949-452-9272 Marketing Officer: Kevin
International, emission standards. The company was founded by executive Fax: 949-452-9274 McGlensey
Inc. officers Fred and Chris Jordan in 2001.
No Pain, no gain. Pain Enterprises helps customers in a number of
industries (including the chemicals, food processing, hospitality, • Chairman: John F. Pain
medical, packaging, and restaurant markets) by supplying them with Address: 101 Daniels Way • CFO: Sheila Pain
carbon dioxide as gas (in bulk, cylinder, and nitrogen/CO2 mix Bloomington, IN 47404 Fiscal Year End: September • VP, Business
forms) and as dry ice (in pellet or block versions). Pain Enterprises Phone: 812-330-1400 Revenue (2005): 60.00 M Development and
Pain also retails dry ice through its BerryCold Retail Dry Ice division. The Fax: 812-330-1544 Employees (2005): 300 Marketing: Gil D'Arcy
Enterprises Inc company was established in 1957.
Specialty chemicals maker Penreco manufactures white mineral oils,
petrolatums, specialty hydrocarbon fluids, petroleum sulfonates,
cable-filling compounds, refrigeration oils, food grade compressor
lubricants, and gelled products. Its products are used in cosmetics,
skin and hair care products, and candles as well as in Address: 4401 Park Ave.
pharmaceuticals. The company is 50%-owned by ConocoPhillips; Dickinson, TX 77539 Fiscal Year End: December
M.E. Zukerman Specialty Oil Corporation bought the other half of Phone: 281-337-1534 Revenue (2005): 250.00 M
Penreco from the former Pennzoil-Quaker State in 2001. It was Fax: 281-337-1200 Employees (2005): 400
Penreco founded as the Pennsylvania Refining Company in 1878. • President: Tom Readal
Petrochem Carless wants to keep drivers from being carless.
Petrochem Carless offers products such as antifreeze, brake fluids,
de-icers, and racing fuels. It also supplies chemical solvents such as
alcohols, amines, and esters. The company is one of the top Fiscal Year End: December
European refiners and distributors of specialty hydrocarbons and Address: Cedar Court, Guildford Revenue (2004): 297.40 M
advanced automotive fluids, as well as a leading supplier of drilling Rd. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CEO: Paul Gemski
fluids. Petrochem Carless was formed in 2000 when Petrochem Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 9RX, 12.40% • Finance Director: Vincent
bought Carless (which traces its history back to 1859) from Spanish United Kingdom Employees (2004): 173 Fannon
petrochemical manufacturer Repsol and merged the two companies' Phone: +44-1372-360-000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Commercial Director:
Petrochem operations. The company underwent a management buyout (backed Fax: +44-1372-380-400 (-10.80%) David Little
Carless Ltd by Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance) in early 2005.
Pssst. Hey, Buddy. Want some diammonium phosphate,
monoammonium phosphate, or even any triple superphosphate?
Because Phosphate Chemicals Export Association (PhosChem)
knows a guy who can hook you up. PhosChem was organized in
1974 to market phosphate fertilizer chemicals internationally for its
member companies. Its current membership is made up of
Mississippi Phosphates (formerly part of Mississippi Chemical, which Address: 100 S. SaundersRd.,
Phosphate is now part of Terra Industries), two units of The Mosaic Company Ste. 300
Chemicals (Mosaic Fertilizer and Mosaic Phosphates), and PCS Phosphate (a Lake Forest, IL 60045 • Founder and President;
Export subsidiary of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan). The association Phone: 847-739-1200 President, Mosaic
Association, is a top exporter of phosphate fertilizers and ships its products from Fax: 847-739-1614 Phosphates Company:
Inc. nine ports in the southern US. Steven H. (Steve) Paxton
Europe needs chemicals, too, and Polimeri Europa is more than
happy to provide them. Polimeri Europa, the petrochemical arm of
Italy-based oil behemoth Eni, produces and distributes a wide range Fiscal Year End: December
of chemicals, operating through three main divisions: basic Revenue (2004): 7390.20 M
chemicals, polyethylene, and elastomers and styrenics. Polimeri Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Giorgio
Europa sells more than 5 billion tons of materials a year and has a Address: Piazza Boldrini, 1 31.20% Clarizia
sales network that is present in 17 countries. (Italy still accounts for 20097 San Donato Milanese, Employees (2004): 6,563 • Managing Director and
more than half of company sales.) The company has its Milano, Italy Employee Growth (1 yr): Board Member: Piero
Polimeri headquarters and numerous plants in Italy, and it also has plants in Phone: +39-02-520-1 (-6.80%) Raffaeli
Europa SpA Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, and the UK.
Perhaps you know a better method of getting your gas out into the
world, but industrial gas heavyweight Praxair is content to use
Praxair Distribution. The company distributes industrial, medical, and
other gases to more than 600 Praxair locations in the US and
Canada. Praxair Distribution delivers industrial gases and hardware
to welders; respiratory gases and healthcare equipment to hospitals
and homecare patients; and specialty gases and equipment to Address: 39 Old Ridgebury Rd.
electronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical Danbury, CT 06810-5113 Fiscal Year End: December
Praxair companies. It uses a line of stores and depots, cylinder-filling plants, Phone: 716-879-4077 Revenue (2005): 900.00 M
Distribution, homecare service locations, and distribution centers to serve its Fax: 716-879-2040 Employees (2005): 4,000 • President: Wayne J.
Inc. customers needs. Yakich
At Praxair, doing business is always a gas. The company produces
and sells atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and others)
as well as process and specialty gases (CO2, helium, and hydrogen)
for the chemicals, food and beverage, semiconductor, and health Fiscal Year End: December
care industries. Depending on a client company's gas needs, Praxair Revenue (2005): 7656.00 M • Chairman, President, and
can build an on-site gas plant or provide gases by the cylinder. The Revenue Growth (1 yr): CEO: Dennis H. Reilley
company's Praxair Surface Technologies subsidiary supplies high- Address: 39 Old Ridgebury Rd. 16.10% • President and COO:
temperature and corrosion-resistant metallic, ceramic, and powder Danbury, CT 06810-5113 Employees (2004): 27,020 Stephen F. Angel
coatings mainly to the aircraft, plastics, and primary metals Phone: 203-837-2000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP and CFO: James S.
industries. Praxair Healthcare Services supplies hospitals and the Fax: 716-879-2040 6.20% (Jim) Sawyer
Praxair, Inc. medical homecare industry. Yes
You can clean with pride. Pride Solvents & Chemical distributes
chemicals such as alcohols, amines, chlorinated solvents, esters,
surfactants, glycol ethers, and ketones. Industries and applications
include metal cleaning, pharmaceuticals, paints and coatings,
personal care products, flavors and fragrances, and compounding
products. The company also provides custom blending and Address: 6 Long Island Ave. • CEO: A.W. Dhom Sr.
packaging services. Pride Solvents & Chemical's product suppliers Holtsville, NY 11742 • VP, Finance: Gary Klundt
Pride Solvents include Celanese, Dow Chemical, and Rhodia. Formed in 1970, the Phone: 631-758-0200 • VP, Sales: James
& Chemical family-owned company maintains five distribution locations and has Fax: 631-758-0290 Stipicevic
Co. a fleet of nearly 40 vehicles.
PVS Chemicals makes undrinkable sodas, sulfur-based chemicals,
and acids that not even Timothy Leary would find palatable. The
company's product list includes sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, liquid
caustic soda, ferric chloride, and ammonium thiosulfate. These
intimidating-sounding chemicals are used in applications such as
water treatment (wastewater, process, and municipal), electronics
manufacture (including semiconductor etching), metal finishing and Address: 10900 Harper Ave. • President and CEO:
plating, and food and pharmaceutical production. PVS Chemicals' Detroit, MI 48213 Fiscal Year End: December James B. (Jim) Nicholson
PVS subsidiaries include PVS Technologies (water treatment), Dynecol Phone: 313-921-1200 Revenue (2005): 22.10 M • VP and CFO: Donald R.
Technologies, (transportation, analysis, treatment, and recycling of chemicals), and Fax: 313-921-1378 Employees (2005): 60 Sosnoski
Inc. PVS Nolwood (chemical distribution).
Quadra Chemicals markets and distributes commodity and specialty
chemicals and provides related services to customers throughout
Canada. Quadra serves a broad customer base from a large range
of industries, including animal feed, cosmetics, food processing, Address: 370 Blvd. Joseph-
pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, petroleum, and textiles. The Carrier
Canadian company, which acquired US-based Great Western Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V
Chemical in 2001, sold its US operations in 2005 to chemicals 5V5, Canada • Chairman and President:
distributor Brenntag. Quadra also operates a fleet of trucks and Phone: 450-424-0161 Anthony (Tony) Infilise
Quadra trailers, as well as tankers and railcars. Owners include company Fax: 450-424-9458 • CFO: Pierre Thivierge
Chemicals Ltd. chairman and president Tony Infilise.
three major business segments: machinery, chemicals, and
electronic materials. Its machinery segment makes pipe-jacking
machines used for tunneling in the installation of sewer, gas, and Fiscal Year End: March
water lines and electricity and communication networks; it also Revenue (2004): 234.00 M
makes screens and pumps for dealing with the slurry that its pipe- Address: 1-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo- Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director:
jacking machines produce. The chemical products include ku, Yaesu Dai Bldg. 6.40% Masato Ryuman
phosphorous, ferric oxide, and phosphoric acid. The electronics Tokyo 104-0031, Japan Employees (2004): 748 • President: Atsuhiro Ohi
division recycles silicon wafers for re-use, produces dummy and test Phone: +81-3-3278-3801 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Director: Katsuhiko
Rasa wafers, and makes high-purity materials such as gallium and Fax: +81-3-3281-6699 (-8.20%) Yamada
Industries, Ltd. phosphorus for electronics.
Through its subsidiaries, RÜTGERS makes chemicals that include Board: Heinz Rzehak
aromatics, cosmetics, organic intermediates, petroleum products, • Head of Corporate
and pharmaceuticals. A subsidiary of RAG, RÜTGERS also has Communications and
interests in the construction, electronics, and plastics industries. The Public Relations: Klaus
company's subsidiaries are: RÜTGERS Chemicals, Bakelite, and HT Address: Rellinghauser Strasse Langhoff
Troplast. RÜTGERS is in the process of exiting the plastics 3 • Corporate
business. It has sold engineering plastics maker Isola to investment 45128 Essen, Germany Communications,
firm Texas Pacific Group and thermosetting resins producer Bakelite Phone: +49-201-1-77-02 RÜTGERS Chemicals AG:
to the former Borden Chemical (now called Hexion Specialty Fax: +49-201-1-77-21-08 Detlef Markmann
RÜTGERS AG Chemicals).
Baby, it's cold outside -- or inside. Refron distributes refrigerants
such as CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs throughout the US. The company
operates roughly 100 stockpoints and sales offices nationwide and
provides delivery services. It also offers retrofit blending, recycling Address: 38-18 33rd St. Key People
and reclamation, purity testing, technical support, and information Long Island City, NY 11101-2211 • President: Jay
sharing services. Refron's customers include HVAC contractors, Kestenbaum
facility owners, government agencies, and manufacturing and Phone: 718-392-8002 • VP, Sales: Gerald
transportation companies. The company was created in 1950 under Fax: 718-392-8006 Kestenbaum
Refron Inc. the name Refrigeration Sales Co.
India and Reliance Industries rely on each other. The company is Fiscal Year End: March
India's largest petrochemical firm and second largest company Revenue (2005): 15210.90
(behind Indian Oil and just ahead of Hindustan Petroleum). It Address: Reliance Center, 19, M
contributes about 3% of India's GDP and is the country's largest Walchand Hirachand Marg., Revenue Growth (1 yr):
exporter. Polyesters and polymers account for most of Reliance's Ballard Estate 29.00%
sales. In 2006 the company demerged into four separate entities: Mumbai 400038, India Employees (2005): 12,113
Reliance Reliance Capital Ventures, Reliance Communication Ventures, Phone: +91-22-3032-7000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Chairman and Managing
Industries Reliance Energy Ventures, and Reliance Natural Resources. Fax: +91-22-2287-0072 6.60% Director: Mukesh D.
Limited Reliance intends to take these companies public. Ambani
Ribelin Sales distributes additives, containers, extenders, fillers,
inks, and pigments to markets that include the adhesives and Address: 3857 Miller Park Dr. • Chairman: Chuck Ribelin
sealants, construction and building materials, paints, cosmetics, Garland, TX 75042 • President: Michael A.
plastics, printing, and textiles industries. The company, which Phone: 972-272-1594 Ribelin
Ribelin Sales, primarily serves the southeast, has distribution centers in Texas, Fax: 972-404-9683 • Controller: Rod Jenkins
Inc. Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.
It's all in the family at Rit-Chem. The family-run business is a go-
between company that imports, exports, markets, and contracts for
custom, high-quality, and hard-to-find chemicals. Its imports are • President and CFO:
primarily chemicals that are no longer made in the US, chemical Address: 109 Wheeler Ave. Henry L. Ritell
preparations custom-produced for Rit-Chem, or chemicals of a Pleasantville, NY 10570-3011 • VP, Market Development:
higher quality than are typically made domestically. The company Phone: 914-769-9110 Gary Rittel
Rit-Chem Co., was founded by president Henry Rittel, who remains at the helm of Fax: 914-769-1408 • VP, Sales: Wayne Rittel
Inc. business.
Rohm and Haas is the one to blame if you can't get that paint out of
your hair. The company's operations are divided among six
segments, the largest of which is the coatings group, which makes Fiscal Year End: December
additives and binders used by paint makers. The performance Revenue (2005): 7994.00 M • Chairman and CEO: Rajiv
chemicals unit makes plastics additives and antimicrobials, while the Revenue Growth (1 yr): L. (Raj) Gupta
electronic materials division manufactures photoresists and Address: 100 Independence 9.50% • VP and CFO: Jacques M.
materials for making printed wiring boards. Acrylates make up most Mall West Employees (2004): 16,691 Croisetiere
of its Monomers division, and Rohm and Haas' salt group markets Philadelphia, PA 19106-2399 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, CIO, and Director,
salt for road ice control, table salt (Morton Salt), and water softening. Phone: 215-592-3000 (-3.20%) Human Resources: Anne
Rohm and The smallest unit manufactures adhesives and sealants. The Haas Fax: 215-592-3377 M. Wilms
Haas Company family controls 28% of the company. Yes
And two shall become one. Shipley and Rodel have gotten married
and become Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, a subsidiary of
specialty chemicals giant Rohm and Haas. Its three product lines
are: Semiconductor Technologies (products for chemical mechanical • President and CEO:
polishing, which creates flawless chip surfaces, the unit's largest Pierre R. Brondeau
division), Circuit Board Technologies (chemicals and materials for Address: 455 Forest St. Fiscal Year End: December • VP and CFO: Robert
Rohm and printed circuit boards used in cell phones and computers), and Marlborough, MA 01752 Revenue (2004): 1250.00 M Harrer
Haas Packaging and Finishing Technologies (coatings for integrated Phone: 508-481-7950 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • VP and CTO: Gary S.
Electronic circuit packaging and connectors). The company accounts for almost Fax: 508-485-9113 15.80% Calabrese
Materials 20% of Rohm and Haas' revenue. Yes
Rowell Chemical keeps rolling, rolling, rolling... chemical ingredients
to its customers. Along with its subsidiary, Milport Enterprises, the
company distributes inorganic compounds, including acids, alkalis, • Chairman and CEO: Nat
bleaching agents, chelating agents and polymers, phosphates, Address: 15 Salt Creek Ln., Ste. J. Rowell
potassium salts, sodium salts, surfactants, and metal and water 205 • President: Terrence J.
treatment chemicals, primarily in the midwestern US. Rowell Hinsdale, IL 60521 Fiscal Year End: December Matray
Rowell Chemical also offers custom compounding, repackaging, and some Phone: 630-920-8833 Revenue (2005): 12.60 M • VP, Operations: Matt
Chemical chemical manufacturing services, and it operates a fleet of Fax: 630-920-8994 Employees (2005): 60 Koupal
Corporation distribution trucks, trailers, and tanks.
Royster-Clark has been spreading it on thick for more than 125
years. The company makes and distributes fertilizer and crop-
protection products. It also processes seed for other companies and Fiscal Year End: December
sells seed under its own label. Operations include some 30 fertilizer Revenue (2004): 1071.00 M
granulation and blending and seed-processing plants; 250 retail farm Address: 1251 Avenue of the Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman and CEO:
supply centers; and 75 distribution terminals and warehouses. The Americas, Ste. 900 11.60% Francis P. Jenkins Jr.
company operates primarily in the midwestern and southeastern US. New York, NY 10020 Employees (2004): 2,820 • President and COO: G.
A majority of Royster-Clark's sales come from the distribution of Phone: 212-332-2965 Employee Growth (1 yr): Kenneth (Ken) Moshenek
Royster-Clark, fertilizers bought from third parties. Royster-Clark was acquired by Fax: 212-332-2999 (-9.60%) • CFO: Paul M. Murphy
Inc. Agrium for $515 million in 2006.
SABIC isn't meant to be an anagram for basic; that's just a happy
accident. SABIC Europe manufactures, markets, and distributes
basic and intermediate petrochemicals, including hydrocarbons,
polyethylene, polypropylene, and other polyolefins, to customers Address: Poststraat 1
throughout Europe. SABIC Europe is the European arm of 6135 KR Sittard, The
petrochemical producer Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC). It produces Netherlands
nearly three million tons of polyethylene and polypropylene per year, Phone: +31-46-4767-000 • CEO: Frans H. Noteborn
and the company, formerly named SABIC EuroPetrochemicals, also Fax: +31-46-4760-530 • COO: Boy Litjens
SABIC Europe markets its parent's products throughout the continent
Got it, got it, need it, need it, got it, and got it. It is Samsung, but it's
not the guys who make all that stuff you see at the electronics store.
Rather, Samsung America Inc. (SAI) is the US arm of the Korean
commodities trading, marketing and distribution, and investment Address: 105 Challenger Rd.,
company Samsung Corporation (a part of the Samsung chaebol, or Ste. 1
industrial group). As a commodities trader, SAI deals in chemicals, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 • President and CEO: Jae
steel, metals, textiles, and natural resources. The company's Phone: 201-229-5000 Hyung Lee
Samsung marketing and distribution efforts include consumer products ranging Fax: 201-229-5080 • Treasurer: Kenny Cho
America, Inc. from health care products to FUBU clothing and Astra golf wear.
Samsung Total Petrochemicals sticks to the basics. The company
manufactures building block chemicals that go into the making of a
host of other chemicals needed to make the stuff we can use. It
starts with a naphtha cracker, yielding propylene and ethylene, which
are the raw materials in the production of polymers. Samsung Total Address: 411-1, Dokgod Ri,
divides its operations in three: polymer production (polyethylene, Daesan Up
polypropylene, high- and low-density polyethylene), base chemicals Seosan, Chungchong-nam 356-
(selling the ethylene and propylene the company does not use itself, 711, South Korea
Samsung Total as well as aromatics used to make the materials that go into Phone: +82-2-772-6642
Petrochemical synthetic fibers and such), and petrochemicals like solvents and Fax: +82-2-772-6618 • President and CEO: Ko
s Co., Ltd. liquefied petroleum gases (propane, butane, etc.). Hong-Sik
essential. The company distributes essential oils and fine and
specialty chemicals for the flavors and fragrance industry; typical
products include aromatic chemicals, terpenes, menthol crystals,
psyllium seed husk, water-soluble gums, and vanilla beans. In
addition to its New York State headquarters, Sarcom has offices in
Florida and in China, and it has distribution deals with companies in Address: 393 Church St.
France, China, and the US. It has a joint venture that produces Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 • President and CEO:
essential oils in China, and its subsidiary AEP Colloids imports and Phone: 518-580-9740 Stephen (Steve) Strouse
distributes food ingredients. The company was founded in 1982 by Fax: 518-580-8577 • Comptroller: Roy Arnold
Sarcom Inc. Bob Palagonia.
SABIC's is an acronym for the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation,
but it could stand for "seriously big industrial chemicals company."
Saudi Arabia's largest non-oil company, SABIC produces chemicals
through six business units: basic chemicals, intermediates,
polyolefins, PVC and polyester, fertilizers, and metals. The company Address: P.O. Box 5101
is one of the world's largest makers of polyethylene and Riyadh 11422, Saudi Arabia
polypropylene. The Saudi government owns 70% of SABIC but has Phone: +966-1-225-8000 • President and CEO:
Saudi Basic plans to privatize the company. The remaining 30% of the company Fax: +966-1-225-9000 Stephen (Steve) Strouse
Industries is owned by private investors in Saudi Arabia and the other counties • Comptroller: Roy Arnold
Corporation of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
SScience Company, formerly Shimura Kako, imports nickel ingots
from Canada-based Inco Limited. and processes the metal into
nickel salts such as nickel chloride and nickel sulfate (90% of sales).
Nickel salts are used in electroplating, ceramics, and pigments, and Fiscal Year End: March
as catalysts. SScience has ended its nickel smelting operations to Revenue (2004): 23.00 M
concentrate on nickel ingot processing. The company has expanded Address: 3-1-1 Marunouchi, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
into new materials, including magnets and metallic particles. It has Chiyoda-ku 18.40% • President and CEO:
developed a method for creating tiny "nanoparticles" for use in Tokyo 100-0005, Japan Employees (2004): 46 Moritoshi Shinada
catalysts; the method could be used in the creation of Phone: +81-3-3216-6431 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director: Yozo
S·Science "nanomachines." SScience's other businesses include real estate, Fax: +81-3-3214-3630 17.90% Ohta
Company, Ltd. construction materials, and environmental equipment.
From manure to your sewer, Süd-Chemie's products help make a
nasty world a nicer place. The company's adsorbents and additives
division (more than half of its sales) makes chemicals for municipal • Chairman, Supervisory
and industrial wastewater treatment, bleaching agents for the Fiscal Year End: December Board: Jürgen F. Kammer
purification of edible oils and fats, and additives for the treatment of Revenue (2004): 1176.00 M • Chairman, Managing
solid and liquid manure. The division's other products include Revenue Growth (1 yr): Board: Günter von Au
thickening agents for paints, glues, and cosmetics, as well as Address: Lenbachplatz 6 22.80% • COO and Head of the
desiccants for controlling moisture in pharmaceuticals. Süd- D-80333 Munich, Germany Employees (2004): 51,080 Absorbents and Catalysts
Süd-Chemie Chemie's catalysts are used in the manufacture of synthetic gases, Phone: +49-89-5110-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Division: Hans Jürgen
Aktiengesellsc biocides, and air-pollution control systems. One Equity Partners Fax: +49-89-5110-375 925.30% Wernicke
haft (OEP) owns about 40% of the company.
Süd-Chemie Inc. (SCI) is a catalyst for many things. The company's
catalysts are used in gases (by ammonia plants making fertilizers
and methanol plants for fuel additives), hydrogenation (for the • President and CEO:
cosmetics and consumer products industries), and in the refining Thomas A. Marx
and petrochemical processes. It also produces dessicants, humidity Address: P.O. Box 32370 • Lands and Contract
indicators, industrial minerals, skin protectants, and ingredients to Louisville, KY 40210 Fiscal Year End: December Manager and Media
help the flow of things (rheological additives). The company also Phone: 502-634-7200 Revenue (2005): 201.20 M Relations Contact: Richard
Süd-Chemie offers emissions control products and services. SCI is the US Fax: 502-634-7739 Employees (2005): 800 Power
Inc. division of German chemical big wig Süd-Chemie.
Schenectady International came to life by bringing good varnishes to
life for General Electric. Founded by Howard Wright in 1906, the
company was established to develop insulating varnishes for GE's
early electrical devices. Schenectady International has sold its
electrical insulating business to ALTANA, but it still makes friction • Chairman and CEO:
material resins for use in making brake linings and clutch facings. Wallace A. Graham
The company's other products include alkylphenols, phenolic resins, Address: 2750 Balltown Rd. • President and COO:
and electronic chemicals used in the production of semiconductors, Schenectady, NY 12304 Charles G. Griswold
Schenectady imaging products, packaging, rubber compounds, agrochemicals, Phone: 518-347-4200 • SVP, Financial and CFO:
International, dyes, fuel additives, and flavoring agents. Descendants of Wright Fax: 518-346-3111 John C. Obst
Inc. still own the company.
Like peas and carrots, so go gigantic oil companies and less gigantic • EVP, Chemicals;
but still formidable petrochemical companies. Thus, you get Royal President and CEO, Shell
Dutch/Shell Group and Shell Chemicals. The division manufactures Chemical LP: Fran Keeth
all manner of petrochemicals and is a leader or among the leaders in Address: Shell Centre, 2 York • VP, Asia/Pacific/Middle
producing olefins, aromatics, solvents, phenols, and glycols for Rd. Fiscal Year End: December East Ventures and
customers that make products such as plastics, coatings, and London SE1 7NA, United Revenue (2004): 29497.00 Development: Tan Ek Kia
detergents. Shell and BASF had been partners in a polyolefins- Kingdom M • VP, Strategy,
Shell making joint venture called Basell but sold the JV in 2005 to private Phone: +44-20-7934-1234 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Acquisitions, and
Chemicals investment firm Access Industries. Infineum is another joint venture Fax: +44-20-7934-7703 41.70% Divestments: Sven Royall
Limited (with ExxonMobil Chemical) that makes lubricant additives.
Shintech produces PVC (the chemical also known as polyvinyl Address: #3 Greenway Plaza, • President and CEO,
chloride). Based in Houston, Shintech also has plants in Freeport, Ste. 1150 Director: Chihiro Kanagawa
Texas and in Louisiana. Shintech serves customers primarily in Houston, TX 77046 Fiscal Year End: March
North American, but also exports its products worldwide. Established Phone: 713-965-0713 Revenue (2005): 53.30 M • Senior Managing Director:
in 1973, Shintech is a US subsidiary of Japanese diversified Fax: 713-965-0629 Employees (2005): 260 Yasuhiko Saitoh
Shintech, Inc. chemicals giant Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.
Showa Denko is one of Japan's leading producers of chemicals and
industrial materials. The company's sectors include petrochemicals Fiscal Year End: December
(olefins, organic chemicals, plastic products), aluminum (aluminum Revenue (2004): 7184.10 M • Chairman: Mitsuo Ohashi
cans, sheets, ingots, foils), electronics (semiconductors, ceramic Address: 13-9 Shiba-Daimon 1- Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
materials, hard disks), chemicals (industrial gases, ammonia, Chome, Minato-ku 11.60% Kyohei Takahashi
agrochemicals), and inorganic materials (ceramics, graphite Tokyo 105-8518, Japan Employees (2004): 11,166 • Managing Director;
electrodes). Showa Denko, which is part of Japan's Fuyo Group, has Phone: +81-3-5470-3235 Employee Growth (1 yr): Business Support Center:
Showa Denko more than 180 subsidiaries and affiliates. In 1939 Nihon Electrical Fax: +81-3-3436-2625 (-2.70%) Hiroshi Ito
K.K. Industries and Showa Fertilizers combined to form Showa Denko.
Siel Ltd. helps make India a bit cleaner and fatter. The
conglomerate's businesses manufacture cleaning chemicals (caustic
soda, chlorine, bleaching powder), and edible vegetable oils. Its
consumer oils are sold under the Cornola, Panghat, Ruby, and Address: Kirti Mahal, 5, 19 • Chairman: Siddharth
Sunbeam brands . As part of a plan to restructure the company's Rajendra Pl. Shriram
debts, spun off its sugar operations into a new company, Mawana New Delhi 110 008, India • Wholetime Director,
Sugars Ltd. Other associated, joint venture, or subsidiary companies Phone: +91-11-25739103 Fiscal Year End: March Secretary, and Compliance
include Honda Siel Power Products (portable generators, pumps), Fax: +91-11-25743659 Revenue (2005): 50.20 M Officer: K. P. Singh
Siel Ltd. Usha International (electronic products).
Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical manufactures chemicals from
petroleum chemical fibres, polyester plastic, chemical raw materials
and products, crude oil, petroleum refined products, hydrocarbon
compound derivatives, fuel and equipment. Major products include
ethylene, butadiene, polyethylene, polypropylene, refined PTA, Address: 777 Xinhua Rd.,
ethylene glycol, aromatic hydrocarbons, acetic acid, gasoline, diesel, Yanjian Development Zone,
kerosene, and liquefied gas. The company operates close to 35 Luhe District Revenue (2004): 3835.10 M
Sinopec manufactuing plants. China Petroleum & Chemical (Sinopec), which Nanjing 210048, China Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Yangzi is controlled by the Chinese government, owns a controlling interest Phone: +86-25-5778-2200 44.40%
Petrochemical in Yangzi Petrochemical. Sinopec has announced plans to buy back Fax: +86-25-5778-4389 Employees (2004): 8,731
Co., Ltd. the company and privatize it. • Chairman: Dai Houliang
SNF Floerger is among the world's leading manufacturers of
synthetic flocculants, laying claim to more than 25% of the world's Fiscal Year End: December
market. (Synthetic flocculents are used in water treatment.) SNF Revenue (2004): 777.50 M
Floerger also makes other products, including acrylamides and Address: ZAC de Milieux Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman and President:
acrylates. The company has more than 30 subsidiaries and 42163 Andrézieux Cedex, 9.20% René Pich
operations in more than 140 countries around the world, including France Employees (2004): 1,700 • CFO: Philippe Chaut
SNF Inc. in the US and SNF (India), which is building a new facility Phone: +33-4-77-36-86-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Technical Director: René
SNF Floerger with backing from the Indian government. SNF Floerger generates Fax: +33-4-77-36-86-96 0.00% Hund
SAS nearly all of its sales outside of France.
manufactures synthetic flocculant, coagulant, and dispersant
polymers used for municipal and industrial water and wastewater
treatment. Other industries served by SNF include paper processing, • President: Peter Nichols
textile printing, oil production, agriculture, and personal-care • VP, Finance: James
products manufacturing. The American arm of French polymer Address: 1 Chemical Plant Rd. Carlson
maker SNF Floerger, the company has nine polymer production Riceboro, GA 31323 • Business Development
facilities around the US. Business units include Chemtall, Floquip Phone: 912-884-3366 and Marketing Manager:
(polymer preparation equipment), Pearl River Polymers, Polychemie, Fax: 912-884-5031 Scott Ramey
SNF Inc. and Polydyne.
Mamma mia, it's Snia! The company, a leading Italian manufacturer
of chemical and fiber products, has spun off its medical products
businesses to concentrate on chemicals and textiles. Snia's
chemical division, operating through subsidiary Caffaro, produces
base, specialty, and fine chemicals. Snia's textile yarn business,
Nylstar (run as a joint venture with Rhodia), produces cellulose Address: Via Friuli, 55 • Chairman: Umberto Rosa
acetate filament, nylon, and rayon. Italian financial company Bios 20131 Cesano Maderno, Milano, • Operating Vice Chairman:
S.p.A. owned just over 50% of Snia until 2005 when it spun off its Italy Andrea Matiussi
holding to Bios shareholders, including Hopa S.p.A. (controlled by Phone: +39-02-63321 • CEO and Board Member:
financier Emilio Gnutti), banking group Antonveneta, and Banca Fax: +39-02-6332-358 Carlo Vanoli
Snia S.p.A. Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
Société d'Oxygène et d'Acetylène d'Extrême-Orient (SOAEO)
provides a basic element of manufacturing (not to mention life):
oxygen. A publicly traded subsidiary of French gas manufacturer Air
Liquide, SOAEO packages and distributes oxygen, acetylene, and
other gases and equipment used for welding; the company's • Chairman: Jean-Claude
Société products also have medical applications. Customers include the Address: 75, Quai d'Orsay Fiscal Year End: December Buono
d'Oxygène et chemical, steel, electronics manufacturing, and health care 75321 Paris Cedex, France Revenue (2004): 259.50 M • CEO: Lee Chun Wah
d'Acetylène industries. Although SOAEO is based in France, all of the company's Phone: +33-1-40-62-55-55 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Head of Communications:
d'Extrême- manufacturing operations are in Asia. Air Liquide owns 87% of Fax: +33-1-40-62-54-65 172.30% Dominique Maire
Orient SOAEO.
• Chairman and Managing
Look to SOL for more than sunlight. SOL S.p.A., the major operating Fiscal Year End: December Director: Aldo Fumagalli
entity of the SOL Group, produces and distributes industrial gases -- Revenue (2004): 437.60 M Romario
oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, gas mixtures, and more -- Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Vice Chairman and
used in the technical and medical arenas. Sister companies include Address: Piazza Diaz, 1 16.80% Managing Director: Marco
Vivisol (oxygen and related respiratory treatment equipment) and Sol 20052 Monza, Milano, Italy Employees (2004): 1,447 Annoni
Welding (equipment and materials for the welding market sold under Phone: +39-039-239-61 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Officer: Marco
the Esseti and Overweld brands, among others). Headquartered in Fax: +39-039-239-6371 6.20% Filippi
SOL S.p.A. Italy, SOL has operations located in 15 countries in Europe.
Despite the address in Belgium, Solvay doesn't waffle at all when it
comes to the chemical sector. The industrial giant's chemicals
division, Solvay Chemicals, accounts for about a third of its Fiscal Year End: December
business. The unit's products include soda ash, calcium carbonate, Revenue (2004): 3318.60 M
and both organic and inorganic fluorides. Solvay Chemicals is Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
comprised primarily of three formerly separate subsidiaries: Solvays Address: 3333 Richmond Ave. 5.40% Richard L. Hogan
Interox, Minerals, and Fluorides. The company is among the world Houston, TX 77098-3099 Employees (2004): 8,594 • VP, Finance and
Solvay leaders in a number of product lines, including fluorochemicals, Phone: 713-525-6500 Employee Growth (1 yr): Customer Order Services:
Chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, detergents, and electrochemical specialties. Its Fax: 713-525-7806 (-10.50%) Stephen Kovar
Inc. more than 40 plants are spread throughout the world.
Like Jean-Claude Van Damme rendered as a scientific equation,
specialty chemicals company Solvay is the muscles from Brussels.
With subsidiaries and affiliated companies in about 50 countries, the
Belgium-based Solvay operates in three sectors: chemicals, Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman, Executive
pharmaceuticals, and plastics. Its chemicals sector makes hydrogen Revenue (2004): 10744.20 Committee, and Director:
peroxide and soda ash (used to make glass). Solvay's M Aloïs Michielsen
pharmaceuticals include cardiological drugs, gastrointestinal Address: Rue du Prince Albert, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • General Manager,
enzymes, and antidepressants. And the company's plastics 33 13.30% Chemicals: Christian
compounds include vinyl and polyethylene products; it also B-1050 Brussels, Belgium Employees (2004): 29,300 Jourquin
processes plastics into pipe, waterproofing foils, and fuel and air Phone: +32-2-509-6111 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Baron Daniel
intake systems for automobiles. Belgian holding company Solvac Fax: +32-2-509-6617 (-2.30%) Janssen
Solvay SA owns 26% of Solvay. Yes
Just as its name suggests, Solvents and Chemicals distributes
chemicals and solvents such as acids, alcohols, amines, chlorinated
solvents, esters, glycol ethers, ketones, plasticizers, and sulfates.
The company's customers include members of the paints and
coatings, petroleum refining, and plastic industries. It delivers Address: 4704 Shank Rd.
products throughout four states in the southwestern US and exports Pearland, TX 77581 Fiscal Year End: December • President: Gabriel Baizan
Solvents and commodities to Latin America and the Middle East. Suppliers include Phone: 281-485-5377 Revenue (2005): 8.80 M • Controller: Carl Caldwell
Chemicals, Equistar Chemicals, Lyondell Chemical, and Shell Chemical. Fax: 281-485-6129 Employees (2005): 43 • EVP: Jean-Pierre Baizan
Inc. Founder Gabriel Baizan formed the company in the late 1960s.
Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) has a knack for developing industrial
minerals and chemicals for the paper, coatings, building materials,
ceramic, glass, polymer, and food industries. Its primary product is • Chairman, President, and
precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), which brightens and whitens Address: The Chrysler Building, CEO: Paul R. Saueracker
paper, teeth, and paint. In addition to the paper industry, 405 Lexington Ave. • EVP: Anton Dulski
pharmaceutical companies also are big users of PCC (as a buffering New York, NY 10174 • Group SVP, Finance;
agent in tablets). Other mineral products include quicklime, Phone: 212-878-1800 Fiscal Year End: December CFO; and Treasurer: John
Specialty limestone, and talc. SMI is a subsidiary of Minerals Technologies, Fax: 212-878-1801 Revenue (2004): 623.40 M A. Sorel
Minerals, Inc. accounting for about two-thirds of its parent's sales.
SRF Limited is a diversified manufacturer with three core
businesses: chemicals, industrial fabrics, and industrial synthetics. Fiscal Year End: March
The company's chemicals are used for refrigeration and air Revenue (2005): 261.80 M
conditioning. Its fabrics are fashioned into conveyor belts used in Address: Express Bldg., 1st Fl. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman and Managing
such industries as mining and utilities. SRF Limited's synthetic 9-10, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg 40.70% Director: Arun Bharat Ram
packaging films are used to contain consumer goods like soap, New Delhi 110002, India Employees (2004): 1,728 • VP, IT & HR: Kartikeya
shampoo, and tea. Founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of nylon tire Phone: +91-11-237-384-94 Employee Growth (1 yr): Bharat Ram
cord fabric, today the company is one of the world's largest Fax: +91-11-233-240-52 (-16.80%) • CFO: S.G.Y. Narayanan
SRF Limited producers of tire cord and a leading maker of belting fabrics.
A not so sterling record is being burnished by petrochemical
manufacturer Sterling Chemicals. Sterling is focused on producing
core products, including styrene (ultimately used to produce
disposable cups, packaging, and plastic products), and acetic acid Fiscal Year End: December
(an ingredient in adhesives, coatings, and fibers). Its products are Revenue (2004): 851.70 M • CEO, President, and
primarily sold to other chemical producers, as well as consumer and Revenue Growth (1 yr): Director: Richard K. Crump
industrial product manufacturers. The company (formerly Sterling Address: 333 Clay St., Ste. 3600 44.20% • SVP, Finance, and CFO:
Chemicals Holdings) came out of bankruptcy in late 2002 and went Houston, TX 77002-4109 Employees (2004): 336 Paul G. Vanderhoven
Sterling public again in mid-2003. Resurgence Asset Management owns Phone: 713-650-3700 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP, Commercial: Paul
Chemicals, about 80% of the company. Sterling left the acrylonitrile business in Fax: 713-654-9551 (-21.90%) C. Rostek
Inc. 2005 due to a history of losses in the division. Yes
• President: Hiromasa
Japan's #3 chemical producer behind Mitsubishi Chemical and Asahi Fiscal Year End: March Yonekura
Kasei, Sumitomo Chemical makes chemicals for almost everything Revenue (2004): 10965.40 • EVP, Technology and
made and grown under the sun. About one-third of the company's M Research and
sales come from petrochemicals such as polypropylene, ethylene, Address: 27-1, Shinkawa 2- Revenue Growth (1 yr): Development: Satoshi
and elastomers. Sumitomo's other major units make chome, Chuo-ku 18.30% Kawachi
Sumitomo pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, Tokyo 104-8260, Japan Employees (2004): 19,036 • Managing Director,
Chemical and fertilizers), and basic chemicals such as caustic soda and Phone: +81-3-5543-5102 Employee Growth (1 yr): Finance and Accounting
Company, methanol. The company also makes chemicals for electronics and Fax: +81-3-5543-5901 6.30% Office, Investor a: Yuji Ito
Limited fine chemicals. The company is part of Japan's Sumitomo Group.
If you can't stand the heat, use one of the chemicals that Summit
Environmental distributes. The company is the sole marketer and
distributor of FlameOut, an EPA-approved (and thus environmentally • Chairman and CEO: B.
friendly) replacement for Halon for both commercial and residential Fiscal Year End: December Keith Parker
fire fighting. FlameOut is also approved for use by the US Forestry Revenue (2004): 0.20 M • CFO and Director: Chris
Service; it is manufactured by BioGenesis. Additionally, Summit Revenue Growth (1 yr): Dellinges
distributes a similar product, FirePower, as well as kind-to-the-Earth Address: 210 S. Green 31.50% • VP Shareholder and
Summit cleaning products (Ultimate Clean) and a line of cosmetics Longview, TX 75601 Employees (2004): 5 Public Relations, Secretary,
Environmental (Pannache). The company markets its products through strategic Phone: 800-522-7841 Employee Growth (1 yr): and Director: Paula B.
Corporation, alliances and distribution agreements in the Asia/Pacific region, Fax: 903-758-1903 0.00% Parker
Inc. Europe, North America, and South America. Yes
Sunoco Chemicals has bulked up on polypropylene and phenol. In
addition, the company produces benzene (and its derivatives) for
manufacturers of fibers and detergents; toluene and xylenes for
makers of fibers, film, and urethane products; and ethylene for Address: 10 Penn Center, 1801 • President: Bruce G.
specialty chemical companies. Sunoco Chemicals produces Market St. Fiscal Year End: December Fischer
chemicals at eight facilities in the US. Most of the company's sales Philadelphia, PA 19103-1699 Revenue (2004): 2197.00 M • Director, Information and
are in the US. The chemical producer, a unit of oil refiner and Phone: 215-977-3321 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Technology: Michael B.
Sunoco marketer Sunoco, Inc., doubled in size with its 2001 purchase of Fax: 215-977-3470 35.00% Yuhas
Chemicals Aristech Chemical, formerly a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp.
Despite the oily name, Superior Oil actually distributes industrial
products and provides chemical and waste services. Superior's
solvents and chemicals division -- which has nine stocking facilities
and a fleet of some 160 trucks, trailers, and tankers -- supplies
manufacturers of paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, fabricated
metal products, and adhesives. The fiberglass and resins unit sells
to clients that make products ranging from parts for recreational Address: 400 W. Regent St. • President: Ray Roembke
vehicles to bathtubs and showers. Superior Oil also provides Indianapolis, IN 46225 • CFO and Director, Human
blending, solvent reclamation, and hazardous waste removal Phone: 317-781-4400 Resources: Robert
Superior Oil services. Suppliers include BASF, Celanese, and Chevron Phillips. Fax: 317-781-4401 Andersen
Company, Inc. The company is owned by members of its management team.
Anyone who's grilled with charcoal would question its ability to make
water cleaner, but Sutcliffe Speakman swears by it. The company
makes activated carbon (which has charcoal as a precursor) as a
filter for water treatment, gas and air purification, and solvent
recovery; its large internal surface area allows activated carbon to Address: Edgar House, Lockett
act as an adsorbent. In addition to supplying activated carbons, Road
Sutcliffe Speakman supplies emission contol systems worldwide for Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire • Managing Director: Allan
industries that include the chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, and WN4 8DE, United Kingdom Singleton
Sutcliffe food and beverage sectors. Global activated carbon maker Calgon Phone: +44-1942-275-400 • Sales and Marketing
Speakman Carbon, which operates in Europe through Chemviron Carbon, Fax: +44-1942-275-600 Director: Ralph Lowery
Limited bought Sutcliffe Speakman in 2004.
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation is a diversified company that
makes industrial gases, gas-handling equipment (including high-
purity systems for semiconductor production), packaged foods, and Address: 16-7, Nishi-Shinbashi
house wares. The company markets its products to the food and 1-chome, Minato-ku Fiscal Year End: March • Chairman: Konosuke Ose
beverage, shipbuilding, aerospace, chemical, and steel industries. Tokyo 105-8442, Japan Revenue (2004): 2179.80 M
Taiyo Nippon Nippon Sanso maintains the Thermos brand of vacuum bottles in Phone: +81-3-3581-8200 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
Sanso Japan. Effective October 1, 2004 the company merged with Taiyo Fax: +81-3-3581-8755 9.60% Hiroshi Taguchi
Corporation Toyo with the surviving company taking the combined new name
Tanner plies the trade of chemical shipping and warehousing. The
company distributes anhydrous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide
by tank truck, railcar, drum, and cylinder to US customers from
approximately 20 facilities east of the Mississippi. It also provides • CEO: Raymond C.
custom blending, contract packaging, and safety training services. Tanner
Tanner's products are sold to companies in the refrigeration, metal Address: 735 Davisville Rd. • President and COO:
treatment, agriculture, chemical production, personal care product, Southampton, PA 18966 Fiscal Year End: December Stephen B. Tanner
pulp and paper, and water treatment industries. The company, which Phone: 215-322-1238 Revenue (2005): 52.10 M • Director, Sales: Tom
Tanner was founded in 1954 by Lawrence Tanner, is run by a third Fax: 215-322-7791 Employees (2005): 102 Hearn
Industries, Inc. generation of Tanner family members.
TCR doesn't make chemicals, it sells them. The company markets
specialty chemicals to companies that use them to make adhesives,
coatings, inks, food, sealants, plastics, and building products. TCR, Address: 26 Centerpointe Dr.,
which maintains six warehouses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Ste. 120 • CEO: Anthony Rumfola
Oregon, and Utah, distributes the goods of some 25 manufacturers. La Palma, CA 90623 • President and COO: Sam
Typical products distributed include epoxies, resins, additives, latex, Phone: 714-521-5222 Revenue (2005): 5.40 M Rumfola
TCR carbon black, calcium carbonate, waxes, pigments, polymers, Fax: 714-521-1636 Employees (2005): 25 • VP, Finance: Don Smith
Industries, Inc. vegetable oils, and dispersants and surfactants.
Technology Flavors & Fragrances (TFF) would like you to come to
your senses by way of its products. Just as its name indicates, TFF • Chairman and CEO:
makes flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of beverages, Fiscal Year End: December Philip (Phil) Rosner
cosmetics, foods, liquors, and pharmaceuticals. The company, Revenue (2004): 16.00 M • VP, CFO, Secretary, and
founded in 1989, works with its clients to develop unique tastes and Revenue Growth (1 yr): Treasurer: Joseph A.
aromas for both consumer and institutional products; it has some Address: 10 Edison St. E. 2.60% Gemmo
Technology 36,000 flavor and fragrance product formulations in its library. Amityville, NY 11701-2814 Employees (2004): 67 • VP, Business
Flavors & Formulations developed by TFF are used in more than 1,200 Phone: 631-842-7600 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development Worldwide:
Fragrances, products sold worldwide. TFF has been acquired by industry rival Fax: 631-842-8332 6.30% Phillip D. (Phil) Ross
Inc. FFG Industries, which is owned by investment firm Nautic Partners.
completion chemicals. The company is a distributor of drilling fluids
and specialty chemicals to oil and gas customers operating primarily Address: 1525 N. Post Oak Rd.
in the Gulf Coast region of the US. Tekcor Technology's products Houston, TX 77055 • CEO: Thomas (Thom)
Tekcor include completion, corrosion control, displacement, fluid loss Phone: 713-688-3278 Venus
Technology, control, polymer, and surfactant fluids. The company was founded in Fax: 713-688-3620 • President: Tim Harris
Ltd. 2000.
The road does get bumpy, doesn't it? The road to success for fuel-
additive maker Texas Petrochemicals (TPC) had been smoothed by
the US Clean Air Act of 1990, which requires an oxygenate be
added to gasoline in heavily populated areas. The company had
been getting about half its sales from the production of MTBE, the • Chairman: Mark C.
predominant oxygenate used in the US; however, it is reducing its Demetree
dependence on MTBE following several contamination incidents. Address: 3 Riverway, Ste. 1500 Fiscal Year End: June • President, CEO, and
TPC's product line now focuses on C4 hydrocarbons, including Houston, TX 77056-1935 Revenue (2004): 646.20 M Director: Charles W.
Texas butadiene (for synthetic rubber), butene-1 (used in the production of Phone: 713-627-7474 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (Charlie) Shaver
Petrochemical ethylene), high-purity isobutylene (an intermediate for lube oils and Fax: 713-626-3650 (-8.80%) • CFO: Ruth I. Dreessen
s LP specialty resins), and diisobutylene (a raw ingredient for surfactants). Yes
than 20 companies such as Akzo Nobel, Dover Chemical,
International Specialty Products, and PolyOne. Products include
resins, colloids, specialty amines, silicas, carbon black, flame Address: 1761 S. Naperville Rd. • CEO: Terry Hilson
retardants, cosmetic ingredients, biocides, polymers, catalysts, Wheaton, IL 60187 • President: Lori Hilson
lubricants, and epoxies. Customers include businesses in the Phone: 630-665-3085 • Manager, Accounting:
TH Hilson coatings, adhesives, lubricants, industrial, and personal care Fax: 630-665-0196 Diana Hennig
Company markets.
Thai Petrochemical Industry (TPI) is the leading integrated
petrochemical company in Thailand, producing naphtha, liquefied
petroleum gas, and lubricant oils. The bankrupt company is being Address: TPI Tower, 11th Fl., Fiscal Year End: December • CEO: Prachai
reorganized by the Thai government -- the country's largest such 26/56 Chan Tat Mai Rd. Revenue (2004): 3997.40 M Leophairatana
restructuring case -- and plans to emerge from bankruptcy in 2006. Bangkok 10120, Thailand Revenue Growth (1 yr): • SVP, Finance and
Thai PTT Plc, Thailand's largest oil and gas group, purchased a 31.5% Phone: +66-0-2678-5000 65.10% Accounting: Prasert
Petrochemical stake in the company in late 2005, although a legal battle to win Fax: +66- 0-2678-5001-5 Employees (2004): 7,464 Ittimakin
Industry PCL majority control of the company waged on into the following year.
If you don't know what The Chemical Company (TCC) sells then
you're probably not that smart. (Hint: It starts with a C and rhymes
with schmemicals.) The company distributes a wide variety of • CEO: Robert N. (Nick)
specialty and commodity chemicals, from resins and polymers to Address: 19 Narragansett Roach Jr.
acids and flame retardants. Its chemicals are used in a range of Address: 19 Narragansett Ave. Ave. • CFO: Frances H.
products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food, and Jamestown, RI 02835 Jamestown, RI 02835 Gammell-Roach
paper. TCC operates nearly 20 warehouses and provides delivery Phone: 401-423-3100 Phone: 401-423-3100 • EVP, Sales: Forest
The Chemical services to customers throughout the US and Canada. The company Fax: 401-423-3102 Fax: 401-423-3102 Goodman
Company also offers custom manufacturing services.
production of plastics, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and herbicides and
pesticides. The largest chemical company in the US and #2 • Chairman, President, and
worldwide (ahead of ExxonMobil and behind BASF), Dow also is a Fiscal Year End: December CEO: Andrew N. Liveris
leader in performance plastics (engineering plastics, polyurethanes, Revenue (2005): 46307.00 • EVP, CFO, and Director:
and Dow Automotive). Other products include polyethylene resins for M Geoffery E. (Geoff) Merszei
packaging (including Styrofoam brand insulation), fibers, and films, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
as well as performance chemicals like acrylic acid. The company Address: 2030 Dow Center 15.30% • EVP, Performance
also manufactures commodity chemicals (chlor-alkalies and glycols) Midland, MI 48674 Employees (2004): 43,203 Plastics and Chemicals
The Dow and agricultural chemicals. Its smallest unit, Hydrocarbons and Phone: 989-636-1000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Portfolio: Romeo Kreinberg
Chemical Energy, makes petrochemicals. Dow makes more than 3,500 Fax: 989-636-3518 (-6.80%)
Company products. Yes
M.F. Cachat distributes a cachet of specialty chemical products. The
company supplies chemicals such as adhesives and sealants, food • President: Michael Cachat
additives, inorganics, pigments, polyglycols, resins, surfactants, and
thickening agents to members of the adhesives and sealants, paints Address: 14600 Detroit Ave. • VP, Finance: Bruce
and coatings, food, plastics, and rubber industries. The company's Lakewood, OH 44107 Fiscal Year End: December Jarosz
operations are focused in the midwestern and northeastern US. M.F. Phone: 216-228-8900 Revenue (2005): 70.00 M • President, Sales: John
The M.F. Cachat, founded in 1977, has expanded through acquisitions of Fax: 216-228-9916 Employees (2005): 53 Mastrantoni
Cachat Co. other distributors.
Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry doesn't run a charity, but it does
have a soup kitchen of sorts. The company makes specialty polymer
chemicals like Gohsenol, a polyvinyl alcohol that affects water
solubility, and Soarnol, a resin for use with food packaging and fuel Fiscal Year End: March
tanks. Most of the company's products -- produced by the acetyl and Address: Umeda Sky Building Revenue (2004): 680.30 M
fine chemical, functional resin, and advanced product (electronic Tower East, 1-1-88 Ohyodo- Revenue Growth (1 yr):
The Nippon components, film) divisions -- are synthetic raw materials used in Naka, Kita-ku 16.50%
Synthetic consumer products. Nippon Synthetic Chemical creates vinyl resins, Osaka 531-0076, Japan Employees (2004): 1,496
Chemical polymers, and liquefied acetylene that end up in agriculture, Phone: +81-6-6440-5300 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Industry Co., packaging, and electronic products. Mitsubishi Chemical owns more Fax: +81-6-6440-5330 (-0.90%) • President and Director:
Ltd. than a third of the company. Yoshiaki Hirai
The Plaza Group (TPG) is an international distributor of
petrochemical solvents and chemical intermediates. Established in
1994, TPG is the exclusive marketer of some products from • President: Randy E.
companies such as Shell Oil and Frontier Oil. The company markets Velarde
to FORTUNE 500 companies, major international enterprises, direct Address: 10375 Richmond Ave., • Financial Director: Robert
consumers, and chemical distributors. Its products are used in the Ste. 1620 (Bob) Imm
production of resins, coatings, and adhesives. TPG partners with Houston, TX 77042-4143 • Director, Business and
global suppliers in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. The Phone: 713-266-1059 Sales: Wilfred J. (Wilf)
The Plaza company is owned by president Randy Velarde and is one of the Fax: 713-266-8660 Kimball
Group largest minority-owned business in Houston, as well as in the US.
Thunder Sword Resources gets its power from many places. Its
main properties include the Pilot Harbour gold exploration project Address: 736 Granville St., Ste.
(Ontario) and the Geermu magnesium chloride project (China). It is 1006
also looking into importing magnesium chloride from Israel (due to Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z Fiscal Year End: October
lower shipping costs). The company plans to import the liquefied 1G1, Canada Revenue (2004): 0.00 M
Thunder magnesium and sell it for use in dust control, fertilizer, and highway Phone: 604-682-4429 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
Sword de-icing products. Thunder Sword Resources is also researching Fax: 604-682-4624 (-41.40%) Director: Siegfried (Siggy)
Resources Inc. other uses for magnesium chloride. Naguschewski
Tilley distributes chemicals, oils, and lubricants over roads both flat
and hilly. The company offers a full range of chemicals, specialty
chemicals, and solvents for customers in the food, personal care,
and pharmaceutical industries. Its oil and lubricant products -- motor Address: 501 Chesapeake Park • President and CEO: John
oils, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, rust preventers, metalworking Plaza Tilley
fluids -- are typically used by those in the automotive and Baltimore, MD 21220 • Controller: Kirk Izer
manufacturing industries. Tilley also provides packaging, transfer, Phone: 410-574-4500 • VP, Sales: Richard
Tilley Chemical and handling services. Founded in 1952, Tilley's suppliers include Fax: 410-391-6665 Mumley
Company, Inc. Morton Salt, BASF, Rhodia, and Dow.
Tiszai Vegyi Kombinát Rt. (TVK) began as a factory commissioned
to produce paint for the Soviet Union; after a switch to the production
of fertilizer, today it manufactures petrochemicals, primarily
polyolefins, from about seven plants. TVK is Hungary's sole Fiscal Year End: December
manufacturer of polyolefins and has 20% of Central Europe's Revenue (2004): 979.20 M • Chairman: György
petrochemical market share. The company sells its products to Revenue Growth (1 yr): Mosonyi
small- and medium-sized plastics makers in more than 40 countries, Address: TVK Ipartelep, Gyári út 35.70% • CEO and Deputy
though primarily in Europe. TVK is majority owned by Hungary's 3581 Tiszaújváros, Hungary Employees (2004): 1,724 Chairman: Árpád Olvasó
largest company, oil biggie MOL Group; it merged with another Phone: +36-49-522-222 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Director, Operations:
Tiszai Vegyi member of the MOL Group, the Slovak petrochem company Slovnaft Fax: +36-49-521-322 (-17.60%) László Sebestyén
Kombinát Rt. in early 2004.
company's largest business segments produce acrylic acids and
esters (used in fibers, rubber, and paper processors) and chloralkali Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Bunshiro
chemicals, including caustic soda and chlorine. Toagosei also is a Revenue (2004): 1399.40 M Fukuzawa
major producer of plastic products such as PVC pipe and couplings Address: 1-14-1, Nishi- Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and CEO:
and other inorganic chemicals such as sulfuric acid (used in Shinbashi, Minato-ku 13.20% Akihiko Yamadera
fertilizers) and industrial gases (oxygen and nitrogen) for medical Tokyo 105-8419, Japan Employees (2004): 2,597 • Director, New Business
use. The company also produces adhesives, including instant Phone: +81-3-3597-7215 Employee Growth (1 yr): Planning and Development
Toagosei Co., adhesive Aron Alpha, which is better known as Crazy Glue in the Fax: +81-3-3597-7217 (-6.10%) and Director: Hideki Kato
Ltd. US.
Don't be fooled; it's a big distributor to women, too. Tomen America
Inc., a subsidiary of Japanese trading conglomerate TOMEN, has
divisions that deal in chemicals, food & produce, lumber, machinery,
real estate, and textiles. Active in the US since 1950, Tomen
America maintains branch offices Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit,
Houston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, and San Address: 1285 Avenue of the
Jose. A sample of operations: subsidiary Deepwater Chemicals Americas
provides iodine derivatives to the agriculture, photography, ink and New York, NY 10019 Fiscal Year End: March • President: Tatsushi Yano
colorants, pharmaceutical, and water treatment industries; Tomen Phone: 212-397-4600 Revenue (2004): 775.00 M • VP and CFO: Minoru
Tomen Grain Co., transports corn, soy, and other grains from the Midwest to Fax: 212-582-2007 Employees (2004): 200 Hirata
America Inc. the Gulf Coast for shipment around the world.
Tosoh America is a holding company for several chemical and
specialty materials subsidiaries of Tokyo-based parent company
Tosoh Corporation. Tosoh America provides finance, human
resources, and information technology services for its Japanese Address: 3600 Gantz Rd. • President, Tosoh
parent's American operations. Tosoh America, founded in 1989, Grove City, OH 43123-1895 Fiscal Year End: March Corporation: Katsumi
maintains facilities in California, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Phone: 614-539-8622 Revenue (2005): 256.70 M Ishikawa
Tosoh America Pennsylvania, and Texas. The Tosoh USA division handles sales, Fax: 614-539-8722 Employees (2005): 800 • Treasurer: Joel Moor
Inc. marketing, and business development.
Founded in 1935 as a maker of caustic soda, Tosoh (a Japanese
abbreviation of oriental soda) still produces caustic soda but has
expanded into a number of other areas. Today Tosoh's three core
businesses -- petro-, basic, and specialty chemicals -- account for Fiscal Year End: March
roughly equal portions of sales. The company's basic chemicals Revenue (2004): 4585.20 M
include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and Address: 3-8-2, Shiba, Minato- Revenue Growth (1 yr):
chlorine. Petrochemicals include olefins such as benzene, toluene, ku 16.40% • Chairman and CEO:
and ethylene, as well as various polymers. Tosoh has been focusing Tokyo 105-8623, Japan Employees (2004): 9,196 Madoka Tashiro
on higher-margin specialty chemicals like ethylene amines and Phone: +81-3-5427-5118 Employee Growth (1 yr): • President and COO:
Tosoh specialty materials such as quartz. The company has more than 140 Fax: +81-3-5427-5198 0.30% Takashi Tsuchiya
Corporation affiliates worldwide but gets about 90% of sales from Japan.
Total Petrochemicals is just a small portion of a very large TOTAL.
The company is the business unit in charge of the French energy
giant's worldwide production of base petrochemicals (olefins and Fiscal Year End: December
aromatics), polyethylene, polypropylene, and styrenics (styrene, Revenue (2004): 12276.00
polystyrene, and elastomers). Olefins are the basic building blocks of M
the chemical world, such as ethylene and propylene, which are Revenue Growth (1 yr):
manufactured primarily from natural gas and naphtha; they are the Address: Rue de l'Industrie 52 46.00%
raw materials used in just about everything the company makes. 1040 Brussels, Belgium Employees (2004): 7,000
Total Total Petrochemicals operates facilities that are integrated with Phone: +32-2-288-9111 Employee Growth (1 yr):
Petrochemical TOTAL's refining plants. Its main production operations are located Fax: +32-2-288-3369 (-6.70%) • President: Jean-Bernard
s in Belgium, China, France, Singapore, and the US. Lartigue
from France. But Total Petrochemicals USA, the North American
arm of French energy giant Total's basic chemicals unit, is doing just
fine in Houston. The company manufactures base and • President and CEO; VP,
petrochemicals from its facilities in Texas and Louisiana and also Base Chemicals: Bernard
operates a refinery in Texas. Total Petrochemicals produces Claude
polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, and transportation fuels. Address: 1201 Louisiana St., • CFO: Bertrand de La
Total operates on the theory that a petrochemical company is run Ste. 1800 Noue
Total best when it's tightly integrated with its petroleum company parent. Houston, TX 77002 • VP and CIO: Lee
Petrochemical And so Total Petrochemicals USA runs its facilities in conjunction Phone: 713-483-5000 O'Shields
s USA, Inc. with Total's plants in the US.
TR International Trading Company (TRI) walks softly and carries a
big chemical distributorship. The company distributes all manner of
chemicals and raw materials from locations worldwide. TRI has its Address: 1218 3rd Ave., 21st Fl. • President: Anthony
TR headquarters in Seattle and branch offices in Chicago and New Seattle, WA 98101 Ridnell
International Jersey. TRI maintains warehouses in Asia, Europe, and the US and Phone: 206-505-3500 • CFO: Jeff Wright
Trading ships its products to Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and Fax: 206-505-3501 • CIO: Brian Gorzoch
Company, Inc. South America.
Convinced that good chemical products translates into good profits,
Transchemical distributes chemicals including alcohols, esters, • President: William F.
ketones, solvents, and surfactants. It also provides solvent Address: 419 E. DeSoto Ave. (Fletch) Stovall Sr.
reclamation and blending services. Transchemical supplies St. Louis, MO 63147 Fiscal Year End: December • CFO: Sean Simmonds
customers in the adhesives and sealants, cosmetics and personal Phone: 314-231-6905 Revenue (2005): 32.80 M • Manager, Marketing:
Transchemical care, food and beverage, paints and coatings, plastic and rubber, Fax: 314-231-5851 Employees (2005): 28 Daniel (Dan) Croghan
, Inc. and other industries.
Treatt tricks your nose and taste buds into liking a thing. Although
the company points out that it is not a flavor and fragance company,
Treatt does make and supply raw materials used in the flavor and
fragrance and food and beverages industries. It blends and distills Fiscal Year End: September
essential oils. Products include flavor-enhancing citrus oils and Revenue (2005): 57.30 M • Chairman: Edward W.
Treattarome, a line of flavors named after the food from which they Address: Northern Way Revenue Growth (1 yr): Dawnay
are distilled. The company's ingredients are used in air fresheners, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 0.20% • Managing Director: Hugo
cosmetics, soaps, soft drinks, confectionery, and pharmaceuticals. 6NL, England Employees (2005): 173 W. Bovill
The Bovill family, including managing director Hugo Bovill, control Phone: +44-1284-702-500 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Director, Finance and
29% of the company. Treatt, founded in 1886, operates as R C Fax: +44-1284-703-809 5.50% Secretary: Richard Hope
Treatt plc Treatt in the UK and Treatt USA in the US.
Treibacher Industries' chemical and metallurgy business is
elemental. Its Steel and Foundry Products unit manufactures noble
alloys like vanadium and molybdenum, while the Recycling division Fiscal Year End: December
takes care of industrial metals that result as waste product from the Revenue (2004): 278.00 M • CEO: Reinhard Iro
first unit (recycling vanadium, nickel, and molybdenum). Treibacher's Address: Auer von Welsbach Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CFO: Rainer
High Performance Materials division produces carbide powders Str. 1 58.00% Schmidtmayer
used to manufacture tools and electrical parts, and the company's 9330 Althofen, Austria Employees (2004): 593 • Head of Marketing and
Rare Earths and Chemicals unit's products are used to manufacture Phone: +43-4262-505-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Public Relations: Helene
Treibacher batteries, electronics, ceramics, and catalysts. Treibacher has a Fax: +43-4262-2005 (-0.30%) Leitner
Industrie AG subsidiary in Slovenia and a sales unit in Canada.
Ulrich Chemical wants to make its clients chemically rich. The
company is a chemical distributor in the midwestern US. It serves
customers from industries including metals and automotive, paint
and coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, • President and CEO:
cosmetics and personal care, food and beverage, and water and Edward M. (Ed) Pitkin
electric utilities. Products include acids, solvents, reagents, and Address: 3111 N. Post Rd. • CFO: James P. (Jim) Fohl
lubricants. Ulrich Chemical also provides custom blending and Indianapolis, IN 46226 Fiscal Year End: December
repackaging, manufacturing, hazardous waste removal, laboratory Phone: 317-898-8632 Revenue (2005): 33.40 M • VP, Sales: Suzie Pitkin
Ulrich analysis and troubleshooting, and information technology services. Fax: 317-895-0614 Employees (2005): 180 Shaw
Chemical, Inc. The family-owned company was formed in 1919.
Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) makes the legos of the chemicals
world. The company, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, turns out
building-block chemicals such as ethylene and propylene, which are
converted into the most widely used plastics resins: polyethylene Fiscal Year End: December
and polypropylene. It is also a leading producer of ethylene oxide Revenue (2004): 5864.00 M
and ethylene glycol used to make polyester fibers and antifreeze, Address: 400 W. Sam Houston Revenue Growth (1 yr):
respectively. Although the name Union Carbide may conjure up Pkwy. South 13.50% • President and CEO: John
nightmarish images of the Bhopal disaster in India (1984) or the Houston, TX 77042 Employees (2004): 3,800 R. Dearborn
company's more recent landslide of asbestos litigation, the Houston- Phone: 713-978-2016 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, CFO, and Treasurer:
Union Carbide based company originally made its name as a major global chemical Fax: 713-978-2394 (-5.00%) Edward W. Rich
Corporation producer and continues today as a major basic chem maker.
Tums can't stop it. Rolaids can't even hope to contain it. Union
Industrial Gas Group (UnionGas) gives people gas from 45 locations
across eight states. UnionGas operates a number of subsidiary
companies (BMS/BTU, Doussan, Gulf Oxygen, Union Gas & Supply,
United Welding, and Valley Gas & Specialty) that manufacture and Address: 4545 Fuller Dr., Ste.
deliver various industrial, medical, and specialty gases. Subsidiary 336
Liquilux/Texgas provides propane and propane accessories to the Irving, TX 75038 • President and CEO:
Union Houston and Southeast Texas areas. Among the company's Phone: 972-893-5600 Jeffrey (Jeff) Ellis
Industrial Gas customers are HVAC contractors, research laboratories, chemical Fax: 972-893-5690 • CFO: John Olsen
Group manufacturers, mining companies, and pipe fabricators.
United Mineral & Chemical distributes high-purity metals, such as
aluminum, boron oxide, silicon, and tellurium. It also has a vast Address: 1100 Valley Brook • Chairman and CEO:
supply of coatings, industrial, food, and pharmaceutical chemicals. Ave. Jacques Leviant
The company also distributes organic, inorganic, special effect, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 Fiscal Year End: December • President and General
United Mineral fluorescent, and phosphorescent pigments. United Mineral & Phone: 201-507-3300 Revenue (2005): 5.50 M Manager: A. Nurhan
& Chemical Chemical was founded in 1956 by Alfred Frankel, Jacques Leviant, Fax: 201-507-1506 Employees (2005): 22 Becidyan
Corporation and Ralph W. Firman.
Univar N.V., distributes agricultural and industrial chemicals from 20
locations across Canada. The company also offers custom blending,
repackaging, and private label packaging services. Univar Canada Fiscal Year End: December
provides logistics and warehousing services though its Fort Storage Revenue (2004): 689.10 M
division, which operates warehouses in the provinces of Alberta, Address: 9800 Van Horne Way Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The company targets industries that Richmond, British Columbia V6X 20.90%
include oil and gas exploration and production, agriculture, mining, 1W5, Canada Employees (2004): 766
coatings and adhesives, food, pharmaceuticals, and water Phone: 604-273-1441 Employee Growth (1 yr): • President: Larry Bullock
Univar Canada treatment. Fax: 604-273-2046 2.40% • VP, Finance: Joel Kallner
A business unit of global chemical distributor Univar N.V., Univar Ltd
caters to the distribution and logistical needs of UK customers.
Through its three major business operations -- Chemical Distribution,
Supply Chain Services, and Industrial Consumables (RW Greeff) -- Fiscal Year End: December • CEO: David Jukes
the company serves customers in industries that include Revenue (2004): 501.50 M • Financial Director: Mike
construction and engineering, personal care and pharmaceuticals, Address: 46 Peckover St. Revenue Growth (1 yr): Latham
transportation, and water treatment. The company operates a Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 2.70% • Business Director,
network of logistics centers throughout the UK and Ireland to ensure 5BD, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 880 Performance Chemicals,
a regional supply and to provide service support in any market. Its Phone: +44-1274-377000 Employee Growth (1 yr): PCPE and Fiske: Martin
RW Greeff unit, established in 1880, was the first company in the UK Fax: +44-1274-377088 (-13.00%) Pugh
Univar Ltd to sell 3M products. Univar UK was founded in 1862.
Univar is a leader in the universe of independent chemical
distributors. The company buys chemicals in bulk and blends and • Chairman, President, and
packs them for customers in the agricultural, coating/ink/adhesive, Fiscal Year End: December CEO: Gary E. Pruitt
electronics, food and beverage, forestry, mining, oil and gas, Revenue (2004): 5284.20 M • SVP and CFO: Patrick D.
pharmaceutical, personal care, pest control, polymer, waste Address: 333 Blaak, 11th Fl. Revenue Growth (1 yr): Tole
management, and water treatment industries. Univar also offers 3011 GB Rotterdam, The 12.00% • SVP, Strategic Planning
inventory management, custom labeling, custom packaging, waste Netherlands Employees (2004): 6,672 and Business
management, warehouse management, and technical support Phone: +31-10-275-78-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development: David W.
services. The company serves about 250,000 industrial end-users Fax: +31-10-414-68-63 (-2.00%) Mahon
Univar N.V. through more than 160 distribution centers.
Univar USA has an unvarying devotion to distributing chemicals
across the US. Univar USA was once the US distribution arm of
Royal Vopak, but the latter spun off all of its chemical distribution
operations as Univar N.V., a separate publicly traded company, and
Univar USA now operates as a Univar N.V. subsidiary. Univar USA
distributes hundreds of chemicals, including acids, alcohols, Address: 6100 Carillon Point • President: Terry Hill
catalysts, solvents, and flavorings. Its customers include Kirkland, WA 98033 • SVP, Finance and
manufacturers in such industries as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Phone: 425-889-3400 Administration: Frank
Univar USA foods, pulp and paper, electronics, oil and gas, inks, and adhesives, Fax: 425-889-4100 Mirabelli
Inc. as well as waste management companies.
Van Diest Supply Company has tied itself up with a corn belt. The
agricultural chemical distributor and maker sells its wares under the
Corn Belt Products brand name. Those wares include herbicides,
pesticides, adjuvants (which enhance the properties of herbicides
and pesticides), and spray drift management products (which keep • President: Robert (Bob)
the herbicides and pesticides where they're intended to be and not Van Diest
drifting off to harm the surrounding environment). With a fleet of Address: 1434 220th St. • VP, Marketing: John Van
more than 175 trucks and pickups, Van Diest ships its products from Webster City, IA 50595 Diest
Van Diest about a dozen distribution centers spread throughout a 15-state area Phone: 515-832-2366 • Treasurer: Dalene
Supply of the Midwest. The family-operated company was founded by Bob Fax: 515-832-2955 Schlitter
Company Van Diest in 1956.
Van Horn, Metz & Co. distributes chemical ingredients such as
pigments, dyes, extenders, additives, resins, lubricants, and base
stocks. The company's customers include makers of plastic and • President: H. Morgan
rubber products, inks, adhesives and sealants, and paints and Address: 201 E. Elm St. Smith
coatings. Founded in 1950 by Harold Van Horn and Donald Metz, Conshohocken, PA 19428 Fiscal Year End: December • Controller: Anthony
the serves customers from Maine south to the Carolinas' and as far Phone: 610-828-4500 Revenue (2005): 25.20 M Crisafulli
Van Horn, Metz west as Michigan. Van Horn Metz operates 10 warehouses and eight Fax: 610-828-0936 Employees (2005): 24 • EVP: Barrett C. Fisher
& Co., Inc. sales offices.
Velsicol Chemical knows what it takes to make things flexible. The
company produces specialty chemicals based on benzoic acid and
cyclopentadiene, including specialty plasticizers (used to give resins
and rubbers flexibility). Velsicol's major products, plasticizers,
include benzoate esters, high-performance polymerics, and • Chairman, President, and
monomerics, and are used in adhesives, caulks, coatings, sealants, Address: 10400 W. Higgins Rd., CEO: Arthur R. Sigel
and PVC resins. The company is a top producer of cyclopentadiene- Ste. 600 • EVP and CFO: Lawrence
based intermediates for flame retardants and pesticides; it also Rosemont, IL 60018-3713 (Larry) Hartman
Velsicol makes additives for the food industry. Velsicol was founded in 1931; Phone: 847-298-9000 • Director, Global Sales:
Chemical the company was the subject of a management buyout in 1986 and Fax: 847-298-9014 Sherman Friedman
Corporation then was acquired by private equity firm Arsenal Capital in 2005.
VeraSun Energy hopes its profits rise with the progress of the US
quest for energy independence. The company is one of the nation's
leading producers of ethanol, a type of alcohol that can be blended
with gasoline and used to fuel motor vehicles. In the US, ethanol is
made primarily from corn, and VeraSun maintains production • CEO and Director: Donald
facilities in the corn-growing states of Iowa and South Dakota. A third Fiscal Year End: December L. (Don) Endres
plant is under construction in Iowa, and VeraSun has announced Address: 100 22nd Ave. Revenue (2005): 236.40 M • President and Director:
plans to build two additional facilities, in Iowa and Minnesota. The Brookings, SD 57006 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Bruce A. Jamerson
VeraSun company is selling a branded fuel, VE85, at service stations in the Phone: 605-696-7200 22.00% • SVP and CFO: Danny C.
Energy Midwest. CEO Don Endres owns just over 50% of VeraSun Energy; Fax: 605-696-7250 Employees (2005): 145 Herron
Corporation South Dakota investment firm Bluestem Funds owns 33%.
Virotec International develops and manufactures chemicals to
minimize the environmental effects of industrial activity. The
company provides technologies to treat contaminated waste in rock,
soils, wastewater, and sludge. Building from its platform technology, Address: Administration Bldg. Fiscal Year End: June
Bauxsol, the company has developed several product lines, 50B, Pinewood Drive, Sanctuary Revenue (2004): 1.30 M
including ViroFlow, ViroSewage, ViroMine, ViroSoil, and Cove Revenue Growth (1 yr):
ViroConcrete. In 2005 the company sold its HydroDec Technology Hope Island, Queensland 4212, 15.40% • Chairman: Brian Sheeran
unit. The group has expanded in North America and Europe and Australia Employees (2004): 32 • CEO: John R. Catling
Virotec received regulatory approval for its products in the US and the UK. Phone: +61-7-5530-8014 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Director: Bruno
International Among projects in the US has been work for the Pennsylvania Fax: +61-7-5530-8052 23.10% Bamonte
Ltd Department of Transportation to treat pyritic rock at Interstate 99.
A modern-day Merlin might go to Vivion for ingredients for his
potions. The company distributes chemicals and ingredients for use
in the food, nutraceutical, industrial, personal care, pharmaceutical,
and water treatment industries. It serves customers through a
network of offices and warehouses in the western US. Vivion sells
products, including acids, humectants, oils, anti-oxidants, Address: 929 Bransten Rd.
coagulants, sweeteners, preservatives, solvents, biocides, and San Carlos, CA 94070 • President: Edward
binders, from suppliers such as Akzo Nobel, Archer Daniels Midland, Phone: 650-595-3600 Poleselli
Dow Chemical, and Morton International. The company was founded Fax: 650-595-2094 • Controller: Vince Duardo
Vivion, Inc in 1957. • VP: Michael Poleselli
Wacker-Chemie puts the silicon in the chip industry -- literally. The
German chemicals company supplies silicon, silicone, and silanes to
the personal computer, telecom, and electronics industries. Split into Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
two main units -- Chemicals and Semiconductors (including Siltronic) Revenue (2004): 3468.40 M Peter-Alexander Wacker
-- Wacker manufactures surface coating resins, industrial salt, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Member, Executive
acetyls, and insulation materials. Wacker has again announced Address: Hans-Seidel-Platz 4 12.00% Board: Joachim Rauhut
plans to float Siltronic AG in an IPO (previous plans for an IPO were 81737 Munich, Germany Employees (2004): 14,688 • SVP, Corporate
postponed in late March 2003). In 2005, Sanofi-Aventis sold its 44% Phone: +49-89-6279-0 Employee Growth (1 yr): Communications: Peter
Wacker stake in the company to the Wacker family. It is now publicly traded, Fax: +49-89-6279-1770 (-6.00%) Polzer
Chemie AG with the Wacker family still controlling two-thirds of the company.
Walsh & Associates fills its tote with chemical products and carries it
throughout North America. The company distributes chemical
ingredients and raw materials (for ink, paints and coatings, plastics,
soaps, sealants, food, and personal care products), containers (paint • President and CEO: Ellen
cans, plastic pails, and plastic drums), and equipment (can crushers, M. Murphy
filling machines, and mixers). Suppliers include Akzo Nobel, Address: 1400 Macklind Ave. • Comptroller: Brian T.
Degussa, and Rhodia. Walsh & Associates maintains locations in St. Louis, MO 63110-2004 Walsh
Walsh & Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. The Phone: 314-781-2520 • Director Operations:
Associates, company was founded in 1968 by Robert Walsh, Arthur Schmidt, Fax: 314-781-9424 Randall D. Lewis
Inc. and George Claytor.
Warwick International has been cleaning up in the chemicals
business for more than a quarter century. The company is a leading
manufacturer of a bleach activator called MYKON that its based on
the chemical tetra acetyl ethylene diamine (TAED). The activator Fiscal Year End: December
allows detergents to become more powerful at lower temperatures Revenue (2004): 259.20 M • Managing Director:
and more quickly. Additionally, the Warwick Group maintains a Address: Mostyn Revenue Growth (1 yr): Robert F. (Bob) Ellis
number of chemical distribution companies worldwide. The company Holywell, Flintshire CH8 9HE, 8.20% • VP, Finance: Steve
is a subsidiary of American aerospace and manufacturing company United Kingdom Employees (2004): 461 Williams
Warwick Sequa Corporation. In addition to serving the household and Phone: +44-1745-560-651 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Sales and Marketing:
International industrial detergents industry, the group targets such industries as Fax: +44-1745-561-353 (-3.80%) E. Barry Tilby
Group Limited water treatment, textile processing, coatings, and personal care.
It's an old saw, but Wausau Chemical does what its name says it
does. It manufactures and distributes chemical products from its • Acting President,
base in Wausau, Wisconsin. The company acts as a retailer and Address: 2001 N. River Dr., P O Operations Manager, and
wholesaler. Its products include chemicals used for carwashes, Box 953 Chemical Engineer: Arthur
boiler treatment, dairy cleaners, hay treatment, janitorial supplies, Wausau, WI 54402-0953 Fiscal Year End: August (Art) Flashinski
Wausau and laundry detergents. Wausau Chemical operates a fleet of trucks Phone: 715-842-2285 Revenue (2005): 8.70 M • Manager, Accounting:
Chemical that serves all locations in Wisconsin, as well as eastern Minnesota, Fax: 715-842-9059 Employees (2005): 35 Larry Theel
Corporation northern Illinois, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Chemical Service will deliver your hydrochloric and sulfuric acid,
saving you a trip. The nationwide chemical distributor based in • Chairman and President:
Michigan has a fleet of tankers, trailers, and freight boxes that it uses Robert N. Hilleary
to transport chemicals to customers. Chemicals transported by • Director, Finance: Richard
Webb include acids (Webb distributes more than a million pounds a Address: 2708 Jarman St. Topp
week), chlor-alkalis, alcohols, ketones, and acetates. In addition to Muskegon, MI 49444-0348 Fiscal Year End: June • VP and Director,
Webb transportation, the company also provides safety training, inventory Phone: 231-733-2181 Revenue (2005): 28.80 M Operations: Patrick O'
Chemical management, warehousing, liquid blending, and contract packaging Fax: 231-739-5454 Employees (2005): 45 Toole
Service Corp. services.
chemical products. It distributes acids, adhesives and sealants,
colorants, dyes, pigments, esters, flavors and fragrances, food
additives, and intermediates throughout the Americas as well as Address: 239 Great Neck Rd. • President: Bert
Wego Asia and Europe. Customers include the agriculture, cosmetics, Great Neck, NY 11021 Eshaghpour
Chemical & detergent, food, organic intermediates, mining, pharmaceutical, Phone: 516-487-3510 Revenue (2005): 80.00 M • Controller: Martin Ferber
Mineral photographic, paper, textile, water treatment, and wood treatment Fax: 516-487-3794 Employees (2005): 50 • VP: Edward Khalily
Corporation industries.
chlor-alkali, chlorinated solvents, esters, flavors and fragrances, and
glycol ethers from locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.
The company also provides blending and custom packaging Address: 1557 Marietta Rd. NW
services. It sells chemicals from suppliers such as Akzo Nobel, Atlanta, GA 30318 Fiscal Year End: June
Clariant, Flint Hills, Ineos Chlor, Lanxess, and Sunoco Chemicals. Phone: 404-355-8220 Revenue (2005): 46.00 M
Whitaker Oil Whitaker Oil is a family-owned company that was founded in the Fax: 404-355-8217 Employees (2005): 70
Company, Inc. 1920s.
White Martins doesn't mind giving its customers gas. The company,
a subsidiary of global industrial gas giant Praxair, is South America's
largest provider of industrial, specialty, and medical gases. White • President: Domingos H.
Martins serves customers in the chemical, health care, metal Address: Rua Mayrink Veiga, 9 G. Bulus
fabrication, and the food and beverage, industries, among others. 20090-050 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Fiscal Year End: December • VP, Industrial: Marcelo
White Martins The company also manufactures welding and cutting equipment, as Revenue (2004): 866.00 M Pereira Quintaes
Gases well as equipment for the transportation and storage of industrial Phone: +55-21-2588-6622 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • VP, Business: Murilo Melo
Industriais gases. White Martins was delisted from Brazilian exchanges when Fax: +55-21-2588-6683 22.30%
Ltda. Praxair upped its ownership to more than 99%.
Witton Chemical manufactures polyurethane and silaneted
prepolymers for use in adhesives and sealants. It also makes a line
of polyacrylic dispersants (produced by its Acriflow division) used by • Chairman: Andrew
the water treatment, paints and coatings, and paper industries. Address: Southgate Avenue Wrench
Based in the UK, the company also has international operations Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7AT, • Head of Sales and
headquartered in Cyprus. Witton Chemicals, which has produced England Marketing: Tony Butcher
Witton fine chemicals and polymers for multinational companies for more Phone: +44-1638-716-001 • Operations Manager:
Chemical Co than 35 years, has been experiencing a slump in sales over the past Fax: +44-1638-717-658 Steve Owen
Ltd two years. It has had to cut staff to make up for the shortfall in sales.
The products made by Wynn Oil have been to the moon and
featured in Steve Martin's The Jerk. (No judgment implied, just
stating a fact.) Wynn Oil and its subsidiaries (the Wynn's Specialty
Chemical Group) develop, manufacture, and market specialty
chemical products and automotive service equipment. The
company's lubricating oils reduce friction in car engines and NASA
rockets alike. Wynn's products include engine oil, coolants, Address: 1050 W. 5th St. • President: Donald J.
transmission and brake fluids, and HVAC chemicals. Those products Azusa, CA 91702 (Don) DiCostanzo
are sold under the brand names Friction Proofing, XTend, and Du Phone: 626-334-0231 Fiscal Year End: June • Marketing: Rosemary
Wynn Oil All.Wynn Oil was founded in 1939 by Chestien Wynn, was bought by Fax: 626-334-1456 Revenue (2004): 110.00 M Torez
Company Parker Hannifin in 2000, and is now a subsidiary of ITW.
Young Chemical is not old, more middle aged, really, but it knows
what it's doing. Founded in 1959 by Donald Young, the company
distributes chemicals throughout the Midwest, from western New
York to Kentucky and north into Michigan. Young's products are
made by such companies as BASF, DuPont, Millennium, and Solvay
and are shipped from warehouses in Ohio and Michigan. The firm
supplies chemical materials to companies in the cleaning, metal Address: 6465 Eastland Rd. • President: Todd Kroehle
finishing, food, personal care, pharmaceutical, paint, specialty Brook Park, OH 44142-1305 Fiscal Year End: December • EVP: Bob Lisey
Young chemical, and chemical processing industries. Young Chemical is Phone: 440-234-3200 Revenue (2005): 30.00 M • Operations Manager:
Chemical owned and operated by Donald Young's sons-in-law, president Todd Fax: 440-234-3255 Employees (2005): 42 John Bennett
Company Kroehle and EVP Bob Lisey.
• President and Director:
zuChem's the one they call Dr. Feel Good. Its products are the ones David C. Demirjian
that'll make you feel all right. In addition to making chemicals for Address: 2201 W. Campbell Dr., • COO, President, Food
pharmaceuticals, the Chicago-based, development stage company Ste. 215 Ingredients: Michael
is in the process of making an artificial sweetener that can give that Chicago, IL 60612 Friesema
sugar high you crave without the calories you don't. zuChem Phone: 312-997-2150 • VP, Corporate
manufactures glycochemicals for the pharmaceutical, food, flavor Fax: 312-997-2160 Development: Rajni Aneja
zuChem, Inc. and fragrance, and specialty chemicals industries.
Company Name Description Contact Info Financial Highlights Key People Public
A. Cohen & Co. was formerly a manufacturer of phosphor Address: Purland Rd., West
copper and other non-ferrous metal products. The company Thamesmead Business Park
also provided metal recycling services. A. Cohen & Co., since London SE28 0AT, United Kingdom Fiscal Year End: December
ceasing all of its operations in 2004, continues to seek further Phone: +44-20-8310-3354 Revenue (2004): 0.00 M
A. Cohen & Co. investment in order to establish new business activities. The Fax: +44-20-7636-5857 Employees (2004): 0 • Chairman: Graham
plc company currently is not involved in trade of any kind. Ashley
Adastra Minerals is based in London, but has mining projects
in development in Central Africa (Angola, Congo, and
Zambia). The company owns exploration and mining
concessions to diamond and mineral (including copper,
cobalt, and zinc) properties. Upon acquiring the concessions,
the company conducts feasibility studies to determine if • Chairman: Bernard
reserves can be recovered profitably. Founder Jean- Vavala
Raymond Boulle owns nearly 10% of the company through Address: St. Georges' House, 15 Fiscal Year End: October • President, CEO, and
his America Diamond Corp. and Gondwana (Investments) Hanover Sq. Revenue (2004): 0.00 M Director: Timothy (Tim)
companies. Top UK insurer Prudential plc owns 14% of the London W1S 1HS, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 49 Read
company. First Quantum Minerals agreed to buy Adastra for Phone: +44-20-7355-3552 Employee Growth (1 yr): • COO and Director:
Adastra Minerals $245 million in cash and stock in early 2006; Adastra later Fax: +44-20-7355-3554 28.90% Bernard Pryor
Inc. rejected a counter offer from Mwana Africa.
Rod, wire, and tubing are the specialities of Ansonia Copper
& Brass. The company casts, extrudes, and draws copper • President and CEO:
and copper alloys. The result is semi-finished products that Address: 75 Liberty St. Raymond L. McGee
undergo additional modification by the company's customers. Ansonia, CT 06401 Fiscal Year End: December • CFO: Steven Turner
Ansonia Copper & Brass operates from two facilities in Phone: 203-732-6600 Revenue (2005): 39.10 M • VP, Sales and Marketing:
Ansonia Copper & Connecticut, one devoted to rod and wire and the other Fax: 203-735-3787 Employees (2005): 280 Jeff Lawlor
Brass Inc. devoted to tubing. The company was founded in 1845.
Antofagasta is one of the world's leading copper miners. It
produces about 470,000 metric tons of copper annually. Fiscal Year End: December • Managing Director and
Antofagasta's road and railway operations transport mine Revenue (2004): 1908.70 M Director: Philip J. Adeane
output and consumable products in northern Chile and Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CFO: Hussein Barma
Bolivia. The company operates a joint venture, called Address: 5 Princes Gate 77.40% • VP, Finance and
Cordillera de las Minas, with the Brazilian mining company, London SW7 1QJ, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 2,842 Development and CFO,
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce. Antofagasta also owns a water Phone: +44-20-7808-0988 Employee Growth (1 yr): Antofagasta Minerals:
distribution company in Chile. Chile's Luksic family owns 65% Fax: +44-20-7808-0986 15.60% Alejandro Rivera
Antofagasta plc of Antofagasta through the E. Abaroa Foundation. Yes
Aries Resource, formerly Truax Ventures, isn't looking to the
stars for help in finding copper and gold in Canada. The Address: 1255 W. Pender St.
company has a copper exploration and development project Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1H2, • President and CEO:
located in the Liard mining division of British Columbia. It has Canada Reza A. Mohammed
another copper and nickel property in southwestern British Phone: 604-681-0004 • Chairman: Rt. Hon.
Aries Resource Columbia. Aries Resource also has ventured to Brazil to Fax: 604-681-0014 Edward Lawson
Corp. explore for diamonds.
mettle. The company, a subsidiary of diversified mining firm
Grupo México, is a leading miner, refiner, and smelter. Each
year it produces around 600 million pounds of copper, 300
million pounds of zinc, and 20 million ounces of silver. • Chairman, CEO, and
ASARCO's mines are primarily in the southwestern US. The President: Daniel
company also produces such copper products as rod, cake, Tellechea Salido
and billet and sulfuric acid as a by-product of the smelting Address: 2575 E. Camelback Rd., • VP, CFO and Treasurer:
process. Several of ASARCO's assets, including its majority Ste. 500 Genaro Guerrero Diaz
stake in Southern Copper Corp. (SCC), were sold to Grupo Phoenix, AZ 85016 Mercado
México in 2003 in an effort to improve ASARCO's financial Phone: 602-977-6500 • VP, Environmental
ASARCO picture. It didn't work; the company filed for Chapter 11 Fax: 602-977-6700 Affairs: Tom Aldrich
Incorporated bankruptcy in 2005.
Atlantic Copper smelts and refines copper producing anodes,
cathodes, wire rod, and wire and cables. The company is a
subsidiary of Freeport-McMoran, with operations in Cordoba Fiscal Year End: December
(continuous casting/wire drawing), Huelva (metallurgical Revenue (2004): 490.60 M
complex), and Barcelona (wire plant). Atlantic Copper Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 95, Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director:
purchases copper concentrate from fellow Freeport-McMoran Torre Europa - Plant 17 31.60% Javier Targhetta
subsidiary PT Freeport Indonesia. Customers include Draka, 28046 Madrid, Spain Employees (2004): 731 • SVP, Corporate
General Cable/BICC, IBMei, Nexans, Pirelli, and Tyco. Phone: +34-91-334-94-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development: Patricio
Atlantic Copper, Founded in 1873 as The Rio Tinto Company, Atlantic Copper Fax: +34-91-334-94-53 (-6.80%) Barrios
S.A. was acquired by Freeport-McMoran in 1993.
When it comes to natural resources, what's mine is Aur's.
Mining company Aur Resources' active operations include the
Quebrada Blanca and Andacollo mines in Chile and the Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Martin Claude
Louvicourt site in Quebec, Canada. These three mines Revenue (2004): 336.90 M Lepage
produce more than 240 million pounds of copper annually, Address: 1 Adelaide St. East, Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President, CEO, and
along with significant amounts of gold, silver, and zinc. 2501 56.30% Director: James W. Gill
Chilean operations account for the majority of sales. Aur Toronto, Ontario M5C 2V9, Canada Employees (2004): 1,270 • EVP, Business
Resources has development projects in Panama (Cerro Phone: 416-362-2614 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development: David W.
Aur Resources Colorado, one of the world's largest copper reserves) and Fax: 416-367-0427 0.80% Brace
Inc. Canada (the Duck Pond project in Newfoundland). Yes
Fiscal Year End: June
Aztec Resources has gone to the ends of the Earth to serve Revenue (2005): 0.50 M
its customers. The company is an iron ore producer in the Revenue Growth (1 yr):
state of Western Australia. The company's brownfield iron ore Address: 6 Kings Park Rd. 1.70% • Chairman and CEO: Ian
project is situated on the Koolan Island located off the West Perth 6005, Australia Employees (2005): 9 Fred Burston
Western Australian coastline in the Kimberley region north of Phone: +61-8-9420-1700 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Marketing Manager:
Aztec Resources Derby. London-based Cambrian Mining owns about 19% of Fax: +61-8-9420-1777 28.60% Warren Gilhome
Limited Aztec Resources.
Boliden is one of Europe's leading mining and smelting
companies. It concentrates on zinc and copper and is the
largest producer of mined zinc in Europe. It also produces
lead, precious metals, sulfur, and lead and tin alloys. The
company operates smelters in Sweden, Finland, and Norway
and has mines in Sweden and Ireland. In 2003 Boliden sold Fiscal Year End: December
its fabrication and engineering operations to Outokumpu and Revenue (2004): 2710.70 M • Chairman: Risto
purchased Outokumpu's copper and zinc mining and smelting Address: Klarabergsviadukten 90, 101 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Virrankoski
business. After the transaction Outokumpu became the 20 105.80% • President, CEO, and
largest shareholder, with 49% of the company. The group Stockholm, Sweden Employees (2004): 4,479 Director: Jan C.
began restructuring after Outokumpu and Boliden combined Phone: +46-8-610-15-00 Employee Growth (1 yr): Johansson
their mining and smelting holdings. Outokumpu reduced its Fax: +46-8-31-55-45 15.00% • Deputy CEO: Tom Niemi
Boliden AB stake to 16% in 2005.
Chino Mines Co., a subsidiary of Phelps Dodge's Mining
subsidiary, is a copper mining and processing company
headquartered in New Mexico. The company operates an
open-pit mine, a smelter, and a concentrator. Copper giant
Phelps Dodge became the sole owner of Chino Mines in 2003
when it bought the remaining third of the company that had
been controlled by Heisei Minerals Corp. (a subsidiary of Address: 210 Cortez Ave.
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation). The mine dates back to Hurley, NM 88043 Fiscal Year End: December
1910, but mining at the company's Hurley, New Mexico Phone: 505-537-3381 Revenue (2005): 200.00 M • Unit General Manager,
Chino Mines location was first done by American Indians and then the Fax: 505-537-3694 Employees (2005): 800 New Mexico Operations:
Company Spaniards who then controlled the American Southwest. Richard N. Mohr
up to date. Colonial Metals is a nonferrous metal smelting
company. It primarily produces brass, bronze, and aluminum
from purchased copper and from scrap and recycled
materials. It sells its products mainly to makers of defense,
housing, and industrial equipment. Customers of Colonial Address: 217 Linden St. • CEO: David Serls
Metals have included the US Naval Supply Systems Columbia, PA 17512 Fiscal Year End: December • COO: Michael R. Mann
Command. (An unrelated company, Colonial Metals, Inc., Phone: 717-684-2311 Revenue (2005): 38.00 M • Director, Sales: Gilda
Colonial Metals supplies precious metals and precious metal-based Fax: 717-684-9555 Employees (2005): 122 Hartman
Co. chemicals.)
Constellation Copper is hoping the stars align in their quest • Chairman: Patrick M.
for copper. The company is a copper exploration and mining James
firm with projects mainly in Utah and Mexico. It also has a • President, CEO and
stake in a copper mining company located in Australia. End Director: Gregory A. Hahn
Constellation uses for copper include wire, tubing, electric motors, and Address: 1040-999 W. Hastings St. • VP, Operations: Micheal
Copper electronics. Resource Capital Funds (RCF) is a major Vancouver, British Columbia V6C P. Attaway
Corporation shareholder in Constellation Copper. 2W2, Canada
Codelco is a different kind of high-energy copper top.
Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (Codelco) is the
world's top producer of copper (ahead of US-based Phelps • Chairman and Minister of
Dodge), controlling some 20% of the world's known copper Mining: Alfonso Dulanto
reserves and mining around 1.8 million tons of copper Fiscal Year End: December Rencoret
annually. Copper accounts for some 40% of Chile's exports Revenue (2004): 8203.70 M • President and CEO: Juan
and, as the top copper firm, Codelco is responsible for around Revenue Growth (1 yr): Villarzú Rohde
3% of the country's gross domestic product. It is also a major Address: Huérfanos 1270 116.90% • SVP, Mining
producer of molybdenum (used for ferroalloys). Codelco's Santiago, Chile Employees (2004): 16,778 Development and
Corporación joint development partners on Chilean projects include Phone: +56-2-690-3000 Employee Growth (1 yr): Projects: Juan Enrique
Nacional del Canadian firm Placer Dome, Australian firm Xstrata, and US Fax: +56-2-690-3059 1.10% Morales Jaramillo
Cobre de Chile firm CCM Ojos del Salado.
Cumerio fully understands the merits of the chemical Cu. The
copper processor, which was spun off from big metals
processor Umicore early in 2005, operates through two units. Fiscal Year End: December
Its Copper Refining division smelts and refines copper Revenue (2004): 2079.80 M
anodes and cathodes. The Copper Products division Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Chairman: Karel Vinck
produces copper wirerod, speciality rod, billets, and cakes; Address: Broekstraat, 31 65.90% • CEO and Director: Luc
ordinary and high-performance wire; and speciality chemicals 1000 Brussels, Belgium Employees (2004): 1,554 Delagaye
and engineering metal powders. Cumerio's main operations in Phone: +32-2-227-1200 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CFO and Director: Michel
Belgium have been refining copper since the 1920s; the Fax: +32-2-227-1201 (-4.20%) Moser
Cumerio NV/SA company also has processing operations in Bulgaria and Italy.
company explores properties in northern Mexico for precious
and base metals. Its projects include the Bolivar and Address: 630 René-Lévesque Blvd. • Chairman: Thomas L.
Promontorio copper, gold, silver, and zinc properties along West, Ste. 2930 Fiscal Year End: March Robyn
the Sierra Madre mineral belt in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2005 Montreal, Quebec H3B 1S6, Canada Revenue (2005): 0.20 M • President, CEO, and
Dia Bras Exploration dropped its plans to explore diamond Phone: 514-866-6001 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Director: Réjean Gosselin
Dia bras properties in Ontario in order to focus on its projects in Fax: 514-866-6193 617.50% • CFO: Léonard Téoli
Exploration Inc. Mexico.
• Chairman: Robert J.
Doublestar Resources oversees mining interests in Honduras Address: 885 Dunsmuir St., Ste. 350 Gayton
that include copper, gold, lead, silver, and zinc deposits. The Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1N5, • President, CEO,
company also has a diamond development property in British Canada Secretary, and Director:
Columbia and the Northwest Territories of Canada. Through Phone: 604-688-7377 Alan C. Savage
Doublestar his interests in Southern Gold, Alan Savage, Doublestar Fax: 604-688-7307 • CFO: Simon J. Anderson
Resources Ltd. Resources' CEO, controls more than 10% of the company.
Do you know about DOWA? The company processes and
sells copper, gold, silver, and other metals, supplying its
smelters with ore from its mining ventures in Mexico. DOWA Fiscal Year End: March
also produces electronics materials, including metal powders Revenue (2004): 2221.40 M • President, CEO, and
for data storage tapes, gallium arsenide wafers for integrated Address: 8-2, Marunouchi 1-chome, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Director: Hirokazu
circuits, and zinc powder for alkaline batteries. The company Chiyoda-ku 20.40% Yoshikawa
offers heat-treatment services and makes industrial furnaces, Tokyo 100-8282, Japan Employees (2004): 4,203 • COO: Kenichi Watanabe
mainly for the automotive industry, at plants in Asia and North Phone: +81-3-3201-1061 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CFO and Director:
DOWA MINING America. Other DOWA units are involved in real estate, Fax: +81-3-3201-1259 (-1.30%) Kazumasa Suezawa
CO., LTD. recycling, and provide construction and engineering services.
discovery before it shouts Eureka! The junior natural
resources company owns interests in two properties in the
Cariboo Mining Division in British Columbia. Eureka
Resources explores for copper on the 10,000-acre Lottie
Lake project, which it has an option to acquire. The company
wrote off its 2,300-acre Fraser Gold project in 1998 after it Address: 355 Burrard St., Ste. 1000
determined gold could not be economically mined there. An Vancouver, British Columbia V6C
increase in the price of gold, however, has prompted the 2G8, Canada
company to perform more geophysical soils and sampling Phone: 604-608-6154
Eureka programs at the site. President John J. O'Neill owns 67% of Fax: 604-602-1989 • President and Director:
Resources Inc. the company. John J. O'Neill
First Quantum Minerals knows the dynamics of mining in
Africa's Copper Belt. The company owns all or part of several
copper mining operations in Africa, and it has another site in
development. Most of First Quantum's revenues come from
its 17% stake in Mopani Copper Mines, which has mining and
smelting operations in Zambia and Congo. However, the • Chairman and CEO:
company has begun production at its 80%-owned Kansanshi Address: 543 Granville St., 8th Fl. Fiscal Year End: December Philip K. R. Pascall
site in Zambia. Its Frontier Copper and Guelb Moghrein Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1X8, Revenue (2004): 113.50 M • President and Director:
deposits are in development. In 2006 the company made an Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): G. Clive Newall
offer to acquire UK-based Adastra Minerals, which also has Phone: 604-688-6577 86.90% • CFO and Director: Martin
First Quantum projects in Africa. Adastra rejected the offer as too low but Fax: 604-688-3818 Employees (2004): 973 R. Rowley
Minerals Ltd. later agreed to a price of $245 million.
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (FCX) really digs its • Chairman and President
profits. The company's 91%-owned subsidiary PT Freeport Commissioner, PT
Indonesia (PT-FI) operates the vast open-pit Grasberg gold, Freeport Indonesia: James
copper, and silver mine in Indonesia. (The government of Fiscal Year End: December R. (Jim Bob) Moffett
Indonesia owns the other 9% of PT-FI.) Through its stake in Revenue (2005): 4179.10 M • President and CEO;
PT-FI, FCX controls proved and probable reserves of about Revenue Growth (1 yr): EVP, PT Freeport
37 billion pounds of copper and about 40 million ounces of Address: 1615 Poydras St. 76.20% Indonesia: Richard C.
gold. In addition to its mining operations, FCX engages in New Orleans, LA 70112 Employees (2004): 14,988 Adkerson
Freeport- smelting and refining. Copper, in the form of concentrates and Phone: 504-582-4000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP and COO: Mark J.
McMoRan Copper in refined products such as cathodes and anodes, accounts Fax: 504-582-1847 1.20% Johnson
& Gold Inc. for most of FCX's sales. Yes
than a phrase. GIM is a holding company for Germany's KM
Europa Metal (KME), one of the world's top producers of
semi-finished copper and copper alloys. In addition to the coin
blanks used for the euro, KME also produces laminated
metal, brass bars, cathodes, tubes, rolled products, and high- Fiscal Year End: December
tech products (cables and superconductor wires). KME is Revenue (2004): 2861.50 M • Honorary Chairman:
owned by Societa Metallurgica Italiana (SMI), which in turn is Revenue Growth (1 yr): Luigi Orlando
controlled by GIM. The company sells to customers in the Address: Via dei Barucci 2 17.40% • Chairman: Salvatore
G.I.M. - Generale building, electronics, telecom, and transportation industries. 50127 Florence, Italy Employees (2004): 7,270 Orlando
Industrie GIM's board is headed by members of the Orlando family, Phone: +39-055-4411-1 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Deputy Chairman:
Metallurgiche which has been involved with the company for more than 100 Fax: +39-055-4411-681 (-6.20%) Vincenzo Manes
S.p.A. years.
Global Copper Corporation acquires, develops, and operates
copper and gold mines in South America. The company Address: 1550 - 625 Howe St. • President and CEO:
currently owns and is developing properties in Relincho and Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T6, Ross J. Beaty
Vizcachitas, Chile and in Taca Taca and San Jorge, Canada • CFO: Sandra Lim
Argentina. The Chilean properties contain Phone: 604-687-0407 • VP, Exploration: Leo
Global Copper copper/molybdenum porphyry deposits. The sites in Argentina Fax: 604-687-7041 Hathaway
Corporation contain copper/gold porphyry deposits.
• Chairman and CEO;
Mexico's largest mining company, Grupo México is the world's Executive President,
#3 copper producer, behind Chile's Codelco and US-based Southern Peru Copper;:
Phelps Dodge. The company's mining segment (about 75% of Germán Larrea Mota-
sales) has operations in Mexico (Minera México), the US Fiscal Year End: December Velasco
(ASARCO), and Peru (75%-owned Southern Copper). The Revenue (2004): 4205.80 M • VP, International
segment mines and refines copper, silver, zinc, molybdenum, Address: Avenida Baja California 200, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Relations: Juan Rebolledo
lead, and other metals, as well as coal. It also produces Colonia Roma Sur 71.20% Gout
intermediate copper products (cathodes and rods) and 06760 México, D.F., Mexico Employees (2004): 21,068 • President, Finance and
sulfuric acid. The company's Ferrocarril Mexicano (Ferromex) Phone: +52-55-5080-0050 Employee Growth (1 yr): Administration: Daniel
Grupo México rail transport division operates Mexico's largest rail fleet Fax: +52-55-5564-7677 1.20% Tellechea Salido
S.A. de C.V. (15,000 railcars) and has 6,000 miles of track. Yes
copper, brass, and bronze and manufactures copper-based
alloys from its facilities in Ohio. The company processes the Address: 22500 Alexander Rd. • President and CEO:
scrap into ingots and pellets, which are then sold to Bedford, OH 44146-5533 Fiscal Year End: December Michael A. Schumann
customers in the metal foundry industry. Members of the Phone: 440-439-2300 Revenue (2005): 36.20 M • VP, Finance: William D.
I. Schumann & Schumann family own and run I. Schumann, which was Fax: 440-439-0317 Employees (2005): 135 Knight
Co. founded in 1917.
Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Pierre B.
Imperial Metals wants to rule its share of the mining business Revenue (2004): 0.90 M Lebel
in British Columbia. The company explores, develops, and Address: 580 Hornby St., Ste. 200 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and Director: J.
produces base and precious metals, mainly copper, gold, and Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B6, (-97.40%) Brian Kynoch
molybdenum. Its primary properties are located in British Canada Employees (2004): 190 • CFO and Corporate
Columbia (Mount Polley mine, Nak property, and Huckleberry Phone: 604-669-8959 Employee Growth (1 yr): Secretary: André H.
Imperial Metals mine) and Nevada (Sterling property). Imperial Metals was Fax: 604-687-4030 (-9.50%) Deepwell
Corporation formed in 2001.
Fans of French cookware, telecommunications cable and
wire, and the penny will love Inca Pacific Resources. An
exploration and mining company focused primarily on copper,
though it also explores for silver and molybdenum, it is
developing multiple properties in Peru. Inca Pacific's primary
location is the Magistral mine project in northern Peru. It and Address: 625 Howe St., Ste. 1550
another project at Antoro Sur are scheduled for large-scale Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T6,
exploration operations in 2005. The company also operates Canada
another exploration project at Cueva Blanca. Inca Pacific Phone: 604-687-3727 • President, CEO, and
Inca Pacific began operations with a 1999 agreement with the government Fax: 604-687-7041 Director: Anthony (Tony)
Resources Inc. of Peru to acquire what would become its Magistral project. Floyd
Inlet Resources hopes to find copper at the end of the
rainbow. The company is active in copper and nickel mining Address: 700 W. Pender St., Ste. 802
development in Canada. Inlet Resources owns mineral Vancouver, British Columbia V6C
properties including Red Lake Gold (in Ontario) and Ungava 1G8, Canada
(in Quebec). The company, which is exploring its properties Phone: 604-605-0777
Inlet Resources for mineral deposits, also believes platinum group metals are Fax: 604-683-8087 • President and Director:
Ltd. in the area. David Baker
Inmet Mining believes it has a solid base for growth in base
metals. The mining company emphasizes base metals such
as copper and zinc, although gold accounts for about 30% of
its sales. Inmet is involved in four producing mines: Troilus, a Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman and CEO:
wholly owned gold mine in Quebec, Canada; Çayeli, a 55%- Revenue (2004): 453.40 M Richard A. Ross
owned joint venture in Turkey that produces copper and zinc Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and COO:
concentrates; Ok Tedi, an 18%-owned copper mine in Papua Address: 330 Bay St., Ste. 1000 94.30% Jochen E. Tilk
New Guinea; and Pyhäsalmi, a copper and zinc mine in Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S8, Canada Employees (2004): 3,000 • VP, Corporate
Finland. It also has a zinc mine in Canada and a copper mine Phone: 416-361-6400 Employee Growth (1 yr): Development: Frank Balint
Inmet Mining in Turkey, both in development. The company explores in Fax: 416-368-4692 219.50%
Corporation other areas of Europe and the Americas. Yes
Jiangxi Copper Company Limited is China's largest copper
producer. The company manufactures 340,000 tons of copper
annually from its mines, which include the Dexing and
Yongping pits and the Wushan underground mine. It owns a Fiscal Year End: December
copper smelter and refinery, and its majority-owned Jiangxi Revenue (2004): 1282.70 M • Chairman: He
Copper Products subsidiary manufactures copper rods and Revenue Growth (1 yr): Changming
wires. Other operations include gold and silver production. Address: 15 Yejin Ave. 96.00% • CFO: Wu Jinxin
Jiangxi Copper Company Limited was formed by parent Guixi, Jiangxi 335424, China Employees (2004): 13,040 • Executive Director and
Jiangxi Copper Corporation, which is owned by the Chinese Phone: +86-701-377-7735 Employee Growth (1 yr): General Manager: Li
government, in 1997. Jiangxi Copper Corporation owns 48% Fax: +86-701-377-7013 (-2.70%) Yihuang
Jiangxi Copper of Jiangxi Copper Company Limited. Yes
When it comes to copper, Kazakhmys does everything from
dig it up to refine it. Among the top ten copper producers in
the world, the company mines, processes, smelts, and refines
copper and copper cathode and rod products. It annually
produces about 397,000 tons of copper cathode (used in
computers, electric motors, automobiles, and other products).
In addition, Kazakhmys processes and sells by-products such Address: 4 New Sq., Bedfont Lakes,
as gold, silver, and zinc. The company operates primarily in Feltham
Kazakhstan (where it has about 15 mines), as well as in London TW14 8HA, United Kingdom • Chairman: Vladimir Kim
Germany and the UK. China accounts for most of the Phone: +44-20-8636-7900 • CEO: Ruslan Yun
company's sales. Chairman Vladimir Kim has a controlling Fax: +44-20-8636-7920 • COO: Alexander Yun
Kazakhmys PLC stake in Kazakhmys.
Kennecott Utah Copper, a subsidiary of mining giant Rio
Tinto, operates Bingham Canyon, one of the world's biggest
open pit mines. (It's even visible from space.) Annual
production at Bingham Canyon is nearly 300,000 tons of
copper, nearly 400,000 ounces of gold, 3 million ounces of Fiscal Year End: December
silver, and 18 million pounds of molybdenum. In operation Revenue (2004): 1113.00 M • President and CEO:
since 1906, Bingham Canyon has produced about 17 million Revenue Growth (1 yr): William (Bill) Champion
tons of copper -- more than any other mine in history. It has Address: 8362 W. 10200 South 54.20% • CFO: Robert L (Rob)
plenty of ore left, and Kennecott expects to continue open pit Bingham Canyon, UT 84006 Employees (2004): 1,400 Light
Kennecott Utah mining until 2013 followed by years of underground mining Phone: 801-569-6000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP, Marketing and Sales:
Copper afterward. The company has its own smelter and refinery and Fax: 801-569-6045 (-0.40%) James Cowley
Corporation sells its copper to fabricators.
KGHM Polska Miedz is one of the largest Polish exporters.
The company mines ores, primarily copper and silver, in
Poland. Mined copper is smelted and refined into cathodes, • Chairman: Elzbieta
wire rod, and round copper billets. It also produces gold, lead, Niebisz
aggregates, salt, as well as being involved in waste Address: Marii Sklodowskiej- • President: Marek
management. About 80% of sales comes from its copper Address: Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 48 Curie 48 Szczerbiak
operations; silver accounts for nearly 15% of sales. Formerly 59-301 Lubin, Poland 59-301 Lubin, Poland • First VP, Finance and
state-owned, the company began trading on the stock Phone: +48-76-84-78-200 Phone: +48-76-84-78-200 Economics: Jaroslaw
KGHM Polska exchange in 1997. The Polish State Treasury still holds about Fax: +48-76-84-78-500 Fax: +48-76-84-78-500 Andrzej Szczepek
Miedz S.A. 45% of KGHM Polska Miedz.
mineral exploration. Spread throughout the world, the
company has gold and base metals projects in Argentina, Address: Exchange Tower, 130 King
Australia, China, Canada, and Mexico. Laramide Resources' St. West, Ste. 3680 Fiscal Year End: December
best bet may be its Westmoreland project (copper, gold, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1B1, Canada Revenue (2004): 0.20 M • President: Marc
uranium) in Queensland, Australia. The company holds Phone: 416-599-7363 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Henderson
Laramide investments in Aquiline Resources and Alliance Pacific Fax: 416-599-4959 (-14.00%) • Secretary: Chris Irwin
Resources Ltd. Resources.
Latitude Resources (formerly Latin American Copper) is not
about to cop out on its search for base metals in Chile. The
junior mining company is involved in drilling, exploration, and
excavation activities primarily related to iron oxide copper
gold deposits. Its exploration efforts also extend to porphyry
copper deposits. Latitude Resources operates in areas Fiscal Year End: June • Chairman: Anthony
including Cerro Sur, El Teno, and Lillian; its joint venture with Address: 43 N. Audley St. Revenue (2004): 0.00 M Joseph (Tony) Williams
US-based Phelps Dodge focuses exploration efforts on the London W1K 6WH, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 9 • CEO: Martin Konig
Candelaria Belt region in Northern Chile. Latitude Resources Phone: +44-20 7493 9116 Employee Growth (1 yr): • COO: Sally Joy Schofield
Latitude was founded in 2000. Resourceworks owns about 15% of the Fax: +44-20 7493 9118 80.00%
Resources plc company.
Leader Mining International explores for such minerals as
copper, tantalum, and magnesium in Canada. The company's • President and CEO: R.J.
projects include a magnesium claim near Vancouver, British (Bob) McGowan
Columbia; a tantalum deposit in north central Sasketchewan; Address: 505 6th St. SW, Ste. 2806 • CFO: Christopher Gulka
and a copper deposit near Flin Flon, Manitoba. Leader Mining Calgary, Alberta T2P 1X5, Canada • VP, Corporate Affairs,
has a joint venture agreement with Kores Canada, a Phone: 403-234-7501 Europe: Roland Kesselring
Leader Mining subsidiary of the Korean government, was established in Fax: 403-234-7504
International Inc. 1987.
Lumina Resources Corp explores and develops copper mines
in Canada. The company operates the Hushamu property on
northern Vancouver Island; it is made up of 18,200 hectares
of mineral claims and contains copper/gold porphyry deposits. Address: 1550 - 625 Howe St.
Lumina also owns the Redstone property located in the Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T6, • Chairman: Ross J. Beaty
Northwest Territories; it contains copper mineralization Canada • President and CEO:
deposits. Another site called Casino is located in the Yukon; it Phone: 604-687-0407 Anthony (Tony) Floyd
Lumina contains a lower grade copper/gold/molybdenum porphyry Fax: 604-687-7041 • CFO: Sandra Lim
Resources Corp. deposit.
If you call a "copper" in South America, don't be surprised if
you get Madeco. The company is one of Chile's leading
manufacturers of copper wire and cable (building wire, fiber-
optic telecommunications cable, and power cable), brass
(pipes, bars, and sheets), aluminum (window and door Fiscal Year End: December • Honorary Chairman:
frames, hardware), and flexible packaging (aluminum foil). Revenue (2004): 581.00 M Oscar Ruiz-Tagle
Madeco sells its products to companies in the construction, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Humeres
consumer product packaging, energy, mining, and Address: Ureta Cox, 930 45.30% • Chairman: Guillermo
telecommunications industries. The company's Armat San Miguel, Santiago, Chile Employees (2004): 2,768 Luksic Craig
subsidiary makes coin blanks for the Chilean mint. Diversified Phone: +56-2-520-1000 Employee Growth (1 yr): • CEO: Tiberio Dall'Olio
Latin American investment enterprise Quiñenco owns more Fax: +56-2-520-1140 1.60% Lenzini
Madeco S.A. than 50% of Madeco. Yes
Mediterranean Resources (formerly Mediterranean Minerals)
is searching out gold and base metal deposits at mineral Address: 890 - 885 Dunsmuir St. • Executive Chairman:
properties located in Turkey and other countries. The Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1N5, Lawrence M. Glaser
company also maintains subsidiaries in Peru in order to Canada • President, CEO, and
oversee administrative operations related to mineral Phone: 604-669-3397 Director: Peter J. Guest
Mediterranean properties in which it retains arbitration rights. Toronto-based Fax: 604-669-3357 • CFO: Winnie Wong
Resources Ltd. Dundee Precious Metals holds 30% of the company.
Once a gold miner, MK Resources has switched to copper.
MK Resources focuses on exploration and the purchase of
promising metal properties. The company's key property is Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman and CEO: G.
the Las Cruces copper deposit in Spain, which is estimated to Revenue (2004): 1.00 M Frank Joklik
have proven and probable reserves of more than 2.3 million Address: 60 E. South Temple, Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): • President and Director:
pounds of copper. MK Resources also is engaged in 1225 (-31.10%) Thomas E. Mara
exploration programs elsewhere in Spain and in Nevada. In Salt Lake City, UT 84111 Employees (2004): 30 • CFO, Secretary, and
2005 MK Resources sold a 70% stake in Las Cruces to Inmet Phone: 801-297-6900 Employee Growth (1 yr): Treasurer: John C. Farmer
MK Resources Mining, and in a related transaction, holding company Fax: 801-297-6950 15.40%
Company Leucadia National took full ownership of MK Resources.
Mining for metals can be a big, hairy ordeal, but Monster
Copper is up for the task. The company primarily seeks
mineral deposits known as iron oxide hosted copper gold
(IOCG). Monster Copper has exploration and development
properties in the Yukon Territory, Labrador, and Nova Scotia Address: 11 Rocksprings Ave.
and has formed a partnership with Noranda Exploração ( a Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 1R2,
subsidiary of Falconbridge) to explore a copper and gold Canada
property in northern Brazil. In Labrador the company was at Phone: 905-780-8783 • President, CEO, and
Monster Copper first exploring for copper and gold, but has since partnered Fax: 905-780-8790 Director: Michael J.
Corporation with Santoy Resources to focus on uranium exploration. Downes
Monterrico Metals hopes to find its fortunes in Peru. The • Managing Director and
company primarily explores the Rio Blanco copper and Fiscal Year End: December Board Member:
molybdenum project in northern Peru, on the border of Address: No. 2 London Wall Buildings Revenue (2004): 0.00 M Christopher J. (Chris)
Ecuador. It has various other base and previous metal London EC2M 5UU, United Kingdom Employees (2004): 146 Eager
projects that aren't advanced as Rio Blanco. For these Phone: +44-20-7448-5088 Employee Growth (1 yr): • COO and Director:
Monterrico Metals exploration projects Monterrico Metals looks for partners. Fax: +44-20-7448-5089 47.50% Raymond J. (Ray) Angus
Plc None of its properties are in production.
Mueller Copper Tube, part of the Mueller Industries group of
companies, manufactures drawn copper tubing and copper
fittings. Products include tubing designed to carry water and Address: Rte. 25 South
to carry refrigerants, as well as line sets. Fittings made by Fulton, MS 38843 Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
Mueller Copper Mueller Copper Tube are used in plumbing and other Phone: 662-862-2181 Revenue (2005): 55.80 M William D. O'Hagan
Tube Company, pressure applications. Other Mueller Industries units make Fax: 662-862-3002 Employees (2005): 400 • CFO: Kent A. McKee
Inc. fittings from plastic, brass, and other metals.
Murchison United acquires, explores, and develops industrial
mining properties in western Australia and Tasmania. The Address: 2 Centro Ave., Subiaco Fiscal Year End: June • Chairman: Glenn R.
company's Millenium leases located in Queensland is being Perth 6008, Australia Revenue (2004): 0.00 M Featherby
explored for copper and other minerals. Murchison United is Phone: +61-8-9381-4711 Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director: Mark
Murchison United studying the viability of acquiring properties in Africa and the Fax: +61-8-9381-4722 (-91.40%) D. Reilly
NL Republic of Guinea for the purpose of uranium exploration.
NGK Metals manufactures beryllium copper metal alloy
products. The company's products are offered in forms
including bar, plate, rod, strip, and tube. It also sells such Address: 917 US Hwy. 11 South
other goods as chill vents and safety tools. NGK Metals Sweetwater, TN 37874 • President: Glade Nelson
operates from facilities in France, Japan, and the US. The Phone: 423-337-5500 • Director of Technology:
NGK Metals company is a subsidiary of Japan based maker of insulation Fax: 423-337-5540 Nate Gildersleeve
Corporation for utility and industrial electric lines NGK INSULATORS.
metal. The company is made up of two main business
segments. The company's copper production unit produces
copper cathodes (a 99.9%-pure form of copper) from ore,
recycling materials, and scrap. Its second business unit, Fiscal Year End: September
copper processing, then uses this copper to cast wire rod and Revenue (2005): 3639.80 M • Chairman of the
shapes, copper alloys, and rolled products. The company Revenue Growth (1 yr): Executive Board: Werner
produces about 800,000 tons of copper each year. Address: Hovestrasse 50 19.00% Marnette
Customers include companies in the chemical, electronics, D-20539 Hamburg, Germany Employees (2005): 3,158 • CFO: Toralf A. Haag
automotive, and construction industries. NA also produces Phone: +49-40-7883-3224 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Head of Public Relations:
Norddeutsche precious metals (gold and silver) as a byproduct of copper Fax: +49-40-7883-3003 (-1.50%) Simone Tasche
Affinerie AG processing.
Norther Peru Copper owns and develops the Galeno Cu-Au
and Pashpap Cu-Mo copper properties located in Northern Address: 1550 - 625 Howe St. • Chairman: Robert P.
Peru. Galeno, located near the largest gold mine in South Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T6, Pirooz
America, is made up of a porphyry deposit. The company has Canada • CEO and President:
Northern Peru plans to explore the Pashpap property, which is made up of 5 Phone: 604-687 0407 Marshall Koval
Copper known porphyry deposits, through a joint venture with Japan Fax: 604-687 0407 • CFO: Sandra Lim
Corporation Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation.
Novicourt mines for several specific types of metals, including Fiscal Year End: December
copper and zinc, in the Louvicourt region of Canada. Its Revenue (2004): 49.70 M
primary asset is the company's 45%-stake in the Louvicourt Revenue Growth (1 yr):
mine (production ceased at the mine in 2005). The company Address: 181 Bay St., Ste. 200 61.70% • President and CEO:
also partners with Canadian mining firms on several other Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3, Canada Employees (2004): 189 George Jones
projects. It is exploring properties in Brazil and Canada (near Phone: 416-982-7145 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP Finance and
the Louvicourt mine.) Novicourt is 60%-owned by copper and Fax: 416-982-7490 (-14.10%) Controller: Michael Boone
Novicourt Inc. nickel mining giant Falconbridge Limited (formerly Noranda).
mainly for markets in Europe and the US. Products include
copper rods, bars, sheets, plates, strips, wire, and tubes. Its
operations are separated into five divisions: Americas, • Chairman: Finn
Appliance Heat Exchangers and Asia, Automotive Heat Address: Tuulikuja 2, Tapiola Johnsson
Exchangers, Europe, and Forming Equipment. The company, FIN-02101 Espoo, Finland Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO: John
Outokumpu which was formerly part of Finland-based Outokumpu, was Phone: +358-10-4255-700 Revenue (2005): 251.20 M Peter Leesi
Copper Products sold to private equity firm Nordic Capital for about $770 Fax: +358-10-4255-747 Employees (2005): 1,800 • CFO: Jyrki Vesaluoma
Oy million.
explanatory. The company explores and develops copper
deposits in Peru. Its primary exploration project is the
Toromocho deposit in the Morococha district, located in the
central part of the country. In 2003 Peru Copper acquired the Address: 475 W. Georgia St., Ste. • Chairman: J. David
option to develop the Toromocho property from government- 920 Lowell
owned Empresa Minera del Centro del Peru (known as Vancouver, British Columbia V6B • President, CEO, and
Centromin). The company is also acquiring interests in other 4M9, Canada Director: Charles G. Preble
concessions adjacent to Toromocho. Founder and chairman Phone: 604-689-0234
J. David Lowell and his family hold about 15% of the Fax: 604-688-0094 • CFO: Thomas J. Findley
Peru Copper Inc. company. Yes
Phelps Dodge (PD) may produce the metal found in pennies,
but its rank in the copper business is no small change. PD is
the world's second-largest copper producer, after Chile's
Codelco. Copper accounts for most of PD's sales, but the
company also produces gold, silver, molybdenum, and other
mineral and chemical by-products of its copper operations. Fiscal Year End: December
Other businesses -- under its Phelps Dodge Industries Revenue (2005): 8287.10 M • Chairman and CEO: J.
division -- include Phelps Dodge Wire & Cable (specialty Revenue Growth (1 yr): Steven Whisler
conductors for the aerospace, computer, and automotive 16.90% • President and COO:
industries and telecommunications cables). The company Address: 1 N. Central Ave. Employees (2004): 14,000 Timothy R. Snider
produces more than half of the copper mined in the US. It Phoenix, AZ 85004-4414 Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: Ramiro
Phelps Dodge sold Columbian Chemicals, which makes carbon black, to DC Phone: 602-366-8100 7.70% G. Peru
Corporation Chemical in early 2006. Yes
a lot to Phelps Dodge Mining Company (PDMC). The mining
and metals division of Phelps Dodge maintains copper and
molybdenum mining operations (Climax Molybdenum) in the • President: David C.
US and South America. Much of its copper is used as the Naccarati
primary raw materials for the electrical wire and cable • President, Phelps Dodge
industry, while molybdenum is used by the steel industry, Sales Company: Arthur R.
primarily, and also chemical manufacturers. PDMC also Miele
produces gold, silver, and other metals as a by-product of its Address: 1 N. Central Ave. Fiscal Year End: December • SVP, South American
copper mining. The company operates three copper smelters Phoenix, AZ 85004-4415 Revenue (2004): 5443.40 M Mining Operations and
in the US. PDMC, which produces more than a million tons of Phone: 602-366-8100 Revenue Growth (1 yr): Development: Harry M.
Phelps Dodge copper annually, accounts for about 70% of Phelps Dodge's Fax: 602-366-7329 92.40% (Red) Conger
Mining Company total sales.
Quadra Mining is doing a little gambling in Nevada, but it's not Address: 1177 W. Hastings St., Ste. • Chairman: Alexander M.
at the casino. The company owns the Robinson Mine in 2000 Fiscal Year End: December Laird
eastern Nevada. Through mining contractor Washington Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 2K3, Revenue (2004): 11.90 M • CEO: William H. (Bill)
Group, the company produces copper and gold. Originally Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): Myckatyn
formed back in 2002, Quadra Mining bought the Robinson Phone: 604-689-8550 64266.50% • President: Paul M. Blythe
Quadra Mining Mine from BHP Billiton in 2004. The company also owns the Fax: 604-689-8556 Employees (2004): 343
Ltd. Sierra Gorda project in Chile.
Regalito Copper (formerly Lumina Copper) hopes to shine in
the copper mining business. The company has the rights to
copper exploration properties in Chile. Regalito Copper is
waiting for mineral prices to rise before it initiates the Address: 1550 - 625 Howe St., Ste.
development of these properties. Chairman Ross Beatty, also 1550
the chairman and CEO of Pan American Silver, controls about Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T6, • Chairman: Ross J. Beaty
30% of the company. Pan Pacific Copper Co., a joint venture Canada • President: David Strang
of Mitsui Mining & Smelting and Nippon Mining & Metals, Phone: 604-687-0407 • CEO and Director:
Regalito Copper made an offer to acquire Regalito Copper in 2006; Regalito's Fax: 604-687-7041 Robert P. Pirooz
Corp. board endorsed the takeover bid. Yes
• Chairman: Robert A.
Rockwell Ventures has mining operations (primarily copper) in Address: 800 W. Pender St., Ste. Dickinson
northern Chile through subsidiary Minera Ricardo Resources. 1020 • President, CEO, and
The company is exploring and developing the properties in Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2V6, Director: Ronald W.
Chile in partnership with Rio Tinto. Rockwell Ventures is also Canada Thiessen
involved in exploration projects in British Columbia. Officers Phone: 604-684-6365 • CFO, Secretary, and
Rockwell and directors of the company hold more than15% of its Fax: 604-684-8092 Director: Jeffrey R. Mason
Ventures Inc. shares. Yes
As its name suggests, South American Gold and Copper Fiscal Year End: September
Company (SAGC) explores and develops gold, silver, copper, Revenue (2005): 2.30 M • Chairman: Paul J.
and other industrial mineral properties in South America. The Revenue Growth (1 yr): DesLauriers
company's Pimenton mine in Chile started production in 2004. 146.80% • President and CEO:
In addition, SAGC holds interests in several limestone Address: 67 Yonge St. Employees (2005): 170 Stephen W. Houghton
South American deposits in Chile and the company is exploring a copper Toronto, Ontario M5E 1J8, Canada Employee Growth (1 yr): • EVP and CFO: William C.
Gold and Copper deposit adjacent to the Pimenton mine. SAGC is also Phone: 416-369-9359 17.20% O'Donnell
Company Limited investigating the viability of a gold prospect in Peru.
copper -- its mines are high in the Andes Mountains. One of
the largest miners in the world, SCC mines, smelts, and
refines copper at its Toquepala and Cuajone mines, about • President, CEO, and
400 miles from Lima. It produces blister copper and copper Director: Oscar González
cathodes at the smelter and refinery in Ilo, Peru. SCC Fiscal Year End: December Rocha
produces better than 1.5 billion pounds of copper annually, Address: Avenida Caminos del Inca Revenue (2005): 4112.60 M • EVP and COO: Xavier
making it the No. 1 copper producer by reserves. Its copper is No. 171, Chacarilla del Estanque, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Garcia de Quevedo
sold in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, where it's used Santi 139.70% Topete
mainly for building, construction, and electronics. The Lima 33, Peru Employees (2004): 3,544 • VP, Finance, CFO, and
company also recovers silver and molybdenum from copper Phone: +51-1-372-1414 Employee Growth (1 yr): Director: J. Eduardo
Southern Copper ore. Americas Mining Corporation, a subsidiary of Grupo Fax: +51-1-372-0262 (-0.60%) González Felix
Corporation México, owns 75% of SCC. Yes
Sumitomo Electric Wintec America manufactures wire and
electric cable. The company's specialty is wire used in the
production of magnets for electrical machinery. It serves
customers involved in the manufacture of air conditioners, Address: 909 Industrial Dr. • President and CEO:
automobiles, hand tools, refrigeration equipment, and Edmonton, KY 42129-8944 Masahara (Mark) Kurata
Sumitomo televisions among other products. Sumitomo Electric Wintec Phone: 270-432-2233 • Sales Manager: Tim
Electric Wintec America is a subsidiary of Japan-based Sumitomo Electric Fax: 270-432-2838 Dubree
America, Inc. Industries.
since 1691 -- along with gold, nickel, and zinc. Metals-related
refining and processing operations account for more than half
of SMM's sales. The company has smelting and refining
operations, plus mining resources, in Japan (the Hishikari
gold mine), the US, Australia, Peru, Philippines, and Chile. It
also produces electronic materials (about 30% of sales),
including bonding wire, lead frames, electric paste, and Address: 5-11-3, Shinbashi, Minato- Fiscal Year End: March • President: Koichi
copper-clad polymide film for semiconductors and printed ku Revenue (2004): 3806.60 M Fukushima
circuit boards. Other operations make construction and Tokyo 105-8716, Japan Revenue Growth (1 yr): • Senior Managing
housing materials and offer soil and water remediation Phone: +81-3-3436-7701 28.40% Executive Officer:
Sumitomo Metal services. Founded in 1590, SMM is part of the "keiretsu" Fax: +81-3-3434-2215 Employees (2004): 8,187 Hirosuke Chihara
Mining Co., Ltd. Sumitomo Group.
Getting the lead (and zinc) out is paramount to Toho Zinc.
The company is a leading Japanese producer of zinc and
lead. The bulk of Toho Zinc's sales are from its smelting and Fiscal Year End: March
refining operations, which produce lead, silver, sulfuric acid, Revenue (2004): 529.20 M
and other nonferrous products. The company also Address: 1-6-1, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Revenue Growth (1 yr):
manufactures electronic parts (noise-absorbing coils, noise Chuo-ku 18.20% • President, CEO, and
filters, and high-frequency transformers), materials for gold Tokyo 103-8437, Japan Employees (2004): 990 Director: Tadashi Aoki
coating, and products used by the aerospace and nuclear Phone: +81-3-3272-5611 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Managing Director:
Toho Zinc Co., industries such as high-purity iron powder and flake used in Fax: +81-3-3271-0137 (-3.40%) Toshio Kurigami
Ltd. the manufacture of superalloys.
Like its name says Uganda Gold Mining explores for gold in
Africa. The company started out in Uganda exploring for gold, Address: 307 Granville St.
but now has moved on to a promising copper and cobalt Vancouver, British Columbia V7K 1H2,
property in the Rwenzori Mountains. Back home, Uganda Canada
Gold also holds two gold properties in British Columbia, which Phone: 604-682-2245
Uganda Gold it might explore with the help of joint venture partners. Officers Fax: 604-682-2775 • President and CEO: Allan
Mining Ltd. and board members hold about 20% of the company. J. Beaton
Fiscal Year End: March
Vedanta Resources explores, mines, and refines copper, Revenue (2005): 1884.20 M • Chairman: Anil K.
zinc, and aluminum with operations located in Australia, Revenue Growth (1 yr): Agarwal
Zambia, and India. Vedanta does business in India through its Address: 16 Berkeley St 46.10% • CEO: Kuldip K. Kaura
copper-producing subsidiary Sterlite Industries. Sterlite holds London W1J 8DZ, United Kingdom Employees (2005): 22,613 • Finance Director and
stakes in Hindustan Zinc and Bharat Aluminum Company. In Phone: +44-20-7499-5900 Employee Growth (1 yr): Director: Peter E. Sydney-
Vedanta Australia, Vedanta has copper mines in Queensland and Fax: +44-20-7491-8440 79.40% Smith
Resources plc Tasmania.
Wolverine Tube helps refrigerators and air conditioners chill
out. One of North America's largest makers of copper and
copper alloy tube for commercial products, Wolverine sells Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Dennis J.
directly to original equipment manufacturers. The company Revenue (2005): 873.50 M Horowitz
makes a broad range of commercial custom tubing, including Address: 200 Clinton Ave. West, 10th Revenue Growth (1 yr): • CEO, President, and
industrial (for residential air conditioning units), technical (for Floor 9.50% COO: Johann R. (Chip)
heat exchangers), copper alloy (for utilities), and fabricated Huntsville, AL 35801 Employees (2004): 3,178 Manning Jr.
(for automotive, electrical, HVAC, and other applications) Phone: 256-353-1310 Employee Growth (1 yr): • SVP, CFO and Secretary:
Wolverine Tube, products, as well as wholesale tube for standard air Fax: 256-580-3659 5.50% James E. Deason
Inc. conditioning, plumbing, and refrigeration. Yes
Zambia Copper Investments' portfolio is heavy on copper.
The company primarily mines copper and cobalt through Address: Clarendon House, 2 Church Fiscal Year End: December
28%-owned Zambian mining company Konkola Copper Mines St. Revenue (2004): 440.60 M
(KCM). Other shareholders in KCM include Vedanta Hamilton, Bermuda Revenue Growth (1 yr):
Zambia Copper Resources (51%) and ZCCM Investments (21%). KCM also Phone: 352-40-25-05-1 23.70%
Investments has smelting and refining operations. Copper Development Fax: 352-40-25-05-66 Employees (2004): 0 • Chairman: Jean-Pierre
Limited Foundation has a 44% stake in Zambia Copper. Rozan
Company Name Description Contact Info Financial Highlights Key People Public
Even in bad times, Agnico-Eagle Mines has always
followed the Golden Rule: gold rules. The Canadian gold
producer has limited its mining production to its 100%-
owned LaRonde Mine in Quebec, which produced about
270,000 ounces of gold in 2004. LaRonde holds more than • Chairman: James D.
5 million ounces of gold in proven and probable reserves -- Nasso
one of the largest gold deposits ever found. The mine also Address: 145 King St. East, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • Vice Chairman, CEO and
produces copper, zinc, and silver as a byproduct of its gold 500 Revenue (2005): 241.30 M Director: Sean Boyd
mining. Through its Contact Diamond unit (formerly Toronto, Ontario M5C 2Y7, Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): 28.40% • President, COO and
Sudbury Contact Mines), the company conducts diamond Phone: 416-947-1212 Employees (2005): 789 Director: Eberhard (Ebe)
Agnico-Eagle exploration at properties in Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, and Fax: 416-367-4681 Employee Growth (1 yr): 29.30% Scherkus
Mines Limited Northwest Territories in Canada. Yes
All that glitters is not AngloGold Ashanti, but much of it is.
The company (a result of the 2004 merger of AngloGold
and Ashanti Goldfields) is a contender with Newmont and
Barrick to be known as the world's largest gold miner.
AngloGold Ashanti has 63 million ounces of proven and
probable reserves and mines about 6 million ounces from • Chairman: Russell P.
its open-pit and underground mines in Africa, Australia, and Edey
the Americas; it also has many exploration projects. In all, Fiscal Year End: December • CEO and Executive
the company operates 20 mines in 10 countries. Prior to the Address: 11 Diagonal St. Revenue (2005): 2629.00 M Director: Robert M.
merger, most of AngloGold's mines were high-overhead, Johannesburg 2001, South Africa Revenue Growth (1 yr): 9.70% (Bobby) Godsell
deep-level, hard-rock operations in South Africa (now less Phone: +27-11-637-6000 Employees (2004): 65,400 • President and Director:
AngloGold than half of sales). South African minerals giant Anglo Fax: +27-11-637-6624 Employee Growth (1 yr): 18.00% Sir Sam Esson Jonah
Ashanti Limited American owns 51% of AngloGold. Yes
Apollo Gold is not something you might find on Mount
Olympus, but rather a mining company operating in Canada
and the US. The company has gold, silver, lead, and zinc
mine operations in Montana, Nevada, and Ontario. The
company's Montana Tunnels facility produces about 35,000 Fiscal Year End: December
ounces of gold annually along with a majority of the Revenue (2005): 43.30 M • Chairman: Charles E.
company's silver, lead, and zinc. Its Florida Canyon Address: 204 Black St., Ste. 300 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-33.10%) Stott
property (sold in late 2005) in Nevada produced more than Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2M9, Employees (2005): 129 • President, CEO, and
70,000 ounces of gold annually. Apollo is primarily focused Canada Employee Growth (1 yr): Director: R. David Russell
Apollo Gold on developing its Black Fox Project gold mine operation in Phone: 867-668-5252 (-68.00%) • CFO: Melvyn Williams
Corporation Ontario. Yes
Banro is looking for a jewel in Africa's gold belt. The
company explores and develops gold properties along the
Twangiza-Namoya gold belt in the Congo. It is currently
developing four gold projects (Kamituga, Lugushwa,
Namoya, Twangiza) that cover more than 1,600 square • Chairman: Simon F. W.
miles in the Maniema and South Kivu provinces. It has Address: 1 First Canadian Place, Village
identified about 2 million ounces of measured and indicated 100 King St. West, Ste. 7070 • President, CEO, and
resources on the properties. The Congolese government Toronto, Ontario M5X 1E3, Canada Director: Peter N. Cowley
holds a small ownership stake in the company's operations. Phone: 416-366-2221 • CFO: J. Gregory (Greg)
Banro Banro has a 40% ownership interest in Canadian mining Fax: 416-366-7722 Short
Corporation company BRC Development. Yes
In the world of mining, Barrick's name is golden. The
company became the world's #1 gold producer, ahead of
Newmont Mining and AngloGold Ashanti, after acquiring
Placer Dome in 2006. Barrick alone churns out some 5
million ounces of gold annually and has 90 million ounces
in proved and probable reserves. More than half of the
company's production comes from its North America • Chairman: Peter Munk
operations, which include the 9,900-acre Goldstrike Address: BCE Place, Canada Trust • President, CEO, and
property, located in Nevada's Carlin Trend gold-producing Tower, 161 Bay St., Ste. 3700 Director: Gregory C. (Greg)
region. Its properties outside of North America include the Toronto, Ontario M5J 2S1, Canada Fiscal Year End: December Wilkins
Bulyanhulu mine in Tanzania, the Pierina mine in Peru, and Phone: 416-861-9911 Revenue (2005): 2350.00 M • EVP and CFO: Jamie C.
Barrick Gold the Kalgoorlie mine in Australia. Barrick bought fellow Fax: 416-861-2492 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 21.60% Sokalsky
Corporation Canadian gold miner Placer Dome for $10.4 billion. Yes
Bema Gold beams most when it finds a rich gold strike. The
gold and silver mining company owns the Julietta Mine
(79%-owned, Russia) and the Petrex Mines (South Africa), • Chairman, President, and
both currently its primary assets in production. The Address: 3100 Three Bentall CEO: Clive T. Johnson
company produces about 230,000 ounces of gold annually. Centre, 595 Burrard St. • SVP, Operations: George
Other interests include the Aldebaran Property (Chile), the Vancouver, British Columbia V7X Johnson
Cerro Casale Deposit (Chile), the Yarnell Property (US), the IJI, Canada Fiscal Year End: December • VP, Development and
Refugio Mine (Chile), and Russia's Kupol gold and silver Phone: 604-681-8371 Revenue (2005): 108.00 M Production: Dennis
Bema Gold project, which was acquired in 2003. The Refugio Mine Fax: 604-681-6209 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 17.30% Stansbury
Corporation (50%-owned) was brought into production in 2005. Yes
Birch Mountain Resources is trying to climb to the top of the
heap in the industrial minerals business. The company was
exploring and developing precious metal properties, but is
now concentrating on industrial mineral properties (primarily • Chairman: Kerry E. Sully
lime and concrete aggregate) in the Athabasca region of Address: 250 6th Ave. SW, Ste. • President, CEO, and
northern Alberta. Formed in 1994, the company has three 300 Director: Douglas J. (Doug)
major divisions: Mineral Exploration, Mineral Technology, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H7, Canada Rowe
and Industrial Minerals. In 2004 Birch Mountain Resources Phone: 403-262-1838 • VP, Finance and CFO:
Birch Mountain announced the Hammerstone limestone project, which is Fax: 403-263-9888 Hansine Ullberg
Resources Ltd. waiting regulatory approval. Yes
construction is. One of the top gold producers in the world,
the company operates six mines -- including underground
and open-pit projects -- primarily in Canada, Guyana, and
Suriname. Cambior produces about 700,000 ounces of gold • Chairman: Guy G.
annually and has total proven and probable reserves of 3.5 Dufresne
million ounces. The company's Omai mine in Guyana Address: 1111 St. Charles St. • President, CEO, and
(expected to shutdown in 2005) produces about 240,000 West, East Tower, Ste. 750 Director: Louis P. Gignac
ounces annually, or 35% of the company's gold. Longueuil, Quebec J4K 5G4, • VP, Business
Meanwhile, its Rosebel gold mine in Suriname began Canada Fiscal Year End: December Development and
production in 2004; the mine produced about 270,000 Phone: 450-677-0040 Revenue (2004): 300.00 M Exploration: François
ounces the first year it came online. Cambior also mines Fax: 450-677-3382 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 57.20% Viens
Cambior Inc. ferroniobium and bauxite. Yes
Canyon Resources operates a gold mine in California. Its
Briggs Mine, located in the southeastern part of the state,
produced about 30,000 ounces of gold and 8,500 ounces of
silver in 2004. The company is engaging in reclamation
operations at its Kendall Mine, near Lewistown, Montana. In • Chairman: Richard H. De
addition, Canyon Resources is exploring for gold and silver Fiscal Year End: December Voto
on properties elsewhere in the western US and in Africa Address: 14142 Denver West Revenue (2005): 4.10 M • President, CEO and
and Latin America. The main customer for the company's Pkwy., Ste. 250 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-65.30%) Director: James K. B.
gold is Standard Bank London; Metalor USA Refining is the Golden, CO 80401 Employees (2004): 22 Hesketh
Canyon main customer for the silver produced by Canyon Phone: 303-278-8464 Employee Growth (1 yr): • VP and Chief Accounting
Resources Resources. Fax: 303-279-3772 (-66.20%) Officer: David P. Suleksi
Corporation Yes
Cardero Resource is hot on the trail for mineral deposits.
The company is primarily exploring copper, iron, gold, and
silver properties in Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. In Mexico,
where most of its projects are located, Cardero Resource
has exploration operations in the Baja California State, the
Coahuila de Zaragoza State, the San Luis Potosi State, and Address: 1177 W. Hastings St.,
the Sonora State. The company is involved in a joint Ste. 1901 • President, CEO, and
venture agreement with Anglo American to explore and Vancouver, British Columbia V6E Director: Hendrik (Henk)
develop the properties in the Baja California State. 2K3, Canada van Alphen
Australian mining giant Rio Tinto is involved in one of Phone: 604-408-7488 • CFO: Michael W. (Mike)
Cardero Resource Cardero Resource's projects in Peru. Cardero Resource Fax: 604-408-7499 Kinley
Corp. also has a silver project in Argentina. Yes
Claude Resources digs up dirt clods to get to precious
metals. The company is currently mining gold only at its
Seabee mine in northern Saskatchewan, but has other
exploration projects underway in northern Manitoba and Address: 224 4th Ave. South, Ste. • Chairman: Arnie E. Hillier
northwestern Ontario. Claude produces about 40,000 200
ounces of gold annually at its Seabee mine; it has proven Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
and probable reserves of about 160,000 ounces of gold. 5M5, Canada Revenue (2004): 21.50 M Director: A. Neil McMillan
While Gold accounts for about 90% of the company's sales, Phone: 306-668-7505 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-5.30%) • COO: Raymond G.
Claude the company also produces natural gas, natural gas liquids, Fax: 306-668-7500 Employees (2004): 171 Gagnon
Resources Inc. and oil in Alberta and southeastern Saskatchewan. Yes
Through sheer concentration and might, Compañía de
Minas Buenaventura extracts metals in the form of silver-
lead, silver-gold, zinc, and lead-gold-copper concentrates.
Gold accounts for about 50% of the company's sales.
Minas Buenaventura has an interest in Latin America's
largest gold mine (about 45%, Minera Yanacocha, Peru), • Chairman: Alberto
with 32 million ounces in mineable proved and probable Benavides de la Quintana
reserves. It operates three mining units and has a Address: Carlos Villarán 790, Santa Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO and
controlling interest in five mining companies. The company Catalina Revenue (2005): 273.20 M Director: Roque Benavides
Compañía de has exploration projects in Peru and other parts of South Lima 13, Peru Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-1.20%) Ganoza
Minas America, mostly through joint ventures. It also has electric Phone: +51-1-419-2538 Employees (2004): 1,984 • VP, CFO: Carlos E.
Buenaventura power transmission and engineering services companies Fax: +51-1-471-7349 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-5.30%) Gálvez Pinillos
S.A.A. for the mining industry. Yes
"Hello" to Venezuela. Crystallex's main development project
is the Las Cristinas gold mine in Venezuela. After a
protracted court battle, in 2002 Crystallex was finally
chosen to develop the Las Cristinas property (expected to
begin production in 2007) located in Bolivar State. Other Address: 18 King St. East, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Robert A.
operations include the Tomi mine (gold in Venezuela), Lo 1210 Revenue (2005): 25.00 M Fung
Incréible mine (gold in Venezuela), and the Revemin Mill Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C4, Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): 23.80% • President, CEO, and
Crystallex (ore processing in Venezuela). These operations are Phone: 416-203-2448 Employees (2004): 567 Director: Todd Bruce
International currently Crystallex International's only revenue generating Fax: 416-203-0099 Employee Growth (1 yr): 60.20% • CFO: Dan Hamilton
Corporation projects. Yes
DRDGOLD, formerly Durban Roodepoort Deep, roots deep
for profits. The gold mining and refining company has been
mining west of Johannesburg since 1895. DRDGOLD
produces about 400,000 ounces of gold annually, and it has
more than 5 million ounces in ore reserves. It pursues ultra-
deep mining at depths of almost 2.5 miles. DRDGOLD • Chairman: Molton P.
focuses on three main projects in South Africa: the Blyvoor Address: 299 Pendoring Ave., Ncholo
Section, the ERPM Section, and the Crown Section. Recent Blackheath • CEO and Director: Mark
growth for the company has come through its operations in Randburg 2195, South Africa Fiscal Year End: June M. Wellesley-Wood
Papua New Guinea, where it owns the Tolukuma gold mine Phone: +27-11-219-8700 Revenue (2005): 173.20 M • COO and Director: Louis
DRDGOLD and has a 20% joint venture stake in the Porgera mine. Fax: +27-11-476-2637 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-45.50%) C. Lamsley
Limited DRDGOLD also has interests in Fiji. Yes
While it's not looking for a fabled city of gold, the company
does have various exploration and development operations
located in Brazil, China, and Turkey. Eldorado Gold
primarily operates the São Bento Mine (the company's only
producing mine) in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In Address: 550 Burrard St., Ste. 1188 • Chairman: Hugh C.
Turkey, the company is exploring and developing several Vancouver, British Columbia V6C Morris
projects including the Kisladag and Efemçukuru properties. 2B5, Canada Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
In 2005 Eldorado Gold entered China by acquiring Afcan Phone: 604-687-4018 Revenue (2005): 29.70 M Director: Paul N. Wright
Eldorado Gold Mining and obtaining the Tanjianshan gold development Fax: 604-687-4026 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-10.50%) • COO: Norm S. Pitcher
Corporation project. Yes
Entrée Gold hopes to serve up a heaping helping of gold.
The company explores and develops gold and copper
prospects in Mongolia. Its holdings primarily include the
Lookout Hill and Turquoise Hill properties, both located in Address: 1166 Alberni St., Ste.
the southern Gobi Desert. Entrée Gold has an agreement 1201
with Ivanhoe Mines to help develop the Lookout Hill project. Vancouver, British Columbia V6E
None of the company's projects are in production. The 3Z3, Canada
company had been exploring Costa Rica in the 1990s, but Phone: 604-687-4777 • President, CEO, and
pulled out after no luck. In 2002 Entrée Gold became Fax: 604-687-4770 Director: Gregory (Greg)
Entrée Gold Inc. involved in option agreements for property in Mongolia. Crowe Yes
FNX Mining Company hopes the effects of its projects pay
off. The company produces metals from Canada's Sudbury
Basin, primarily mining for nickel, copper, platinum,
palladium, and gold. It owns the Sudbury Basin project;
partner Inco Limited processes and sells the production • President, CEO, and
from the property. In order to concentrate on developing Director: A. Terrance
Sudbury the company sold off its stake in an Alaska Address: 55 University Ave., Ste. (Terry) MacGibbon
property, but still holds an option on a property in Guinea. In 700 • SVP and COO: Anthony
2005 the company acquired Dynatec's interest in the Toronto, Ontario M5J 2H7, Canada Fiscal Year End: December P. (Tony) Makuch
Sudbury project (making it 100%-owned by FNX) and its Phone: 416-628-5938 Revenue (2005): 72.70 M • VP and CFO: Ronald P.
FNX Mining 50% holding in Aurora Platinum. In return Dynatec received Fax: 416-360-0550 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 56.00% Gagel
Company Inc. a 20% stake in FNX. Yes
Gammon Lake Resources hopes to find itself swimming in
a pool of gold. The company explores for precious metals,
primarily gold in Canada and Mexico (including its main
Ocampo gold and silver project in Chihuahua). The
company has about 40 concessions at the Ocampo project Address: 202 Brownlow Ave.,
and is expected to begin production in 2006. Gold was first Cambridge 2, Ste. 306 • Chairman and President:
discovered in the remote area of Ocampo in 1804 and was Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1T5, Fred George
actively mined until the Mexican revolution of 1912. Canada • CEO and Director:
Gammon Lake also holds more than 25% of Mexgold Phone: 902-468-0614 Bradley H. Langille
Gammon Lake Resources, which has gold and silver properties in Fax: 902-468-0631 • COO: John C. Thornton
Resources Inc. Chihuahua and Guanajuto. Yes
Most of what glitters for Glamis Gold can be found in
Honduras, Mexico, and the US. The company gets more
than 80% of its revenue from two properties: the 67%-
owned Marigold Mine, a joint venture with Barrick Gold's
Homestake Mining unit, in Nevada, and the San Martin
Mine, in Honduras. Glamis also owns a producing property
in Mexico, El Sauzal Mine, which yields silver as well as • Chairman: A. Dan Rovig
gold. The company's Rand Mine, in California, has been • President, CEO, and
shut down. Glamis is developing the Marlin project in Address: 5190 Neil Rd., Ste. 310 Director: C. Kevin
Guatemala, another gold and silver property. Overall, Reno, NV 89502 Fiscal Year End: December McArthur
Glamis has reserves of some 6.3 million ounces of gold. Phone: 775-827-4600 Revenue (2005): 202.60 M • EVP and COO: James S.
The company moved to expand in 2006 when it bought the Fax: 775-827-5044 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 113.90% Voorhees
Glamis Gold Ltd. Canadian minerals company Western Silver. Yes
This company's not interested in "greener" fields. Gold
Fields is one of the world's largest gold exploration and
development companies. It ranks as South Africa's #2 gold
producer, after AngloGold Ashanti. Gold Fields produces
more than four million ounces of gold a year at mines in Address: 24 St. Andrews Rd. Fiscal Year End: June • Chairman: Alan J. Wright
South Africa (Beatrix, Driefontein, Kloof), Ghana (Damang, Parktown, Gauteng 2193, South Revenue (2005): 1893.10 M • CEO and Director: Ian D.
Tarkwa), and Australia (St. Ives, Agnew). The company has Africa Revenue Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Cockerill
mineral reserves and resources of more than 200 million Phone: +27-11-644-2400 Employees (2005): 50,500 • CFO and Director:
Gold Fields ounces of gold. Norilsk Nickel is Gold Fields' largest Fax: +27-11-644-0626 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Nicholas J. (Nick) Holland
Limited shareholder, with a 20% stake in the company. Yes
Venezuela, which contains proven and probable reserves
of about 10 million ounces of gold and 1.3 billion pounds of • Chairman: James H.
copper. Gold Reserve has been developing Brisas since Address: 926 W. Sprague Ave., Coleman
1992, and the company is still working to raise money to Ste. 200 Fiscal Year End: December • CEO and Director:
begin mining. A feasibility study completed for Gold Spokane, WA 99201 Revenue (2005): 0.00 M Rockne J. Timm
Reserve in early 2005 suggested that the company would Phone: 509-623-1500 Employees (2004): 65 • President and Director: A.
need more than $550 million to put the Brisas project into Fax: 509-623-1634 Employee Growth (1 yr): 71.10% Douglas Belanger
Gold Reserve Inc. production. Yes
Precious few companies have a name as self-explanatory
as Goldcorp. The gold mining company operates the Red
Lake Mine in Ontario (its largest gold mine), a 38% stake in
the Alumbrera gold and copper mine in Argentina, the
Luismin Mine in Mexico, the Peak Mine in Australia, and the
Wharf Mine in the US. Goldcorp's mines produce more than Address: Waterfront Centre, 200 • CEO, President, and
1 million ounces of gold annually; the precious metal Burrard St., Ste. 1560 Fiscal Year End: December Director: Ian W. Telfer
accounts for nearly all of the company's sales. In 2005 the Vancouver, British Columbia V6C Revenue (2005): 896.40 M • EVP and COO: Russell
company acquired Wheaton River Minerals, which 3L6, Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): 369.30% C. Barwick
operated mines in Argentina, Australia, and Mexico. The Phone: 604-696-3000 Employees (2004): 308 • EVP and CFO: Lindsay
company's recent string of acquisitions has placed it among Fax: 604-696-3001 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-6.70%) Hall
Goldcorp Inc. the top five gold mining companies in the world. Yes
Gold gets top billing at Golden Star Resources. The
company's main assets are in southern Ghana, in West
Africa's Ashanti gold belt, and include the Bogoso, Prestea,
Prestea Underground (inactive), and Wassa properties.
Overall, the company has proven and probable reserves of
about 3.8 million ounces of gold. Golden Star owns a
controlling stake in EURO Ressources (formerly Guyanor • Chairman: Ian A.
Ressources), which is developing a gold mining project in Address: 10901 W. Toller Dr., Ste. Fiscal Year End: December MacGregor
French Guiana, in South America. In addition, the company 300 Revenue (2005): 93.80 M • President, CEO, and
has interests in gold exploration projects elsewhere in Littleton, CO 80127-6312 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 54.50% Director: Peter J. Bradford
Africa (Congo, Mali, Sierra Leone) and South America Phone: 303-830-9000 Employees (2004): 1,150 • SVP and CFO: Allan J.
Golden Star (Chile, Peru, Suriname). In 2005 Golden Star expanded in Fax: 303-830-9094 Employee Growth (1 yr): 15.00% Marter
Resources Ltd. Africa by acquiring St. Jude Resources. Yes
Great Basin Gold is sinking a lot into its mining efforts.
Great Basin, part of minerals exploration and development
company Hunter Dickinson's portfolio, is focused on its 25-
sq.-mi. Ivanhoe Project in Nevada's Carlin Trend gold belt.
Initial exploration of just part of the property has identified a Address: 800 W. Pender St., Ste. • Co-Chairman: Robert A.
possible 900,000 ounces of gold in reserves. Ivanhoe has 1020 Dickinson
had a surface mine, but Great Basin has located feeder Vancouver, British Columbia V6C • Co-Chairman: Ronald W.
veins of gold and silver for underground mining. The 2V6, Canada Thiessen
company is teaming up with fellow Canadian Hecla Mining Phone: 604-684-6365 • President, CEO, and
Great Basin Gold to develop identified deposits. Great Basin also explores Fax: 604-684-8092 Director: Ferdi Dippenaar
Ltd. the Burnstone gold property in South Africa. Yes
Harmony Gold Mining Company specializes in turning old
digs into new digs. The company generally buys under-
performing gold operations and turns them into low-cost,
high-productivity mines. Harmony is South Africa's third
largest gold miner and the sixth largest in the world. In • Chairman: Patrice
South Africa (accounting for 90% of sales) it operates 12 Address: 4 The High St., 1st Fl., Fiscal Year End: June Motsepe
shafts in the Free State Province. The company produces Melrose Arch Revenue (2005): 1265.20 M • CEO and Director: Z.
more than 3 million ounces of gold annually and has Melrose North, Gauteng 2196, Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-10.50%) Bernard Swanepoel
another 55 million ounces in reserves. Outside of South South Africa Employees (2005): 47,988 • Group Finance and
Harmony Gold Africa, it also operates mines in Australia (New Celebration, Phone: +27-11-684-0140 Employee Growth (1 yr): Director: Nomfundo
Mining Company South Kalgoorlie, and Mt. Magnet) and exploration projects Fax: +27-11-684-0188 (-15.50%) Qangule
Limited in Peru and Papua New Guinea. Yes
IAMGOLD--see me shine. The Canadian gold miner owns
stakes in Mali's adjoining Yatela and Sadiola gold mines
(40% and 38%, respectively); both are joint ventures with
South African firm AngloGold Ashanti and the government • Chairman: William D.
of Mali. The Sadiola mine produces 450,000 ounces of gold Pugliese
annually and the Yatela mine produces about 240,000 Address: 220 Bay St., 5th Fl. • President, CEO, and
ounces of gold annually. The two mines combined contain Toronto, Ontario M5J 2W4, Canada Fiscal Year End: December Director: Joseph F. (Joe)
more than 3 million ounces of gold reserves. IAMGOLD Phone: 416-360-4710 Revenue (2004): 112.70 M Conway
IAMGOLD also has ownership interests in various exploration projects Fax: 416-360-4750 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 16.70% • CFO: Grant A. Edey
Corporation in other parts of West Africa as well as the Americas. Yes
IMA Exploration is digging where the Atlantic and Pacific
mix, and it has its sights set on silver. The Canadian
company operates a silver and lead mining interest in
southern Argentina, where its Navidad project has an Address: 837 W. Hastings St., Ste. • Chairman: Gerald G.
estimated potential reserve of 300 million ounces of silver 709 Carlson
and 1.2 million tons of lead. The company discovered the Vancouver, British Columbia V6C • President, CEO, and
silver mineralization and galena (typical lead mineralization) 3N6, Canada Director: Joseph Grosso
throughout this region in 2003. IMA is managed and Phone: 604-687-1828 • VP, CFO, and Director:
IMA Exploration partially financed by the Grosso Group, a Canadian mining Fax: 604-687-1858 Arthur Lang
Inc. specialist firm, chaired by IMA's CEO Joseph Grosso. Yes
a rocky business, but that hasn't stopped them from
venturing to the Sierra Madre of northern Mexico. Formed
in 1995, the company's primary project is the Carmen
deposit at its Monterde property in the state of Chihuahua. Address: 800 W. Pender St., Ste.
Carmen was originally an underground mine in the 1930s 215
and is believed by Kimber Resources to have potential Vancouver, British Columbia V6C • President, CEO, and
again as an open pit mine. None of the company's 2V6, Canada Director: Robert V. Longe
properties are in production. Fund manager and company Phone: 604-669-2251 • CFO: Peter J.A. de Visser
Kimber director James Puplava holds approximately 20% of Kimber Fax: 604-669-8577
Resources Inc. Resources. Yes
Kinross Gold digs gold mining so much, especially since
prices have risen, that it acquired fellow Canadian gold
miners Echo Bay Mines and TVX Gold. Those deals made
Kinross one of the world's top 10 gold miners, upping its
production to approximately 1.6 million ounces of gold
annually. In addition, the company has proven and • Chairman: John E. Oliver
probable reserves of 19 million ounces of gold and more Address: 40 King St. West, 52nd Fl. • President, CEO, and
than 32 million ounces of silver. About half of the Toronto, Ontario M5H 3Y2, Canada Fiscal Year End: December Director: Tye W. Burt
company's revenues come from its Fort Knox and Round Phone: 416-365-5123 Revenue (2005): 725.50 M • EVP, COO, and Director:
Kinross Gold Mountain properties in the US. Other operations are located Fax: 416-363-6622 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 8.80% Scott A. Caldwell
Corporation in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Russia, and Zimbabwe. Yes
and it likes it that way. The company operates a gold mine
on Papua New Guinea's Lihir Island, a volcanic island that
contains one of the world's largest gold bodies. Lihir Gold
produces over 600,000 ounces of gold annually and has
reserves of more than 15 million ounces. Plant
modifications -- particularly in the company's autoclaves Address: Pacific Place, 7th Fl., Cnr. Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Ross Garnaut
(used to extract gold from ore) and a heat recovery project Champion Parade and Musgrave St. Revenue (2005): 224.90 M • CEO: Arthur Hood
that allows ore containing lower sulfur grades to be treated Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-4.20%) • CFO and General
more efficiently -- have improved Lihir Gold's production. Phone: +675-321-7711 Employees (2004): 1,070 Manager, Finanacial and
Global mining giant Rio Tinto Group formerly controlled a Fax: +675-321-4705 Employee Growth (1 yr): 8.20% Commercial: Paul Fulton
Lihir Gold Limited 15% stake in Lihir Gold. Yes
Miner Meridian Gold seeks the longitude and latitude of
paydirt. The company's top producing project is its El Peñón
operation in Chile, which yields about 314,000 ounces of • Non-Executive Chairman:
gold and some 4.8 million ounces of silver annually. Other Christopher R. Lattanzi
operations include a joint venture with Barrick Gold at the Address: 9670 Gateway Dr., Ste. • Vice Chairman,
Rossi site in Nevada and the Esquel gold project in 200 President, and CEO: Brian
Argentina, along with exploration projects in Argentina, Reno, NV 89521-3952 Fiscal Year End: December J. Kennedy
Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. The company's total Phone: 775-850-3777 Revenue (2005): 131.80 M • EVP and Secretary:
proven and probable reserves include 4.4 million ounces of Fax: 775-850-3733 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 3.70% Edward H. Colt
Meridian Gold Inc. gold at the El Peñón and Esquel sites. Yes
Mines Management explores and develops silver and • Chairman, President, and
copper properties in the US. The company's primary CEO: Glenn M. Dobbs
property is the Montanore project in northwestern Montana, • VP Business
which was operated between 1988 and 2002 by Noranda Address: 905 W. Riverside, Ste. Development and
Minerals. Mines Management would like to further develop 311 Fiscal Year End: December Corporate Secretary:
the Montanore property, and the company is working to Spokane, WA 99201 Revenue (2005): 0.10 M Douglas D. Dobbs
complete the required environmental and engineering Phone: 509-838-6050 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 0.00% • CFO and Treasurer:
Mines studies and to determine an economically viable way to Fax: 509-838-0486 Employees (2004): 5 James H. Moore
Management, Inc. conduct mining operations. Yes
Miramar Mining's gold is no mirage. The company's primary
operation is the exploration of the Hope Bay gold project in
Nunavut, Canada. In addition, it operates the Con and
Giant Mines near Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest • Chairman: Anthony J.
Territory. The two mines are winding down, with production Petrina
dropping to about 15,000 ounces of gold in 2004. In order Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
to focus on its promising Hope Bay project, Miramar Revenue (2005): 0.40 M Director: Anthony P. (Tony)
divested most of its interest in Northern Orion Explorations, Address: 889 Harbourside Dr., Ste. Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-93.70%) Walsh
which has mining operations in Argentina and Cuba. 300 Employees (2004): 500 • EVP and COO: Brian M.
Miramar Mining Miramar Mining formed a joint venture in 2004 with Kinross North Vancouver, British Columbia Employee Growth (1 yr): 5.30% Labadie
Corporation Gold to explore the Back River gold projects in Nunavut. V7P 3S1, Canada Yes
Nevsun Resources is looking to heat things up in the mining
business. The company explores and develops gold and
base metal properties in Africa. It expects its Tabakoto gold
project in Mali to begin commercial production after it Address: 1075 W. Georgia St., Ste. • Chairman: Gary E.
completes construction in 2006. Its other main projects 800 German
include the exploration of the Segala gold project in Mali Vancouver, British Columbia V6E • President, CEO, and
and the Bisha property (which includes gold, copper, and 3C9, Canada Director: John A. Clarke
zinc) in Eritrea. Nevsun also holds the Kubi gold project in Phone: 604-623-4700 • COO: Gerald J. (Gerry)
Nevsun Ghana, with major player AngloGold Ashanti (formerly Fax: 604-623-4701 Gauthier
Resources Ltd. Ashanti Goldfields). Yes
Newmont Mining certainly goes for the gold. The company
is among the world's top gold producers (with Barrick ahead
of AngloGold Ashanti), following acquisitions in Canada,
Bolivia, and Australia. Newmont produces some 8 million
ounces of gold annually; it has proven and probable • Chairman and CEO:
reserves of more than 90 million ounces of gold. Other Fiscal Year End: December Wayne W. Murdy
metals that the company mines include copper, silver, and Address: 1700 Lincoln St. Revenue (2005): 4406.00 M • President and Director:
zinc. Operations in North America and South America Denver, CO 80203 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-2.60%) Pierre Lassonde
account for more than half of Newmont's production. It also Phone: 303-863-7414 Employees (2004): 14,000 • SVP, Operations:
Newmont Mining has mining facilities in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Fax: 303-837-5837 Employee Growth (1 yr): 4.50% Thomas L. Enos
Corporation and Uzbekistan. Yes
American mining business for a long time to come. The
company is putting all of its effort into exploring and
developing the Pebble Property in Alaska, about 230 miles • Chairman: Robert A.
from Anchorage. The property is believed to contain more Address: 800 W. Pender St., Ste. Dickinson
than 25 million ounces of gold and about 15 billion pounds 1020 • President, CEO, and
of copper. Once owned by Canadian zinc miner Teck Vancouver, British Columbia V6C Director: Ronald W.
Cominco, the property's option rights were acquired by 2V6, Canada Thiessen
Northern Dynasty Minerals in 2004. Deposit developer Phone: 604-684-6365 • CFO, Secretary, and
Northern Dynasty Hunter Dickinson provides management services for the Fax: 604-684-8092 Director: Jeffrey R. Mason
Minerals Ltd. company. Yes
Minerals nevertheless dates back to 1919. The company,
formerly called Northgate Exploration, mines gold and
copper at its Kemess South open pit mine in British
Columbia. The mine produces some 300,000 ounces of
gold and more than 75 million pounds of copper annually. • Chairman: Terrence A.
Northgate's adjacent property, Kemess North, contains an (Terry) Lyons
estimated 4 million ounces of gold and nearly 1.5 billion Address: 815 Hornby St., Ste. 404 • President, CEO, and
pounds of copper; it's expected to begin producing around Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z Director: Kenneth G.
2007. The company is also involved in several joint 2E6, Canada Fiscal Year End: December Stowe
Northgate ventures including the Hyland Gold property with Phone: 604-681-4004 Revenue (2005): 257.30 M • SVP and CFO: Jon A.
Minerals StrataGold and the Sustut Copper project with Doublestar Fax: 604-681-4003 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 36.10% Douglas
Corporation Resources. Yes
NovaGold Resources is hitching its star to gold and copper
prospecting. The company explores and develops mineral • President, CEO, and
properties across Alaska and Canada. Its main projects Director: Rick Van
include the Ambler (in partnership with Rio Tinto), Donlin Address: 200 Granville St., Ste. Nieuwenhuyse
Creek (in partnership with Placer Dome), and Nome 2300 • SVP, CFO, and
operations in Alaska. In British Columbia, NovaGold Vancouver, British Columbia V6C Fiscal Year End: November Secretary: Robert J. (Don)
Resources is exploring the Galore Creek gold and copper 1S4, Canada Revenue (2005): 1.90 M MacDonald
project. None of its mining operations are in production. Phone: 604-669-6227 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-9.50%) • SVP and COO: Peter W.
NovaGold The company does earns revenue from sand-and-gravel Fax: 604-699-6272 Employees (2004): 40 Harris
Resources Inc. production (at its Nome property) and from the sale of land. Yes
Orezone Resources hopes to find that elusive strata of gold Director: Ronald N. (Ron)
in the earth. To accomplish this task, the company has Little
concentrated on exploring and developing gold properties • CFO: Douglas (Doug)
in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Some of its properties in Address: 290 Picton St., Ste. 201 Perkins
Burkina Faso include Bondi, Essakan, and Sega. Founded Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8P8, Canada • VP, Corporate
in 1995, Orezone Resources partners with other miners, Phone: 613-241-3699 Development: Greg Bowes
Orezone most notably Gold Fields Limited, to move a project into Fax: 613-241-6005
Resources Inc. production. Yes
Pacific Rim Mining hopes it has found the gold coast. The
company is focusing on developments (primarily gold
deposits) in the Americas. Its most advanced property is the
El Dorado gold project in El Salvador. Its other assets
include a 49% interest in the Denton-Rawhide gold mine in • Chairman: Catherine E.
Nevada as well as various exploration projects in Argentina, Address: 625 Howe St., Ste. 410 Fiscal Year End: April McLeod-Seltzer
Chile, and El Salvador. Kennecott Minerals holds the Vancouver, British Columbia V6C Revenue (2005): 11.90 M • CEO, President, and
remaining shares in the Denton-Rawhide mine. The 2T6, Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-1.70%) Director: Thomas C. (Tom)
company was formed by the 2002 merger of US-based Phone: 604-689-1976 Employees (2004): 134 Shrake
Pacific Rim Dayton Mining and a Canadian company, also called Fax: 604-689-1978 Employee Growth (1 yr): 16.50% • CFO: F. John Norman
Mining Corp. Pacific Rim Mining, in an all-share deal. Yes
Queenstake Resources rules over gold mines in Nevada.
The mining and exploration company's only property in • Chairman: Robert L.
production is the Jerritt Canyon gold mine, which was Zerga
acquired from AngloGold and Meridian Gold in 2003. Jerritt • CEO and President; EVP,
Canyon is expected to produce about 275,000 ounces of Director of Exploration,
gold annually from its mines in Nevada. The mine has been Fiscal Year End: December and Directo: Dorian L.
in production for about 25 years. Queenstake Resources Revenue (2005): 90.20 M (Dusty) Nicol
had originally been involved in developing the Magistral Address: 204 Lambert St., Ste. 200 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-7.90%) • VP, Finance and CFO:
Queenstake mine, but decided to sell it in order to focus its resources on Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 3T2, Employees (2004): 442 Eric H. Edwards
Resources Ltd. maximizing production at the Jerritt Canyon mine. Canada Yes
Randgold Resources hopes its Morila mine is a golden
gorilla. The exploration and mining company's chief asset is
its stake in the Morila Limited gold mine located in Mali.
Morila is a joint venture with leading gold miner AngloGold
Ashanti. Randgold Resources has holdings in projects in
Mali (the Loulo operation, which began production in 2005) • Chairman: Philippe
and Côte d'Ivoire (the Tongon operation). It also has Address: La Motte Chambers, La Liétard
exploration projects in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Motte Street Fiscal Year End: December • CEO and Director: D.
Tanzania. The company has proven and probable reserves St. Helier, Jersey JE1 1BJ, Channel Revenue (2004): 73.30 M Mark Bristow
of about 2.5 million ounces of gold. Randgold Resources Islands Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-33.10%) • Finance Director and
Randgold was spun off from Randgold & Exploration in 1995 and in Phone: +44-1534-735-333 Employees (2004): 110 Director: Roger A. Williams
Resources 2006 Randgold & Exploration sold its remaining holding in Fax: +44-1534-735-444 Employee Growth (1 yr): 5.80%
Limited the company. Yes
name. The company's Canadian mines produce about
70,000 ounces of gold annually and have total gold
reserves of more than 600,000 ounces. It owns the Beaufor
Mine, it's largest producing mine, in southwestern Quebec Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
(half of its Beaufor stake is through 70%-owned subsidiary Address: 110 avenue Principale Revenue (2005): 17.10 M Martin Rivard
Louvem Mines Inc.). Richmont's nearby Camflo Mill Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec J9X 4P2, Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-48.20%) • VP, Operations: Christian
processes mine production. The company's Francoeur and Canada Employees (2004): 180 Pichette
Nugget Pond mines have played out, but it expects the East Phone: 819-797-2465 Employee Growth (1 yr): • Finance Director: Nicole
Richmont Mines Amphi and Island Gold properties to begin production in Fax: 819-797-0166 (-22.40%) Veilleux
Inc. 2007. Yes
Rio Tinto is always on the lookout for pay dirt. Rio Tinto
Group, one of the world's largest mining operations,
comprises dual-listed sister companies Rio Tinto Limited
(based in Melbourne) and Rio Tinto plc (based in London).
Although each company trades separately, the two Rio • CEO and Director: R.
Tintos operate as one business. Rio Tinto mines coal Leigh Clifford
(about 20% of sales), iron, copper, uranium, industrial • Finance Director and
minerals (borax, salt, talc), aluminum, gold, and diamonds. Fiscal Year End: December Director: Guy R. Elliot
The company has operations worldwide, but most of its Address: 55 Collins St., Level 33 Revenue (2005): 19033.00 M • Head of Communication
mines are located in politically stable areas of Australia, Melbourne 3000, Australia Revenue Growth (1 yr): 61.30% and Sustainable
Europe, and North America. Mining operations in these Phone: +61-3-9283-3333 Employees (2004): 33,000 Development: Andrew
areas account for nearly 80% of sales. Subsidiaries include Fax: +61-3-9283-3707 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-8.40%) Vickerman
Rio Tinto Group Kennecott Utah Copper. Yes
gold mines, the company buys the right to collect royalties
from mine operators. This strategy allows Royal Gold to
minimize its exposure to the costs of mineral exploration
and development. More than 80% of the company's
revenue comes from its royalty interests related to the • Chairman and CEO:
Pipeline Mining Complex, a project in Lander County, Stanley Dempsey
Nevada, operated by affiliates of Placer Dome and Rio Address: 1660 Wynkoop St., Ste. Fiscal Year End: July • President, COO, and
Tinto. Royal Gold holds royalty stakes in other producing 1000 Revenue (2005): 25.30 M Director: Tony Jensen
properties in the western US and in Argentina. The Denver, CO 80202-1132 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 18.20% • Chief Accounting Officer
company also owns interests in exploration- and Phone: 303-573-1660 Employees (2005): 14 and Treasurer: Stefan L.
development stage projects in the US and in Argentina, Fax: 303-595-9385 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-6.70%) Wenger
Royal Gold, Inc. Burkina Faso, Finland, and Russia. Yes
Rubicon hopes to find the mother lode in Mother Earth. The
company primarily has operations near Red Lake, Ontario,
that it hopes to mine for gold; the properties are called the
McFinley Gold Project and the McCuaig Property joint
venture. Through subsidiaries, Rubicon also owns interests Address: 800 W. Pender St., Ste. • Chairman: J. Garfield
in properties in other parts of Canada and Alaska. Its 1540 MacVeigh
Toquima Minerals subsidiary explores for gold and base Vancouver, British Columbia V6C • President, CEO, and
metals in Alaska and Nevada. All the properties are in 2V6, Canada Fiscal Year End: December Director: David W.
exploration stage, meaning the company has not yet Phone: 604-623-3333 Revenue (2005): 0.00 M Adamson
Rubicon Minerals determined whether removing minerals from them would be Fax: 604-623-3355 Employees (2004): 36 • CFO: Peter G. Wong
Corporation feasible. Yes
exploration. The company is mainly exploring the
Courageous Lake project in the Northwest Territories, the
Grassy Mountain project in Oregon, and the Kerr-
Sulphurets and Red Mountain projects in British Columbia. • President, CEO, and
Seabridge acquired the Noche Buena gold mining project Address: 172 King St. East, Ste. Director: Rudi P. Fronk
located in Mexico from Hecla Mining in early 2006. It also 300 Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: James S.
holds options to form joint ventures in numerous other Toronto, Ontario M5A 1J3, Canada Revenue (2005): 0.00 M Anthony
properties located in North America. Albert Friedberg, Phone: 416-367-9292 Employees (2004): 6 • CFO and Secretary:
Seabridge Gold through Pan Atlantic Bank and Trust, holds a 20% interest Fax: 416-367-2711 Employee Growth (1 yr): 20.00% Roderick (Rod) Chisholm
Inc. in Seabridge Gold. Yes
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration, formerly Tan Range
Exploration, is more interested in gold than a golden tan.
The company acquires prospecting licenses in East Africa
and options out exploration and development rights under
royalty agreements to larger mining companies. Tanzanian
Royalty holds 140 mineral properties in Tanzania's Lake
Victoria Greenstone belt and Kabanga regions (the sites of • Chairman and CEO:
small scale mining in the past). In addition to gold, Address: 355 Burrard St., Ste. 1400 James E. (Jim) Sinclair
Greenstone deposits contain diamonds, copper, nickel, and Vancouver, British Columbia V6C • President: Jonathan G.
Tanzanian zinc. While none of its properties are in production, the 2G8, Canada Deane
Royalty company has agreements with industry giants Barrick Gold Phone: 604-669-5598 • CFO, Secretary, and
Exploration and AngloGold Ashanti, as well as smaller firm Northern Fax: 604-669-8915 Director: Victoria Luis
Corporation Mining Explorations. Yes
Taseko Mines owns and operates a copper mine and two
properties where gold has been discovered, all in British
Columbia. The company's Gibraltar Mine produces copper Address: 800 W. Pender St., Ste. • Co-Chairman: Robert A.
concentrate and molybdenum. Taseko's also owns the 1020 Dickinson
Prosperity project, which contains an estimated 2.3 billion Vancouver, British Columbia V6C Fiscal Year End: September • Co-Chairman: Ronald W.
pounds of copper and 6.7 million ounces of gold, and the 2V6, Canada Revenue (2005): 75.50 M Thiessen
Harmony property with an estimated 3 million ounces of Phone: 604-684-6365 Employees (2004): 15 • President and CEO:
Taseko Mines gold. Taseko is part of the stable of mining companies Fax: 604-684-8092 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Russell E. Hallbauer
Limited managed by Hunter Dickinson, Inc. Yes
When it views its holdings, Vista Gold hopes its prospects
for gold are good. The company's principal property is its
Hycroft mine in Nevada. Hycroft -- an open-pit, heap-leach
gold and silver mine -- produced more than a million
ounces of gold between 1983 and 1999. Vista Gold has • President, CEO, and
since suspended mining at Hycroft and has frozen Director: Michael B.
development of its Amayapampa property in Bolivia, and Address: 7961 Shaffer Pkwy., Ste. Richings
both properties are being sold. Vista Gold owns other 5 Fiscal Year End: December • CFO: Gregory G. Marlier
properties in the US (California, Colorado, Idaho, and Littleton, CO 80127 Revenue (2005): 0.00 M • VP, Business
Nevada) and in Bolivia, as well as interests in gold projects Phone: 720-981-1185 Employees (2004): 10 Development: Howard M.
in Mexico and Indonesia. The company has agreed to buy Fax: 720-981-1186 Employee Growth (1 yr): 11.10% Harlan
Vista Gold Corp. the Mt. Todd gold mine in northern Australia. Yes
Yamana Gold (formerly Yamana Resources) does its
business in Brazil. The company has operating mines
(Fazenda Brasileiro and Fazenda Nova) that produce some
130,000 ounces of gold annually. It has two other mines
under construction in Brazil (with plans to begin mining
production in 2006). Yamana Gold also expects to mine for • Chairman: Victor H.
copper as part of its expansion plans. In 2006 the company Bradley
acquired Canada-based RNC Gold, giving Yamana several Address: 150 York St., Ste. 1902 • President, CEO, and
mines in production and various exploration operations in Toronto, Ontario M5H3S5, Canada Fiscal Year End: December Director: Peter Marrone
Latin America. That year Yamana also bought Desert Sun Phone: 416-815-0220 Revenue (2004): 32.30 M • COO and Director:
Mining, which complements the company's Brazilian Fax: 416-815-0021 Employees (2004): 1,307 Antenor Silva
Yamana Gold Inc. operations. Yes
Company Name Description Contact Info Financial Highlights Key People Public
number 365 in Greek, and Abraxas Petroleum is working
hard as a 365-day-a-year oil and gas company. The
independent energy company is engaged in natural gas and • Chairman, President,
crude oil exploration, development, and production. It and CEO: Robert L. G.
operates primarily in Texas (along the Gulf Coast and in the (Bob) Watson
Permian Basin) and in Wyoming, and reports estimated • EVP, CFO, and
proved reserves of 75.1 billion cu. ft. of natural gas, and 3.1 Address: 500 N. Loop 1604 E., Fiscal Year End: December Treasurer: Chris E.
million barrels of oil. In 2003 Abraxas sold its Canadian Ste. 100 Revenue (2005): 48.60 M Williford
Abraxas subsidiaries to a royalty trust for approximately $138 million, San Antonio, TX 78232 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 43.40% • VP Land and Marketing
Petroleum and reorganized its remaining Canadian assets as Grey Wolf Phone: 210-490-4788 Employees (2005): 48 and Secretary: Stephen T.
Corporation Exploration, Inc. In 2005 Grey Wolf Exploration was spun off Fax: 210-490-8816 Employee Growth (1 yr): 2.10% Wendel
[ABP] in an IPO. Yes
Just like "Allegheny Moon" Patti Page sang about, Allegheny
Energy Supply can really "shine, shine, shine." The company
is the power production business segment of utility holding
company Allegheny Energy (AE). The unit owns and
operates about 20 fossil-fueled and hydroelectric power • Chairman and CEO:
plants, but about 95% of its power is generated by coal (the Paul J. Evanson
company burns 18 million tons of coal a year). Located in the Address: 4350 Northern Pike • President: John P.
Mid-Atlantic region of the US, Allegheny Energy Supply Monroeville, PA 15146-2841 Campbell
Allegheny Energy plants have a generating capacity of approximately 11,000 Phone: 412-858-1600 • Chief Commercial
Supply Company, MW and supplies power to AE's distribution subsidiaries as Fax: 412-856-3725 Officer: Philip L. Goulding
LLC well as to customers in deregulated markets.
Altek Power hopes it has all the technology it needs to
become a top player in the global electricity market. The
independent power producer is a manufacturer of distributed
generation plants. It operates a generation facility in Alberta
that is fueled with solution gas (a waste product of the • Chairman and CEO:
petroleum industry). Altek Power also sells distributed Byron P. Loewen
generation equipment, including waste gas-fired turbine Address: 1708 Dolphin Ave., Ste. • President, CFO,
generators and biomass (organic waste) energy systems. It 1004 Secretary, and Director:
provides engineering and construction services for power Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y Rodney W. (Rod) Reum
plants and other heavy industrial facilities. Altek Power 9S4, Canada Fiscal Year End: December • Manager Distribution and
Altek Power expanded in 2004 with the acquisition of an 80% stake in Phone: 250-717-3707 Revenue (2004): 0.30 M Sales: James W. (Jim)
Corporation Focus Industrial Contractors, which provides biomass and Fax: 250-717-3708 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-69.50%) Lehman
[APKKF.PK] gas power construction. Yes
Three Mile Island looked like an opportunity, not a disaster,
to AmerGen Energy, which acquires and operates nuclear
plants as an independent power producer in North America.
AmerGen was formed to capitalize on a marketplace in which
utilities were unloading their nukes due to new laws or high
operational costs. AmerGen acquired three nuclear stations
in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey in 1999 and 2000;
its assets give it a generating capacity of about 2,500 MW. Address: 300 Exelon Way
More bidders have entered the nuclear market since then, Kennett Square, PA 19348
and several acquisition attempts by AmerGen have been Phone: 610-765-5493 • President and CEO:
AmerGen Energy rejected by utilities that instead wanted to auction off the Fax: 610-765-5789 Christopher M. (Chris)
Company, LLC assets. AmerGen is a part of utility holding company Exelon. Crane
untapped natural gas deposits, and American Oil & Gas is
searching for them. The exploration and production company
is focusing its efforts on Montana and Wyoming, a region
with one of the largest undeveloped natural gas fields in the
US. American Oil & Gas has acquired stakes in more than
180,000 gross acres in its five core project areas, and has • Chairman and CEO:
estimated proved reserves of 321,710 barrels of oil and Address: 1050 17th St., Ste. 1850 Patrick D. (Pat) O'Brien
346.3 million cu. ft. of natural gas, The company was formed Denver, CO 80265 Fiscal Year End: December • President, CFO, and
via a strategic alliance between North Finn LLC and Tower Phone: 303-991-0173 Revenue (2005): 4.70 M Director: Andrew P.
American Oil & Colombia Corporation. In 2005 American Oil & Gas acquired Fax: 303-595-0709 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 571.40% (Andy) Calerich
Gas, Inc. [AEZ] Tower Colombia Corp. Yes
Generating profits through cogeneration, Americas Power
Partners focuses on cogeneration technologies as it
develops small-scale independent power plants in the US
and sells electricity to utilities, marketers, and industrial and
commercial users. The company also provides on-site
distributed generation and optimization services (whereby it • Chairman and CEO:
improves plant operations but leaves ownership in the hands Mark A. Margason
of the client). In addition, Americas Power Partners improves Address: 710 N. York Rd. • President, COO, and
some plant's utility and distribution systems while taking Hinsdale, IL 60521 Director: Gordon B.
Americas Power ownership and operation of the plant. Armstrong International Phone: 630-325-9101 Mendelson
Partners, Inc. owns 41% of Americas Power Partners; chairman and CEO Fax: 630-325-8167 • CFO: Jerome P. Frett
[APPN.PK] Mark Margason holds a 31% stake. Yes
• Chairman, President,
Anadarko Petroleum has ventured beyond its original area of and CEO: James T. (Jim)
operation -- the Anadarko Basin -- to explore for, develop, Hackett
produce, and market oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and • SVP and CFO; CEO,
related products worldwide. The large independent company Anadarko Algeria
has proved reserves of 1.1 billion barrels of crude oil and 7.5 Fiscal Year End: December Company: R. A. (Al)
trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas. More than half of the Address: 1201 Lake Robbins Dr. Revenue (2005): 7100.00 M Walker
Anadarko company's reserves are in the US (Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, The Woodlands, TX 77380-1046 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 17.00% • VP Corporate
Petroleum the midcontinent and Rocky Mountain regions, and the Gulf Phone: 832-636-1000 Employees (2005): 3,300 Development: Albert L.
Corporation of Mexico). Other activities include coal, trona, and other Fax: 832-636-8220 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% (Al) Richey
[APC] mineral mining. Yes
Apache is an oil and gas exploration and production
company with onshore and offshore operations in North
America and in Argentina, Australia, China, Egypt, and the
UK. The company has proved reserves of 2.1 billion barrels
of oil equivalent, mostly from five North American regions: • Chairman: Raymond
the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, Plank
the Permian Basin in West Texas, the Anadarko Basin in Address: 2000 Post Oak Blvd., Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, COO,
Oklahoma, and Canada. In 2004 it acquired more than two Ste. 100 Revenue (2005): 7457.30 M and Director: G. Steven
dozen mature US and Canadian fields from Exxon Mobil for Houston, TX 77056-4400 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 40.50% (Steve) Farris
Apache $347 million and Gulf of Mexico properties from Anadarko Phone: 713-296-6000 Employees (2005): 2,805 • EVP and CFO: Roger B.
Corporation Petroleum for $525 million. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina Fax: 713-296-6496 Employee Growth (1 yr): 6.20% Plank
[APA] destroyed 8 of its 241 rigs in the Gulf. Yes
Aptly named, Apco Argentina exploits oil and gas resources
in Argentina. Deregulation gave Apco Argentina's joint • Chairman and CEO:
venture with Perez Companc and Petrolera Perez Companc Ralph A. Hill
the right to pump oil from the Entre Lomas concession in • President, COO, and
southwestern Argentina until 2026. The exploration and Address: One Williams Center, Fiscal Year End: December General Manager:
production company (69%-owned by US powerhouse The 26th Fl. Revenue (2005): 41.70 M Thomas Bueno
Williams Companies) holds a 53% stake in the Entre Lomas Tulsa, OK 74172 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 39.50% • CFO, Controller, and
venture. Apco Argentina, which also holds interests in other Phone: 918-573-2164 Employees (2005): 11 Chief Accounting Officer:
Apco Argentina oil and gas concessions in Argentina, has proved reserves of Fax: 918-573-6546 Employee Growth (1 yr): 22.20% Landy L. Fullmer
Inc. [APAGF] 22.6 million barrels of oil and 65.1 billion cu. ft. of gas. Yes
ATP Oil & Gas looks for its revenues where others have
shelved their operations. The company's strategy is to exploit
continental shelf assets that are being sold by larger oil
companies searching for higher returns in deeper waters. It
explores and develops natural gas and oil properties
primarily on the outer continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, • Chairman and President:
where it has interests in 52 blocks, 26 platforms, and 68 Address: 4600 Post Oak Place, Fiscal Year End: December T. Paul Bulmahn
wells, and in the Southern Gas Basin of the UK's North Sea. Ste. 200 Revenue (2005): 146.70 M • SVP Operations: Leland
Its proved reserves total 275.2 billion cu. ft. of natural gas Houston, TX 77027 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 26.40% E. Tate
ATP Oil & Gas equivalent; natural gas makes up the bulk of the reserves. Phone: 713-622-3311 Employees (2004): 50 • SVP and CFO: Albert L.
Corporation Employees and directors, led by founder and CEO Paul Fax: 713-622-5101 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-3.80%) Reese Jr.
[ATPG] Bulmahn, control 37% of ATP Oil & Gas. Yes
Barnwell Industries has more than a barnful of assets. Its
interests range from oil and gas production, contract well
drilling operations, and Hawaiian property investments. • Chairman and CEO:
Barnwell Industries explores for and produces oil and natural Morton H. Kinzler
gas primarily in Alberta, Canada. It has proved reserves of • President, COO, General
1.3 million barrels of oil and 25.2 billion cu. ft. of gas. Address: 1100 Alakea St., Ste. Fiscal Year End: September Counsel, and Director:
Subsidiary Water Resources International drills water and 2900 Revenue (2005): 41.20 M Alexander C. Kinzler
geothermal wells and installs and repairs water pump Honolulu, HI 96813-2833 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 16.10% • EVP, CFO, Secretary,
Barnwell systems in Hawaii. The company also owns a 78% interest in Phone: 808-531-8400 Employees (2005): 52 Treasurer, and Director:
Industries, Inc. Kaupulehu Developments, which owns leasehold rights to Fax: 808-531-7181 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Russell M. Gifford
[BRN] more than 1,900 acres in Hawaii. Yes
It may be small fruit in the giant petroleum industry, but Berry
Petroleum delivers the juice. The company buys properties
with heavy crude oil reserves for exploitation and sale to
refining companies. Berry Petroleum's core properties are in
California's Kern, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties, and its • Chairman: Martin H.
proved reserves of 126 million barrels of oil equivalent. The Young Jr.
company squeezes the most from its assets by using thermal Address: 5201 Truxtun Ave., Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • President , CEO, and
recovery: Steam is injected into heavy crude oil reserves to 300 Revenue (2005): 404.90 M Director: Robert F.
reduce oil viscosity and allow it to flow to the surface. Berry Bakersfield, CA 93309-0640 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 47.40% Heinemann
Petroleum also owns three gas-fired cogeneration facilities. Phone: 661-616-3900 Employees (2005): 209 • EVP and CFO: Ralph J.
Berry Petroleum In 2005 the company acquired 130,000 acres of oil and gas Fax: 661-616-3881 Employee Growth (1 yr): 33.10% Goehring
Company [BRY] assets in Colorado from J-W Operating Company. Yes
Blue Dolphin Energy is trying to stay afloat in the waters of
the Gulf of Mexico. Blue Dolphin Energy explores for and
acquires, develops, and operates oil and gas properties in
the Gulf of Mexico and along the Texas Gulf Coast. The • Chairman and CEO: Ivar
company owns offshore pipeline operations and its Petroport Siem
subsidiary develops deep-water terminals and storage • President and Secretary:
facilities, allowing large tankers to deposit crude oil directly Fiscal Year End: December Michael J. (Mike)
into a pumping facility. Blue Dolphin Energy swam in choppy Address: 801 Travis, Ste. 2100 Revenue (2005): 4.50 M Jacobson
waters in 2003 and 2004, running up heavy debts in its Houston, TX 77002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 221.40% • VP, Business
Blue Dolphin exploration and production activities. In 2004 it reported Phone: 713-227-7660 Employees (2004): 7 Development: John P.
Energy Company proved reserves of only 400 barrels of oil and 35.3 million cu. Fax: 713-227-7626 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-22.20%) Atwood
[BDCO] ft. of natural gas. Yes
Renewable energy never gets old to Boralex. The company
produces wood-residue, natural gas-fired cogeneration,
hydroelectric, and wind energy in Quebec, the northeastern
US, and France. Boralex owns and operates power stations
with a combined capacity of about 250.2 MW: eight
hydroelectric plants (Canada, France, and US), five wood-
residue thermal power stations (Maine and New York), and a • Chairman and CEO:
natural gas cogeneration power station and three wind farms Address: 36, rue Lajeunesse Fiscal Year End: December Bernard Lemaire
(France). It also manages several power generating facilities Kingsey Falls, Quebec J0A 1B0, Revenue (2004): 75.80 M • President, COO, and
(191 MW of electricity) owned by Boralex Power Income Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): 60.10% Director: Claude Audet
Fund, in which it owns a 23% stake. Canada-based paper Phone: 819-363-5116 Employees (2004): 250 • VP and CFO: Jean-
and packaging group Cascades owns 43% of Boralex, which Fax: 819-363-5127 Employee Growth (1 yr): 4.20% François Thibodeau
Boralex Inc. was incorporated in 1982.
first small independent exploration and production firms to
use 3-D seismic imaging. The company continues to rely on
3-D and other advanced technologies for onshore
exploration. It explores mainly in the Anadarko Basin, the
onshore Texas Gulf Coast, and West Texas. Since its Address: 6300 Bridge Point Pkwy., Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman, President,
founding in 1990, it has drilled more than 650 wells. Brigham Building 2, Ste. 500 Revenue (2005): 97.00 M and CEO: Ben M. (Bud)
Exploration has net proved reserves of about 101.9 billion Austin, TX 78730 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 34.30% Brigham
Brigham cu. ft. of natural gas and 3.2 million barrels of oil. Founder Phone: 512-427-3300 Employees (2004): 57 • EVP and CFO: Eugene
Exploration and CEO Bud Brigham and his wife, Anne, control 7% of the Fax: 512-427-3400 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% B. Shepherd Jr.
Company [BEXP] company. Yes
in the wake of the UK's 1957 Windscale plant nuclear
accident, the 1979 Three Mile Island incident in the US, and
the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. But British Energy is
still a believer. The group is the UK's largest electricity
generator and produces about 20% of the UK's power • Chairman: Adrian A.
through its eight nuclear facilities in Scotland and England Address: 3 Redwood Crescent, Montague
(total capacity is 9,600 MW). British Energy also owns the Peel Park Fiscal Year End: March • CEO and Director:
2,000-MW coal-fired plant (Eggborough) in England; it has East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire Revenue (2005): 905.50 M William A. (Bill) Coley
sold its North American power generation operations. The G74 5PR, United Kingdom Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-40.30%) • Finance Director and
British Energy company, affected by a slump in wholesale power prices, has Phone: +44-135-526-2000 Employees (2005): 5,451 Director: Stephen
Group plc completed a two-year restructuring and a government Fax: +44-135-526-2301 Employee Growth (1 yr): 5.50% Billingham
[BEYGF.PK] bailout. Yes
Brookfield Power (formerly Brascan Power) isn't brash when
it comes to producing electricity. The subsidiary of real estate
firm Brookfield Asset Management generates more than
2,600 MW of capacity at hydroelectric plants in the Canadian
provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, as well Address: BCE Place, 181 Bay St.,
as in the US (Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, and New Ste. 300 • Co-Chairman: Ed Kress
York) and Brazil. Brookfield Power also has power Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3, Canada • Co-Chairman and CEO:
transmission and distribution operations (11,000 customers) Harry A. Goldgut
in northern Ontario. Both the company and its parent have Phone: 416-363-9491 • President and COO:
Brookfield Power snapped up more than 70 hydroelectric generating stations in Fax: 416-363-2856 Richard Legault
Corporation the US since September 2004.

Like a cog on a gear in a well-oiled machine, Cabot Oil &

Gas (ticker symbol: COG) has engaged in the oil industry
very efficiently. Cabot explores for and produces natural gas
and oil, and it sells gas to industrial customers, local utilities, • Chairman, CEO, and
and gas marketers. It has estimated proved reserves of 1.2 Fiscal Year End: December President: Dan O. Dinges
trillion cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent. Major areas of Address: 1200 Enclave Pkwy. Revenue (2005): 682.80 M • SVP and COO: Michael
operation include Appalachia, the Anadarko Basin (Kansas, Houston, TX 77077 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 28.70% B. Walen
Cabot Oil & Gas Oklahoma, and Texas), the Rocky Mountains (Wyoming), Phone: 281-589-4600 Employees (2005): 354 • VP and CFO: Scott C.
Corporation and the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. The company also Fax: 281-589-4828 Employee Growth (1 yr): 2.30% Schroeder
[COG] has reserves in Alberta and British Columbia. Yes
Callon Petroleum can call on new technologies to find old
petroleum resources, employing computer-aided techniques • Chairman, Callon
such as 3-D surveys to explore and develop oil and gas Petroleum and Callon
properties. It also focuses on acquiring properties. Most of Petroleum Operating:
the firm's holdings are in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, John S. Callon
although some are onshore in Alabama and Louisiana. • President, CEO, Acting
Callon's estimated proved reserves stand at 188.6 billion cu. Fiscal Year End: December CFO, and Director, Callon
ft. of natural gas equivalent. The firm owns working and/or Address: 200 N. Canal St. Revenue (2005): 141.30 M Petroleum a: Fred L.
royalty interests in about 231 producing oil wells and 242 Natchez, MS 39120 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 17.90% Callon
producing gas wells. Natural gas accounts for the bulk of its Phone: 601-442-1601 Employees (2004): 87 • Corporate Information
Callon Petroleum daily production. The company collaborates with Murphy Oil, Fax: 601-446-1410 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-7.40%) Officer: H. Clark Smith
Company [CPE] BP, and others in its offshore exploration. Yes
Calpine may get hot, but it also knows how to blow off some
steam. The independent power producer and marketer
controls more than 26,000 MW of generating capacity
through interests in natural gas-fired power plants in the US,
Canada, and the UK. Calpine is also a top geothermal
producer; it owns 90% of the plants at the largest geothermal
facility in the US (The Geysers in northern California), where Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Kenneth T.
electricity is produced from natural steam. Calpine has 750 Address: 50 W. San Fernando St. Revenue (2004): 9229.90 M Derr
MW of capacity from these plants. In addition, the company San Jose, CA 95113 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 3.50% • CEO and Director:
owns approximately 500 billion cu. ft. equivalent of proved Phone: 408-995-5115 Employees (2004): 3,505 Robert P. (Bob) May
Calpine natural gas reserves and has gas gathering and Fax: 408-995-0505 Employee Growth (1 yr): 2.50% • CFO: Scott J. Davido
Corporation transportation assets. Calpine filed Chapter 11 late in 2005.
Canadian Hydro Developers wants to fill up the Canadian
energy market with water, wind, and wood-waste generated
electricity. The company builds and operates independent
power plants that focus on low-impact renewable energy
technologies, such as hydroelectric, biomass, and wind
energy, in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Address: Ste. 500, 1324 17th Ave. • CEO and Director: John
Ontario. It has 17 low-impact renewable power plants with a SW Fiscal Year End: December D. Keating
combined net capacity of 162 MW. In 2005 it signed a 20- Calgary, Alberta T2T 5S8, Canada Revenue (2004): 19.70 M • President, COO, and
Canadian Hydro year contract to sell green power to the Ontario Electricity Phone: 403-269-9379 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 17.60% Director: J. Ross Keating
Developers, Inc. Finance Corporation for the Melancthon Grey Wind Project Fax: 403-244-7388 Employees (2004): 44 • CFO: Kent E. Brown
[CHDVF.PK] near Shelborne. Yes
Canadian Natural Resources has exploited Canada's
resources to become one of the country's largest gas
producers. The company has large oil and natural gas
holdings in British Columbia and Alberta, as well as in
Saskatchewan. It also has holdings in the North Sea and
offshore West Africa. Canadian Natural has proved reserves
of 1.1 billion barrels of oil and 2.7 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas
and produces an average of 514,000 barrels of oil equivalent Address: 855 - 2 St. SW, Ste. • Chairman: Allan P.
per day. The company has begun development of its C 2500 Markin
$10.8-billion Horizon Oil Sands Project, which is Canada' Calgary, Alberta T2P 4J8, Canada Fiscal Year End: December • President and Director:
Canadian Natural fourth major open-pit oil sands development. Horizon is Phone: 403-517-6700 Revenue (2005): 8691.00 M John G. Langille
Resources projected to produce up to 110,000 barrels of bitumen per Fax: 403-517-7350 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 38.20% • COO: Steve W. Laut
Limited [CNQ] day by mid-2008. Yes
CanArgo make a go of it? Apparently so. CanArgo Energy,
formerly Fountain Oil, is an independent oil and gas
company that primarily acquires, develops, and exploits gas
and oil properties in Eastern Europe. The main focus of
CanArgo Energy is the Ninotsminda field in the Republic of
Georgia, where the company's Ninotsminda Oil subsidiary
operates a production-sharing venture with Georgian Oil.
Proved reserves at the Ninotsminda field are 6.3 million Address: • Chairman, President,
barrels of oil and 2.6 billion cu. ft. of gas. CanArgo also St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 3RR, Fiscal Year End: December and CEO: David Robson
explores in Georgia's Samgori field and holds interests in Channel Islands Revenue (2005): 7.60 M • CFO: Richard J. Battey
CanArgo Energy Kazakhstan. CanArgo has disposed of its oil and gas Phone: +44-1481-729-980 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-20.80%) • COO: Vincent McDonnell
Corporation interests in Ukraine and its petroleum product marketing and Fax: +44-1481-729-982 Employees (2004): 158
[CNR] refining operations in Georgia. Yes
Carrizo Oil & Gas sees its future in 3-D. An independent
exploration and production company that drills in proven
onshore fields along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana,
Carrizo aggressively acquires 3-D seismic data and arranges
land lease options in conjunction with conducting seismic
surveys. As part of a new strategy, the company is exploiting • Chairman: Steven A.
deeper, over-pressured targets, which generally require Address: 14701 St. Mary's Ln., Fiscal Year End: December Webster
higher cost. To reduce its risk, it is selling some of the Ste. 800 Revenue (2005): 78.20 M • President, CEO, and
prospects. Carrizo has additional properties in North Texas, Houston, TX 77079 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 52.10% Director: S. P. Johnson IV
the Rockies, and in the UK North Sea. Its total proved Phone: 281-496-1352 Employees (2004): 38 • VP, CFO, Secretary, and
Carrizo Oil & reserves stand at 109.3 billion cu. ft. of natural gas Fax: 281-496-1251 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Treasurer: Paul F. Boling
Gas, Inc. [CRZO] equivalent. Chairman Steven Webster owns 11% of Carrizo. Yes
Chesapeake Energy knows the peaks and valleys of the oil
and gas business. The independent exploration and
production company concentrates on building natural gas
reserves through acquisitions in the US midcontinent region.
This region accounts for the vast majority of the company's
estimated proved reserves of 4.9 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas • Chairman and CEO:
equivalent, but Chesapeake also has assets along the Gulf Fiscal Year End: December Aubrey K. McClendon
Coast, in the Permian Basin, and in the Ark-La-Tex region. In Address: 6100 N. Western Ave. Revenue (2005): 4665.30 M • EVP and CFO: Marcus
Chesapeake 2005, in a major move, the company acquired Columbia Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 72.20% C. Rowland
Energy Natural Resources for $2.2 billion. Chesapeake co-founders Phone: 405-848-8000 Employees (2004): 1,718 • EVP Operations and
Corporation Tom Ward (president) and Aubrey McClendon (CEO) own Fax: 405-843-0573 Employee Growth (1 yr): 44.10% COO: Steven C. Dixon
[CHK] 5.9% and 5.5% of the company, respectively. Yes
China Huaneng Group (CHNG) is one of China's five largest
power conglomerates. The company oversees government
interests in 10 subsidiaries, including more than 40% in
Huaneng Power International. Through subsidiaries it
develops and operates more than 85 thermal and hydro
power plants. CHNG is responsible for close to 195 billion
kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. In addition to its power-
generation business, the company plans to enter other
sectors, including finance, transportation, information Address: 40 Xueyuan Nanlu
technology, and renewable energy. Beijing 100088, China
Phone: +86-10-6229-1888
China HuaNeng Fax: +86-10-6229-1899
Group • CEO: Li Xiaopeng
is the largest refiner and petrochemical producer in China. Its
parent, state-owned China Petrochemical (Sinopec Group),
reorganized in 2000 and pooled the best of its assets as
Sinopec Corp. Sinopec Corp.'s businesses include oil and
gas exploration and production; crude oil processing; oil
products trading, transportation, distribution and marketing; Address: 6A Huixin East St., Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Chen
and petrochemical products production, marketing and Chaoyang District Revenue (2005): 101984.00 M Tonghai
China Petroleum distribution. It has proved reserves of 3.3 billion barrels of oil Beijing 100029, China Revenue Growth (1 yr): 36.20% • President: Wang Tianpu
& Chemical and 2.9 trillion cu. ft. of gas, and owns more than 29,400 gas Phone: +86-10-6499-0060 Employees (2004): 389,451 • SVP, CFO, and Director:
Corporation stations. The government of China owns 55% of the Fax: +86-10-6499-0022 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-2.80%) Zhang Jiaren
[SNP] company. Yes
Cimarex Energy's energy is devoted to oil and gas
exploration and production. The company was formed in
2002 by the spinoff of a unit of contract driller Helmerich &
Payne's Cimarex Energy subsidiary and that unit's • Chairman, President,
consequent acquisition of oil and gas explorer Key and CEO: F. H. Merelli
Production. Cimarex Energy is focusing its operations on the Address: 1700 Lincoln St., Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • SVP Business
Midcontinent, Gulf Coast, Permian Basin, and Gulf of 1800 Revenue (2005): 1118.60 M Development and Land:
Mexico. The company has estimated proved reserves of Denver, CO 80203 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 65.70% Stephen P. Bell
more than 1.5 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent. In 2005 Phone: 303-295-3995 Employees (2005): 689 • VP, CFO, Secretary, and
Cimarex Energy Cimarex Energy acquired Magnum Hunter Resources in a Fax: 303-295-3494 Employee Growth (1 yr): 89.80% Treasurer: Paul J. Korus
Co. [XEC] $2.1 billion stock deal that doubled the size of the company. Yes
Revenues come naturally to CKX Lands. Formerly called
Calcasieu Real Estate and Oil, CKX Lands owns about
14,000 acres in Louisiana that host oil and gas wells, mines,
timber, and agricultural operations. Formed in 1930, the
company does not perform any mining or oil and gas
operations. Instead, it generates revenues through royalties
from the natural resources produced from its land. Originally
set up to receive mineral royalties spun off by a bank to its Fiscal Year End: December
shareholders, CKX Lands' growth strategy is built around Revenue (2005): 2.70 M • President and CEO:
acquiring landholdings in southwest Louisiana. Its largets Address: 3401 Ryan St. Revenue Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Arthur Hollins III
customer, Cox & Perkins accounts for about a third of the Lake Charles, LA 70601 Employees (2005): 4 • VP and Treasurer:
CKX Lands, Inc. company's sales; Kerr-McGee and Unit Petroleum each Phone: 318-494-4256 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% William D. Blake
[CKX] account for about 15%. Yes
Former Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams once
devoted his energy to politics. Now he's devoted to the
independent oil and gas firm that he founded. Clayton
Williams Energy explores for oil and gas deposits in
Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas and exploits those • Chairman, President,
resources. The company has proved reserves of 299 billion and CEO: Clayton W.
cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent. Most of those reserves are in Williams
the Permian Basin and in East Texas. It also operates 94 Fiscal Year End: December • EVP, COO, and Director:
miles of gas pipeline and processing plants in Texas and Address: 6 Desta Dr., Ste. 3000 Revenue (2005): 264.70 M L. Paul Latham
Mississippi. Williams is CEO and owns approximately 48% of Midland, TX 79705-5510 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 30.90% • SVP, Finance, CFO,
Clayton Williams the firm. In 2004 Clayton Williams Energy boosted its Phone: 432-682-6324 Employees (2005): 174 Secretary, Treasurer, and
Energy, Inc. reserves by 150% with the acquisition of Southwest Royalties Fax: 432-682-1452 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.60% Director: Mel G. Riggs
[CWEI] Inc. for $188 million. Yes
CNOOC manages China's offshore oil and gas exploration
and production activities, in partnership with international oil
and gas firms. Under Chinese government-regulated
production sharing contracts, CNOOC has the sole right to
acquire up to 51% of any successful discovery offshore
China made by foreign partners. CNOOC has 2.2 billion
barrels of oil equivalent in proven reserves, primarily in the
South China Sea. CNOOC is also engaged in oil refining, Address: 65th Fl., Bank of China • Chairman and CEO:
natural gas processing, and refined and processed products Tower, 1 Garden Rd., Central Chengyu Fu
marketing. The oil producer has a net production of 320,000 Hong Kong Fiscal Year End: December • President and Director:
barrels of oil equivalent per day, making it China's third Phone: +852-2213-2500 Revenue (2005): 8588.60 M Shouwei Zhou
CNOOC Limited largest oil company. CNOOC is 71%-owned by China Fax: +852-2525-9322 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 29.10% • CFO: Hua Yang
[CEO] National Offshore Oil Corporation. Yes
Coast Mountain Power develops and operates independent
hydroelectric power projects in British Columbia. Through its
Coast Mountain Hydro Corp., the company is developing two
hydroelectric-generating facilities on the Iskut River in
northwestern British Columbia: the 112-MW (installed
capacity) Forrest Kerr and the 19-MW More Creek project. In • Chairman: J. Christopher
conjunction with the Forrest Kerr and More Creek projects, it Address: Ste. 707, 1281 W. Lay
has filed an application for a license for a 60-MW run-of-river Georgia St. • President, CEO, and
hydroelectric generating plant on Mclymont Creek in British Vancouver, British Columbia V6E Director: Clifford A. (Cliff)
Columbia. The three projects will give the company a 3J7, Canada Grandison
combined installed capacity of nearly 195 MW. It is also Phone: 604-681-8680 • CFO and Director: Peter
Coast Mountain developing a transmission line to deliver electricity to the BC Fax: 604-681-8646 J. Sproston
Power Corp. Hydro grid.
Tricks are for kids, but Cogentrix Energy is for electric
generating facilities, silly rabbit. The company develops, • President: Larry
owns, and operates independent power plants, located Kellerman
primarily in the US. Cogentrix Energy has an operational • Group SVP and CFO:
generating capacity of 3,300 MW from its stakes in more Thomas F. Schwartz
than 25 coal- and gas-fired facilities. The company also sells Address: 9405 Arrowpoint Blvd. • Group SVP,
electricity wholesale to utilities and power marketers, Charlotte, NC 28273-8110 Development, Mergers,
primarily through long-term purchase or conversion Phone: 704-525-3800 and Acquisitions: Tom
Cogentrix contracts. New York-based investment firm Goldman Sachs Fax: 704-529-5313 Bonner
Energy, Inc. Group acquired Cogentrix Energy in December 2003.
and oil. The midsized independent oil and gas company has
proved reserves of 504.7 billion cu. ft. of natural gas
equivalent (86% in the form of natural gas) on its properties
in four major areas -- East Texas and North Louisiana, • Chairman, President,
Mississippi, South Texas, and Southeast Texas. Comstock and CEO: M. Jay Allison
Resources operates 334 of the 670 producing wells in which • SVP, CFO, Secretary,
it holds an interest. The company has grown by exploiting its Address: 5300 Town and Country Fiscal Year End: December Treasurer, and Director:
existing reserves and through acquisitions. In 2004 Blvd., Ste. 500 Revenue (2005): 303.30 M Roland O. Burns
Comstock Resources acquired producing properties from Frisco, TX 75034 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 15.90% • VP Corporate
Comstock Ovation Energy for $62 million. In 2005 the company Phone: 972-668-8800 Employees (2004): 72 Development: Michael W.
Resources, Inc. acquired assets from EnSight Energy Partners for $192.5 Fax: 972-668-8812 Employee Growth (1 yr): 5.90% Taylor
[CRK] million. Yes
• President; EVP,
Constellation Generation is a real star when it comes to Constellation Energy:
power generation. The company is a key element of parent Michael J. (Mike) Wallace
Constellation Energy Group's nonregulated merchant energy Address: 1997 Annapolis • CFO: James (Jim)
division. The unit has more than 12,000 MW of generating Exchange Pkwy., Ste. 500 Walkington
capacity from 30 power and fuel processing facilities in 10 Annapolis, MD 21401 Fiscal Year End: December • SVP, Business
Constellation states. Its power is sold to wholesale customers through Phone: 410-897-5000 Revenue (2005): 646.00 M Development: Joe C.
Generation affiliate Constellation Energy Commodities Group (formerly Fax: 410-234-5220 Employees (2005): 2,300 Turnage
Group, LLC Constellation Power Source).
successful independent oil and natural gas company.
Contango Oil & Gas (named after a term used by oil and gas
traders to describe anticipated rising prices in the futures
market) explores for and acquires oil and gas properties
along the Gulf Coast. Contango, which holds proved
reserves of 911 million cu. ft. of natural gas and 77,000 Address: 3700 Buffalo Speedway, Fiscal Year End: June
barrels of oil, has strategic exploration alliances with Juneau Ste. 960 Revenue (2005): 4.30 M • Chairman, President,
Exploration, Alta Resources, and others. In 2004 the Houston, TX 77098 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-84.40%) CEO, CFO, and
Contango Oil & company sold its south Texas natural gas and oil assets to Phone: 713-960-1901 Employees (2005): 6 Secretary: Kenneth R.
Gas Company Edge Petroleum for $50 million. CEO Kenneth Peak owns Fax: 713-960-1065 Employee Growth (1 yr): 50.00% Peak
[MCF] 18.5% of Contango. Yes
The power ball is back in Covanta Energy's court. The power
producer has interests in plants located in the Americas,
Asia, and Europe that generate some 2,000 MW of capacity.
More than half of its power supply is derived from fossil-
fueled and hydroelectric facilities; the rest comes from its • President and CEO:
alternative energy facilities, including its waste-to-energy Fiscal Year End: December Anthony J. Orlando
plants in the US. It also provides contract construction, Address: 40 Lane Rd. Revenue (2004): 700.40 M • SVP and CFO: Craig D.
maintenance, and operation services for water and Fairfield, NJ 07004 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-11.40%) Abolt
wastewater systems in the US. Covanta Energy emerged Phone: 973-882-9000 Employees (2004): 1,800 • SVP, Operations: John
Covanta Energy from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection when it was acquired Fax: 973-882-7234 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-25.00%) M. Klett
Corporation by Covanta Holding (then Danielson Holding) in 2004.
CREDO Petroleum believes strongly in fossil fuels: It
explores for, produces, and markets natural gas and crude
oil in the US Gulf Coast, Midcontinent, and Rocky Mountain
regions. The company has traditionally concentrated on
shallow and medium-depth properties (7,000-10,000 ft.), but
in 2005 it launched new projects in Kansas and South Texas
(where it is drilling to well depths ranging from 10,000 to Fiscal Year End: October • Chairman, President,
15,500 feet). The company has estimated proved reserves of Address: 1801 Broadway, Ste. 900 Revenue (2005): 13.80 M CEO, and Treasurer:
CREDO 15.5 billion cu. ft. of gas and 386,000 barrels of oil. Denver, CO 80202-3837 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 38.00% James T. Huffman
Petroleum Subsidiary United Oil operates the company's properties in Phone: 303-297-2200 Employees (2004): 10 • VP and CFO: David W.
Corporation Oklahoma, and CREDO Petroleum's other subsidiary, SECO Fax: 303-297-2204 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Vreeman
[CRED] Energy, owns royalty interests in the Rocky Mountains. Yes
Across the Gulf of Mexico region of the US, Crosstex Energy
is hard at work pushing natural gas. The company gathers,
transports, treats, and processes natural gas through more
than 5,000 miles of pipeline, nine processing plants, four
fractionatiors, and 190 gas treating plants. Its revenues are
generated through the purchase and resale of natural gas • Chairman: Bryan H.
from more than 40 independent producers located along the Address: 2501 Cedar Springs, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December Lawrence
US Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. Through its treating 600 Revenue (2005): 3033.00 M • President CEO, and
division, Crosstex cleans carbon dioxide and hydrogen Dallas, TX 75201 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 53.30% Director: Barry E. Davis
sulfide from natural gas, enabling it to meet pipeline quality Phone: 214-953-9500 Employees (2004): 325 • EVP and CFO: William
Crosstex Energy, requirements. Crosstex Energy Inc. owns and controls the Fax: 214-953-9501 Employee Growth (1 yr): 72.00% W. Davis
L.P. [XTEX] general partner of Crosstex Energy. Yes

Datang Power is a zinger in the Chinese power market.

Datang International Power Generation (Datang Power),
formerly Beijing Datang Power Generation, operates and
develops power plants, sells electricity, and provides power
equipment maintenance services throughout the country.
Datang The company is one of China's largest independent power Address: 482 Guanganmennei Fiscal Year End: December
International producers; it has a generating capacity of about 11,300MW Ave., 8th Fl., Xuanwu District Revenue (2004): 1639.60 M • Chairman: Zhai Ruoyu
Power from interests in coal-fired and hydroelectric facilities. Datang Beijing 100053, China Revenue Growth (1 yr): 36.50% • Vice Chairman and
Generation Power owns and operates 4 power plants and manages 15 Phone: +86-10-8358-1901 Employees (2004): 9,891 President: Zhang Yi
Company Limited power companies. Government-owned China Datang Corp. Fax: +86-10-8358-1911 Employee Growth (1 yr): 29.60% • CFO: Wang Xianzhou
[DIPGY.PK] owns about 35% of Datang Power. Yes
An independent oil and gas exploration and production
company, Delta Petroleum has been dealt a good hand in
proved reserves. It has 224.3 billion cu. ft. of natural gas
equivalent, 54% of which is in the Louisiana and South
Texas basins on the Gulf Coast. It is also active in offshore
California near Santa Barbara, Colorado's Denver-Julesberg • Chairman and CEO:
and Piceance basins, and Wyoming's Wind River basin. Roger A. Parker
Delta Petroleum operates three major subsidiaries: Castle Address: 370 17th St., Ste. 4300 Fiscal Year End: June • President and COO:
Texas Exploration Limited Partnership, Delta Exploration Denver, CO 80202 Revenue (2005): 61.80 M John R Wallace
Delta Petroleum Company, Inc., and Piper Petroleum Company. It also owns Phone: 303-293-9133 Employees (2005): 95 • CFO and Treasurer:
Corporation about 92% of Amber Resources. In 2006 Delta Petroleum Fax: 303-298-8251 Employee Growth (1 yr): 90.00% Kevin K. Nanke
[DPTR] acquired Castle Energy. Yes
Delta Power is an alpha company when it comes to
developing, acquiring, financing, and managing independent
power projects throughout the US. The company has
interests in 29 primarily fossil-fueled power plants in nine
states with a combined generating capacity of more than
2,700 MW. It sells its electricity through wholesale contracts
with regional utility companies and on the spot market.
Subsidiary Delta Power Services provides operation and Address: 67 Park Place East • President: Dean N.
maintenance services. Financial partners include John Morristown, NJ 07960 Vanech
Hancock Financial Services, ArcLight Capital Partners, and Phone: 973-889-9100 Revenue (2005): 61.40 M • SVP Finance: Richard G.
Delta Power Morgan Stanley. In 2005 the company sold two hydroelectric Fax: 973-889-0020 Employees (2005): 224 Vicens
Company, LLC plants to Brascan Power for $31.4 million.
Denbury Resources has long since capped its oil and gas
operations in its native Canada to try its luck in the Deep
South. The independent exploration and production company
has estimated proved reserves of nearly 130 million barrels
of oil equivalent and working interests in wells across • Chairman: Ronald G.
Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and in the Gulf of Mexico. In Greene
Mississippi it also owns wells that produce carbon dioxide Address: 5100 Tennyson Pkwy., Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
(CO2), which it uses to force oil out of the ground at nearby Ste. 3000 Revenue (2005): 557.20 M Director: Gareth Roberts
abandoned wells. In 2002 Denbury Resources bought Plano, TX 75024 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 23.50% • SVP, CFO, Secretary,
Denbury Genesis Energy LLC, the general partner of Gulf Coast crude Phone: 972-673-2000 Employees (2004): 380 and Treasurer: Phil
Resources Inc. oil marketer Genesis Energy, L.P., and the Gulf Coast Fax: 972-673-2150 Employee Growth (1 yr): 1.60% Rykhoek
[DNR] properties of Coho Energy. Yes
way into the big leagues. With acquisitions of PennzEnergy,
Northstar Energy, and Santa Fe Snyder, it has become an oil
and gas heavyweight. It got stouter by buying Anderson
Exploration, and Mitchell Energy & Development. In 2003 it
acquired Ocean Energy for $3.5 billion and merged it with • Chairman and CEO: J.
Devon Newco. Devon has proved reserves of 649 million Larry Nichols
barrels of oil equivalent, 7.3 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas, and Fiscal Year End: December • President: John Richels
246 million barrels of natural gas liquids. It also has Address: 20 N. Broadway Revenue (2005): 10741.00 M • CFO and SVP,
exploration and production assets in the Gulf of Mexico, Oklahoma City, OK 73102-8260 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 16.90% Corporate Finance and
Devon Energy western Canada, and in other major oil patches worldwide. In Phone: 405-235-3611 Employees (2004): 3,900 Development: Brian J.
Corporation 2006 Devon agreed to buy US-based Chief Holdings LLC for Fax: 405-552-4550 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-0.60%) Jennings
[DVN] $2 billion. Yes
It's double or nothing for Double Eagle Petroleum (formerly
Double Eagle Petroleum and Mining) which gambles on
hitting pay dirt as it explores for and produces oil and gas in
the Rocky Mountains of Utah and Wyoming. Double Eagle
Petroleum owns interests in 524 producing wells, and natural
gas accounts for 96% of the oil and gas independent's Address: 777 Overland Trail, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December
production. The company has proved reserves of more than 206 Revenue (2005): 20.50 M • President, CEO, and
278,000 barrels of oil and 34.9 billion cu. ft. of natural gas, Casper, WY 82602 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 56.50% Director: Stephen H. Hollis
Double Eagle and leases acreage in seven states. Double Eagle Petroleum Phone: 307-237-9330 Employees (2004): 1
Petroleum Co. sells its oil and gas on the spot market. CEO Stephen Hollis Fax: 307-266-1823 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% • CFO: David Milhom
[DBLE] owns more than 8% of the company. Yes
Drax Group has bragging rights when it comes to operating
the largest coal-fired power plant in Europe. The company's
primary subsidiary, Drax Power, operates the Drax Power
Station in North Yorkshire, England. The generation facility • Chairman, Drax Group
has a capacity of nearly 4,000 MW; its output is sold to and Drax Power: Gordon
wholesale electricity customers. Drax Group underwent a Address: Drax Power Station, P.O. Horsfield
financial restructuring in 2003 after its largest customer, TXU Box 3 • CEO and Director:
Europe, filed for administrative protection. The company was Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 8PQ, Fiscal Year End: December Dorothy Thompson
formerly owned by US generation firm AES; it fell into the United Kingdom Revenue (2004): 1053.60 M • Finance Director and
hands of AES' former project creditors in 2003. After refusing Phone: +44-17-5761-8381 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 25.80% Board Member: Gordon
Drax Group two takeover bids, the company was listed on the London Fax: +44-17-5761-8504 Employees (2004): 540 Boyd
Limited Stock Exchange in 2005.
Edge Petroleum goes high-tech to gain an edge over its
rivals in the oil and gas exploration and production business.
The company relies on visualization software and a 3-D
seismic database to find natural gas and oil prospects
onshore along the Gulf of Mexico region. Edge Petroleum
has proved reserves of 102.7 billion cu. ft. of natural gas • Chairman President and
equivalent, of which 80% is natural gas and natural gas CEO: John W. Elias
liquids. Although its primary operations are in Texas, where Fiscal Year End: December • SVP and CFO: Michael
most of its net developed acreage is located, the company Address: 1301 Travis, Ste. 2000 Revenue (2005): 121.20 M G. Long
also has major developed holdings in Alabama, Louisiana, Houston, TX 77002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 87.90% • VP Business
Edge Petroleum Mississippi, and New Mexico. In 2004 the company acquired Phone: 713-654-8960 Employees (2004): 53 Development and
Corporation Contango Oil & Gas' south Texas natural gas and oil Fax: 713-654-7722 Employee Growth (1 yr): 51.40% Planning: C.W. MacLeod
[EPEX] interests for about $50 million. Yes
Edison Mission Energy (EME) once wanted to conquer the
nonregulated energy sector, but now it'll settle for a piece of • Chairman and CEO:
the US market. The company, a subsidiary of Edison Theodore F. (Ted) Craver
International, has interests in power plants in US and Turkey Jr.
(Doga project) that give it a net physical generating capacity Fiscal Year End: December • CFO and SVP: W.
of nearly 10,000 MW. EME sells power through contracts Address: 18101 Von Karman Ave. Revenue (2005): 2248.00 M James (Jim) Scilacci
with large utilities, regional distributors, and other energy Irvine, CA 92612 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 37.20% • VP, Business
companies; it also trades energy on the open markets. A Phone: 949-752-5588 Employees (2005): 1,745 Management: John P.
Edison Mission decline in wholesale energy prices has forced EME to retreat Fax: 949-263-9162 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-1.30%) Finneran Jr.
Energy to its home soil and sell off nearly all of its foreign holdings.
In business in Italy since the dawn of the electric age, Edison
has grown to become Italy's leading independent power
producer, with more than 6,000 MW of hydroelectric, fossil-
fueled, and wind-powered generating capacity. Much of Chairman and CEO:
Edison's electricity goes to Italy's largest utility, Enel; Edison Umberto Quadrino
also sells power to commercial and industrial businesses. • Head of Finance: Franco
The company has oil and natural gas marketing, exploration, Fiscal Year End: December Balsamo
and production operations; it also distributes gas directly to Address: Foro Buonaparte, 31 Revenue (2004): 7769.30 M • Director, External
154,000 retail customers. Edison was controlled by 20121 Milan, Italy Revenue Growth (1 yr): 14.10% Relations and
Italenergia Bis, a group led by Fiat and Electricité de France Phone: +39-02-6222-1 Employees (2004): 3,857 Communication: Andrea
(EDF), but in 2005 the power shifted -- EDF and Italian utility Fax: +39-02-6222-7379 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-2.80%) Prandi
Edison S.p.A. AEM S.p.A. now jointly control Edison.
It does not take a genius to figure out what business Electric
Energy (EEI) is involved in. The company generates nearly
1,100 MW of electric capacity at its coal-fired power plant in
Joppa, Illinois. The independent producer sells its power
output to its shareholders. The Missouri-based utility holding
company Ameren holds an 80% stake in EEI; Ameren Address: 2100 Portland Rd.
purchased Dynegy's 20% stake in 2004 as part of its Joppa, IL 62953 Fiscal Year End: December
acquisition of Illinois Power Company (which now operates Phone: 618-543-7531 Revenue (2005): 207.30 M
Electric Energy, as AmerenIP). Kentucky Utilities ( a subsidiary of LG&E Fax: 618-543-7420 Employees (2005): 257 • President: Robert L.
Inc. Energy) owns the remaining 20% of the company. Powers
Enbridge Energy Management, bridging the gap over a
complex structure of pipeline partnerships, manages and
controls the business of Enbridge Energy Partners (formerly
Lakehead Pipe Line Partners). The company's only asset is
an 18% limited partner interest in Enbridge Energy Partners,
which owns the US part of North America's longest liquid • Managing Director and
petroleum pipeline (Lakehead System) and also has interests Address: 1100 Louisiana, Ste. Director: Stephen J. J.
in natural gas gathering, treating, processing, and 3300 (S.J.J.) Letwin
transmission operations in East Texas. Enbridge Energy Houston, TX 77002 • VP Operations and
Enbridge Energy Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enbridge Inc., holds Phone: 713-821-2000 Technology: R. L. Adams
Management, a 17% stake in the company, and serves as the general Fax: 713-821-2232 • VP Finance: M. A. Maki
L.L.C. [EEQ] partner of Enbridge Energy Partners. Yes
derived from Energy, Canada, and Alberta). It has proved
reserves of 1.1 billion barrels of oil and 11.8 trillion cu. ft. of
natural gas in Canada and the US. Boosting its North
American assets, in 2004 EnCana acquired Tom Brown for
about $2.2 billion and sold a portion of its assets to Harvest • Chairman: David P.
Energy for about $395 million. That year the company sold its O'Brien
UK North Sea assets to Nexen for about $2.1 billion and has Address: 855 - 2nd St. SW, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
agreed to sell its natural gas liquids business to Provident 1800 Revenue (2005): 14266.00 M Randall K. (Randy)
Energy Trust for a reported $586 million. The company Calgary, Alberta T2P 2S5, Canada Revenue Growth (1 yr): 20.80% Eresman
EnCana agreed in 2005 to sell its gas storage facilities to a private Phone: 403-645-2000 Employees (2004): 4,090 • EVP and CFO: Brian C.
Corporation equity fund headed by Riverstone Holdings and The Carlyle Fax: 403-645-2091 Employee Growth (1 yr): 6.10% Ferguson
[ECA] Group. Yes
and CEO), Encore Acquisition is an independent oil and
natural gas company engaged in the acquisition,
development, and exploitation of reserves in several basins.
Operations include drilling in the Williston Basin of Montana
and North Dakota, the Permian Basin of Texas and New • Chairman and CEO: I.
Mexico, and the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma. The Jon Brumley
company's total proved reserves of 196 million barrels of oil Fiscal Year End: December • President and Director:
equivalent are primarily from its Cedar Creek Anticline asset Address: 777 Main St., Ste. 1400 Revenue (2005): 457.30 M Jon S. (Jonny) Brumley
(in Montana and North Dakota). Encore Acquisition was Fort Worth, TX 76102 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 53.20% • EVP, CFO, and
Encore formed in 1998 by J.P. Morgan Partners, Warburg Pincus & Phone: 817-877-9955 Employees (2004): 164 Treasurer: Roy W.
Acquisition Co., and Natural Gas Partners. In 2004 the company Fax: 817-877-1655 Employee Growth (1 yr): 37.80% Jageman
Company [EAC] acquired Cortez Oil & Gas. Yes
Like famous British explorer Captain James Cook's vessel,
The Endeavour, Endeavour International has been on quite a
journey. The company started life as a graphics company
(Expression Graphics) in 2000, before changing its name
and business direction in 2002, when (as Continental • Co-CEO and Director:
Southern Resources) it began to focus on oil and gas John N. Seitz
exploration in the US. In 2004 it acquired NSNV, which held • Co-CEO and Director:
a North Sea seismic database, and became Endeavour Fiscal Year End: December William L. (Bill) Transier
Endeavour International. It then sold its US assets. The company is Address: 1000 Main St., Ste. 3300 Revenue (2005): 38.70 M • EVP, Operations and
International buying up stakes in mature North Sea fields that the majors Houston, TX 77002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 945.90% Business Development:
Corporation are moving away from. Endeavour International has proved Phone: 713-307-8700 Employees (2005): 52 Bruce H. Stover
[END] reserves of 2.2 million barrels of oil equivalent. Yes
It pays for Energy Partners to have friends in the oil and gas
business. The independent explorer and producer focuses
on the shallow Gulf of Mexico waters offshore Louisiana. It
partners with big oil companies to explore for reserves on • Chairman and CEO:
properties the majors have left behind; Energy Partners Address: 201 St. Charles Ave., Fiscal Year End: December Richard A. Bachmann
earns an interest in the new reserves and production. The Ste. 3400 Revenue (2005): 402.90 M • President, COO, and
company has interests in 327 productive wells, and has New Orleans, LA 70170 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 36.50% Director: Phillip A. Gobe
proved reserves of 41.9 million barrels of oil equivalent. Phone: 504-569-1875 Employees (2005): 170 • Treasurer: Joseph H.
Energy Partners, Energy Partners has grown through acquisitions, including Fax: 504-569-1874 Employee Growth (1 yr): 12.60% LeBlanc Jr.
Ltd. [EPL] the 2002 purchase of Hall-Houston Oil Company. Yes
Both enterprising and productive, Enterprise Products
Partners is a leading player in the North American natural
gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), and crude oil industries, with
a range of processing, transportation, and storage services.
Operations include natural gas processing, NGL
fractionation, and crude oil transportation. The hub of the • Chairman: Dan L.
company's business is Houston's Mont Belvieu refinery Duncan
complex. Enterprise owns interests in 18,368 miles of gas Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
pipeline, 113,297 miles of NGL and petrochemical pipeline, Address: 2727 North Loop West Revenue (2005): 12257.00 M Director: Robert G.
Enterprise and 813 miles of crude oil pipeline. It also owns salt domes, Houston, TX 77008-1037 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 47.30% Phillips
Products drilling platforms, and fractionation and natural gas Phone: 713-880-6500 Employees (2004): 2,606 • EVP, CFO, and Director:
Partners L.P. processing plants. Chairman Dan Duncan holds a 37.4% Fax: 713-880-6668 Employee Growth (1 yr): 96.70% Michael A. Creel
[EPD] stake in Enterprise. Yes
EOG Resources hogs a resource -- natural gas. The
independent oil and gas company is engaged in exploring for
natural gas and crude oil and developing, producing, and
marketing those resources. EOG, an independent offspring
of the once powerful Enron, has total estimated reserves of • Chairman and CEO:
6.2 trillion cu. ft. equivalent, including 5.6 trillion cu. ft. of Mark G. Papa
natural gas reserves and 106 million barrels of cude oil, Fiscal Year End: December • President, Chief of Staff,
condensate, and natural gas liquid (NGL) reserves. The Address: 333 Clay St., Ste. 4200 Revenue (2005): 3607.00 M and Director: Edmund P.
company operates in major production basins in Canada, Houston, TX 77002-7361 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 56.70% (Ed) Segner III
offshore Trinidad, the US, and the UK sector of the North Phone: 713-651-7000 Employees (2004): 1,250 • EVP Operations: Gary L.
EOG Resources, Sea. EOG is boosting its North American exploration Fax: 713-651-6995 Employee Growth (1 yr): 13.60% Thomas
Inc. [EOG] activities and expanding its reserves. Yes
exploration and production operations in Colorado, Ohio,
Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia. The
company, which has an ongoing acquisition program, has • Chairman and CEO:
estimated proved reserves of 668.3 billion cu. ft. of natural Douglas H. Miller
gas equivalent. EXCO Resources holds interests in more • Vice Chairman,
than 5,180 wells. In 2004 the company acquired Appalachian President, and Secretary:
explorer North Coast Energy for $225.1 million. In 2005 Address: 12377 Merit Dr., Ste. Fiscal Year End: December Stephen F. Smith
TXOK (a Boone Pickens-controlled affiliate) acquired 1700 LB 82 Revenue (2004): 92.80 M • VP, CFO, Chief
ONEOK Energy. Following EXCO Resources' 2006 IPO, Dallas, TX 75251 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 189.20% Accounting Officer, and
EXCO TXOK became a subsidiary in a move that added 223.3 Phone: 214-368-2084 Employees (2004): 284 Treasurer: J. Douglas
Resources, Inc. billion cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent to the company's Fax: 214-368-2087 Employee Growth (1 yr): 115.20% Ramsey
[XCO] reserves. Yes

Got oil and gas? FieldPoint Petroleum can point to its oil and
gas fields and its interests in about 340 productive oil and
gas wells in Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and
Wyoming. The independent oil and gas exploration company
operates some 61 of these wells. FieldPoint Petroleum has
proved developed reserves of 880,991 barrels of oil, and 1.4 Address: 1703 Edelweiss Dr., Ste.
billion cu. ft. of natural gas. In 2005 the company announced 301
FieldPoint plans to explore and develop of its Palo Duro Basin acreage Cedar Park, TX 78613 Fiscal Year End: December
Petroleum (some 3,235 acres in Floyd County, Texas). Chairman and Phone: 512-250-8692 Revenue (2005): 4.00 M • Chairman, President,
Corporation CEO Ray Reaves, an oil and gas industry veteran, controls Fax: 512-335-1294 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 33.30% CEO and Director: Ray D.
[FPP] 41% of the company. Reaves Yes
and gas business as it squeezes hydrocarbons from old
forests buried deep underground. While the independent
exploration and production company explores outside of
North America, Forest Oil is focusing on building additional
reserves in the US and expanding in Canada. It holds • Chairman: Forrest E.
substantial acreage in Canada and also operates a Address: 1600 Broadway, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December Hoglund
marketing and trading unit in that country. The company 2200 Revenue (2005): 1072.00 M • President and CEO: H.
reports proved reserves of 1.5 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas Denver, CO 80202 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 17.40% Craig Clark
Forest Oil equivalent. Billionaire Philip Anschutz had controlled a 32.5% Phone: 303-812-1400 Employees (2004): 496 • EVP and CFO: David H.
Corporation stake in Forest Oil. At the end of 2005 he controlled about Fax: 303-812-1602 Employee Growth (1 yr): 8.30% Keyte
[FST] 13%. Yes
It's not Carl Sagan's "billions and billions of stars" that Galaxy
Energy Corporation is looking for, but a few stellar finds in
the oil and gas exploration and production business. The • President, CEO, and
company focuses on acquiring and developing coalbed Director: Marc E. Bruner
methane and other natural gas properties in Montana, Texas, • SVP, CFO, Secretary,
and Wyoming. In 2005 Galaxy Energy acquired 60% of a Address: 1331 17th St., Ste. 1050 and Treasurer:
parcel of 4,000 undeveloped acres in the Piceance Basin in Denver, CO 80202 Fiscal Year End: November Christopher S. Hardesty
Galaxy Energy Colorado. The company is also looking into natural gas Phone: 303-293-2300 Revenue (2005): 1.30 M • COO and Director: Cecil
Corporation opportunities in Europe, primarily in Germany and Romania. Fax: 303-293-2417 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 1200.00% D. Gritz
[GAX] CEO Marc Bruner controls 20.4% of the company. Yes
Gasco Energy is not your local gas company or energy
provider. The exploration and production independent
develops and explores for natural gas and crude petroleum
primarily in the Rocky Mountains. The company's exploration
activities are focused on Utah's Uinta Basin and Wyoming's • Chairman: Marc A.
Green River Basin. Gasco Energy's proved reserves are 41.3 Address: 8 Inverness Dr. East, Bruner
billion cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent. The principal markets Ste. 100 Fiscal Year End: December • President and CEO:
for its commodity products are natural gas transmission Englewood, CO 80112 Revenue (2005): 16.90 M Mark A. Erickson
pipeline companies, private industrial companies, refining Phone: 303-483-0044 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 412.10% • EVP and COO: Michael
Gasco Energy, companies, and utilities. In 2004 ConocoPhillips accounted Fax: 303-483-0011 Employees (2004): 13 K. Decker
Inc. [GSX] for 93% of the company's production. Yes
Though most of GeoResources' products are wet and
slippery, one of them is dry and powdery. The company's oil
and gas operations in Montana and North Dakota generate
the bulk of its revenues. It also has a contract drilling
operation. GeoResources has proved reserves of 2.3 million • President, CEO, and
barrels of oil and 391 million cu. ft. of gas. It also mines Director: Jeffrey P. Vickers
leonardite, an oxidized lignite coal, which it processes into a Address: 1407 W. Dakota Pkwy., Fiscal Year End: December
powder used primarily as a dispersant or thinner in drilling Ste. 1-B Revenue (2005): 8.00 M • Secretary and Director:
muds. In 2004 GeoResources sold 48% of its crude oil to Williston, ND 58801 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 17.60% Cathy Kruse
Plains Marketing Canada. Drilling companies active in the Phone: 701-572-2020 Employees (2004): 11 • VP Land and Finance:
GeoResources, Gulf of Mexico buy most of the company's leonardite Fax: 701-572-0277 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-8.30%) Jeffrey B. Jennings
Inc. [GEOI] products as mud additives in oil and gas drilling. Yes
The natural resources in productive, hydrocarbon-rich • President, CEO, and
geological basins are the target for GMX Resources. The Director: Ken L.
Oklahoma-based independent oil and natural gas company Kenworthy Jr.
explores on more than 20,800 combined net acres located in • EVP, CFO, Secretary,
the Sabine Uplift in Texas and Louisiana, and the Tatum Address: 9400 N. Broadway, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December Treasurer, and Director:
basin in New Mexico. With 66 net producing wells, GMX 600 Revenue (2005): 19.20 M Ken L. Kenworthy Sr.
Resources has proved reserves of 64.3 billion cu. ft. of Oklahoma City, OK 73114 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 146.20% • Natural Gas Marketer
natural gas equivalent. It has a large inventory of drilling and Phone: 405-600-0711 Employees (2004): 18 and Pipeline Operations
GMX Resources recompletion projects with an estimated 42 billion cu. ft. of Fax: 405-600-0600 Employee Growth (1 yr): 125.00% Manager: Keith Leffel
Inc. [GMXR] natural gas equivalent of proved undeveloped reserves. Yes
rocks of ancient Mother Earth, Goodrich Petroleum brings
forth oil and gas. The independent exploration and
production company delves into formations dating to the • Chairman of the Board
Miocene and Frio Age in southern Louisiana, where it has of Directors Emeritus:
most of its proved reserves. The company also operates in Henry Goodrich
the Cotton Valley trend in Texas and leases acreage in Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman: Patrick E.
Michigan. Goodrich Petroleum owns interests in 139 active Address: 808 Travis St., Ste. 1320 Revenue (2005): 68.30 M Malloy III
Goodrich oil and gas wells and has estimated proved reserves of 172.8 Houston, TX 77002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 44.40% • Vice Chairman and
Petroleum billion cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent. Chairman Patrick Phone: 713-780-9494 Employees (2004): 52 CEO: Walter G. (Gil)
Corporation Malloy owns 21% of the company; director Josiah Austin, Fax: 713-780-9254 Employee Growth (1 yr): 40.50% Goodrich
[GDP] 22%. Yes
baskets. The exploration and production company sells 99%
of its oil to Shell and 88% of its gas to Chevron. It operates
off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, with a heavy concentration
on two fields: West Cote Blanche Bay and Hackberry Fields.
Gulfport operates about 70 producing wells and has proved Address: 14313 North May Ave., • Chairman: Mike Liddell
reserves of nearly 25 million barrels of oil equivalent. The Ste. 100 Fiscal Year End: December • CEO and Director:
company emerged from the ashes of WRT Energy, which Oklahoma City, OK 73134 Revenue (2005): 27.60 M James D. (Jim) Palm
Gulfport Energy filed for bankruptcy in 1996 amid allegations of fraud. Phone: 405-848-8807 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 18.80% • VP and CFO: Michael G.
Corporation Gulfport emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Fax: 405-848-8816 Employees (2005): 63 (Mike) Moore
[GPOR] 1997. Yes
Harken Energy harkens back to the days when a certain
President George W. Bush was an oil man. Harken Energy,
which bought Bush's small oil company more than a decade
ago, explores for and produces oil and gas in the US and
Latin America. It has interests in oil and gas wells in the Gulf • Chairman: Alan G.
Coast region of Texas and Louisiana. Internationally, it has Quasha
exploration and development operations in Colombia, Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
Panama, and Peru. The company, which is striving to put Address: 180 State St., Ste. 200 Revenue (2005): 37.20 M Director: Mikel D.
some unprofitable years behind it, has proved reserves of Southlake, TX 76092 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 27.00% Faulkner
Harken Energy 13.3 billion cu. ft. of gas and 5.6 million barrels of oil. Lyford Phone: 817-424-2424 Employees (2005): 46 • VP, Finance, and CFO:
Corporation Investments Enterprises owns 30% of the voting stock of Fax: 972-652-4433 Employee Growth (1 yr): 31.40% Anna M. Williams
[HEC] Harken Energy. Yes
Harvest Natural Resources is keen to harvest the natural
resources of oil and gas. The independent's main exploration
and production work takes place in Venezuela, where it has
proved reserves of 36 million barrels of oil equivalent. It • Chairman: Steve
operates through its 80%-owned Venezuelan subsidiary, Chesebro'
Harvest Vinccler C.A., which operates the South Monagas Address: 1177 Enclave Pkwy., Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • EVP, COO, and Director:
Unit in Venezuela. Founded in 1989, the company sold its 300 Revenue (2005): 236.90 M James A. Edminston
stakes in Siberian ventures Arctic Gas and Geoilbent to Houston, TX 77077 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 27.30% • SVP Corporate
Harvest Natural Yukos in 2002 and 2003, although the company is still keen Phone: 281-899-5700 Employees (2004): 221 Development: Byron A.
Resources, Inc. on developing Russian oil and assets. It also has interests in Fax: 281-899-5702 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Dunn
[HNR] China. Yes
Power plant developer, owner, and operator Indeck Energy
Services tries to make sure it always has a project on deck.
The company owns and operates 11 fossil-fueled,
hydroelectric, and alternative energy generation plants -- 10
in the northeastern US and one in the UK -- that have a total
capacity of more than 850 MW. Indeck Energy Services also • Chairman and CEO:
has 2,800 MW under development in Illinois and Michigan; Gerald R. (Gerry)
and it operates two plants (400-MW of capacity) in the Forsythe
northeastern US for NRG Energy. Affiliate Indeck Power Address: 600 N. Buffalo Grove Rd. • President and COO:
Equipment rents or leases boilers and generators, and Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Thomas M. Campone
Indeck Operations runs and maintains power and steam Phone: 847-520-3212 • SVP and CFO: Lawrence
Indeck Energy plants. Chairman and CEO Gerald Forsythe owns Indeck Fax: 847-520-9883 A. Lagowski
Services, Inc. Energy Services, which was founded in 1985.
You can probable tell by its name that InterGen is an
international generator of electricity. The independent power
producer has interests in projects with more than 15,000 MW
of generating capacity in Africa, the Americas, Asia,
Australia, and Europe. The company provides fuel
procurement and project management, financing, and
negotiation services. It's power is sold to utilities, energy • CEO: John Stokes
marketers, and end-use customers. InterGen is currently a Address: 15 Wayside Rd. • Manager Public Affairs:
joint venture formed by Shell Oil (68%) and Bechtel (32%) in Burlington, MA 01803-4609 Sarah Webster
1995, but the parents have agreed to sell the unit to Highstar Phone: 781-993-3000 • SVP and CFO: Martin
Capital (a part of American International Group) for a Fax: 781-993-3005 Rees
InterGen reported $1.75 billion.
There may be milk and honey on the other side of the River
Jordan, but to date, not much oil. In Israel, Isramco has
stakes in two long-term offshore leases, and serves as the
operator of one (the Med Ashdod Lease). In the US the
company is engaged (through subsidiary Jay Petroleum) in
oil and gas exploration in Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
Texas, and Wyoming. It also had a minority interest in a Address: 11767 Katy Frwy., Ste. Fiscal Year End: December
Congo offshore exploration venture, which it wrote off in 711 Revenue (2005): 7.70 M • Chairman and CEO:
2003. Isramco has proved reserves of 173,900 barrels of oil Houston, TX 77079 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 32.80% Haim Tsuff
and 2.3 billion cu. ft. of gas. In 2004, the company purchased Phone: 713-621-3882 Employees (2004): 11 • President and Director:
Isramco, Inc. a luxury cruise liner for $8 million. Chairman and CEO Haim Fax: 713-621-3988 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% Jackob Maimon
[ISRL] Tsuff owns 49.8% of Isramco. Yes
and chemicals. The oil and gas company has proved
reserves of about 1.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Kerr-
McGee explores for and produces oil and gas in the Gulf of
Mexico, as well as in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The
company is also a major producer of titanium dioxide (a white
pigment used in paint, plastics, and paper) and operates • Chairman and CEO:
chemical plants in Australia, Europe, and the US. Kerr- Address: Kerr-McGee Center, 123 Fiscal Year End: December Luke R. Corbett
McGee has agreed to sell several of its oil and gas fields in Robert S. Kerr Ave. Revenue (2005): 5927.00 M • SVP and CFO: Robert
the North Sea to the UK-based Centrica and the Denmark- Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 14.90% M. Wohleber
Kerr-McGee based A.P. Møller - Mærsk. W&T Offshore has agreed to Phone: 405-270-1313 Employees (2004): 4,084 • SVP and COO: David A.
Corporation acquire Kerr-McGee's oil and gas holdings in the Gulf of Fax: 405-270-3029 Employee Growth (1 yr): 4.30% (Dave) Hager
[KMG] Mexico. Yes
It's a Linn-Linn situation. CEO Michael Linn's namesake
company Linn Energy has successfully drilled for natural gas
in the Appalachian Basin. The natural gas exploration and
production company made seven property acquisitions
(including more than 1,230 producing wells) between 2003
and 2005 in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West • Chairman: Toby R.
Virginia. The company, which has drilled 126 wells with a Neugebauer
100% success rate, has proved reserves of 100.9 billion cu. Address: 1700 N. Highland Rd., • President, CEO, and
ft. of natural gas equivalent. Linn Energy has focused on Ste. 100 Fiscal Year End: December Director: Michael C.
shallow drilling (2,500 to 5,500 ft.), and many of its wells are Pittsburgh, PA 15241 Revenue (2004): 21.20 M (Mike) Linn
connected to multiple producing zones. Following its IPO, Phone: 412-854-0470 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 538.90% • EVP and CFO: Kolja
Linn Energy, LLC Quantum Energy Partners will control 45% of the company; Fax: 412-854-0474 Employees (2004): 52 Rockov
[LINE] CEO Linn, 14%. Yes
Magellan Petroleum has gone around the world to explore for
oil and gas. It operates mainly through Magellan Petroleum
Australia Limited (MPAL), a publicly traded Australian firm.
MPAL's chief assets are interests in the Mereenie oil and gas
field and the Palm Valley gas field in the Amadeus Basin in
Australia's Northern Territory. MPAL and Magellan Petroleum Fiscal Year End: July • Chairman: Walt er
also own interests in oil and gas properties in New Zealand, Address: 10 Columbus Blvd. Revenue (2005): 21.90 M McCann
Magellan Canada, and the UK. The company has proved reserves of Hartford, CT 06106 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 12.90% • President, CEO, CFO
Petroleum 25.4 billion cu. ft. of natural gas and 487,000 barrels of oil. Phone: 860-293-2006 Employees (2005): 33 and Chief Accounting
Corporation MPAL's main customer is the Northern Territory's Power and Fax: 860-293-2349 Employee Growth (1 yr): 3.10% Officer: Daniel J. Samela
[MPET] Water Authority. Yes
environmental impact. The independent power producer
develops, acquires, owns, and operates generation facilities
in North America, Europe, and Asia. Its power plants are • Chairman: M. Bruce
fueled by conventional fossil fuels and alternative energy Chernoff
technologies and combined have more than 260 MW of Address: 715 5th Avenue SW, Ste. • President, CEO, and
electric and 39 MW of thermal net generating capacity. It has 1210 Director: John R. Bobenic
another 58 MW under construction. Milner Power Limited Calgary, Alberta T2P 2X6, Canada Fiscal Year End: December • SVP Business
Maxim Power Partnership, which operated a 144-MW power plant in Phone: 403-263-3021 Revenue (2004): 30.10 M Development: Richard
Corp. Grande Cache, Alberta, acquired Maxim in a reverse Fax: 403-263-9125 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 54.50% (Rick) Hopp
[MXGFF.PK] takeover in 2005. Yes
It's oil and gas, not sulfur, that has the sweet smell of money
for McMoRan Exploration. The company sold its sulfur
operations in 2002, citing low sulfur prices, in order to focus
on the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.
Operating in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Gulf Coast,
McMoRan Exploration has proved reserves of about 38.9 • Co-Chairman: Richard
billion cu. ft. of natural gas and 7.1 million barrels of oil and Fiscal Year End: December C. Adkerson
condensate. The company owns or has stakes in 361 oil and Address: 1615 Poydras St. Revenue (2005): 130.10 M • Co-Chairman: James R.
gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore Louisiana and New Orleans, LA 70112 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 336.60% (Jim Bob) Moffett
McMoRan Texas covering about 252,000 gross acres. McMoRan Phone: 504-582-4000 Employees (2004): 26 • President and CEO:
Exploration Co. Exploration is also seeking to transform its Main Pass sulfur Fax: 504-582-1662 Employee Growth (1 yr): 36.80% Glenn A. Kleinert
[MMR] facilities into a liquefied natural gas terminal. Yes
Mexco Energy gets most of its energy not from Mexico, but
from its close neighbor -- West Texas. The oil and gas
exploration and production independent has estimated
proved reserves of 7.3 billion cu. ft. of natural gas and
151,000 barrels of oil. While the company owns oil and gas • Chairman: Thomas
properties in other states (including Louisiana, New Mexico, Graham Jr.
North Dakota, and Oklahoma), the majority of its activities • President and CEO:
take place in Texas. In 2004 the company launched a Address: 214 W. Texas Ave., Ste. Fiscal Year End: March Nicholas C. Taylor
feasibility study to explore in Russia. Sid Richardson Energy 1101 Revenue (2005): 3.00 M • VP, CFO, Treasurer, and
Services (formerly Koch Midstream Services Company) is Midland, TX 79701 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 3.40% Assistant Secretary:
Mexco Energy Mexco Energy's top customer, accounting for 21% of total Phone: 432-682-1119 Employees (2004): 5 Tamala L. (Tammy)
Corporation revenues. Mexco Energy president Nicholas Taylor owns just Fax: 432-682-1123 Employee Growth (1 yr): 0.00% McComic
[MXC] under 51% of the company. Yes
As one might expect, Midwest Generation sells wholesale
electricity to markets in the Midwest. The independent power
producer has a generating capacity of more than 7,000 MW
from its six coal-fired power plants in Illinois; it also oversees
the operation of an 1,884 MW power generating plant in
Pennsylvania. Affiliate Edison Mission Marketing and Trading Address: 1 Financial Place, 440 S. Fiscal Year End: December
acts as a conduit for Midwest Generation's wholesale energy LaSalle St., Ste. 3500 Revenue (2005): 1429.40 M • President: Guy Gorney
activities. Midwest Generation is a subsidiary of Edison Chicago, IL 60605 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 35.10% • VP and Regional VP,
International's merchant energy business, Edison Mission Phone: 312-583-6000 Employees (2005): 983 Finance: John P. Finneran
Midwest Energy. Exelon Generation accounts for more that 50% of of Fax: 312-583-6111 Employee Growth (1 yr): 2.40% Jr.
Generation, LLC the company's generation and capacity revenues.
but is happy with old reserves too. The independent oil and
gas exploration and production company drills in and around
the Gulf of Mexico, mostly in the shallow waters off the
Louisiana coast. It works onshore, in the Gulf Coast region of
Texas and Louisiana and in the Rockies. Newfield has also • Chairman, President,
expanded into Oklahoma's Anadarko Basin through the and CEO: David A. Trice
acquisition of Lariat Petroleum. Outside of the US the Address: 363 N. Sam Houston Fiscal Year End: December • SVP, CFO, and
company has interests in Brazil, China, Malaysia, and the Pkwy. East, Ste. 2020 Revenue (2005): 1762.00 M Secretary: Terry W.
North Sea. Newfield has proved reserves of 1.8 trillion cu. ft. Houston, TX 77060 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 30.30% Rathert
Newfield of natural gas equivalent. In 2002 Newfield acquired Gulf Phone: 281-847-6000 Employees (2004): 640 • VP Information
Exploration Coast explorer EEX Corporation. It acquired Inland Fax: 281-405-4242 Employee Growth (1 yr): 70.70% Technology: Mark Spicer
Company [NFX] Resources in 2004. Yes
Noble Energy prizes petroleum and has the reserves to
prove it. Noble Energy looks for oil and natural gas and
produces and markets them in the US and internationally. US
operations are in the West Coast, Rocky Mountain, • Chairman, President,
midcontinent, and Gulf Coast regions. International and CEO: Charles D.
operations include onshore and offshore activities in the (Chuck) Davidson
Asia/Pacific region, the Middle East, South America, West Address: 100 Glenborough Dr., Fiscal Year End: December • SVP and CFO: Chris
Africa, and the North Sea. Noble has proved reserves of Ste. 100 Revenue (2005): 2186.70 M Tong
about 2 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas and 193.5 million barrels Houston, TX 77067 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 70.60% • VP, Business
of oil. The company markets natural gas and oil. Noble Phone: 281-872-3100 Employees (2004): 559 Development: David L.
Noble Energy, Energy also generates electricity in Ecuador. In 2006 Noble Fax: 281-872-3111 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-4.10%) Stover
Inc. [NBL] Energy acquired United States Exploration for $411 million. Yes
Harnessing its heritage of Western technical know-how,
Occidental Petroleum engages in oil and gas exploration and
production and makes basic chemicals, plastics, and • Chairman, President,
petrochemicals. The oil giant has proved reserves of 2.7 and CEO: Ray R. Irani
billion barrels of oil equivalent in the US, the Middle East, • SVP, CFO, and Head of
and Latin America. It owns 76% of OxyVinyls, the #1 Fiscal Year End: December Corporate Development:
producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin in North America. Address: 10889 Wilshire Blvd. Revenue (2005): 15208.00 M Stephen I. (Steve) Chazen
Occidental Subsidiary Occidental Chemical (OxyChem) produces acids, Los Angeles, CA 90024-4201 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 33.80%
Petroleum chlorine, and specialty products. Occidental Petroleum also Phone: 310-208-8800 Employees (2004): 7,209 • VP and CIO: Donald L.
Corporation has an energy trading and marketing operation, Occidental Fax: 310-443-6690 Employee Growth (1 yr): 1.10% Moore Jr.
[OXY] Energy Marketing. Yes
Parallel Petroleum seeks unparalleled success by exploring
for and producing oil and natural gas. The company has
estimated proved reserves of 16.8 billion cu. ft. of natural gas
and 18.9 million barrels of oil. Parallel Petroleum operates • Chairman and CEO:
primarily on the Gulf Coast of South Texas, in East Texas, Thomas R. (Tom)
and in the Permian Basin of West Texas. The company sells Cambridge
directly on a month-to-month basis to other oil and gas Address: 1004 N. Big Spring, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December • President, Treasurer,
companies. Founded in 1979, Parallel Petroleum originally 400 Revenue (2005): 66.20 M and Director: Larry C.
Parallel focused on acquiring relatively unproven high-risk, high-cost Midland, TX 79701 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 84.90% Oldham
Petroleum properties. However, heavy losses prompted the company to Phone: 432-684-3727 Employees (2005): 40 • COO: Donald E. (Don)
Corporation sell its First Permian oil and gas assets in 2002 for $31 Fax: 432-684-3905 Employee Growth (1 yr): 21.20% Tiffin
[PLLL] million and rethink its development strategy. Yes
Incorporated in Virginia and based in Pennsylvania, Penn
Virginia is an oil and gas exploration and production
company operating primarily in the Appalachian area of the • Chairman: Robert (Rob)
US. It also operates in onshore areas of the US Gulf Coast. Address: 3 Radnor Corporate Garrett
The company, which has proved reserves of 314 billion cu. ft. Center, Ste. 230, 100 Matsonford Fiscal Year End: December • President, CEO, and
of natural gas and 6.3 million barrels of oil, and holds working Rd. Revenue (2005): 673.90 M Director: A. James (Jim)
interests in more than 1,400 wells, sells mostly on the spot Radnor, PA 19087-4564 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 195.10% Dearlove
Penn Virginia market. It also has interests in coal (which it leases to other Phone: 610-687-8900 Employees (2005): 340 • EVP and CFO: Frank A.
Corporation operators) and timber properties through 44.5%-owned Penn Fax: 610-687-3688 Employee Growth (1 yr): 183.30% Pici
[PVA] Virginia Resource Partners, which it spun off in 2001. Yes
oil prices to higher profits. The independent company's
activities include the exploration, development, and • Chairman, President,
production of crude oil and natural gas in the Anadarko, and CEO: Floyd C. Wilson
Arkoma, East Texas/North Louisiana, Gulf Coast, Permian
Basin, and South Texas regions. Petrohawk Energy has • EVP, CFO, and
estimated proved reserves of 437.3 billion cu. ft. of natural Address: 1100 Louisiana, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December Treasurer: Shane M.
gas equivalent. In 2004 it participated in a reverse stock split 4400 Revenue (2005): 258.00 M Bayless
Petrohawk with Petrohawk Energy, LLC and relocated to Houston. CEO Houston, TX 77002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 667.90% • EVP Corporate
Energy Floyd Wilson controls 67% of the company. In 2006 the Phone: 832-204-2700 Employees (2005): 154 Development: Stephen W.
Corporation company announced plans to acquire KCS Energy for $1.6 Fax: 832-204-2800 Employee Growth (1 yr): 258.10% (Steve) Herod
[HAWK] billion. Yes
The hills are alive with opportunity for Petroleum
Development, which produces natural gas that it finds in the
Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Basin; the
independent also has operations in Michigan. The company
owns interests in 2,700 wells and has proved reserves of
217.4 billion cu. ft. of natural gas equivalent, of which less • Chairman and CEO:
than 10% is oil. Petroleum Development also drills and Fiscal Year End: December Steven R. Williams
operates wells for its partners, and often sets up public Address: 103 E. Main St. Revenue (2004): 288.80 M • President and Director:
Petroleum limited partnerships to fund its well-drilling program. Bridgeport, WV 26330 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 44.80% Thomas E. Riley
Development Subsidiary Riley Natural Gas markets natural gas for the Phone: 304-842-3597 Employees (2004): 120 • CFO and Treasurer:
Corporation company and others in Appalachia. The company has sold Fax: 304-842-0913 Employee Growth (1 yr): 9.10% Darwin L. Stump
[PETD] its Ohio-based distribution utility, Paramount Natural Gas. Yes
Independent oil and gas exploration and production company
PetroQuest Energy has focused its quest for petroleum on • Chairman, President,
the hydrocarbon-rich Gulf Coast Basin, but is also looking and CEO: Charles T.
further afield. PetroQuest has offshore operations in the Goodson
shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and onshore operations • SVP, CFO, Treasurer,
in Louisiana and Texas. It also has assets in Oklahoma. The Address: 400 E. Kaliste Saloom Fiscal Year End: December and Director: Michael O.
company, formerly known as Optima Petroleum, and Rd., Ste. 6000 Revenue (2005): 120.60 M Aldridge
previously based in Canada, has proved reserves of 79.1 Lafayette, LA 70508 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 42.60% • SVP Business
billion cu. ft. of natural gas, and 3.7 million barrels of oil. Phone: 337-232-7028 Employees (2005): 63 Development and Land:
PetroQuest PetroQuest Energy and its predecessor companies have Fax: 337-232-0044 Employee Growth (1 yr): 31.30% Dalton F. Smith III
Energy, Inc. [PQ] been active in the Gulf Coast region since 1986. Yes
not located in the Western prairies, but below them, and
below the Rocky Mountains, and the waters of the Gulf of
Mexico. The large independent exploration and production
company, which has boosted its Gulf of Mexico properties,
holds proved reserves of 986.7 million barrels of oil
equivalent. The vast majority of the exploration and • Chairman and CEO:
production company's reserves are found within the US, but Address: 5205 N. O'Connor Blvd., Fiscal Year End: December Scott D. Sheffield
Pioneer also explores for and produces oil and gas in Ste. 900 Revenue (2005): 2215.70 M • President and COO:
Canada, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, South Africa, and Irving, TX 75039 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 20.90% Timothy L. (Tim) Dove
Pioneer Natural Tunisia. In 2006 the company sold some Gulf of Mexico oil Phone: 972-444-9001 Employees (2005): 1,694 • EVP and CFO: Richard
Resources and gas assets to Marubeni Offshore Production for $1.3 Fax: 972-969-3576 Employee Growth (1 yr): 9.30% P. (Rich) Dealy
Company [PXD] billion. Yes
Plains Exploration and Production has ventured beyond the
plains to explore for oil and gas. A former subsidiary of Plains
Resources, the company targets offshore fields as well as
onshore areas for acquiring, developing, and producing oil
and gas. It operates primarily in the Los Angeles and San
Joaquin Basins of California, the Santa Maria Basin offshore
California, the Gulf Coast Basin of Louisiana, the East Texas Fiscal Year End: December • Chairman, President,
Basin, and the Permian Basin. The company has estimated Address: 700 Milam St., Ste. 3100 Revenue (2005): 944.40 M and CEO: James C. (Jim)
Plains proved reserves of 401 million barrels of oil equivalent. In Houston, TX 77002 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 40.60% Flores
Exploration and 2003 Plains Exploration acquired 3TEC Energy, and in 2004 Phone: 713-579-6000 Employees (2005): 640 • EVP and CFO: Stephen
Production it acquired Nuevo Energy. In 2006 the company agreed to Fax: 713-579-6500 Employee Growth (1 yr): (-8.00%) A. (Steve) Thorington
Company [PXP] buy Stone Energy for $1.5 billion. Yes
Pogo sticks to its core business of searching for oil and
natural gas. Pogo Producing explores for, develops, and
produces those resources onshore in the US (the Permian
Basin in West Texas and New Mexico; South Texas and
Louisiana; and Wyoming), offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, and
in Canada. The company holds stakes in close to 90 federal • Chairman, President,
and state lease blocks offshore from Louisiana and Texas and CEO: Paul G. Van
and owns 3.9 million gross leasehold acres in North America. Address: 5 Greenway Plaza, Ste. Fiscal Year End: December Wagenen
It also owns more than a million acres in New Zealand. 2700 Revenue (2005): 1225.70 M • EVP, Operations:
Altogether, it has proved reserves of 1.2 trillion cu. ft. of Houston, TX 77252-2504 Revenue Growth (1 yr): (-7.40%) Stephen R. Brunner
natural gas and 144 million barrels of oil. Pogo sold its Phone: 713-297-5000 Employees (2004): 260 • SVP and CFO: James P.
Pogo Producing Hungarian and Thai assets in 2005 and bought Northrock Fax: 713-297-5100 Employee Growth (1 yr): 17.60% Ulm II
Company [PPP] Resources in Canada. Yes
In many parts of the US people are "talkin' 'bout PPL G-g-g-
generation. PPL Generation, a subsidiary of PPL
Corporation, operates nearly 40 power plants in
northeastern, northwestern, and southwestern portions of the
US. Not a discriminating power producer, PPL Generation
utilizes a variety of fuels at its plants, including coal, natural Address: 2 N. 9th St.
gas, oil, uranium, and water. The independent power Allentown, PA 18101-1179 Fiscal Year End: December
producer has more than 12,000 MW of generating capacity, Phone: 610-774-5151 Revenue (2005): 1966.70 M • President and Chief
PPL Generation, including a stake in a the Peru-based Aguaytia project. PPL Fax: 610-774-4198 Employees (2005): 525 Nuclear Officer: Bryce L.
LLC Generation output is marketed by affiliate PPL EnergyPlus. Shriver
homes and businesses. PPL Montana operates eleven
hydroelectric power plants along the Missouri River, as well
as two coal-burning plants, that give it a combined generating • President and Chief
capacity of nearly 1,200 MW. PPL Montana has been a part Nuclear Officer, PPL
of PPL Generation since 1999, when its parent (PPL Generation: Bryce L.
Corporation) acquired power generation stations (coal-fired Address: 303 N. Broadway, Ste. Shriver
and hydro-powered) belonging to Montana Power. Basin 400 • VP and COO: Bradley E.
Electric Cooperative provides nearly 100 MW of power to Billings, MT 59101 Spencer
PPL Montana between November and April. PPL Montana's Phone: 406-237-6900 • Director Marketing and
PPL Montana power is marketed through wholesale affiliate PPL Fax: 406-237-6901 Trading: Joel D. Cook
LLC EnergyPlus.
PPM Energy is a real power player in the energy industry.
The company, formerly PacifiCorp Power Marketing, holds
the nonregulated North American operations of parent
company Scottish Power. PPM Energy primarily develops
and operates cogeneration power plants and wind farms; it • President and CEO:
has an operational generating capacity of approximately Terry F. Hudgens
1,600 MW in the Midwest and western US. PPM Energy also Address: 1125 NW Couch, Ste. • CFO: Merrick Kerr
markets and trades wholesale energy and offers risk and 700 • SVP, Business
asset management services. It has natural gas storage and Portland, OR 97209 Fiscal Year End: March Development and
hub operations through its ENSTOR affiliate. The company's Phone: 503-796-7000 Revenue (2005): 42.20 M Origination: Peter van
customers include public and private utilities, large industrial Fax: 503-796-6901 Employees (2005): 168 Alderwerelt
PPM Energy, Inc. companies, and other energy marketers.
Premier Power sets the stage for power generation in
Northern Ireland. The independent power producer, a Address: Ballylumford, • CEO: Bill Cargo
subsidiary of BG Group, operates the largest generation Islandmagee • Business Manager:
facility in the province. Its Ballylumford Power Station is a Larne BT40 3RS, United Kingdom Fiscal Year End: December Lesley Hogg
fossil-fueled plant with 1,300 MW of capacity. The company Phone: +44-28-9338-1100 Revenue (2004): 387.20 M • Business Development
Premier Power sells most of its energy to distribution utility Northern Ireland Fax: +44-28-9338-1240 Revenue Growth (1 yr): 43.90% Manager: Paddie Larkin
Limited Electricity.
PrimeEnergy hopes to keep the pump primed with its oil and
gas exploration and production activities, which take place
primarily in Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and • President, CEO, and
West Virginia. The company has proved reserves of 2.9 Director; President,
million barrels of oil and 37.7 billion cu. ft. of natural gas. Its PrimeEnergy Manage:
PrimeEnergy Management unit is the managing g