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Colour Architecture - Highlight View

1. What is Colour Architecture? Colour Architecture - Tall View

Colour is a characteristic of all building materials and it is a constant feature of architecture. A well-chosen selection of colors can draw
attention to architectural details and disguise design flaws. A poor selection can make a structure seem flat and featureless. Using
proprietary principles of skilfully infusing colour into architecture, Kansai Nerolac has developed a science of Colour Architecture which is
featured in this guide.

Colour Architecture - Balanced View

2. How can Colour Architecture enhance the exteriors of my home?

Colour Architecture is about using colour to organise the structure of a building or house to make it look broad, tall, balanced or add a
highlight. Therefore, the perspective of a structure can be improvised in different ways by the techniques of Colour Architecture.
Colour Architecture - Broad View
3. How can I highlight a certain portion of my exteriors? 4. How can I make my house look taller?
Many times there might be a particular portion of the structure that is unique and needs to be highlighted. This could be You have the option of using the techniques of Colour Architecture to make your house look visually taller. Two or more
the gallery, verandah or the entrance. You can highlight that particular portion with a bright colour while the rest of your colours used in a vertical manner across the entire facade, visually stretches the structure upwards, making it look taller.
structure can be in a light colour. Automatically the spotlight is on the portion painted with the bright colour, visually making Likewise, residential buildings or corporate office buildings can make their structures look more imposing by using the Tall
it look unique and special. View principle of Colour Architecture.

Colour Architecture - Highlight View Colour Architecture - Tall View

A bright highlight in Green enlivens this building which is otherwise By using Green and Peach in a vertical format, this house looks taller
painted in muted Greys. than it actually is.
5. How can my house look well balanced? 6. How can my house look broad?
If you wish to use two or more colours and yet, maintain a uniform look after painting your home, the principles of A building or house which looks narrow compared to nearby buildings can be made to look broader by using the techniques
Colour Architecture can be used to lend symmetry to the structure. Two or more colours can be used evenly to make the of Colour Architecture. By using two or more colours in a horizontal format across the structure, the structure looks broader
structure look uniform and balanced. than it actually is.

Colour Architecture - Balanced View Colour Architecture - Broad View

Beige and Brown are balanced perfectly, giving this villa a harmonious Bright accents in Turquoise and Purple are painted in a horizontal
look. format lending a broad feel to this row house.
7. How can I use the Colour Combination Tool to arrive at colour combinations? 8. What are the different kinds of colour combinations that the Colour Wheel can help
The Nerolac Colour Combination Tool is a customised tool created specially by Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd, to aid you in your colour you achieve?
scheme selection. The Nerolac Colour Combination Tool consists of... The Nerolac Colour Combination Tool helps to arrive at two different kinds of colour combinations...

Yellow Yellow
Yellow n Ye n Ye
ee llo ee llo
llo Gr w Gr w
en w llo
w Or
w Or
G re Or Ye
ge Ye

w an
ge Point the MAIN COLOUR arrow to
the colour you have chosen as the
dominant colour of your exterior Main Main

y Ha



on Colour rm Colour

rm r

Co on


Ha olou

lou y


C r


G re


Blue Green

Blue Green
y Ha

Orange Red

Orange Red
Colour rm
rm r Co on
Ha olou lou y
C r

Orange Red
12 Colour

Blue Green



Co tra st
Co olou

ntr r




Bl u



8 6


Co lour

lou t

Co tras
B lu



e le

rpl Re


Pu dP dP

e urp urp
Blu le B lu
e l
Purple Purple
le dP
urp urp
eP le

The Outer Wheel The Inner Wheel Harmony Colour Combinations Contrast Colour Combinations
The Outer Wheel is divided into 12 colour families, which The Inner Wheel illustrates the 2 kinds of colour Harmony colours lie next to the Main Colour on the Nerolac Contrast colours lie equidistant from each other and from the
represent all the colours of the spectrum. combinations that can be arrived at. These combinations can Colour Combination Tool. Main Colour on the Nerolac Colour Combination Tool.
Nerolac Paints offers over 1200 shades within these 12 be either Harmony colour combinations or Contrast colour Because they lie next to each other on the Colour Being on 3 opposite ends of the Colour Combination Tool,
colour families. combinations. Combination Tool, the movement of colour is harmonious. Contrast colours are drastically different from each other and
Within each colour family, the shades range from light to While the Outer Wheel is stationery, the Inner Wheel is Harmony colours blend in easily with the Main Colour and the Main Colour. As a result, they immediately catch the
dark and dull to bright. movable. give a soothing feel. eye and stand out among other colour combinations.
Depending on your personal preference, the final shades can To arrive at these Colour Combinations, simply point the A Harmony colour combination brings in a sense of calm Contrast colour combinations perk up the exteriors of the
be chosen from the Nerolac Color Scapes Fan Deck, arrow which says - MAIN COLOUR - to the dominant colour and an organised feel to the exterior of your home. home and add to the appeal of your home.
Mini Deck or the Nerolac Shade Cards. that you have chosen for the main body of your home.
The Nerolac Colour Combination Tool automatically points out
to you the Harmony and Contrast colour combinations that
are possible.
9. What is a Harmony colour combination? 10. What is a Contrast colour combination?
Use a Harmony colour combination if you seek serenity, calm and an organised feel for the exterior of your home. Go for a Contrast colour combination if you seek to make a statement and add a sense of adventure to the exterior of your home.

Your Mind... Your Home... Your Mind... Your Home...

¤ Your personality reflects balance. ¤ Your want your home to be an abode of peace ¤ You believe in challenging conventions. ¤ Your home is a reflection of your creative
¤ You seek solace from your home. and serenity. ¤ You are creative and strive for unique solutions. personality.
¤ You are not looking at making a statement but ¤ You prefer colour combinations which harmonise ¤ You are unafraid of expressing your opinion. ¤ You have added interesting trims and mouldings to
rather prefer privacy. rather than jar with each other. the exterior of your home, which need to be
Illustration Illustration
The Patels have used the Nerolac Colour Combination Meet the Patels - they are planning a family and are The Chopras have used the Nerolac Colour The Chopra family has moved into their new home
Tool to arrive at a Harmony colour combination for looking to create a serene, soothing atmosphere. For Combination Tool to arrive at unique Contrast colours. next to the Patels. Their children insist on a modern,
BLUE. On pointing the Main colour arrow to BLUE, their new home, they have decided on BLUE as their By pointing the Main colour arrow to YELLOW, they unique colour combination. They have chosen CREAM
they have automatically got the 2 Harmony colours that Main colour. The Patels are seeking a colour have arrived at a Contrast colour combination with as their Main colour, which is in contrast to BLUE.
they can use in combination. combination that is a balance between convention and BLUE and RED

Blue Blue
pl e eG
ur ree
eP n

Main Contrast
y Ha
on Colour rm Colour
rm r Co on
Ha olou lou y 2
C 1 2 r

Co oloru

Co ain
C 1




1 1
3 3

Before Painting After Painting with Harmony Colours Before Painting After Painting with Contrast Colours
2 2
(1) Main Colour: Condare 2415 (1) Main Colour: Tampico 2751
(2) Harmony Colour: Cosmic 2391 (2) Contrast Colour: Terrace 2815
(3) Harmony Colour: Sitka 2459 (3) Contrast Colour: Debonair 2371
Colour Combinations for Traditional Houses
Traditional Indian homes are elaborate and elegant with
projected balconies, decorative windows and doors. The
1 Lafleur 2156 tiled, high roofs are sloping with gables and vents. The
2 Monday 2949
3 Gold Dust 2699 colours used should reflect warmth, heritage and stability.
Earthen tones of Beige, Brown, Terracotta and Brick Red
are the conventional choices for main wall colours. These
colours can be accented with Purples and Yellows.

Pool Green 2508 Sublime 2670 Rainy Day 2417

Concordia 2251 Sangria 2159 Pumpernickel 2824
Coppertone Tan 2083 Verbena Violet 2334 Green Grape 2583


1 Apricot Illusion 2785

2 Kendall Rose 2193
3 Streamline 2440
Aegean Blue 2396 Vanilla Custard 2002 Cranberry Ice 2269
Bubblegum 2234 Creole 2167 Gem 2447
Mecca Gold 2048 Blue Spark 2460 Soft Yellow 2667

Residential House

Colour Architecture - Highlight View 3

By highlighting the entrance of the house with a Brick Red, the 2

1 Sesame 2730
2 Phantom 2956
entrance looks warm and welcome. 3 Scoria 2140 3

2 1

1 Main Colour Yellow Grass 2668 Flattery 2404 Ember Glow 2075 Primrose Path 2005 Festive 2074
2 Colour Combo 1 Sunny Lemon 2001 Streamline 2440 Violet Nosegay 2242 Velveteen 2255 Rose Lace 2200
3 Colour Combo 2 Eurasia 2510 Sweet Lavender 2340 Serbia 2489 Cove Blue 2403 Sitka 2459

Shades shown are for indicative purposes only. When applied, actual paint may differ from colour chip and sheen shown.
Colours shown in the images are for indicative purposes only. Slight variations may occur on actual application.
Shade combinations indicated in this Colour Architecture can only be availed at Nerolac Color Scapes counters.
Colour Architecture - Tall View 1 Mineral Water 2577
2 Flo-jo 2265 3

3 Siesta 2101

By using Green and Peach in a vertical format, the

house automatically looks taller than it actually is,
lending an imposing feel.

Colour Architecture - Balanced View 1 Belinda 2394 1

2 Amazon 2972 3
3 Amethyst Crystal 2285

Purple and Blue are uniformly balanced in this view,

lending harmony and symmetry to the house.

Colour Architecture - Broad View 3

1 Vermicelli 2709
2 Windstream 2995
3 Faraway Sky 2999

Cream and Blue have been used in a horizontal

manner to visually broaden the facade.
Colour Combinations for Duplex Houses

Duplex houses contain two separate dwelling units.

The rooms are divided into two floors with a staircase
leading upstairs. Duplex houses are convenient for joint
families as they ensure privacy while allowing two or
more families to live together. During painting, duplex
1 Beige Pink 2834
2 Rose Morn 2821
3 Grape Popsicle 2293
houses are usually treated as a single unit with the
colours usually integrating both the floors of the
Chintz Rose 2178 Green Tiara 2598 Pale Cordovan 2822
Deep Periwinkle 2342 Redwood 2812 Walnut Grove 2846
Blushing Bride 2190 Citron 2625 Grape Ice 2299


1 Pale Sable 2758
2 Aqua Electra 2468
3 Cool Grass 2579

Peaceful Night 2361 Cherokee 2082 Swedish Ivy 2571

Creole 2167 Serbia 2489 Jam 2328
Summer Green 2562 Fantan 2079 Suede Tan 2759

Residential House
Colour Architecture - Tall View
The front and the side walls are painted in Brick Red and Brown integrating 2 1 Cheeky Pink 2127
both the ground and first floors giving the appearance of height. 2 Raisin 2762
3 Scoria 2140 3

2 1

1 Main Colour Sheer 2205 Ravinia 2318 Capulet 2569 Cathedral Blue 2375 Horizon Blue 2368
2 Colour Combo 1 Grape Shadow 2322 Buccaneer 2838 Deep Forest 2602 Purple Shade 2300 Blue Madonna 2461
3 Colour Combo 2 Panama Rose 2130 Erie 2373 Chameleon 2599 Gem 2447 Legend 2878
Colour Architecture - Highlight View 1 Chamois 2731
2 Hint of the Orchid 2316 3

3 Ember Glow 2075

The front facade in a bright Orange highlights the

entrance portion adding a grand look to the exterior.

1 Fantan 2079
Colour Architecture - Balanced View 2 Raven Sky 2384
3 Autumn Leaf 2133 3

By balancing two colours, symmetry is added to this

duplex home.

1 Lafleur 2156
Colour Architecture - Broad View
2 Cedar Rust 2816
3 Light Camel 2745

Pink and Beige are painted horizontally to make the

house look broader.