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el S MANUAL AND PARTS CATALOG ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS FOR RECREATIONAL VEHICLES e i| SERIES CCK ~ ONAN 1400 73RD AVENUE N. . EMINNEAPOLIG MINNESOTA 55432 ALY. INTERNATIONAL OFFICE ate Bldg. \ 927-310 6AP71 GENERAL INFORMATION This manual includes instructions for the installation, operation, and meintenance of the CCK electric generating plants used in mobile applications, Identify the model by referring to the MODEL AND SPECIFI- CATION NUMBER as shown on the ONAN nameplate. Electrical characteristics are shown on the lower portion of the nameplate, How to interpret MODEL ond SPEC NO. 5.OCCK - 1R/6000 P. y 7 1 23 4 1. Factory code for general identification Specific type: M-MANUAL, Manually cranked. For permanent of portable installations R-REMOTE. Electric starting. For permanent installation can be connected to optional accessory equipment for remote or automatic control of starting and stopping. 3. Factory code for optional equipment 4, Specification (Spec) letter (advances when factory makes production modifications). Electric plants are given a complete running test under various load conditions and thoroughly checked before leaving the factory. Inspect the plant closely for loose or missing parts and any damage which may have occurred in shipment. Tighten loose parts, replace missing parts and repair any damage before putting plant in operation. TABLE OF CONTENTS etry Spe TTL PAGE ara nee a tes Genero information 1 Specifications 2 Tronblesbooting |... 3 Installation 4 Operation a Ashustme ns 10 Service end Maintenance 15 Parts Catalog oe... eee eee eee 1B N crores SPECIFICATIONS ( ENGINE Number of Cylinders, . 2 Cubic Inch Displacement : + 49.8 Cylinder Bore....... 31/4 Piston Stroke... . 3 s Compression Ratio 55:1 BPM. , - gids 1800 Ignition Type. . Battery. a Battery Voltage 12 Battery Size * SAE Group 1H... Fad «ihn ai a eee oa = Qin series SAE Rating-20Hour (nominal) 2.11.22 2 111. dais feeeee ee + 105amp/he Battery Charge Rate (maximum) . . 2 6amp Dae ee een) Engine . . Kae # pie w eeiece on coe . 750 cfm Generator peeeeee es 15 chm Combustion 2 22 cfm GENERATOR AC Voltage Regulation . 24% AC Frequency Regulation. ..... i a Pe Oe : 5% Rating (output in watts) 40CCK 5.0 CCK 60Hertz AC Mobile Service. --- +6 +++ +++ coe ceeees 4000 000 PLANT DIMENSIONS Weel 4.0 CCK, Single Phone, 2 Wise Length . Ms a 293/8 Width eae 201/2 Height a . 2 Weight : 339 Hs SEC sine Piece; 2 Wire Length 32 7/8 Width a: 201/2 Height x Weight 397 FEATURES Battery Ignition Exciter Cranking Rotating Exciter Revolving Armature Output Rated at Unity Power Factor Load NOTE: Hertz is a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second.