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WORKBOOK __. Focus -GRAMMAR ~ AHIGH-INTERMEDIATE Course for Reference and Practice : SECOND EDITION Marjorie Fuchs Margaret Bonner FOCUS ON GRAMMAR: A HIGH-INTERMEDIATE COURSE FOR REFIRENCE AND PRACTICE Worksoox Copyright © 2000, 1994 by Addison Wesley Longman, Ine. A Pearson Education Company: All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording, or otherwise, ‘without the prior permission of the publisher. Pearson Education, 10 Bank Street, White Plains, NY 10606 Editorial director: Allen Ascher Executive editor: Louisa Hellegers Director of design and production: Rhea Banker Development editor: Randee Falk Production manager: Alana Zdinak Managing editor: Linda Moser Senior production editor: Virginia Bernard Production editor: Christine Lauricella Senior manufacturing manager: Patrice Fraccio Manulacturing manager: David Dickey Cover design: Rhea Banker ‘Text design adaptation: Rainbow Graphics Text composition: Rainbow Graphics Photo credits: p.6 PictureQuest; p.16 AP/Wide World Photos; p.22 AP/Wide World Photos; p.52 AP/Wide World Photos; p.126 Kobal Collection, p-146 AP/Wide World Photos 0-201-38306-3 456789 10-BAH—04 CONTENTS Part I UNIT UNIT UNIT UNIT Rene Part Il uNIT 5 UNIT 6 Parr fll unit 7 UNIT 8 Part IV UNIT 9 UNIT 10 Part V unit 1 UNIT 12 Part VI UNIT 3. uNiT 14 Parr VI UNIT 15 UNIT 16 uNiT 17 Part VIII UNIT 18 UNIT 19 UNIT 20 PRESENT AND Past: REVIEW AND ExpaNsiON Simple Present Tense and Present Progressive 1 Simple Past Tense and Past Progressive 5 Present Perfect, Present Perfect Progressive, and Simple Past Tense 9 Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive 15 Future: REVIEW AND EXPANSION Puture and Future Progressive 24 Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive 30 NEGATIVE QUESTIONS AND TAG QUESTIONS, ADDITIONS AND RESPONSES Negative Yes/No Questions and Tag Questions 35 Additions and Responses with So, Too, Neither, Not either, and But 40 GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES Gerunds and Infinitives: Review and Expansion 45 Make, Have, Let, Help, and Get 52 PuRASAL VERBS Phrasal Verbs: Review $7 Phrasal Verbs: Separable and Inseparable 61 ADJECTIVE CLAUSES ses with Subject Relative Pronouns 68 ses with Object Relative Pronouns or When and Where 72 Moats: Review AND EXPANSION Modals and Modal-like Verbs: Review 79 Advisability and Obligation in the Past 83 Speculations and Conclusions about the Past 88 THE Passive The Passive: Overview 93 The Passive with Modals and Modal-like Expressions 98 The Passive Causative 102