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Jalan Tentara Pelajar Pluwang Pasekan 50651 Ambarawa ULANGAN TENGAH SEMESTER GENAP TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010 / 2011 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Ingris Kelas / Semester : IX ( sembilan ) / 2 Hari / Tanggal : Waktu : 60 Menit PETUNJUK SOAL 1. Soal terdiri dari 25 soal Pilihan Ganda dan 5 soal uraian. 2. Periksa jumlah lembar soal, dan pastikan jumlah lembar soal dan nomer soal sesuai, jika lembar soal kurang atau rusak dapat minta ganti pada pengawas. 3. Jawablah pada lembar jawab yang tersedia. 4. Gunakan Pulpen warna hitam untuk mengisi lembar jawab 5. Jawablah terlebih dahulu soal yang dianggap mudah. 6. Teliti terlebih dahulu lembar jawab sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas. 7. Jika jawaban salah dan ingin dibetulkan, maka : Contoh : a b c d menjadi a b c d

A. Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d! 1. Agus : the lesson once again, Mam? Mrs. Yuni : Of course. Listen to me. a. Can you help me to write b. Would I help you to

c. Could I explain d. Would you mind explaining

2. Imron : Have you heard about Aris? Ahmad : No, Not yet. Whats wrong with him? Imron : He is the winner of the English competition. Ahmad : . a. I am sorry to hear that c. Im very displeased with it b. Im glad to hear the news d. How terrible! Read the text and answer questions 3 5. COURSES ABSE: LANGUAGE COURSE & INDONESIAN for local & foreigner at your place. For further talk and details, call 0816850953 www.bse Indonesia.Com JP. Thursday, 16 July 2011. 3. The purpose of the above piece of writing is . a. to describe what course is b. to persuade the reader for joining the course 4. The text tells us that . a. the writer looks for clients b. the reader wants to read 5. for local & foreigner at your place. The underlined word refers to . a. the writer b. the reader This text is for questions 6 and 7. From : To : Subject : Preparation for National Exam. Date : Mon, 18 August 2010 09:15 Dear Mrs. Misnetty, Due to the approaching time of the National Exam, I would like you to prepare the schedule for additional lesson for the third graders. Please contact all related teachers, such as Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mathematics, and Science teachers to prepare the materials. The program will be executed from October to December for the first semester. Thanks 6. The program will last for months.

c. to entertain the reader d. to inform what course is

c. Language is for adult d. Indonesia course is for foreigner

c. the foreigner

d. the customer

a. two b. three 7. Who is the additional lesson program for? a. The ninth year students. b. The new students.

c. three and a half d. four

c. All students in that school. d. The second and the third year students.

Read the text to answer questions 8 to 11. Little Brother, Little Sister Maltreated by their stepmother, who was a witch, a little brother and sister fled into the woods. After running for a while, the brother said: Im so thirsty. Lets find a spring and have a drink. As the young boy bent down to drink, his sister heard a voice which said: Who drinks from me will turn into a fawn. It was the witch! Too late, the sister tried to prevent her brother from drinking. The young boy changed at once into a fawn. In tears, the little girl made a lead and collar out of her belt, and led the fawn off into the woods. There they found an abandoned cottage and lived together, far from any danger. One day, however, the king was hunting in the woods, and he spied the fawn, which could not resist the urge to wander away from the cottage. The king and his hunters chased the fawn all the way back home. There, the king followed it into the cottage, where he found a young girl stroking the frightened animal. She was so beautiful and gentle that the king fell in love with her at once. He asked her to be his wife, and his words caused the maiden to cry for joy. When one of her tears fell on the fawn, it changed back to her brother once more. Their goodness and love had overcome the witchs evil spell, and they lived safely and happily with the king for ever after. 8. Why did the brother and sister flee into the woods? Because . a. they had been maltreated by their stepmother c. they wanted to leave home b. they had been treated well by their stepmother d. they felt very happy 9. There, the king followed it into the cottage The word it refers to . a. cottage b. wood c. fawn 10. What caused the young boy turn into a fawn? a. He left home into the woods. b. He found an abandoned cottage. 11. How did the fawn change back to be a young boy? a. When the king asked for his sister to marry with him. b. When his sister cried for joy. c. When the king chased the fawn back home. d. When one of his sisters tear fell on the fawn. 12. Fatma : Could you study English together tonight, Fiyah? Fiyah : . I will ask your help to explain about something. Fatma : OK. I will wait for you at seven. a. Im not sure I can c. Thats not a good idea b. Yes, certainly d. I doubt Text for number 13 and 14. Dear Parni, Im sorry that I cant accompany you to go shopping to Laris today. I have to attend meeting with my principle, Mr. Anto. How is next Sunday? Love Your mother 13. Who is the written message for? a. Your mother c. Parni b. Mr. Anto d. Parnis mother principle 14. What does the message tell us about? a. Parni will go shopping alone. b. Parnis mother cant go with her principle.

d. home

c. He drank something and got cursed. d. He said something bad to his mother.

c. Parni wants to go with Mr. Anto. d. Parnis mother cant go shopping with her.

Text for questions 15 17. Attention, please! All students of grade IX are required to gather in the school hall after the second break. Mr. Handoko, our headmaster, will say something about the national examination. Thank you. Mr. Jono 15. What is the announcement about?

a. The information about the school hall. b. The direction before gathering in the school hall. 16. When will the students meet the headmaster? a. At the first break. b. After the second break. 17. Where are the students required to gather? a. In the school hall. b. In Mr. Handokos hall.

c. The instruction for students of grade IX. d. Information about the headmaster.

c. After the national examination. d. Before the national examination.

c. In the teachers office. d. In the headmasters office.

Text for number 18 20. A bank is a place where people can save their money or get loan. It doesnt only keep the money from the customers and give loan to them but also serves the people with many kinds of services. There are many kinds of banks in our town. They are BRI, BNI, BCA, Danamon, and still some others. A bank can transfer money from one to another. It also produces traveler checks for people who to go abroad. They can cash the checks into money in the recommended bank. A bank also serves the customers with ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). The customers can cash the money anytime. They dont need go to the bank when they want to cash their money. 18. What is the first paragraph tell us about? a. The definition of a bank. b. The kinds of banks. 19. What can a bank service for people who to go abroad? a. It can transfer money. b. It can produce traveler checks.

c. The function of a bank. d. The customers of a bank.

c. It can service with ATM. d. It keeps the money and gives loan.

20. It doesnt only keep the money from the customer and give loan to them but also serves . The word them in the first paragraph refers to . a. the money b. the services c. the customers d. the banks For questions 21 to 23, choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined words. The piano is a musical instrument which is played by means of a keyboard. Widely used in Western music for solo performances (21), ensemble use, chamber music, and accompaniment, the piano is also very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Pressing a key on the pianos keyboard causes a felt covered hammer to strike (22) steel strings. The hammers rebound, allowing the strings to continue vibrating at their resonant (23) frequency. These vibrations are transmitted through a bridge to a sounding board that couples the acoustic energy to the air so that it can be heard as sound. 21. a. plays 22. a. beat 23. a. soft 24. b. shows b. switch b. audible c. stages c. pull c. echoing d. exhibitions d. crack d. smooth

plan a party to celebrate the good harvest to hold the villagers 1 2 3 4 5 6 a. 4 5 2 1 3 6 c. 6 3 2 5 1 4 b. 4 1 6 2 3 5 d. 6 1 5 2 3 4

25. Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences? 1. The Kingdom was ruled by a king, named Prabu. 2. Then, Prabu went to the woods and prayed to God. 3. At last, Prabu and Queen lived happily after ever. 4. Long time ago there was a Kingdom in West Java. 5. All people in the Kingdom felt happy. 6. But it was a pity, Prabu and his queen hadnt got any children. 7. A few months later, Prabus prayer was answered. The queen got pregnant. a. 4 1 6 2 7 5 3 b. 4 1 3 7 5 6 2 c. 4 5 3 7 6 2 1 d. 4 6 3 7 2 1 5

B. ESSAY 26. Where should people go when they want to do the following? Match the phrases in A with the public services in B! No A B 1 To save some money a. cinema 2 To see the doctor b. library 3 To watch a film c. bank 4 To stay when having a trip d. market 5 To borrow some books e. hotel 6 To buy some fruits and vegetables f. hospital 27. Arrange the jumbled sentences into a good report text! 1. Therefore rainforests are found near the equator. 2. The trees grow to thirty meters tall. 3. They need not only a lot of rain but also a high temperature. 4. Their branches and leaves form an umbrella. 5. Rainforests grow in tropical parts of Indonesia. 6. The tropical rainforest is a warm, wet, and silent place. 28. Complete this paragraph with the verbs in the box! walked escaped robbed




Once upon a time, two bandits (a) an old lady. The robbery (b) near the old bridge over the river. The old lady finished shopping and (c) toward the bridge. When she was near the bridge, two bandits walked toward her and (d) her purse. She (e), and they took it. Then, they (f) through the forest. 29. Which one of the following statements is True or False based on the text! Television or TV is one of our most important ways of getting entertainment and information. TV brings moving pictures and sound from around the world into millions of homes. People with TV sets can stay at home and watch things that are going on all over the world. TV can make people see sports events like Olympic Games. TV can make people see government leaders visiting other countries. TV also helps viewers see and learn about people, places, and things in far places. TV can even take people out of this world, as astronauts send pictures back from outer space. People use TV for fun too. Many people enjoy TV entertainment, such as adventure stories, comedy shows, cartoons, game shows and movies. TV was not the invention of one person. Many scientists helped make television possible. Experiments that led to television began in the 1800s but TV did not come about until the 1920s. The first television broadcast was made in 1936 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in England. a. TV brings moving pictures and sound from around the world into millions of homes. () b. TV was the invention of one person. () c. People can see and learn about something in far away place through TV. () d. The first television broadcast was made in 1939 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). ( ) e. Television cant make people see government leaders visiting other countries. () f. Sports events can be seen on the television. () 30. Change the verbs in the brackets into the past verbs (V2)! Miss Crow had stolen a big piece of cheese and flew to a branch to enjoy it. A sly fox, who (want) the cheese for himself (come) up and (speak) to her politely. Oh, Miss crow, how beautiful you are! What a lovely feathers you have! What pretty eyes! If only you could sing, you would be the most beautiful bird in the world! Very pleased to hear all of this about herself, Miss Crow (give) a croak to show that she could sing. Of course, the moment she (open) her beak, the cheese fell down and Mr. Fox (run) away with it, laughing loudly.