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Here are the 22 ever-evolving questions that guide us through our dreamtime adventures. While our interviews mastly follow their order, we do reserve the right to detour or improvise as NECessary. If you are preparing for an interview (or just want to explore the questions on your own), please take your time. Let them sink in. Don't rush. Read through the questions a few times before you begin answering. The idea is to celebrate our roles as grateful ambassadors to this mysterious dreamspace and resurrectit to a place of playful honor in our lives :) Thank you! (Podcast 002 is a walkthrough of each question. with ideas end possiblities for each.) The Questions: #1- Describe some of your childhood /eerliest dream memories #2- Describe any strange or important animals that have appeared in your dreams #2- Can you describe any reoccurring dream themes, characters or places? #4- Describe one of your favorite dream environments #6 - Describes favorite dream #6- a) On a more philosophical level, why do you think/feel/intuit we dream? 4#6- b) What place does dreaming or the imagination have in your life? #7 - Here we slide into an open discussion of your waking life, past and present #8 - Describe one of the most significant dreams you've remembered #9 - Describe one of your most terrifying dreams or nightmares 4#/0- Describe one of the most beautiful things you've see in your dreams 41 - Describe a liberating/flying/lucid dream experience #(2- What are some of your waking life aspirations, dreams, ambitions or goals? #13 - If you feel comfortable, tell us abouta dream you've purposely kept secret 44 - Make up a question and answer it #10= a) Describe some significant waking life synchronicities you' ve had #45- b) Share any thoughts on the phenomena of synchronicity and their meaning #HB- a) Have you had/do you have pre-cognitive dreams? Visionary dreams? #46 - b) Why/how do you think this is possible? #17- Describe any dreams in which you've received guidance - directly or symbolically. #18~ What do you think the world would be like if many families or communities regularly shared their dreams with each other’? 449+ Pronoia Therapy: “Describe the everyday miracles you take for granted, the uncanny powers you possess, the small joys that oceur so routinely you forget how much they mean to you, and the steady flow of benefits bestowed on you by people you know and don't know.” #70 - Relate/perform for us one of your favorite poems or quotes or both #2- Space for anything else we have forgotten Extra credit: #72 - We close with your very own version of the famous “Ihave a dream" speech, 150 words or more (more pronoia therapy). Sincere creativity is more important than quantity. Have fun! We record the interview ‘off the air’ so there is no pressure of performance or any related fears - theinterview unfolds in a relaxed, open, spontaneous atmosphere (with cut G re-take possibilities if necessary ;-) If you think you'd like to honor gur podcast with your presence, please let me know. Email: ryanl@ (You ean also visit for mare info!)