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Great Sons and Daughters of Egbe-na-Diji away from home, I bring you greetings from the source. The new Udu Executive and, indeed, all of us at home send our warmest greetings. May Gods goodness and mercy abide with all of us. We have begun the rebuilding process at home. Modest gains have been made but it requires all of us to be involved in the planning and rebuilding. Our vision is that come December 26, 2011, we shall all gather at Ekeakwa to formally begin the journey to a new level for our motherland. We expect all existing branches to be fully represented. We request the under listed branches to, please and please, avail UFUMA the indicated take off tools. There is no intention to slight or stress any branch in these requests. Let us do it because we can do it S/N o 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Branch Abuja Lagos Jos Kaduna Nassarawa Makurdi Suleja Minna Onithsa Aba Umuahia Alford Nnabuife Chukwudi Ire Mike Okoli David Okeke Chairman Contact Joe Nwafornso Engr S Ihuefo Emeka Okeke Felix Okoli / Phone Number 080378700 64 080340003 03 080370240 41 080358798 24 080507916 28 080369994 77 080681434 26 080691764 25 080358260 36 080334939 86 080367156 Requested Donation 3.5 generator KVA

Mowing Machine Megaphone Long table (6ft) 10 plastic seats Long table (6ft) Table cloth ( 5 pieces) 5 bags of cement 10 plastic seats Long table (6ft) 5 bags of cement

79 12 13 14 15 16 Port Harcourt Enugu Awka Ekwulobia Nnewi 080372155 18 Kingsley Dr J N nwajagu Chukwuemeka nnebe 080685291 03 080334230 48 080356786 17 10 plastic seats Megaphone 10 plastic seats 5 bags of cement Standing fan

Chief J C Muogbo ,President-General, Ufuma Development Union (08132100235)