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Outbound secondary backup circuit

Internet via LightPath 20MB

Denver, CO Data center F0/1

Internet via XO communications DS3 44MB

P2P S3/0

Outbound primary circuit

interface F0/1 ip address 65.x.x.134 /30 GW: 65.x.x.133 BGP 1619 interface F0/0 ip address 64.x.x.2 HSRP Standby Standard Local Path preference 100

interface serial 3/0 ip address 65.x.x.254 GW: 65.x.x.253

BGP Inbound + HSRP outbound Redundancy F0/0 G0/2 - G0/2


Higher Local Path preference 150

BGP 1619 interface GigabitEther 0/1 ip address 64.x.x.1 HSRP Primary

RPS 675


G0/1 2x 3560G switches Telnet: 64.x.x.3 -4 /27 G0/3 Primary and FO PIX-515E WAN IP 64.x.x.6/27 GW HSRP: 64.x.x.5


LAN Usable Public IPs: 64.x.x.7-30 GW: LAN of FW

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