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Lora Zatko Mrs.

Nitz Honors English III April 8, 2011

Beneathas Monologue
(performed after she cuts her hair) Free, free at last Back to my roots Physically and metaphorically. Asagai was right to call me assimilated. What was this primly hair? A way to hide the person I am by putting on a white charade. How can a patient expect me to put them back together When this society has who I am in shattered pieces. I stridently say enough is enough! This exasperation has moved me. This spineless female role has fallen with this futile hair. I am a strong, independent, African woman And have emerged as a model and example for my fellow women. We must not fall victim to this arrogant assimilation. Do not toss your nationality aside And replace it with this so-called accepted culture. We must find forms of expression To show a true self and help keep our heritage. Whether its as ludicrous as horseback riding or guitar lessons Im always looking for forms of expression to discover who I am. We must look beyond our labored lifestyles and mutilated dreams And understand ourselves as members of a greater whole. We must broaden our minds and be undaunted. Take the first step on this journey of self-expression and discovery. With revelation, I rid myself of this hair. With it I rid myself of being whom others deem acceptable. With it I embrace my nationality and my heritage. I will no longer hide who I am.