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Pharmacoeconomics and Health Outcomes Group Exercise Cost Effectiveness Analysis NOTE: Please write ALL your final answers in this table, it will be easier to grade. Thanks! | Question Number: 1 | eee. = 409,000 Foe ECD Comme [2 ss wr Fee Amn ovacave 2. SEE weyr PACE 68, 51Y y Lise ACHE oy 3 | SEE wer Pace ttaz22famy Zep vs Amine ComPARED To We THELAPY; 1m PaanTiae Pw led wet CesT aw AdviTHune P9000 For EVERY ADDITIWAL QALY GAWED ty PIS, lwo Teenrmear 03 69577 /eney CesT SAWHG | CAnio 13 we 7%) 4. DRue Te IS THE 5 hear exABusie — |"8ee/qary bPriéa Con PARED Te (x¢o us #6 7) whanerilg AW LED |197 222 [any PUTTING AW Zeb Ww , bs eee. (Zed vs m/s) Zi | te Be yeey vey ExPevsiig | G)THeD ner PAYER | 7. A B. [) D. E. -_ Write answer here 12. 5jo2?, _ -63402 PER LIFE - VERE 0.08 13. RavE covrhe, (8 more EFF EWE e LESS CesTeLy THRE LHYTYO ConTRoe KEMESEVTMe fe 'Demsmaur! cHelce RATE CONTRO REPCESELTS A SAiwes OF 03,462 PER LIEGE: YEAR GHINGA Marginal cost-effectiveness ratio: The table below contains data for antiarrhythmic therapy. In the first analysis ~ there are only two treatments (No therapy versus implanting a device). In this situation there is only one cost-effectiveness ratio that can be calculated In the second analysis - there are now 3 treatments (No therapy, amiodarone, or implanting a device). In this strategy — there are TWO additional cost-effectiveness ratios that can be calculated (Amiodarone vs no therapy; and ICD vs. Amiodarone). Complete the questions below using data from this table. Calculating A Marginal Cost-Effectiveness Ratio A B c D E Strategy Cost Effectiveness Marginal —_ Marginal ($) (Qaly) Cost ($) Effectiveness (Qaly) Analysis 1 (2 Strategies) No 78,300 7.42 antiarrhythmic therapy IcD 131,400 7.87 Analysis 2 (3 Strategies) No 78,300 7.42 antiarrhythmic therapy Amiodarone —-96,800 7.69 96,300 — 79,806 268,51 Oar at en) 131,400 Te vee = 96, foo » 192 222 Og QALY = quality-adjusted life year; ICD = implantable cardioverter defibrillator. F Marginal Cost- Effectiveness Ratio ($/Qaly) a) (ICD vs No Therapy) (2) (Amiodarone vs No Therapy) (3) (cD vs Amiodarone)