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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Malcolm Co teacher: Wendy Date: airport 3

Class Name: English Center Room: English Center Expected no. of students: 15-20

Context: going through immigration

Teaching aids: Powerpoint, immigration sheets, travel itineraries, stamps

Learner objectives:
Personal Aims:
Students will recognize and be able to answer the
Build relationships with kids and try to learn 3 new names
questions that are asked at immigration. They will also
for each class, try out a different style of lesson
practice some reasons for travel

Anticipated problems for teacher: Controlling the role

Anticipated problems for students:
Reasons for travel may be difficult to deduce from pics play so be sure to tape out queue lines on the floor
Solutions: Be sure to tape out queue lines on the floor
Use them all in the cp first

Timing (40
Procedure Phase Interaction

Start lesson with Good morning class! Class respond

Good morning Mr. Harrison, T-S
Split class into 4 teams

Introduce today’s topic by talking about last lesson 8mins T-S

then where next . Reveal the flags through a quick Engage
whats behind the box game. As countries are revealed
ask who has been there and why they went

Students then practice the question “what is the Study 6mins S-S
purpose of your visit?”I’m here for….

Elicit the types of questions Immigration officers ask.

“Can I have your passport?” 7mins T-S
“What is the purpose of your visit” Study
“How long will you stay here for?”

Students then take part in a role play- 5 students are S-S

immigration officers with a question sheet to be Activate
completed the other students are travelers with an 15mins
itinerary of 5 countries and reasons to go they must
collect stamps from each country

Review ask a few students random questions to check Review T-S

the accuracy of the info given 3min

Procedure Phase Interaction
(40min )