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The beaches of

golden sand
The beaches of golden sand is a topic
associated with the earthly paradise. But
beaches, like almost all the landscapes of this
planet is for everyone. Pink sand beaches, red,
white, black or multicolored. The following are
examples of colorful paradise by the sea:
Pink Sand Beach,
Pink Sands in The Bahamas
oral Pink Sand Beach is a beach
between palm trees and pink sand in
Harbour sland, Bahamas. ts color is due
to sedimentation of coral origin rosacea
#ed beach
Kaihalulu, Hawaii
ocated on the island of Mauim in Hawaii, this
beach is not easily accessible, but the long
journey worthwhile. The red color of the sand
due to erosion of the hill of red sandstone that
lies at the foot of the beach.
hite Sand Beach
Australia (Hyams Beach)
ncluded in the Guinness Book as the whitest
sand beach in the world. ocated in New South
Gale, two hours from Sydney and is known as
Hyams Beach.
t is composed of 99% pure quartz
Punaluu Beach
black colored sand in Hawaii
Punaluu is a beach between Pahala and Na
Alehu in Hawaii. The black sand comes from
basalt lava formed, a feature also found in
other beaches of Hawaii.
Papakolea Beach, Hawaii
Green sand beach
livine, a common component of lava
from Hawaii, is in relative abundance on
the beach Papakolea, why especially on
the shore, the beach has a particular
shade of green.
Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, alifornia.
purple Arena
The hills surrounding Pfeiffer Beach in Big
Sur, alifornia, are rich in manganese garnet.
ne result of this being dragged to the beach
is the combination of colors that can be seen
over the entire stretch of sand.
The wave action, the forms and
turns of tiny crystaIs changes in
rainbow patterns create a wonderfuI
refIection, red, magenta and vioIet