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October 24, 2011

The Return of Lucifer: Breaking the Hold of the Illuminati By Kevin G. Blackwell
On August 11th, September 1st & 15th, Lucifer made his presence known to me and shared information about his mission and the evolution of humanity. Ultimately to me, these visits served as crystal clear confirmation that we are indeed living through the end of an age and the beginning of a bright new future for indeed, Lucifer rarely talks unless this is so. As many of you know, back in the spring of 1979, when I was a 16 years old freshman at Columbia University, Jesus and Mother Mary appeared to me and basically initiated me onto this path of constant dialogue with master teachers and other beings. Within months of my initial communication with Jesus and Mary, just about every spiritual teacher one can imagine introduced themselves to me. From Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Moses, Confucius & Lao Tse; to catholic saints like St. Francis, St. Anthony and St. Therese (whom I had never heard of since I was raised as a Protestant!); to angels like Gabriel and Michael; to folks like Gandhi and Yogananda. I quickly learned that if these beings could come to me, then I could also go to them to initiate communication. So between the ages of around 16-25, I played the game of whom would I like to meet now? and would communicate with whomever I wanted throughout history from Julius Caesar to Hitler to Elvis and Michael Jackson (yes communication with the souls of the living is possible). I even connected with essence of gods and goddesses like Venus, Kali, Ganesh etc and mythological creatures like mermaids and fairies etc. And I played this game with such relish that by the time I turned 25, I was bored with the earthbound perspective and began communicating with beings from other space-time continuums like Sirius and the Pleiades etc. So I have many to stories to tell and messages that I can share from these communications. I have favorites amongst my celestial friends (like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Krishna & Gandhi

for example) and others whom I admire, but for whatever reason do not communicate much with (like Zoroaster) and others whom I only began to appreciate over time (like Moses) and still others who probably roll their eyes and say, Oh no here comes that guy trying to talk to us again! But in the midst of these meetings and dialogue, there is one initial contact that stands out. In the early 80s, I was in meditation and as usual, there was background chatter. I have had moments of profound silence in many of my meditations but often there is background chatter chatter from my thoughts, chatter from beings trying to communicate with me, or celestial music etc. And on this occasion, there was chatter until I felt a presence approach me from behind and in that moment the entire universe fell absolutely silent. Beings stopped in mid-sentence, my thoughts stopped, the music stopped, energetic humming stopped, everything went silent not in fear, but in awe and I knew I was having my first encounter with Lucifer. He didnt have to introduce himself the silence did. I was a little afraid. Lucifer in many circles has a bad reputation to say the least. But all of that was quickly dispelled and replaced by respect and awe. There was a silent communication between us Lucifers signature is often silence. What came through were visions of this phenomenal emanation from the source doing a noble and invaluable job in service of humanity. And I had visions of asking angels, Why do you work with Lucifer? and having every single one of them answer me as if they were talking to child, because he is Lucifer! And lastly I saw him together with Jesus and Melchizedek they were friendly like brothers! Yes my fear quickly vanished and I felt honored that Lucifer had come to visit little ole me! Honored but still confused. Lucifer had such a bad reputation. He was often associated with Satan and/or the Devil and was seen as a being bent on defying God and tormenting humanity. But this being I had met seemed noble and cool, loving and helpful. What was I to think what was I to believe? And so I turned to Jesus and others to explain and I went deep within to seek my inner guidance. What emerged was a story I had never heard before about the history of humanity. Needless to say this is a long story, which

needs to be told over time. But I will summarize and share the points that relate to Lucifer and that provide a context for his recent appearances. God exploded into form out of nothingness out of Its longing to experience itself through all creation. If this is true, than the major function of all creation is to reflect the essence of God back to it. It can be helpful to see God as having two major aspects the still, silent, unchangeable all knowing aspect and this evolutionary aspect that expresses itself through all creation and is evolving to greater understanding, appreciation and expression of Itself through form. This evolving aspect doesnt have all of the answers and is actually learning about itself through the evolution of the universe. An early lesson was that the formed universe required duality: hot and cold, good and evil, light and darkness etc. And so many early forms and beings totally embodied one aspect of a dual pair. So beings existed that were totally light or totally dark totally rational or totally emotional totally good or totally evil etc. We all have deeply rooted memories of battles of good vs. evil almost all sci-fi stories revolve around this theme because these early opposite forms would often try to annihilate each other and these epic battles are buried in our cellular memory. Even when we think of extraterrestrials we often see them as either totally rational/highly intelligent/emotionless beings in command of high technology or passionate/irrational monsters out to destroy us. And we think this, because many of these beings, which preceded humanity into form, were indeed profoundly imbalanced. So if the purpose of creation was to create beings able to reflect the essence of God back to It, then a new being, capable of embodying the duality of God-in-form within itself, needed to be created. Ta da! Humanity was created a splitbeing capable of embodying the duality of God-in-form within itself. We have split brains, we are split beings, with masculine and feminine energy with powerful emotions and intellect. We are uniquely qualified to reflect more of the essence of God back to it than the beings that were created before us. So humanity was created and the earth was prepared for us. And excitement abounded because humanity would be able to reflect the essence of the Creator back to It like no other

creature before it. But something was going wrong. Humanity was living an Eden-like existence on earth an existence in which all of its needs were met and so humanity was out of touch with its longing to merge with the creator and embody and reflect Its essence back to It. It was determined that humanity needed help to accelerate its evolution and that interjecting discord into human experience would serve that purpose. Discord would awaken in humanity a sense of separation and a longing to reconnect with God and would send the species on a path of learning and growth. In biblical terms, humanity needed to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Who would lead this project of helping humanitys evolution by interjecting discord into the human experience? Lucifer. Lucifer recruited celestial beings and human souls to help him with the noble process of interjecting discord. And humanity left the Garden of Eden and we commenced in earnest our mission to consciously merge with God and allow It to express more and more of Itself through us. Lucifer has performed his task exceptionally well and many of the beings that work with him have done so as well. But others, over lifetimes of service, have lost sight of the original reasons for interjecting discord and have become attached to power, control and wealth for selfish and ignoble reasons. They no longer incarnate to help humanity grow, but rather they thrive on subjugating as many as they can so that they themselves can enjoy wealth success and power. Lets call these others, the Illuminati. Thankfully, we live in a cyclical universe. And we are currently at the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. When the end of an age comes about there is kind of a cosmic pause a cosmic reset. A lot happens in this cosmic pause its like a graduation! Some humans, who have learned and grown, now have the opportunity to live from a higher level of being on a higher dimensional earth. Then there are others humans who still desire to continue along their current trajectory of growth. And in order to facilitate these transitions, Lucifer calls off his troops and calls a cessation to discord. His noble team is congratulated and feted for they have performed a phenomenal service for humanity. Lucifer appeared 3 times over the past few months in my sessions to do just this honor

clients of mine who were part of his team to let them know they have done well and that after one more round of intense discord their term of service would be over. But what happens to the Illuminati? These beings who have lorded it over the bulk of humanity for centuries who believe and relish their seeming control of world affairs. Well we can see what is happening to them! They are having a rude awakening and are realizing that they have not been in control they have only been allowed to do what theyve done as a part of Lucifers larger plan, but now that the age is coming to an end their controlling, manipulative deeds are no longer allowed. Lucifer has pulled the plug on them. The Illuminati are dying their reign is over. We can see this in the rapid fall of dictatorships and in the clear realization that the old tactics of control are no longer working. The Illuminatis status quo cannot and will not be reinstated theyve permanently lost their hold. Occupy Wall Street and other movements will take hold and the powers that have been will be destroyed so that we can quickly move into and create a new paradigm. Didnt Jesus say, the meek shall inherit the earth? An unprecedented moment in human history all we have to do is kick hard and long-standing limitations and forms of oppression will topple. This last round of discord is upon us: Earthquakes, floods, firestorms, political and economic stagnation, the fall of empires etc. It will be over very soon but it provides the opportunity for many more of us to connect with our longing to embody and express our divinity and move into a New Age. And this last round may be a doozy, because the old powers that have been in control no longer are so whos running the ship now? We are entering a period of vast uncertainty. The good news is that as the old is dying, the new is being born: The Sun is shining with a new light, the earth has given birth to a higher dimensional version of itself, and everyday more and more of us are awakening to our power and brilliance. So, as the old dies, we must step in and fill the vacuum. We must open up to new and better ways of living and being in the world. Through us, a new and better world will emerge. So Lucifer has appeared and has officially ushered in the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning by pulling apart the support systems of the status quo, pulling the plug on the Illuminati and preparing to suspend discord so that we can

transition into a new cycle of growth. The name Lucifer stands for Morning Star, and now I understand why. He infuses the galactic center with his special energy and we only pass through the galactic center at the beginning of a new age and this passage, which is happening now, opens the door to rapid ascension for all beings who are ready. The Galactic center is our morning star and when we pass through it, Lucifer comes forth, opens the door to a new age, and takes his place amongst those master beings who help to guide humanity. Thank you Lucifer you have my gratitude, love, respect - and my silent salute! Blessings, Kevin G. Blackwell *************************************************************** To view earlier messages go to: Coming Messages: Fire and Rain: All one must do is consider the extraordinary weather and natural disasters that have occurred in the past years to recognize that water and fire are changing the face of the earth. This message illustrates how we can work with these elements to assist a re-born Gaia with her revelation and how their dance points to the next step in our evolution: balancing & integrating opposites and transcending duality. The Gift of Being Human: Jesus has eloquently reminded me that while it seems that the cosmic transformations of the Sun & Gaia along with the enhanced energy surrounding the planet will help us to awaken, it is actually true that an awakened humanity is what the entire universe is waiting for. As we embrace and express our essence, we will transform and heal the universe and everything within it. Truly a phenomenal message about the purpose and destiny of humanity. Mary Magdalene on Sex, Longing, the Divine Feminine and Emotions: Loving a new world into being. The New Human: Buddha on the arc of human evolution: New heart, new energy system, new brain, new human. How we are

changing and giving birth to new versions of ourselves. 5th Dimensional Living: The End of Duality: A glimpse of what awaits us on the other side of this transformation. How we can access our visions of an unprecedented future and allow them to manifest. The Great Shift: Integrating all messages into a crystal clear explanation of the Great Shift that we are living through Now. Also: Krishna on joy and manifestation; Lao Tse on the coming together of science and spirit; Messages from Hollywood. And more. Support My Work: Share this message. Check out my website: For information about me, the services and lectures/workshops I offer, my teachings, coming events and projects. To book me for speaking engagements. To signup for my video blog. Weekly lessons to facilitate your awakening. To book a session or a monthly intensive. As many of you know, I provide one-on-one sessions for clients in which, I offer a variety of services: intuitive guidance, guided meditations, astrological analysis, past life insight, channeled messages from ones higher self/spirit guides/ancestors etc. all with the intention of helping people to awaken. Awaken to their innate brilliance, their oneness with all that is. Many of my clients are having full-blown awakening experiences and gaining a solid understanding of their mission and longing. To make a donation. The intensity and depth of the constant transmissions are consuming. Donations help me to focus more energy and time on receiving and relaying the information.

With Love

Kevin G. Blackwell

2011 Kevin G. Blackwell. All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you ch ange nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice.