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Forum Topic: Internet

Dao Jun : Good morning, everyone. Today we are going to discuss about the
Internet. Let me ask you, what can anyone tell me about the

Ying Hao : Good morning, sir. Internet is the world’s largest computer
also known as a huge public information highway or infotainment

Dao Jun : Shanghan, can you tell everyone who owns it?

Shanghan : The internet is not owned by any one company.

Dao Jun : Zhi Wei, anything you want to elaborate about it?

Zhi Wei : Yes, sir. It resembles the world’s telephone system. Each portion is
owned by someone and overall system hangs together because of
variety of agreements among those organizations.

Dao Jun : Excellent. What are the things that one can do on the Internet?

Shanghan : Well, there is virtually no limit to what one can access on the
Internet. Most people use it to send e-mail, form group chatlines,
grab files from electronic libraries or cruise the World Wide Web.

Dao Jun : Hm, Ying Hao can tell me what does it take to get onto the

Ying Hao : You need to have an Internet account or connection. Some types of
Internet connection are mail connections, which aren’t much good,
dial-in terminal connections which require you to work with the
command line or text menus, permanent connections and dial-in
direct connections.

Dao Jun : Zhi Wei, how about your opinion about the difference between a
service provider and online services?

Zhi Wei : A service provider is a company that sells access to the Internet.
You dial into its computer, which connects you to the Internet. The
online services, on the other hand ,have all sorts of file libraries,
chat services, news services and so on within the private areas of
the services themselves.

Dao Jun : Thank you, Zhi Wei.I feel that’s enough for today. As conclusion,
Internet able to bring us many beneficent and convenient, so
everyone shall use it wisely in our daily life.