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Specification and Pre-Installation Guide Mercury V6/T-HD Processors

Mercury V6 with integrated infeed table for standard online operation.

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Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

1. Introduction
1.1 Scope

This manual relates to general overhauled Mercury plate processors given by Kuhnen Media. All data apply to standard machines with maximum plate widths of 850, 1250 and 1550 mm.


General Information

This manual is mattering for both the user and technical staff. User information The general information and specification provide an overview about all the relevant data in order to prepare everything for installation. A good preparation minimizes duration of installation and avoids unnecessarily idle times. Information for engineers The second part is meant for service technicians only and the directions given must not be followed by unauthorized personnel. Always read Safety Instruction and Material Data Sheets of belonging chemistry.


The owner or his representatives are responsible for the processor. They have to ensure the installation is made in accordance with local regulations and by engineers authorized to carry out plumbing and electrical installations. Installation must be performed only by service technicians who are trained in installing the equipment. Kuhnen Media cannot be made responsible for any damage caused by incorrect installation of the machine.

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

2. Brief Processor Description

The Mercury V6/T-HD processor is a derivative of the Mercury Mk5 which has been sold in a couple of thousand units. It is based on that robust mechanical design added by a new controller which allows processing most of the offset plates according to the state of the art. The Mercury processor can be used for single sided negative and positive working plates alike. Machines supplied by Kuhnen Media are available for a plate width up 1550 mm. Special requirements regarding the developer tank configuration can be added in advance or as retrofit kit. Reliability and functionality make the processor to the best choice also for operation around the clock. Beside standard processes like develop, rinse, gumming and drying a lot of functions and devices are available in order to ensure stable plate production. For example, the developer will be replenished by a sophisticated system which is based on the processed plate area and idle time. This ensures always a correct replenishment rate even if processing of totally different plate sizes. Furthermore a hand shower and a special cleaning program reduce the usual maintenance. The processor can be equipped with an interface for unattended plate production. That can be performed as simple warning lamp or communication to any plate setter. Please read the user manual for detailed information about the processor. The robust design and operation with all facilities in combination with a general overhauling given by Kuhnen Media ensures high quality plate production also in the future.

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

3. Specifications
3.1 Standard Configuration:

The original processor was delivered by Kodak in three different versions the configuration of overhauled machines may differ accordingly. All of our machines will be delivered according to the following standard. The rinse system is set up for direct-to-drain: Dev brush according to Electra Excel Specification Chiller unit with closed loop water circulation Removable stable plate guide in dev section Spray bars with quick release fastener Accurate dev replenishment by square meter Anti-ox replenishment Powerful dev fill pump Rinse system is set to fresh water flushing Gum flush Option Spiral roller for low-maintenance gumming system Hand shower for easy cleaning Developer filter 50 Micron Colour RAL 7035 (Standard KPG colour) Display on RH side Plate detection for plate feed and exit Latest software matching to the controller Power supply for conveyor and stacker

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide


Dev configuration 2nd dev brush Plush roller instead brushes Grooved Plate Bed for plates shorter 620 mm Conductivity Measurement Re-entry facility Rinse with recirculation system 50 micron PE woven filter 50 micron melt blown filter (absolut filter) Interface Display Infeed table on LH side as pod-mounted version on LH or RH side for any plate setter (2 volt free relay outputs) for Kodak Magnus 800 for Kodak Magnus VLF Heidelberg Suprasetter or warning light

150 mm Internal stops at the front of machine, online-operation 80 mm exposed length 80 mm space in front of infeed cover, online operation Standard 600 mm 540 mm visible length for manual loading

Exit table for manual operation (850 1070 mm, 1250 1520 mm, 1550 -1970 mm) Foot extension Drip tray

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide


Technical Specification:
Type 850 850 320 1650 1423 1250 1250 320 1650 1823 1080 1150 / 1110 - 1150 893 963 / 923 - 963 585 43 33 5 735 65 48 6,5 795 80 60 8 1550 1550 320 1650 2123

Parameter Maximum Plate Width Minimum Plate Length 1) Machine Length Maschine Width Machine Heights 2) Infeed Heights 2) Weight (empty) 5) Developer Tank Volume Rinse Tank Volume 3) Gum Tank Volume Power Power Consumption, stand-by/max Heat Emission Water Supply Water Pressure Water Consumption 4) Drain Developer Temperature Transport Speed 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) C mm/min bar litres 2 + 10 kW BTU mm mm mm mm mm mm kg litres litres litres

200 230 V, 1 or 2 phase, 16 Amps. 0,32/3,0 9200 BSP > 1,5 3+15 DN 50 15 - 32 600 - 2000 4 + 20

A modified plate bed is strongly recommended for plates shorter than 620 mm! Without / with castors Rinsing with fresh water is standard Consumption per plate plus consumption per meter of plate length Basic equipment

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

4. Transport
4.1 Packaging

The Processor is only wrapped in foil that is usually sufficient for any direct shipment. On request the machine can also be put on pallet or into a box.



The icons on the machine show how to handle it during shipment and storage.

Ensure that the side indicated by the arrows is always up.

Handle with care. Do not drop down.

Never expose the machine to rain or high humidity.

Tilling indicators are mounted at the machine.


In-plant transportation

A forklift truck or pallet mover with extended forks is necessary for carefully handling of the machine. The machine can be lifted up from all of the sides. If the machine is shipped on a pallet a forklift truck is required. It is recommended to lift down the machine before moving it to installation site. If available the processor can be also moved on its castors. Therefore the adjustable legs need to be screwed in. The castors are only meant for transportation on plane floors.

When lifting be careful not to damage any of the drain taps at the rear side of the processor!

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide


Storage before Installation

The processor will often be delivered some time before arrival of the service engineers. Therefore an appropriate place indoors to storage the machine should be prepared. Below table shows the dimensions and weight of the processor and pallet. Processor Width Length [cm] Width [cm] Heights [cm] Weight [kg] 850 200 184 140 630 1250 200 200 140 800 1550 200 230 140 900

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

5. General Requirements
5.1 Ambient Conditions

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure appropriate room conditions. Temperature range: 15 to 25 C. Humidity: < 65 % rel.


Cleaning Facility

A sink with cold and hot water should be available close to the machine because rollers, brushes and guides need to be washed from time to time. Following minimum sizes are recommended for the sink: Mercury 850: 120 x 40 x 20 cm (L x W x H) Mercury 1250: 160 x 40 x 20 cm Mercury 1550: 200 x 40 x 20 cm


Space Requirements

A free space around the machine is recommended to ensure good accessibility to all parts in order to shorten idle times during operation and emergency maintenance. At the side there should be a free passage of 60 cm. Recommended space for any offline configuration: The minimum space in front of the infeed table should be one meter; at least half a meter longer as the longest plate. A passage behind any exit table or stacker is also very useful.


Water Supply and Drain Requirements

All connectors for supply and drain are located at the rear LH side of the processor. Water drain can also be connected to the LH side, see section 7. Water supply: The operator has to take care about proper connection to the water supply according to local regulations (BWR, SVGW etc.). Therefore a special tap with integrated non-return valve and ventilation has to be used. A flexible hose between that tap and the processor is recommended. The water pressure should be 1.5 to 6 bars.

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

Drains Rinse water can be led to drain in most of the cases, nevertheless local regulations need to be checked and followed! A plastic tube with a diameter of 50 mm is recommended. The pipe work should have a positive fall of 2 cm/metre. It should end with an anti-siphon trap below the drain connection. Caution: Never led drain hoses from developer section into the water drain. Most of the developer solutions are pollutants at least they are heavily reducing the quantity of oxygen of the waste water. It is strictly forbidden to empty this type of chemicals into public sewer system. In any case the local regulations applying to the treatment of chemical waste must be followed strictly!


Power Supply

An opening for the power supply cable is located in the bottom on the LH side of electrical cabinet, see section 7. Electrical installation must conform to local regulations and guidelines. It has to be performed by personnel who are familiar with that site. Note each component of a plate line must be connected to a common ground wire. The processor must be connected to earth! Power supply: 220 240 Volts, 50 -60 Hz, Single Phase + Neutral + PE Power consumption: max. 3 kW The power supply should have a separate fuse for the processor. It should be a 16 amps type D circuit breaker. The processor is equipped with two 2 amps circuit breakers for supplying of external devices like conveyor or stacker. This power supply may not be sufficient for large stackers. Cables, circuit breakers for main power and installation material are not part of the shipment.

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

Mercury V6/TH-D Specification and Pre-Installation Guide

6. Installation Checklist
Please check following questions in order to ensure a quick and smooth installation. Equipment Exit height of equipment in front of the processor, 893/923-963 mm? Feeding height of equipment behind the processor, 893/923-963 mm? Foot extension necessary? Yes O O O No O O O

Delivery and Transport Fork-lift truck available (1000 kg with extended forks)? Pallet mover available? Indoor place for temporarily storage? Are width of doors and passage to installation site wide enough? Is there sufficient space at installation site Has another device to be removed in order to have access to the site? Are there any other things like uneven floor, stairs, elevator, etc? which should be taken into consideration? Supply Power supply available (230 V, 50-60 Hz, 16 amps; single phase with neutral and earth wire? Installation material for electrical connection available House electrician available, 1 hour after beginning of installation? Plumber available, 1 hour after beginning of installation? Water supply should have a tap or valve close to the processor? O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O

Operation Are plates and chemistry already on site? Are the operators exempted from their usual jobs? O O O O

Operator training and support during start up phase will take at least 1 hour

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Mercury V6 E Specification and Pre-Installation Guide.docx

D 430 1650 420 300 C

265 1 2 3 4




Type Dimensions 850 1250 1550 A 1423 1823 2123 B 950 1350 1650 C 990 1440 1890 D 3070 3520 3970 E (with/without castors) 893 - 963 / 923 - 963 F (with/without castors) 1080 - 1150 / 1110 - 1150 1 Power Supply 2 Drain standard 3 Drain option 4 Water Supply Power Supply 1 x 230 V + N + PE Water Supply 3/4", 1,4 - 6 bar Water Supply (per plate + per meter) Power Consumption (stand-by/max.) Heat Emission 2 + 10l 3 + 15l 0,32/3,0 kW 9200 BTU 4 + 20l

Display Infeed Table Option Mercury V6 Plate Processor Exit Table Option

F E 3 4 300 *) 210 *) E

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