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With more & more talk of revolution I feel I must make this statement !!!

Now though we have got to make sure this is NEVER allowed to happen again to ANYONE!!! Wall Street needs a watch dog by the PPL & GOVT !!! Now no matter what...We have got to get Wall Street out of Main Street but most importantly out of OUR GOVT in DC...We have the BEST system in the WORLD! She has just bn mislead & just needs fixing...I BELIEVE AMERICA WILL/can be GR8 again...and I will NOT accept a REVOLUTION against this Country! My DNA has bn in this GR8 Country since 1686, name only no wealth here...yet with all this talk of socialism, and Global revolution I am leary of supporting such notions to that degree. I believe in fixing, NOT DESTROYING! I WILL NEVER turn on my Country or my Government!!! So know with such strong forceful USE of words like these, I am left wondering ??? Rebecca1nAZ