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Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Sunbul Parasitology (1st lec.


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Dr. Mohammed Sunbul

Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Sunbul Parasitology (1st lec.)

Types of hosts
Host-parasite relationship

Types of parasites
- Facultative parasites:
- Obligatory parasites:

Parasite life cycles

- The parasite's life cycle consists of 2 common phases:

What do parasites look like (Morphology and


How are parasites named (Nomenclature)?

Sources of exposure to parasitic infections or


Portal of entry into the body

1- Through the mouth:
2- Through piercing the skin:
3- Percutaneous:
4- Inhalation:
5- Transplacental (Congenital) infections:
Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Sunbul Parasitology (1st lec.)
Disease Process and Symptomatology
Strategies for the diagnosis of parasitic
 Approach to the patient:
Travel history
details of the presenting complaint,
repeated history taking may be beneficial
Past history
History of hospitalization
Past history of prolonged illnessor feverspecial medications.

 Geographic history
 General history

Clinical Picture:
Gastro-intestinal Respiratory symptoms Neurological symptoms Cutaneous symptoms

Diarrhea. Cough. Seizure. Pruritis:

Cough and wheeze for a -Localization of the itch
Abdominal pains or short period of time. Primary amoebic meningitis. is very important.
cramps. prolonged cough and
bronchospasm. Meningoencephalitis. Ulceration.
Passage of worms or Dry cough. Subcutaneous mass.
segments in stool & Cough and blood stained Blindness.
vomits. sputum. Erythematous patches.

Clinical examination
- The clinical examination of a patient with parasitic infection should be thorough
- The skin must be carefully observed
- Lymphadenopathy
- Lymphatic vessels may be inflamed with surrounding edema
- The presence of an enlarged liver or spleen
- The results of a full blood count may reveal eosinophilia.

Summary of Diagnosis of parasitic diseases

Clinical diagnosis
Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Sunbul Parasitology (1st lec.)
Confirmatory diagnosis
(Lab diagnosis)

**Following proper diagnosis, medication can be determined.

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