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This chapter describes the methods and procedures of the study

and how data will be collected and analyzed. It will state the purpose

of the study and the research question. Also discussed will be any

limitations of the procedure that may affect the outcome and how the

subjects will be debriefed.


There seems to be a widespread dislike of mathematics. Research

suggests that students who dislike math will avoid taking higher level

math classes and may not seek careers in a math related field or any

field that will require math. The purpose of this study is to determine,

from the students’ perspective, why students dislike mathematics.

Hypothesis/Research Questions

Why do so many students say they dislike math?



The sample consisted of 49 eighth grade math students at a rural

northeast Tennessee school. The school consisted of mostly white

(98%) low to middle income students from a farming community.


A confidential survey was given to the students during their normal

math class time. The survey did not ask for names or any other
identifying information. Parents were given an informed consent

request to sign. Once consent was obtained the survey was given. It

consisted of fourteen Likert scale questions and two open ended

questions that asked questions about math anxiety, interest,

motivation, and their experiences in math. A copy of the survey is in

the appendix.

Data Collection

The researcher collected data on the same day the survey is given.

The data was then be analyzed for results.

Data Analysis

Descriptive statistics and correlations used.


A copy of the results of the survey and conclusions will be made

available to the school and school board office.


The survey will be conducted during the normal math class time

and therefore the students may feel rushed or affected by peer

pressure. The survey was constructed by the researcher and not



This chapter focuses on the procedure through which data will be

collected. Students will be asked to fill out a survey to determine if

they dislike math and why. The survey will allow the reasons to be

analyzed to determine if there is a particular reason students dislike