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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)

Technical Proposal & Write Up

Barcode Based Circulation & Inventory
Management Solution

Name, Designation

(Client, Location

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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)

Proposed Solutions

HCL is proposing two proposals for Client Name, Location. One is based on RFID
based circulation solution and second is based on Barcode based circulation solution.

Barcode Based Library Management Solution

We propose Barcode based library management solution for our Client Name,
Location. The manual circulation of resources at the circulation counter can be
completely eliminated, members can be issued barcode enabled membership cards and
each and every book, charts and pasted with barcode labels.

In the circulation counter along with the library management software and handheld
barcode reader, staff at the circulation counter can issue and return the books with
minimum time wasting.

As the library currently have a collection of __________ books, charts, etc. stocking
taking will be easier with barcode based solution. With barcode printer, library can take
print out of cards, labels for books anytime of the year, without much expense.

Library will be required to take print of the barcode for the books, etc i.e. __________
collections and a predefined format of the member card. These member cards can have
logo of the institute, photo of the user, institute address and name and contact details of
the user on the member library card. Library has to take the print out of any of the
above any time during the session and any number of times.

The following hardware are proposed herewith.

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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)

1. Label (Polyester) these label will are special in nature. They are laminated and
will stand much longer to the second proposed label. Polyester label are
waterproof and can be used for a long time.
2. Label (Paper) these label are made of simple paper. Here libraries have to
laminate the label so that it can stand the natural calamities or human interface.
These will be cheaper but will require periodic changes.
3. Barcode Printer: The special printer is used to print the barcode label and
member ID’s for the library.
4. Barcode Software: barcode software is used to generate the barcode label. The
software which HCL is proposing can be used to modify the layout of the library
card i.e. logo of the organisation, image of the user and information like institute
name and address, etc and user name, id, address can be included in the label
5. Fixed Barcode Scanner, for the circulation of books, etc from the circulation
counter. Barcode scanner will scan the barcode details of the member, once the
account become active, the staff can scan the barcode label of the book
6. Wireless Barcode Scanner, is used for the stock taking of the collection. The
wireless can be taken anywhere within the shelves, labels can be scanned and the
information will be collected on the PC in the library anywhere.

Future Up gradation

Library can opt for any one of the solution for current use like for Barcode Solution,
which is cheaper compare to RFID solution. But buying a cheaper barcode solution will
not stop library to upgrade to RFID based security and circulation solution in future.
LMS completely support the integration of both RFID solution and Barcode solution
one after the other or together simultaneously.

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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)

In our view library with limited collection and users should go for barcode based
circulation system, which not only meet the their current requirement of speedy
circulation and quick stock taking but also help them to upgrade to new technologies in
coming future. And if library is opting for RFID based security in future plan but
currently cannot allocate the budget, they should always go for library management
solution, which can easily support any RFID security solution; which meet all
international standards; without depending on the library management solution

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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)


Sr. No. Particulars Quantity

1 Barcode Based Circulation Solution
• Barcode Thermal Printer + Software
• Fixed Barcode Scanner
• Wireless Barcode Scanner
• Label Type One – Polyester
• Label Type Two – Paper
2 Installation & Training

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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)

HCL here by submit its Commercial Proposal for Total Library Management Solution to

Client Name, Location. Kindly find below our Commercial proposal:

Commercial Offer for Library Management Software:

Sr. No. Particulars Commercial
(In Rupees)
1. Integrated Library Management Software & Digital
Library Solution

2 Barcode Based Circulation Solution

• Barcode Thermal Printer + Software
• Fixed Barcode Scanner
• Wireless Barcode Scanner
• Label Type One – Polyester
• Label Type Two – Paper
3 Installation & Training

Terms & Conditions:

• Delivery: 6-8 weeks from the date of receipt of the PO and payment.

• Taxes: The above prices are exclusive of all local taxes. The same will be charged
extra as applicable by HCL to Client Name, Location

• Warranty: There is a warranty on the solution purchased for one year from the
date purchased. Thereafter, the warranty will continue to get extended on an
annual basis as long as Client Name, Location continues to renew the Annual
Maintenance on an annual and timely basis from the second year onwards.

• Validity of Prices: These prices are valid for 30 days.

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Proposal for Library Management Solution for (client)

• Force Majeure: HCL shall be under no liability whatsoever on the occurrence of

any Force Majeure event such as war, fire, arson, industrial action, orders of
government or other duly constituted authority, any natural calamities or Act of
God, etc.

• HCL provides the solution to Client Name, Location based on the above
understanding, In case any additional scope of work or legal licenses or
copyright act has to be noticed by Navigation Direction School, Southern Naval
Command, Kochi only.

• HCL and Client Name, Location will come into a agreement to fulfil the scope
and when ever there is change in scope mutually will agree and the same in the
agreement as and when it arises.

• Above pricing is for generic softwares. In case of any customisation in software

charges will be taken as per the degree of customization in the software

Hope the above is in order.


For HCL Infosystems Ltd.

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