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Aset Ka

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Kemetic Order of Aset Ka, Ankh sigillum.

Aset Ka is an occult Order, Europe based, that goes under the name "Kemetic Order of
Aset Ka". It is one of the most influential Kemetic Orders, as well as vampiric
movements, inside the occult underground in Europe, especially in the Iberian

With its headquarters based in the city of Oporto, Portugal, Aset Ka is known for its
traditional approach to magick and vampirism, studying a very different variety of occult
arts, philosophies, and practices.

It's traditions are based on Left Hand Path, Black Magic and Dark Occultism, mixing
Luciferian and Setian philosophies with Egyptian Magick, practicing mystical Vampirism
and studying chaos magick and chaotic energies, as well as different forms of High
Magick, energy work and rituals, considered highly elite in the wide occult studies

Being a Kemetic Order, they trace their roots back to Ancient Egypt, culture where they
take many of their philosophical and spiritual works, as well as base magical system,
religion and symbols.

The name Aset Ka is transliterated from Ancient Egyptian, and is composed of two
different words:

• Aset being the Egyptian name for the Goddess Isis, which is a Greek name for the
Egyptian Goddess of magick and power, and also meaning literally "Throne" in
Ancient Egyptian, being the reason why Isis is many times painted with a throne
symbol on her head. She is sometimes considered to be the Goddess of Many
Names, the face behind many divinities, and the Goddess of All Gods;
• Ka meaning vital energy and being part of the Egyptian concept of soul.


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[edit] Structure
Aset Ka uses an internal hierarchical structure system. Based on knowledge, influence
and power inside the order casts, it organizes in four different levels.

• Adeptus (First Degree)

• Magus (Second Degree)
• Master (Third Degree)
• Magister (Fourth Degree)

However, the whole order's existence and practices are surrounded by secrecy, even
inside their own closed structure. One of the main pillars of Aset Ka is their rigid rules
and policies, commun to other dark orders, where no failure or weakness is ever
accepted, and where there are no second chances given. Membership is, of course, only
possible by direct invitation from the order's higher powers.

[edit] Ancient Egypt

Eternal Life
Aset Ka main spiritual beliefs, magick system, rituals, theurgy and cosmic resonance are
based on the knowledge of Ancient Egypt.

Their sigil is based on the Egyptian Ankh, the hieroglyph for life, used here as a
representation of eternal life. And their dedications range from the Osirian mysteries to
the ancient cults of Isis, Khepri and Anubis, all religions that are extinct for more than
5000 years.
The orders cosmogony and global religious principals respect the kemetic structure,
especially the Heliopolitan one, and expand it with a more complex system of energies,
archetypes and manifestations, with non-linear principals like the chaotic Apophis, the
equilibrium and balance of Ma'at, the power achieved from knowledge, manifested by
Djehuty, the eternal Kheprian transformation and the four elemental sons of Horus:
Duamutef on the East, Imsety in the South, Qebesenuef on the West and Hapy at North,
among many others.

[edit] Sacred literature

Even though most of the order's own documents are inaccessible to general public, was
adopted the Egyptian Book of the Dead (The Book of Going Forth by Day, ancient
Egyptian text from the Papyrus of Ani) as their ancient sacred literature.
Being also used Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law - Liber AL vel Legis - as part of the
order's liturgy, among other occult texts.

Many of the Aset Ka's spiritual advance is accomplished through the study of occult arts,
philosophy and psychology, as well as comparative religious study, so literature
represents a central backbone for the initiate. The knowledge and culture are essential
aspects for an Aset Ka member, who is expected to be able to talk and discuss with
anyone, virtually any subject.

[edit] The Dark Mark

Transformation and vampirism

"The Dark Mark" is a concept that some members of Aset Ka use in a magickal sense. It's
based on two different parts: a magick seal or sigil and a sacred mantra, both engraved on
the skin of the members wrist.
What at first look might seem like a regular tattoo, the order's Dark Mark is engraved
according to old traditions and secret rituals of power. The Mark is not to be used by all
the members from the order, but only by those who are known and proved to have some
special ability or quality, as pure blood vampires and other special linage, and never by
low ranked initiates.

Theories have been developed on Ordem Peninsular's former teacher Diana Morais
essays about Left hand path secret societies, and in some of the vampire discussion
lectures held by Liliana Zyn herself. By these theories, the concept of dark mark in JK
Rowling's novels, used by death eaters, is based on the ones used by the Aset Ka, since
Rowling have lived and teach English in the city of Oporto when started writing the
Harry Potter books, it is possible that she have been in contact with some members of the
order during that period.

While the real usage of the Dark Mark by the order members is not entirely known,
people speculate about some metaphysical form of contact in danger situations, as it is
referred by Mater, Iuliana (Aug. 17, 2002). Encantamentos Nivel 3. Publicações Ordem
Peninsular, p. 524.

[edit] Malrak Ulnaus

One of the most important sacred mantras to Aset Ka members is Malrak Ulnaus.


The correct origins aren't known and it is accepted by the order's members to be used as
some form of enchantment or magickal spell to conjurer an energetic Dark Mark to let
others know of their presence in that location.

Only a very few have reported to see and feel the actual Dark Mark conjured by an Aset
Ka member, being said that it can only be done at night, even though this is highly
speculative. People with special energy sensitivity or training are supposed to feel the
conjured mark floating in the sky or in the surrounding ambient. This theories are also
discussed in Iuliana Mater's book Encantamentos Nivel 3.

[edit] Deadly Poison


Deadly Poison is the common name for Ordo Veneni Mortiferi, the vampiric action sect
from Aset Ka known as the Deadly Poison Vampiric Order, or DPVO.

DPVO is the vampiric arm of the higher order, Aset Ka, from which some of the field
work are applied. It is speculated that some of the most evil acts, inhumane ideals and
unmoral work from the Order are produced by this sect. By this, it is not to be assumed
that all Aset Ka members are to be feared, nor that from the whole DPVO sect is to be
expected aggressive behaviours. Actually, a very large number of Aset Ka members,
priesthood and Masters do not promote violence, even though caution is expected when
to be approached.

Important is to note that the Deadly Poison are integer part of Aset Ka, and controlled by
it. There is no DPVO outside of the order nor is it independent from it. It's just a very
specific department that gained it's notability from others by his polemic and elitist
positions inside the order structure.

[edit] Vampirism and magick

In an order partially dedicated to vampirism and magick, Aset Ka members are known for
taking very seriously their actions and beliefs.


According to some of their own writings, they believe that there are two forms of
vampires: the psychic vampires, basically humans able to manipulate energy and draw
vital energy from others; and Sanguinarium vampires, who would consume living blood
of other humans (willing donors, or not) not to keep them alive or immortal like in the
vampire myths, but to use their vital energy so their powers can manifest. It is said that
these powers include actions like energy manipulation, magickal attacks, psychic abilities
and others.

It is assumed that virtually anyone can become a psychic vampire, but a creation of a
sanguinarium one requires some sort of magickal ritual, which is referred by them as the
"Dark Kiss". If this ritual includes like in the vampire lore the drinking and giving of
living blood to the new born vampire is not known, it is said though that the new born
will experience what they call "The Awakening", which is a process when they shift from
their human nature to the vampiric one, according to their own sources.

Their magickal practices include many influences, from the ancient Egyptian High
magick, passing through medieval traditional witchcraft and oriental energetic practices
to more contemporary ceremonial magick perpetuated by people like Aleister Crowley
and Liliana Zyn.

Footnote: (for the editors of this article). Yes the above is correct and how i understand it
also. Your organisation sounds very similar to the teachings of the Senatorius Sacerdos
Harypiae. There is a small error on this page: the symbol you have for Blood is not quite
right though, yet on the surface it is the Blood and Soul, the Thet of Aset - but its deeper
mysteries represents much more than the life-force (which you refer to as blood) it has to
do with 'renewal' in the vampyre mysteries of the ancient ones. The removing cleansing
of death to life.. - signed Jean de Cabalis.