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‘a ONE SWEET DAY Words and hiusic ly MARIAH CAREY, WALTER AFANASIEIT, SHAWN STOCKMAN. MICHAEL McCARY, NATHAN MORRIS and WANYA MORRIS Slowly Ab Dbmajy Gb(adu9) i Bhan VEb —_ told you nev - or Ab ai Ab And now it's too late to hold want-ed to Yeause you've flown a - way, — Ab ce = SSS Nev - er had 1 i mag - Dar ~ ling, T ney - er showed Se SS | == Dbmaid Feel - ing Ghiakd9) liv ~ ing__ as-sumed you'd — with-out your smi always be the and know - ing you hear —_ T took your pres-ence for Bbuveb t me a - live, al-ways eared — Ans crear) ab Dhaai know you're shin - ing down on me from — heav - en, —_ Dbmai9 man. y friends we've lost a - long the Ab Dbmaj know © - ven - tu-al-ly we'll be to - goth - er.