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Table of Contents Welcome to Ground Control 1 Introduction 6.6.6... cece cececcccccccccesseceld Overview... ccc ere crrserccreevenssssvccveses 2 About ThisManual ........00 sc ceccsccesessseeed Unpacking 0... ccc ecc cece eercececsvece see eee 4 Expression Pedals 0.00.50 sceecece cece eee ecn ee eB If Program Numbers Don’t Match ....... 5000s eceee eed SETUP MODE 10 About SETUPMODE ........eeeecceeeeceee wee 10 Entering SETUPMODE .....+-eeeeececcceececes 10 Device Names and MIDI Channels .......2000050005 lt GCX Expander... ..-seecececcees cece eee ee IS Utility cc ccc cece ee cc eee ener eee eeens 16 Exiting SETUPMODE ......0. ccc cecccscccccres 18 Table of Contents PROGRAM DEVICES 19 About PROGRAM DEVICES .........---es eee cece 19 Entering SAVE PRESET ........00seeececeseer er A PRESET MODE 26 About PRESET MODE ... 1... - 2 eee eee cece eeee 26 Entering PRESET MODE... .. 6.2.0 6 Recalling Presets 6.2... eee cece cece cece ee enne 27 Copying Presets 2... .. 2 cece c eee eene eee eeeene 2B Editing Presets ©... 2... ee eee eeee obec ee ee cece 28 Direct Access 6... eee eee e eect eee renee eenee 29 Appendix A. MIDI 30 AboutMIDI ........... omer ree ereeeencces Kal) Octal Programming Table... 2... 0c eee eee eee renee 32 Continuous Controller Table ......-- e+e ee eee cees +233 Appendix B. Function Maps 35 Operation Function Map ....... 0c e eee cceeeene 35 SETUP MODE FunctionMap ......-..-00000se0e08 36 Appendix C. Troubleshooting 37 Welcome to Ground Control Introduction Welcome to Ground Control. With this product you will gain extensive mastery over your equipment. This manual will assist you in getting started, and will provide a detailed description of every function to help you get the most out of your Ground Control. In the beginning there were stomp boxes. These useful de- vices let guitarists turn effects on and off at will during asong without letting go of their instruments. But the number of cool effects kept growing, so it was hard to stomp all the different boxes quickly enough (guitarists looked like they were trying to put out a fire), and all the best effects were made rack-mountable for easy setup and survival on the road. Also, the rack-mount devices sounded much better, and could store lots of different variations that could be instantly re- called. This created a problem: you had to walk back and forth to your rack and push buttons by hand to select each program. Eventually primitive MIDI foot controllers made it possible to change programs remotely. But now there’s Ground Control, the next generation of MIDI foot controllers. Create complex combinations of effects while you’ re playing; give each combination a name and save Digital Music Corp. 1