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She na eng ih asta ichered anes sing th jy hagas le were “Tail mane hee Og,” Atl her ew bn iss te er ite aster Olgn Lap hack in Fila, whom she wl never se gain now that he hal come ll the ayo New Ontario to marry Uwe Paha, "Truly have never before seen a bet. Fala com she aor, stoking the Ile’ siden, where the shart brie ie wk ‘Uwe beamed. He knew tht thi waa fine compliment, coming from ail whose amiyowned dry farm“ think tha he Vos key” he commented De yu realy?" Aina ake, yan pleated ‘we ad come out Canada fn years ag rm Fintan sng Aina behind She was only fourteen atthe sae ad er paren id that se could follow he young itor ony when eh eg tie oa fara the document to prove and money fo her pe ‘ageTcy a hee reasons for these rte. he tl Ue feckless and is mother had died onto «Kid of wy vs ater in her ie. "The Paha ate not good tock” her father had advised is protesting daughter. The Lappisthought thay bad Head he lat of Uwe when he sapped int ha yeat le i the word which ws woking Pp llth young men, North Ameren Surely mucha daorganze, ‘Sou protngl tuts ucla oul twee ig {eo hamelFn snc sb ne place ay Cana Tadeed, Aina heard fou er lover but ce inthe fou years ‘hat elaped betwen hi departace ad the arial of the eee ‘qoesting er hard i wearige in Git eer, date an on alter his depatare, he wote that he had decided to go rund the Hors of Sout America i der make bisferuae prospecting olin the Yukon “Everybody Ssgoing he tld her Ts hit second led, dated two month after the st, he advised. hin anete that he Rad change is in. No eed to go wo the "loi," he sare er. "ihere ave plenty frocks ight ete Tn fat, Ue, who wasn Toronto he ine, working cone sition cree had topped de tin orth when ve ea dic ‘red near Mle 199 on the TNRO Raikead and fad managed {you sheet haphazardnes, to stake seetal sll eas before the aes filed up wi prospectors. He sold te clams fora good [ce and aie ting toa Frenhunan who vated to ellhistand Sind anone bach Lo Quebec, pt the proceeds oward the purchase Accordingly eeloved ih the hid eter: the one that reve a ful four years after his emigration, asking for her hand ws a ‘ler, wtten on the saonery of the Gorerament of Ontario, te {jing wo he face that Ue Pababa indeed held Ue to a far o> ‘ated is Ue township of Cobalt New Ontario. Also enclosed rasa rey order tbe wed toward A's pamage tothe New Work. Weare very fortnat, Uwe wrote hs ance. “The ld i pa ily oer ded there house already ‘hen the leer ave in their ie age, th ein aso at, Aad praceally forgotten Une Aterall she bad nat heard fom hi in thre years Lately she had thought she might marry another by — the mura, tonhended om of neighboring, Farm ha caused her af and on forthe past wo ar Ba they at fs then ore apeny ane posed and il Ue dd ‘ite. There hal bees talk betes Ue wo fers of cen some stra a ins dowry. Both men fel that the deal war other Sarenege Pe Hr rn hg Cala oc odes to enna w nc sty hee ever ping wax lle wn iad a ene it Scrubbing Ths idea caught in the pls agin a grew Au grr theca a le at se as ard plo queer ‘nyngit alongede i The nation of nvig to Canad nda ‘ying Uwe Palla er bai to bursting place ofthe chil lection se fad ce ot for Une hte ner ove began to ancl eel ont of bts and pieces ait Iatches of memory Some of these memories weve o things that ha acuall happened —wilowers that head une day picked. for her an ven he yd stonewall ea er fuer welled ‘fendearment ie ad aaa spelen i her ear nen ny wa Jooking, Others ner of eens that de al mate ha! warped, sensreats at se ad pe he might ove day expres ike 3 semat whhs gane lind daring her ker’ asec, Ana a temple to vemerer Use by ping her finger er thee tours suger lace, repeats herself unl se Was ste fg "el is There cam be no mise! Tmt el Sul iy dling!” Tuono time tall and i this way. Alea managed to conceive 9 rea pasion for her former lover that could ot be de not ‘ven by fbers bent on aepping and for grandchildren. Whee ‘ld Lapp refed oll Aina ty rael to Canada to ares Ue ‘and threatened return oh money order bythe next poet, ae fasted fortwo month, nt she had grown ao fa tat she ond ue longer nse rom et bed witout assance or and il oo ing "Ite cla dha ae ia deternined to starve bro death ifyou will not let er marey young Palla” obcrved Father Hon, the lige ptr (Faber Hongo Fequenty found it convenient 6 ‘scr Gon’ wil i obainance and other forms of reac) had beter let her go, or her bond il be yr hands” ‘sony then that Aia'sater nally greet allo’ the got todlepart for Cana, He dil not man the deth of is daughter hiseennienee and beds, there was ile Olga cing on te tec She might do ysy ney forthe neighbor's sh a year or ‘oni tather was interentd i that pstrage Tie itoious Ana uaeled by bout to Mea and by wan o fbb ates ata med Sacer omes, ampli mete ese tae ee Nmarne ey eager fa ee ee wigs oc TAC te Sars ps a net te cere EL Caer agar Wilts creseeean a ake ue geen cee ete end ms me ection eed er Ee Ming eae ange ner Tice t ueyouapuetaiece cet ene oo er ubceiicns wa eame ene Pairk teat tocar mea eat iet oe elie eee Bit ade dtl. tet be of tie ey ose That canbing one eset ee a be rove ees TAL es ee Eee ee saree parila eae sto Tea nse tev adimonteiee TRE teacr tes b hee Ure cpt “wl bom ius lnorasn acres lgiiepetcrene Tear ae meats ma crs Oh an SPSS caegeee es = coca stirs enone tout oe err ep: Telos deme bore eye dt ight ped Soha Grad pop an lowed ata ei da into ony mela Eo solunt br Febus ceccoreoy sonia ema Wa Ges caterers eB ee eee 2S Lae eRe pee 2 Gam Sg Une Pee pap uy ad SO) omens cts whee eaaep ora at wore Gees coreg ee Sa Ace renee Teter ei fel uf blackened stumps an wo the wes rataebe har side of what appeared to bea aed agetbe “Do yu ike fo" Uve asked prowl He bead" thought Vd tildes ot hack in the oping There's pond there deep cle And you vl havea one T's geting ou one fom eights bute thot we'd wat unl ist few toons elder be lt pee ere Weta ne tag lt ste ed tii i Ra Mp i tot That was how Aina fst Harned of the heifer and so she ad clappedver hanes ai lage slow ad turning w her nes be third ined esque om the mouth in apc ofthe ac that ‘Sek shal looked seating nd el her aed the Held bey the tars binefl kes cemetery af wooden roses burned hy 2 (Geel ad desi nein. Forthe nex thie month Ana wed forthe day on which Uwe wold le the heer serum the Sooryat Io ber Ie wes felt ott dell the subject asthe day, mveeeyed cow wae al ‘Uwe could hin of nak about ois new wife and all Aa Jun ft hope for ox that her dearest wish — oon hee ‘ha onethee in Cana and mary him — be paren een rane. ae Fe his eon, henoerallence eyan to pape Betwoe he tow ikea has sneer the roe om which they ove a Ura whiel they might plange to amuied doom ‘Wineve the found heaven sad the mi ofthe tne ‘abn (ater by set et) asin al ene another ith eyeballs bhumed bald snd raw Gots caer eyoers aod chimney anche, Iuth ped to epesk. both wondering ates there ‘i would vonehoxe manage to amg al? oat in 2 packet of ‘node aly arranged that, ily. the thermo understate {Dad orgve ad they eld oh walk aay fom each ether ane this place for once aa forall. Whenever Use fet hat he mist seme atone for bringing Ala 0 far Kom het Fay 0 tse one with man ample and well uneenifl shtse i a fe arpeper shack nthe middle ofa orem wilderness laringly le hatred the corneas ofa en's ee and sco that ‘pe of hia ingersand stows woul Or whenever he deed