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About the Author

Rakesh Dogra is a professional writer and self-realized
encourager. This is a first book of poetry on life and
death, reflects the work and devotion that author has
embraced and nurtured on to know the mysticism of life.
A JOURNEY FROM CORPOREAL TO INCORPOREAL Mist is a collection of poetry that inspires hope and
determination and demonstrates the awesome power of
A Book By
human spirit to prevail.
Rakesh Dogra

Chapter 1 : Life
Chapter 2 : Death
Contents Chapter 3 : Journey

“Mist” is a cosmic communion of life and death in very womb of nature. Each verse is metaphor and imbued is the
It is a journey of corporeal into incorporeal, an insight to deep natural harmony and co-existence of living and

mysterious of death and life. The book illustrates a spirit's connections non-livings. A voyage of virtue and the verse

with life's entrapment and its renunciation. Concept of reality is beyond limits, beyond search. The merging of
being with beings.
communed in soul's interaction with every element of man's nature.

The metaphor of a drop, which is a part of a “bigger” rain. It is used to

explain the journey of a departed soul, which is a part of the “bigger” Pages : 64 Approx.
frame of reference, which we call universe, where its departure and

arrival has a ripple effect. The book dwells on the state of mind of the Trim Size : 5.5”x7.5”
soul, the unconscious in the no-mans land, the intersection, the point

where life is off limits and death comes to life. Softbound