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This lesson takes from 12th

class of PSEB


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• A.R.B.Etherten and G.C. thornley


1. Self optioned
journalist went to
experience Army

2. Unit commander
orders Lt. Brown to
get the journalist of
Army patrol and
teach him a lesson

3. Lt. Brown fits out

johnson heaviy and
gave him a foe

4. Johnson got bad

experience of Army
patrolling and comes
to grief at the end.
Story of a lesson:

This essay is based on the theme that a

man who has a high opinion of himself
often comes to grief.
A proud and self opinionated genralist
named johnson thinks that he knows
every thing and he must know about the
army patrol .
He goes to an army commander to have first hand
information of a jungle patrol

The unit commander Lt.Brown instrutions the

genralist alesson during the patrl so that he
never comes to their unit to bother them
Lt.Brown fits out johnson heavily piling him with a
lot un necessary items of clothing and
The party sets of ,in the army trucks after an hour
‘drive stops near a jungle hardly a lmile from
the base camp. Here they start patrolling

• They carefully pick their way through thorny jungles

• and muddy ground, making poor Johnson crawl on his
• belly to avoid getting shot dead by the enemy.
• Johnson Weakens rapidly both in mind and body. After
• two days in the jungle Johnson is thoroughly
• exhausted and his uniform is torn in a hundred places.
• He is put on a helicoptor to be taken back to the head
• quarters. He is made the victim of a practical joke.

Q 1: Guess Why the Colonel did not want to

say a plan ’no’ to journlist’s request?

Q 2: Why do you think Lt. Brown fitted out

Johnson the way he did?

Q 3: What was Lt. Brown’s attitude to


Q 4: What was the colonel’s seding

Johnson on jungle patrol?

Q 5: What was the last practical joke that

was played on the journalist?
Find out the meanings of words:

1. Consulting
2. Equipment
3. Fitted out
4. Insisted
5. Picked their way
6. Set Off
7. Uniform
8. Operate
9. Organize
10. Weakened