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Classic Margherita

1 x 120g pizza dough portion Plain flour, for dusting 3 tbs pizza sauce 1 tbs baby capers, rinsed and drained 6-8 large basil leaves 9 halved oven-roasted cherry tomatoes 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil 50g buffalo mozzarella, torn

Step 1: Place an unglazed terracotta tile into an oven and heat to 250C. Step 2: On a floured wooden paddle or piece of baking paper, stretch out the dough into a long oval shape about 30cm long and 10-15cm wide, or to desired shape and thickness. Step 3: Spread the pizza sauce over the dough, sprinkle with baby capers and scatter over basil leaves. Place cherry tomatoes on top and drizzle with olive oil. Step 4: Slide pizza onto the terracotta tile and bake for about 5 minutes or until golden and crisp. Step 5: Brush the crust with olive oil and scatter mozzarella over pizza.