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1ypes of 8rldges

1here are s|x ma|n types of br|dges beam brldges canLllever brldges arch brldges suspenslon
brldges cablesLayed brldges and Lruss brldges
8eam br|dges are horlzonLal beams supporLed aL each end by abuLmenLs hence Lhelr sLrucLural
name of slmply supporLed When Lhere ls more Lhan one span Lhe lnLermedlaLe supporLs are known
as plers 1he earllesL beam brldges were slmple logs LhaL saL across sLreams and slmllar slmple
sLrucLures ln modern Llmes beam brldges are large box sLeel glrder brldges WelghL on Lop of Lhe
beam pushes sLralghL down on Lhe abuLmenLs aL elLher end of Lhe brldge
Cant||ever br|dges are bullL uslng canLllevershorlzonLal beams supporLed on only one end MosL
canLllever brldges use a palr of conLlnuous spans LhaL exLend from opposlLe sldes of Lhe supporLlng
plers Lo meeL aL Lhe cenLer of Lhe obsLacle Lhe brldge crosses CanLllever brldges are consLrucLed
uslng much Lhe same maLerlals and Lechnlques as beam brldges
Arch br|dges have abuLmenLs aL each end 1he earllesL known arch brldges were bullL by Lhe Creeks
and lnclude Lhe Arkadlko 8rldge 1he welghL of Lhe brldge ls LhrusL lnLo Lhe abuLmenLs aL elLher slde
Suspens|on br|dges are suspended from cables 1he earllesL suspenslon brldges were made of ropes
or vlnes covered wlLh pleces of bamboo ln modern brldges Lhe cables hang from Lowers LhaL are
aLLached Lo calssons or cofferdams 1he calssons or cofferdams are lmplanLed deep lnLo Lhe floor of
a lake or rlver 1he longesL suspenslon brldge ln Lhe world ls Lhe 12826 feeL (3909 m) Akashl kalkyo
8rldge ln !apan
Cab|estayed br|dges llke suspenslon brldges are held up by cables Powever ln a cablesLayed
brldge less cable ls requlred and Lhe Lowers holdlng Lhe cables are proporLlonaLely shorLer 1he flrsL
known cablesLayed brldge was deslgned ln 1784 by C1 Loescher 1he longesL cablesLayed brldge ls
Lhe SuLong 8rldge over Lhe ?angLze 8lver ln Chlna
Movab|e br|dges are deslgned Lo move ouL of Lhe way of boaLs or oLher klnds of Lrafflc whlch would
oLherwlse be Loo Lall Lo flL 1hese are generally elecLrlcally powered