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Dress for the climate

Because in Alaska its near impossible for it to rain, just dressing for the cold is enough as we dont need rainproof. Wow, its hot in Peru! And guess what?! Its also rainy! But Im covered, cause I got an umbrella!

Barrow Alaska USA Im almost the same as Peru, except I dont need the brolly! Its really hot here with very low chances of rain!

Inquitos, Peru Its hot here, but in the winter, I need to maybe put on my sweater as it can be a little bit wet! So just for protection really.

Yuma Arizona USA Mild here. Not much that I can say apart from in the middle of the year, it gets colder! Weird!

Hohot China Woah! Its cold here! Brrr. The rain is almost impossible, but yet it still happens!

Daly Waters, Australia

McMurdo Antarctica