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So dumb we are, most of us in fact, but NOT me insha Allah (Allah Wills).

Peopl e like me and those BRAVE Christian writers/webmasters who FINALLY have the guts to EXPOSE the REAL Evil of Conspiracies ("Maakaar" in the Al-Qur'an) are quickl y not only dismissed as WACKOS/crazy/"Ora Waras" to quote Indonesian Prez SBY re cent -- again! -- COMPLAINT vs his critics; as "conspiracy theories" while we di d our RESEARCH!!! Now, brows the following Site, and WEEP!!! I told u, haven;t u used ur minds (D o u have it anyway?) and intellect that r Allah-given treasure? For such ARROGANT. sick people especially in the land of FELONS/Maling Bedebah B ERSERAGAM atau tidak (Buktikan ane salah!!! Kutantang kalian bermubahallah, jika berani!) let's take following, simple tests: 1. Let ur kids of, say, 3 - 10 years old DRINK CocaCole DAILY!!! And see what th ey will sustain in TEN years to come. My daughter, born in the USA, she once ha d been UNRULY, almost HANG herself at her room for normal disciplinary -- LEGAL in Islam! -- measure from his dad, me!!! 2. Buy them JUNK FOODs especially the "Colonel" Fried Chicken u know its name! A medical doctor in Jakarta let someone who next informed me to STOP consuming t he "Colonel's" fried chicken, especially our boy kids, because the TOXIC (geneti cally modified fast food) will, later when the boy kids grow up will sustain, ex cuse me, very small "P"!! Hence, their future failure to "satisfy" their respec tive wives.... 3. Consuming coke for many years, as did one of my relatives who had been overse as, REALLY cause KIDNEY FAILURE!!! It has been more than two years now at 60plu s years he has to undergo -- TWICE a week -- "CUCI DARAH that is not cheap.... 4. Even MICE do not want to lick ASPARTAME that ha been used to sweeten Coke and other products such as NUTRASWEET! Just google aspartame. And WEEP!!! Is that e-capsule inserted in one's body a Conspiracy theory? THINK! We are not monkeys! For sure I am NOT! Are you???