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H] LONGMAN KEYSTO LANGUAGETEACHING [fl Teaching English to Children Wendy A. Scott and Lisbeth H. Ytreberg Longman Keys to Language Teaching are full of practical suggestions for lessons and cctivities which will help you in your daily teaching, They are writen in clear, jargon-free English so you can read them quickly and refer fo them easily as you need them. The ‘uthors are all experienced teachers who give straightforward advice on basic teaching techniques. Teaching English to Children is a valuable resource book for anyone teaching English Yo young learners. Is fll of ideas ond cativities which can be odapted for use with children of any oge ond it gives much practical advice on the planning of lessons and ‘he organisation of the classroom. It includes: © Chapters on the four language skils of listening, speaking, reading and waiting with lots of useful games and activities which children will enjoy as they learn these skils, ‘Helpful ideos for ways to organise your lessons and create the right atmosphere for learning — and practical advice on what to do when things go wrong, © ‘Suggestions for classroom equipment which you ond your students con make ‘quickly ond easily yourselves fo make learning English fun, Wendy Scott ond Lisbeth Ytreberg have wide experience of both initial and in-service teacher training and a clear understanding of the way children think and behave. Wendy Scott is at present English Adviser in the Ministry of Education in Norway and is author of ‘Are You Lisfening?, « listening comprehension package for young children. Lisbeth Yireberg is particularly interested in the younger leamer and has tought English to young pupils for many years. She is at present a lecturer and supervisor in the English ‘department at Tromsa Teacher Training College in the north of Norway. ISBN O-S82-74b0b-X i Longman 9 "780582'746060 Longman Keys to Language Teaching Series Editor: Neville Grant Teaching English to Children Wendy A. Scott and Lisbeth H. Ytreberg >m> i] RAR —_ Longman London New York