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DIE HARD 2 Screenplay by Doug Richardson Revisions by Steven E, de Souza SHOOTING SCRIPT November 16, 1989 (%) DIE HARD 2 WHILE WE’RE IN BLACK we HEAR a PNEUMATIC "KA-CHUNK" and then MCCLANE'S VOICE Holy shit, whoa, whoa = FADE IN: EXT, DULLES TERMINAL - DAY JOHN MCCLANE, long topcoat FLAPPING, comes running out of the terminal towards an AIRPORT COP in plastic covered uniform who is supervising a TOW TRUCK DRIVER who in turn is manhandling a sedate sedan with Virginia plates and a "GRANDMOTHER ON BOARD" sign on the rear window. MCCLANE I’m here, I’m here, false alarm, let’s just let’her down nice and easy - coP Sure. At the impound lot. (pointing) Next time, read the sign. MCCLANE You don‘t understand, I’m just meeting my wife’s plane - you gotta give me this car back. cop Sure. Tomorrow 8 to four, you pay 40 bucks, we give it back. MCCLANE This is my in law’s car. she already hates me because I’m not a dentist - (showing badge) See, I’m a cop. LAPD. How about some team spirit? cop Iwas in LA once. Hated it. : CONTINUED 1 2 (x) CONTINUED - MCCLANE (going with the flow) I can relate to that. Hate it myself- (turning to tow guy) Hey, that’s a plastic fender, Jesus- (back to Cop) See, I used to be a New York cop still got'my ID somewhere -I only moved ‘cause my wife got promoted - look, maybe we can settle this right here, we're in Washington, heartbeat of Democracy, one hand’washes the other He realizes, the truck is DRIVING AWAY one way while the cop is going off the other way - McClane votes for the cop - MCCLANE Hey, c/mon, it’s Christmas - cop So ask Santa to bring you another car. MCCLANE (sotto) You son of a - BEEP drowns out his last word. McClane sweeps aside his coat, finds the beeper on his belt. He looks at the obviously unfamilar number on the read out in puzzlement, then runs into the terminal. INT, DULLES TERMINAL - DAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC wafting through the building from a SCHOOL CHOIR perched in front of a massive, three-story window. Blase Eravelers PAUSE in their hectic rush to applaud the angelic voices. McClane shoves his vay through sone people = vhen they GLARE at him he quickly APPLAUDS the kids, pulls up at an INFORMATION BOOTH - the girl there is watching a LITTLE TV on the shelf out of sight from the public. MCCLANE 1ST NEWSCASTER ‘Telephones? (on TV) ++.and that White Christmas INFORMATION GIRL may be here for a while, if (pointing) that new storm front moves Right over there. to the Metro area this afternoon as predicted. McClane nods, serves across the slick linoleum. CONTINUED