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Business Documents.

Priesthorpe School
Priesthorpe Lane
Fax no:01137645321
Tel no:01132578932

Mr Chris Roberts
66 springbank avenue
LS28 5LR

Thursday, 07 February 2008

Welcome to the newly promoted RjCj enterprise, we are here to help
produce funds to the charity ASBAH ( We have newly
released a promotional website, this can be found at

We are hosting an event, a Fun day on the 2nd June 2008 from 13:00 to
16:00. This event will require an entrance fee of £1.00 and stall costs.

There will be a variety of stalls ranging from sweet stalls to burger stalls,
all stalls will have 2 people serving at them, all costs produced from the
sales of the stalls and the entry fees will go to the charity ASBAH.

We will be hoping to see you there on the 2nd June from 13:00 to 16:00.

Kind Regards.
Joe Mason.
This is the Mail shot, it was created by me (joe Mason) and was created
to send letters to our customers, I have used our team as an example in
this mail shot but could easily be used for a wide variety of customers.
The Mail shot has a welcoming and an invitation to the RjCj event.

This is my first attempt at a award certificate. As our fun day has really been
organised for children under 15 I tried to make the certificate as appealing as possible
to the younger generation of children for example ages 5-8

This is my second attempt at an award certificate after making the first I found that if
I was going to use that one for 5-8 year olds I had to have a more mature certificate
for the older generations of children for example 9-15. After asking few of my co-
workers I came to the conclusion that I will use both of the certificates for different
These were the certificates created by Jake, he used these to congratulate people on
winning competitions ect. He made two separate certificates one aimed at an older
group of people and one at a younger group of students.

After everyone had finished working on their own logos and after picking which logo
we were going to use for our project, we were all allocated different documents to
design. I had been allocated the task of designing the letterheads for formal
documents and letters.
Priesthorpe School
Priesthorpe Lane

This is my end letter head I have spoken to other teem members and other people in
my class and all feedback I have been given has positive all people I have spoken to
have said that the letter head is simple and easy to find the information needed.

This was the letterhead created by Jake, as you can see I used this letterhead in my
mail shot and will be used in any other letters or mail that we send out to customers.
The letterhead has the logo inserted into it with a lower opacity so you can see the
text, it also has the location and number of RjCj.

I developed the idea for our company’s business cards by researching the
corporate images of other major companies and came up with a suitable design
that portrayed a professional image for our company. I used dark colours to
compliment the corporate logo and I used light writing to create a simple yet
effective look. The red I used on the logo was added after I got feedback from
team members and it is used to draw attention to the logo and capture the target
audience’s eye.


Sun: Title: Company
Phone: 07654134


These were the business cards created by chris, these will be promotional as they will
be handed out at post offices ect, the business cards include our logo, strap line, name,
location and number, they also include the persons job inside RjCj for example, Mr.
Roberts, Title: Company Manager. This shows the customer or user who the employer
is and what he does.

Address Address
Title Forname Surname Address 1 2 3 Postcode
Mr Chris Roberts 66 springbank avenue Farsley Leeds LS28 5LR
Mr Jake Myers 43 Fencote cresent Bagley Bradford BD23 PB
Mr Rizwan Asghar 127 Thornbury Avenue Thornbury Bradford BD3 8HZ
Mr Joe Mason 25 Parkside Road Farsley Leeds LS28 5BG

This is the Mail shot production created by me, this creates the mail shot, whatever
information you put into here whenever you generate the mail shot the information
from this spreadsheet will come from here, big name businesses like HSBC use this
method to send letters to all their customers in the area.

Mr Chris Roberts
66 springbank avenue
LS28 5LR

Thursday, 07 February 2008

This is the part in the mail shot that is taken from the spreadsheet.