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International School of Hospitality Studies NTT Institute of International Education, Nguyen Tat Thanh University HMF105 HOTEL ENGLISH

FOUNDATION YEAR COURSE FACILITATOR: Nguyen Thi Xiem Email: Course Syllabus/Scheme of Work 1. Overview English for Hotel Staff is a multimedia course designed to provide a course of interactive materials for hospitality students preparing for hotel employment. Each unit covers a particular area of a hotels daily business, e.g. checking in and checking out, talking about rooms and hotel equipment, hotel services such as food and drink, discussing activities, giving advice, dealing with complaints etc. The course will help students better prepare for their work experience and internship/placement. 2. 3. Wee k 1 Learning Outcomes After successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Improve their ability to communicate with hotel guests and other staff. Learn the vocabulary of all the main areas in the hotel Gain confidence in using English in the hotel environment. Course Outline Topic Unit 1: Checking in Unit 2: The hotel and its staff Unit 3: In the bar Language development Learn the vocabulary of rooms and facilities in a hotel Listen to check-in scenarios; listen to five guests checking in and fill in a form Learn the dos and donts of checking in guests Write out check-in information as spoken by guests Learn the vocabulary of hotel jobs and describe jobs and duties Listen to descriptions of hotel staff and their duties; listen to four guests booking rooms and fill in a form Practise replying appropriately to guest enquiries about hotel facilities Learn the vocabulary of bar equipment and drinks Watch videos of guests ordering drinks and note down their orders Practise giving instructions Write instructions to make three cocktails Learn the vocabulary of outdoor / indoor activities Listen to hotel staff describing activities to guests; Match hotel activities with their descriptions Practise replying appropriately to a guest enquiry about activities at a hotel Learn the vocabulary of a breakfast buffet Watch videos and identify the food guests have eaten for breakfast

Unit 4: Holiday activities Unit 5: In the restaurant


1 6 Unit 6: Exchangin g informatio n Unit 7: Housekee ping

Listen and relay food orders to the chef Match kitchen jobs with their descriptions Learn the vocabulary of amenities in the guests room Watch a hotel promotional video and answer questions Learn how to ask for and give information to guests Listen and learn phrases to make small talk with guests; listen and give directions to facilities inside a hotel Learn the terminology of hotel housekeeping Watch a video of a guest room and identify items not properly placed Listen to a housekeeper discussing work with her staff; Listen and fill in staff rotas Practise writing notices to hotel guests Learn culinary vocabulary Watch videos of three dishes and describe how the dishes are prepared Listen and learn phrases used by waiting staff; Listen and fill in information for guests booking tables Read about three famous dishes and describe how they are prepared Learn useful words and phrases to give directions outside the hotel Watch videos and choose the correct direction words / phrases Responding to complaints politely Listen and practise dealing with guest situations and complaints Reply to a letter of complaint with the proper phrases and terminology Learn the vocabulary of monetary transactions Watch a video about fire safety and answer questions Listen and learn about the check-out process; Listen and fill in details about a hotel bill Study and identify meanings of signs commonly found at hotels Practise writing a job-seeking letter

Unit 8: In the restaurant 2

Unit 9: Help, advice and complaint s Unit 10: Checking out



Teaching Methods English for Hotel Staff is a multimedia course and each unit contains 12 exercises. These include a number of listening exercises (video and audio), using speakers with a wide range of accents (both native and non-native speaker), as well as vocabulary learning exercises, and reading and writing exercises. The formats include gap-fill, multiple-choice, drag and drop, amongst others.


Assessment and evaluation of student achievement Each unit contains 12 exercises. These include a number of listening exercises (video and audio), as well as vocabulary learning exercises, and reading and writing exercises. Progress can be monitored and regular feedback is also provided throughout. The English for Hotel Staff Progress function generates reports on completed activities with score, time, duration; average scores compared with all learners; relative performance in different units (effort and outcome).


Certificate of Achievement Students who complete English for hotel staff will receive a Certificate of


Achievement based on their scores and progress over the 10 weeks course.